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My boyfriend Marcus leaned forward and kissed on my nipples as I felt the hard length of his cock inside my body. We were making love slowly on his bed, a session that felt like it would last hours. That’s when he told me.

“Elizabeth. I’ve got some news for you,” he said — his head returning to his pillow from my small breasts. I’m just a 34B. So much wish I was larger, but my breasts are sensitive — more sensitive than some girls I know.

“‘News?’ That’s not very good dirty talk, Marcus,” I replied — grinding his heat inside me, causing a low groan to exhale from his throat.

He closed his eyes and smiled. “We’re going on tour. For autographs.”

I stopped my hips. Sex is great — but this was big news.


“My agent called me today. ‘Gateway’ is going to be in the top twenty hardbacks next week and they want me to tour — you’re going with me, of course.”

“Gateway” was Marcus’ book — his first manuscript that snagged an agent’s eye and publisher’s thirst for money. It was an inspiring novel about a young couple in St. Louis — our hometown — who were trying to solve the mysterious disappearance of a friend in Portland, Oregon. Up until this point, he had only had autograph sessions in and around St. Louis. Now they were going to send he and I to promote it more. I was his editor — not bad for being a 19-year-old English major at Washington University.

“Baby, that’s great,” I leaned down — my breasts against his chest as I felt his hips thrusting up against me.

“And we’re going to Oregon first.”

The very thought made my pussy wet. Well, the cock helped, too. But Oregon was the home of my friend Linda — we had met online in a chat room and both discussed our pension for bisexuality. Marcus and I had a few threesomes in our time — but every time the girls just wanted to be with M. Linda was different — I knew she wanted me as much as she wanted him.

Linda was 19 and beautiful. Her hair was shoulder-length, a dark brown with red highlights. Her eyes ocean blue and her full lips looked like lips I could kiss for hours without needing rest. She was athletic, but still very curvy — her breasts in D cups on her 38 inch bra — and so fucking sexy.

We often “cybered” as we talked about each other. A few times, Marcus and I would chat with her online — and I would mount Marcus, or Marcus would eat me out — while I typed. My typing skills often went downhill at those points. Other times I would put her JPEG on my computer screen while Marcus and I fucked — or made love, depending on our mood.

I thrust down on my lover. “We can see her, yes?”

“If she wants to meet us.”

“You know she does,” I breathed, our bodies united as one. I pulled another pillow next to his head. “I wish this was her,” I said. “I’d love to taste the champagne of her body, baby,” I breathed.

“‘Body.’ That’s not very good dirty talk,” Marcus responded — his fingernails sharp against my thighs.

“Her pussy. I want to taste her pussy. I want her to climax on my lips, baby.”

“That’s more like you.” Marcus rolled over and mounted me from behind — teasing the lips of my passion as he gripped into my asscheeks. I love doggy style, although I always called it lion style, since lions are a much more exotic animal.

I buried my head in the pillow, bellowing as Marcus’ cock returned fully into my body. I gnashed my teeth. “Fuck me, baby — fuck me!” And he did — quickening his pace as I felt the electricity running through my body. He leaned over and pressed two fingers against my clit.

“Want to be tasting Linda, Elizabeth?” he said.

“Yes. MMM. Yes.” I sucked on the fabric of the pillow. I came all over his cock. About ten minutes later, Marcus pulled his cock out of me and poured his juices over my back and ass as I panted.


As I wrote to her, she was frantic with the idea. I think she came as soon as I typed those words to her on the IM.

I was tired on the plane — I’ve never been good at air travel — but while we were in the air, Marcus was writing on his laptop. He was toying with the idea of a sequel called “The Northwest Passage” but wasn’t comfortable with it. Eventually, he put his laptop down and started toying with the idea of making me cum 28,000 feet in the air. He boldly started to play with my clit and I tried to keep my moans to a minimum. Eventually, without but one loud squeal, I came hard over his single finger.

He was such a tease.

Marcus and I would meet her at his signing at the local bookstore. I sat next to him as he met with the public. Several people complimented him; others asked if it was going to be made into a movie. He thanked and grinned at them. He was good with the public, but he and I really just wanted to meet one person. Finally, she arrived — Linda, wearing a white blouse and jeans. She leaned down as she handed Marcus the book to autograph.

