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Gary and Amber Anderson were preparing for dinner at her boss’s house. Warren Stone had hinted at a promotion for Amber and she was overflowing with anticipation at the prospect of a more important position with the company. She excitedly modeled different dresses for her husband hoping to find one the was sexy but not overly so. When Gary picked out a low cut short red dress she inquired, “Do you think I should reveal so much of my small breasts?

After all I do feel insecure about how tiny they are and the dress only goes half way to my knees. This dress makes me feel naughty and it may not be appropriate to to wear to my boss’s house. His wife will think that I am a tramp!”

Gary laughed and responded, “That is total nonsense; you look like a runway model or a movie star. The dress is sexy but not cheap or trashy, you look beautiful, you have the face of an angel, and your boss and his wife will just adore you.” The 22 year old couple drove to the upscale neighborhood and marveled at the plush mansion where the Stones resided. They were taken aback when they were ushered inside by a short but well built black maid that introduced herself as Myra. Her French maid outfit did little to conceal her many womanly charms..

The young couple were led to a large dinning area, were seated across from the older couple, served wine, and Gary was introduced to Gina and Warren Stone. Warren was 44 while Gina was 41 but the Italian woman was still extremely attractive. She too wore a red dress that displayed her ample bosom, her long black hair flowed down to the center of her back, her big green eyes glowed, and the sexy 5’9″ woman had a body and presence that demanded attention. She smiled when she noticed the young couple’s reaction to her and the maid Myra. Amber wondered how her stocky 5’6″ boss had been able to land such a stunning beauty.

After dinner they retired to another room and sipped brandy. The young couple were not used to drinking and soon became somewhat tipsy. Amber squealed with delight when Warren announced that she was to become his personal assistant with a substantial pay increase. Gina looked at the younger couple and remarked, “You look more like brother and sister than a married couple. You both have the same blond hair and blue eyes, your facial features are identical, Amber is about 5″2′ and Gary is a few inches taller otherwise you could pass for twins.” Before the young couple could respond Gina stood and led Gary to the center of the room to dance and Warren did the same with Amber.

As she was held close to her boss Amber was shocked to feel his large erection press into her as his hands caressed her buttocks. She wanted to protest but was afraid to anger her boss; she glanced over at Gary who seemed to enjoy rubbing up against the voluptuous older woman. Amber felt flush as the giant organ grew bigger and harder. She couldn’t imagine how a man could be so large down there. Amber had gone with Gary since grade school and had never been with another man. The young wife was experiencing mixed feelings; the confused young blond felt both appalled and aroused at the same time. In spite of her not being the least bit attracted to Warren the heated young wife just could not help but wonder how his huge cock would look and feel like.

After awhile they went back to the sofa and drank some more when Gary asked where the bathroom was. Warren responded, “Here let me show you. This house is easy to get lost in and I have to piss out some booze myself.” The two men excused themselves and walked down a long hallway. Warren opened a door and held it open for the younger man. As they both urinated in the toilet Gary could not help but stare at the biggest and thickest cock that he had ever seen. Warren grinned when he noticed Gary looking and said, “Go ahead touch it. I know you want to and I would like that; don’t be shy, go for it.”

Gary could not take his eyes off the monster but managed to mumble, “I… uh… ah.. couldn’t.”

“Why the hell not?”

“It wouldn’t be right.”

Warren guided Gary’s hand to his throbbing cock and softly told the young husband, “Don’t be silly, anything that feels this good can’t be wrong.” Totally mesmerized Gary squeezed and fondled the huge dick, felt it stiffen in his hand, was captivated by the size, and offered no protest when his other hand was placed on the large ball sack.

Back in the romp room Amber felt uncomfortable when her hostess opened her legs wider while her huge tits were spilling out of her dress. As they conversed Gina had a way of toughing Amber on the arm, neck, above the knees, and even on her thighs which much to the blonde’s dismay strangely aroused her. Myra strolled into the room and cooed, “Is there anything I can do for you? Anything at all, just ask.”

Amber turned beet-red and wanted to hide when Gina answered, “Yes Myra as a matter of fact there is something you can do for us. I have noticed the innocent little housewife ogling your hot body as well as my own. Why don’t you disrobe and show the little girl what a hot black girl with big tits looks like?

