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Anna’s Grand Passion

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I am Anna, a 24-year-old suburban librarian. I have blue eyes and one of those innocent faces, with an easy smile. My hair is long and red; I usually curl and then pile it up for a professional look at work. The rest of the time I love to feel it on my back and shoulders. I have to dress conservatively for the job, low heels naturally, with a skirt and silk blouse — nothing too showy.

I actually don’t mind the dress code. It’s important to me to be treated like a lady in public, but I have private fantasies too. So to salute my naughty side, I wear lace panties and bras, or silk teddies and garters under all that career wear. On my left hip, I have one tiny tattoo – a red heart on a scrolling vine. It probably sounds wicked, but I LOVE the idea of being somebody’s fantasy lady, just waiting to be unwrapped.

I work with kids all day. By the time I get off work I’m dying for some adult action, but I’m a little reluctant to make the first move. It’s a rare man who sees past my professional image and asks me out. One such was unforgettable. He was a new patron about 2 years ago, an older man who would come in for job-related research about once a week. He was definitely hot, tall with dark hair, a touch of gray at his temples, blue eyes and a voice to die for. It was rich and mellow, downright hypnotizing. He always smelled great and had a nice smile. I knew from assisting him on several occasions that his name was Jack. He was a guy with that “indefinable something” which turns heads without even trying. I thought it was sweet that he seemed unaware of it.

When I was checking out his materials (professionally speaking of course) we usually chatted a bit. One day while doing so, I blurted out, “I can’t wait to get home and get out of these work clothes!” I don’t know what possessed me. The look of pleasant surprise on his face had me trying to recover my dignity rather quickly. “In this heat, I’m sure you feel that way about your tie, right?” We laughed, and there was a bit of good-natured teasing. As he walked out the door I caught myself wondering what he’d look like out of that suit and tie. I walked along the glass wall toward my office, watching him as he walked to his car. I felt my nipples harden as I watched, crossed my arms over my chest, and rubbed my own arms. I allowed myself a bit of fantasy about what his touch would feel like, and I felt the juices flowing already. He looked up, and I waved and hurried away to grab my purse and lock up.

Closing my purse as I left the building to start the walk home, I was surprised to see his car still sitting there empty, with handsome Jack leaning on the curbside door, nearest me. He gave me a devastating smile and asked if I’d take pity on a lonely bachelor, and join him for dinner. My lucky night! I hesitated only long enough to think, “Thank you God,” and off we went in his car.

Dinner was interesting, and Jack was charming and fun, but it was his touch that set me on fire. I’d had a few dates with guys my own age, but their undisguised lust and poorly hidden gropes did not compare with what happened to me every time Jack touched me. He was a master of seduction. His warm touch was on my back as we entered the restaurant. His hands slid up my arms to rest on my shoulders a bit when he pushed in my chair. His knuckles brushed my cheek when he tucked an errant lock of curls behind my ear.

Every time it was like an electrical charge running all the way to my pussy. By the time he took me home the juices were already flowing so heavily that my panties were damp! The kiss on the dark porch was torture, slow and teasing, barely brushing my lips at first. I found myself leaning into him wanting more, LOTS more. He licked at the seam of my lips, then pressed slowly in and retreated a bit.

Every move seemed to tease me, before he drew back a fraction to make me seek more. Gentle pressure on my back held me close to his warmth. On my stomach I could feel the shape of his semi-hard cock pressed against me, through the fabric of my skirt. I pressed against him harder, wanting it. He broke the kiss slowly, and as we stepped apart I traced my hand down his chest, over his stomach … and brushed the front of his pants

All I could say was a whispered, “Wow, you’re some kisser, Jack!” I was so excited I started to shiver. I slid into his arms again and he hugged me close, dropped a soft kiss on my neck, and then held me back to look in my eyes. I was ready to beg, and all he said was, “Do you trust me?” I couldn’t seem to find my voice, so I just nodded yes.

