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“I am not going to apologize.” He was adamant. He refused to apologize. She was not going to convince him that he owed Patsy an apology, neither was he was going to tell her what really happened. She might explode.

“Dad, just call her, alright? She wants you to call. You do not need to use the word, “apology,” but you do need to call her. She said you left, just walked out.”

“Oh, alright, Mary Ann, I’ll talk to her later, but I’m busy right now.” He thought if he offered a good enough excuse to his daughter, she would hang up and leave him alone.

Mary Ann wasn’t about to let him off the hook that easily. “Do it now,” she said persistently. The exasperation in her voice was over and above the command she was issuing. “It will only take one minute, maybe two, and then you can go back to your whatever.”

“Yes, yes, Mary Ann, I will talk to her in a little while. I promise. Is that enough? Can I go back to what I was doing?”

“Yes, Dad,” Mary Ann said, finally calming down. “I’m sorry. Thank you. I should have already said that. I’ll talk to you later.”

Woodson Crossman, or Woody, as most of his friends called him, was busy. He was always busy, or at least he tried to stay that way. When his daughter called, he was trying to finish some research online so he could complete a letter to the editor of the local newspaper. The city workers who collect trash continue to leave his trashcan in the street, causing a hindrance to traffic. When he finished the research, he planned to go back to the woodworking project he started earlier that morning. The bottom fell out of one of the drawers in his kitchen and he was rebuilding the drawer. In addition, he still had some vegetables to gather from his small garden and then he would fix his supper. He wanted to finish the letter after he had eaten.

The vegetables caused the problem. His daughter mentioned that her friend, Patsy, would like some fresh tomatoes. She was tired of the flat tasting ones she buys at the grocery store. Instead of leaving the whole bag of vegetables with his daughter, Woody took half of the tomatoes to Patsy.

Woody was retired, but he was not tired. He was not yet fifty years old. He worked for one company for twenty-five years. He started as a high school student, in the warehouse, and ended up as the Warehouse Manager when he retired. When the recently widowed wife of the owner sold Ceramic Tile Sales and Distribution, Woody took his portion of the employee stock plan in money. He paid off his house and invested the rest, which gave him enough income to do what he wanted, though he didn’t consider himself wealthy. However, most of what he wanted to do was putter. That is what his late wife called it. She would tell her friends, “Oh, he’s out in his workshop puttering around with something.”

Although Woody was still healthy and active, he began to realize something was missing from his life. He knew what it was, but he was not interested in the offers he received from other single people he knew, or met, and he was tired of his friends trying to set him up with another date. Until a little over a year ago, he and his wife had a satisfying life. Their two grown children were leading lives of their own. Woody and Louise had friends, took vacations, shared some household chores, and still enjoyed sex, although not as often as he would have liked to enjoy it.

Louise was beginning to have some problems with menopause. She had recently gained some weight and her sex drive was dwindling. Rapidly. To Woody it was frighteningly rapid. He did not realize her depression was so bad. In fact, no one realized it was that bad, not even her doctor. It was apparent that taking a whole bottle of pills and going to sleep was her solution to the depression.

Woody was still a good-looking man. He was not truly handsome and girls never described him as a hunk. Nevertheless, he was always popular with the ladies. He maintained his weight, stood up straight, and still had most of his hair, but it was about half gray. Oh well, his father was white haired by the time he was fifty, so Woody figured he was ahead of the game. That was the problem, as he saw it. He was healthy, active, no longer needed to work full-time, still had his hair, and was handy around the house. Someone was always calling him for help with a handyman chore. Friends told their friends. Many, or most, of them were women, and he went to their houses to assist with whatever project they had that needed his skills. Those friends, or friends of friends, and other women introduced to him, were the women who wanted him. They cooked lunch or supper and took the food by his house, frequently offering to serve the meal to him. They also invited him to intimate dinners and tried to set him up with dates with their friends. In general, they simply would not leave him alone. Despite all of this attention, Woody didn’t want to have anything to do with them. Not a single one. He knew what he wanted, but he also knew he couldn’t have it.

Good grief, he had known Patsy all of her life. She and his daughter Mary Ann were inseparable from the day they started school. That’s like more than fifteen years ago. When she was eight or nine years old, he fixed her bicycle when she had a flat tire. He drove Patsy and Mary Ann to the movies on Saturday afternoons. He took his own ladder to her house to hang a swing from the big tree in the back yard. She may have been twelve or thirteen years old at the time.

Now that her mother had remarried, moved in with her new husband, and given the old house to Patsy, Woody had been back to that house on other occasions. One day he replaced the doorknob on her bathroom door. He is no longer Mister Crossman, or Uncle Woody, as her mother instructed her to call him when she was a very small child. He is not her uncle. They aren’t even related. She is the daughter of his sister-in-law’s brother. To Patsy, he has been Woody ever since he helped her build some shelves in the second bedroom, the room she now uses as her office. That was when he explained the reason he was frequently called Uncle Woody. Since then, she has not used the word uncle a single time. However, she is not a little girl any more. She is a woman.

Considering the way she looks now, he definitely could not help notice the transformation from a child into a woman. Patsy is pretty, well somewhat pretty anyway. She has brown eyes, along with short brown hair, which mostly curls, and the most luscious lips he has ever seen. Her bust is a nice size, at least larger than a double handful. Woody found this out when she sort of mashed herself against him while she was holding one of the shelves in place so he could mark where she wanted it. Although she is not particularly tall, she has the longest legs and she wears the shortest shorts that look like she her body was liquid and poured into them.