A look of pure lust came over Myra’s face as she did a slow seductive dance. The stunned blond watched in awe as the 19 year old black girl wiggled out of her uniform and stood before them naked except for her stockings and heels. Amber was spellbound as she admired the huge black breasts with aureoles the size of coasters. She could not comprehend her own arousal and felt her little blond pussy moisten as she gazed at the shaved black pussy and watched as the black girl’s enlarged clit popped from under it’s hood and grew before her eyes. Amber felt even hotter as she noticed the honey that dripped from the puffy pussy lips of the sensual black girl. Myra then moved so close to Amber that the black pussy was right in her face; the aroma that emitted from the aroused black cunt was intoxicating. Myra then pulled Amber’s face to her smoldering slit and urged, “Come on you stupid white bitch. Kiss my fucking black cunt; we all know that you want it so why pretend that you don’t? That little miss goody goody white girl act is not working with us so give into your desire and eat my cunt and I will reward you with my tasty cum. Have you ever given head to another female before?”

“No and I am not going to start now! Please don’t make me do this. This is disgusting and I don’t want to do it.”

Gina ran her long fingers up the blonde’s leg and quickly inserted two fingers into the slushy cunt and declared, “”You lying little slut! With your lips you tell us that you don’t want to do this but your pussy is drenched and your lips down here are telling me that you would love nothing better that to dive into that hot juicy pussy and suck it dry. Tell me how much you want it slut.”

Amber felt betrayed by her own body and desires but instead of answering the confused wife asked, “Where is my husband? Please let me see him.”

A wicked smile crossed Gina’s face as she said, “Little girl I really don’t think you want to see him right now but then again perhaps you do.”

Amber pleaded, “Please take me to my husband. I want to see him.” Amber was longing to get out of this awful situation and felt a sense of relief when Gina told her that she could see her husband.

Gina and Myra each took one of Amber’s hands and guided her into another room. Amber was shocked when Gina turned on a monitor and she saw Gary sucking on Warren’s huge cock. The slender blond felt sickened but somehow strangely excited while viewing the lewd sight on the screen. Her eyes were riveted to the big cock going in and out of her husband’s mouth when suddenly her dress was lifted and her panties were tugged down. She was stunned when she felt a hard cock enter her already wet pussy. Amber glanced in the mirror and saw Myra wearing a black strap-on. She then realized that it was not a real dick but was a dildo. Myra roughly pushed Amber’s blond head down while savagely assaulting her pussy from behind. The 8″ dildo was being pounded in and out of her sopping love hole. Myra yelled out, “You love my big black cock up your tight white cunt don’t you whore? Cum all over the mother fucker, you horny little slut. Tell me how much you like it and beg for more. Talk to me you fucking tramp!”

As her orgasm built Amber shook and let go all of her passion and admitted, “Yes I love your black cock; it feels so fucking good. Don’t stop, please don’t stop. Yes! Fuck meeee. Oh God, Oh God, yessss. I’m going to cum.” The well fucked blond then fell to the floor in a clump.

While Amber was attempting to regain her composure the black girl pulled the blond to her knees and demanded, “Now suck my cock bitch. Lick it clean and taste your own nasty cunt.” As her lips engulfed the black dildo Amber tasted her own juices for the first time and was surprised to learn that she liked it very much, also she discovered that being humiliated and called dirty names turned her on so much that her pussy twitched and leaked. The demanding black girl then unstrapped the dildo, grabbed a fistful of blond hair, and pulled the pretty white face to her smoldering black slit and ordered, “Eat my hot juicy cunt, kiss, lick, and suck it dry baby. You are in for a real treat little girl. I want to cum all over your pretty face and once you get a taste of my delicious cunt you will keep coming back for more of my hot blackberry pie! Little girl you will become addicted to my clammy cunt and will plead with me to let you have some more but don’t worry because if you do a good job I will permit you to feast on mouthwatering cunt as often as you like.”

Amber had never thought of being with another woman before but now her senses were filled with the aroma of the black girl’s aroused sex and Amber felt an overwhelming urge to taste the chocolate treat, with the bright pink insides, just inches from her face; the dripping black pussy looked so beautiful and alluring. As her tongue flicked out she slowly licked the pussy lips but soon found herself sucking with fervor and wiggling her tongue as far up the black hole as she possibly could and to her amazement she loved it. When Myra let her juices flow all over Amber’s face the blond exploded with another intense orgasm of her own.

