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Annette’s Barter

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You had to be living under a rock this past year not to know the economy is in the pooper. But even in these economic hard times, people continue to buy houses. So it was when the old two-story cottage beside me went up for sale in the last quarter of 2007. It sat empty for nearly a year until a middle-aged woman purchased the property.

That middle-aged woman turned out to be Annette. She worked as an ICU nurse at the local hospital. Standing all of about five foot five, she wore a tight curly perm in her light brown hair, which just reached down to her shoulders. With smallish tits and small frame, Annette was a petite girl. I doubt she weighed in at more than a hundred pounds soaking wet.

There’s no way anyone could have considered Annette a Playboy centerfold. She certainly wasn’t drop dead gorgeous by anyone’s measure, and you could tell she had a few miles on her. She had a nice figure, but she always seemed to hide it under blue jeans and sweaters. You could pass her in a Wall-mart, and you’d never turn around to watch her go by. Yet, she was cute and had and outgoing personally that seemed to draw you to her.

Over the course of several months she would stop and make small talk with me when I would be outside working on the landscape. I would go out of my way to catch her attention. I got to know her more as she opened up with her life. I knew she was forty-eight, divorced with no children. She lived alone and did not have a steady boy friend.

Sometimes she would stop over and bring me something special she had cooked, as she knew I lived alone. We would talk for hours when she and I felt chatty.

So, one Friday evening I was sitting out on my deck, just staring out into space when Annette came over and set down beside me.

“What up Frank? You look like you’re kind of out there.”

I looked up. “Well Annette, today’s the third anniversary of my wife’s death.”

“Damn Frank, I didn’t know. You never mentioned this before. Want to talk about it?”

“There’s not much left to talk about Annette. I was busy here in the house. She said she needed a few things at Wall-mart and asked if I wanted to go with her. I told her to just go herself as I was busy.”


“I never got to tell her I loved her.”

“Oh Frank, I am so sorry,” Annette whispered.

“She was stopped at a light. A drunk driver came up the exit ramp the wrong way and hit her head on. She never knew what hit her.”

Annette leaned over and in a soft voice said, “It wasn’t your fault.”

“Yeah, I know it wasn’t, but you know how those thoughts stay in your head.”

“Frank, have you ever thought about getting a girlfriend?”

“I have a nice girlfriend, Joyce, but I don’t know if we will ever click.”

“Bad in bed?” Annette chuckled, trying to lighten the mood.

“Oh no, she’s okay in bed, but there’s something lacking.”

“What’s that?” Annette inquired as she brought us both some coffee from my kitchen.

“Well don’t think me a pervert or anything, but Joyce won’t wear pantyhose for me.”

“You’re kidding? Right?”

“Nope, not in the least. I really enjoy seeing a classy lady wearing pantyhose and high heels. Really puts the steam into these old pipes of mine, if you know what I mean.”

Annette’s face turned pink as she blushed with embarrassment.

“Well I can’t blame her. I don’t like wearing pantyhose either. They’re hot and they scratch and they’re basically uncomfortable as hell.”

“Ah, you’re wearing those cheap brands from the value stores and the drug mart. Get good name brand pantyhose and you will see and feel that the difference is night and day.”

“Speaking of hose, I will have to wear some tomorrow when I go to the bank for my appointment. Might wear something a bit more businesslike instead of jeans and sneakers. I want to look my best, you know!”

“I’d like to see that! You in a skirt, I mean!”

Annette pushed for more information as the subject matter became more intimate and asked, “Well what do you do then if your girlfriend won’t wear pantyhose for you?

“Well, again, don’t make me out as a sicko, but once, maybe twice a month, I’ll go down to the local titty bar. For fifty bucks a girl will give me a private show wearing pantyhose and high heels. I get to touch her and feel her up from head to toe. Of course there’s no sex there and Christ, some of those girls are young enough to be my daughter. I just get to feel, touch and watch for an hour. Hell, for twenty bucks more she’ll masturbate for me wearing hose while I watch.”

“She does what?”

“She pleasures herself while I watch. I know it’s an act and she’s faking it, and she knows she’s faking it.”

