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Roxanne’s Initiation

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Chapter 1

Roxanne had had enough with boys. The eighteen-year old blue-eyed redhead slammed down the phone. Frankie was just like all the others. She had caught him flirting with Jennifer again, and this time it was more than playful. Last night at the party when she saw him touching Jennifer’s arm, and then saw her brush her hand by his crotch, that was it. The phone call only confirmed her suspicions. He didn’t even try to deny it, just said that he still wanted to see Roxanne and to please forgive him. Fuck that.

It was still early on Saturday; she was still in her pajamas. She got up from her bed and walked to the bathroom down the hall. A long hot shower would feel good now, she thought, still fuming. As she started through the bathroom door, she paused, seeing that Jason’s door was open. Her long blonde-haired brother was a year older that she. They were not particularly close, but he was a good brother as things go. He usually could tell when she was down and pretty much left her alone. Once in a while, he even had an encouraging thing to say to her. She loved him for that. Being a teenager could be lonely at times, and he seemed to have a pretty good handle on it all.

Jason was sitting at his desk on the computer, his back to the bedroom door. He was shirtless as usual, his strong upper body perfect for rugby. Roxanne squinted, and she could barely make out what was on the screen. He was surfing porn again. She smiled, knowing that he had a pretty large libido. Her brother always seemed to have gorgeous girlfriends, sometimes several at once. It wasn’t unusual for Jason to have one date in the afternoon, and another later at night.

Jason’s movements caused Roxanne to pause. His left hand was in his lap, but his arm was moving up and down quickly. Slowly she realized that he was jerking off. Of course she knew that everyone did it. Hell, she did it every day herself. But watching him, his concentration, his strong shoulders, his quick movements… she couldn’t turn away.

Roxanne had seen her brother naked before, of course. They used to take baths together as toddlers. He wasn’t shy about walking around naked either, usually to and from the shower. She had done the same often enough. She had seen his flaccid dick. He shaved around it, so there was no hair to get in the way. He looked normal size, maybe a little thicker. She hadn’t ever seen him hard, however, and now she knew he was. But his body blocked that view at the desk.

What was she thinking? It’s her brother. But she knew she wanted to see more. She quietly moved to the side to try to get a better angle. She was almost at his door now. Then she saw the head of his cock. He was leaning back in the chair, rubbing his shaft. His leg blocked the view of most of it, but she could see the glistening helmet of his hardness. It looked bigger than she expected.

He was also moaning softly. She suddenly realized that it wasn’t porno he was looking at on the monitor. It was someone’s webcam. And his webcam was on his desk, aimed toward his lap. The woman’s webcam showed most of her body. She was also leaning back in a chair, and Roxanne could see her own fingers prodding herself for Jason’s view.

Roxanne was getting excited. She imagined the view the woman had of his body from her brother’s webcam. Him stroking his hardness for her enjoyment. She wondered what that would be like to see up close. For now, she couldn’t tear her eyes away from that large head.

Suddenly, he groaned. A large glob of cum shot straight up from that head. Then another. It was a huge load, and it landed back onto his cock and hands as he continued to stroke himself, lubricated by his semen. His orgasm shook his body as he threw his head back, moaning.

Roxanne quickly snuck back to the bathroom, shutting the door. Her mind was racing. She had just watched her brother jerk off, and it excited her. She realized as she stepped out of her pajamas that her small pink nipples were hard, and she was wet between her legs. She turned on the shower, trying to get the image out of her mind. That’s sick, she thought. But the thought wouldn’t leave. Before she knew it, she was rubbing her own breasts and pinching her hard nipples. Her other hand slid down her body and began to rub her pubic mound. She felt her finger slip between her pussy lips, feeling her own wet slit. She moaned under the stream of water.

A knock on the door brought her back to the present. Then it opened, and Jason yelled out, “Hey, just taking a piss. Don’t look.”

“You’re a pig!” she yelled back, but not really meaning it.

“Ooink!” he shouted as she heard the stream of pee hitting the toilet. He flushed. The water in the shower went cold.

“Dammit Jason!” Roxanne yelled. “Why do you do that!”

But then he was gone, and the door shut again. Roxanne was still touching herself. She thought about what might have happened if Jason had pulled back the shower curtain. She would be standing there, pinching her own nipples and rubbing her pussy. Would he like that? After all, she just watched him jerk off, and it turned her on. Maybe watching her would turn him on?

After a few more minutes of teasing herself, she shut off the water and wrapped a towel around her body. Roxanne had a curvy shape, small but firm 34B breasts, and round ass. Still feeling very excited, she opened the door to the bathroom, but stood at the sink working on her makeup. Her mind was still racing. She talked to herself about it, lost in thought. He’s your brother for God’s sake! But that was so fucking hot. What would it be like to feel his cock? Would he cum like that just by watching her?

