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Beautiful Curves

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In hindsight, my divorce, combined with a new start in a new city, had probably left me somewhat emotionally vulnerable by the time I first met Lisa and her husband, Cameron. But whether or not that vulnerability was in some part responsible for the nature of our encounter, I’m not sure. In the end, I’m just glad it happened.

It was a beautiful and exotic introduction to a new chapter in my life; a sexual re-awakening that I will always cherish.

Sometimes a single act can change who you are. Ever since last summer, I feel like a different person; a different woman.

Twelve months ago, I walked into an interesting-looking lingerie boutique in an upscale part of the city. Someone had told me it specialized in bras and swimwear for women with a larger bust. I’m twenty-seven years old, 5′ 3″, with auburn hair and hazel eyes. Though I’m a fairly petite size 6, I wear a 34E (or so I thought) size bra. Being so buxom has its advantages, but an easy to find and attractive selection of bras that fit properly isn’t one of them. It’s almost impossible to find something pretty in my size. It’s either an incredibly matronly support bra, or it’s incredibly ugly. Places like Victoria’s Secret don’t have a single thing for me, and caters to smaller cup sizes.

So it was a thrill to finally find a shop like, ‘Le Belle Curve’. I was in heaven the moment I walked in! It had literally dozens of pretty-looking bras in my size, in lovely colours and fabrics. I had three bra and panty sets in hand and was looking around for the change rooms when all of a sudden I heard the loveliest feminine voice.

“Why hello, neighbour,” said a woman.

I turned to find a very beautiful, somewhat familiar looking, woman smiling at me.

“I beg your pardon,” I replied, sounding slightly puzzled, not sure where I’d seen her before.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. It’s just that we’re neighbours … I believe you bought the house at the top of my street a few months ago,” she said.

Suddenly it clicked; the reason why she looked vaguely familiar. I had seen her on a number of occasions getting into her car and driving away while I tended to my roses.

We shook hands and she introduced herself as Lisa.

“I’m Julia,” I countered, smiling. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

She was about my age, possibly slightly older, with gorgeous black hair, flawless white skin and a lovely, curvaceous figure. For some reason, I can’t say why, I liked her immediately. Perhaps it was her easy charm, or the warmth of her smile, or her attentive, blue eyes. Either way, we stood there for what seemed like a half an hour chatting and getting acquainted. I knew early on that I’d made a new friend, and it gave me such a nice feeling — I think must have exuded a happy glow while I stood there talking amiably with her.

She said that she was married, and that she and her husband, Cameron, who was an entertainment lawyer, had been living in their house at the end of my lane for about three years.

It was uncanny how many interests we shared: flowers, books, fashion and fabrics, and, well, big boobs! I assumed her own plight had prompted her to open the store.

By the time we finally stopped talking long enough to realize what time it was, it was closing time. I apologized and started to put the bra sets back on the rack, saying I could come back another time.

“Don’t be silly,” she said. “It’s my store and we’re the only ones here. Just let me lock up and I’ll let you try on whatever you like.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

I was so excited about finding such a selection; I really did want to try on a few things. I was going through a period where I felt a bit blah, and desperately needed to feel sexy again. The sets I had picked out were quite skimpy and femmy. Since I so rarely had the chance to buy things like that in my size, I was bound and determined to treat myself to a major lingerie (and perhaps even a swimwear) shopping splurge!

Lisa quickly locked the doors, took me by the hand, and led me – loaded down with silky sexy under things – to the change rooms. She was wearing a very tight, very short mini- skirt, and I couldn’t help but notice that she had the kind of derriere, not to mention the kind of hippy, sashaying walk, that men adore.

The change room was spacious, with a big wall-size mirror – and for once, lighting that didn’t make me look and feel fat and hideous. I stripped off my clothes and slipped on a semi-sheer, stretch mesh bra and panty set in a pretty shade of fuchsia. It was embroidered with a lovely flower motif, and as sheer and skimpy as it was, the bra lifted and supported my big boobs quite well.

“Let’s have a look,” said Lisa from outside.

I felt a bit shy about stepping out in front of a woman I’d only just met in a set of skimpy underwear, but she made me feel so at ease. I opened the door and emerged, naked except for a few bits of delicate fabric.

“What size is the bra?” she asked.

“34E,” I answered.

