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The Best Birthday Present, Ever!

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My life has never been one of fantasy. I am married to an absolutely lovely woman who is the light of my life, and we are very happy. Our sex life is awesome; so great that neither one of us has ever felt the need to step outside our marriage.

If I have one complaint, and I do, it’s that my wife doesn’t like anal sex.

I mean at all, as in never. I, on the other hand, am intensely interested in it. This divide created the only feelings of regret in me, and I think somehow she knew it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never thought of stepping out on her, but it does sometimes grate that she never wants to do something that I enjoy so much. But what can a guy do, you know?

About a year ago, something happened that… well, it didn’t change my life, or anything like that, but it was quite a memorable experience that I’d like to share.

About a week before my birthday, Sandy asked me what I wanted as a present. I grinned, as I do each year, and told her a red ribbon around her naked body would be fine; something delicate that I can unwrap. Normally, she rolls her eyes and says, “I mean something I can buy you.” This time, she looked at me for a moment and said, “I’ll think about it.”

Sex with Sandy is the bomb, let me tell you. She’s five-nine and 120 pounds of sex appeal. I’ve always preferred brunettes, and Sandy’s hair perfectly matches her eyes. She’s not stacked, boasting a modest b-cup, but as they say, more than a mouthful is a waste, right?

I didn’t give her comment much thought, until my birthday rolled around. I got home from work around four in the afternoon, something made possible by the simple expedient of getting to work before six in the morning, and found her waiting in the living room.

She was sitting in the recliner, wearing one of her clubbing outfits that always got me drooling. Thigh-high black leather boots with stiletto heels, a skirt so short that I caught flashes of her panties as she moved her legs, and a halter top about the size of a large handkerchief made of gold-colored metal links. It was definitely one her better fuck-me outfits, and from just one glance I was eager to comply.

She eyed me from head to toe. Then she sniffed. “Get a shower and make yourself presentable, lover; we’re going out.”

I was a little disappointed that sex wasn’t on the immediate menu, but things looked promising, so I did as I was told. Half an hour later I strolled back into the living room, showered, shaved, and dressed presentably in slacks and a dress shirt.

Sandy was just hanging up the phone when I stopped, twirled around twice, and said, “Do I pass inspection?”

So help me, she walked over in her best, hip-rolling gate (helped a lot by those marvelous boots), and proceeded to give me a thorough inspection. She rubbed her hand on my newly shaven chin, made sure my hands were clean, made sure my teeth were brushed, and even went so far as to verify that I was wearing clean underwear. Apparently I passed inspection, though, because eventually she smiled, kissed my lingeringly on the lips, and then turned to get her purse.

“I’m driving,” was all she said as she walked aggressively out the front door, hips swinging invitingly. I gulped and followed her out.

My first surprise came when we got into the car. She put the key in the ignition and then turned to face me.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

She grinned wickedly. “It’s a surprise.” She reached into her purse and then tossed something at me. “Put this on.”

“This” turned out to be a blindfold we sometimes use when we got adventurous. I looked at her doubtfully, but she said nothing, just arched one eyebrow and looked meaningfully at the blindfold. Sighing, I did as I was told and put it on. It looked like Sandy was in charge tonight, and I was willing to let her drive. So to speak.

Being a blindfolded passenger in a car driven by a devilish woman is one part frustration and one part anticipation. I guess I was willing to go along, at least for a while, but even I wasn’t sure how far I was willing to go.

Eventually the car stopped, Sandy got out, and then the passenger door opened and I felt her hands on my shoulders helping me stand. Then she led me slowly forward, pausing only once to say, “Step up.” I stepped up, then I heard her opening a door, and we both entered a room.

I heard movement around me as I stood there, but I couldn’t tell what she was doing. I just kept my hands by my side and stood there. After a few moments, and just as I was about to ask what was going on, she stepped close to me and kissed me again. Then she whispered into my ear, “Do you want to fuck my ass?”

Lust jumped on me so strongly that I felt light-headed. I answered in a voice that was instantly hoarse with passion. “Oh, yeah.”

