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Awakening Jenny

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When Jenny and Allen moved in next door I thought they were the ideal couple. They at 32 were about 25 years younger than I, he tall, about 6ft 2in, blonde good looking, she around 5ft 5in slim, a tumble of soft brown curly hair, a face that lit up when she smiled and an effervescent personality; a typical Australian couple.

But over the next year I watched helplessly as their relationship deteriorated. I honestly believe that it was mostly Allen’s fault because as his farm machinery business went down hill, so did his attitude to his wife. .

I’d been away for a month holidaying with my daughter. When I returned it was to find Allen gone and Jenny with a black eye.

When I questioned her about the eye, at first she started to tell me the old, “I walked into a door” story, but Jenny is totally incapable of lying and in a flood of tears the story came rushing out. It transpired that Allen had been having an affair with his secretary and when Jenny confronted him about it he turned violent knocking her to the floor, and then used it as an excuse to move out and live with his girlfriend.

Jenny was distraught, tears streamed down her face as she sobbed helplessly. We were standing in her kitchen; I drew her to me, holding her close to my chest, instinctively feeling that this is what she needed.

It had been over 10 years since my wife had passed away, and that long since I’d held a woman so intimately close. I could feel her small firm breasts heaving against my chest as she sobbed. Although there was nothing sexual in this embrace I could not help reacting to her as I felt a stirring in my jeans. Before I could embarrass us both I moved away and seated her at the kitchen table as I busied myself making her a cup of tea.

Poor Jenny, she had been bottling all of this up inside herself for two weeks. The only person she felt she could talk to, her brother, lived over two thousand miles away in Sydney. I was her only neighbour, so that when I returned, her floodgates burst and all of her grievances came tumbling out.

We sat talking till 3 in the morning; she told me how Allen’s business was just about on the rocks. Instead of placing the responsibility where it so firmly belonged, Allen chose to blame Jenny, accusing her of being demanding of his time and wasteful of his money. Neither of which was true. Worse still, when Jenny had finally found out about his affair, he had accused her of being useless in bed. I found this hard to believe of a woman as warm and attractive as Jenny.

When I left Jenny at her front door, she looked up at me and said “Thanks Will, I needed to talk this thing through and you’ve been so kind and patient”

“No need to thank me Jen. Now please don’t go thinking that because you’ve had a chance to talk about it the pain will just go away, because it won’t. The kind of healing that you’ll need may take a long time. Remember I’m just over the fence whenever you need someone.”

“Will you’re a darling.” Jenny replied. Then leaned forward and gently kissed me. Her kiss was still warm on my lips when I fell asleep.

Over the next few months Jenny and I became closer. Much work needed to be done around her place. Allen had been neglecting things for a long time. During the early spring we re-painted the interior of her home. Jen was a good worker doing at least her fair share, and somehow finding time to prepare our lunch. We often got together for our evening meal. I found her to be easy to get along with and discovered that it was easy to make her laugh. However I couldn’t help but notice the way that her breasts strained against her shirt as she reached with her brush to paint the higher parts of a wall, or the way her butt swelled from her lower back as she climbed a ladder to work on the ceiling. There was no doubt that I was finding Jenny to be more and more desirable but it never occurred to me to believe that she had similar feelings toward me. After all, I would always be 25 years older than she would.

Come summer we worked together in both of our yards, while I was good at doing the physical work of digging, concreting and building, Jenny turned out to have green fingers and an excellent grasp of garden design. As a result things really improved in both of our gardens.

With the coming of the hot Australian summer, came a disconcerting change in Jenny’s attire. Gone were the jeans and long sleeved shirts to be replaced with cut-offs, revealing that Jenny had a really nice butt and legs that were slightly thick at the top, which was just fine by me because I never was fond of skinny legs. Her Tee shirts also made it clear that she seldom wore a bra, and didn’t need one. On more than one occasion she noticed me looking at her, it never seemed to bother her; she just gave a little smile and carried on with what she was doing.

There was one time on a really hot day that her shirt was sticking to her; her breasts were outlined as if she were topless. I couldn’t help looking at the way they moved as she knelt working in a flowerbed. I had come to a complete halt when she looked up and caught me watching her I was very embarrassed.

“Sorry Jen.” I stuttered. “I didn’t mean to stare.”

“That’s OK Will, I’m just glad that someone still finds me worth looking at.”

“Any man with red blood in his veins would find you worth looking at Jen.” I replied then felt even more embarrassed at my statement

“You are just being kind Will.”

“No I’m just being honest.”

