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Architect of Desire

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I am leaving work about fifteen minutes behind everyone else. I got stuck on the phone and missed the mass exodus to the parking garage. I hate walking though the structure in the dark by myself. Even though nothing has ever happened here, I still don’t feel safe. The dim lighting and confusing echoes make me nervous. I walk quickly with my head up, clutching my keys tightly in my hand.

I am within touching distance of my car when he strikes.

He grabs me from behind and pulls me off my feet. I drop my purse and keys while I struggle. His hand is hard across my mouth, preventing my cry for help. His arm crosses my torso and pins my arms to my side. His strength is enormous. I can only get trickles of oxygen. I kick backward trying to rake his shins with my shoes. He is moving so quickly that I miss more than I hit. When I do manage to connect it makes no discernable difference. He easily overpowers my small frame and carries me swiftly to a dark colored car with the trunk open. He bends me over the lip of the trunk so that my head is in the car and my feet trail out. He lets go of me for a moment and uses his body to hold me in place. I gasp for air and try to get my nails into anything I can reach. He wrenches my arms behind my back and I can feel cool metal tighten around my wrists. I open my mouth to scream but he slams his body against mine so that all the air is forced from my lungs. He pulls a fabric bag over my head and tightens a drawstring around my neck. He picks up my feet and shoves them in and slams the trunk.

I can feel the adrenaline flooding my body. I pant for breath. My heart is pounding so hard it feels like it will break out of my body. I can’t think– all I can do is panic. I jerk my wrists repeatedly against the handcuffs. I thrash my head around, rubbing it on the floor of the trunk, trying to get the hood off. I hear a door slam. It startles me and I jump and hit my head. The pain helps center me. The car starts and begins moving.

I take a deep breath and hold it. I need to calm my breathing and heart rate so that I can reason and not just react. I lick my bruised lips and taste blood. I know I asked Daniel for this, but I didn’t expect it to be so rough. My body doesn’t care that I am scared. The physical sensations of fright feel identical to arousal; I was born with those wires crossed. My nipples are beaded and my sex is starting to moisten.

The drive isn’t a long one and I spend the time reminding myself over and over that I want this. There isn’t any time to prepare when the engine stops. The trunk opens suddenly and my captor reaches in and circles my upper arm with a gloved hand. I am pulled up and out by the grip on my arm. He doesn’t stop to let me catch my balance; he just pulls me along behind him. When I stumble over the threshold I hear his voice for the first time.

“Hurry up bitch. If you don’t walk, I’ll drag you.” His bass voice is raspy and contemptuous. I whimper inside my hood. I get my feet under me as quickly as possible.

After walking a few more yards he pushes my arm so that I fall at his feet. I land partially on my side on a cement floor. I can smell drywall dust and raw wood.

“Nobody’s gonna hear you when you scream.”

He rolls me onto my back with a booted foot. My hands hurt from my weight pressing them against the unyielding surface. He kneels next to me and pulls my blouse away from my neck. I feel the cold blade of a knife slide between my skin and the material. He cuts my shirt open from neck to hem in one sudden movement. He pulls my skirt down my legs and off. I shiver with cold and arousal.

He pulls so hard on the front of my bra that my torso comes up off the ground. The plastic closure in front can’t hold up to that kind of treatment and breaks with a snap. I fall back on my bound hands with a cry of pain. He grabs my exposed breast, palming as much as he can fit in his large hand. He digs his fingers in until I cry out.

I can hear him hiss. He puts the flat of the knife against my nipples. He laughs when they contract. I try to shrink away from the blade.

“Don’t move or I’ll cut them off.” He says as he circles the point of the knife around my breast idly tracing patterns. I hold as still as possible not even daring to breathe. Finally the knife leaves my breasts. I suck in air, my chest heaving.

He pinches my nipples cruelly with his leather covered fingers and I can feel tears come to my eyes. My hips jerk and I feel a rush of shame that I react to his touch.

“You sluts all like that.” He laughs.

He pinches and twists until I am sure that my nipples are swollen and red. If I couldn’t hear my little mewling cries with my own ears I wouldn’t believe it. Abruptly he stops and I don’t know whether to sigh with relief or regret. At least I have stopped making those noises. I hope he didn’t hear them.

He pulls me to my feet and pushes me forward until I hit a waist high barrier. He pushes on my shoulder until I am belly down over what feels like a metal barrel. It is cold against my aching nipples. He unlocks the cuffs and pulls my wrists over my head. He locks them to a wooden frame under the barrel. I am up on tiptoe now, my body stretching to reach the ground.

He ties each ankle to the wooden frame holding my legs spread wide. He steps behind me. I flinch and try to press my thighs together. He doesn’t react to my self protective movement. He grabs hold of my panties and rips them off me. The material abrades my thighs and roughly brushes my clit. The movement makes what is left of my bra and shirt flutter around the sides of my chest.

His gloved fingers probe and prod. He withdraws his finger from my sex and slides it along my crack until he reaches my puckered hole. I can feel the trail of wetness from my own arousal. I can hear the sneer in his voice.

“You really are a slut aren’t you?”

I feel like I will die of mortification. I can feel him pushing his finger into my ass. I can’t even rock my hips to get away. I can’t hold back the tears anymore. He pushes another finger in and scissors them open. When he finally pulls them out, I whimper knowing what is coming. He pulls off his gloves and lays them on my back. I can feel their slight weight on my lower back.

“I am gonna fuck every hole in your body, slut.”