She does some kind of writing, or editing, maybe the word she used was condensing. She spends hours in her office, her fingers flying over her keyboard at a speed, which amazes Woody. She told him she buys a new keyboard almost every year.

Patsy seldom leaves home, yet she is not particularly a loner. She just seems to prefer her own company. Mary Ann said she has tried to set Patsy up with an occasional date, but Patsy usually turns down Mary Ann’s matchmaking efforts. One of the times Patsy gave in, Mary Ann helped her dress for a night on the town. Their preparations included a curling iron, hair spray, and make-up, and finished with Mary Ann lending Patsy a dress. By the time they left Patsy’s house, she was wearing high heel shoes, stockings, and looked like a magazine model. Mary Ann said they spent only a few hours in one of the local clubs. The attention Patsy received, from a changing line of men who wanted to buy her a drink or dance with her, frightened her so much she finally pleaded with Mary Ann to take her home.

* * * *

When Woody took the tomatoes to Patsy, she didn’t answer the front door, so he walked around the house, thinking she was in the back. Not finding her there, he knocked on the back door but she still didn’t respond. However, he heard a radio playing, and figured she was home, so he simply walked inside and stood in the kitchen for a moment, calling her name. Still no response. Placing the tomatoes on the kitchen cabinet Woody went toward the short hall looking for Patsy. He thought that maybe she was in her office on the left side of the hall and didn’t hear him because the radio was playing so loud.

Entering her office, Woody was surprised she wasn’t there. He was about to call her again but then turned around when he heard her singing along with the song on the radio. He took a couple of steps and looked into the open door of the bathroom.

Oh! My! God! Patsy was sitting on the bathroom countertop with her feet planted on either side of the sink. A mirror was propped on the opposite side of the sink and she was naked from the waist down. She had a pair of scissors in her hand; using them to trim her pubic hair.

Woody wondering if what he was about to say was very smart, simply asked, “Do you need some help with that?”

Patsy stopped singing and looking up, her mouth half-open, nodded her head.

Well, hell, what was he supposed to do, just stand there? He took a couple of steps forward and held out his hand for the scissors. “Lean back a little,” he told her. Wide-eyed, with a shaking hand, she handed him the scissors and did as instructed.

His wife did not trim her hair, at least, not that hair. He did not know if his daughter does, and he sure as hell was not going to ask her. Woody thought the idea was wonderful. At least he thinks that now.

Almost as if he knew what he was doing, he asked humorously, to make light of the situation, “Is this supposed to be a close trim or just cut off some of the length?”

“Cl-close, I think,” she answered. “I don’t know. I’ve never…” but she didn’t finish her statement, because about that time Woody put his hand on her inner thigh to move her leg so he could get a better view. He heard a low moan and it was apparent Patsy was trying everything she could to suppress it.

After some gentle snips, Woody made sure he did not look up when he mentioned, “I’ve heard some women shave. Have you ever thought about that?” As he asked the question, he gently ran his finger up between her labia, to check that he had cut all of the hair. Woody thought to himself, she had the sweetest pussy he had ever seen, and wondered what she would taste like. He had only tasted a few in his life, but this one looked very sweet. The lips were tight, close together, and very warm to the touch. They were also slightly pink and swollen, showing Patsy was feeling some kind of arousal.

Patsy grabbed Woody’s wrist and said, “Oh please, please, Woody…” She shuddered, took a deep breath, leaned forward, and put her thighs together, trapping his hand.

The scissors clattered to the sink, Woody straightened up, and leaned closer to her. He had noticed that she was beginning to breathe faster and he could feel she was getting wetter, but didn’t know what to do about it. He could smell the faint musk of her arousal and instead of leaving, as he probably should have done, he put his arm around her and held her.

“It’s okay, honey. It’s okay,” he told her. He may have said several other things, but he really couldn’t remember. One thing he does remember though is that she turned her face up to him. When she did that, he gave in to his urges and kissed her. He kissed her very thoroughly. The kiss was not the sweet little kiss he should have given his daughter’s best friend. It was a passionate kiss, which she permitted, rather than joined. He knew she liked it because she put her arms around him and opened her mouth for him to explore.

Woody could not resist slipping his finger inside her. He knew she was wet; her sex was swollen and hot. He had already kissed her and he simply could not resist. He was able to hide his growing erection while he was trimming the hair, because he was bending over to see what he was doing. However, when Patsy moved her hips forward, just a little, he inserted his finger inside her and pressed his erection against her hip. Woody held on to her when she shuddered through her climax, squeezing his hand between her legs and throbbing around his finger. It felt like she was sucking his finger farther up into herself. A small trickle of fluid ran down his finger.

He held her for as long as her arms were tight around him. When she opened her legs, to free his hand, he stepped back. Despite a voice ringing in his head, “This is probably a stupid thing to do but I just have to taste this.” Woody put his finger in his mouth and closed his eyes, savoring a taste he has missed for many more months than he cares to consider. When he finally opened his eyes, he was pulling his finger out of his mouth and Patsy was watching him. She dropped her eyes to look at the tent at the front of his pants and had a slight worried look on her face as she tried to smile.

Ignoring his thoughts about wanting to pick Patsy up and carry her to the nearest bed, Woody asked, “Is that what you wanted?” Then afraid she would think he was asking about her climax, instead of the length of the hair, he asked, “Do you think it’s the right length?” That made it worse if she thought he was talking about the length of his penis. Finally, he simply stated, “I enjoyed that. Let me know when you need it done again. I’ll be happy to oblige.”

