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Do Anything

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Anne, I am ready for Mrs. Abbott now if you please.”

I really love my job for the most part. I am responsible for the selection committee for graduate studies at a large Mid-western public university.

Admissions is highly competitive, but this was a first for me.

We have the phenomenon of “helicopter parents.” But that usually ends in the second year of college when the student asserts some individuality.

We will just see how this turns out.

“Oh, hello, Mrs. Abbott, do have a seat please.”

“Now just to what do I owe the honor of your visit?”

She is an early 40’s “first wife” trying to hold on to her youth and family, over eager and impressed with her familial wealth.

Not overly dressed for the occasion, but perhaps just a bit too much showy jewelry.

I have a similar diamond bracelet I acquired in Italy.

A day dress by Balenciaga, and purse and shoes by Gucci.

She paused only for a scant millisecond to look me over when I rose to offer her a seat at the small round table I prefer for these meetings.

I am certain she was disappointed to see I was at least at a work a day level equal in clothing.

My one vanity was Quai D’Orsay leather pumps, which she recognized immediately.

I am paid well, and wealth does not impress me.

She was here to apply pressure to have her daughter admitted to the Mathematics program.

We have an exceptional program and admission is highly competitive.

Naturally, I had the admission package, endorsements, etc and had read them over carefully before admitting Mrs. Abbott.

The usual blather about how her daughter, yadda yadda yadda, etc, and so forth.

Finally I lifted my hand to stop her from hyperventilating after she said the five words I most dislike to hear.

“I will do anything.”

“I will do anything to see Gretchen is admitted. Anything. A small endowment? Perhaps something more…personal?”

“A new automobile? Or perhaps some home furnishings. I see you have an eye for jewelry.” She said in a measured tone as someone accustomed to having her way.

“Thank you, but I have a very nice Mercedes-Benz SL-550,” I said icily.

“I do have a question for you, Mrs. Abbott.” I said

“Whose idea was it for you to intercede in your daughter’s behalf? Your’s, or her’s?”

“Mine, of course. Gretchen has her head filled with numbers and formulae in such a way that nothing practical seems to affect her. She wants to play with mathematics instead of finding a husband, and I want what she wants. At least for now.

“She has no idea I came to see you or her advisor who sent me to you,” Mrs. Abbott said quite calmly.

“And…you ‘will do anything’ to give her that?” I asked in a cold voice.

“Anything,” was her reply.

I surprised her with my next statement.

“Spend the weekend with me.

“I have a quiet cabin about two hours from town and think some company of a woman willing to ‘do anything’ would make for a perfect respite,” that spoken with just a hint of threat.

“Bribery is a crime, Mrs. Abbott. Or hadn’t you known that?”

“So is extortion,” she quietly replied.

I shrugged.

“Regardless, I am willing to nearly guarantee Gretchen’s acceptance to the Mathematics program on my condition.”

I wrote the address of my cabin on a sheet of note paper and told her to be there promptly at 6:00PM Friday next.

“Oh, and pack something sexy for dinner on Saturday.”

I then rose and ushered her out of my office.

She was speechless, but I knew she would be on time.

Friday I took half day off and had my hair done.

I enjoy a close scissor trim, almost a buzz cut, but feminine.

I have given in to time as well and prefer a platinum blonde dye to the start of gray hairs.

I also spent time shopping for groceries as I never keep much at the cabin.

And a stop at a specialty shop for some things I would need.

Not unexpectedly she was prompt though I could take issue with her appearance.

For outerwear she had on a car coat, and had a scarf tied around her head with round dark glasses. In a way it reminded me of photos of Jackie Kennedy and women of that distant time. She also wore jeans and boots. I supposed that cabin meant “rustic” to her.

She did have a bag with her, as well as a garment bag. I am certain she had thought long and hard, well as hard as such shallow women can, and realized she should at least make the motions.

I greeted her at the door wearing a caftan and slippers.

I also gave her a welcoming open mouthed kiss, just to set reality in place.

She froze momentarily, but I simply turned, appearing not to notice and lead her to my spacious bedroom and showed her where to place her clothing.

“When you have finished come to the living room.” I said with a commanding tone.

I sat back in a large club chair, I love the way they enfold one, but also the regal appearance of a sturdy leather enclave.

My legs crossed under the loose material of the caftan I waited for Mrs. Abbott to make her move.

To all appearances I had read her correctly. She was insecure, and most likely submissive.

Oh, not in a craven whimpering nothing way, but she had a real need to be taken care of, in any manner whatever.

“Whatever you have in mind,” she started from the bedroom doorway.

When I told her to be quiet she immediately bristled, but stopped talking.

“Now, what shall I call you? Any suggestions?”

“You may continue to call me Mrs. Abbott, and I shall call you a terrible bitch,” she retorted.

“No, that will never do. Not at all.” I replied.

“I had thought to call you ‘pet’, but I think that is overdone.

“No, not a pet.

“Well we shall just have to wait to name you.”

She was visibly shaken.

I had hit a nerve….ummm, perhaps she had been someone’s pet in the past I thought to myself.

“As it is, take you clothes off and don’t rush.” I told her quietly.

She wanted to resist, she really did, but she only crossed her arms and drew the woolen sweater over her head.

A rather refined bra held her trophy tits, the swell was superb, and seemed natural rather than plastic.

She looked around and found a straight backed chair to sit and remove her boots after unsnapping and unbuttoning her jeans.

She slid from the jeans while seated and stood in panties and bra.

