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Another Beautiful Night in Heaven

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Another beautiful night in heaven, as would be expected. The dark blue sky rolled on for what seemed like eternity, the stars shining brightly down onto the soft clouds below. It was perfect. Just like last night. And the night before that, and the one before that, and every other single night, in fact. To most, it would be ideal, the paradise it should be; but not to all.

One angel in particular had got bored of the perfect nights and sunny days centuries ago, and now she was always looking for something else, something different. She did not know what exactly it was that she craved so much, she just knew that she would realise it when it came.

This bored angel, Sophia, had just returned to her heavenly home; a large, grand marble cathedral, on top of a tall raised platform. Yes, it was beautiful and impressive, but so was everyone else’s home, so it was just standard to her. As she walked through the door and closed it behind her, she let out a yawn; it had been a long day of paradise for her. With a flick of her hand she undid the ribbon that held her hair up, allowing her long, golden locks to fall down freely.

“Finally, I can get rid of this big bloody robe…” She muttered to herself, undoing the front and shrugging it off her shoulders gracefully, revealing her gorgeous body. It was normal for angels to look incredible, and she was no exception. Standing at around 5’7”, her body was tight, toned and covered in a blemish less, creamy skin. Her long, slender legs were encased by delicate white stockings running up her to her thighs, a silken white thong covered her secrets, and her firm stomach was left bare. Her bra was of similar make to her thong, holding her C cup tits nicely. The outfit was finished off by classy white high heels, and of course a gentle glowing halo atop her head.

Sophia sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror, enjoying the comfort and freedom of just lingerie. “Why can’t we just wear this out?” She mused to herself, a slight pout on her lips “If everyone is so perfect, we should be able to show it off a bit.” With a huff, she unfurled her large, swan like wings and fell down on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. With a thought, it became transparent, and she could see the sky once more. As she watched, something odd happened, she thought she could see what seemed like a shooting star, but it was bright red, and seemed to be coming closer. It faded from view after a while; just as she was going to forget about it, it happened. Something she had never experienced in heaven. A deafeningly loud thunderclap shook the clouds. Something was wrong.


Thunder in heaven can’t be a good sign; in this case, it wasn’t. It signalled the arrival of a powerful demoness.

“Woops! Was that me?” The demon giggled as she straightened up, casually patting out a flame on her leather miniskirt. “Better get going then, let’s see…” She began to walk and look around, despite her casual appearance she knew she had to be quick, before someone saw her; as powerful as she was, she didn’t like her chances against a horde of angels, and she couldn’t exactly hide easily. Her slightly peach coloured skin was a dead giveaway of who she was, as were her small bat wings, thin horns and long, swishing tail. She stood out even more due to her attire, thigh high, leather, heeled boots, a tiny miniskirt and an equally slutty black leather bra, doing more to show off than cover her large, full DD tits.

As she strolled through heaven her head snapped round, she sensed something. Something very familiar to her, but out of place here. It was only faint, so she followed it, soon finding herself outside the marble cathedral of the bored angel Sophia. It was then that she was able to place the sense she had. It was lust. Pure, fierce and untouched, delicious to the demoness. She licked her lips with her thing, snakelike tongue, and with a flick of her wings she was perched on the window ledge of the cathedral, looking inside.


Sophia had been sitting on the edge of her bed for what seemed like hours, her knees up against her chest and her wings around her. Thunder in heaven was unheard of! She was worried about what it could mean. So when she heard a pattering outside her house, and sensed a presence near her, her head shot up to the ceiling. She saw the demoness immediately. Her eyes widened and she only just held back a scream.

“Who…who are you?” She asked in a small, soft voice. Music to the demoness’ ears.

“A visitor. Are you going to invite me in?” Was the reply Sophia got.

All Sophia could do was nod dumbly, it was all the demon needed. With a hop, she fell into the cathedral and drew herself up to full height, a good few inches taller than the angel. A smirk touched the demon’s lips.

“My, do all angels dress so sexy under those robes? I’d hang out here more often if all angels had tits like those on display” She teased, looking up and down Sophia’s body.

