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Mandy’s Three Amigos

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It was not the greatest porno movie Mort had ever bought, but it had some good moments. Right now the ‘star’, a big-breasted woman with a blowsy blonde hairdo was energetically masturbating a muscular African-American man’s huge cock. It was at least fourteen inches long and incredibly thick. Jimbo laughed at the huge appendage, “Like a fucking baby with an apple in its mouth!” he chortled.

Jesse grinned and nodded. His attention was not on the man’s monstrous cock, but on those lovely big tits bouncing around as the woman pumped that piston.

“Oooh. Yes! Stroke it baby, you get me so hot.” Crooned the big guy in the film, his head rolling from side to side. Mort groaned and turned to Jimbo. “Who writes the fucking script for these things?”

“Script!” Jimbo cackled. “Who needs a fucking script…whoa! Look at her go…”

Three pairs of eyes focused on the screen as the luscious blonde parted her pink-painted lips and slid the gigantic salami into her mouth. “Dinnertime!” Shouted Jimbo gleefully. The other two gasped in awe as a good two thirds of that huge black cock disappeared into the starlet’s throat. A bulging ball bag jiggled at the base of the shaft as pink lips and pale cheeks worked enthusiastically, sucking on that ebony member with gusto.

“Oh fuck, she’s gonna suck his balls out through the eye of his cock in a minute” Mort observed. His own cock had gotten rigid in the last few minutes as he imagined what it would feel like being sucked by Miss Electrolux, with the energy she was showing the black guy.

On the screen the camera panned back a bit showing the Blonde woman on her hands and knees with her ass in the air and her mouth still working further down the shaft. The black guy had both her ass cheeks in his hands and his large fingers were seeking her ass and her pussy, stretching her wide open for the audience to savor. Slowly the camera angled around until her exposed play-ground lay squarely in the shot, then it zoomed in on her pussy just as a dark, fat finger found her entrance. Her pussy filled the screen looking for all the world like a exotic pink flower, wet with sweet dew, the questing black finger burrowing into it like a fat brown worm seeking sustenance.

“Oh holy fuck what a swe-e-e-et cunt!” Mort groaned. He clenched his knees together as a thrilling tingle went through his rock-hard cock. He grabbed at his crotch through his track pants and clutched his cluster giving all his equipment a quick shake. Jimbo was groaning at the spectacle on the screen, his cock pushing painfully against his shorts.

“Ow, yeah baby! Oh, fuck…I wish I had my cock in that” Jesse licked his lips. He was sitting forward in his seat as if to get a better, closer look at the pulsing pussy being ravished before him.

“Jeeze I could use a fuck right now.” Mort grumbled. He was massaging his prick through the thin cloth of his pants as the sex on the screen unfolded before him. There was a murmur of agreement from the other two and both were shifting nervously in their chairs. Each man was thinking of how horny he felt at that moment. Jimbo even contemplated going for a piss so that he could maybe give his throbbing cock a bit of a rub while in the toilet, but he put the thought aside knowing his two friends would ‘take the piss’ out of him.

Now the girl had spread her legs apart until they almost formed the cross-piece of a letter ‘T’ with her body. Somehow the black dude had turned her around and now his face dropped towards her wide-open love-hole. A startlingly pink tongue snaked out from between dark lips. It was a huge prehensile thing that twisted and dipped as it reached for her sweet nectars.

“Fucking holy shit!” Jesse commented. “Makes Gene Simmons look like a fucking tongue-less eunuch!”

Mort’s eyes widened as that monstrous tongue disappeared into the girl’s pussy and thick, dark lips began munching away at her. The black actor was drilling his finger into the starlet’s ass as he munched and licked. With a flick the scene changed to the girl, cock deep inside her throat, hand working furiously at the guy’s balls. Down went the angle of the lens and her tits bobbed right in their faces before the scene again changed to the guy munching contentedly at the ‘Y’

“Oh fuck…” Morty’s voice quivered and without further ado, he slipped his hand inside his track pants, rummaged a second or two then freed his throbbing cock. It burst from the black material like a huge pink submarine broaching and the other two gasped.

“Morty. What the fuck…” they spoke in unison. He gave them both a sloppy grin as he grabbed his throbbing cock and began stroking it slowly.