“Frank, that’s…”

“I know what you’re thinking. It’s been a subject of great tension between Joyce and me. Sometimes she’ll give in and wear pantyhose for me, but I know deep down inside she’s not into it and more than likely never will be. We don’t see each other very much anymore.”

“Did you explain things to her?”

“Yeah, but we always end up with an argument about it. It’s easier to just pay the fifty bucks or so and be done with it.”

As the night grew longer, Annette had to make tracks herself as she had that important appointment with the bank next morning. She gave me a quick peck on the forehead and said she hoped I felt better after talking things out.

The next morning brought plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. A great day for some yard work. I saw Annette’s car pull into her drive. She got out and headed toward her house. She looked well dressed in a navy blue skirt that went to her mid calves, along with a white ruffled blouse and what looked like maybe a pair of short heels. Her bright brown eyes were framed with a stylish rectangular shaped pair of glasses. See looked like a CEO for a larger banking firm.

That was the first time I’ve ever saw Annette dressed in a skirt and it made quite an impression. As she got out of her car, her skirt slid up just a bit and I got a glimpse of her legs at last. I could feel my cock stiffen up and had to hide behind my shovel as she got closer.

“Hey sweetie, you look very nice today! Guess you really do own a pair of legs. How did it go with the bank this morning?”

Annette walked over and just kind of dropped her shoulders down.

“Mind if we talk a few seconds, Frank?”

“Sure, no problem. What’s wrong?”

“Ah, that damn bank won’t give me a loan. They say the house’s value is not high enough to cover a home equity loan now.”

“Yeah, the banks got caught giving out some bad loans last year. It’s going to be hard to get a loan these days.”

“I really need the upstairs re-wired. The wiring is old and needs replaced.”

“Doesn’t surprise me. Most of these homes were wired back in the 20’s. Many still have the old tube -and-knob wiring inside. I’ve probably re-wired a dozen on this block myself.”

“Frank! You never told me you did electrical work?”

“Oh, hell, I’ve been an industrial electrician for nearly thirty years now.”

“Would you mind coming over and giving me a price? I had a few companies out already to give me some estimates for the work. I needed the loan to get the wiring done.”

“Sure, let me get some tools.”

After I grabbed a few hand tools, I followed Annette over to her home. I’ve never been inside it before and I was surprised how warm and inviting it was. It was nicely decorated downstairs, but the upstairs needed a lot of work.

Once upstairs, I looked around and made some mental notes of some of the work that needed to be done.

“How much did they quote you?”

“One guy said $2400 and the other was $2600.”

“That’s just about what I was thinking. Neither one is really too far out of line.

I’ll tell you what. I may have most of the material in the garage, leftovers from other jobs, you pay me my labor and I’ll do the rewire for $600.”

“I got turned down at the bank, remember.”

“Yeah, that’s rough.”

“Would you be interested in a barter? Annette asked.

Laughing I said, “What do you have to barter with, Annette? I really don’t plan on going into an ICU unit anytime soon!”

“Me. I want to barter me.”


“What you told me last night out on your deck. I will wear pantyhose for you and you can feel me up. You can strip me naked if you want. You can do to me what you did with those other girls in exchange for rewiring my upstairs rooms.”

“Get serious Annette! Those were young girls looking for a quick buck. What did you tell me the other day, you just turned forty-eight. Christ Annette, I just turned fifty last month.”

“Frank, I am serious. I…I will…I will masturbate for you wearing nothing but pantyhose and high heels.”

I started to unscrew a switch plate then stopped and looked over to Annette. “Annette, you don’t get it. I paid those girls to strip naked, put on pantyhose and high heels, and let me feel them up between their legs. My hands were everywhere. I mean everywhere. I did everything you can think of to them just short of having sex. You don’t understand!”

“I understand.”

“No, I really don’t think you do.”

I bent back down and started working on the switch plate once again.

“Yes Frank. I understand completely.”

“Annette, you have no idea.”

“Frank. Look at me. I understand the price of the barter.”

I turned around and Annette walked closer toward me. She unbuttoned her blouse and took it off, and placed it over a chair. She un-fastened her bra and it dropped to the floor.