I nodded and she unhooked the front hook of her bra to reveal, yes…very nice large C cup breasts, and still natural. How did that vanity escape her?

She stood and bent forward to remove her panties to reveal a trimmed brunette bush which complimented the color of her hair.

“You know why you are here.

“Now I want you to repeat your words.” I said in a still quiet voice.

“I told you I would do anything to see my daughter admitted to her graduate program.” was her answer.

“Oh, you are aware this is a three day weekend, aren’t you, my dear?” The treacle nearly dripped from my lips with those words.

“No. I can’t. I mean, what can I tell my husband?” she was shaken.

“I don’t care.” was my reply.

Oh yes. She was committed to the weekend.

I shook my head slowly and my dangling large loop earrings swung easily.

“You know why you are here. Now come to me.” I said as I rose from the chair and removed my loose garment.

I stand 5’10”, and my weight is proportional.

My waist is shapely and though gravity is winning, my breasts are still only slightly less perked than when I was 20.

I sat back in the leather chair and lifted my legs to the padded arms.

She looked intently at my crotch. I have a professional wax when needed.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” she said in a whisper.

“Which, dear? Had sex outside your marriage, or been with a woman?” I asked.

“I’ve never been with a woman.” Was her soft reply.

As she spoke I held out my arms and she moved cautiously closer.

She knelt with one knee on the cushion of the chair and I took her face in my hands, softly stroking her cheeks as I drew her to my lips.

She exhaled and yielded her mouth to me for long lingering kisses.

Soft murmurs and whimpers as our tongues danced and fluttered.

My hands moved from her cheeks to her shoulders as I once more drew my legs higher on the arms of the chair and scooted to the edge of the cushion.

She hesitated.

Her mouth went dry as she moved at my urging to kneel on the floor.

One hand now stroking her cheek and the other at the back of her head as she breathed shallowly with her face approaching my smooth vulva.

“You know what you enjoy. Just act naturally. This is the easy part, dear.” I quietly voiced my need now.

Her dry tongue darted out tentatively.

Nothing that made her recoil, she ran her tongue tip back into her mouth and swallowed then extended it once more and licked.

She drew her tongue along my outer labia and slid crosswise across my distended inner lips.

I remained silent until she finally made steady journeys with her tongue and lips along my outer labia and lapped the inner lips open.

My hand at the back of her head pushed and guided her to my clit which she again tentatively lapped until she felt the bundle of nerve endings engorge and then she almost flailed with steady rapid licks.

I removed my hands from her head and tweaked my nipples now.

My eyes were closed as she fluttered her tongue and nibbled with her lips on my smooth skin and lapped at the sensitive tissues.

She was lapping the stream of juices welling from my pussy and coughed, or gagged at first at the musky and unfamiliar tasting fluid.

I wanted to tell her to push two fingers into my pussy, but I recalled that she had manicured long nails almost knife like if I had been so foolish.

I was gyrating in the wet leather seat now.

I moaned loudly and pinched and twisted my nipples to hurry the orgasm she was inefficiently evoking from me.

Her mouth only skimmed the surface of my vulva. It may not have occurred to her to slide between the inner labia and taste the full volume of my nectar. She never thought to slide the tip of her tongue from just below my clit to worry the distended opening at the bottom.

Still, I began to feel my muscles tighten in the familiar spasms of an orgasm. I straightened my legs and my teeth gritted.

My head lolled side to side as I experienced a weak rippling and a jerky body small orgasm.

She continued until I pushed her back and lowered my legs.

“There. Not so bad was it?” I smiled for the first time since her arrival.

“Now, still no name, time for some fun.”

She looked at me with a quizzical eye, but wasn’t particularly defiant or frightened.

I rose from the chair and looked her over. I hadn’t noticed she had kept her diamond ear studs and thin gold neck chain on. Such a delicious look against her winter tanned skin.

I waved an open palm in the direction of a rectangular mission style table I had draped with a blanket earlier.

“Go kneel on hands and knees there, still no name.” I ordered.

She most likely thought I planned to eat her to show her proper method, but my plans did not get there until a bit later.

She moved, not quickly, not slowly, perhaps it was an attempt at stateliness, but nudity tends to take some of the haughtiness out of a woman, doesn’t it?

Stepping from a chair to the table, she found the center she knelt and looked at me as I placed some tubes and jars just at her side.

, “Good girl, you do know how to prepare.”

I turned back to her from a sideboard and let her see two small clamps in my hand.

“Bitch, no!” she nearly moved off the table.

I slapped her ass cheek hard, and simply asked, “What were you words?”

Her head dropped and she mumbled, “I will do anything.”

Instead of easing the clamps with vinyl pads onto her nipples I snapped alligator tips and screwed the jaws three full turns instead of the two I normally would have done.

Another surprise, she seemed to smile when the final turn tightened the second clamp.

I now turned my attention to her ass, smoothing my palm over both firm cheeks and down her inner thighs.

My hand lifted and I touched her muffin which caused her to shiver.

I fingered her now, teasing her labia, slipping up and pressing my middle finger against her rosebud.

My fingers slid along her slit and tapped her still hidden clitoris three times before I squirted a large glob from one of the tubes and spread it over my fingers.

She squirmed when I placed my fingers, bladelike to her slit and started a slow finger fuck.

Deeper as I twisted my hand and wrist until three fingers were buried to the second knuckles.

I curled my fingers and uncurled them as I pressed even deeper.

My thumb now rested on her asshole.

