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The Auction

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She paced the length of the living room restlessly…the sharp points of her high heels clicking against the wood floor. Her eyes flicked to the clock, realizing that it was almost time. He had said the car would arrive for her at eight and it was nearly that now. He had promised her an evening she would never forget. She took a deep breath and checked her appearance one final time in the mirror.

She viewed herself through his critical eyes seeking any flaw that might displease him. Her long chestnut curls were piled artlessly on top her head, a few loose tendrils escaping to caress her neck. Her makeup was subtle and flawless, accentuating the brilliant emerald of her eyes and the soft, full crimson lips that he told her were created to be wrapped around his cock. Her cheeks held no makeup, a high flush filling them naturally. Her gaze dropped lower, taking in the elegant silver collar locked around her neck. She thought of the matching chain currently residing in her evening bag.

She then turned her perusal to her clothing. Master had specified that she dress formally, elegantly, and sluttish, not an easy combination to put together. She had chosen a leather corset cinched tightly around her body, the skintight material pushing her breasts together and up, her pierced rosy nipples barely contained by the top of the garment. Her skirt was as black as the corset, falling down to her ankles in soft waves. It was made of a sheer shimmery mesh. There were slits in both sides up to her hips. When she was still, the skirt hung in soft folds, revealing no hint of the flesh beneath, but as she moved, the material parted, displaying long expanses of creamy flesh. Underneath the skirt was a tiny leather thong that hugged her mound and nestled between her cheeks. A pair of six-inch heels strapped to her ankles completed the entire outfit.

Finding no obvious flaws with her appearance, she turned from the mirror, grinning to herself in spite of her nervousness. If Master was in a certain mood, it would not matter how flawless her appearance seemed, he would find something. She heard a discreet rap on the door and grabbed a gossamer thin wrap to throw over her shoulders. She opened the door to discover a uniformed driver waiting. Her eyes flicked past him and widened when she saw the limo parked at the curb. Master was certainly pulling out all the stops for this evening. She smiled shyly at the driver and followed him to the car, slipping inside as he held the door for her.

Her eyes brightened and a smile crossed her lips as she entered the car. Master was sitting inside. She could not help but notice that while she was dressed to the nines, he was dressed more simply. His clothes were stylish, the soft black leather pants clinging to him, his shirt white, of the finest silk. Black boots completed his ensemble. He smiled as she entered the car, holding out a glass of champagne to her as she settled onto the seat. She took the glass from him, her eyes drinking him in. As always, the mere sight of him caused her heart to swell and moisture to gather between her thighs.

She sipped the bubbly liquid as the car moved through the traffic. She caught herself daydreaming out the window when she heard Master clear his throat to speak. She instantly turned her eyes to him as he began to speak. “My love, I promised you an evening to remember and I am quite sure you will never forget. But, first things first.” He pulled a red silk scarf from his pocket and fastened it around her eyes, plunging her into darkness. She breathed in heavily, always needing a moment to adjust to a world without light. Blindfolds were one of her challenges, a fact that Master knew quite well. When he sensed that she had calmed, he resumed speaking.

“Drink your champagne, my dear. It is the last alcoholic drink you will consume this evening. I don’t want your senses dulled at all. I can’t tell you anything about where we are going, at least not yet. But I will tell you that once we are there, you must not take off the blindfold, you must not speak to anyone; this is very important. If you speak, you will be gagged and I will be very disappointed. Do not shame me by speaking or attempting to speak or you will pay the consequences. Once I have finished speaking, you will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. I may or may not answer them, most likely not. After that, you will not speak again until you have been given direct permission from me and me alone. The final instruction I have for you is that you are to be perfectly obedient. You will do as you are told with no hesitation. You will be given orders from myself and possibly others. Now, that is everything I have to tell you. Do you have any questions for me?”

A million questions raced through her mind, but she knew they were questions that he would not answer. She hesitantly lifted the glass to her lips, taking a deep swallow. Her voice was low and soft as she replied, “Only one question Master. Will I be allowed a safeword?”

He chuckled low, “No my sweet. You will have no safeword. I know this frightens you a bit but you must trust me when I tell you that nothing will happen to you that you cannot handle.”