Myra shoved the blond to the floor, strapped on the dildo, spread Amber’s creamy legs wide, and then plunged deep inside of the white girl. Amber moaned with ecstasy until her moans were muffled as Gina squatted over Ambers face and lowered her hairy cunt to the girl’s mouth. This time Amber didn’t hesitate; she eagerly lapped the older woman’s oozing cunt as Myra fucked her senseless. Amber experienced the most powerful orgasm of her life while being ravished by the black dildo and devouring the luscious pussy with fervor.

The three women enjoyed another drink before dressing and joining the men in the rump room. Amber had considered confronting Gary about his deviant behavior with Warren but after her own pussy licking escapade she felt that she was in no position to confront Gary for sucking cock but she wondered if it was his first time. Before going home they both promised the Stones that they would come back the following Friday night and stay the weekend. When they got home and went to bed they each considered confiding in one another but were too embarrassed and ashamed to reveal their kinky same sex encounters.

Monday Amber excitedly entered her her new office and was greeted by her very own secretary. The pretty 18 year old blond introduced herself as Cindy and poured Amber coffee. The young blond was about the same height as Amber but had much larger breasts and was not fat but was heaver than her slim boss. Amber felt her pussy tingle and twitch as she drank in the younger girl’s curvy body. She was alarmed to discover that after her experience with Gina and Myra that she now looked at other women in a new light. Amber struggled with her new desires and attempted to maintain a professional relationship with her new secretary but it was difficult as Cindy seemed to enjoy exposing herself and at one point actually brushed her boobs on Amber’s face as she put some paperwork on her desk. Amber was desperately trying to fight off her irresistible attraction to this alluring girl and was relieved when Mister Stone called and asked her to come to his office.

Amber knocked on his office door and entered asking, “Yes Mr. Stone, what can I do for you?”

She gasped and was in total shock when Mr. Stone stood up and was naked from the waist down. She froze in her tracks when he walked over to her stroking his huge cock as he told her, “For starters you can wrap your sweet lips around my cock! Gina told me how hot you got when you saw your husband giving me head. She said that it made it easy for her and Myra to seduce you. She also told me that you are a fantastic little pussy licker. You are no doubt concerned that you are a lesbian but you are not. You are Bisexual and I am going to let you prove it right here and now. Get on your knees little girl and show me how much you like this big fat cock.”

Amber felt her knees growing week and she could not take her eyes off of his massive manhood. She sank to her knees and opened her mouth as his cock slipped over her lips. She panicked when he called for Cindy but he held her face tight to his throbbing cock and told her not to worry and that Cindy would join in on the fun. Amber was frightened but could not express herself with her mouth full of cock. She felt her arousal grow as the thick pulsating veins brushed over her sucking lips and licking tongue. She was vaguely aware that someone had entered the office until Cindy got between Amber’s legs, pulled down her panties, and orally assaulted her boss’s drenched pussy. Warren asked Cindy, “Is she good and wet?

Cindy replied, “Hell yes, her eager cunt is flooding.” Cindy then resumed eating pussy.

Warren announced, “I knew it! She loves my big cock and can’t get enough of it. She is cupping my balls as she slurps on my joy stick; my new assistant is a natural born cocksucker and my wife tells me that she can eat pussy with the best of them. You will soon find out when I fuck her and you sit on her face.” Amber climaxed and then drank up every drop as Warren shot his load into her sucking mouth. He wiped his massive cock all over her face and told Amber to lay down and engage in a 69 with Cindy until he got hard again.

While stroking his cock and watching the two hot blonds go at it his cock soon stood up at attention and was ready for action. Warren lifted Cindy’s face from Amber’s slimy slit and stuffed his man-meat deep inside the frail little blond. Amber screamed out in ecstasy as her pussy was filled like never before. The big cock hit spots that she never knew existed and her pussy flowed like a river. Her young secretary rode her face as Warren pounded her stretching pussy. By the time it was over Amber could hardly walk and gratefully accepted Cindy’s assistance while walking back to her office. Amber could hardly believe it when Cindy sat her down on her chair, served her coffee, and then got under the desk and licked her well fucked cunt clean; bringing her to another orgasm in the process.