“What the fuck? I’ll tell you what the fuck. I bet you guys are sitting there with diamond cutter hard-ons that are starting to hurt.” He paused as if waiting for an answer but Jesse just stared at him with a slack-jaw expression, watching him doing a slow rumba with his swollen cock. Jimbo had switched his gaze to the TV screen, his expression one of disbelief.

“Well fuck it. You two have been wishing you could jerk off since this movie started. Me, I’m fucked if I am gonna suffer lover’s nuts and cloth burns on the end of my knob. I want to fucking jerk off, so I’m jerking off.”

With that speech off his chest he lay back in the chair and began pulling sensuously on his cock. His balls had sprung free from their black cloth prison and were now happily jiggling in time to his hand’s rhythm.

“C’mon Jesse.” Mort coaxed, “Just fucking let your hair down. Instead of sitting there, staring at me wanking, get your cock out and give it some sweet milking.”

Jesse looked over to Jimbo who still studied the picture on the screen intently. Since Mort had shocked them all with his flagrant display of carnal lust the movie had changed scenes again. The blonde girl lay on her chest, her thick pink lips wide in a silent ‘O’ while her butt jutted up in the air supported by the big man’s hands as he sunk his hard pole deeply into her cunt. It was all very overpowering and his cock had been screaming for release since he’d given up on the ‘piss house’ idea.

“Ah fuck it.” Jimbo said, standing up and unbuckling his belt. “My slug is screaming out for Mrs Palmer and her daughters.” He dropped his trousers and let his prong spring free. Jesse gasped as he watched it jutting up from a hairy nest and two eggs. Jimbo’s knob was shiny with pre-cum and caught the reflections of the TV provocatively.

“Fuck. I dunno about this…” Jesse began. He watched as Jimbo grabbed his engorged slug and gave it a few experimental tugs. Obviously it felt good enough because he sighed deeply and fell back into the armchair where he stroked in a slow even beat.

“Don’t be a fucking wowser.” Morty growled. “Fucking join in. Let’s have a group wank. What the fuck, are you trying to tell us you don’t wank?”

“Well I…” Jesse couldn’t remember when his cock had been harder than it was right now. He told himself that it was the sight of that milky pussy with a huge black cock drilling it, but deep inside his mind a little voice was saying, ‘They are wanking. Pulling their puds right there in front of you…and you are being turned on by that.’

“Go on, Jesse.” Jimbo gave little grunts as he stroked, his hand sliding up and down his shaft, wrapping itself over his knob on the upstroke. “It feels great.”

Jesse unzipped his fly and dug his big blue-veiner out, letting it pop free to join the others. He wrapped his hand around it and gave it a couple of quick strokes, shifting his gaze guiltily from Mort to Jimbo until their obvious ecstasy allowed him to relax.

Back on the TV the sexual coupling had reached frenzy and the picture flicked quickly between several scenes. Her ass filled with cock thrust in to the hilt. Her mouth sucking feverishly on another cock (a white dude this time and none of the three friends had seen how he came into the picture), a long pink tongue licking her ass and cunt. Tits jiggled. A big hard black cock gushed hot cum, splashing it into an open ass and trickling it down into a waiting pussy. Another pink cock fired its white, sticky load all over her lips and eyes while she licked at flying drops. Somehow her hands were squeezing more cum out of that second cock and a close-up showed cum oozing from the eye to be licked away with her flicking pink tongue.

Each of the three had shed their trousers completely and sat legs apart flogging their throbbing cocks without any reserve. Mort studied his two friends. Jimbo’s cock wasn’t the biggest slug he’d ever seen but it was one thick mother and his circumcised knob flushed deep purple under the pressure of Jimbo’s hand as he gave it a merciless thrashing.

Jesse was well hung, with a cock that was at least eight inches long and generous balls that bobbed as he tugged away, eyes closed in rapture. Mort studied his own adequate tool. He was uncut, and what was sometimes referred to as an ‘aardvark’, while the other two were ‘German Helmets’, circumcised cocks done in the Australian fashion. It reminded him of that joke where two little boys were examining each other’s cocks and one asked the other what had happened to his foreskin. The other boy had replied that he’d been circumcised when he was about a week or so old. His friend asked him, ‘Did it hurt?’ and the lad had replied, ‘Hurt! I couldn’t fucking walk for nearly two years!’