The lube easily coated her star and I bent my thumb and drove into the first knuckle with three fingers dancing in her pussy.

Easily, in and out as she wriggled and her clamped boobs swayed under her.

I was fucking her now.

My hand was busy.

Even my pinky was now rubbing her clit which had poked from her hood.

“You enjoy this, don’t you, still no name?” I whispered.

“I suppose you are accustomed to giving it up, aren’t you. I am sure you enjoy being told how to respond, how to react.”

I was now pumping deeper and harder. Teasing her pussy, asshole and clit.

For her part, she was rocking back and forth, arching her back catlike and whimpering.

Her inner muscles were clamping on my fingers, her asshole winking around my thumb and her clit throbbing under the covering of the lubricated pinky.

“You also know that I want you to cum, still no name. You need that release. I can only imagine the angst you put yourself through but your words live on to haunt you. ‘I will do anything, anything, anything…’ and you surely will,” I spoke softly to drum the words into her soul.

Just at the point of endurance, largely because of the limit of the clamps on her titties I released them and her pussy spasmed around my buried fingers.

She lie face down and rolled side to side as she orgasmed to both our delights with my still pumping and probing fingers in her now internally wet pussy.

I stepped back and offered my fingers to her lips.

At first she refused silently, then flicked her tongue out and licked.

All her moves have been tentative initially, but she was becoming more comfortable with each new stimulation.

I let her lie on the table to rest.

“Parker…please call me Parker,” she said with deference.

I thought for a second and decided to give her that little victory.

“Very well, parker it shall be.”

As I said that I knelt on the table and straddled her chest with my knees.

The sharp intake of her breath struck home the sure knowledge she knew what was coming.

“Now, parker, time for some instruction in proper oral pleasure.” As I said that I hooked my elbows around her knees and drew her legs back to splay her open to me gaze.

I also wiggled my bum and could nearly feel her eyes boring directly on my shaven vulva.

I cooed softly as I brought my face to her pussy, gathered an amount of saliva and let it drip onto her pink and red lips. She reacted as if acid had been poured onto her naked flesh, but her mouth emitted a long slow moan.

I lowered my pussy to her face to feel the rapid breathing, to feel the humid warmth of her open mouth.

“parker, follow closely, dear. Do exactly as I do.”

With that I followed the stream of my saliva to her pulsing labia and lapped from clit to her vagina then back to just below that pink pretty pearl.

She did her best to emulate me I will give her that. Still tentative, but at least paying close attention…for now.

I captured her clit between my lips and sucked, drawing it tight then tapping over and over with the tip of my tongue.

Below my nose she oozed a fresh pool of her lubricating nectar.

She seemed at ease with sucking and lapping my clit, but she did cough again when she inhaled some of my own juices. She returned to sucking my clit though.

I felt her ass grind in the air though raised nearly doubled under my assault.

Now, like mirrored images we both stroked naked and trimmed pussies with lapping tongues.

When I rolled my tongue and stabbed into her hole she did not miss a beat and tasted me fully.

I was bubbling with juices as was parker.

We licked and lapped. We sucked and tapped naked pulsing nerves and soft inner membranes to draw that sweet sweet nectar from deep within our now enflamed bodies.

The classic 69 position was her introduction to uninhibited female to female sex, raw needy sex. Lustful Sapphic give and take.

She shuddered through two orgasms which released what felt like a gallon of nectar before I gave in to my own need and gushed over her upturned face with a squirting flow of my own.

I continued to lap and taste her. I kissed her swollen lips and licked the quivering inner walls of her pussy as she tried to keep up, no longer tentative, but only slightly more eager.

I moved down from the table and let parker savor her afterglow.

While she rested, reflected and kept her thoughts to herself I moved about the kitchen to create a platter of food from various salads, hummus, olives, flat breads, etc which I had bought before opening my cabin.

Again wearing my caftan when she stirred I told her to move around freely, and directed her to a short tunic for her to wear.

The platter was heaped with food and two glasses were on the breakfast nook with a cool bottle of white wine.

parker looked at me with something of surprise and I told her, “I asked you to spend the weekend with me, not become a slave, darling. We will eat, make love of course, talk together and simply enjoy our time together. However, I am in charge, and you will still…” my look prompted her to quietly respond.

“Do anything,” was her soft reply.

“Have a seat, parker, and tell me more about yourself.” I asked.

She blathered on about her education at a public institution, her fortunate marriage as she put it. She went on about her children, Gretchen the middle of three girls. Her involvement in charity and social activities, typical moderately wealthy life.

We ate to restore energy and simply to enjoy each other’s company, I am certain parker was surprised at the turn of events.

Especially surprised when I suggested sleep.

“It has been a long day, parker, full of anxiety for you no doubt.” I said as I drew the tunic off her body and slipped from my garment.

She slid into the large bed under covers and I moved to spoon with her my arm over her waist and my body fully pressed against her back.

I moved my hand slowly along her body from upper thighs to below her breasts then lightly tweaking one firm nipple then the other.

My hand trailed down her torso to her closely held legs and simply stroked the little hairs of her crotch.

Moving slowly so slowly I felt her tense body relax.

I know her thoughts were jumbled and had she been aware when sleep overtook her would have been in disbelief.

But sleep she did, and peacefully until well after sunrise while a new blanket of snow fell outside.

When she woke I had decided to have her prepare our breakfast.

She was quite competent at it too.

She even preferred the French coffee press to the automatic maker.

However she was less than happy that I preferred she remain nude after quick ablutions driving home her status.