Before he put his foot any deeper in his mouth, Woody turned and walked out of her house, drove home, and stood in the shower for a very long time. With cold water spraying on his back and running down his chest, he thought about Patsy as he masturbated. His erection did not fully subside as he expected because he was still thinking about Patsy, how warm she was in his hand when she trapped it between her thighs. Reliving how he kissed her, and the taste of her on his finger, he added hot water to the spray hitting his back and masturbated again. Finally, he left the shower, dried off, and stretched out on his bed, right under the air conditioning vent, to cool off. He could not remember ever being so aroused, not even when he was just barely old enough to drink. His older brother took him to a strip joint and one of the strippers leaned over to shake her breasts in his face. He proposed to Louise that weekend.

* * * *

Woody’s thoughts did not change. He couldn’t stop thinking about Patsy, not even after his daughter’s phone call. He was still adamant about not apologizing to Patsy. As far as he was concerned, there was nothing to apologize to her about. Nevertheless, he should have been more considerate. He should have told Patsy how pretty she was and he could have kissed her again. And now, thinking about it, dammit, he should have taken her to bed and made love to her. That’s what he really wanted to do, and what he has wanted to do for three whole days, and truthfully, longer than that. Like a teenager, he wished he hadn’t washed his hand. He drove all the way home with his hand over his nose and had a dream that night that he could still smell her. When he woke up he was holding his erection and it was throbbing.

So, why wasn’t he doing something about it? Because he was aware that he is twenty years older than she is and he does not want to be thought of as a horny old man chasing some young pussy. She is not even twenty-five and he’s getting close to fifty, for God’s sake. However, he still was not going to call her and apologize. The real problem was that Woody was afraid he would say something dumb if he did try to talk to her and make the whole situation that much worse. (Woody doubts Patsy knew anything about it.) He has never been sure how many of his friends know. He certainly hopes his daughter does not know. And if she doesn’t know, Patsy probably doesn’t know, either. Louise admitted she told a few of her friends. How many she told, he is not sure, but one was too many. It is possibly one of the reasons all those women wanted him. They may have heard some sort of gossip.

The truth is his penis is big. Not just long, it is also thick. Louise was a virgin when they married and it took more than a week for them to get his whole penis inside her. The first few nights, it was painful for her and uncomfortable for him. Maybe he pushed too hard, and too fast, because he was young, aroused, and in a hurry, and did not know how to make it easy for Louise’s body to accept him. She was determined though, because she wanted children. But she was also a very small woman. Now, thinking about it, he cannot forget the look on Patsy’s face when she looked down at the front of his pants. He was afraid she had heard some of the gossip.

Young boys are curious and competitive. One incident and his name, Woody, was permanent. To her dying day, his mother called him Woodson. She always called his older brother Richard, but to his friends, he was Dicky, for good reason. When Dicky was in the military and was overseas, he claimed instead of him paying the whores; they wound up paying him. Woody isn’t sure he believes his brother, but Dicky swore it was true. Dicky is also on his fourth wife and probably fucking, as often as he can, the one who will be number five.

* * * *

The situation was not going to resolve itself without some kind of action on his part. After a shower and a shave, and waiting as late as he dared, Woody was on his way to see Patsy. He was as nervous as he was the time he proposed marriage to a woman. What he was going to ask Patsy may not be quite that important, but he hoped he was a little smarter than when he was twenty years old, too. He just hoped he wasn’t as tongue tied as he was almost thirty years ago.

When Woody knocked on her front door, Patsy was at the door quickly. Woody assumed she heard his car door close after he pulled into her driveway. Patsy didn’t say a word. She took a step back and opened the door wider. Woody opened the storm door and stepped inside, and grasping the doorknob in his hand, quietly closed the door behind him.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I thought a visit would be better than a telephone call.”

“Oh. Yes, I guess so. May I…would you like a cup of…or, maybe, ah, do you want something stronger?”

“Coffee sounds fine, Patsy.” At least the ice is broken allowing them to talk to each other without too much embarrassment.

Patsy’s hair was damp and she was wearing an oversized t-shirt that reached about half way down her thighs, which probably meant she was getting ready for bed. Looking at her, Woody was not sure what she was wearing underneath the shirt, because the dark blue color was not transparent. She was not wearing a bra that much was obvious, her breasts swayed smoothly when she turned to walk to the kitchen. If his fingers tingled to touch her, he hid it well. Woody leaned against the kitchen cabinet across from where Patsy stood to set up the coffee pot. He crossed one of his ankles over the other and folded his arms across his chest. It was the same place, and the same position, in which he stood several times during the three days he worked on the shelves in her office. He was comfortable in her kitchen. He may have been nervous, but not because he was standing in that room.

When Patsy had the coffee pot filled and turned on, she turned around and leaned against the kitchen counter across from Woody. She wasn’t necessarily avoiding looking at him but she did not turn her face away from him either. She was just not looking him in the eye as she had done so easily a few months earlier.

“I wish I had stayed the other day,” Woody admitted quietly. She may have nodded, but he is not certain. Her head just went down the one time and then back up. “Patsy, will you come over here and kiss me, or let me kiss you?”

Her voice was very quiet, “Why?”

Trying for a friendly tone and giving a crooked smile, Woody said, “Oh, because I enjoy kissing a pretty woman. Or, because you are willing to show me you aren’t angry with me.”

Patsy looked up at him. “Oh no, I’m not angry. I thought you might be…you know…mad at me for letting you…”

Without saying another word, Woody uncrossed his ankle, and just stood there. He held out his arms to her and, as if Patsy knew exactly what to do, stepped between his legs, putting her arms around his neck. She lifted her face to his, and kissed him. Woody noticed her lips were stiff and tight. He broke the kiss and placed his hand on the back of her head, pushing her to rest against him.