She took me back in the change room and stood behind me while I faced the mirror. She reached under my arms and began adjusting the bra; her hands brushing against my breasts.

I felt her fingers touch underneath, where some of my breasts were left exposed.

“You see, this shouldn’t be happening,” she said. “Let me grab a tape measure.”

She came back a moment later and measured me around the ribcage.

“27 inches – so add five,” she declared. “Just as I thought, you’re not a 34. And I’m guessing you’re a larger cup size than an ‘E’, too, judging by the amount of boob that’s sticking out underneath.” She left and came back with a lacy purple bra and thong.

“Try these on, Julia,” she said.

There was an awkward moment while I waited for her to leave so I could change.

“Oh, don’t be silly!” she said smiling. “You don’t expect me to keep coming and going, do you? We have too many pretty things to try on!”

With that I somewhat sheepishly undid the clasp and removed the bra and peeled off the panties. There I was, standing starkers, in front of a woman I’d only just met. Don’t ask me why, but it felt strangely liberating, and, even more strangely, a bit exciting. There was something about Lisa’s gaze. She had a playful twinkle in her eye that was so sexy and engaging. I’d never been with a woman before, nor had I been attracted to one in quite that way, but there was definitely some sexual energy in that change room that day. I had to admit – for the first time in my life, I found myself sexually aroused in the presence of a woman. I found her very attractive.

“My store was definitely made for your body,” said Lisa. “You and I are that rare exception: relatively petite but very large breasted. You’re even bigger than me. You have such lovely breasts – and such large areola.”

I was blushing as I stepped into the thong before trying on the bra. It felt very comfortable, and looked incredibly sexy. Lisa again stepped behind me and adjusted the fit. This time, however, she gently cupped my full bosom in her small hands.

“You see,” she said, her penetrating eyes looking directly into mine through the mirror’s reflection. “Size 32 underneath and 40 inches across the bust: you’re a 32G, my dear.”

Then I felt her step closer towards me; her own breasts pressing slightly against my bare back. She reached around and adjusted the top of the thong. I could feel her soft black hair fall against my neck.

“I think you look fabulous,” she said.

I turned to face her. The air was crackling with sexual energy. I was fairly sure she was feeling some of the same things I was feeing at that moment. She was married, and it didn’t feel the slightest bit like a come-on. I didn’t feel threatened or put off at all. I really didn’t know WHAT to think!

“Thank you,” I replied, looking into her eyes.

We spent the next hour in her shop; she assisting, while I tried on everything from bras to bikinis to teddies to pumps. I left poorer in the purse, but elated. Nothing came of our ‘moment’ that day. Happily, it didn’t get in the way of what quickly developed into a wonderful new friendship. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that we became the very best of friends in a very short period of time.

She was so warm and supportive. We would talk on the phone or over cups of tea for HOURS – about everything from gladiolas, to my lingering hurt from my divorce, to our most intimate thoughts about sex. Sometimes, when I would open up about the pain of my divorce, she would hold me and stroke my hair. And it was during those moments that I felt the most wonderful mixture of affection and sexual arousal. My feelings quickly became more and more complex. But I was like a moth to a flame, and could not, WOULD not pull away from Lisa. Happily, she seemed just as loathe to pull back from me.

At some point during those first initial few weeks, I met her husband, Cameron. He seemed her male counterpart in every respect. His quiet charm matched hers. He was also drop dead gorgeous: quite slim; with a chiseled jaw line, big beautiful eyes with long dark lashes, and dark, short-cropped hair. He seemed delighted by his wife’s new friendship. His work frequently kept him at the office until late. So he said that he was glad Lisa had someone so close by.

On one such night, when Cameron was working late and I was keeping Lisa company, the topic of our chat turned once again to sex. Lisa started talking about her sex life with Cameron and the two of us ended up having a lovely giggle together — as women are sometimes want to do when discussing their sex lives. I had none to speak of at that particular moment in time, so I was quite happy to live vicariously through my friend.

“He’s quite skilled with his tongue,” she said grinning cheekily. “And he can make love for HOURS – sometimes he wears me out!” she laughed. “He found my g-spot one day, and I thought my head was going to pop off like a champagne cork!”

Our laughter eventually trailed off, and the two of us sat there smiling at each other.

“Have you ever made love to a woman?” she asked.