I asked if she skied to which she replied that she loved it but hadn’t packed any clothing for outdoor activities.

I laughed and said I had a few things she could wear and we both dressed in ski wear.

We left through the garage, avoiding cleaning the snow from my SUV and shortly arrived at a local ski hill for an enjoyable day outdoors. The lodge was crowded as were the runs. Drinks were hot and well received, but when I saw several men eyeing us I casually took parker’s arm, placed it around me and kissed her in what could be considered a salacious manner.

I stood up and parker followed me to the restrooms directly into a stall.

I locked the door and peeled the bib down on her ski pants, she tried to protest, but I kissed her again as my fingers teased over the silk thermal underwear I had given her to wear.

Under the waistband and quickly thrusting two fingers into her dry cleft my thumb on her clit in an instant.

She quickly became moist and moaned into my mouth as I pummeled her pussy relentlessly.

My thumb rolled her clit mashing it against her pubic bone.

Her inner pussy quickly spasmed and she nearly bit my tongue which was buried in her mouth also pumping and thrusting.

The padded seat of the ski pants bumped rhythmically against the door which thumped and clattered loudly.

My fingers felt the softness of her inner pussy almost melt in hot slick honey.

Muffled “snick snick snick” from my pumping fingers.

I whispered after breaking our kiss, “You like this, my little parker. Admit it.”

She was gasping and only feebly shook her head side to side trying to say no, but her body was betraying her. First by responding to my finger fucking, then by tensing and letting go with a prolonged orgasm. The room which was steamy with melted snow, sweat of hundreds of women and now the panting breath and unmistakable smell of sex in the small stall.

I sucked her juices from my fingers as she shivered and finally found her knees able to hold herself upright.

I pushed past her and left her half dressed to find me at the door prepared to leave to return to my cabin. parker was disheveled when she came out of the restroom. She was hooking the bib and the buttons at the sides of her pants were still open.

I held out her parka as she clumped toward me on the stone floor in heavy ski boots.

She looked mostly down, but really, almost no one paid her the least attention.

For all intents and purposes, she simply had wanted to escape the humid restroom before completely straightening her outerwear. But her self awareness of how she had been used embarrassed her out of proportion.

We drove back to my cabin in silence. I was quite invigorated by the day so far and had plans for an even more interesting evening.

“What did you bring for dinner tonight?” I asked the other woman.

“You said something sexy, I have a soft pale pink silk gown, bias cut, but nearly a wrap with the skirt splitting to show my leg as I walk,” was her reply.

“A thong and stockings should complete the look,” I said.

Pink was an excellent choice, in no way would it conflict with the black sheath I chose.

I had an 8PM reservation at a remodeled Victorian age mansion turned into an elegant French restaurant. Intimate, dark and romantic.

We showered quickly, just to relieve the residuals of our strenuous day. I know parker expected some sexual activity when I had her join me, but I simply wanted her to wash my back, actually also for her to get more comfortable touching my body.

When I lathered a loofa and washed her off I felt her tense and only relax when the shower heads stopped and I wrapped her in a large Turkish towel.

She was even more surprised when I suggested a nap and she take the bed in my spare room.

As I told her, she is not a slave. Nor was this weekend meant to be some domme experience for me.

I had been overstressed when she spoke those four words. My response was spontaneous, but I intended to make the most of it.

We rested and took time to completely refresh ourselves and dress.

parker seemed excited to be on a date, even if it was with another woman. Perhaps she had almost forgotten she was coerced into being with me.

Rustic or not, taxi service is available and I took advantage of it. She and I bundled into a small van like taxi for the short trip to the restaurant.

The driver complimented us and asked if our dates were meeting us. parker blushed visibly when I said it was our date tonight and the remainder of the trip was in stony silence.

I had been on dates at this establishment several times, and though not the most influential person in the area we were treated with respect and seated at a comfortable table at one of the large windows at the side of the main dining room.

Instead of sitting opposite I sat facing the dining room to parker’s right.

A bottle of wine, appetizers and then I leaned over to whisper into her ear, “See that couple to your left? I want you to flirt with the woman.”

The male companion had his back partially to us, so the woman had a clear view of our table. She had stolen glances and once when I noticed her looking shot her eyes down to her plate.

She was a redhead, late 30’s, tall and slender. Her dress was more “dress-up” nice than either parker or my gowns.

My companion started with simple glances and smiles to catch her eye. She progressed to hair flips, one could see she was an accomplished flirt. Any discomfort she felt was not apparent, though the target did fidget and catch herself asking her companion to repeat himself several times.

After the soup I again leaned over to parker and told her to go to the ladies room to remove her thong and give it to the woman.

I sat against the back of my velvet backed chair and smiled at the expression on her face. I savored her nervousness, but rise she did and as she walked past the adjoining table actually placed her hand on the knurl on the chair back of the redhead.

She lingered in the lounge, but came out with grace and her curvy body in the pink gown a head turner.

The remodeling of the old building had left the wooden floor somewhat uneven, she used that conveniently to “stumble” as she was next to the redhead and from a cupped left hand placed the thong into her lap.

When the woman at the adjacent table moved her hand to feel what had been placed between her thighs she blushed scarlet.

parker and I enjoyed a wonderful meal and she continued flirting with the woman at the next table until she and her companion, obviously her husband finished their meal and left.

The redhead was flustered, speechless, but she did place the thong into her clutch purse before rising from table and leaving.

parker smiled as they left the restaurant, pleased with her accomplishment.