The rest of the week went by without Mr. Stone asking for anything that did not have to do with business. Amber was surprised to find that she was disappointed and craved to feel his cock inside her again but was consoled by her secretary every morning. When Cindy brought the coffee she would get on her knees and make the boss happy and naturally Amber felt the need to return the favor. Before leaving work on Friday Mr. Stone called her to remind Amber to be at his house at eight o’clock sharp. The previously innocent housewife amazed herself when she replied, “You have no idea how much I am looking forward to it. How could I ever forget such an important thing as that? Warren I need to feel you inside me again; my horny pussy craves your big dick and so does my hungry mouth.”

Warren chuckled and told her, “I knew that you would but it is nice to hear you say it. Don’t worry baby, I have some surprises for you this weekend and I guarantee you that it will be a weekend that you will never forget.” As she hung up the phone Amber was filled with wild anticipation looking forward to the upcoming events; it sent shivers down her spine, she felt so titillated, naughty, and slutty.

The young couple were prompt to arrive for their weekend visit and both wondered how they would tell the other about their sexual adventures. After dinner Warren announced that he was going to take Gary with him to visit a friend and that they would be back in a couple of hours. He smiled when he told the girls to enjoy each other’s company until they returned.

Not long after the men had left Myra joined Gina and Amber and sat on the other side of Amber so that the blond was in the center. In no time at all the two aggressive women had Amber’s and their own clothes off. Amber found herself sucking on four large breast that were being hand fed to her and loving it when Gina announced, “Myra and I don’t eat pussy even though we both adore having a sweet thing like you service us so I invited a neighbor over to the house that lives to eat pussy. Her name is Brenda and she will take you to places that you have never been before. She has a long and talented tongue, so little girl prepare your pussy for the a real tongue lashing.” The doorbell rang and Gina said, “That must be Brenda now. Myra go let her in.”

Myra didn’t bother to cover her nakedness and let the 33 year old ravishing redhead in and escorted her to the room and quickly reclaimed her place on the sofa. Gina introduced her neighbor to Amber and told her, “Now get naked for us and assume the position. There are three hungry pussies for you to feast on but I want you to start with our guest but before you get your treats tell us how you became obsessed with gobbling up juicy cunts. How did you become a pussy licking, cunt lapping slut?

Brenda removed her coat and tossed it aside. The redhead came ready for action and was completely naked under the coat. She was a vision of loveliness from her big green eyes to her perfectly shaped breasts down to the wisp of red hair on her pretty pussy. She looked hungerly at the three naked women on the sofa with lust in her eyes and said, “It all started when I was in school; all of the other kids used to tease me about my long tongue. Well, one day a couple of older cheerleaders invited me home to teach me how to do the cheer leading routine. I sat on a chair and watched as they went through their paces and before I knew what was happening one of the girls shoved her crotch in my face and told me to put my long tongue to work. I had no idea what they were talking about but they told me what to do and assured me that all the girls did it. While I ate one the other would go down on me and it was by far the most exciting thing in my life. Like a flash fire word spread and soon I was servicing the schoolgirls, some of the teachers, neighborhood girls, housewives, and even some of my mother’s friends. I loved eating pussy then and I still do. Now may I taste your three luscious love canals? I want to fuck all three of your horny cunts with my long tongue and drive you insane with pleasure.”

Gina answered, “Hell yes, put that fucking tongue of yours to work girl!” Gina and Myra had their fingers in their pussies as Amber screamed out in delight while Brenda brought her to one orgasm after the other as she tongue fucked not only her sopping pussy but her tight butt-hole as well. When Amber was completely spent Brenda greedily feasted on the other two smoldering cunts.

They relaxed afterwards with a few drinks then Gina said that they should take it to the bedroom. Myra strapped on the dildo and laid in the bed on her back and told Amber to mount her big dick. Amber complied and soon was bouncing up and down like a cowgirl riding a bull. She felt something probe her butt and looked around to see Gina with a strap-on shoving it up her tight ass-hole. Amber noticed that it was pink, long, but skinny. She worriedly pleaded, “No please, I have never done this before and it will hurt!”

