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Adventures of Kathryn

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Kathryn had been intrigued when she read the ad, excited when she contacted the couple who had placed it. But now, as she stood in front of the unfamiliar house, she felt a tinge of panic.

“What have I gotten myself into?” she asked herself.

With her arm stretched tentatively toward the doorbell, she thought this was her last chance to change her mind, to return to her boring but oh so safe life.

But before she could act on that impulse, the door was jerked open and a tall, vaguely Mediterranean-looking man stepped into the doorway.

“You’re prompt,” Michael said. “I assume you have followed your other instructions as well.”

“Yes,” Kathryn replied, her voice barely above a whisper.

“Don’t tell me, show me.”

Kathryn reached down and started to lift the hem of her short, clinging dress. “Not like that,” Michael interrupted her. “Take it off — show me everything.”

With a nervous glance at the adjoining houses, Kathryn slipped the dress over her head and dropped it on the porch. Her hands slid down her body, directing his eyes to her pussy, which she had shaved, just as she had been told. Her fingers slightly parted her lips to reveal the string that was attached to the little balls that danced so maddeningly inside of her.

“Very obedient. Come in.”

As Kathyryn stepped into the house, she was confronted by a voluptuous brunette clad only in a G-string and bustier that did more to accentuate than to conceal her full breasts. We are going to have such fun with you,” Jacqueline said. “Follow me.”

Kathryn followed her down a hall to a bedroom and obeyed the other woman’s unspoken command to get on the bed. Jacqueline handed her two long strips of silk and told her to attach them to her ankles and then tie them to the bedposts. Without hesitation, she did as ordered and then lay back on the bed. Jacqueline and Michael moved to opposite sides of the bed, each holding another long strip of silk with which they attached her wrists to the bedposts at the head of the bed.

Naked, spreadeagled and tied, Kathryn didn’t think she could feel more vulnerable, or more excited — until Jacqueline covered her eyes with a blindfold and Michael slid a pillow under her ass, putting her even more on display.

“Our guests will be here in a few minutes,” Michael said. “Let’s make sure you’re ready to receive them.”

Kathryn felt the tip of a vibrator touch her freshly shaved mound and as Michael turned up the power she could feel the balls inside of her ricocheting off the walls of her pussy. Juices began leaking from her, trickling down the insides of her thighs and she knew she was building to an enormous climax. But before she could get there, Michael snatched the vibrator away, leaving her writhing and frustrated.

“I think you’re ready now,” he said. “We’ll be back when our guests arrive.”

Kathryn heard the couple walk out of the room and as she lay there alone she felt the panic again begin to gnaw at the edges of her mind. “What have I done?” she thought. “I don’t know these people. My only contact has been an exchange of e-mails.” But even with the panic, she couldn’t deny her other feelings. Her nipples were stretched to their fullest and her pussy was still flowing.

Finally, she heard the doorbell ring, and then the sound of voices. She strained to hear them, two male and two female, she thought. Then Jacqueline’s voice above the others, “Come and see the present we have for you.”

Footsteps in the hall, and then in the bedroom. “What a delicious looking little slut,” a female voice said. “Look at her nipples, they’re like rocks — and her cunt is soaked. And we can do anything we want with her?”

“Anything at all,” Michael replied.

Kathryn felt a body climb onto the bed, a knee against her left shoulder. Then a leg dragged over her body and the person’s other knee was pressed against her right shoulder. The scent was unmistakeable — a woman’s pussy was hovering just inches above her face.

Vivid memories of her only other sexual encounter with a woman came flooding back, a drunken revel with her college roommate — an adventure she had desperately wanted to repeat but which, unfortunately, her roommate had not. For the next several years she had longed to see if it would be as good with another woman, but had never had the courage to actually ask one. Now it was going to happen and she couldn’t stifle a moan of anticipated pleasure.

“Look how much he wants you, Charlene,” a male voice said. “Stick your tongue out, you little slut.”

Unhesitatingly, Kathryn stuck her tongue out, anticipating that sweet, tangy taste she remembered from years earlier. But where was it? Her tongue searched the air frantically but to no avail. Oh no, she thought, they’re not just going to tease me are they?

But then in one swift motion, Charlene lowered herself, wrapping Kathryn’s tongue in the wet, tight walls of her pussy. As Charlene ground aginst her mouth, Kathryn probed hungrily with her tongue, licking and swirling, nearly delirious with excitement. She could hear the other woman moaning and whimpering and could think only of how much she wanted Charlene to come in her mouth.

“Suck my clit,” Charlene commanded. “Yes, oh yes, just like that! Randy, do it now!”

Kathryn felt another climb onto the bed and straddle her body. And then the sound of a cock plunging into a wet pussy.

“Oh God, fuck my cunt while she sucks my clit!” Charlene cried. Jesus, Kathryn thought, there’s a couple fucking right over my face. The sound, the smell, it’s such a turn-on. If only I could see!

“Harder!” Charlene wailed, and as Randy drove his cock harder into her pussy Kathryn sucked harder on her clit. “Don’t stop, oh don’t stop, I’m gonna come! I’m gonna … I’m gonna … ohhhhh!”

Pussy juices streamed from Charlene, coating Kathryn’s mouth and chin and running down her cheeks. As her orgasm subsided, Charlene pulled away from Kathryn’s mouth, which was instantly filled with Randy’s cock.