Something was happening to Mort as he watched Jesse’s balls bouncing around. He wanted to touch his mate, wanted to jerk his cock for him. ‘Fuck,’ he thought to himself. ‘I must be fucking gay.’ Not that being gay was a problem, but he’d always thought of himself as being straight as a builder’s yard stick. He stood up and crossed over to Jesse’s chair, his cock swinging free during that brief journey.

“You’re not fucking doing it right.” He chuckled as he bent over his seated friend and grabbed his hard stork. “Here, let me…” and he began to jerk his mate off in long even strokes.

“What the fuck!” Jesse gasped throwing his hands up and falling back in the chair. “You’ve got my cock, you cunt…”

Jimbo stopped tugging and laughed loudly. “Fucking hell, Mort. You never told us you were gay.”

“I’m not gay.” Mort said, smiling. “It’s just I had a sudden urge.”

“well what’s it fucking like?” Jimbo enquired.

“Hmmm…Different. Find out for yourself.”

Jimbo rose from his chair and stood next to Mort, then grabbed his cock in one hand and his balls in the other, fondling both as if feeling for quality in a fruit store. “Oh fuck, that does feel different huh? I’ve never held another guys cock before.”

Jesse had gotten over his initial surprise and now watched as the two guys did the tugging; Mort on his cock and Jimbo on Mort’s cock. “I don’t fucking believe this.” He muttered.

“What don’t you believe.” asked Mort as he milked his friend’s root.

“That I am actually enjoying you fucking pulling my dick.” Jesse replied reaching up to handle Jimbo’s ball bag. “What’s next? We going to swear off chicks or what?”

“Don’t be fucking silly.” Jimbo laughed. “When it comes to a fuck you can’t beat a woman’s warm pussy.”

“Amen to that, brother.” Mort agreed giving Jesse’s dick a quick series of tugs that came close to making him cum.

“Oh shit. I’m going straight to hell.” Jesse moaned as perspiration broke out on his brow. “Slow down fuck you, else I’m gonna blow my load right up your shirt front.”

“Fuck that.” Mort chuckled and used his free hand to unbutton his shirt, then shrugged out of it hardly missing a stroke. “It’s the only clean bastard I have.” He explained.


Mandy Cummings looked in the rear view mirror of her electric-blue Ford Capri checking her makeup. The slipstream of air had messed with her coiffeur but she didn’t mind that windswept look. It suited her light auburn hair to be tossed around a bit and, besides, it reminded her of last Sunday morning when she’s left Jesse’s bed after a hot night of unbelievable sex. Her hands paused briefly on her breasts during the act of brushing her blouse and she felt her nipples responding at the memory. Sunshine fell onto her long, tanned legs and her eyes inspected the hem of her skirt that was just long enough to decently cover her pussy. She favored those little dresses that hugged her buttocks but then flared out at the hips. She loved the way the wind would swirl her short skirt so that any male paying attention might get a quick peep show as it danced around her waist. Especially since she was in the habit of wearing only G-strings as underwear.

Finally satisfied that her war paint was perfect, she stepped from the sexy little car she so treasured. No breeze today, so her skirt remained prim and proper covering her little treasure chest just the way Mummy would have liked it to. Jesse’s two friends were here. She saw the restored ’73 Monaro sedan parked in the driveway (Morty’s beloved V8) with Jimbo’s Harley Davidson standing guard beside it. She smiled as she remembered the great Sunday ride Jimbo had taken her on. After an hour on that hog her pussy had been softened and wetted to the point where she could have fucked Quasimoto and enjoyed it. They had ended up under a big old gum tree, her spread out on an old saddle blanket while he pumped her full of taddies. She remembered how her pussy had squelched pleasantly on the ride back as the vibrations had shaken his cum from deep inside of her.

Passing the black bike, she made for the side door knowing that, as usual, it would not be locked. Her hand twisted the knob and she let herself in.

Blinking in the sudden gloom she followed the noise of the TV…a female was moaning and squealing while two males grunted and moaned, “Oh fuck! Oh yes baby. Oh, baby suck my cock.”

Who writes the fucking scripts for these things? She thought to herself, shaking her head.