Gina just smiled and told her, “It is already up your tight ass and it doesn’t hurt so shut the fuck up and enjoy it. Trust me, you will soon learn to like it and I know that you fucked my husband and his favorite thing in the world is to fuck a tight ass. Tonight he wants to fuck you and your loving husband up the ass so I am just getting you ready for the main event. Yeah, thats it bitch, fuck back;I knew you would like it!” Amber was flailing about like a rag doll while getting vigorously pounded in both holes when Brenda stood in front of her, grabbed a fistful of blond hair, pulled her head to the red-haired pussy and fucked her face savagely. Amber was totally lost in lust as she discovered that not only the hot sex but the degrading and demeaning talk set her whole frame aflame.

As his wife was being used as a sex-toy by the three horny women Gary was in an apartment with Warren and his 31 year old friend Rosa. She was tall and well built. Gary thought how sexy she was as she talked and he gazed at her long brown hair, big brown eyes, full painted lips, ample breasts, and shapely long legs. He felt embarrassed as his penis stiffened. He hoped that no would notice but his hopes were in vain when much to his dismay Warren blurted out, “Rosa our friend is getting excited just looking at you; why don’t you come over here and take care of our guest?”

Gary didn’t know what to do when the sexy creature glided across the room, knelt in front of him, pulled his pants down to his ankles, wrapped her full red lips around his cock, and then devoured it. Warren teased them saying, “It must be easy for you to suck that 4″ pecker; let me know when you want a real man and I will feed you my 12″ cock. He can be the appetizer and I will be the main course.”

Rosa lifted her lips from Gary’s erection and went and got a tape measure. The young man felt humiliated as she put the tape to his cock but he felt a little bit better when Rosa announced, “His nice cock is 51/2 inches and when I measured yours it was just over 11″ not 12″. I like this young man’s dick better than yours. It’s much better to be tickled than chocked. As a matter of fact his cock is just perfect.” Rosa then resumed slobbering all over Gary’s hard-on until he erupted in her sucking mouth. Then Rosa lifted his legs in the air as her tongue worked on his balls and ass. Gary was confused and horrified as he felt something other than a tongue slip up his virgin ass-hole. Rosa urged him to relax as she let him rest his legs on her shoulders and pushed her 7″ but skinny dick up his tight ass. Warren sat on his chest and feed Gary his monster as Rosa vigorously pounded his butt. Gary shot another load as he felt the hot stream of cum shoot up his bowels and Warren ejected his seed down the young man’s throat.

They then had more drinks and Gary expressed his surprise that Rosa was a man but admitted that he enjoyed the sex. Rosa smiled, walked over to the sofa, put her limp dick in Gary’s face and instructed him to clean her dick with his mouth. The young man complied; at first he was repulsed by the smell and taste of his own ass but soon he was sucking with fervor and felt a twinge of perverted lust overwhelm him. He felt a sense of power as he felt Rosa’s cock stiffen in his sucking mouth. He wanted to taste her cum so bad and when he felt her squirt in his mouth his tongue licked up every drop of the sticky goo.

Rosa looked down and noticed that Gary was hard again, she turned around and bent over spreading her ass cheeks pleading, “Please fuck me in the ass Gary. I want to feel you in me, shoot your cum up my ass please.” Gary felt strange as he stuck his cock into someone’s ass for the first time but it felt good and as he pumped her ass and he saw her tits hanging down he almost forgot that Rosa was a man. Gary lost it and could not hold back any longer when Rosa yelled out. “Yes, fuck the shit out of my ass. Hurt me, hurt me some more, fuck me harder. Oh hell yes, just like that. Fuck yessssss!” Gary shook as he planted his seed deep up Rosa’s hungry ass.

They had one more drink before leaving and Rosa told Gary, “I am sorry that you didn’t know that I was a he/she but I thought Warren would tell you. I do hope that you liked it as much as I did.”

Gary replied, “Yes I did, it was fantastic. I guess Warren didn’t want to spoil the surprise but it was hot. Sort of like having the best of both worlds, I will never forget you.”

Rosa replied, “You don’t have to forget me handsome; my door will always be open to you. I would love to see you again.” They exchanged phone numbers and kissed goodbye.

Warren said, “I hate to break up you two lovebirds so Rosa why don’t you come home with us?”

Rosa replied, “Sounds really tempting but you know that I am not into women.”

Warren told her, “Come on baby if you don’t want pussy they have ass holes too and besides Gary will be there for you and you could always suck my dick in between fuckings. You like to try different things and an orgy is always a blast and besides don’t you want to watch me fuck Gary and his wife in the ass?