“No,” I answered.

“Neither have I.”

Nothing more was said on the subject and we soon started talking about something less fraught with pregnant pauses.

On weekends, the two of us would often go for a swim and some sun in her backyard pool. Lisa filled out her string bikini like a goddess, and I found myself unable to take my eyes off her formidable body. Although her breasts were slightly smaller than mine, she had the sexiest hips and the most glorious behind.

One particularly hot and sunny day, after the sun had dried us off from our swim, Lisa suggested we go inside.

“Would you let me treat you to a massage?” she asked.

How could I refuse? Cameron had so often sung the praises of his wife’s famous massages.

One side of their house was floor to ceiling sliding glass doors. She opened the doors that led from the pool into the carpeted living room, and set up her professional looking massage table so as to allow a cool breeze to blow through while she did her thing.

Never without style or a keen eye for detail, Lisa set up the living room like a sensual oasis. There was a touch of lavender incense, the gentle tinkling of wind chimes, Spanish guitar playing softly on the background sound system, and bottles of scented massage oil all about.

When she was ready for me, I teased her about what a male fantasy the whole thing felt and looked like: standing there, as she was, in a skimpy white bikini, waiting to give her lucky charge a soothing hot oil massage!

I lay face down on the towel-covered table in my own string bikini, and immediately felt her gentle touch against my warm skin.

It felt heavenly: the gentle breeze; the sensual atmosphere; and Lisa gently kneading my body. It all felt so good in fact, I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the pleasure of it.

All of a sudden I felt Lisa’s fingers undoing the clasp of my bikini top. Her touch was electric. With each passing moment, I felt more and more tingly all over my body. My feelings confused me, yet I could not deny them. She began to massage my legs. I could feel her touch moving ever so slowly higher and higher up the backs of my thighs towards my bum. The higher she climbed, the more aroused I became. I could feel dampness between my legs. My mind was racing. Was this right for me to feel this way about another woman? Was the nature of my attraction reciprocal?

Then, suddenly, I felt the tie-strings of my bikini bottoms being pulled at.

“Is it okay if I take off your bottoms, Julia?” she asked in her softest, sexiest voice.

“Yes,” I whispered.

I arched my back and raised my bum up slightly, allowing Lisa to strip off my last stitch of clothing.

She continued slowly and sensually kneading my legs, my feet, and my arms. I wanted so much to kiss her. My state of arousal was snowballing out of control. I felt drops of warm oil on my bare bum. My heart raced as I waited for her touch. I felt her hesitate momentarily, before placing her soft hands on my buttocks. She lovingly worked in the hot oil, and I felt drips trickle into the crack of my ass and down towards my already soaking wet pussy.

She paid special attention to my soft, round bum – slowly and lovingly rubbing in the hot oil. I could feel her thumbs almost touch the lips of my pussy as they worked the cheeks of my ass. A soft moan escaped from my lips.

“Why don’t you turn over, sweetie?” she asked.

My heart was pounding as I rolled over and lay on my back. I looked up into her eyes. She sprinkled oil on my tummy and huge boobs. My saucer-size nipples were swollen and puffy and unbelievably sensitive.

“You don’t mind if I take this off, do you?” she asked as she removed her own bikini top.

Her lovely full breasts sprang free, and hung so firm and ripe before me as she bent over and worked in the droplets of oil. When she began massaging my breasts; gently tracing circles around the swollen areola, I could resist no longer.

I reached up and placed my hand on her behind, slipping a few fingers inside the hem of her bikini bottoms.

Lisa looked directly into my eyes and said, “If I was a man I’d so want to fuck you right now. ” There was a short pause before she added, “Actually, I’m a woman, and I STILL really want to fuck you right now. ”

“Why don’t you?” I answered breathlessly.

She leaned over, her warm breasts pressed against mine, and searched my eyes with her own. Her gaze moved to my lips, and then she slowly, softly, kissed me.

I almost came from that one kiss. It was electric, and it lasted. When it was over, Lisa took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom where we made love atop her silk sheets.

She stripped of her bikini bottoms and I saw for the first time her exquisite, neatly trimmed pussy.