“I feel like I know both of you so well, already,” she stammered. I think she was just as excited as I — yet both of us were trying to control ourselves. “I’m Linda,” she said — but she didn’t need to confirm it. I recognized her from her voice and her smile.

“I know,” I answered. I leaned over to Marcus. “I’m going to use the ladies’ room, babe,” I said — looking into the eyes of Linda. As I stood up, she spied my body in my short black sundress. The back was open just to my bra strap, and I loved the feel of my long black hair tickling my skin. I’m part American Indian — at least enough so I don’t have to worry much about tanning. My skin is naturally light brown.

“Okay. I’ve only got 15 more minutes here,” he kissed me. “Enjoy yourself,” Marcus added.

“You too,” I smiled. “Do you know where the girl’s room is?” I asked Linda.

“Follow me,” she said. I thought to myself — that won’t be the first time I follow her today.

As we walked in, some teenie-bopper girl was walking out. As soon as it was clear, I grabbed her hand and she turned around. “I’m soooo happy to meet you,” I said. She simply smiled — with those beautiful full lips. I pulled her to my body, feeling our nipples touch as I breathed against her neck. I knew her secrets. She had never been with another girl — heck, she’d never been with another guy. She was a sexual innocent … but I knew of her not-so-innocent desires. Slowly, she turned her face to look at mine, and slowly I leaned to her — kissing her in a mall bathroom. It seemed like we kissed forever. Our hands touched each other — no real groping — just slow exploration around our necks, backs and breasts. Softly, as only women can understand.

It wasn’t forever. Just about eight minutes until some teeny-bopper girls walked in.

“Ewww! Dykes!” one squeaked. I grabbed Linda’s hand and led her out. I didn’t say anything, but almost wanted to — kissing another girl is the most amazing experience and there isn’t a damn thing wrong with it. Homophobes never make any sense to me. But it was Linda who spoke up.

“We’re not dykes! We’re bisexual!” she laughed as we walked back down the corridor. As she said that, I saw an older woman holding an autographed copy of “Gateway.” What was she thinking? I didn’t even care. We walked back holding hands as Marcus finished off his Sharpee on his 342nd copy of the day. He said some departing words to the manager — she was attractive, too — but I had the only woman I wanted to be with this weekend.

As we walked away, Marcus finally looked back at Linda. “Sorry. I don’t know that we’ve been properly introduced,” he smiled. Linda responded by giving him a long hug and a kiss on the lips. “I love your book, Marcus. I love your girlfriend, too.”

“Well I love both of those things as well, and I appreciate your words. Damn, you’re kissable,” he finished. I reached into his Dockers, my hand against his leg.

“Hey, Elizabeth, what are you doing?” he quizzed.

“I was going to drive the rental. Your wrist must be pretty sore.”

“That it is. But I can drive.”

Linda leaned against his ear but spoke loud enough so I could hear her as well.

“Marcus, you’re going to be doing enough driving tonight.”

God, I almost came just hearing her say that. And I noticed Marcus readjusting his pants. All three of us piled into the front seat of the Ford Taurus. “I don’t have a seatbelt,” Linda noted.

I put my free hand on her leg, Marcus put his hands on her body. “We’ll just have to hold onto you,” I said. We drove down the road as she groped us and we groped her. I could hardly concentrate on the street signs, luckily the hotel was nearby.

Marcus inserted the card into the lock and popped the door open. Linda and I were holding each other, kissing and touching as we entered the room. Marcus lightly closed the door to our suite. She pulled away from me.

“This room is amazing. This is beautiful. Oh my God, this is great,” she breathed.

“They treat Top 20 book writers and their editors well,” I smiled. Marcus was pulling out a body of champagne we’d iced when we first arrived — and then he hit play on my CD player we’d brought along. Sarah McLaughlin’s “Mirrorball” live concert started singing. Linda and I started kissing and slow dancing to the music. Marcus watched us — then came to us, and the three of us embraced as we circled around. The bottle of champagne touched my spine, and I spun away from the cold.