Gary looked puzzled and asked, “My wife?

Warren looked him straight in the eye and told him, “Your sweet little wife is having sex with my wife, the maid, her secretary, and me. The only thing left is for me is to fuck you both in the ass. If you and Amber plan on staying together it is about time for you to be honest with each other; otherwise your marriage is certain to fall apart. Talk it over and just maybe you can work it out.”

Gary felt hurt and betrayed but then he realized that he was just as guilty as Amber and asked Rosa if she would consider coming along for moral support. Rosa looked at him lovingly and replied, “Anything for you handsome, let’s go.”

When they arrived at the extravagant estate Warren ushered them in the back door and cautioned them to be silent as he led them to the security room and turned on the monitors. Gary was shocked as he viewed three sexy women stacked on top of each other like sacks of potatoes in the grocery store and his pretty wife was licking and sucking all three clammy pussies and puckered brown holes. Warren observed, “Wow! Just look at your slut wife suck cunt and lick ass. She is one hot and horny bitch. Amber is just as skilled at eating pussy as she is at sucking my big cock. I just can’t wait to shove my big cock up her fucking ass while she gobbles up my wife’s pulpy pussy. Well Gary, what do you think of your sweet little wife now? You want to watch me ravish her sweet ass don’t you?”

Gary was ashamed by his wife’s wanton performance but he was also turned-on by watching her shamelessly pleasuring the three horny women. Gary could feel his dick stiffen and when he was able to pry his eyes from the lewd display on the screen he saw that both Warren and Rosa were stroking their rigid cocks. Gary looked back at the screen and said, “Yes I want to watch you both fuck the shit out of her!”

Rosa said, “I usually don’t mess with pussy but for you I will do anything.”

A wicked grin came over Warren’s face and he added, “Well then what the fuck are we waiting for? Let’s go join the orgy.”

They discarded their clothes and entered the master bedroom. The four startled women just stared at the three naked men when Gina broke the silence by declaring, “Look ladies, two naked men and one woman with a dick!” Warren took control and had his wife and Myra lay side by side on their backs.

Brenda looked horrified when she saw Warren’s huge cock and announced, “I am a confirmed lesbian and don’t want to touch a vile and disgusting penis. I’m out of here!”

Myra told her in no uncertain terms, “Just go sit on the chair and watch the action. Nobody is going to force a cock on you if you don’t want it but I want you to stay and clean up our nasty cunts after we are well-fucked. So sit down and play with your cunt while we put on a show for you.” The pussy-hungry redhead nervously sat on the chair to watch the sex show. She didn’t want anything to do with a man but the prospect of watching the other women get fucked elevated her arousal. She couldn’t imagine a woman taking Warren’s big dick and the he/she fascinated her.

Warren ordered Gary to get between the black girl’s legs and eat her pussy and directed Amber to do the same with Gina. As she licked the older woman’s hairy cunt the blond felt jealous when she glanced over to see her husband eagerly devouring Myra’s bald black pussy. Warren told Rosa to get behind the pretty blond wife and fuck her pussy to lube his cock and then fuck her ass. Warren explained that he wanted to tear Gary a new ass-hole and then they could switch places and Rosa could cum in her lover’s ass. When Gary heard his wife moan out in pleasure he was shocked to see Rosa poking his wife’s pussy. He soon forgot all about that when Warren shoved his giant cock up his ass. He wanted to scream out in pain but all that came out were muffled sounds as Myra held his face tight to her smoldering slit.

Amber squealed with delight when Rosa plunged her cock into the blond’s puckered brown hole. Gary was relieved and Amber was horrified when Warren and Rosa switched places. Husband and wife were both being violently ass-fucked at the same time but Amber was feeling much pain before it gave way to pleasure and then she humped back at the invading monster. Gina permitted the blond to come up for air and she cried out, “Oh God, your giant cock is stretching my ass-hole but it feels soooo fucking good! Yessssss, fuck meeeeee, hurt meeee! Yessssss.”

Gina pushed the blond back to her sopping cunt saying, “You make too much noise bitch. Eat my sloppy cunt while my husband shoots his cum up your stinking ass you filthy whore.”