The room was gloomy with only the flickering porno film supplying some light. On the screen a blonde bimbo had a huge black cock in one hand and a moderate sized white cock in the other and was alternately popping one or the other into her mouth. She was kneeling back on her buttocks with her legs wide apart to give the camera a great view of her gaping pussy. Her attention was drawn away from the screen by a slight moan from the armchair, and her eyes sought the source. She saw Jesse’s face in the bad light. Pink hued light from the screen shone on his blissful features, his eyes were closed. Jimbo stood to one side of him while Morty was standing the other.

Mandy was about to speak when she noticed something as her eyes adjusted to the bad light. They were all naked. She stopped and peered into the gloom until the scene cleared. None of the boys had seen her and she saw why. They were engrossed in a pull-party. Monty had Jesse’s dick in a vice-like grip and was pumping away on that organ while Jimbo was tossing off Monty. Jesse was rolling Monty’s balls in his cupped hand and stroking Jimbos hard cock with the other. Somehow she stifled the sharp giggles that welled up, and with a hand clapped over her mouth she cautiously approached the trio making no noise whatsoever.

She thought it looked so cute…three grown men standing naked, each stroking another’s cock and all with blissful expressions on their faces. The bimbo on the box was trying to cram two cock into her mouth at once now and the two ‘actors’ supplying the hardware were saying inspiring things like…”Yeah baby. Suck it baby. Stick it in your mouth.” Holy Hanna fuck me sideways, she thought…The girl’s already crammed all that meat into her mouth. Are you two guys that stupid? She don’t need the instructions for Chrissake!

Losing interest in the banality of the flick, she turned her attention again to the boys. Now, if I am going to get any advantage out of this, she thought, I had better hurry and join in before someone or ones blow their fucking bolt! Mandy couldn’t bring herself to even think about the waste of hot cum. Knowing the boys, if one cum, all would cum. ‘All for one and one for all’ She thought. It was like a fucking pulling contest. But who would win? She bet her guy would. If this were a masturbation contest, Jesse would come first, second and fifth. He was such a horny little bastard.

Only moments had past and Mandy had gotten within a few feet of the boys without being seen. She was fascinated by the steady rhythm the lads had attained. Their mutual masturbation was almost mechanical in its precision. ‘Precision drill’. The thought came and went as her hand sought her pussy under the short skirt. She wasn’t surprised to find she was already wet, it didn’t take much to get her in the mood these days. Her free hand liberated one tit from the boob tube she wore and her fingers pinched at the hard nipple that stood on the crest of her soft, creamy swell.

“Can I play too?”

It was comical. Dicks jerked away from working hands. The very same hands groped at owner’s equipment trying to hide the nest from prying eyes. Three pairs of eyes, wide as flying saucers, zeroed in on the intruder and an arctic breeze swirled around the proceedings.

“Mandy!” Jesse’s voice cracked on the second syllable making him sound like he was thirteen again instead of twenty three, his voice oscillating between the child and the man.

“Fuck me!” Mort groaned.

Well Mort had the right idea anyway, Mandy thought as she tried to look at his cock through the net of fingers that shielded the rapidly shrinking member.

“Ah shit.” Said Jimbo intoning the only Chinese he knew.

“Well, well, well.” Mandy stepped into the flickering light, her bare tit swinging free, her skirt hitched and held up by her right arm as her hand was buried under the G-string, in her pussy. “Aren’t you a fucking sight. I have never seen a cluster of eager cocks like what’s before me today and I wasn’t invited?” She grinned at Jesse, giving him a huge wink. “So, again I ask you…Can I fucking play too?”

Mort cleared his throat and swallowed hard, but grinned at her. His eyes took in that gorgeous tit with its hard nipple and the busy fingers working behind the triangular patch of G-string that was no longer hidden by her skirt.

“I can’t see why not.” He offered.

Jesse nodded his eyes still wide with the shock of his girlfriend catching him with both hands full of either cock or balls and none of it his. Fuck, but she was gorgeous, he thought to himself taking in the luscious bare tit that still jutted out waiting for attention.

Jimbo had recovered his composure, his hands had fallen away from his cock and now his proud member was starting to raise its head again. Mandy smiled as she saw it snake its way up towards Jimbo’s belly button and their Sunday ride together flashed again through her mind. She remembered that thick solid shaft deep in her pussy and also the fact that Jesse never knew about it.