“Geez, Roxy, how long does it take you to paint that shit on? I just wanna brush my teeth.”

Jason had been standing at the door, watching her.

“Fine, use the sink. I’ll move over,” Roxanne offered. The vanity was large enough for the two of them, and she moved to the side.

Jason came in and began running the water as he brushed. He still had no shirt on, and wore only boxers. Roxanne couldn’t help but watch him in the mirror. Her eyes roamed over his hard abs. She gazed below his waist, searching out his thickness beneath the loose boxers, smiling to herself, knowing that he had just shot a load from that delicious cock.

As she looked back up in the mirror, she caught his eyes. He had been staring at her as well. Quickly, Jason shut the bathroom door. The two of them were alone now. It seemed quiet to Roxanne.

Jason finished brushing and put his hand under the water to rinse his mouth. As he turned off the water, he said, “So tell me, did you like what you saw?”

Roxanne’s heart raced. He knew! She was the one that was caught!

“Uhh…” was all she could mutter.

“It’s okay sis, I don’t mind,” Jason was trying to put her at ease. He put his hand on her bare shoulder.

“I didn’t mean….” She stammered.

“But you did,” Jason smiled. “And I asked you a question. Did you like what you saw?” He seemed serious now.

“Well, yeah. I guess.” Shit. She admitted it. Is he going to be mad?

Jason rubbed her shoulder and quietly moved behind her, looking into her eyes in the mirror. He was a good foot taller than Roxanne, his head and shoulders visible over her own head. He put his other hand on her other shoulder, pulling himself even closer to her. His bare chest touched against her shoulder blades.

“I’ve always admired how you filled out,” he said. His hands were running up and down Roxanne’s arms. Chills raced up and down her body. She was excited. His hands felt so good.

“Thank you,” she said. “You’re quite the stud yourself.”

Jason’s hands moved back up to her shoulders, then down across the front of her upper chest. They rested against the towel that wrapped her body. His eyes gazed into hers in the mirror. Then, the towel was gone. It fell to the floor quickly as Jason opened it. Her nakedness was exposed to him.

“Oh yes, very sexy body,” he whispered, his mouth to her ear. His hands began to caress her tits; the nipples rock hard. She felt his hardness rise against her bare ass through his boxer shorts. Unconsciously, she pressed her ass back into it.

He’s hard because of me, she thought. Her body was super sensitive now, chills all over, but she still felt warm. She closed her eyes as she enjoyed his hands on her breasts. He pinched her nipples firmly between his fingers, causing her to jump a bit. It only made her press harder into his firmness behind her. She felt his breath on her neck, as his one hand moved lower, across her belly.

“I like how you shave your pussy completely,” he whispered. “Bare, just like when we took baths together.” His open palm caressed her smooth mound. Roxanne moaned again. Her breath quickened as she contemplated his fingers touching her wet slit.

“Jason! Telephone! It’s John!” came a shout from downstairs. Mom was yelling. Roxanne hadn’t even heard the phone ring.

Jason moved his hands underneath Roxanne’s breasts, still pulling her close to his body.

“Be right there!” he shouted through the closed door. “To be continued,” he smiled at Roxanne into the mirror. Then he was gone, the door wide open. Roxanne stood in her nakedness, still looking into the mirror.

Oh my God. What just happened? My brother! His cock was hard for me! His hands… fuck I’m so wet, she thought. She picked up the towel, grabbed her makeup and ran back into her room, closing the door behind her. She sat down on the edge of her bed. What do I do now?

Chapter 2

Roxanne sat there thinking. This was incredible. Seeing her brother cum while masturbating on webcam for a naked girl got her incredibly hot. When he came in the bathroom and caressed her body she was almost to the point of ecstasy. She closed her eyes, remembering how good his hard cock felt pressed against her ass in front of the mirror.

She lay back on the bed, her towel falling away. Her hands ran up and down her body, just like his hands had been touching her just moments before. She caressed both of her breasts, feeling her nipples harden once again. Her left hand moved down across her stomach, stopping on her shaven mound. She opened her legs, her fingers dancing playfully below. She could feel her wetness growing. Her fingers began to rub large circles around her hooded clit, dipping down into her slit to moisten them. Her right hand squeezed her breast again.

She felt next to her on the bed. Then her hand grasped the handle of her hairbrush. I need to feel him inside me, she thought. The handle had a smooth surface but was covered with little nubs. She held it by the brush part and ran it across her upper thighs. Carefully, she moved it between her legs, touching her wet slit. She shivered slightly.

“Mmm,” she felt her moan escape her lips.

Putting the end of the handle at her entrance, she pulled her lips apart with her other hand and let the wetness coat it. She rubbed it across her slit slowly, teasing herself. She pushed it inside, just about an inch. She was amazed that it went in so easy. She was soaked. Pushing harder, it was now up to the brush. Deep inside her pussy she felt herself grasping the handle. Jason’s cock, she thought. Fuck me.