During the course of the many evening meals we shared we became ever closer, even able to discuss personal things that I would never have considered possible with a woman with whom I had never been intimate. She told me that Allen had been the only man in her life. She had met him at high school, dated, fallen in love and married him, so since being a teenager her world had revolved around him.

I could see that this was a situation that needed changing so over the next few weeks started encouraging her to socialize, believing that meeting more men, or better still having a love affair would help her to get over Allen and move on with her life. She told me that she could not see herself with another man and was not yet ready to go down the road of having an affair. She was quite shocked when I suggested that an affair did not have to be an all-consuming passion, it could be as simple as fulfilling a basic human need for sex. Even a one night stand was OK in the right circumstances, and if such a thing were to happen there would be no need to beat herself up over it.

At that she went quiet; a troubled look came over her face

I asked her “What’s the problem Jen?”


Now I was troubled, we had long since reached the stage of freely discussing whatever was on our minds, so her refusal to answer indicated a severe problem. I probed deeper.

“Don’t give me that ‘Nothing’ shit Jen. Talk about it.”

She remained quiet for a while then without looking up at me gave a sigh then began speaking

“Will, you know that I’ve only ever had one man in my life, nobody else ever got as far as first base with me. I honestly thought that I was keeping Allen happy in bed, at least he had no problems in having an orgasm.”

“How about you Jen, did you orgasm?”

“Sometimes, not as often as I would like, but then I’ve read that this is not uncommon in women.”

I let that slide. She continued.

“Then when Allen told me that I was no good in bed, I thought maybe he’s right”

“Jen! What absolute nonsense. Allen is a man who is failing in life, so he’s desperately trying to improve his self-image by screwing a younger woman. I’ve seen this happen more times than you can shake a stick at. It’s a kind of premature midlife crisis. Rather than face up to his failures he tries to prove his success with a new conquest, then blame his inadequacies on you.”

“But Will, how the hell can you know that he’s not telling the truth, at least his girlfriend seems to be keeping him happy.”

“How the hell do you know that I’m not telling the truth Jen? You have never had anyone to compare him with. If there had been more than one man in your life, you’d be able to make a comparison. Then I’m pretty sure that you’d reach the conclusion that Allen’s talking a load of shit.”

“Well the truth is that I don’t have anyone to compare him to and I don’t see the likelihood of there being anyone else either.”

“Don’t be so negative Jen, you could have anyone you want and if all you want is a second opinion then I’m quite happy to volunteer”.

As soon as I realized what I’d said I cringed with embarrassment. I tried to apologize

“Jen I.I.I’m sorry I dddidn’t mean……”

As my tongue tried to untie the Gordian knot in my mouth Jen’s expression ran the gamut from incredulity, to mirth, till in the end she burst out laughing. As her laughter subsided she said.

“Oh Will you are so precious, your face is a picture. I’m not laughing at your proposition, just at your reaction.” She giggled again shortly then continued. “Will darling, if ever I was looking for a second opinion, you’d be the first that would spring to mind; so be careful of what you ask for, you just might get it.” She smiled as if to set me at ease.

In the following months, our relationship reached the stage of easy familiarity, hugs came easily to us, finishing a project together was celebrated with hugs and I had only to make her laugh to find her in my arms hugging me. Kisses were at the ‘Hello and Goodbye’ stage, affectionate without expressions of desire.

It was April, mid autumn in Australia, for the last few weeks the weather had been cooling off, and then suddenly, as is so often the case, we’d had a really stinking hot day. Jen had spent some of the morning doing her washing and hanging it out on the line. We’d had lunch at my place and shifted a couple of heavy pieces of garden furniture around. By the time we’d finished we were perspiring quite profusely. Jen announced that she needed to go for a shower. She went home and I finished off washing the lunch dishes then was just taking my shirt off in preparation of also having a shower, when the storm struck. Brief squally storms are quite common here; they rush in, without warning, from the Indian Ocean and are upon you before you know it, always preceded by a high wind. It was this wind that caused me to look out of my window just as Jenny’s shirts came sailing over the fence to hook themselves in my Jacaranda tree. I rushed out to grab them before the wind took them again. At first I intended to take them indoors to give to her later, but then it occurred to me that the rest of her washing was probably being blown all over her yard, so I rushed next door hoping to rescue her stuff before it was damaged. As I tore around the corner into her back yard I collided with Jenny, nearly knocking her off her feet and causing her to drop the arm load of washing that she was carrying As we straightened up, I swear, for the first time I noticed that Jenny was nude.

I tried to look away to avoid embarrassing her, but she burst out laughing.