“You gonna take your gear off then?” Mort had recovered too and now was hard again, his big cock swinging like a metronome as he turned towards her. Mandy just smiled and jerked her blouse off over her head, baring her twin bubble with their two hard peaks for the boys. Her pussy was so wet she thought she would drip on the carpet, but she managed to shuck out of her skirt and G-string without any embarrassing accidents.

“Okay you fucking heroes.” She was chuckling as she said it, but somehow she still managed to sound like General Patton addressing his troops. “I wanna see cocks at attention and I hope your balls are full.” They all came to their feet springing to mock attention, hands to the side and cocks at ‘slope arms’ position. Fuck, they looked great to Mandy as she strutted before them, hands behind her back. She stopped in front of Jimbo and took his cock into her small hand. Swiftly stroking it a few times, she bent down until she could lick the knob and thus taste the sheen of precum that covered him. He shivered, closing his eyes at the touch of her hot tongue.

Next she grabbed Mort’s cock and stood looking in his eyes as she masturbated him vigorously. “You are not going to cum yet, are you soldier?” She asked, artificially deepening her voice.

“Ma’am, no ma’am!” he shouted standing rigidly to attention.

“Not even if I speed it up a little and play with your balls?” She asked.

“Ma’am, no ma’am!” He shouted again.

“I fucking bet you wouldn’t last long if I sucked that cock and worked it with my tongue?”

“Ma’am, no ma’am!” He repeated still rigidly at attention. This could be so much fun, thought Mandy as

she stopped in front of Jesse. His dick was so well known to her that she didn’t need to study it at all, but Jesse had such a nice cock that she grabbed it and looked anyway. He grinned, but stayed at attention not saying a word, so Mandy bent forward and sucked his shaft into her mouth, working her tongue along it and sucking at it in bursts. Jesse groaned and his eyes rolled up. If the bitch didn’t quit it soon he was going to lose his load right down her fucking throat. But he needn’t have worried. Mandy had some kind of radar that warned her when a man was going to cum and she could choose to let it flow or she could back off and let it ebb. This time she chose to let it ebb.

Finishing her ‘short arms’ inspection, Mandy stood slightly back from the three, spreading her legs wide with her hands clasped behind her back. Against the TV light her shaved pussy stood out like a small depiction of Mount Vesuvius in that light, but any eruption there was going to be hot, sweet cum that three guys would eagerly lick clean for her.

“Well, what are we all standing around for? Aren’t I going to get any attention?”

Jimbo was the first to move. He came to her, fell onto his knees and buried his face between her legs. His tongue shot out, seeking her hot pussy and, finding it, sank into her wet and waiting tunnel. She arched her back, grabbed his hair and pulled his face hard into her crotch. The tongue in her pussy felt like a hot snake burrowing in deeply.

“Hey…Hang on a minute.” Jesse took a step but then hesitated. He turned to Mort, his voice changing to a whine. “She’s my fucking girlfriend.” He explained as if anyone cared at this stage. Mort had his cock in his hand again and was giving it a few slow tugs. His face sported a dopey grin as he watched Jimbo eating Mandy’s cunt.

“Fuck you, man.” He replied. “I think she’s gonna be all of our girlfriend from here in.”

With that he moved behind her and began kissing her mouth and playing with her tits.

Jesse was still coming to grips with his two mates making it with his girlfriend. His face adopted a hangdog expression and his cock drooped. He couldn’t believe his two mates were moving in on his girl, Jimbo with his mouth to her cunt with not so much as a ‘by your leave!’ Now Mort was playing with her tits and she obviously loving the attention. Fuck this, he thought and stepped forward a pace intending to drag them off and defend Mandy’s honor…But then he stopped. Jimbo was munching her with vigor, his own balls jiggling behind him with the effort while Mandy’s tongue was out, snaking around her lips and seeking Mort’s mouth so close to hers. Something stirred and Jesse felt his cock rising again, coming to full attention.

Oh, fuck she is so lovely, he thought as he studied her body. Her legs parted, head back and her long, reddish hair tossing behind her she looked like a savage princess in one of those Sci Fi & Fantasy novels he loved to read. Jesse smiled and shrugged. His only option was to go get some else his mates would sample all her wares and he’d miss out.