Her breasts were on the small size, but they seemed to defy gravity, and appeared both perky and upright on her chest. The room was cool in the early morning, which caused her nipples to harden and stick out nearly a quarter of an inch. She gave each one a quick pinch to swell them up even more. She removed her glasses and ran her hands through her hair, then she shook her head about allowing her hair to fall down to meet her shoulder blades.

Next, she reached behind her midi length skirt, and pulled the zipper down. The skirt drooped as the waist band grew loose. The garment dropped to the floor and she stepped out of it, leaving it where it laid. She was wearing some cheap beige pantyhose, along with a pair of white cotton panties. In less than thirty seconds, Annette stripped down to nothing but her pantyhose and her low-heeled shoes.

Seeing her standing in front of me like that, I dropped my screwdriver on the floor.

“Jesus Christ Annette! What the hell are you doing?”

“A free sample to check the merchandise!”

She extended her hand out to me and I took it. As our fingers locked together, she took my hand and gently placed my fingertips on top of her thigh. She rubbed my hand up and down her pantyhosed leg. She placed her thumbs into the waistband of her hose and pulled them down, stopping at her knees. She spread her legs apart slightly and little by little pulled her panties down to meet her hose. She moved my hand up her thigh, and she placed my fingers on her pussy.

“Go ahead, Frank.”

Without saying another word, I knew what she was thinking. I used my fingers to slightly open her pussy lips. They were tight and up against her. As I explored her pussy, my fingers began to sense her moisture as she started to lubricate with her own juice.

I moved my fingers from her snatch and worked my way up. I could feel that her clit had popped out and was filling with blood, growing thicker as I massaged it.

Annette reached down and removed my hand from her honey pot but instead of pushing it away, she placed it on her breast. She took my other hand and guided it to her other breast, too. They were warm and oh-so smooth to the touch. I run my fingertips around both her nipples as I watched them grow before my eyes. After a few minutes she moved my hands down to her ass. It was as smooth as a newborn baby. She let go of my hands and pulled her panties and pantyhose back up.

“Do we have a barter Frank? You can have me in exchange for your electrical repair work.”

“I don’t know Annette. What you just did was awesome, and for a woman my age, you have an unbelievable body.”

“You can have more of what you just did to me. If asked, I will masturbate for you while you watch and I won’t fake it like the girls you pay. You’ll get the real deal. If you’re not happy, you can call the barter off.”

“Are you sure Annette? I can get rather kinky and it’s been a while.”

“Yes. I will do whatever you ask as long as there’s no sex. That’s not part of the barter. Other than that, whatever you desire I will do for you. You paid seventy bucks for one hour at the titty bar. Would ten hours with me pay for your work?”

” I…I don’t know… An hour at a time?”

“You can combine as many hours as you like. Deal?”

“Ok. Done deal.”

“Great! I’ll draw up a simple barter contract if you don’t mind.”

“Sounds good. When do you want to start?”

“Humm, it’s a bit past noon. How about coming over here about seven tonight for your first payment. When can you start with the rewire?”

“Tomorrow morning would be fine.”

“Great! See you at seven tonight then.”

With that, Annette picked up her blouse and put it back on. She left her skirt on the upstairs floor as we started down the stairwell, with Annette leading the way.

“Annette, you really do have a fine looking ass!”


Just as I was about to leave, she stopped me and said, “What would you like me to wear tonight? I almost forget to ask.”

My head was still spinning from what happened upstairs a brief fifteen minutes ago. I stumbled to gather my thoughts.

“Ah, well Jesus, Annette. I guess… First off, don’t wear any of those cheap pantyhose brands you have. Go get some good hose. Better get more than one pair too. Different shades would be nice as well.

“With what I just saw upstairs, you have a fine little figure. You should show it off. So, how about wearing a short summer dress. Have on some nice lacy panties to show off that tight little butt you have. I think suntan pantyhose would look great on you. Complete your look with some black high heels. Oh. Yeah. Have some extra clothes ready and a few different pairs of high heels out. You do own some high heels don’t you?”

“Yes! What girl doesn’t?”

Giving her a last chance to back out, I asked her, “Are you sure you want to go through with this Annette? You don’t have to, you know. You could try for another loan from another bank.”

“A deal is a deal.” And with that she extended her hand out and we shook to confirm the barter was on.