She lay with me and our bodies became intertwined. The feeling of another woman’s body pressed against my own was new and exciting. Her soft, heavy breasts felt wonderful against my skin. I could feel her erect nipples when they brushed against me. We kissed and explored each other’s bodies for what seemed like hours. It was all so tender and sensual. She teased and toyed with me, almost but never quite touching my pussy with her fingers, until I finally begged her to place her hand between my legs. When she did, I almost came once again. She kissed her way down my body one last time before tossing her long mane of black hair aside and settling in between my legs. My heart raced in anticipation of her kissing my wet, swollen pussy. When she did, I let out a breathy sigh and closed my eyes.

Being one herself, it was perhaps only natural that Lisa knew just how to please another woman. She knew exactly where and how hard to touch with her fingers; where and how hard to lick with her tongue. And best of all, she knew where to find that delicious little g-spot zone just up and inside a woman’s opening. In no time at all she had me bucking my hips, arching my back and groaning wildly.

I spread the lips of my pussy even wider to afford her greater access. The pleasure was mind-blowing. The first of many orgasms began to build in my tummy. It kept building and building until I felt like my head would explode. Finally, after inserting a few fingers and continuing to lick the nib of my clitoris, I came in a loud, writhing crescendo.

When it was over, a large wet spot on the sheets marked the occasion. We locked in an embrace and kissed and suckled each other’s breasts as the tremors of my orgasm flitted through my body.

We spent the remainder of that afternoon in her bed; intoxicated with each other; making love for several more hours. It was incredible. It was quite unlike sex with a man; equally enjoyable, but different. Different, for no other reason than it’s two people making love with the same bodies.

I experienced a total of eight orgasms that day, and I returned the favour in kind, helping Lisa achieve almost as many. Afterwards, we slept naked in each other’s arms. When we awoke, we took a leisurely shower together in her and Cameron’s spacious stand-up shower.

Best of all, when it was time to leave, there was no post-coital feeling of guilt or regret. We hugged one last time before I left. It had been one of the very best sexual experiences of my life. It was just love. I positively beamed that day. Little did I know what lay ahead.


The following week, I was slightly taken aback when Lisa told me that she’d explained what had transpired between us to her husband. She said they had always been completely honest with each other in their marriage. I was intensely curious about his reaction, not to mention a bit worried he might have reacted in anger. Quite the contrary, as it turned out. Lisa said he seemed genuinely okay with it. I didn’t press, but I wondered what that meant for Lisa and I. Had they agreed that it was only a harmless, one-time experiment? Was that for the best anyways? I had to admit I hadn’t settled any of that in my OWN mind either.

The next day, Lisa called again and invited me over for some martinis and possibly a swim in the pool or a dip in their Jacuzzi that Saturday night. I readily accepted and asked if there was anything I could bring.

“Just that sexy new bikini you bought at my store,” she replied.

She also mentioned that Cameron would be there that night, and that she was looking forward to seeing him, as he’d been so busy of late.

Saturday arrived and I showed up at their doorstep at about 7. It was a lovely evening: not too hot, with the sun just beginning to set. Feeling summery, I wore a seafoam green- coloured halter-top (to match the sheer bra and panties I had on underneath – all from Lisa’s store, I might add) and a black mini-skirt. Cameron answered the door looking particularly hunky in a powder blue dress shirt and a pair of off-white chinos – without shoes or socks, and looking sexy and casual. He complimented me on my outfit and gave me a kiss on the cheek, making sure not to over react to the prodigious amount of cleavage that appeared above the low cut neckline of my top.

Lisa looked equally fabulous prancing about barefoot in a cute little cotton summer dress.

The sliding doors were all pulled open at the back, and a beautiful, gentle breeze wafted through their expansive living room. I was standing next to the entrance to the deck, looking at the pool, and admiring their view of the city below, when Cameron handed me a chilled, sour apple martini.

It was to be the first of several that evening, and before long, the three of us were happily ensconced in their big, fluffy living room furniture — tipsy and giggly.

It was inevitable, I suppose, that the topic would eventually land on sex. And perhaps fortified by the courage resulting from a few martinis, Lisa brought up out little tryst. I think I blushed a thousand shades of red, but Cameron seemed genuinely happy for us.

“It sounds like it was an expression of love and lust between two very good friends,” he said. “That’s beautiful.”

And with that he kissed his wife sweetly on the lips. I was quite amazed.