We finished our meal and had the taxi return for the trip back to my cabin. That journey now in total silence after the driver determined our destination.

I had parker hang our outer wraps in the hall closet as I went to the spacious glass and log walled living room. The glass is actually reflective mirrored on the outside but I still muted the lighting. My sound system has several control panels and I used one to adjust for quiet jazz music.

When parker entered the room I expected her to have taken her gown off, accustomed as she was by now being nude in my presence.

I smiled when she had not and moved toward her to take her in my arms and run my hands up and down the silk covering her bottom as my lips found the pulse in her throat which I touched lightly with my lips.

I pressed my bosom against her and felt her nipples rise in the folded silk covering her breasts.

She kept her hands at her sides but she purred softly as I found her lips for a soft kiss.

“You did very well today…so far, parker.”

My hands explored her naked back and cupped her bottom, roaming over her firm 40ish body at will.

“You are beautiful, and delightful, parker,” I said into her ear before licking the shell quickly.

Her response was simply to shiver and finally draw her arms around my waist and gently grind her body against mine.

She surprised me now by lifting her lift foot onto the ball and rubbing against my thighs, almost insinuating her leg between my legs.

“Tell me, dear. What were you thinking about during dinner?” I asked her that as we danced without moving our feet to the muted music.

Saxophone always has this deep throaty tone which makes me shiver; it is almost sensual in the way it courses through me.

I think parker also felt the primal pulse as I did.

For the first time she took the initiative and offered her lips for a kiss.

Not a perfunctory pursed lip kiss, but warm and full lips offered with the promise of passion, perhaps, at least erotically.

Her thigh ground against my crotch, the silk of her gown sliding under my hands exploring her bottom. Panty less, firm, she rolled her hips and rocked in a sinuous grind.

“Are you aroused, darling?” was my next question.

Her only reply was a long deep growling moan.

“Was it me? Or was it a realization that the chase is still intoxicating?”

Her right hand found the zipper to my gown and slowly drew it down then both hands pulled the thin straps from my shoulders and bared my breasts.

She bowed and slathered each nipple with a torrent of saliva as she devoured the pink buds, sucking my teats and lapping with her flat tongue.

My dress was between us and she reluctantly pulled back to let it drop. Now it was me standing in panties, heels and hose.

Her eyes were glowing as she ran her gaze over my body from my cropped silver dyed hair to the silver tips of my leather ankle strapped heels.

Still dressed in her pink silk cocoon, parker shivered and hiked her skirt up to kneel and plant small kisses on my rounded belly, her tongue running just along the waistband of my bikini panties.

parker lowered her head again and kissed my naked thighs above the bands caressing each thigh.

She was hungry, ravenous.

Her lips touched my panty, shaking her head slowly, inhaling my deep musky scent.

Her cheek rubbed side to side as her lips nibbled my inner thigh.

I ran my fingers through her hair, cooing, rolling my hips, shivering at her touch on my ass.

“I want to make love to you,” parker moaned.

“Make love, or have sex, darling?” was my response.

“Definitely, make love, take you for my lover now.” she husked.

“And just what caused this turn of events, parker?”

“You know why. That woman’s responses to my actions. I felt alive, vibrant. I felt sexual again.” The words rushed from her lips between tweaks at my panty crotch, sucking the moisture that had gathered there.

“And one more thing…when I was in the bathroom to remove my panties…I took my eyeliner pencil and wrote my cell number on them.

“When I was hanging the coats I felt the vibration of my phone.”

“What are you going to do about that, parker?” My question hung in the air for a second before she ripped my panties from me and nuzzled her cheek to my smooth mound, purring loudly.

“I want to fuck you. Surely you have something to facilitate that,” was her throaty reply.

“But first enjoy you, taste you, draw a flowing gushing spurting orgasm then and only then will it turn to primal savage fucking.”

I was nearly feeling a tiny orgasm with her words. Her face and hands, however, were having an effect on me which warned of, or promised mind shattering eroticism.

I looked down at her, over her golden hair, her bare shoulders which transited to the pale pink silk on her shoulders, the curve of her ass in the taunt silk just as her tongue slid from the outer skin of my left labia; she licked the musk from the juncture of my leg and crotch.

She had taken the time to refresh her perfume and her rising heat intensified the sensual scent.

parker rose and took my hand, pulling me more than leading me to my big bed.

I wriggled onto the center of the firm mattress after tossing the duvet and blankets carelessly off the opposite side.

I stretched out my arms and parted my legs in anticipation.

She removed her gown after sliding her heels from her feet by standing on one foot then the other never taking her eyes from my flushed body.

She turned and started opening drawers on the night tables, then my lower drawers until she smiled when she found the assortment of specialty items I had purchased earlier.

Only nodding that she had acquainted herself with the available devices she turned and only then allowed the gown to slither from her body to stand nude and enticing at the side of the bed.

I don’t know how, or when, but I had started to finger my pussy and became aware of my state of arousal only when her eyes concentrated on my crotch and hand.

parker shook her head in a negative and knelt between my legs.

She batted away my hand and replaced it with her fingers stroking the labia, making me writhe as her thumb rode along the moist center slit to the opening of my vulva.

Her eyes held me enthralled.

She smiled with each whimper from my lips.

Her hand now expert at eliciting my excited responses she leaned forward and circled an areola first with her tongue tip then the fullness of her lips.