I tried spending the rest of the day taking inventory of the materials I had stored in the garage. It was hard keeping focused, knowing the minutes and hours were counting down toward seven. As much as I tried to keep my mind off of the coming evening I seemed to be carrying around a massive hard-on under my jeans. Hell, I bet the neighbors must have thought I really liked to clean out the garage.

I kept busy the rest of the day. I took a shower before putting on some nice casual clothes. I watched the clock and around ten till the hour, I headed over to Annette’s house. I was just about to knock on the front door when Annette opened the door.

“Hi Frank! Come on in.”

As I had instructed earlier in the day, Annette was wearing a short floral dress having a hemline that reached an inch or so above her knees. She had on the black high heels I requested, too. I could see the outline of a red bra hiding just underneath her dress. The dress had some buttons that went down to about her waist, the first few remained unfastened which exposed whatever cleavage her small breasts could generate. A gold necklace finished out the outfit. She had applied makeup and her lips were red with lipstick.

“Annette, you sure look great!” I proclaimed as I ran my eyes up and down her petite frame.

“You clean up nicely, too!” she replied.

Although it was hard taking my eyes off of Annette, I finally noticed the room was aglow with various candles. Soft music filled the living room. Clearly Annette set the stage for her end of the barter to begin.

“This is quite a departure from what I am used to at the titty bar. They have that head-banging music up so loud you can’t hear yourself think. The girls chew gum like cattle grazing, too.”

“No gum here!” Annette laughed while she led me to the living room.

We sat down on the living room couch and made some small talk. She showed me the barter contract she had drawn up. Basically it read exactly like what we had discussed earlier that day. However, I noticed the “no sex” clause was not there, perhaps just an oversight by Annette. She had her name signed on one line at the bottom of the contract with a blank line for me to sign next to it. She handed me a pen and I put my name to the paper.

Annette looked up at the clock on the wall. “Well?”

“Well what?” I asked.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been with a man in a setting like this. That’s all.”

“Annette, if you’re having second thoughts, say so and I’ll go back home.”

“NO! It’s fine. It’s just been a while, that’s all. My long time boyfriend dumped me for a younger women a few years ago.”

“What a fool!” I looked over at her and said, “One or two hours?”

“Let’s make it two. Just to get things moving along.”

“Well hell then, let’s see some leg!”

Annette stood and moved in front of the coffee table. She dropped her arms by her side.

“You’re very attractive you know.”

I could see her blush a bit even in the dim candle lit room. She looked down at the floor and said, “Thanks Frank.”

With that Annette placed one of her heels onto the top of the coffee table and pulled the hemline of her dress up past her thigh. She ran her hands up and down her hosed legs several times, then looked up to me and said, “You like this Frank? Do you like this? Want to see more?”

I just nodded as I could not seem to find the words. She stepped back and then moved in between the coffee table and the couch I was setting on. As she bent down to grab her dress’s hemline, I got a peek of her breasts hiding under her bra.

Annette then lifted her dress up to the point the hemline was across her chest. She spread her legs, giving me a fantastic view. I was delighted to see Annette had chosen sheer-to-the waist pantyhose. I saw her red bikini panties just covering a freshly trimmed bush hiding under her sheer hose.

“What would you like to do to me in my pantyhose, Frank? Does it turn you on? Do you want to see my ass covered in pantyhose just for you, Frank?”

She turned around, lifted the rear of her dress and then bent over, tightening her pantyhose against her ass cheeks in the process. She rubbed her ass with her hands and fingered and stoked her crack as she stood there exposed.

She turned toward me again and raised her dress up with both hands. As I sat on the couch, I reached down to her shoes, playing with the leather straps that wrapped around her ankles. Running my fingers back and forth, and over the top of her feet, I pulled at her hose just above her toes, still hiding inside her high heels.

Running my hands up the back of her calves, I could feel the muscles in her legs tighten and relax as she maintained her balance. Up and down, up and down, my hands continued to feel her legs. I reached up higher till at last I had her ass in my grip. Her panties were pushed up into the crack of her ass and I teased her by pulling at their elastic straps. With my firm hands, I grabbed and pulled her ass cheeks, held prisoner by the pantyhose that had encased them. I squeezed them hard.