“It’s a little difficult to change the way you think about a person, isn’t it? I was the father of your friend and now I’m a man. You were my daughter’s friend, but now you’re a woman. A woman I desire.”

Rather than responding, Patsy simply nodded. Much as he told her in the bathroom the other day, Woody said, “Its okay, Honey. It really is okay.” He gave little thought to his use of the term of endearment, Honey. However, he couldn’t help it because it was how he thought of her. He took a deep breath, tightening his arms around her. “But I did enjoy that. Whew. For several months, I’d been beating myself up for the feelings I was having. The chance to touch you like that was more than I could resist. If I offended you, I am sorry. Honey, I am not sorry for a single thing I did. I enjoyed it and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.”

“Why didn’t you stay? I mean…I would have…maybe.”

“Yeah, maybe…and I guess I left for the same reason. That’s why it took me so long to come back over here. I was afraid. I probably still am, but I was too interested in you to stay away.”

“I thought it was…you know, just me. I mean…I shouldn’t want…well, not my friend’s…” As if a switch turned on inside her head, Patsy stepped back and said, “I’ll pour the coffee.”

Woody reached for her as she backed up. He put his hand on her shoulder and shook his head. “Maybe later, right now, I want something else.”

“Oh? What?” Her question was so innocent, for a moment, Woody did not know if he would tell her the truth.


Patsy took another step back, ending up against the opposite counter top, which was not quite as far away as she expected. A slight surprise showed on her face as she put her hands behind her to touch the cabinet top. The movement of her arms stretched the t-shirt across her breasts, unintentionally showing Woody that her nipples were hard and prominently pressing against her shirt. He didn’t have to see those nipples because had already felt them against his chest when he was holding her.

She had not rejected him, but neither had she accepted him. She tried to smile, but only managed a nervous quiver of her lips.

“Does that bother you?” Woody asked, wondering if she said no, how much farther he would go in pursuing her.

Patsy shook her head, but said nothing. “I want you now, Patsy. Do you understand that?”

“Alright, yes, okay…I want you, too. I wanted to tell you, but…I’m not sure I can…” Patsy did not finish her sentence, because she looked down at the crotch of his pants.

“Damn.” Woody muttered under his breath. “Who told you?” Maybe he should have asked a little more pleasantly, but if Patsy knew something, she heard it from another woman. A man would not say anything to a young woman like her, at least none of the men who might know the actual truth.

“I heard Mother and Aunt Jean talking.” She lifted her face to look at him but she was still not comfortable looking him in the eye. “It was a few months after your wife… It was about…about who would…the woman that would get you…next. It was like…it was a contest. You know…the winner was going to…” She looked away from him, still embarrassed.

Woody turned around, braced his hands on the countertop behind him, and laughed. He tried to suppress the laughter but was unsuccessful. Then he groaned, long and low, almost a growl. Patsy stepped over to him placing one hand on his back. To her surprise, he turned, put his hands under her arms, and quickly lifted Patsy up to sit on the counter. Though Woody doesn’t consider himself a strong man, he noticed that Patsy wasn’t as heavy as he thought she might be. He sat her on the counter because he wanted her at the same eye level as he was.

“Oh lord, honey. I don’t know why those women bother.” He tried to keep his comment light, but he did not like knowing she might be so concerned. “I have to laugh about it. It’s not what you think.”

When Patsy started to move, Woody stopped her, placing his hand flat on her stomach. “I’ll show you mine, but only because I’ve already seen yours. Okay?” When she nodded, he added, “But I’d rather do it a little more privately than the middle of your kitchen.”

“Oh good. Okay,” she said, as she hopped down from the counter. Woody was surprised she sounded so pleased, almost excited, at the possibility of seeing what amounted to a naked man. She took his hand and began to lead him across the living room, toward the hall.

Woody tugged on her hand to stop her. “Lights and doors Patsy. Turn off the lights and lock the doors. Unless you run me off, I’m staying the night.”

“You mean…” she turned toward him, letting go of his hand, but did not raise her eyes above the top few buttons of his shirt.

“Yes. This isn’t fuck and then I go home. I intend to make love to you and it may take me all night to do it.”

Her expression turned serious, “But, what if I can’t…” her eyes looked up to his, and then she quickly looked down.

Woody stood in the middle of her living room. “Patsy, I’m going to make love to you. I’m not asking you for anything but to allow me to give you some pleasure. It’s not about what I want, what I have, or who I am. It’s about you.”

“But won’t you want… I mean you can’t… You’ll want to…” Her eyes dropped a little further, below his belt, but she quickly raised them. However, Patsy still did not look him in the eye.

“Stop,” he said gently. “I am not a young thoughtless stud only interested in myself and what I want. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. Now, if we both understand that, please turn off the lights, lock the doors and we will enjoy each other as long as we can, before one, or both of us, is asleep or exhausted.”

Woody stood in the middle of the living room, watching Patsy as she checked the back door, locked the front door, and turned off the light in the kitchen. During those chores, she occasionally stopped for a moment and looked at him, but he did not move. He was patiently waiting for her to be ready to go to bed.

When she walked to stand in front of him, he took her hand and looked at her, but did not move. She looked up at him, as if the ask, What is the reason for this delay? As if he could read her mind, Woody said, “I only have one more question. Are you on some form of birth control?”

Patsy looked down the hall, but turned her face back to him. “Y-yes, ah, yes I ah, I take a pill every day.”

“Good. Are there any questions you want to ask me?” Woody waited a moment, and then added, “I’ll tell you anything you want to know about my past sexual partners or experiences, but I will not give you any names. Is that fair enough?”