She sucked. Almost like she was drawing liquid through a straw then pushing the air back down the tube to make bubbles in a glass. The suction was incredibly tight, firm. My nipple throbbed. Her tongue felt almost rough against the strained sensitive circles and the tips engorged.

Her hand never relented. Her thumb seemed to hook and push into my vagina. Then she withdrew the digit and pressed my unhidden clit with the wetness. The pressure was almost blindingly intense, the combination of mouth and hand something I never thought possible from a novice.

My ass started to pound on the mattress, I felt a welling of an orgasm.

Then parker stopped.

She rose from my breast and withdrew her hand from my swollen and sodden crotch.

Her hands took my ankles and drew my knees almost to my tits exposing me in a wanton display.

Her face took on an almost savage look, a fury ready to devour a soul.

She knelt back on her heels and wrapped her hair back her face now plainly visible before bowing to inhale my musky scent.

Her eyes concentrated on the translucent flood at my now open and bare pulsing vagina.

Her fingers ran along the plump flower.

parker found just the right pressure to make me writhe again almost instantaneously.

Legs up, pussy bared for her enjoyment.

And enjoy she did.

When her lips found my throbbing lips she bit and sucked and licked.

Her mouth fell to my clit and she sucked, she sucked and I felt it swell between her lips.

Three fingers drove into my open pussy and my inner walls rippled around them.

Her wrist twisted. Her lips sucked.

I pumped upward now. My head tossing side to side. My mouth open in a primal scream.

The dam burst!

I thrashed my legs skyward then they fell around her.

My body twisted, heaved and I grunted loudly. Teeth clenched, my breasts flopping against my sweat wet chest.

My head whirled and blindingly bright lights flashed in my mind’s eye.

I felt my heart thump loudly then a cold chill washed over me sending shivers shooting from my pussy to both head and toes with the speed of electricity.

I bucked and dislodged parker from her lip lock on my sopping wet vulva.

Slowly, ever so slowly my bucking, twisting and shivering subsided until I was able to focus my vision to see her lapping the sides of her lips with a Cheshire cat grin.

“Roll over,” parker commanded.

I did so and she further instructed me to lift onto my knees and jut my ass skyward.

Her fingers, which I just then noticed she had either trimmed her nails or had removed the press on nails, ran over my upturned ass, long slow gliding whispers of featherlike touches which made me writhe and mewl in my throat.

Her thumbs pressed the inner cleft of my ass cheeks and I knew she was staring at my asshole.

I felt a rush of warmth, her hair had loosened and the golden waves tapped my ass and upper thighs as her mouth made contact with my rosebud.

Her tongue darted forth and I felt the pink tip tease then burrow into the tight sphincter.

I felt drops of saliva drip and run from her mouth to wet the ring.

She hummed and sent vibrations down my back channel once more to shoot throughout my body.

Her head twisted and her hair flailed my flesh as her tongue burrowed to fill me with wet rubbery muscle.

More a continuation of my recent orgasm I felt ripples, greater than aftershocks, but dimmer than a building new orgasm, but strong and uniquely intense.

Again I jumped, ground, writhed and moaned as parker showed more than a casual desire to possess me, to bring my body to a Sapphic height of bliss she had been unaware she was capable of giving until perhaps six hours before.

I suffered little spasms which she took for orgasm and pulled back once more and sat back again.

“I do want to fuck you, but only if it pleases you. Did you bring those devices to use on me, thinking that was my need, or do you also derive pleasure from the fullness and deep thrusting pounding insertion and reinsertion of dildoes?” she asked.

“It is your show now, parker,” I whispered.

I felt my belly tighten and juices flow freely from my hot pussy. I arched my back on the mattress, my feet flat on the sheet and my knees bent.

She looked at me and rubbed her hands together at the display.

My young mother now rose from the bed and carefully selected several things from the night table almost as though she was deciding which were suitable and which might be reserved for some other time.

She turned her naked body to face me with a pair of small rings one of which she had pressed the prongs apart to show the expanded ring contrasted to the size of the closed twin.

I looked at her with unabashed lust.

She bent slightly to cup my farthest breast and quickly snapped the ring closed around my already turgid nipple which caused me to take a sharp intake of breath before parker quickly opened and snapped closed the other ring around the closer nipple.

Either parker had some knowledge of the uses of simple household items for sensual delights or she just had an intuitive grasp of how the rings differ from the usual nipple clamps .

She turned again, the round globes of her ass especially enticing, and selected something which she appeared to slip over the middle finger of her left hand.

When parker turned again I looked and there was a rubber extension on that finger. I recognized it as a cheap battery “massage” thingy.

She settled to sit on the side of the bed now looking me in the eyes and touching her covered finger to one nipple.

Her face glowed as I tossed my head back at the unexpected application.

As her face moved closer to mine I felt her hand descend to my clitoris and the “finger massager” sent thrumming waves throughout my vulva.

parker opened her lips and kissed me. Sweet urgent passionate kisses. Lingering kisses.

Her hand toyed with my sopping pussy and we kissed like starved lovers taking advantage of stolen minutes.

My nipples throbbed and dulled as we kissed with soft moans and rolling tongues, soft lips caressing and parting.

The fingering of my pussy was not the only activity which heightened my passion, my lust.

I haven’t kissed like that since…well not in a very long time. Sharing the joy of soft passionate loving kisses only served to add to the ripples and contractions I felt radiating from my core.

That finger now moved slowly from my clit along the puffy valley of my slit until the buzzing tip slipped easily into my molten cunt and parker began to thrust and slide her finger almost splashing my juices from my swollen vaginal flesh.