She giggled. “Too bad, you’re not going to.” Anger swelled up a little. I mean, I understand her not wanting to do that, even though I want her to, but this was cruel teasing. I felt her hands on my head, and the blindfold shifted slightly. “But you can fuck hers.” With that the blindfold was removed, and I was rendered speechless.

Sandy stood in front of me but to the side, and I noticed she was there as kind of a passing fact. In front of me stood a veritable sex Goddess, a woman richly endowed with everything and dressed to the nines. Her breasts were lush and full, her figure curvy, her legs long and shapely. She licked her full lips and smiled at me, and that smile stoked the lust I’d already been feeling to titanic proportions.

She was dressed in devil-red lingerie, wearing a tiny bra and matching thong. She raised one hand and beckoned me to come closer. We were in a hotel room somewhere, I realized dimly, which meant that my wife had planned all this well in advance.

So help me, I took one step and then turned to look at Sandy. She was smiling hugely. “Oh, you know I hate that stuff, but you don’t. So, for your birthday, Angelica here is going to take my place.” Her face turned stern. “Just for tonight, of course, and only in the ass. After all, you are still my husband.”

“Are you certain?” I asked. I wanted to do this, very badly, but I also didn’t want to mess up my marriage.

“Of course,” she said, “otherwise I wouldn’t offer her to you.”

“Who…” My head was buzzing. “Who is she?”

Sandy’s grin broadened, and Angelica herself looked a bit smug. “Angelica,” Sandy said, “is one of the classiest and highest priced escorts in the city.”

Escort? “Do you mean she’s…”

Sandy punched my arm lightly. “Yeah, she’s a call girl, and she’s expensive. Now get to it, stud.”

I stepped forward and put my arms around Angelica, but Sandy pulled me back. “Ground rules.” I tried to look her in the face, but my gaze kept shifting to the gorgeous woman in a thong. “No front-door sex, that’s strictly for me.” I nodded, dumbly. “And no kissing. Anything else is fair game.” She turned me away and let me get on with it. I was like a hormone-fueled robot, operating on auto-pilot and loving every second of it.

Angelica had her bra unhooked, and I reached out and removed it from her chest. Her nipples were rock hard, and her tanned belly was taut and well-muscled. I bent my head and began sucking on them, reveling in her scent and the feel of her on my tongue. I switched back and forth, and her hands on the back of my head indicated she didn’t absolutely hate it.

My hands roamed her body, cupping a breast here, cradling a buttock there. I even dipped my fingers down the front of her thong once, and massaged her outer pussy lips. She caught her breath as I stroked her clitoris.

Behind me, Sandy cleared her throat, and I remembered that this particular door was closed to me. I dropped to my knees and, lightly kissing her belly, pulled down the scarlet thong. She stepped out of it, leaving it lying forsaken on the ground, and turned her back on me.

For the first time I got a good look at her ass, and I loved it. It was perfect, round and firm, the heart-shaped object of which most adolescent boys dream. She turned back and took my hand, drawing me to my feet, and proceeded to undress me. Her hands were everywhere. She lingered on my nipples, and a tingle raced through my body as she nibbled them gently. When she removed my shorts, her hand wrapped itself around my rigid cock and pumped gently.

I looked down at her as she knelt before me, and heard her throaty chuckle just before she swallowed my painfully stiff cock. It felt so good that I grabbed the back of her head and fucked her mouth. She didn’t complain or struggle, instead keeping up a powerful suction as I pumped in and out. I could feel her tongue caressing the side of my dick, and it was driving me wild.

After a moment I forced myself to stop; I’m not a young man, and if I came in her mouth I might miss out on the entire reason for this little visit. I pulled back, and she reluctantly allowed me to pop wetly from her mouth.

She stood again, gave my dick one last pump, and then turned to the bed. She knelt down and leaned over the bed, presenting to me her pristine backside, and then reached backwards to pull her cheeks apart. The rosebud of her asshole was puckered tightly, and I was overcome with lust. As I knelt down behind her, however, I felt Sandy at my side again.