“Brrrr!” I spazed for a moment. “That’s brisk!”

Linda saw the wetness on my back from where the bottle had been and approached me from behind, her hands holding my waist as she moved my black hair over my shoulders and kissed my back. I felt her legs spread slightly against my ass. Her lips sucked on my spine. Marcus approached her from behind and held her hands on my hips as he kissed her shoulders. I felt the bottle down against my thigh, but I was too turned on to be worried about the chill.

My legs were against the king-sized bed. I looked back and received the full lips covering my mouth. With one hand I was bracing myself against the mattress, with the other, I unhooked the button of Linda’s jeans and slowly searched her legs, thighs and inner thighs until I felt her wet flesh. I rubbed up and down against her pussy lips and touched her clit — the first time anyone aside from her had done such a thing. She moaned loudly and her eyes widened as I looked at her.

“You’re pussy is wet, hon,” I smiled at her, then kissed.

“I’ve been wet since I saw you two signing books,” she replied.

I turned around and embraced her. I put my finger that had been in her in my mouth. “You taste so sweet,” I said. “Want to try, Marcus?”

“Of course,” he said.

My fingers returned to her — teasing her womanhood as I kissed her. After feeling her breath heavy, I pulled my soaked finger from her and offered it to Marcus, who sucked on it like he did my clit — seductively.

“Turn around,” I told Linda. “Watch him.”

She did. Her weight fell back on me.

“Oh Elizabeth. Oh Marcus,” was all she could manage.

“And we don’t even have our clothes off yet,” I reminded her.

Marcus held up the champagne bottle. “You know, all we have here are those stupid plastic cups. That’s no way to drink champagne,” he said looking at her.

“You didn’t bring champagne glasses by any chance, did you Linda?” I asked.

“No. I was just here to get an autograph,” she smiled.

“Mind if we use you as our champagne glass?”

“No. I don’t think I mind. Is it going to hurt?”

“Nothing is going to hurt tonight, hon,” I offered, kissing her. “Let’s get out of these clothes.” I lowered my dress down first, letting her look at me. Then we took turns. I would unbutton one part of her blouse, then she and I would unhook a button from Marcus, then he would unbutton another hook of her blouse. Our lips collided with our skin throughout the process. All of our chests exposed, I let her touch Marcus and I. I pulled down his Dockers leaving just the tent of his Tommy Hilfinger boxers pitched. He was over eight inches long and he was a great lover for me. She held the covered cock in her hand and rubbed.

“Not too hard,” I explained. “Gently. Hard may come in a little while.”

“Okay,” she accepted. I pulled down her jeans and let my tongue glided from her shoulders down her spine down to her ass. She was wearing a purple thong and I kissed along the fabric. I pushed her knees so the collapsed onto the bed. Marcus and I began kissing her legs.

“Let’s start with her lips,” I suggested. We both moved her to the middle of the bed, cradling her like an intoxicated friend. Her left hand returned to his cock as he was on his knees uncorking the champagne. She pulled his boxers to expose his hardness. Her right hand drifted from my breasts to my legs. Slowly she parted my legs and touched me.

“Touch me like you would touch yourself, babe,” I suggested. She did. Slowly caressing.

The champagne rose quickly as the cork thrust out. Some hit the pillow … but then it began to splash against her. On her lips, I kissed the champagne. Marcus laid on her left side, I laid on her right and we delicately drank the chilled drink from her pale skin. Marcus and I kissed above her, then he poured more onto her breasts, her wet nipples rising harder than her horniness already had them.

“Oh my god,” she inhaled. Marcus and I looked at each other, smiling. He continued to pour down her skin … just a little bit down her belly … then on her thighs and then on her knees. He is a world class tease, and didn’t want her to experience oral right away. Our teeth and tongues ran down her body like long-distance runners — with a goal in mind but a knowledge we had all the time we wanted.

Kissing her calves, I looked at Linda — her hands holding whatever she could grab — which right now was a handful of my ass and a handful of her right breast.

“Want champagne on your clit and pussy, baby?” I quizzed.

“Yea …” was all she responded with.