We kept talking and talking, more and more about all things sexual, until Lisa suggested we change into our swimsuits and take a dip in either the pool or the Jacuzzi while the soft light of dusk still provided its natural ambient lighting.

I grabbed my bag and headed for the spare bedroom. It had a floor-length mirror and after I put on my bikini, I gave myself a last one-over before heading back. When I got there, Lisa and Cameron were already in the Jacuzzi. They both looked up at me and smiled; Lisa’s eyes twinkling.

She feigned to cover her husband’s eyes with her hand as I stood there.

“Avert your eyes, my husband, from the deliciously fecund body that stands before you!” she said jokingly.

“Aren’t you the lucky one?” she added, as I climbed into the Jacuzzi. “Sitting in a hot tub, surrounded by a couple of gorgeous, busty women.”

The water was set at a refreshing temperature. The swirling waters felt wonderful.

All the sun, alcohol, sex talk, and semi-naked flesh had me feeling quite randy. I knew I wasn’t alone in feeling that way, when I noticed that Cameron was no longer pretending not to notice my huge boobs. He seemed to be enjoying feasting his eyes on his wife’s ample charms as well. Lisa scooted over to sit next to me. I could tell she was feeling rather amorous by the way she was flirting and ‘playing’ with the two of us. First she initiated a water splashing session (I must say Cameron looked smoldering with his black hair slicked back with water), then she began tickling and groping me. Finally, she got so bold as to cup one of my bikini-clad breasts in her hands.

“My goodness, those are heavy!” she observed.

Suddenly the mood became much more genuine and serious. She reached over, with her hand still touching my breast, and kissed me tenderly on the cheek. Afterwards, Cameron volunteered to get out of the water and fix us all another drink.

I could tell through the swirling waters that he was wearing a very brief men’s bikini swimsuit. But I had no idea how brief it was until he climbed out of the Jacuzzi. Firstly, his tanned body was beautifully toned and hard, with not an ounce of fat; second, the front of his skimpy white lycra bikini looked like it was restraining an anaconda! The pouch of his swimsuit looked packed to the limit; the bulge impossibly large. I was so shocked, I’m sure I had quite a wide-eyed expression on my face. It was impossible not to notice, but I quickly averted my eyes when I saw him look at me. The back was equally impressive – albeit for different reasons – and I glanced up at his tight butt as he walked to the bar.

My look of disbelief had not been lost on Lisa, and when Cameron was beyond earshot distance, she turned to me:

“Looks rather large, doesn’t it?” she said wearing a devilish grin.

I giggled like a schoolgirl, blushing.

“Don’t worry, sweetie, it’s rather difficult to miss in a situation like this.”

“My goodness, Lisa, I didn’t think they MADE them that big! How do you handle all that???”

“You can imagine my shock the first time I saw it — I almost fainted,” she giggled. “To be honest, it took me awhile to get used to his size – my poor pussy and cervix took a beating — but once I did, ooh la la!!! I had my first vaginal orgasm with Cameron. I’d only ever had clitoral ones before that. Now I have both kinds all the time.”

When Cameron came back with our drinks I had to be careful not to stare at his crotch instead of my martini as he handed it to me!

That last drink seemed to take me to a point of no return, inhibitions-wise. Likewise, the sexual tension in the air seemed to boil over with each passing sip. I could feel my big nipples were quite swollen and hard and protruding out a good inch.

Things truly turned the corner for the three of us that evening when Lisa suggested we take off our swimsuits. As tipsy as I was, I still blushed at the idea. However, there was just something so reassuring and safe about the two of them that my panic eventually gave way to exhilaration and excitement at the thought of the group nudity.

Lisa was first out of her bikini – tossing her top and bottoms onto the floor next to the sunken Jacuzzi. Her 34DD breasts looked so firm and beautiful.

Next, without standing up, Cameron stripped off his only restraint and tossed his swimsuit onto the floor next to his wife’s. I was last, and removed my top and bottoms as demurely as possible.

“Isn’t she gorgeous, Cameron?” gushed Lisa. “The ultimate boob-man’s fantasy.”

From where I was sitting I could just make out the blurry shape of Cameron’s penis. Every time I tried to get a good look, my heart started to pound. It seemed to sway to and fro like some thick, fleshy stalk, and looked to be the size of my forearm! I decided it had to be an optical illusion – the prism effect of the swirling water.