She nodded slowly, taking in his words. She turned her face in the direction of his voice, the blindfold hiding the trepidation in her heart. “Master, I will not disappoint you. I will make you proud of me no matter what. I trust you with everything I am.”

She could not see the smile that crossed his face, nor the wicked light dancing in his eyes. He knew she had no inkling of what was in store for her, but he also knew that he would allow no real harm to come to her. His heart swelled with love as he watched her sipping her drink, her hand now moving with confidence and assurance as she became accustomed to navigating the glass to her lips without benefit of her eyes. For a moment he felt a sense of awe as the magnitude of her trust in him filled him. God how he adored this woman. He would die before he allowed anything or anyone to hurt her.

The car pulled up to warehouse in the industrial section of town. There were several other luxury vehicles parked there, as well as some more rundown cars. His lips curled in distaste as he took in the sight of them. While he and his were certainly far from wealthy, he would never resort to what some of the other Masters did. There were those who bartered in the flesh of their slaves to make ends meet, usually not caring who paid, as long as they pocketed the money. He had no tolerance for those that used the gift their submissives had given them to their own financial ends. It was one thing if the Master had the best interest of his girl at heart, but it seemed to him that many of these girls were being loaned out without the faintest thought for what might happen to them. He recalled two Masters, if one could call them that, being banned from this establishment only last month.

It had happened after a girl was sold for a twenty-four hour period to a known sadist. The girl had no idea what was going on and had been returned to the owner in need of a doctor’s care. Both buyer and seller had been banned after that. The club had no desire to involve any kind of authorities in their activities and stressed that all arrangements must be consensual. After that incident, all the slaves and submissives were required to give their consent to what was happening. It had involved quite a bit of finagling to accomplish his purpose this evening without her knowledge. He thought of the contract he had signed only that afternoon with the management of the club to finalize the deal.

The driver opened his door and he stepped out, reaching back in to guide her from the car. She moved unsurely, the toes of her sandals feeling out the ground beneath her. She stood tall and proud at his side and he reveled in the admiring glances he was receiving. He led her inside and was welcomed by the doorman, then escorted to the back by a scantily clad hostess in cuffs and chains and little else. When he reached the area backstage, he looked around at the rest of the people gathered there. It was quite a mixture of humanity. Masters, Mistresses, subs, slaves, all genders and orientations were represented here.

He was approached by one of the handlers. He could feel her standing stiffly next to him, though no one else would be able to sense the tension in her. It was only his intimate knowledge of her that allowed him to see through her calm façade. The handler ignored the girl at his side and spoke only to him. “Sir. I need to take her now. Do you have a lead for her or shall the club provide one?”

He reached into her handbag and pulled out the delicate silver leash. The handler looked at the slim links dubiously. “Sir, if I may suggest something a bit stronger? Sometimes the girls have a tendency to struggle a bit and that doesn’t look like it would hold up to much.”

He smiled and she heard the steel in his tone. “Trust me. She will not struggle.” She resolved that no matter what happened from here on out, she would do nothing to cause her Master any embarrassment or ridicule. She would be perfect. She felt his fingers clipping the leash to her collar and then his lips brushing briefly over hers. His lips moved to her ear and he whispered softly, “I will see you in a bit my pet. Remember everything I have told you and taught you. I know you will make me proud. I have utter faith in you.”

She did not speak, only inclined her head in the barest of nods. He handed the leash over to her handler and went out front to the bar, intending to socialize with some of the others while he waited.

Backstage the handler snapped her leash and uttered terse commands to her. “To your knees slut.” She lowered herself gracefully to her knees and waited silently. He lowered his face close to hers, his hands gripping her chin and turning her face side to side. His voice was low and harsh. “Not bad. Some might find you entertaining. Your name slut?”

Ever mindful of Master’s admonitions from earlier, she kneeled silently. She never saw the flogger he carried raise, only felt it as it swished down over her shoulders. She winced but made no sound, confident in Master’s assurances that nothing would happen to her that she could not handle. Again the man’s voice echoed near her ear. “I asked you a question slut. What is your name? Or do you prefer I beat it out of you?” She trembled visibly, but never made a sound, not even when he rained blows over her shoulders and on her thighs. Eventually he stopped and whispered softly in her ear, his former harshness softened. “Well, perhaps you are as well trained as your Master has said. You have done well. Now, follow.” He gave a tug on her leash and she struggled to crawl after him, the blindfold and long skirt hampering her progress.