“There’s no sense in looking away now Will. You’ve seen it all” Her laughter continued as she said. “I was just getting into the shower when I heard the wind pick up, so I just rushed out to get my washing in”

I laughed along with her. It was an amusing situation, standing in her yard with an armful of washing and Jenny naked as the day she was born.

“I always suspected that you didn’t need to wear a bra” I said. “Now I can see that I was right.”

What I didn’t mention was the delightful shade of rose pink her nipples were.

Jenny stopped giggling long enough to say,

“Well it might be a good idea if we were to take this laundry into the house.”

As she spoke the deluge started and even though we rushed to the house we were soaked when we arrived

As I followed her up the steps to her door her wet-naked butt right in front of my eyes was more than any man could cope with. By the time we reached the laundry I had a raging erection. I think that at that stage I might have got things under control, but as Jenny finished putting her washing back in the machine, once again she burst out laughing and as she had done so often in the past came and hugged me. Her naked breasts against my chest, the smooth wet skin of her body in my arms were provoking a reaction that she could not avoid feeling. She looked up into my eyes then we kissed. This time all of our pent up passions found expression, as our mouths opened and our tongues sought each other and twisted and twined together. I pulled her closer to me; her butt had an almost rubbery feel to it. I could feel the heat of her pussy through the leg of my jeans.

“Hey Will those pants are wet, come into the bedroom and I’ll take them off”

And she did, kneeling before me undoing my belt and zipper then removing my jeans and boxers in one smooth movement. My cock sprang up as soon as it was released, nearly hitting her chin. She leaned back looking at it, her eyes wide.

“Gosh that’s huge!” she exclaimed as she rose to her feet.

Well I know that that isn’t true so I could only assume that Allen must have been pretty small. While my cock is average in size it does have a large head. A little like a baby’s forearm with a plum in its fist. Right now it was as hard as it had ever been.

Again I swept her into my arms, this time we were both naked, her firm breasts tight against my chest, while my right thigh could actually feel the wet heat of her vagina. Impossibly my cock became even harder as it pushed against her lower abdomen. The way that it was jammed between us felt uncomfortable. I reached down to adjust its position. It felt as if it were made of stainless steel covered in silk. I swear I had never been so hard.

Jen was rubbing herself up and down my thigh, our tongues were twining like mating snakes, and I could feel her firm rubbery nipples against my chest. I broke the kiss to trail my lips down her neck and onto her left breast, where its rose pink nipple stood proud. I gently teased it with my tongue drawing a sigh from Jen, her sigh turned to a moan of pleasure as I sucked her nipple into my mouth working on it till it expanded even further. Then I held it firmly between my teeth and moved my jaw from side to side cause the delicious little nipple to roll back and forth across my teeth. This evoked an even louder moan from Jen; her eyes were closed as she threw her head back.

It was the work of seconds to pick her up and place her on the bed, where I knelt beside her and transferred my attention to the other breast. Like its sister, it was clearly aroused and equally sensitive so that a few minutes of concentration on it had Jenny’s whole body squirming with pleasure.

It was time to change tactics. I traced a trail of soft warm kisses down her body to her navel, which I then circled with my tongue. Jenny gave a delightful shiver as I continued toward her vagina. As I reached it she took hold of my head and raised it. I looked up.

“I don’t know if I will like this Will darling.” There was a troubled look in her eyes.

I suddenly realized what was bothering her.

“You’ve never had anyone make oral love to you Jen?”

“No, Allen said it was dirty.”

“Take my word for it darling, you’ll love it.”

I could feel a slight tension in her body as I proceeded, but I knew better than to rush things so I caressed the inside of her thighs with my tongue, as I gently went to work on her clitoris with my fingers. Her pussy had full, almost pouting, lips. I ran my tongue up one side then back down the other before kissing it gently. I allowed my fingers to drift between her clitoris and her vagina. She was soaking and oh so hot! Jenny was ready for the love act, but I intended to draw out her pleasure for as long as possible. As my now wet fingers began to work more insistently upon her clitoris she arched her back, this was my cue as I replace my fingers with my tongue and lips, licking sucking and nibbling at her love button. Her breathing became heavier as her body began to thrash from my attentions. A low moan that was almost a growl began in the back of her throat and grew till it was loud cry of passion, her body stiffened as her head tossed from side to side while her orgasm tore through her being.

As I felt her subside I drew away from her clitoris, her pussy was coated in her juices that glistened like honeyed dew.

Jenny took my face in her hands and drew me to her then kissed me tenderly and said. “Will that was so beautiful! I’ve never experienced anything like it.”

“The pleasure was all mine, sweet lady.”