He pulls away and I can hear his zipper come down. I hear him spit and imagine him rubbing it onto his cock. I cry even harder. He shoves the broad head of his cock into my ass past the tight ring of muscle. In two strokes he is hilted. I scream and sob but he doesn’t stop.

He grunts obscenely when he comes. He pulls out and I can feel him wipe himself on the shreds of my shirt.

My cries are quieter now. I can hear him zip up as he steps away from my spread legs. I can feel him retrieve something from inside the barrel.

I feel him push a large rubbery cock into my wet sex. He buckles it into place with straps that circle my thighs and waist. I tighten my inner muscles but the dildo isn’t so easily expelled.

“Get your cunt ready.” He says as he turns the base of it and it begins to vibrate. He picks up his gloves and I can hear his footsteps moving away.

I sniffle and my tears slow. I can feel a trickle of his come escaping my tender back hole. I am unable to close my legs and the monstrous cock stuffs me obscenely full. My mound is pressed against the barrel and I can faintly feel the vibrations reverberate through the metal against my clit. I want to push the horrid thing out but the straps hold it firmly in place. The buzz begins to grate on me.

I begin to calm down now that my captor is gone. I am shocked at my position. I am humiliated that I reacted with arousal to such horrible treatment. My mind is a static buzz that echoes the vibrator.

Still, my body didn’t care what my mind was going through. It feels good. I can hardly admit to myself but the best part is I can cry, scream, shout and beg like I have always wanted to and I know he won’t stop.

The sound of the vibrator begins to pick up a telltale squish of wetness. I try rocking my clit harder against the barrel to intensify the vibration. I held my hips at the down stroke for as long as I could. Then I try rocking the tiny bit I can move, faster and faster. I didn’t hear him return. I jump in fright when I hear his voice coming from close by.

“That cunt nice and wet? You been a nasty slut, humping that fake dick?”

I feel disgrace at being caught; I quiver and feel another gush of fluid from my sex. He unbuckles the straps and pulls the thing from me with a chuckle. I bite my lip in order to stifle my moan. I squelch a desire to have him shove it back in again.

“Oh yeah, I watched you trying to get off. You need a real cock in your hole don’t you?”

He thrust into me so hard that the entire apparatus scoots a couple of inches across the floor. He withdraws and does it again. Then he pounds into me as fast and hard as he can. My clit rubs the barrel with every thrust.

I can feel the tension growing at the base of my spine.

“No,” I cry humiliated at my body’s betrayal. “Please, no.” His strokes don’t falter and I can feel my inner muscles tighten around him. Worse yet so can he. He holds himself deep inside me. My orgasm pulses around his cock.

“Looks like I got myself a gen-u-ine come slut. You want to please me whore?” When I don’t answer he pulls out and pounds in again. “Huh?”

I moan around the resulting aftershock. I can’t stop my body from preparing to come again. When I feel his orgasm it sends me sliding over the edge again.

I feel him fumbling with the bag over my head. He pulls it off and drops it on the ground. I can see the unfinished cement floor and the wood of the sawhorse that my wrists are attached to. He pulls out of my pussy with a wet smacking sound, I shudder.

He walks around to my head. He grabs a handful of hair and lifts my head until it is elevated to the level of his cock. I stare at the softening head. It is sticky with my own copious fluid.

“Clean it off.” He demands. “Suck it till I’m hard again.”

I open my mouth. His semi-erect member pushes in past my lips. I lick his cock clean of our combined come. With each lick his cock hardens more and I am not able to control how far into my mouth he is.

He rams his cock in, forcing my mouth wider. I gag when he hits the back of my throat.

“Take it all.” He commands. I roll up my eyes attempting to see his face but his head falls back. He thrusts again bruising my lips against my teeth.

I try to breathe through my nose so I won’t gag anymore. I relax my throat. It helps the first time but with each successive thrust he just keeps going deeper. Every time he pushes in, I gag and can’t breathe. My eyes are tearing and I can feel myself drooling from all the spit. I try to time my breathing so I can get oxygen while he is pulling out.

“The come is boiling in my balls.” He speaks through gritted teeth. “You’re going to swallow it all.”

He shoots jets of come into my mouth. It overflows my lips and dribbles on the floor.

“Look at you, come dripping out of every hole.”

My head is heavy and I let it hang to rest my neck. He walks a slow circle around me. I follow his work boots and jean clad legs with my eyes.

“I am going to leave you just like this. Spread out and waiting for anyone who walks by.” He turns to walk away.

“The guys who work here are going to love getting to work and finding your cunt open and ready for them.” He is almost to the door.

“Who knows how many times you’ll get fucked before they’ll let you go?” He walks through the door and out of sight.

I hang there immobile in my shock. He couldn’t mean it.

I go a little crazy then. I jerk my arms against the cuffs. I pull my legs and buck my body until every last muscle is involved in the struggle. I growl and pant, pre-verbal in my fear and rage. It makes my raw throat ache even more. I struggle against my bonds until I am sweating and weak.

I collapse in despair.

As if he had been waiting for that moment, Daniel strolls back in again.

“I changed my mind.” He tells me as he unfastens the straps holding my ankles to the barrel.

“I am gonna keep you as a pet.”

I see him unlock the cuffs. I stay limp across the barrel. He picks me up and slings me over his shoulder.

“You are gonna be my fuck dolly forever.”

I sigh with delight. “Thank you Daniel.”

He pats my bare ass. “You’re welcome Grace.” He whispers.

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