Finally, he halted and affixed her leash to something, telling her to wait until someone came for her. She moved around a bit and found that she was attached to a ring in the wall. Her restlessness subsided and she kneeled unmoving and silent, her patience everlasting. She was startled when she felt hands on her hair, pulling out the pins and allowing her hair to cascade down her back. A brush yanked through the curls and her eyes teared up. No one spoke to her for awhile, then she felt someone kneeling next to her and a soft female voice spoke to her. “Now dear. Don’t be nervous. I just need to prepare you for your debut.” With that, she felt hands pushing her knees apart. She offered no resistance and spread them wide.

She felt fingers tickling at the inside of her thighs, slowly circling closer to her pussy lips. She bit her lip to keep from squirming. In no time, the fingers were parting her lips and gently stroking over her rapidly swelling clit. She flushed, knowing that she must appear to be a wanton whore to become aroused so easily. The woman laughed softly. “Your Master told us you would be easy to prepare. Don’t be embarrassed girl, from his tone I would say that is one of the qualities he prizes in you.”

The whole time she was speaking the woman continued to taunt the girl’s clit. She didn’t stop until the girl was flushed and squirming, chewing on her lower lip to keep from moaning aloud. “There. All done. Now that wasn’t so bad was it?” The girl smiled and shook her head slightly. The woman left without another world and she was once again left alone. She could hear muffled voice from somewhere, but she couldn’t make out any of the words. Finally someone came and unhooked her leash. She followed the tugs on her lead. They stopped and the handler ruffled her curls. “It’s time slut. Stand up and follow the lead.”

She did as she was told and was lead through a doorway onto a stage. She could feel the hot lights on her skin, and was startled when someone near her began speaking into a microphone. “Ladies and Gentlemen. We now come to the highlight of the evening. A moment we have been waiting for for quite some time. If you direct your attention to the stage you will see that the final treat for this evening is none other than Master Jaded’s beloved slave. Yes, that’s right, the girl he has been bragging about for all these many months is finally to be auctioned off. The contract is for twenty-four hours, no marks lasting longer than 36 hours, and all safety negotiations are to go through Master Jaded. Now let’s get this prize bitch properly displayed and demonstrate some of her talents.”

All through this speech panic had been welling up inside her throat. She could not believe Master was doing this. He had always said that as long as she was his, no other would possess her and now he was going to sell her to the highest bidder. Tears gathered on her eyelashes under the blindfold. She blinked them away, not allowing them to spill over. She was determined that if Master had decided that this is what he wished for her, she would not fail him.

She felt cuffs being attached to her wrists, which were then hoisted above her head until her toes were barely scraping the floor. Her breath was coming in short shallow breaths as her mind raced. Had she done something wrong? Done something that displeased Master so much he didn’t want her anymore? With effort she stilled her mind. Master was not the kind of man who would take this route if he wished to be rid of her, and he had promised that he would not allow any harm to come to her.

Strong hands gripped her waist, pivoting her slowly. She danced on the toes of her shoes, not wanting to lose her balance and let her full weight rest on her arms. As she turned, the panels of her skirt slipped away revealing the full length of her legs. She heard murmurs of appreciation from the crowd in front of her. When she was once again facing the crowd, the same hands slipped the skirt from her waist leaving her in only her thong and corset. She blushed brightly knowing how much of her was revealed. Behind the blindfold, her world was reduced to one of sound and sensation.

The person with the microphone began to speak again, the noise echoing in her ears. “Please pay particular attention to the details of this girl. The creamy white skin, so perfect for marking; the tiny waist cinched into the corset, made for hands to be wrapped around; the way the corset forces her breasts together and up; the way they heave as she struggles to control her breathing.” As he spoke, she felt herself flushing with heat, a fact the speaker capitalized on. “See how the blush of her cheeks spreads, filling her skin. Now, let’s see a little more.”