“You’ll need lubrication, stud.” Her hand was already full of something slippery, and she wrapped it around my dick and pumped twice, three time, making sure it was fully covered. Her other hand held a tube, which she pointed at Angelica’s asshole and squeezed. With an obscene sucking sound, the anal lube covered her ass crack. She then proceeded to liberally coat the area, even going so far as to insert the tube and squirt some inside. Then she smiled at me and guided my dick into Angelica.

The feeling was indescribable as my thick cock slipped into Angelica’s ass, and I’m still surprised that I didn’t come then and there. But I managed to hold off as my dick slowly disappeared into that lovely ass. Once she was fully impaled on my erect member, I began to pump slowly.

“Hold it,” I heard Sandy say, “I want to get a picture of this. Just hold it right there.” I heard her rise and start going through her purse.

It was torture. Angelica was the penultimate of fuckable women, and I already had my cock buried up her backside… and I wasn’t allowed to move? I simply couldn’t resist pumping a little, and I heard Angelica moan softly.

After a few moments I heard Sandy say, “Okay, almost ready.”

I was finding it impossible to stay still, and was pumping gently but rhythmically into Angelica’s butt. Sandy better hurry with that picture, because I knew for a fact that I couldn’t wait forever. Just as I was about to turn and ask Sandy what the hold-up was, I felt her move close behind me. To my surprise, she was naked, and the feel of her bare tits pressed against my back added an entirely new thrill to the situation. And then I felt something cold and wet between my butt cheeks.

I did twist around then, only to see that my wife had donned her own cock-rig and had the head of her well-lubricated dildo aimed at my own back door. “Stop moving,” she said. When I did, she said, “Pull out about half way, stud.” I complied.

I could feel her pushing forward, and then her dildo was shoving its way inside my own ass. When she bottomed out and had her dildo fully inside me, I almost came again. “Whenever you’re ready,” she whispered into my ear.

I began to pump my cock into Angelica’s ass again, but now as I pushed forward, Sandy’s rod would slide almost out of my ass. When I pulled out of Angelica, Sandy would fill me again. It was almost like I was fucking my own ass, in a twisted way, and I got a huge kick out of it.

Frankly, the situation was unbelievable. If you’ve never been butt-fucked by a beautiful woman while doing the same to another, I highly recommend it.

I could feel Angelica squeezing her asshole around my dick as I pumped frantically, totally overwhelmed by the feelings rushing through me. My orgasm began to build, and I whimpered as I increased my pace. Angelica was shuddering beneath me, and Sandy was doing a good job of keeping me filled from behind. Her hands moved, and I felt her pinching my nipples sharply. The sharp, unexpected string seemed to intensify everything I was feeling.

And then my orgasm was upon me, and I thrust once more deeply into Angelica’s ass and froze, pumping my seed deep into her bowels, twitching slightly back and forth to keep the sensation going.

Sandy realized what was happening and began stroking for the first time, keeping her dildo sliding slowly in and out of my ass as the biggest orgasm of my life ripped through my body. At last it subsided, and I collapsed forward onto Angelica’s sweat-slicked back.

Sandy slowed down, but kept fucking me with her dildo, gently, lovingly. I have to say that kept the afterglow burning longer than is normal.

Eventually, however, she stopped and withdrew, standing beside me and helping me up. I was dazed, sitting on the still-made motel bed where Sandy had put me, as Angelica dressed, got her money, and left. A pang of regret made itself felt, regret that this was over almost before it began.

Sandy sat next to me, still naked and wearing her harness. She turned my head and kissed me deeply, pushing slightly so that I ended up falling backwards on the bed. Then she was all over me, and before I knew it my legs were up over her shoulders and she was pumping my ass again, leaning forward and kissing me hungrily as she did so.

My second orgasm of the evening was as powerful as the first.

Later, as we showered ourselves clean, I was able to help Sandy ease her own sexual hunger, and the night seemed to go on forever. Ahhh, if hotel walls could talk…

It’s been almost a year since then, and only a week remains before my next birthday. Sandy hasn’t said anything, but… here’s hoping!

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