She rested the heel of her hand on my mound and curled that finger as she quickly found the spongy pad toward the front of my inner cunt.

We continued to kiss with passion and lust, with desire and fulfillment as she let the buzzing attachment work magic on my tender inner membranes and nerve endings.

She broke the kiss.

She withdrew her finger.

Her hip against my leg she looked at me with a triumphal gaze before using both hands to quickly mash the rings open to send fresh blood shoot to the tips of my nipples.

As I felt the cruel rush of feeling to my almost forgotten and starkly cold tips I shivered unaware she had risen from the bed again.

She moved easily, I watched her ass sway as she strode to the dresser once more and brought out the leather harness I kept there.

Her toned middle aged body was more and more interesting. Her thighs were firm, her butt high and the curve of her back deliciously defined.

She looked at the harness for what seemed an interminable time that I almost offered to help her. I was becoming wetter as I ran scenarios about her next actions quickly through my mind. I stifled a suggestion as to which dildo to place through the harness opening.

Shifting on one foot and the other she slid into the leather and cinched it around her waist and both leg straps only after selecting a device unseen and slipping it into the harness.

When parker turned I gasped loudly. She had chosen a rather wickedly long and thick purple dildo.

Her breasts jiggled as she moved back to me as I lay beginning to barely breathe normally then more quickly with each step to my bed.

The rubber “cock” bobbled and she actually fisted it as she approached.

“I see you are ready for your fucking. You really should move your hand and stop playing with your sufficiently prepared cunt,” she said.

I had been unaware that my fingers were pushing in and out of my pussy, I almost stretched my labia apart in anticipation of the purple “dong” she was determined to wield.

“Don’t worry, baby. This may be the first time I am on this end of a cock, but I know you have used this often enough to be able to take it all. My quandary is how fast or slow to take you,” the brunette said.

I was whimpering by that time. My hips gyrating, grinding, my ass sliding over the sheets not already soaked from my constantly oozing juices.

She knelt between my bent knees and feet and looked into my eyes as she rubbed the tip of the purple strapon over my swollen and puffy vaginal lips.

“This is yours. This is the one you like most, isn’t it?” questioned the wife.

I only nodded, eager for her to begin her, not revenge, but expression of her need.

To reassert my control I looked at her, at the bobbing and now slickened dildo I told her that is was my favorite, but not like the similar strapon I had reserved for her for later.

I tried not to break the spell, and succeeded, parker smiled as she realized her amateur effort would lead to a more experienced lesson during the remainder of the weekend.

The purple head was now poised at my gaping vagina. I could feel the pulsing rush in my labia. I was rolling my hips almost in supplication for her initial thrust.

The brunette showed restraint. The shaft in her right hand, she leaned forward and shook the missile just barely between my inner lips as her left hand reached for my right nipple and she squeezed.

I arched upward and almost begged for her to drive the dildo into me.

She sank between my lips, into that pink cavern pulsing and sloppily wet.

The girth of the latex shaft felt huge as she pushed half the 8 inch length easily into me.

Her tits bobbled as she started a rhythmic twist, thrust and pumping until she was buried deeply into my cunt and her waist brushed my thighs with each measured drive.

I reached up and pushed her left hand aside to grip her swaying breasts and my fingertips simply stroked the tender undersides from the warmth where chest and boob join and outward to just below each areola.

Her eyes became glazed which must have matched the expression I felt.

Most likely she hadn’t been aware of the stippled latex base of the strapon which was now rubbing her vagina and clitoris.

I gripped the shaft as best I could with my slick inner muscles and ground up as she drove down to feel the tip of the dildo at my cervix and simultaneously driving the nubbins against her aroused sex.

We were riding the crest of crashing climax.

“Come on, parker. Fuck me. Feel that power, that shared spiraling rush.

“Give it to me. Harder. Deeper.”

I was panting and slapping up with each thrust as she pummeled into me.

I pinched her nipples and wrapped my legs around her as she supported herself on her knees and pumped the thick purple strapon cock as she twisted her ass.

Her hair was wildly swaying as she concentrated now not simply on jabbing the dildo into me, but feeling the abrading effect of the latex base on her pussy and clit.

“Cum for me, baby. Cum, parker.”

Her pumping became short and fast jabs now. She arched her back and her face contorted just as she stopped and stirred my pussy with the thick purple stalk.

As orgasm washed over parker I felt the spasms and contractions in my body radiating from my core and joined her in a blinding mutual cum.

parker withdrew the latex appendage with a sucking “PLOP”!

I thought she had actually somehow pumped something into me as I felt the long oozing and pulsations of my sore pussy lips and tender vulva.

She had a triumphal crooked grin on her face as she watched me writhe and grind on the rumpled bed.

I rolled onto my tummy and undid the harness as she kneeled with legs spread.

With the pseudo phallus gone I rolled my fingers across her also sensitive and almost raw pussy.

I pinched her clit with thumb and forefinger nearly flat which made parker gasp and rock forward.

My fingers cupped together and I slapped her pussy sharply.


She winced and tried to move away, but I slapped her exposed clit three times before I allowed her to fall back on the bed.

My turn to rummage through my “toy” drawer and I returned to the supine brunette with a rubber flail and a paddle.

“Roll over, parker,” I ordered.

She moved slowly but obeyed and did not resist when I drew hitherto unseen soft restraints from the foot board of my bed.

Her leg muscles tensed when I slid the cuff around each foot to her ankles and tightened the straps.