She felt the laces of her corset being loosened until it fell from her body, her ample breasts spilling out for everyone to gaze on. The gold rings piercing her nipples glinted in the light of the stage, the buds swelling and stiffening as she felt the eyes on her. Her lips parted and formed into a soft “o”, but no sound emerged. Next, large fingers hooked into the sides of her thong and slid it over her thighs and down her legs. She felt a touch on her ankles indicating that she was to step out of it. A collective sigh emerged from the crowd as her nude body was fully revealed to them.

Next she felt cuffs being attached to her ankles. When they were snug, they were slowly lifted in front of her. She could not help the gasp that escaped her lips as she was lifted off the floor. Her wrists twisted in the cuffs when her ankles reached the point where her legs were straight in front of her and then were slowly pulled apart. A round of applause rose from the crowd as her most intimate area was put on display. Her lips were perfectly smooth, puffy and pink, moisture glistening on her skin. She arched her back and moaned. Being put on display always caused such a conflict within her, an intoxicating mixture of shame and lust. Lips hovered near her ear whispering softly to her. “Moan, whimper, cry out all you like, but if one recognizable word falls from those pretty lips, I will find the harshest gag we have and use it on you with pleasure.” She recognized the voice of the man who had flogged her earlier and bit down hard on her tongue.

“OK Ladies and Gentlemen. I know this may be a hardship for you, but please, I need a volunteer from the crowd to come up here and assist with the rest of the demonstration.” He paused for a moment and chuckled softly. “Hmmmm, perhaps two then. You and you.” She heard movement in the crowd then the sound of footsteps on the stage. Off to the side she heard whispered instructions but could not make out any of the words. She stiffened as she sensed someone approaching her. Someone stood between her parted legs and she felt a soft hand rest on the inside of her thigh. It felt like a woman’s hand. Her hunch was confirmed when the woman’s nails scraped her tender skin. At the same time someone stepped behind her and cupped her breasts from behind. She whimpered softly as his fingers captured the rings in her nipples and began tugging and twisting on them.

Meanwhile the woman between her legs had shifted her attention to the girl’s rapidly moistening pussy. Her nails dragged along the slit, causing her to arch and moan. Her clit was pinched tightly as her nipples were being tormented. Tears filled her eyes and this time she could not prevent them from rolling out under the blindfold. Her body tensed and the man behind her spoke, “That’s it dear. There is nothing you can do to stop this. Just give in. Let the sensation take you over. The more you fight it the harder we will make it on you.”

The words rolled over her and she gave a slight nod of her head. There were suddenly more hands on her as the handler and announcer both joined in. She struggled as clamps were first added to her nipples, then another to her clit, joined by a chain running down her belly. Her flesh was stroked, pinched, bit, and licked until she could no longer tell the hands and mouths apart. She writhed and twisted in her bonds, eliciting appreciative sounds from the crowd. Suddenly she felt soft lips on her thighs and felt someone kneeling between her legs. The mouth moved over her lips, the tongue darting out to lap at the juices flowing from her. No more words were spoken. Her ankles were pulled higher until her ass was exposed. She felt a cool sensation, then grunted as a plug was pushed into her resisting rectum. Her moans and whimpers were almost continuous as she writhed, but not one clear word fell from her lips.

The mouth moving between her thighs was drowning out all the other sensations. Her body rocked and bucked against those lips, that tongue. Her moans grew in intensity, her muscles going rigid as she felt herself nearing release. Suddenly the mouth was taken away and she groaned in frustration, her hips continuing to buck against empty air. In the momentary quiet, she heard the wicked swish of something slicing through the air before a line of fire was painted across the back of her thighs. She drew in a breath to cry out, but before a sound left her mouth, identical lines were being carved along the backs of her legs and ass. She could hardly draw in a breath as the pain engulfed her. A mouth attached to each of her nipples, sending jolts of electricity coursing from the swollen nubs straight to her pussy. All at once, everything stopped. She heard the announcer speak again into the silence of the room. She hung limply in her bonds, sweat dripping from her body, her hair hanging wetly around her face. Her body kept up its uncontrollable trembling and occasionally a soft moan slipped from her lips.