I pulled down her thong and she offered no resistance. Marcus stood above her and I pulled down his boxers. I put my hand on his manhood as he poured the liquid onto Linda. As he did, we both returned to her sweetness. As I licked her pussy lips, he sucked on her clit. When it comes to performing oral on a woman, Marcus is as amazing as a person I know — and I’ve had it done by more than a few people.

Our hands explored her breasts and ass and thighs and legs. Including her own, Linda was experience six hands on her body. Her back arched and I loved feeling her firm breasts in my hand. Within a minute, she was exploding in her first orgasm brought on by others.

“OHHHH! Oh, no. Oh, YES! Oh Fuck!” she moaned and squealed. I returned to her face with my lips and kissed her hard, our tongues entwining. I love tasting a mouth that had just made me cum and I hoped she did. She wasn’t apprehensive at all, kissing me hard. I spread my legs apart and Marcus ripped down my panties, planting his lips against my clit and tasting how wet I was.

I returned my fingers to Linda’s pussy and slowly entered her farther than we had yet. Her breathing raced again quickly and mine picked up as well. She looked at me, her hands caressing my breasts and looking down at Marcus lashing me with his tongue.

“You told me he was good, but I had no idea how good was good,” she smiled, biting down on her bottom lip. She leaned over and kissed my nipples. I thrust two fingers inside her pussy, and rubbed my thumb along her clit. Marcus moved over and returned to sucking on her clit with my fingers inside her, causing her eyes to roll. Then her fingers found my clit and she touched me, sinking a finger into my folds. Marcus returned to pleasing my womanness.

With the attention, I was wanton in no time. My legs had been draped around Marcus’ shoulders, but now I just wanted to fuck hard. I looked down at him with my order.


He pulled his head away from my wetness. Linda looked at me curiously.


“No, sweetness. Lion. Lion position. Doggy style.”

“Oh. I’ve got a lot to learn,” she smiled.

I pulled my body on top of hers and kissed her deeply. I spread my legs over her waist and Marcus didn’t tease me at all. His shaft entered me in one motion — and caused me to moan so loud I’m sure it woke up the neighbors five rooms over, not to mention next door.

Linda’s eyes widened again. “You okay?” she asked.

“Soooo good.” I smiled, biting my lips as I felt Marcus’ balls against my body.

Our six legs were slightly entangled — Marcus took a moment while he was completely inside me to situate himself for the comfort of all three of us. Her hands were on my waist, mine were on her hips. One of Marcus’ hands was on my ass — the other reached down below his cock to tease first my clit, and then hers.

“Oh my,” she smiled as he flicked away at it.

He thrust into me — nice as slow as the three of us made love. He leaned down and sandwiched my body between the two of them. He leaned down and kissed Linda, then kissed me. After about ten minutes, he leaned back up and my pussy climaxed all over his hardness. Linda’s fingers stroked against my clit and touched his cock along with his balls.

“Fuck me, baby. Fuck me!” I shouted. “Oh yes I’m cumming!” I shrieked.

My body was covered in sweat — from Linda below me and Marcus behind me. He pulled out of me, still hard — his cock was glistening with my juices and his precum. Linda’s hand was on it for a moment, her other hand now playing with her clit.

“Want to taste him?” I asked. She didn’t need any more prodding. She leaned up and licked him — tentatively at first. Then she started sucking him as I instructed her about how to give my boyfriend a blowjob. I leaned forward and kissed his cock as well, then kissed her.

“That feels amazing,” Marcus commented, complimenting us — his hands stroking our heads. I leaned back and looked at her.

“Want to make love to him?” I asked. Her mouth stopped momentarily. “You don’t have to, baby,” I reassured her.

His cock flopped out of her mouth as she moved back. “I want to — if that is okay.”

“I want you to if you want to.”

Marcus laid on his back between us. I stroked her body and his body, kissing both of them. I gave him a tender handjob and leaned down to lick against her clit as she positioned herself above him. I ran the head of his cock against her slit and her breathing was rapid as she began moaning with a mix of fear and lust.

“Slowly babe,” I instructed her. “It’ll hurt — but only for a moment.”