“Do you…should I tell you… I mean, do you want to know the same information?”

“Not right now, Honey, I just want to be honest with you and hope you feel you can be the same with me.”

As they walked down the hall, Patsy said, “I’m not…well, I don’t do this. I mean, not like some girls.” She talked through her nervousness, which told him more than the words themselves said. “I’ve been to bed with a few boys, but not… They didn’t seem to like, well, I don’t go out a lot. I mean…to meet, ah…men.”

While going to her bedroom, Woody had a quick, very serious talk with himself. This young woman’s lack of experience was greater than he thought. Also, his feelings for her were much stronger than he thought. He admitted he might not be able to keep himself from wanting more than an occasional night or afternoon with her.

Woody walked to the bed and sat down to take off his shoes and socks, as if he had done this many times before. Patsy remained standing just inside the door of her bedroom.

“Come here, Honey,” he motioned her over to him. When Patsy drew near him, Woody put his hands on her waist and pulled her between his knees. “Tell me one thing you like about being in bed with a man.”

She grinned, put her hands on his shoulders, and looked over his head, when she said, “You’re warm.”

“Oh my,” Woody chuckled easily. “You will enjoy me. I’m told I am a furnace.” He moved his hands to Patsy’s back and pressed her closer to him until he could put his mouth against her, to blow his hot breath through her shirt. She wiggled a little from the tickling sensation and Woody pushed her back a little so he could stand up.

He lowered his hands and lifted the bottom edge of her shirt. “Can I take this off, now?” Patsy nodded once and held her arms out. He pulled the shirt up and over her head. She stood before him in just her tiny pink bikini panties. He didn’t want to undress her any further because he already knew what was inside those panties.

“Oh, Honey, you are so pretty.” And she was pretty. Woody may have wanted to touch every inch of bare skin he saw, but he knew Patsy was nervous, so he would wait. He had all night to enjoy this woman. Instead, he gazed at her breasts, they were full, slightly heavy looking, with dark areolas and slightly raised nipples. He slid his hands across the tops of her shoulders, which felt tense and rigid. Brushing the soft curls away from the sides of her face, Woody leaned over to kiss her softly. His hands moved down her arms and brought her hands to the bottom of his shirt as he helped her pull his shirt over his head. Woody tenderly held her hands again, moving them to his belt buckle. He helped her loosen the buckle until his pants fall to the floor. Woody was now standing before her in his boxer shorts and nothing else.

When Patsy took a step back, Woody held her upper arms for support as he stepped out of his pants. His hands lightly caressed her arms, slowly moving them downward, until he grasped her hands in his. Thankfully, his erection had not developed fully, perhaps due to his own nervousness or a very strong will, which kept his attention on other things. Still holding Patsy’s hands he lowered them to the front of his shorts, closing one around the base of his shaft through the fabric, the other between his legs to cup his balls within his shorts.

“Okay?” Woody asked. Patsy didn’t say a word, still standing there as she held him; she partially opened her fingers, and then closed them around his penis once again. “Women talk, repeating what they hear, and pass along what they think is juicy gossip.” She looked up at him then dropped her eyes to look at his chest, and nodded. He leaned a little nearer to her and whispered in her ear, “None of them really know and it can be our secret.” When he straightened up, she was beginning to smile. He told her, “But I can assure you it still works.”

He held her wrists and moved her hands up to rest against his chest. Her hands were cold and stiff, with only her palm and the tips of her fingers resting against him. He took a deep breath, tried to relax, and felt her do the same, yet he felt a slight tremor go through her hands.

“Oh my, you are so pretty,” he told Patsy again when he moved his hands to rest them on her shoulders. “I don’t know where to start. I just want to enjoy you.” Woody leaned forward and placed his lips against the side of her neck, feeling the softness of her skin, the rush of her blood, and the slight tremor of her nervousness, and he smelled the clean scent of her freshly washed hair.

Woody moved his mouth to her cheek, lightly touched each eye, and softly brushed across her forehead before touching his lips to her temple. He placed his lips on her mouth, touched her lightly and raised his head to see Patsy had closed her eyes. Seeing this he pressed his lips against hers more firmly. Woody was looking for a sign to see if Patsy was comfortable with this so for. He received the sign, when she lifted her head for the next kiss. She slid her arms across his chest and put her arms around him. Her hands were still a little cold, but that was okay as far as Woody was concerned.

Finally, Woody could really hold her. He put his arms around Patsy, pulling her a little closer, and this time really kissed her. He tilted his head to one side, slid his mouth across hers, and then did it again until she was comfortable enough with his mouth on hers for her to part her lips. He touched her lower lip with his tongue and left a trace of moisture. She opened her mouth a little farther, and he did the same thing with her upper lip. His hand went behind her head and pressed it toward him. Woody simply wanted to hold her, allow her to feel the warmth of him around her, and let her be comfortable in his arms.

How long Woody stood still, simply holding Patsy, he did not know. Sometime in the minutes of closely touching each other, their breathing grew slower and deeper, in unison with each other. Her clammy hands finally turned warm and lay flat against him until she was slowly moving them, up and down his back. The caress was so light he almost missed it. When he tilted his head down to look at her, she had turned her face for a light touch of her mouth on him. She lifted herself onto her toes for her next kiss, to the base of his neck. In turn, Woody tilted his head down farther, to take her next kiss on his lips.

Their next kiss was not like his previous gentle kisses. Nor was it like her tentative kisses. It was something else. It was electrical, a buzz up his spine, a tingle to his scalp, and the most mouth-watering experience he could recall. He felt chills on her skin and perspiration break out across his shoulders. Her mouth was hot; her tongue was relaxed when he touched it with his own, as he felt her arms tightened around him. It lasted forever. He did not want to separate himself from her. He may have lifted her off her feet.