“It’s time to start the bidding. There is a minimum bid of $1000, a paltry sum for a full twenty-four hours with this beauty who bears the name of the wife of a demi-god. Who will begin the bidding on Master Jaded’s precious deianira? And one other item. This is to be a silent auction. There will be no tipping off the slut as to who will be purchasing her favors. And while we are bidding….” He did not complete the sentence but immediately the attention to her body was resumed. Over and over the sweet mouth brought her to the verge of release while her nipples and ass were teased and tormented.

By the time it stopped, she was mindless with lust, her whimpers pleading wordlessly to be allowed release. She hung there bucking and crying, the tears streaking darkly down her cheeks, her juices flowing freely from between her thighs. Dimly she heard the announcer speaking. “Congratulations Sir. You have purchased yourself quite a prize, though I am sure after this display, everyone in the room would agree to that fact.” Anxiety washed through her, but with the lust raging in her blood, at this moment she cared not who had purchased her, only that she be allowed release. The chains were lowered until she was just above the floor.

A body straddled her face and she felt leather rubbing against her mouth. Obediently she parted her lips and began to tongue the material, feeling the man begin to swell under her ministrations. She whimpered softly, trying to imagine that it was her Master on the other side of the blindfold, knowing it was futile. She could never forget that it was another man touching her, preparing to use her mouth. She cried silent tears but never stopped the movement of her lips against his pants. When this was over she would fall to her knees at Master’s feet and beg him with her entire soul to never do this again. In the meantime, she would do her best to make him proud and serve this man. She heard the sound of a zipper being drawn down and knew that in a moment she would be required to service this man in front of everyone. She flushed scarlet.

In a short moment, she felt his cockhead pressing against her lips. She opened her mouth, resigned to her fate, aware of the way her blood was still boiling from her earlier treatment, hoping that there was some compassion in this man and that she would be rewarded for her service. The man’s forward motion halted and he rubbed his cock over her lips, at the same time reaching forward and pulling the blindfold from her eyes. She blinked and winced from the sudden brightness. As her vision cleared, she hesitantly lifted her eyes to the man straddling her. For a moment, what she was seeing didn’t register. As the realization set in, the man pushed his cock deep into her throat, she closed her lips eagerly around her Master’s cock, stunned that he would go through all this for her. He smiled down at her and spoke while she sucked his cock.

“My love, did you really think I would allow another to possess you, even for only a day? You are mine but I wanted to give you the experience of being sold on the block and it was worth every penny to watch you up here, so unsure, so heated, so torn between the hunger consuming you and the desire to have only me touch you. You made me proud my sexy slut and I am the envy of every Master and Mistress here. Now finish your task.”

As his words washed over her, he began thrusting deeply into her sweet wet mouth. She gagged but did not struggle. She knew how much he enjoyed using her mouth roughly and she welcomed it. In short time, she felt his cock swell and a second later he spurted his cum deep into her throat. She swallowed rapidly to keep from choking, then tongued his cock clean. When she opened her eyes again he was smiling tenderly at her. He stepped away from her and waved to the handlers. She was unclamped, unplugged, and released from her bonds. She lay on the floor of the stage, unable to find the strength to stand. Master bent and scooped her up into his arms, carrying her backstage, bathing her and redressing her. He noted the fire in her eyes and chuckled softly, “I have not forgotten your hunger my slut. You will be taken care of when we return home, over and over again. For now, I wish to mingle.”

He snapped her leash back onto her collar and led her to the front. A blush remained high in her cheeks as she confronted those who had witnessed her lewd behavior on stage. Gradually, her discomfort eased as she heard nothing but praise from everyone who greeted her Master. And Master, well Master spoiled her the rest of the evening, catering to her every need and whim. His eyes spoke volumes about what lay in store for her later and her hunger for him remained at a fever pitch all night. When Master finally decided it was time to take their leave, he wrapped her shawl around her and nestled her close to him, escorting her to the car. When they were inside, she snuggled against him, whispering softly, “I love you Master.”

He smiled and said nothing, too overcome with emotion to reply. He simply kissed the top of her head and held her tight, knowing he would demonstrate his feelings when they got home.

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