She looked erotic — her lower lips slowly engulfing his hardness. I got on my knees and kissed her breasts — than her lips. My tongue touched hers as I looked in her eyes. Marcus sat up — bracing his elbows, his hands on the mattress. He kissed me, then he kissed her. We both looked in her eyes as she lowered herself.

Her teeth clenched in pain as she felt him pass into her body.

“You don’t have to,” Marcus said kissing her.

“No, you don’t, hon,” I reassured. She smiled, clenched her teeth and then screamed as she pulled his cock all the way into her, breaking her hymen and causing her to shake in a moment of pain.

“Oh God,” Marcus said laying back down, the pleasure of the virgin pussy accepting his cock.

Two-thirds of his cock impaled her. She rose up and down on him over and over, getting use to the feel.

“I didn’t have to Elizabeth, but I wanted to,” she told me.

I embraced her and kissed her. “You’re so fucking sexy, babe. Ride him like you want to. Let nature take over.”

And she did. She began grinding her hips until all eight inches of Marcus was into her. As she was riding him, I leaned back against the pillow and spread my legs, stroking my clit. Marcus raised his knees up against her ass to allow his cock to rub inside against our lover’s G-spot. That put her over the edge and she came. Her breasts were shaking and I was touching them, then my own. She came again. And then a third time as she pushed down on him over and over.

Before our trip, I had imagined making love to Marcus while planting my lips on Linda’s passion. Here, I was the one vulnerable to her lips. She collapsed onto his chest and kissed his lips. Then she kissed my leg — and my thigh. Marcus was still hard — his stamina is amazing — and he looked into my eyes.

“She wants to taste you,” he said.

“I know.” I spread my legs wider. Linda’s tongue slipped down my thigh and between my legs. She inhaled and licked against me.

“That’s good, babe,” I encouraged her. “Do what you desire,” I added.

“I want to experience Lion,” she said.

Marcus slowly let her pull her pussy off his cock, now glistening with the hint of blood on him. He said nothing to her, not wanting her to become self-conscious. She began to lick against me, those beautiful full lips, those eyes looking up into mine as I spread my legs to accept her passion. Marcus reentered her and she paused, realizing his cock went even deeper.

“Like that, Linda? Like Marcus fucking your sweet pussy?” I asked.

“Uh-huh,” she managed.

“I do too.” I said. “Like tasting my passion?”

“Uh-huh,” she exhaled again.

“Suck on my clit, babe. Concentrate on my clit,” I told her. That gave her less to concentrate on so she could manage to please me while Marcus thrust inside her. I played with my nipples and her hands massaged my breasts while my boyfriend fucked her Lion style. He looked down on he, smiling and mouthing he loved me. I mouthed the same words back at him. I looked down to Linda, and told her we both loved her — I think we were both falling for her as well.

With that, she sucked soooo hard on my clit and I came again. She came for a fourth and fifth and then a sixth time on Marcus’ cock. Sweat was pouring off him — pour thing need some Gatorade.

But more than that, he needed to explode.

“Liz,” he stammered. “I’m going to cum, hon,” he told me.

Linda pulled away — I thought at first she was worried about pregnancy. But that wasn’t it.

“I want to feel your cum on my breasts, Marcus. Liz and I cyber about that all the time.”

His cock swinging in the air was met quickly by mouth. It was true I loved the idea of him cumming on us, but I also loved tasting him when he was this close.

Her lips found mine and his cock. I started stroking him as Linda laid underneath his cock.

“Cum on me, baby,” she said.

“Cum on us,” I agreed. And like that, he did. Five long streams of orgasm pushing from inside him and onto us — all over her breasts with a little bit landing on my hands.

“Oh my god!” he exclaimed, his eyes rolling back. After five long streams, I returned my lips to his cock to clean off the rest of it. I also know his cockhead is most sensitive right after he climaxes.

I looked down on Linda, and she was playing with the cum against her skin. I placed my finger against her nipple, and then slowly started motioning my finger around her breasts. Using the cum as my ink, I wrote “Elizabeth & Marcus.”

Marcus laid in back of me while Linda and I kissed.

“How’s that for an autograph, babe,” I kissed her.

“It’ll outlast the one on the book, I think,” she breathed.

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