When Woody could no longer bear the intensity, he lifted his head and rested his forehead against hers. Her face flushed, she tilted her head back, and she closed her eyes, her dark lashes resting against her skin. Her mouth was open, she was breathing hard, almost panting, and a tear was moving down her cheek.

“You’re a beautiful woman,” Woody whispered. “Someone I can cherish, hold, and protect.” He pulled her tight against him and held her until her breathing slowed.

Woody finally took a step backward, slowly taking his arms from around Patsy. “Better now?” he asked. When she opened her eyes and nodded, he told her, “Turn the bed down and if you don’t mind, I’ll take this side.”

Patsy moved to the other side of the bed. He copied her actions as she pulled the spread down, folded the top of the sheet and blanket down and replaced her pillow. She lifted her side of the covers and slid into her bed. After folding back the covers on his side of the bed, and turning off the bedside lamp, Woody lay down and turned toward her. He placed one arm on the other side of her and braced himself above her, leaned forward and kissed her once.

“Do you know what I want?” he asked quietly. She rolled her head from side to side. She was usually quiet anyway, but she had not said very much since he walked in her front door. “I want you to talk to me.”

Her first spoken word was, “Talk?” She asked, not sure if she understood him.

“Yes, just talk,” he said easily. “If I touch you like this,” placing his hand against her cheek, “And you like it, tell me you like it, or just say, “Yes.” He leaned over and kissed her gently. “And if I kiss you, or touch you, and you want me to do it again, tell me, “More.” Can you do that?”

“Yes, more,” she answered softly, smiling, looking up at his eyes as if she was finally understanding his instructions.

“My pleasure, Honey,” Woody told her as he returned his hand to her cheek and leaned forward for a much longer kiss. Her response was easy and natural. She opened herself to him, pulled him toward her, and moved her mouth over his. As the kiss continued, Woody slipped his arm under her and felt Patsy put her arms around him.

He wanted to taste her, to yield to the temptation he had felt for a long time before the day he acted as her barber. Her response was giving him permission to pull her close to him, nibble on her lips, enjoy one small spot on her neck, and then find another. He gave her the closeness she wanted as her arms tightened around him. He shared his warmth with her, the sensation, and sensitivity of skin against skin. He was careful and tender as his hands moved over her.

He taught her to kiss him, brushing his tongue along the seam between her lips until Patsy opened her mouth. Woody kissed her cheek, but returned to her mouth. He slipped his tongue between her lips and sucked her tongue into his mouth. He nibbled on her earlobe. Patsy turned her head to give him access and hunched her shoulders as a chill traveled along her upper arms and down her back. Woody brushed the tip of his tongue across the tip of hers. He gently sucked her lower lips between his lips, rubbing the tip of his tongue from side to side. Her mouth opened wider and wider, opening herself to him. Her eyes closed and her body completely relaxed. Her hands moved up and down his back and rested on his shoulders, then finally moved to his face to hold his mouth against hers.

Her breathing was faster and Woody stopped counting the times Patsy whispered, “Yes, yes, oh yes,” when he moved his mouth away from hers. He was listening to her wordless sounds, too. She enjoyed being kissed, would moan softly as his mouth and tongue tasted and teased her. He did not rush her. His kisses were soft, easy, and wet. He could taste her, and smell her, a delicious combination of something that was purely her, plus the soap she used, which he remembered from the day he was in her bathroom, and her shampoo. She wanted to kiss him, too. She used her mouth and tongue to discover the different textures of his skin, his freshly shaved cheeks, the skin above his dark beard, the softness under the line of his jaw, and the faint line of whiskers right above his upper lip, which he never seemed to get shaved as close as he wanted.

His mouth moved down her neck, teasing her, tasting her, and feeling her warmth. His mouth left a trail of moisture down the center of her cleavage. He took his arms from around her, heard her whimper of complaint, and rested his palms on her breasts. She inhaled deeply and let her breath out with a wordless moan of pleasure.

Between kisses to the softness under each breast, Woody told her, “So pretty, so pretty, oh so lovely.”

As his mouth neared one nipple, his hand moved to the side of her breast. He rested the flat of his tongue against her nipple and she shivered.

Patsy whispered, “Yes,”, when he drew the areola and nipple into his mouth. She said it again when she pushed her breast against his mouth.

Woody moved the tip of his tongue across her nipple, felt it begin to harden, and heard her saying, “More, more, yes.”

Encouraged by Patsy’s responses and her eagerness for his attention to her breasts, Woody moved his palm back to cover one breast, making a circular motion by moving his fingers on her nipples and cupping her softness in his hand. While he was doing this, he placed his mouth firmly on the other breast. She trembled, quivered, and pushed her breast against him.

She continued to respond to him, using the words he had told her to say, “Yes. Oh, yes. More, Woody. More.”

Woody held her breast in his mouth while he slipped his hands under her back, his cheeks moved in and out, as he suckled, relaxed, and suckled again, his movements keeping pace with her increased breathing. Woody rolled over, taking Patsy with him until she was lying on him, his thigh between her legs. Her head thrown back and turning from side to side, she was unaware of anything but how his mouth was making her feel. He smelled her sex. He felt her heat on his leg, the crotch of her panties was wet and warm against him. She pressed herself against his leg and she moved, feeling the intensity, and stimulating herself on his thigh, unaware she was doing so. He heard the words he had taught her to say, telling him she liked what he was doing, and he heard her wordless pleading, a soft low moan of pleasure.