I pulled her toward me. Her pantyhose was just an inch from my face, and I started to trace the outline of her panties laying underneath her pantyhose with my tongue. Up one side of her hip, I would follow the elastic band down her front and continued toward her pussy. The nylon felt warm and smooth to my tongue as I slid it across the front panel of her pantyhose, taking in the scent of the woman before me. A wet spot between her legs grew larger before my eyes.

As I turned my head, I caught our reflection in the darken screen of the TV. Annette had tilted her head back, allowing her hair to cascade down her shoulders and roll off of her back. She looked like a goddess whom had given herself to me. I took another handful of her ass and she let out a gasp. I released her from my grip and I settled back down on the couch.

Annette dropped the front of her dress down, turned and gave me another shot of her ass by flipping her dress up her back.

“You like my red panties under my pantyhose, Frank? Does it turn you on watching me like this?”

I have to admit, as soon as she placed her heel on the coffee table I had a hard-on and it was getting difficult trying to hide the fact. As I was trying to rearrange things under my pants, Annette tuned back around and caught me in the act.

Blushing, Annette said, “My God Frank! I guess you really do like what you see.”

I patted a spot next to me on the couch, “Come over here.”

As Annette walked back toward me, I could hear her pantyhose swish as her legs moved back and forth as she walked. She took a seat next to me and I nudged her dress up past her knees.

I leaned over and gave her a kiss on her lips. She responded in kind and eagerly took in my tongue. I ran my fingers through her hair, pulling it back so I could place a kiss or two on her ear lobes. For a second I thought I heard Annette let out an oh-so-soft sigh. I took the back of my hand and brushed back and forth across her breasts ever so slightly. I could feel her nipples even through her bra and dress.

I reached down and my hand found her ankle. I ran my hand up her calf then higher past her knee. Her legs were smooth and my fingers glided along her pantyhose. I continued running my hand up and down her leg, taking in the sensation. Knowing I had no boundaries, I ran my hand up her thigh, taking her dress with me.

Like I told her, it had been a while and in no time I had a rock hard cock straining against my dress pants. I tried moving my hips back and forth to find a spot where the pressure was a bit easier on the old boy.

As I continued to suffer from my problem, I had pushed the hemline of her dress up to her waist. I reached down and took both of her feet and swung them up and over my lap. I continued to rub my hands up and down her legs, all the while her dress kept moving upwards until her bare midriff and the top of her pantyhose were exposed. All this time, Annette never made a sound. I couldn’t tell if she was scared, embarrassed, or perhaps enjoying what was happening to her.

As I continued running my hands up and down her legs, I placed my hand in her crotch and quickly discovered her panties were dripping wet. Her wetness had oozed out and had invaded the cotton crotch of her pantyhose. I then knew she was enjoying what was happening to her.

I raised her foot up and removed her high heel. Her toenails were painted a baby blue. I rubbed her toes, taking in their scent. I begun to suck on them all the while as I ran my hand up her calf and to her thigh. Back and forth I would go. I would kiss her toes and then run my hand up her leg as far as I could reach.

Annette begun to move her hips in an undulating motion in sync with my hands as they approached and then retreated from her pussy. She had her breasts in her hands and was making small circles around her nipples even though she still had her dress and bra on.

Then as I ran my hand up the inside of her thighs, she wordlessly spread her legs apart, giving me easy access to her pussy.

It was at this point that Annette could not remain quite any longer.

“Frank. Pull my pantyhose down… Pull my panties down, too.”

“Aren’t I the one that’s suppose to be calling the shots here?”


“Ok…Annette, pull your pantyhose down a bit.”

Annette lifted her ass up and slid her pantyhose down. I stopped her just as the crotch pulled out from between her legs.

“Now your panties, sweetie!”

Before my words bounced around the room, her panties were down and her legs were apart even more.

I reached between her legs and was greeted with a warm gooey mess. I could smell her female essence from her now-exposed pussy which was dripping wet. My fingers slid in and out of her pussy with ease as she twisted about on the couch. I found her clit and began to rub it between my thumb and forefinger. Annette squealed with delight.

“All the way down now Annette, pull your hose and panties all the way down to your feet. That’s it, now spread your knees apart, spread them wide!”