“I can assure you that it wasn’t.” She smiled, and then she became shy as she said. “I’d love to do the same for you, but I’ve never done it before. Teach me Will.”

“It’s simple Jenny, just take your time.”

This time it was her lips and tongue that trailed down my body to pause for a while to nibble and caress my nipples. They hardened between her teeth as small jolts of pleasure passed through me. Then her lips crossed my abdomen leaving a path of soft kisses. When she reached my shaft she began to lick along its length, when she paused to kiss the tip, my pre-cum coated her lips making them shine as she smiled up at me. She appeared uncertain of how to proceed; I simply smiled and nodded which was enough to give her the confidence to continue. She opened her mouth and drew the head of my penis in, I groaned with pleasure. Jen took my shaft further into her mouth then began to bob her head up and down. This is when it became obvious that she was inexperienced.

“Form a seal with your lips.” I said softly. “Now suck– Ahhh that’s good.——- Suck harder——- Mmmmm. ” Jen was bobbing her head up and down as she complied with my wishes, she was catching on fast.

“Now Jen, swirl your head and suck harder as you pull back.”

Now she really had it right, I could feel my balls begin to tighten and my toes started to curl. I was close to ejaculating and told her so.

“Aaah Jen I’m coming.”

There was a smile in her eyes as she sucked bobbed and swirled faster and faster. My orgasm was intense as I felt my cock unload, jolt after jolt of pleasure surging through me.

Jenny had swallowed my come; her delight at giving me such intense pleasure was obvious, as she laid her body along mine and kissed me passionately.

I’m not going to try to pretend to be one of those lucky guys that can maintain an erection after such an intense orgasm, but it was a surprisingly short time before the effect of Jenny’s ministrations on my body had me as hard as ever again.

I responded by rolling over so that I was lying on her. I supported my weight on my arms as I looked down upon the beautiful woman beneath me. Jenny’s eyes were glazed with want as she said.

“Please fuck me Will”

As I moved my cock to touch her vagina I kissed her gently, then as I once again raised myself to support my weight I felt her hands between our bodies. I looked down to see the fingers of her left hand holding her labia apart as her right hand took hold of my penis to guide it into her.

She was so smooth, so hot, and so tight. I gave a groan of pleasure as I slowly drove deeper into her. Jenny’s eyes opened with surprise as I reached further into her body than anyone had ever been.

“Oh God Will that’s incredible.” she gasped as she ground her pelvis against mine. I could actually feel the nub of her engorged clitoris.

As I slowly withdrew I felt the suction caused by the tightness and the wetness of her. Fucking with Jenny was turning into a truly beautiful experience, but I had no idea of what was to come. I began to speed up and in a surprisingly short time I could feel Jenny begin to orgasm.

This indicated to me that Allen had been a premature ejaculator. Otherwise he would have found it easy to give her frequent orgasms.

I knew better than to allow her to orgasm so soon, so I constantly varied the speed, angle and depth of my strokes. In this way I was able to prolong the intense pleasure for both of us. Till the power of her enjoyment caused Jenny to give a high keening cry. Now I knew that she was ready for total release, so I plunged deeper and powerfully into her.

Her orgasm was unlike anything that I had experienced before. Although I’ve felt women clasp my penis with their vaginas as they climaxed, what Jenny did was very different.

As I pushed myself against her to give her clitoris full stimulation, I felt her clasp me around the base of my penis, then ripple down toward its head. Again and again faster and faster, as her body thrashed and heaved against mine, and she screamed with pleasure; the exquisite sensation from her rippling muscles was unbelievable. If I had been told then that I’d died and gone to heaven, I would have believed it. My orgasm began in my toes and worked its way up my spine to my head. I felt as if my brain was being bent inside my skull. I could feel myself ejaculating over and over till I felt as if my seed was being drawn from the very centre of my being by the incredible action of Jenny’s vagina. I was aware of a distant screaming, and then realized that it was Jenny and I, sharing simultaneous ecstasy.

When my orgasm subsided I collapsed onto Jen. As my breathing slowed and my heart stopped drumming in my chest, again I raised myself to smile down upon and kiss the beautiful woman that I had made love with. We were still joined.

“Jenny my darling, I’ve never known anyone who could control their vaginal muscles like you do. Thank you it was beautiful.”

“Will my sweet love. I didn’t know that I could do it. This is a first for me too.”

A frown of concentration came on her face as incredibly I felt her pussy grasp my penis and, to my delight, rippled along its length again.

“Wow! I can do it whenever I want!”

Jenny’s delight was obvious; her joy at being able to give me this great pleasure was very nearly matched by my own.


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