He moved his hands back to her breasts, pushed against her until she was sitting up, with her hands braced on his chest. He teased her nipples with his thumb, watching her face to see how much stimulation she wanted. When he pressed and rolled her nipple between his thumb and finger, she curled her shoulders forward letting him know it was too much. When he rubbed across her nipple with his thumb, she sat up straighter, her shoulders went back, and she asked for more.

Patsy was panting, her mouth open, and her head hanging down. Suddenly, she was still, her eyes opened wide, and her hands grasped at him, as she shuddered and trembled through a small climax. Then she fell forward onto his chest, panting and sweaty from her exertions. He held her, telling her, “Easy Honey, easy.” His hands went up and down her back, soothing her, stroking her, caressing her.

He listened to her whimper, not sure, if she was confused, embarrassed, or afraid. Woody repeated his words of encouragement. “Its okay, Honey. It’s okay.”

“Woody?” she finally asked.

“Hm-m-m?” he answered lazily, as he allowed her to slide off him. He pushed against her shoulder until she was on her back, so he could taste her breasts again.

“That…I never did that… I mean, without…. I didn’t know I could. I mean, like that.”

“Good,” his voice rumbled against her stomach. With one hand, Woody reached down and lowered her panties. She lifted her hips for him to push the panties farther down. Patsy raised her knees and used her feet to take them all the way off.

“That tickles,” she complained when he put his tongue in her belly button as he moved between her legs.

“Good,” he chuckled and did it again while he pushed against her inner thighs to move her legs farther apart.

Patsy tried to sit up, but fell back on the bed when he blew his hot breath through the now short hair at the top of her mound.

“Oh-h-h,” she released a long low groan and put her hands on the sides of his face when his pointed tongue swept between the lips of her pussy.

“Let me do this for you,” Woody said, lowering his head again despite her hands pressing against his cheeks.

“But that’s…” Patsy tried to say.

“Delicious,” he told her. Woody licked her again, a long slow sweep of his flattened tongue across her lips, and a gentle glide to the fleshy part of her mound.

One of her hands went down to cover herself. Woody’s tongue brushed up her hand, barely able to get between her fingers. “Let me taste you, Honey. I enjoy this.”

She moved her hand up to give him some access. When he swept his tongue all the way up, between the lips, and between her fingers, she removed her hand.

“Oh.” She sounded surprised when he moved his pointed tongue between the lips and brushed across her clit. He felt her thighs tremble. She begged, “Don’t, Woody. Wait.”

He moved up to her mouth and kissed her gently, his tongue wet with her juice. She opened her eyes and her tongue came out to lick the moisture off her lips. “Woody,” she said in surprise when she sampled the taste of herself he left on her mouth.

“I want to make love to you, honey. Just relax and let me do this.”

“But you shouldn’t want to…to do that,” she objects. “It’s not clean.”

“Oh Honey, it’s wonderful. I trimmed it neatly. You washed it. It is part of your beauty. You taste so sweet. If you don’t like it, I’ll stop. I promise.”

She whispered, afraid to voice something she does not know. “Does it mean I have to…?”

“It just means I want to do this for you. That’s all it means. I want to give you some pleasure.”

“But, what am I supposed to do?” she asks.

Finally understanding that she felt she should be participating, Woody told her, “Lie down and relax. This is my gift. I want to show you how much I enjoy what you are willing to share with me. And I want you to tell me how much you like it.”

As if it was his first time to taste the treasures of a woman, Woody took his time. In fact, it may be the first time he found so much to delight him, in the body of a woman. He enjoyed her slender graceful movements. Her pelvis, wide and flat, was not tiny, round or compact. There was substance to her full breasts. Her shoulders were just the right width and her narrow waist, above her hipbones, seemed a natural place for his hands to hold her.

He placed his hands under Patsy’s knees and lifted them. As he began to explore her, she relaxed her knees and allowed them to fall to the side, opening herself further for him. He moved slowly, allowing her to feel what he was doing. He enjoyed sucking first one lip, and then the other, into his mouth, running his tongue under the lip, feeling the soft warm tissues. Patsy breathed in deeply when he formed him tongue into a hard stiff point and ran it up and down between the soft lips, gently moving through the inner lips.

Patsy took a deep breath, moved her hands to rest on his head, threaded her fingers through his hair, and said his name softly, “Woody,” making it sound like a term of endearment. She moaned, her voice going up a note and then down, as if she was slowly sliding down a gentle slope of pleasure.

He moved her legs over his shoulders and pushed his fingers under her, lifting her to his mouth. He placed his thumbs on the swelling outer lips, pushed up and then to the sides, opening her lips, and exposing her glistening clit. His lips nuzzled her, going around in an ever-tightening circle until he pressed his mouth against her and pushed his tongue inside her pussy. He tasted and sucked in the salty sweet flavor of her juices, feeling the heat as it collected and her tissues as they filled with her blood, increasing her arousal.

Patsy moaned something about a tingle when Woody moved his mouth up to rest his flat tongue against her clit. She gasped when he moved his tongue slowly brushing her now hardened nodule. When he slid a finger inside her, she pushed her hips toward him. Perhaps she remembered sitting on her bathroom sink when he did much the same. But she was not nearly so aroused that morning.

Patsy’s breathing increased until she was panting, telling him “Oh,” each time she exhaled. She lifted her hips when he curled his finger inside her, as if he was reaching to tickle the inside of her belly button.