Lisa then placed one hand in mine, and the other in her husband’s, and pulled us all into a tight circle in the centre of the hot tub; our faces close together; the chest-high water swirling around us. This time, she leaned forward and kissed me slowly and tenderly on the lips, then turning to her husband, kissed him in the same way. There was an incredibly pregnant pause while Cameron and I looked into each other’s eyes. Finally, Lisa gently pushed us together and my lips met his. It was wet and slow and hot. There followed a protracted threesome session of kissing; passionate and languorous and erotic. At one point, I felt the warm and heavy flesh of Cameron’s manhood brush against my hip, and had to fight the overwhelming desire to touch it. As it turned out, I would not have to fight that urge for very long.

Lisa took her husband’s hand and led him to the edge.

“Sit up, honey,” she said. “I want you to show my best friend your big, beautiful cock.”

My heart was racing now, for I was beyond the point of shyness and self-consciousness. I was completely absorbed in the moment; excited, full of lust, and feeling hypersexual.

Cameron grabbed the edge of the Jacuzzi and hauled himself out of the water. When the huge stalk of his semi-hard manhood emerged from the water, I gasped audibly.

“Oh my goodness, my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me!” I blurted out. “I’ve never seen one that BIG before!”

Indeed, I hadn’t. It was enormous — wrist-thick and incredibly strong and powerful looking. It had to be twice as long and twice as thick as my ex-husband’s. I’d slept with a guy in college who was well endowed, but he was nothing compared to Cameron.

“You have an unbelievably large penis,” I said in earnest as I looked up into Cameron’s sexy bedroom eyes.

It swayed and bounced heavily as he climbed out and it came to rest against his thigh with a wet slap. Lisa reached over did her best to wrap her hand around her husband’s huge, veiny appendage. It was still only semi-erect, yet her hand was still too small to reach all the way around it. She began to stroke it; gently pumping the immense length of it. Cameron lovingly ran his fingers through her beautiful black hair as she started kissing the shaft. I stood there, transfixed as Lisa opened her mouth wide and started to fellate her husband in front of me. I’d never been a part of a sexual experience like that before – and never been quite so aroused before! I decided to just live in the moment, go with the flow, and see where that led me.

In no time at all, Cameron had achieved a full erection of eye-popping dimensions. His wife’s sexy mouth was nowhere near big enough to accommodate much more than the head and a bit of the shaft, but she did her best. His sighs and moans suggested she still knew how to please her man – no matter how hugely endowed.

“Mmmm . I wanted to get Cameron personalized licence plates for his birthday that read, ‘10.5″ x 7.5″‘ or just ‘10.5 Inches’ but he wouldn’t let me,” she giggled, taking a breath. “Then I thought, do I really want to advertise to all those women drivers???” she added.

She turned to me and took me by the hand, pulling me towards Cameron’s spread thighs. I almost shook with excitement as she placed my hand on her husband’s huge cock. I looked up at him, no doubt with that ‘little girl lost’ look my husband used to say I wore whenever I got really turned on.

His size was quite intimidating; at that point I hadn’t even considered he penetrated women during intercourse with something that large.

It felt so warm and tight and hard in my hand, not to mention BIG. I followed Lisa’s lead and gently pumped it up and down. Lisa smiled and looked up at Cameron.

“Does that feel good, sweetie,” she asked.

“Mmmm, oh yeah . feels so good,” he groaned.

I took the lead and wrapped my huge tits around his cock. They were still quite slippery from the suntan lotion I’d applied earlier. Lisa and I watched enraptured as he gave my big 32Gs a good titty fucking. After several minutes, I could resist no longer and wrapped my lips around the head of his hard-on. I did my best to take as much of him inside my mouth as possible, but had to be careful not to gag myself in my passion and excitement. Eventually, Cameron sat back on his hands and watched his wife and I swap his cock back and forth between her mouth and mine. Licking and sucking it like a lovely big lolly. Finally, I started pumping the shaft with both hands while Lisa sucked the fat, bulbous head. Cameron threw his head back in ecstasy and alerted us to the fact that he was about to cum. I continued to watch during the build-up towards the crescendo.

“Mmmm, I want you to cum in my mouth, sweetie – I want to swallow all your delicious seed!” she panted breathlessly.