He took the keys from my hand and opened the door, following me inside. I’d left low lights on in the living room, but that’s not where he took me. Just inside the door he glanced down the hallway, then took my hand and found his way to my bedroom. I couldn’t believe I was letting this happen on a first date, but I was so hot for him I’d probably have done it on the porch!

The light shed by the hallway fixture was just enough to make it romantic. In short order Jack was kissing my neck and removing the clip from my hair. He gently ran his fingers through it and settled it behind me, while I worked on the buttons of his shirt. Between hungry kisses we spirited pieces of clothing from each other, until all that remained were my black lace panties and the matching demi-cup bra.

My excited hands trembled as they roamed the flat planes of his chest, down over his stomach, and back up over his nipples. Jack wasn’t the kind of guy who works out at the gym, but this was better. He was warm and real, looking at me like I was a beauty. Jack knew how to make a lady feel cherished.

He traced the upper edge of my bra, then eased the straps down and lowered the cups under my breasts. The result was totally awesome, my breasts felt like they were being offered up on a platter. Jack only paused a short time to enjoy the view, and then devoured me like a starving man at a banquet. His magic mouth was nibbling, licking, and sucking each taut nipple, as his hands held me at the waist. He was driving me wild, and my thoughts were somewhere between “Oh-don’t-stop!” and “Fuck-me-now-please!”

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I decided to slow things down for me a bit, and lavish some attention on him, if only he’d let me. I strained away from Jack’s hungry mouth, and worked my way, kissing, down his chest. When I licked circles around his nipples he became very still, his hands on my shoulders.

I kissed my way south as I slid down his body onto my knees. My cheek brushed the length of his magnificent cock as I did. I kissed the tip and cradled his shaft in my hands. Closing my eyes, I nuzzled the fuzz at the base, loving the very male scent of him. Lifting the shaft high, I teased both sides of his ball sack with my lips and tongue. He was so incredibly made!

I heard his indrawn breath as I took his heavy balls into my mouth one at a time, laving them, sucking softly, licking. One of the fantastic things about guys past their 40s is that the scrotum is finally loose enough to make their balls move a little easier.

I teased his perineum with a single finger as I peppered kisses along both sides of his cock. Jack was getting really hard, so I decided to take it up another notch. I looked up at him with my lips parted, paused just at the tip of his cock, and licked across the tip. His hand flew to my hair and he grasped a snug handful, pulling me closer. I couldn’t help but smile.

With his firm grip practically begging me, I slid just the meaty head past my lips and bobbed on the corona, drenching the underside with my tongue. He pushed my head a little further. I was only too happy to slide him all the way deep into my warm mouth. There was no stopping until his cock was buried in my throat and I slid my head from side to side. Jack began to pump real slowly. I loved it!

He was very responsive but gentle, showing me the depth and pace he liked. It makes my pussy gush when a man slowly pumps my face, instead of just letting me do all the work. It tells me he really likes it. I could feel my teeth gently grazing the length of his shaft. Since he didn’t seem to mind, I just kept thrusting with him, in …out …in…out. I frenched the underside on the out-strokes, and sucked softly on the in-strokes. My jaw was starting to ache a little just when I heard his breath hitch. His balls were drawing up closer to his body as my hand caressed him there.

Suddenly he went very still, and tugged at my hair to pull out of my mouth. I knew he was savoring it, making it last. I kissed his thighs and ran my hands up the backs of his legs very lightly as he regained control.

Soon I went back to kissing his balls, nibbling north up the perfect seam under his cock. I totally slimed his cock with my mouth, writing cursive letters with the tip of my tongue all over it. I secretly spelled “I think I love you,” one slick letter at a time. He was getting so hard I could barely get my mouth around him to thrust a few more times. He stopped me suddenly again and urged me to stand.

Grateful, hungry kisses beckoned me close as he backed me to the edge of my vanity. Thankfully, my entire bedroom set is heavy oak. It’s built to take a little punishment.