Woody continued moving his tongue across her clit, flicking and stimulating her faster and harder, repeatedly curling and relaxing his finger inside her, until Patsy exploded. Woody’s mouth filled with her salty fluids. What he couldn’t hold ran down his chin. Her hips beat against the bed beneath her, her thighs clamped around his head, and she lifted her shoulders off the bed. Her muscles gripped his finger, at the same time throbbed, and twitched, as she moaned with the intensity of her climax. Her movements were mindless, her cries were natural, a release of the ecstasy she was experiencing.

As Patsy’s thighs began to relax, Woody resumed his assault on the small, hardened collection of nerves. He moved his tongue across the sensitive bud despite Patsy’s efforts to push his forehead away from her. And then she was holding his head against herself as his finger moved inside her. He sucked her clit into his mouth and rubbed his tongue across it, swirled his tongue around it, and lightly scraped his teeth across the top.

“Oh yes. Oh, yes. Oh yes,” she chanted as she rolled her head from side to side. Her voice went higher and louder until she erupted like a geyser for the second time. Hot fluids burst from her in splatters and jets. She groaned and lifted her lower back off the mattress while raising her legs straight up, and then bouncing her hips on the bed. The pounding of her hips were hard thrashing bounces, her whole body moved with the tempo of her climatic muscle contractions.

Woody eased his way upward until he was above her. He held her down, swept his erection through her moisture, and slowly eased the head of his cock inside her. Her muscles contracted and pulled him a little further inside herself.

She put her hand between her legs and clasped his hardness. “Easy honey, easy,” he told her. She moved her hands back up to his shoulders, trying to pull him nearer, and then took his face in her hands, urging him closer for a kiss. He leaned forward and kissed her hard. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and sucked her tongue into his. He spread some of her moisture on her face and down her neck, nipping at the soft skin.

Woody rocked his hips back and pushed forward, letting her feel his cock going into her. He rested a moment and then did it again, watching her face as a small smile spread her lips. He pulled back then pushed a little farther into her and saw her nod, her eyes open in surprise.

“More?” she whispered, still unsure of herself. But her body knew. Her hips moved toward him, pulled back, and moved again, each time he went a little deeper until he was fully sheathed inside her. He was still for a moment, to allow her body to mold itself around him. Patsy shuddered and relaxed her shoulders.

Slowly, he pulled back and pushed against her. Her face showed surprise, and delight, when he was all the way inside her. He pulled back and pushed against her, and then did it a few more times until her movements begin to mirror his. Woody delighted in the satin smoothness of her, the slickness as he moved in and out of her. He watched her beautiful face beneath him as she smiled when he pushed his cock fully inside her and his balls slapped against her.

As their dance of pleasure continued, Woody braced his arms, held himself above her, and allowed her to move. She ran her warm hands up and down his sides, lifted her shoulders to place her hands on his hips, pressed against him, and lifted her own hips to meet his as he moved into her.

He pulled back and tried to keep his strokes shallow, but could not resist full deep movements into her, knowing he was hitting against her cervix. Aware she may be sore tomorrow, he occupied his mind, planning to treat her to a long soak in a bathtub of warm water. He wanted this wonderful time with her to last. He did not want it to end too soon.

Patsy’s thighs trembled, her eyes closed, and her head tilted back as her chin pointed upward. She was almost there, at the top of the mountain. She arched her back, shuddered, and tried to hold him still as the hollow feeling at the base of his cock spread. And then unable to be gentle, he slammed into her, repeatedly, groaning with the effort, perspiration beading his back and chest, dripping from his chin. Pounding against her cervix, earned him a grunt from her each time his balls slapped against her. Her hands gripped his shoulders, braced against him while she lifted her hips trying to force him deeper into her.

He watched her as a dark red blush went from her breasts, up her neck, and across her cheeks. Her face was beautiful, and then almost ugly with the intensity of her approaching climax, and once again beautiful and serene, moments before the depth of her pleasure overtook her.

Woody clenched his jaws, as his body grew rigid with hard thrusts into her. He curved his back as his cock expanded inside her, pounded against her and suddenly, his sperm rippled up his cock and spurted into her like a fountain, the heat causing her to shatter around him. He held her down as she thrashed and bumped against him. No longer able to maintain the even pace, he lurched against her and his head jerked back with each spurt of his cum. He growled an animal sound that gurgled through him and burst into the air, while Patsy opened her mouth and added her own expression of complete abandon to the pleasure of the moment. She throbbed around him, pulled every ounce from him, and held him inside her heat.

Lowering his body, Woody rested his forehead on the bed beside her head. Panting, he drew in great gulps of air, and heard Patsy doing the same. He felt her heart pounding against him as her hands move up and down his back.

He nuzzled her neck, enjoying the salty taste of her exertions and kissed her mouth once, hard and demanding. Her muscles released him and his softening cock slid out of her. It was a separation he did not want, an almost painful end to what was so wonderful, but never lasted long enough. He rolled to the side, turned her, and pulled her into his arms. Patsy trembled as he held her and felt the mini after-shocks, which caused her to twitch.

It was a few long minutes before the roaring inside Woody’s head slowed to a dull thud as his blood flow slowed to a normal pace. As her heavy breathing subsided, Patsy’s hands brushed along his forearms wrapped around her, beneath her breasts.

“Woody?” Patsy finally said, so quietly he was not really sure he heard her.

“Hm-m-m?” he answered as he nuzzled her neck, taking delight when she tilted her head to give him more access to her.

“I…I was afraid,” she admitted. “But, well, I’m not afraid anymore.”

“Good, maybe there is something to say about being with an older man. Do you think?”

“But,” she started to answer, stopped for a moment, and then said, “Woody, you’re not old.”

“I know, honey. I’m just glad you know it too. Your shirt is over here on the floor. Why don’t you go get me that cup of coffee now?”

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