His breath was coming in short labored gasps as Kathryn stretched her neck to take him all the way inside of her mouth. She held her lips tight around his shaft as she bobbed her head back and forth and used her tongue to lash the tip of his cock. Kathryn had never wanted a man’s come as much in her life. She sucked harder, feeling his cock throb in her mouth.

“Now!” Randy screamed, and unleashed jet after jet of come into her mouth.

“Don’t swallow it,” a woman ordered. “We want to see it.”

Kathryn couldn’t completely deny herself, couldn’t help swallowing some of it, but the rest she pushed out with her tongue, letting the others see her mouth coated with Randy’s hot, sticky come.

And then Randy climbed off the bed and she was alone again. The room was silent, what were they doing? Suddenly, Kathryn felt clamps being attached to her swollen nipples. God they hurt! Or did they feel good? She couldn’t even tell. All she knew was that it was one of the strongest sensations she had ever felt and the longer it went on the more she loved it.

“Straddle her chest, Roxanne,” Jacqueline said, and the younger woman climbed on top of Kathryn, rubbing her stiff clit against one clamped nipple and then the other. Kathryn arched her back, aching to feel the woman’s pussy envelop her nipple.

“You love it, don’t you?” Jacqueline asked. Having Roxanne’s hot cunt rub against your tits?”

“Yes,” Katherine whimpered.

“But it’s not enough, is it? You want more cunt and more cock, don’t you?”

“I want all of you.”

Jacqueline thrust one of Kathryn’s tied hands bewteen her legs, pushing a finger into her pussy, and Terry wrapped the other one around his cock. They rocked against her hands, following the same rhythm that Roxanne was using on her nipple.

Kathryn was floating in a world of pure pleasure but her pussy was screaming for attention. Even though she knew the rules, she was ready to beg.

And then she felt Michael move between her legs and rub the head of his cock against her clit. Without any hair to cover it, her clit was totally exposed to the sensations and she could feel sparks going off inside of her. The balls were pounding inside of her, but much as she loved the feeling, what she really wanted was to be fucked — right here, with everybody watching her.

As if reading her mind, Jacqueline said, “You want Michael to fuck you, don’t you?”


“Say it!”

“I want Michael to fuck me. I want you all to watch Michael fuck me. I want to be a complete slut and have you all know it.”

Michael slipped his cock away from her clit and Kathryn waited breathlessly for him to remove the balls from her pussy and fuck her. But instead she felt his finger, coated with something cold and slippery slip between the cheeks of her ass. Her body froze.

“You want us to watch you get fucked? We’d love to. But we want to see you get fucked in the ass,” Jacqueline said.

It had been years since Kathryn had done that, actually she’d only done it twice and hadn’t really liked it all that much. But the feeling of Jacqueline and Terry fucking her hands and Roxanne fucking her tits had her so turned on she couldn’t stop. And she was beginning to like the feeling of Michael’s finger probing into her ass. In fact, she was starting to like it a lot.

Michael took his finger out and moved his cock between Kathryn’s cheeks. “Wait,” Roxanne said. “Let me turn around so I can see.

When Roxanne was comfortbaly settled back on one of Kathryn’s nipples, Michael slid his cock into her ass in one long slow stroke. It had never felt like that before and she thrust her hips up to meet him. Roxanne leaned forward and put her hands on Kathryn’s thighs, parting them wider so she and Jacqueline and Terry could wach Michael’s cock glide in and out of her tight asshole. And while she leaned forward she blew softly on Kathryn’s clit.

If she just kisses it once, I’ll come, Kathryn thought, but instead Roxanne just kept blowing on it and rocking her cunt faster against the tied woman’s nipple.

Terry and Jacqueline were also moving faster against her hands. Kathryn heard Terry groan and felt his come shoot through her hand, splashing against her shoulder, neck and cheek. That sight set Jacqueline off. Kathryn could feel the muscles of the brunette’s pussy clutching at her finger.

The room was filled with the sounds and smells of sex and Roxanne humped faster aginst Kathryn’s nipple, rubbing it against her clit over and over until she, too, exploded.

Kathryn was covered with juices of three pussies and two cocks — and a third cock was driving in and out of her ass, filling her, stretching her.

“Stay very still,” Michael said. “I want you to feel me come inside of your ass.” He slowed his pace, drawing his cock almost all the way out of her on each stroke. Kathryn knew that he was holding back now, trying to savor every second of her tightness. And then one last long stroke and she felt his cock erupt. It seemed as though he would never stop coming, one spurt after another filling her ass.

As Michael withdrew from her, the others moved away — except Jacqueline, who removed the blindfold and leaned down to kiss Kathryn. “Well, it seems you’ve made us all come. Now it’s your turn.” Jacqueline untied Kathryn’s wrists and handed her the vibrator Michael had used on her earlier.

With the three couples gathered around her, Kathryn pushed the vibrator against her pussy and turned it up to full power. She loved seeing them, knowing they were watching her. It was all more than she could take and she arched her back as she screamed out her orgasm.

As Kathryn melted onto the mattress, she felt hands drawing her arms back over her head and her wrists again being tied.

“Rest now, dear, we’ll be back later,” Jacqueline said.

And I can’t wait, Kathryn thought.

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