The big dick shoved up her ass to the hilt, the delicious pussy in her mouth, and the dirty talk all combined to bring her to the most intense orgasm of her young life. After Warren planted his seed deep up her ass and withdrew with a loud ‘plop’ sound they all gathered around to see Amber’s gaping ass-hole dripping with Warren’s cum. All but Gina that is. She kept Amber’s face to her cunt until she covered the blond’s face with more cum and pussy juices.

When Gina allowed Amber to lift her glistening face from her hairy cunt the blond was blown-away to see her husband cleaning the she/male cock with his tongue. Then she was in for a real shock when Rosa mounted Myra and Gary fucked Rosa’s ass as Rosa plunged in and out of the black maid’s slushy cunt. Then Amber laid on top of Gina as Brenda feasted on their four holes. Warren was tempted to fuck the sexy redhead as she was eating-out his wife and Amber but thought better of it. He was far from a pillar of virtue but he was not a rapist and knew that the lesbian would not accept his cock willingly.

When the orgy was over and they were all spent the group remained naked and shamelessly drank and relaxed and agreed to get together the following weekend. Gina and Warren promised to invite more friends and expand the orgy. Myra asked, “Can I borrow Amber and Brenda for awhile next weekend? My mother is a lesbian and she has a few friends that get together every now and then. Mom has never been with a white girl and it would be a super birthday gift to have these two white cunt lappers service my mom and her friends.”

Gina replied, “Only if you bring them over here so that we can all watch. They can have a private room but we can catch the show on the TV screen. I don’t see any problem with that, after all they both love pussy so much and have shown that they like dark meat. I know that I will cum watching them being used and abused by a group of older black women. Sounds great! What do you think girls?”

Brenda quickly replied, “Count me in; I just can’t get too much pussy. It sounds exciting.”

Amber shyly said, “OK. I guess. It’s no secret by now that I love eating pussy, being dominated, degraded, and talked to like a common street whore so if Myra wants me to make her mom and friends happy then I will do it but only if my delicious chocolate lover promises to join in and give me more of her scrumptious honey-hole .”

Myra offered, “You got it baby, I love your pretty face buried between my legs and I will encourage the others to talk nasty to your slut ass. Your pussy will stay drenched as you will be feed your fill of black cunt and treated like the pussy pig that you are. If you do a real good job then soon I will take you to a black strip joint where a friend of mine works. We will put you on stage and you can eat her and the other black exotic dancers out. The audience will just love it and the owner will be grateful. She will be so grateful that she will take you to her office and let you suck her fat, nasty, black cunt. I plan on supplying you with so much black cunt that you will need a sling for your tongue. You would like that wouldn’t you my filthy little cunt lapping pig?”

Amber turned crimson, her head hung down, but she said, “I will do what ever you want me to do. I have to admit that when you talk to me like that my pussy floods and I get so turned-on.”

With that settled they all decided to get some sleep. All pretenses of modesty aside the group sleep together but there was much hanky-panky and they did a whole lot more than sleep. Amber awoke with her head between her black lover’s legs and eagerly devoured the meaty black delicacy.

After a weekend of wanton lasciviousness the weary couple finally got home and plopped on the sofa. In a very serious tone Amber stated, “So much has changed in such a short time. We both have become different people and we can never have the same life again; we are both forever changed and what I want to know is if you still love me and do you want us to stay together?”

Gary thoughtfully replied, “Hell yes, no doubt that we both have gone through drastic changes but I still love you with all my heart. We both indulged in wild sex with others but even though I enjoyed the sex there is no one else that I love. At the very least we should give it a try and do all we can to stay together. Let’s not confuse lust with love; do you still love me?”

Amber smiled and said, “Yes I do love you and only you. Our new lifestyle is exciting and the road ahead will be rocky indeed but we should always remember that love is love and sex is sex and that they are not the same. If we are honest with each other and work at it then we stand a good chance of saving our marriage and it is definitely worth saving. I guess that we are now swingers and there is no going back so let’s make the best of it.”

Gary hugged and kissed his wife and blurted out, “Great, now let’s go to bed and seal the deal by making mad passionate love!”

Amber looked at her husband in disbelief and told him, “Honey that is a wonderful idea but I am worn out. Could we please wait until morning? We will both feel much better after a good night’s sleep.” Gary agreed and the young couple went to bed and quickly drifted off to sleep. The future was uncertain for the young couple but one thing was for sure; their marriage would not be boring.


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