Jesse crossed to her and took her hand. “Bedroom, now.” He growled in his best ‘Master’ voice. She turned her head to him and smiled as she disengaged herself from Jimbo’s questing tongue.

“Oh, yes. That would be much more suitable, boys.” She told the trio and with Mort in one hand and Jesse in the other she left Jimbo to follow as they raced to the bedroom.


The bed was extra wide, as wide as it was long making for a pallet that could accommodate a few people without seeming crowded. Silk sheets and mirrors on the ceiling, it epitomized the perfect bedroom for a single guy. Just the type of place she would have figured Mort to have as his lair. How many pretty young things had squealed and struggled on the end of his fat cock in this room? She wondered briefly as she flung herself onto the bed with her legs wide apart. “Well, who’s gonna fuck me first?” She asked happily.

Jesse threw his arms wide, pushing gently against the chests of his two advancing friends. “Hold it you pair of rangy bastards!” he hissed. “My bird, my first fuck. Any arguments?”

Mort and Jimbo looked at each other in mock astonishment then both began to shake their heads simultaneously.

“Not from us.” Replied Jimbo.

“No, mate. She’s all yours. I mean fairs fair between mates.” Mort’s speech was longer than it could have been but there was laughter in his voice. Jesse grinned and rubbed his hands together his eyes fixed on Mandy’s lovely pussy waiting, open like a wet pink mouth for his monster cock.

“Ready or not, here I come.”

Jesse ran the few steps to the bed and flung himself forward, landing over Mandy but catching his weight on his elbows. He shuffled forward and felt his purple knob slip between her pussy lips, then his shaft sank deep into her warm wet depths.

Mandy gave a satisfied moan and drew her legs up over his ass, working her ankles into his buttocks and dragging him tightly against her. Jesse began fucking her, moving in and out, savoring the feel of cock sliding against warm wet pussy as she clenched her muscles to stimulate him even further.

Jimbo and Mort were standing where Jesse had left them. They watched as his ass moved up and down, humping her rhythmically while her legs wrapped around his ass. Mort moved to one side until he could see past Jesse. From there he watched Jesse’s hard slug pumping deep into Mandy’s pussy.

“Oh fuck…” Mort moaned, grabbing his stiff rod and giving it a quick wank. “I can’t stand it any longer.”

With that, Mort rounded the bed and, facing her, threw his legs over Mandy’s tummy so that his hard cock pushed between her tits. Jesse was forced to get up on his knees to let his friend in and did so without missing a stroke. Jimbo closed in on the trio, looking at how he could get in and fill one of Mandy’s holes. He felt Mandy grasp his cock and draw him closer until his knob was near her mouth, then with Mort tit-fucking her she popped his cock deep into her mouth and began sucking him.

Mort loved the sight. Jimbo’s cock disappearing into Mandy’s mouth and the look on his face as she worked her slim hand on the shaft while sucking on him. His own cock was wedged between her tits, his hands pressing those lovely orbs against his shaft, as he was tit-fucking her whilst marveling at the way his knob kept popping out from between the tops of her breasts, aiming straight at her face.

Jesse had his eyes closed and was thrusting his cock in so deep his balls were pressing against her ass. It was the greatest fuck he could ever remember and he was now glad his mates were enjoying themselves too. Mandy lay there in total bliss as she serviced the three cocks but there was still something missing. One part of her wasn’t satisfied. She thought about it and came up with the solution.

Popping Jimbo’s cock from her mouth, but still stroking it slowly, she raised her voice over the moaning and groaning.

“Boys, boys. I have an idea. I want to try something.”

The men all stopped what they were doing. Mandy disentangled herself. She was smiling and a hot light shone in her eyes as she surveyed those ready and willing dicks that waved before her. Fuck, but she wanted one in every hole at once!

“Jimbo, lie down on the bed.” She commanded. He obeyed her, flopping onto his back one hand holding his cock up in the air like a solid pink mast. Mandy grinned at the other guys and straddled Jimbo, seeking his cock with her hungry pussy. She lowered herself until about half his shaft was inside her, then she stopped. Mandy was on her knees on the bed, so her ass jutted out invitingly.

“Now, which one of you wants to fuck my ass?” She called. Mort grinned and moved forward before Jesse could reply. Her thrust his big Beef bayonet against her tight rear hole and felt that pucker give to let him in. Mandy gasped loudly as he slid in deep.