The restraints pulled her legs severely open exposing her still pulsing and wet pussy. Her ass had a pale band from the bikini she obviously wore when tanning.

The married woman knew with her arms free she could kneel more upright, but standing or actually getting free was at my discretion.

Silently I ran the rubber thongs of the flail up her thighs from each knee to the curve of each buttock. I held the handle between my palms and twirled the soft tendrils over her exposed cunt making her twitch and try to push back against them.

She wimpered. She babbled with each passing minute intensifying her arousal.

After ten minutes of this teasing heightening her sexual need I slashed the flail viciously against her pulsing labia. Some tendrils landing on the lips, some slapping against her inner pussy.

She arched and almost rose to her knees then slumped back to accept the remainder of fifteen full slamming strikes of the flail concentrated on her now reddened labia and inner thighs.

parker writhed and breathed a gasp of relief when there was a pause after the fifteenth blow then the paddle slammed her until now untouched ass cheeks.

Ten full armed strikes to each bi colored cheek, the pale skin now reddened and almost purple. The tanned areas already a deeper, darker hue.

I lay against her side now. My right arm around her waist and my left hand exploring her sore pussy and ass until I simply cupped my fingers and twisted my hand to the second knuckles into her throbbing pussy.

My thumb was tight and centered between middle and ring fingers and I steadily fed my hand into her cunt.

Wriggling my hand from the wrist I insinuated my digits into her pussy. Her swollen and sore labia stretched making her feel an awful burning as I drove my hand into her.

Her soft inner membranes quivered, the silky flesh almost rippling as I tucked my thumb tightly into my palm and curled my hand into a fist.

She gasped loudly and tried to move up and away, but the restraints and my body kept her from pushing away from my buried fist.

Now I was fucking her.

Fucking with all my devotion and desire.

Parker babbled alternately; “so good” “stop!” “you are hurting me” “my god don’t stop!”

My fist opened and closed buried nearly to her cervix.

My knuckles rolled over and over her spongy g-spot.

I watched her push herself back to meet the thrusts of my arm.

I now and then leaned forward and kissed her reddened buttock.

For my part, I felt a steady throbbing in my pussy. My thighs were closed tightly and I rubbed my legs together and felt a gathering orgasm from within.

My body was churning, pumping into the air as I drove my fist into parker viciously, taking full possession of the married female.

My mouth was open and instead of simply kissing her asscheeks I was now rasping my teeth over the abused and partially untouched skin.

I pulled her skin between my teeth and lips and sucked deeply marking her.

Marking parker as I pumped my fist into her, pulling yet another orgasm from her.

She twisted, grunted, her pussy fluttered, actually fluttered around my buried fist before her body froze for what seemed minutes but couldn’t have been more than a second or two just before she screamed and I felt her juices splash around my hand.

I rode her body now, my hand past the inner and outer lips, my fist pumping and opening and closing as she stiffened then relaxed only to feel her muscles galvanize over and over.

Only when parker quieted, pushing against my fist and lying face down in somewhat repose did I remove my hand and one final kiss to her buttocks did I feel the pool of my own orgasm on my skin.

I rose slowly, very slowly. My body tingled. My legs were unsteady as I walked to the bathroom to refresh and quickly shower. I wrapped in that huge fluffy cotton robe and left the water on for parker who had decided not to share the pulsing multiheaded shower with me.

In a way I was relieved she had taken the route of needing time to herself.

Whether she was having doubts about her actions, or was simply worn out from a long and strange day I didn’t consider. Rather, I also wanted to sleep and relax.

While parker showered I made up another small platter of olives, cheeses, pita chips, etc. Opened a bottle of Chablis and sat quietly at the breakfast table.

parker joined me and we ate in silence.

Her face was inscrutable, showing neither concern nor enjoyment. She was apparently reflecting on the past two days.

“May I go to bed,” parker asked?

She sipped the remainder of her wine as she spoke.

“Of course, parker,” was my reply.

I expected her to retire to the guest bedroom, but instead she slid out of her robe at the door to my bedroom and climbed between the sheets and comforter.

As I watched her through the open door she quickly fell into a deep slumber.

I joined her not long after and also immediately fell asleep.

Instead of her body next to me in the late morning when I woke I had cradled my usual spare pillow and finally noted her side of the bed was empty.

It flashed through my mind that she had left, but when my senses fully wakened I saw her at the door with a bed tray with coffee and muffins and jam.

She had dressed in jeans and a cable knit sweater which both showed her form and hid it.

I tucked the sheets around myself and sat up as she placed the tray over my legs.

She poured coffee and even buttered a muffin for me.

“If you care for jam which will you prefer,” she asked?

She had found the blueberry compote and I indicated that.

Between bites I asked, “Have you eaten? Will you join me?”

She took another cup and poured herself coffee then sat on the side of the bed.

I broke the silence by saying, “Do you want to go home today? I am not cruel, I hope. You have fulfilled more than what you anticipated.”

“Are you certain,” parker responded?

“Yes, of course,” was my reply.

“And about Gretchen? When will I, I mean, she be notified?”

“Actually, Mrs.Abbott, she should have received her acceptance packet yesterday in the mail.”

parker had an incredulous look and simply swallowed down words.

She stood and turned to walk from the room.

I removed the lap tray and slid into my robe to follow her.

Instead of the angry sputter I had half expected parker stood at the glass wall and stared out at the snow covered landscape.

“It is beautiful here. A nice retreat.

“Would you invite me back sometime?” she asked.

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