“H-hey!” Sophia closed her wings around her and backed away “These are my…sleeping clothes…is all…” Even as she forced the excuse out, her face flushed a bright red. “And it’s not like you can talk, you look like a slut!”

The demoness just shrugged. “I look how I want to. I use what I have to my advantage” She walked over and sat down on the angel’s bed “What’s the point of such sexy ‘sleeping clothes’ anyway? Are you trying to impress someone?” She raised an eyebrow “Is the innocent little angel out for a good fuck?”

This drew splutters from the angel as she tried to formulate a response “N-No! Of course not! Such lewd thoughts aren’t dreamt up here! You don’t understand the fine points of love!”

“Love?” The demon snorted “Fucking hell, you need to get laid, sweetie, you’re too tense. Come here” With that, the demoness beckoned the angel over and patted her lap.

Sophia couldn’t believe it when she found herself sitting in the demon’s lap, with its strong and supple arms around her delicate waist. She flinched as she felt warm breath in her ear, and a whisper “Just say the word, and I’ll show you what you’re missing.” Sophia let out a slight whimper, she could feel hands on her, one was stroking up and down her soft thigh, the other trailing up her stomach, tantalisingly close to touching her tits, she felt another on the back of her neck…wait a minute…her eyes flew open and she saw that on her thigh was a tail!

“Demon!” She gasped, trying to push herself away “No! Get away from me, I’m not a slut!”

The demoness rolled her eyes and pushed the angel away, causing her to land in a heap on the bed. “Not a slut, really?” The demoness stood and began to walk around the cathedral, searching through drawers and boxes.

“Hey! Get out of there!” Sophia shouted indignantly “They’re private!”

“I bet they are” The demon responded, reaching in and pulling out a tiny white thong. She threw it over her shoulder into the centre of the room. “Slut.” She stated. A equally skimpy bra followed “Whore” and then, the demon found what she wanted. The angel’s favourite toy, a long, thick dildo, specially shaped with curls for more pleasure. The demon held it like a trophy as she advanced on the angel “Well well, you dirty little bitch…” She hissed.

Sophia looked at her feet, her face flushing a bright red “Yes…” she whispered “I’m a naughty angel…” As she said those words, she felt a dampening on her pussy, her nipples hardened until they poked through her bra.

The demoness chuckled wickedly, advancing on the poor angel, toy in hand “Yes, you are. I could tell right away, even now, you’re getting excited” She reached out with the toy and poked Sophia’s rock hard nipples with it “Do you want me to make you feel good?” She asked with a mock Innocence.

Sophia couldn’t bring herself to look up, she just nodded silently. She felt a hand on the back of her head that forced her to look up at the beautiful demon. She didn’t move as the toy was lightly slapped on her lips. She heard the demon’s words as if through water “Open up then, little angel; show me what you can do with this thing.” To Sophia’s shame, she mindlessly obeyed; opening her mouth and feeling it slide between her lips. Almost by instinct, her tongue flicked around and she began to suck as the demon began sliding it in and out of her full red lips.

“Good girl…” The demoness cooed “Very good, now try it deeper…” With that she pushed a little harder, the toy touching the back of Sophia’s throat, eliciting a slight gag. She tried to move her head back, but the demon took a firm grip of here long, smooth hair, claw like nails digging into the back of the scalp. With this leverage, the demon pulled her head back and forth and pumped the toy harder, fucking the poor angel’s throat with no mercy.

Sophia looked up at the demon with wide, innocent eyes as they began to water, her nostrils flared as she struggled for breath. The room was filled with pathetic ‘Gackgackgack’ noises, emanating from Sophia’s throat. She had never been treated like this, and it was incredible. The demon reached down and took one nipple gently between her viciously sharp nails, pinching and twisting with a slowly increasing pressure.

“Mmmphf! Nnnphfmmhhmm” Was all Sophia was able to wail out with the toy buried in her throat, the pain in her nipple sent jolts through her body, her pussy was now gushing. She couldn’t take it anymore, both hands shot inside her tiny thong as she began to rub and finger her pussy vigorously.