A noise made her open her eyes. Her brother was standing at the edge of the bed, about a foot away. She was too far into the feeling of pleasure to stop now. He leered down at her. She glanced down and saw that he was rubbing his hardening cock through his jeans. Roxanne continued to fuck herself with the brush, even more excited now that Jason was watching.

He quickly unzipped and pushed the jeans down his legs to the floor. His big cock was bulging from his boxers. He then slid them down as well, taking his cock in his hand and giving it a quick stroke. Then he moved onto the bed, kneeling next to Roxanne.

His cock head glistened. As he brought it closer she licked her lips. It was at her mouth now so she opened her lips, letting her tongue slide under the shaft. She realized he was much thicker than Frankie, the only other guy she went that far with. She didn’t think she could fit it inside her small mouth. But Jason put his hand on her head and wouldn’t let her pull away. He pushed his dick into her mouth. She struggled to breathe.

“Breathe through your nose,” he said matter-of-factly. He didn’t stop pushing in slowly.

She did, and her jaw loosened up enough to take more of him inside. His cock was smooth and warm. She felt him growing even harder in her mouth, and that turned her on even more. She continued to push the hairbrush in and out of her pussy. Then she felt his hand on hers. She let him take the brush from her, and he continued the job of fucking her with it. He was rougher, and pushed it in and out faster.

His cock filled her mouth, so she was unable to say anything. It hurt a little, her jaw was sore and her pussy was taking the brush hard. But she loved the feeling of her brother’s thick cock in her mouth. And the feel of his hands fucking her was too much. She sucked and licked his dick as she pushed her hips upward to get more of the hairbrush handle inside her. Jason continued to fuck her harder with it while he moved his cock in and out of her mouth.

Roxanne tasted his precum on her tongue. It was so sweet. She was sucking her handsome brother’s cock. That thought was so overwhelmingly hot that she knew her orgasm was quickly approaching. Jason could tell she was close.

Suddenly, he withdrew the brush from her pussy. She let out a moan.

“Not yet, sis,” he said.

He pulled his cock back letting her nibble the head. He then pulled it out, holding it over her face. He slapped her cheek with it.

“My little slut sis likes her brother’s cock, doesn’t she?” he said.

“Yes, Jason, I love it.”

He slapped it across her cheek again.

Then he stood up, moving to the edge of the bed. He roughly pulled Roxanne’s body toward him, her legs held high on his shoulders. He quickly pulled a pillow over and pushed it under her ass. His big cock rested between her legs and he slapped it against her pubic area.

“Do you want this cock?”

“Yes, Jason. Please fuck me with your beautiful cock,” Roxanne whispered.

“Beg me for it you little slut.”

“Please Jason. Let me have your cock. My pussy needs it.”

With that, he pushed inside of her so quickly, she gasped. He was big and even though she was very wet, it was a little painful.

“Ughhh, oh yes,” she moaned.

“Take that cock, Roxanne. Let your big brother show you how to fuck.”

He was deep inside now. Pulling back slowly, he paused for a second, then pushed back in hard. His balls slapped against her ass. Faster and faster he fucked her. Roxanne’s moans were getting louder. She felt the pressure building inside her and felt her orgasm approaching.

Jason was also moaning now. His big dick was slippery from Roxanne’s wetness and the slurping sound was loud. Each of his powerful thrusts was slamming into Roxanne’s raw pussy. His hands now roughly worked over her breasts. He pinched both of her nipples between his fingers, pulling and pinching them.

“You like these little nipples pulled, don’t you,” he grunted.

“Yes, Jason. Fuck me and pull my nipples,” she moaned.

“You little slut.” He pulled them even harder, causing Roxanne to cry out in pain.

The pain just added to her pleasure. Her orgasm began to overtake her.

“I’m cumming! Fuck yes! Slam my pussy with that big cock!” she almost screamed at her brother.

He just continued to slam in and out of her wet pussy. Her juices flowed as her orgasm shook her body. Her already hard nipples constricted from the chills over her body.

“I’m going to cum now too!” Jason moaned.

Suddenly Roxanne was afraid. “Not in my pussy Jason,” she said. “Pull out first!”

Jason continued his hard fucking motions. “Shut up you fucking slut. I’ll cum where I want.”

Roxanne tried to pull away, but his arms were too strong. He held her hips and pulled her closer to him as he began to moan. “Ughhhh,” he groaned. His hot cum shot up inside of Roxanne’s wet pussy. “Fuck yes! Filling your pussy with my cum!”

Roxanne didn’t know what to feel. She just had the best fucking of her life. But her hot brother had just cum in her pussy without protection. She was still turned on, but unsure how to feel about it all.

Jason pulled his still hard cock out of her. Immediately she missed him inside of her. She wanted more. But she was worried.

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