Seconds later, I observed Cameron’s testicles tighten up in his scrotum. Lisa pulled back ever so slightly so as not to gag on the eruption of thick, white cum that shot against the back of her throat. Despite her best efforts to swallow it all, gobs of hot cum trickled down his fat stalk and onto and over my hands. It was the most outrageously erotic looking sight I’d ever seen.

Cameron’s spent manhood came to rest against his hip, after which the three of us drifted to the centre of the hot tub once again and exchanged sensual, cum-flavoured kisses.

After we caught our collective breath, Lisa suggested we ‘take a nap’ together in their big, king-size bed.

We dried each other off with big, fluffy towels, left our wet swimsuits where they were, and — boobs and bums and cock swaying and jiggling — headed for their bedroom.

When we got there, the three of us lay down on their expansive, cream-coloured silk sheets and started necking like teenagers. At one point Cameron sat back and watched Lisa and I kiss and make love. I kissed my way down her beautiful torso until I reached her fertile delta, covered as it was in a neatly trimmed patch of black pubic hair. She was already incredibly wet, and her little ‘woman in the canoe’ as I like to refer to it, was swollen to the size of a pencil eraser. I proceeded to play her exquisite little pussy like a finely tuned instrument. She was quite vocal, and moaned loudly and often as I edged her closer and closer to an orgasm with my tongue and fingers.

After a wonderfully slow build-up, she arched her back and tugged at my hair. I watched as the powerful orgasm rippled through her body. All the while, Cameron had been enjoying himself in the role of voyeur as we engaged in out little girl on girl twosome. He had stroked his massive tool back to full erection by the time the throes of Lisa’s orgasm had subsided.

After looking lovingly over at her husband, she hopped out of bed and went to get something out of her dresser. She came back with a large clear dispenser of ‘Astroglide’ lubrication.

She came back, set the lube on the bed, and kissed me once again. Then, cupping one of my big boobs in her hand she whispered in my ear, “I want you to make love to my husband.”

“I want to watch him fuck you with his huge cock,” she added more vocally. “I want you to experience something that big – I want you to know what a cock like that feels like inside you.”

I looked over at her handsome, lady-killer of a partner. He laid there like some fantasy Playgirl centerfold – amazing body; gorgeous face, teeth, and smile; tanned; and stroking the biggest erection I’d ever seen in my life! Still, I was as nervous as a schoolgirl, and not just because I was contemplating fucking my best friend’s husband right in front of her! I was also genuinely concerned that her might split me in two with that gorgeous pussy-stretcher of his!

“I want to. Believe me I do,” I said. “I just don’t know if I can HANDLE all that!”

“Oh, don’t worry, sweetie,” she reassured. “He can go as slow as you want. “He knows how to pleasure a woman with his size. Believe me, he knows how to use it – don’t you, honey?”

I lay back in the centre of their big bed as the two of them took turns suckling my breasts on either side of me. Then Cameron gently parted my thighs and nestled himself between my legs. On his knees, his giant prong pointed straight out over my belly. Lisa took the tube of lubrication and applied a generous amount to her hubby’s thick shaft. It glistened with a thick coating of lube.

The two of them looked at me with sexy bedroom eyes.

“I think Julia needs a good, hard fucking with your huge dick,” said Lisa, then added cheekily, “Think it will fit, honey?”

“I’ll MAKE it fit,” he answered with a boyish grin.

Lisa then slid in behind and nestled herself against me; supporting my body with her own, I felt her big boobs and her warm, damp pussy against my back. As her husband worked the lubrication into his hard-on in long strokes, Lisa reached around and traced circles on my nipples with her fingers, ran her hands across my tummy, then used her hands to spread my legs further apart in preparation for her hubby’s battering ram assault. Slowly, her fingers made their way to my dripping vaginal lips. Incredibly sensitive to her touch, I moaned and quickened the tempo of my breathing as she softly parted the lips of my pussy and massaged the clitoris. I looked on in awe as Cameron stroked more than ten inches of thick manhood.

“Mmm, that’s it, baby, look at that big, thick cock,” she cooed.

With that, Cameron placed the head against the entrance to my quim and slowly pushed.