In a move so fast it stole my breath, he grasped me by the waist and slid my hips onto the edge. He stood close between my thighs. Taking a firm grip on my buns, he lined his cock straight up between us and pulled me even closer. I could feel his length along my slit as he began to softly grind himself against me in slow mock strokes. I could feel my own juices soaking my panties. The wet fabric was maddening as he slid along it over and over. I wanted to scream!

Jack paused just long enough to slide his thumbs in the sides of my panties and tease them off, his knuckles dragging over my thighs as he did. He began the same mad torture, sliding along my slit. With every thrust I could feel the tip of his cock bumping my clit.

I put my hands behind me on the vanity for balance, and Jack took full advantage of the new angle to feed on my tender nipples again. Lick …grind … suck … grind … nibble … grind. My hips were rocking with him now, so hot and sweet! I was whimpering, moaning louder and louder, frantic to have his cock inside of me.

Jack kept pumping, but slowed a bit and started a new torture. He simply said, “Tell me what you want, Anna. Say it!”

I tried to form words, but my mind had gone into animal drive. All I could get to come out between moans was, “Oh Jack! Inside…please!” He slowed his thrusts just when I thought I would bite him if he didn’t help me out. “Soon honey, but first you have to say it. Tell Jack EXACTLY how you want it.”

I couldn’t take it another second. The words came, “I want you to fuck my PUSSY, Jack! Make me take it all…deep and HARD. I want to come with you there and my pussy GRIPPING it tight. I want to feel you spurting hot and thick inside! PLEASE, JACK!” I threw my head back and growled my frustration. I was so close already! Jack held his pace. “Look at me honey, open your eyes. Do it now!”

I’d never made love with my eyes open, so it was difficult to bring my gaze to his. I opened my eyes slowly; looking off to the side at first, then met his handsome face. My eyes locked on his and I could barely breathe.

He slid back just enough to drop into the slot and slide inside with a single thrust. FINALLY he was deep inside, stretching my pussy, thrusting INSIDE where I was dying to have him. I was so grateful I almost cried.

Lifting my legs higher, I wrapped them around his hips. His face was drawn tight as he plumbed my pussy in masterful strokes. He was moving faster but varying the strokes…slightly slow out, then four in…slow out and four more pounding my pussy…driving me to the edge of climax!

The words were grunting out of me between cries, “Oh OH oh fuck me Jack, YES…just like…oooo Harder..YES… OH JAAACK!”

Jack kept pumping, a fast blur now as he raised my legs to wrap higher, around his waist. He leaned forward over me, stretching taller. I nearly lost my mind, and my pussy started to buzz so strong, it felt like I had a vibrator planted right on my clit! It was getting perfect pressure from the thickest part of him now.

I tried to keep my eyes on his (I really did) but my eyelids fluttered shut as I screamed, “OH Jack! It’s HAP…PEN…ING!” A mind-shattering climax throbbed in my clit, and spread to the deepest part of me like thunder…BOOM! BOOM! BOOM, with every pulsing shudder. I felt my inner muscles clamp down HARD and tug on his cock with each wave.

Then I felt it. His beautiful cock throbbed and spurted hot cum inside of me, searing me deep…one…two…three…FOUR shots, and a load that would have made a racehorse proud. I felt it running out of me, dripping down onto his balls as he kissed me soundly. It was FANTASTIC!

Jack was a true gentleman, then wrapping me in his arms and cuddling me. We stroked each other’s bodies, softly whispering praise as we cooled down. We laughed as we collected the bits of clothing strewn on the floor.

At the front door, he firmly held my chin and watched my face as he said, “Well, Madam LIBRARIAN, next time I’m going to have to restrain you so I get to taste your pussy…and maybe we’ll try the back door, too!” He laughed at the expression on my face, and kissed me soundly before he left. Something told me he didn’t mean the patio door.

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