“Oh, Ohhhhhhh…Fuck!…Oh Yes!” She cried as he sank in all the way. She lowered herself and Jimbo’s cock also sank in, but in her pussy as Mort’s shaft drilled her ass.

“Oh, fuck, oh Jesse, honey, come to mama. I want your cock in my mouth.” She cried. Jesse came around and onto the bed thrusting his cock at her face. She lifted herself just enough and his throbbing cock disappeared deep in her mouth.

Oh shit!” Jesse felt her sucking him off and worked his cock in and out fucking her mouth like a pussy. “C’mon guys, lets all fuck Mandy and let’s cum together.”

It was awkward, but they got a rhythm going, and Mandy bobbed between all three of them. She felt the three shafts drilling her everywhere. It was the sweetest sensation ever and she knew these guys were going to make her cum with the biggest orgasm she’s had since the first time she used a battery powered toy.

Mort had never fucked a woman in the ass before and wondered at the tightness. He could feel Jimbo’s cock deep inside her pussy, Jimbo’s thick shaft almost seemed to be rubbing against his own with only the cushion of Mandy’s pussy wall between them. To add to the sensation their ball bags were rubbing together on each stroke sending a thrill through him.

Below him Jimbo savored the same sensation, that of another man’s cock rubing against the underside of his own as he fucked Mandy deep and fast. He could feel his balls tighten and knew he was going to cum really soon.

Up front, Jesse had Mandy’s head in both hands and was bobbing her gently to and fro onto his cock. She had it in so far he could feel his knob touch the back of her throat at times as they both pushed a little too far. His balls were screaming, ready to launch their load.

“Ohhhhh fuck, you guys…I am gonna cum!” He screamed.

Mandy felt herself near orgasm and the hot tingle began deep in her belly, spreading out to all of her body. Suddenly Jesse’s hot cum gushed in her mouth, slightly salty but still sweet enough on her tongue. In that instant Mort grunted and his cock began to convulse deep in her ass as he squirted jizm deep inside her.

Jimbo felt Mort’s cock pulsing through the wall of pussy and felt Mort’s balls bouncing against his as Mort shot his load. It was all it took. A blaze of power surged through him and his cock exploded inside Mandy’s pussy, wad after wad of creamy cum squirting deep inside her.

Mandy was in heaven. Celestial voices rang in her head as her body quivered uncontrollably. Her pussy sucked hard at Jimbo’s cock then let go with her own orgasm. Pulse after pulse went through her as her juices flowed to mix with Jimbo’s hot cum. Her hand shot up to grasp Jesse’s cock and she worked at that shaft furiously as she sucked and licked every drop.


Time stopped. Four people turned, rolled or flopped until they were all separated. Mandy lay on her back, her arm flung over her eyes, legs lolling apart and chest heaving.

Jesse lay beside her, but the other way around, head level with her hips while Jimbo sat at the edge of the bed, one hand casually playing with Mandy’s nipple.

Mort retired to the bathroom to clean himself up and the other two paused for breath. Mandy looked radiant. Cum was trickling from her pussy making that happy little place gleam in the light of the room. Jesse watched a dribble of it nestled between her pink pussy lips and felt life stirring back into his cock as he wonder what it would taste like. Her pussy juice and Jimbo’s cum.

No! he thought, Not that. I couldn’t lick out a pussy that another man has cum in. But just as the thought threatened to deflate his newly pumped up cock he felt it being grabbed and slowly stroked.

“Oh, fuck yes.” He moaned as Mandy’s leg lifted to give him easier access to her cunt. He forgot his dilemma as his tongue reached out towards her soaking wet pussy. A new thrill went through him as he first tasted the salty-sweet mixture oozing from her lovely tunnel as his tongue slid in deep.

Mandy sighed at Jesse’s tongue quested her pussy. She reached out and took Jimbo’s cock in her hand and popped it in her mouth as he bent over her face with the lower half of his body. Jimbo moaned too as her wet lips took his shaft in. He had leaned over her to where Jesse’s cock jutted up and grabbed it, beginning to masturbate it as a joke but Jesse hadn’t noticed it was him and not Mandy. Jesse was diving with his face into her wet pussy and licking deep.