Without thought, Annette pulled the garments down and spread her knees apart, exposing all of her womanhood to me.

I could no longer take the pressure my cock was exerting on my pants, so I slid off of the couch and stood beside Annette, still laying there with her dress hiked up to her breasts and naked from the waist down. I looked down at her manicured and trimmed pussy. Her tiny waist enhanced her hips, giving her a sleek toned look of a woman much younger than she was.

“Annette, I want to see you feel yourself up, to explore your body for me.”

Her hands reached down past her waist and then stopped for a second or two as though she was thinking about what she was about to do. Then, both hands dropped down onto her pussy. By now, her pussy lips had swollen several times their normal size and they required very little touching to make her moan out loud.

“That’s it! Run your fingers in and out. Push them in deep!”

I could see Annette’s eyes were closed and she had her lips held together as tightly as she could without breaking the skin.

In a soft voice Annette said, “Frank, in the coffee table drawer. Open it.”

I turned around and pulled it open. Inside I found a dildo and a vibrator along with a large tube of K-Y.

“My…my…What do we have here?”

I didn’t need any more prompting, and took the vibrator and turned it on. There was no need for the jelly as Annette was just sloppy wet.

I rubbed the vibrator along her trimmed pussy and started working on her clit. It was engorged and stuck out nearly a half-inch. I pinched it between my thumb and the vibrator. She lurched up and squealed again in pleasure.

“Oh…Christ…Inside, put it inside me…Ohhh…Deeper Frank. Ohhh…Sweet Jesus.”

Annette’s face was red-hot and her breathing intense as I ran the small white monster between her legs and up her honey pot. I could see the lips of her pussy were enflamed, and I laid the vibrator between the two fleshy lips. I constantly moved the vibrator from her pussy to her clit and back, which just drove her more and more crazy with delight.

“Frank! I am going to cum. Ohhh fuck me!” I’m…going…to…”

She grabbed her thighs for a second and then jammed both of her hands between her legs pushing, the vibrator and me out of place. She slammed her knees closed and it seemed she shook ever so slightly, then she just stared into space for a minute or two. Finally, she let go of her death grip she had on her pussy as her knees slowly opened up.

She pronounced, “Oh Jesus Christ! That was unbelievable!

Finally, I just couldn’t take anymore of this.

“Annette! Annette!”

She seemed to be in daze, and then she opened her eyes and removed her fingers from between her legs.

“I need you out of that dress. Come stand beside me.”

Annette pulled her dress down and tried to regain her composure. After she pulled her pantyhose and panties back up, she slid her heels back on. She stood and moved a few steps toward me.

Still trying to regain her composure she asked, “What would you like me to do?”

“Well, you can un-button the front of your dress for starters.”

As Annette released button after button her bra came into view. Her breasts were just barely contained by the lacey thin material. Her nipples had grown large and pressed into the thin nylon. It was clear Annette was getting turned on by this slow strip she was commanded to do. I could tell she was having a hard time with the buttons. I don’t know if she was having second thoughts again, now that it was coming down to crunch time. Or perhaps she was still trying to regain her footing after she came on the couch. The last few buttons seemed to take a very long time to pop open. The top of her dress hung loosely over her shoulders. The gold necklace caught some reflections from the candles giving her a mystic look.

I took a few steps and positioned myself behind her. She was so short in stature; I could rest my chin on her head, taking in the perfume of her hair as I did so.

Putting my arms around her waist, I pulled her tight up against me as my head lay across her shoulders. My rock hard cock pushing against my pants took her by surprise. She let out a sigh while she reached behind and pulled at the bulge in my pants.

I run my fingers leisurely up her midriff to finally reach her breasts, still hiding under her lacey red bra. I cupped each firm breast in my hand. She was breathing in short shallow breaths, and I felt each of her hot breaths blowing across my cheek. I released my grip from her breasts and took a step back.

I released two more of the buttons and the dress became baggy and dropped across her shoulders, and I pulled it down toward her waist. I popped the bra’s hook and the garment fell from her breasts. It too fell to the floor as it slid down her arms.

I turned her about and begun to play with her breasts. As I rolled her nipples around with my fingertips I could feel her sway with my touch. Even with her heels on, I had to bend down to kiss and suck her nipples. As I continued to caress her, she dropped her hand down to her bush and begun to lightly rub her bush from outside her pantyhose. With each kiss I placed on her breasts, she cooed and gave out small, almost faint, moan.

