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The Raises

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Betsy knelt between her boss’s legs, slowly slicing his short cock up into her mouth, wetly sucking him to the balls as she stroked his hairy nuts with one hand and jacked his spit-slick dick with the other, anxious for it to be over.

“Yeah, baby, that’s it, give boss man his Christmas present, that’s the way,” Roger groaned, head back and eyes closed. “Make him cummmmmmmmm in your purty little mouth…”

Betsy rolled her eyes as she sucked her boss’s prick. The secretary had been blowing him at Christmastime for years now and had just about reached the end of her tolerance for his sexist ways. The lithe, middle-aged blonde had been running regularly, doing aerobics – and wrestling her boyfriend – in preparation for this day. Today, Christmas Eve day, old Roger was in for the payback of his life.

“Oh, yeaaaaaaaa, that’s it, cummmmmmingggg…” he hissed, thrusting his fat ass up off the leather seat.

His balls knotted in Betsy’s hands as she felt his tiny dickhead explode in her mouth. She didn’t swallow, but let the hot pool of spunk fill her cheeks. In past years, Roger had made her take his load all over her face, but today seemed content to let her gobble his goop, and didn’t seem to notice that she had not yet swallowed. Nor was she about to.

She didn’t even bother to zip him up, she just stood up, cheeks bulging, an evil smile on her face, a trace of cum oozing from the corner of her lips. She walked up behind Roger’s chair and put her hands on his shoulders. He relaxed, thinking he was about to get a massage. He was, but of a totally different kind.

Betsy slithered her tight dress up over her bare legs and hips, exposing her hairy bush and hard, muscular ass, pulling Roger’s head back and down and straddling it, locking his temples in the fierce crush of her scissoring thighs. He screamed in pain as Betsy stood on crossed feet, the cable-like adductors of her inner thighs lacing into his skull, causing blistering pain and stars to swim before his eyes – which were treated to the sight of Betsy’s naked, rocky rump no more than an eyelash away.

“What the fuck??!!” he screamed, only his mouth visible to Betsy as she looked down her slender torso to his yapping lips. “What the fuck are you doing??”

She smiled, opened her lips wide and let a hot river of his cum drop directly into his open mouth. Pinching his nose shut in her cunt lips, she held her hand over his mouth, forcing him to first gag, and then swallow, every drop of the load he’d just dumped into her mouth.

“This,” she hissed. “This is what I’m doing…paying you back, you fuck!”

Betsy ground her thighs harder into his skull and kept her hand over his mouth until she was sure he’d eaten every drop of his own spunk. Then she gyrated her slim hips, grinding her pussy into his nose, working his head farther back until the top of his head popped out of her scissorlock, his eyes treated to the sight of her sculpted ass working its way around his nose until it disappeared into the milking ring of her clutching asshole.

“Smell that asshole, asshole, you made me kiss your ass enough all these FUCKING years, now it’s your turn!” she growled, punching the scissor hard on him, vibrating her long, lean legs. “SMELL IT!!”

Betsy tensed up her asshole until his nose nearly broke in its clamp, letting out a long, satisfied hiss when she heard – and felt – Roger take a long, deep whiff of her musky rump hole. She worked her hand into the crushing juncture of her thighs and used his chin and lips to furiously rub her cunt on them, grinding herself to a quick and very wet orgasm. Roger gagged again, this time forced to guzzle the seemingly never-ending orgasmic slime working its way into his mouth and down his throat.

“Yeah, that’s it, Roger boy, make ME fucking cum for a change….” Betsy growled, hands on her hips, eyes closed and head back as she pumped his face to another, slower orgasm, bathing his face in her thick cream.

By the time she stepped off his face and let him flop facefirst to his desk, he was nearly out. He gasped for air and sat up rubbing his wet face.

“You cunt…you’re fucking fired…get the fuck out…”

“Oh, I don’t think so, Roger baby,” Betsy growled, slithering around the front of his chair to push him back from his desk a little, and then bend over in front of him. “I’ve got it all recorded, on tape and in writing, of your sexual abuse history, not just of me, but all the women in this company. I think not only am I not fired, but I’m getting a 50 percent raise, and all the women out there are,too. Trust me, with the lawsuit we could slap you with, we’re saving you a bundle this way. Any questions?”

Roger’s face reddened as he stared into the crack of Betsy’s ass, which she was now opening wide with her hands, her hairy asshole winking at him.

“Lick my shitchute, slave boss,” she growled. “Deep….”

Roger bit his tongue then lanced it into the milking ring of Betsy’s tightening pooper, going as deep as he could. She reached back and grabbed his ears, pulling him tighter inside the muscled hams of her ass, jamming him up her rump so deep he could hardly breathe. Again she came, the thick gel of her cream dripping down her pussy lips and onto Roger’s expensive suit pants. She let him go only to spin around and sit on his desk, pulling his face to her gash and lacing her long, lean thighs around his ears. She locked her ankles and squeezed, pulling his head up so he could look up at her, and hear her.

“Do we agree do my terms, Roger, or does I keep this headscissors on until Roger’s skull cracks like an EGG!” she barked, intensifying the hold on the last word.

“OK, OK…please…stop squeezing….” Roger begged.

“Oh, I will stop,” she sighed, unlocking her legs and spinning on her ass to walk to his office door, opening it and showing him a long line of angry women. “But maybe THEY won’t!!”

Twenty women descended on Roger, who got up and tried to run but got no further than his office restroom door before dozens of hands grabbed him and pulled him to the couch. One by one, the women took turns laying back, spreading their legs and forcing Roger to lick their pussies to orgasm, each one lathering his moaning head with skull-popping scissors as they did. All sizes and shapes of legs abused the crying man, from Cindy’s skinny legs that felt like pure bone grinding his ears to Sarah’s gigantic thighs that smothered more than squeezed. But each one laid him to waste, nearly knocking him out each time as they scissored and grinded and moaned their way to leggy orgasms. And three hours later, when they finally left his office giggling and happy with their raises Betsy had secured for them, the entire office reeked of sweat and fem cum. Roger lay face down on the floor, his head bathed in women spunk from hairline to neck. Betsy walked over to him and rolled him to his back, nudging his scissor-bruised face with her shoe.

“See ya after the holiday, Roger baby,” she hissed. “This was fun, so much so that I think we’ll make it part of our regular weekly office meeting!!”

And she walked out to the cheers of 20 happy – and sexually satisfied – women.

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