A look of rage flashed over the demon’s face “Bad girl!” She shouted, giving Sophia a harsh slap across the face, sending her hair flying and her lovely body sprawling across the bed. “Bad! Little! Slut!” The demoness bellowed, each word was accompanied by a slap, to both tits, and then her sensitive pussy.

“Ahhhh!” Wailed the angel, the impact causing her tits to fall out of her bra, red handmarks appearing on them. “What did I do wrong?” Sophia had to force herself not to cry.

“Did I say you could touch yourself?” The demoness hissed as she rolled Sophia over, one hand firmly on the back of her neck, forcing her down onto the bed, the angel’s perfect ass sticking up high.

“N-No…but…” Sophia whimpered, interrupted by a squeal as the demon cruelly ripped her thong from her body “Why do I need permission? You don’t…you don’t own me…” The second the words left her lips she regretted it. The demon smacked her ass, hard, sinking her nails in after the contact. She gave the same treatment to the other cheek, again and again, until Sophia’s once creamy smooth ass was covered in red handmarks and gouges from the nails. Sophia was soon sobbing into her bed.

“Oww! Ow! Please stop! I’m sorry! Please don’t hurt me anymore!” She wailed out, the demon gave her on last final hit, square on the pussy, which made the poor angel scream and kick her legs. The demoness bent over the gorgeous angel, pressing her just as sexy body into Sophia’s. She flicked her tongue out over the angel’s ear.

“Say something like that again, and your pretty tits will get the same treatment, understand?” Sophia could only nod, desperately. “Say yes Mistress!” The demon barked, smacking her ass once again.

“Ahhh! Yes Mistress!” Sophia squealed, saying anything to make it stop. The demon rose off her and left her alone for a while to catch her breath, but her relief was short lived. Soon Sophia felt the toy on her pussy lips “Please…” Was all she could get out before it was rammed mercilessly into her soaking pussy. “Ahhh! Fuck! Please…more…” Sophia wasn’t even surprised now when she said that, or that it was the most incredible sensation she had ever felt as the demon drove the toy in and out of her, wet slicking sounds coming from her. She bucked and writhed on the bed, moaning loud and wordlessly. With a wicked smile, the demoness took her clit between two sharp nails and pinched, pulled and twisted it. Sophia screamed in pleasure, babbling incoherently as the mix of pain and pleasure sent her closer and closer to the edge.

“If you want to come, my little whore, you need to submit yourself to me. Give me your soul. You will come back to hell with me, and you will be my toy, forever.” The demoness stopped fucking the angel with the toy as she laid down the ultimatum.

“What? But? No! Please…” Sophia gasped, desperate for release. She whined and wailed, her mind clouded with pleasure. Surely being a slave to such a sexy demon couldn’t be too bad? “Yes! Okay! I submit to you! My soul is yours forever Mistress! Now please let me cum!” She howled.

Her reward came soon. The toy kept on pumping and the demon played with her pussy, pushing her closer, closer towards the edge. Her eyes screwed shut, Sophia opened her mouth and let out a long, loud, wordless scream as pleasure erupted inside her. Her pussy exploded, soaking her bed, the toy and her new Mistress’ hands. Her entire body quivered as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her. Her mind was opened to a whole different kind of pleasure, and after what seemed like hours, her orgasm subsided. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around. She knew she wasn’t in heaven anymore. She was surrounded by rocks, a red sky, and a large, terrifying black castle stood in front of her.

“Welcome home, sweet thing” The demoness cackled, pulling Sophia by her hair towards her. She planted a firm kiss on her lips. She muttered an incantation, and Sophia felt a burning around her neck. With a screech, she fell to the floor. When the pain was gone, she looked down and saw an intricate, red leather collar. Her lips quivered as she sobbed softly. She was now owned.

“Now then, it’s my turn” The demoness and with that, she forced the once innocent angel by her hair up onto her knees, to her new place, and pushed her beautiful face into the demoness’ own dripping wet pussy.

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