“Ohhh… Kiss them harder!”

As I ran my mouth from breast to breast, I would stop and gently bite her nipple, dragging my teeth across them. Little by little, it started to push her over the ledge as Annette threw her arms around me, holding me tightly against her body.

She whispered into my ear, “Don’t let go of me Frank. Please don’t let me go! I’m cumming again.”

I could feel her heart pounding in her chest as we stayed locked in our embrace. I could feel the orgasm take over her as it pulsated from her pussy and down to her toes. In a minute it was over and she loosened her grip and dropped her arms.

Now I’m not sure this happened, perhaps it was the music, the moans she was making, or my old ears, but while we were embraced, I thought I heard her say, “I love you.” in a almost inconceivably soft tone.

All of this was just too much for me and I could no longer contain my cock pushing against my pants. As Annette stood there wearing nothing by a smile, her pantyhose and high heels, I retreated back to the over-stuffed couch.

“I am sorry Annette. I know this was not part of the barter, but I have to get some relief.”

I kicked my shoes off and quickly got out of my pants and boxers. My cock was straight up in the air as I sat back down on the couch. Now I won’t be on the cover of Men’s Health magazine anytime soon, but I still play with the boys and the old body is in fairly good shape.

Annette’s eye grew bigger as they locked onto my manhood.

“I did that to you?” Annette inquired.

“Well hell yes! Who do you think did this?”

“I was told by my ex boyfriend I couldn’t excite a man anymore.”

“Well what the hell do you call this?” as I pointed down at the hard-on I had between my legs.

“I am telling you right now. I’m about ready to explode! It’s been a while since I’ve been with a woman and with you looking like you do right now, the soft light, and music. Christ, it’s a wonder I’ve lasted this long.”

Annette giggled with delight and asked, “Just about anything would make you cum?”

Laughing, “Yeah, I’m on the verge! Perhaps we should cool it a bit to let me calm down. I was hoping to get you into, and out of, some other pantyhose before the clock runs out.”

Annette grew a wicked, evil grin on her face; she stepped out of her dress and kicked it aside. Walking closer to me, she positioned her pussy a measly three feet from my face. I saw her hands reach down and gently pull her pantyhose down as she gyrated her hips back and forth in a sultry grinding motion. As her hips moved back and forth, she lowered her panties.

“Oh…Annette…I can’t hold it back…”

Embarrassed, yet excited beyond words. I had reached the point something had to give. I had to jerk off or I knew I would explode.

Just as I was about to relieve myself in front of my friend Annette, when she called out, “Frank!”

I looked up and Annette had begun to feel herself. She was grinning ear to ear with delight as she slowly stroked her hole, her eyes transfixed on my cock, its head deep pink with blood. She knew it would be only a few seconds before I could not handle any more of this; she was right!

That was it. The damn broke. In one huge pump, my cock let go and blasted cum high into the air. A warm stream came thundering out and then fell back onto my stomach. Again and again cum shot upwards toward the ceiling with each surge from my cock, only to come back down on me.

“Ah shit! Goddamn it Annette! Look at this! Christ, I’ am sorry. I didn’t plan on this happening.”

As I looked down at an increasing limp dick, I heard Annette’s pantyhose waist band snap against her skin.

She took a seat next to me on the couch and placed her hand into mine.

“I suppose we’re done aren’t we?” I asked.

“You have no idea how this makes me feel, Frank.”

“What? How it makes you feel? Damn sweetie, this is embarrassing as hell. Drug companies market pills to keep this from happening.

“No, it’s you that doesn’t understand this time Frank. You see when you’re a woman and you grow older, most of the men decide you don’t have what it takes to be sexual. When Paul ran off with that twenty-something…well it just about destroyed my self-esteem. I couldn’t get any dates. I tried the bar scene but all that the guys wanted were the young hot chicks. No one wants me, I’m too old.”

“I take it Paul was your boyfriend?”

“You mean my ex-boyfriend.”

“Okay, your ex-boyfriend. But believe me Annette, you still have it! God you still have it! Those girls at the titty bar can’t hold a candle to you!