Right away, he felt different than any other man I’d been intimate with. His incredible thickness stretched me wider than I’d ever been stretched. It was an indescribable feeling, as inch after inch entered me. Mouth agape, I swooned – my eyes closed and my head fell back. I was breathless. Lisa continued to hold me in her arms; softly kissing my ear lobes and my neck. I felt completely overwhelmed. It was such a turn-on to give myself over to this man’s enormous cock; to feel utterly in his control. Somehow, it all made me feel more like a woman to be possessed in such a way.

By gently rocking his hips, Cameron eventually managed to work about two-thirds of his monster, pussy-tamer inside me. Not used to a man of his size, it initially felt like an anaconda snake was making its way up inside me towards my tummy!

“Oh my god, Cameron!” I gasped, almost panicky. “Oh my god, it’s so big!”

“Just relax, sweetie,” whispered Lisa. “Just relax your pussy.”

It just kept coming and coming, until finally the head of his penis pressed up against my cervix, causing me a bit of pain.

Lisa looked down at my poor beleaguered pussy.

“Oh my goodness, Julia! You’ve taken even more than I usually do – you must top out even later than me!” exclaimed Lisa. “Aren’t YOU a lucky little boy, Cameron?”

After he’d buried it in me as far as he could go, he withdrew all the way out as slowly as he’d entered. With only the head remaining, he plunged it all the way back in, this time a little quicker. He kept this up – all the way in, then all the way out, always increasing the tempo – until I’d become more accustomed to his size (if that were possible!) and he’d built up a steady, powerful rhythm. Lisa reached down and massaged my clit with her fingers while her husband fucked me deeper than any man had before.

The combination of Cameron’s thickness, and the friction it generated, and Lisa’s playing with my clit, drove me to my first orgasm of the day – I’m not sure if it was vaginal or clitoral or both, but it was heavenly and very intense.

I was still catching my breath when Cameron quickened his tempo and the forcefulness of his thrusts. Before long he was fucking me hard and fast; driving his king-size manhood in to me mercilessly, yet, I must say, with commendable dexterity. Still, on the odd thrust, he would penetrate a little too deeply and hit my cervix, causing me to grimace and bite my lip. Yet, these were the exception, and in general, despite his obvious unbridled lust, he was an incredibly considerate lover – always mindful of his power to hurt as much as pleasure. He continued unabated.

“Oh my god!!! Oh my GAWD” I barked, dry-mouthed. “It’s so fucking BIG!!!”

Droplets of sweat began to fall from his forehead onto my heaving breast. He was incredible. His staying power was as advertised, and he was giving my pussy the workout of its life! His deep thrusts were relentless. I swooned as yet another orgasm charged through me.

“Oh, yes!!! . Oh, god yes!!!! Please don’t stop, please don’t stop!!!” I begged.

I was feeling close to exhaustion and pleasure saturation when Cameron finally slowed down long enough to ask me to turn over and get on my hands and knees.

As I braced myself against the end of the bed and bit down on a pillow, Lisa guided her husband’s huge cock into me once again from behind. With my bum in the air, she placed a finger gently against my vulnerable bum hole and watched while Cameron quickly resumed his long, deep powerful thrusts.

There was less pain from that angle, and seemingly still deeper penetration.

In short order, he was grunting and fucking me like a wild buck. At one point, I had to reach back and place a hand on his hip to get him to shorten his thrusts a touch.

But for the most part, that lovely big cock of his was responsible for some mind-blowing pleasure like I’d never experienced before. Girls, if you’ve never tried it, may I say that sometimes there really isn’t anything like a really big dick!

Finally, I was truly able to relax and give in to his size completely. My vocalizing eventually resembled a king of raspy howl. My eyes were closed tight; my mouth frozen open in a state of primal bliss.

“Oh god, yeah!!! Feels so good!!! Don’t stop, sweetie, don’t stop!!! Fuck me with that huge cock!!!” I bellowed loudly.

“Oh god, FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME!!! Oh god, you’re so BIG!!! So FUCKING BIG!!!”

Finally, just when I thought I might faint with the pleasure of it, Cameron said that was about to cum. He gave a last few, rapid-fire thrusts before I felt his hot seed gush deep inside me.

I collapsed on the bed, and Lisa snuggled up behind me. The three of us exchanged tender, post-coital kisses. Afterwards we showered together and I eventually spent the night. We happily passed the remainder of the weekend fucking our brains out. Since that time, I have become a regular part of their lovemaking. It’s been wonderful. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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