When Mort re-entered the room he couldn’t believe his eyes. He stopped wiping at his cock and threw the towel in a corner. His newly cleaned member reared up like a spirited stallion. Mandy had Jimbo’s cock deep in her mouth while Jesse was licking out her schmoo…and Jimbo was pulling on Jesse’s cock like he was trying to ring the bells of Notre Dame! Holy fuck! What a sight! Mort’s own cock quivered as he surveyed the scene, he didn’t want to miss out on this party. He crossed the room until he stood beside Jimbo.

“Oh, fuck…Grab my cock hon…” He moaned. Mandy’s fingers closed on him and she began jerking him off to the rhythm of Jimbo’s pumping and the four were one.

It was then that Jesse came up for air. He glanced down at his cock which was being massaged energetically expecting Mandy’s slim fingers to be working on that member. What a surprise when he saw Jimbo’s hand wrapped around his pud instead!

“What the fuck…” He started, but Jimbo just winked at him and blew him a mock kiss. Jesse managed to sit up without Jimbo missing a stroke.

“Hey, Mort. Look at this.”

Both Mort and Mandy looked and Mandy began to giggle as she saw Jimbo’s big hand thumping away on Jimbo’s swollen cock. She had no idea Jimbo was doing that while she was sucking him. Mort just smiled, as he already knew what had gone on.

“I have an idea.” He said stroking Mandy’s hair. “Lets give Mandy a cum bath.”

“What’s that?” Asked Jesse.

Mort took Mandy’s hips and turned her so that the lower half of her body was over the edge of the bed while the upper half lay across the bed. He straddled her tummy and sat with his huge cock jutting out, pointing over her tits and at her face.

“Okay guys. One on each side now.” He called.

Soon they had the position. The other two were kneeling on the bed with their cocks jutting over her chest and face while Mandy giggled, reaching up to grab a cock at random and give it a tug.

“Okay boys. Let’s give her a cum bath!”

Mandy grabbed Mort’s cock and began stroking it hard and fast while Mort grabbed Jesse’s cock in one hand and Jimbo’s in the other, stroking both of them fast and furious. The two guys each reached around Mort. Jimbo found her wet pussy and inseted three fingers while Jesse inserted a finger in her ass, both guys masturbating her as their cocks were being pulled.

“Ooooohhhhh Yes!” She squealed. “Cum on me.”

The two men tickled and played with pussy and ass. All three reveled in the way their cocks were being tugged and pulled, and soon all three felt the tide rising within them.

“Ooh yes…I am about to blow my load!” Jese screamed. The other two moaned and Mort called, “Yes, oh yes.”

Then it happened. Mandy’s orgasm made her pussy pulse and her ass squeeze hard as she gushed. She actually squirted cum and it washed over Jimbo’s busy hand and ran over onto Jesse’s. Then the three men came.

A huge arc of white cream jetted from Mort’s cock to splash onto Mandy’s nipples and chin. Jesse blew several quick jets of cum some of which landed in her open mouth while Jimbo’s cock released thick hot wads of spunk. Mort’s hand was shaking uncontrollably which caused Jimbo’s load to spray everywhere. The three friends were in raptures as they shot wad after wad of their hot seed into the space before them. Accuracy dwindled quickly and Mandy felt warm dollops of man-juices land on her tits, on her lips, in her hair and generally all over her face. Stray shots also hit the guys as they squirted in all directions, and then it was done.

Mandy lay back with creamy cum running in small rivulets, dripping off her nipples and tits, running in small erratic streams down her face and glistening like tiny pearls in her hair. “Come here you horny guys.” She smiled. Gently taking Jesse and Jimbo’s cocks she guided them to her and popped both into her mouth, licking them clean with long sensuous swipes of her tongue. When she was done, she thrust the two men aside and pulled Morty’s cock towards her…he had to shuffle on his knees over the bed to reach…before giving him the same treatment. She knew the guys were now spent and would need quite a while to recover, so she got off the bed and headed for the showers. Behind her the three amigos eyes each other, hands fondling themselves. Thoughts were blossoming in their heads and, though they weren’t saying anything just yet, they all knew what this evening’s entertainment would be. Mandy would leave soon after she showered and they would be alone again with their porno. Each guy dropped their gaze to look at the other guy’s cock and they all smiled a secret smile.

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