Annette smiled in appreciation. However, I could see her eyes had started to turn red and swollen. First a few small tears trickled down her cheek then, suddenly she broke into tears.

“Oh…Frank I feel so very alone.” she said, crying, as big alligator tears flooded down her cheeks. “He said I was too old. I wasn’t good looking anymore and I couldn’t get a man’s dick hard no matter what I did.” she said sobbing, her head held between her hands.

“Look at me Annette. Look up here. Now you listen. Your bright smile can illuminate a room, and those glowing brown eyes just reach out and touch everyone they see. You’re smart, perky and hell, just a lot of fun to be around.”

“You never mentioned my figure! Didn’t you like what you saw? Is there something wrong with the way I look? I wore what you wanted and I did whatever you asked. You never mentioned that. Was it okay what I just did for you?”

“Okay? Christ Annette, it was a hell of a lot better than just okay! Christ, I shot my load just watching you run your hands between your legs. You have a fantastic figure. My God you have legs and breasts any one of those twenty something would kill to have!”

Looking down at a semi-limp cock and my cum-covered stomach, “Here’s the evidence! Need I say more?”

I reached over and lifted her head up, “I’ll let you in on a secret if you promise not to tell.”

“Okay, I promise.” A small grin grew upon her face.

“I noticed you the first day you moved in. I really did. I was always hoping to see you in a dress or skirt; I just love a woman’s legs, you know. I really wanted to see your legs covered in pantyhose. And this morning, when you got out of your car. I got to see some of your legs. You know what that did to me?”

“No…” Annette said as she ran placed her hands down on her thighs.

“Well let me tell you. I got an instant hard-on with just a quick shot of your figure. Damn, Annette, you’re a fine-looking woman. Any man with a working brain would be proud to call you his. I know I would. You know there was many a time, when I was watching a girl at the titty bar, I would close my eyes and make believe it was you undressing for me.”

“Did you really? I mean, did you think of me doing that stuff in front of you?”

“Sure did! In fact many a night I went to sleep with you on my mind.”

“If we’re sharing secrets, I’ve got one to share, too. I’ve been drawn toward you since I moved in as well. I’d lay on the couch in the dark, fantasizing about you holding me, touching me, kissing me. Then I would slide open the coffee table drawer…”

Annette smiled and dapped her eyes dry with my shirt.

“Oh, shit I must be a mess! My makeup probably is all messy now.”

“Annette, you really don’t need makeup, you’re beautiful just the way you are.” I looked around and said, “Just look at us, I’m butt naked and you’re sitting here wearing nothing but a pair of pantyhose and your high heels. What a pair we make.”

Annette smiled, and wiped the last few dried tears from her cheek. Then she reached down and picked up the barter contract still laying on the coffee table.

“Did you read this Frank?”

“Yeah, signed it too.”

“Did you notice something?”

“I saw you forgot about adding the ‘no sex’ clause. Guess you forgot about it… overlooked it.”

“I didn’t forget about it. Frank, you can have me tonight.”

She reached over and took my cock into her hands. “You’re well-endowed there sweetie!”

As she continued to caress my dick, it soon responded and started to grow. She leaned over my lap and took my manhood into her mouth and gently began sucking. She kneaded my balls softly in her hands. In no time, she managed to harden my dick back up. She began to explore and stroke her new toy as I laid my head back against the couch.

She slowed her strokes and then stopped. She stood and reached out her hand toward me.

“Let’s go upstairs to the bedroom and finish this,” she said.

“Are you sure? I mean, really sure Annette?

She said nothing, but nodded her head up and down, her hair bouncing in the process.

“Well I guess you can take your pantyhose and high heels off now.”

“Perhaps later. You were right, you know. The name brand pantyhose do feel and fit better. I don’t have a problem wearing this for you, I see the effect they have. In fact, I could easily start to enjoy this fetish of yours Frank.”

“It’s not the pantyhose hose or the high heels Annette, it’s the woman that’s wearing them.”

“I guess I’ll have to wear them more often so you can enjoy seeing my legs then.”

“That’s my girl!”

“Am I? Am I really your girl Frank?”

“Yup! You’re my girl all right! You’re my girl…”

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