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Angie’s Holes

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Angie awoke, groggy and confused. She felt cold. When she tried to move she realized she was restrained. She tried her best to clear her head and assess her situation. The first thing that Angie realized was that she was naked, vulnerable. The last thing she remembered, she was having a drink at a party. But how did she get here? What happened?

She was bent over some kind of wooden bench. Cold metal dug into her ankles. Her feet were shackled. Her feet and legs were spread wide apart.

Angie’s shoulder’s ached. Her right hand was pulled straight out to the right, with a rope tied to her wrist. She tried to pull against it, but the rope just cut into her flesh. Her left arm was tied as well – pulled out in the opposite direction to her left side. Her arms made a “T” shape with her body. There was no support for her head, she just hung there by the ropes. Angie also realized that in her current position, her pussy was bare, exposed. Anyone could just walk up and see it… or worse. And there would be nothing she could do to stop them. Fear gripped Angie. The room smelled a little of sweat and … sex? She tried to turn her head to see what was behind her. She could barely turn, and anyway she saw nothing at all. Nor could she hear anything. There were large lights around her, but a dark blackness behind those lights. Someone could be standing there and she would never be able to see them. Her body began to shake in nervous shock.

Angie heard footsteps. But they didn’t sound like shoes. They sounded more like.. pads.

“Someone was… barefoot?” Angie thought to herself.

Angie looked ahead to see a man walk out of the blackness behind the lights. The man was naked, about 6 feet tall. She also noticed that he had an erection. Without saying a word, he walked calmly right up to Angie until his penis was in her face.

The naked man grabbed a handful Angie’s hair at the back of her head, pulled her head up and forcefully stuffed his fat cock into her mouth. His cock was hard and tasted of pee and sweat. Angie choked a bit and her eyes began to water. Angie was angry and fought back. She bit down on his cock.

The naked man winced a bit and pulled his cock out of her mouth, but he never cried out or complained. He let go of her hair.

WHACK! Suddenly Angie felt something slap across her bare, cold bottom, in excruciating pain. It felt like a whip of some sort. The naked man grabbed Angie’s hair again. He pulled her head up until she thought her neck would break.

He looked Angie in the eye and said, “Don’t bite, you little cunt.”

With that he stuffed his hard cock back into her mouth. Still feeling the pain of a whip across her ass, feeling totally vulnerable and terrified, Angie decided to not fight back, but rather to allow this man to violate her mouth with his cock.

The naked man hesitated to see if Angie would fight back. “Thats better,” He said.

He just stood there with his stick cock in her mouth. Angie coughed a bit but was careful not to bite him for fear of retribution.

The man continued, “Tonight we have a nice little white trash whore for all of you to use. Feel free to do with her as you will. All of her holes are available to you. We expect her to be broken before we are all finished.”

“First, we will need to break in her holes. Who would like to fuck her first?” The man asked.

Angie could not see with the lights in her eyes and the darkness behind the lights. Her neck was aching as she tried not to bite down on the stranger’s cock that was raping her mouth. Many questions screamed in her mind, “Where am I?” “What did he mean by ‘all of her holes’?” “How many people are here?”

Suddenly Angie arched her back as pain ripped through her. Her cunt felt like it was about to split open. She could feel a cock inside her. She fought to move, but her legs were spread apart. Try as hard as she could, she could not close her legs. From the feel of it, it was a very big dick that had just entered her. She could feel the thighs of a man pushing against the back of her thighs. He was fucking Angie. He was raping Angie.

Angie flinched and gagged. She still had the naked man’s cock in her mouth. She tried to breath but it was difficult. Angie realized quickly that she was bent over the board in such a way as to make her cunt easily accessible. Angie was repulsed. She wanted to throw up but was afraid to. She was afraid of what punishment she might receive.


Angie pussy began to get wet. She figured it was out of self-defense, lubrication to avoid a tear from the rough fucking she was taking. The man behind, the man raping her, began to quicken his pace. He slammed into her cunt forcefully. Angie could feel the man’s balls swinging and hitting her in the clit. She felt his dick swell inside of her and she new what was going to happen. “uuuuuuhggghhhhhh” the man moan. Angie felt the convulsions of the stranger’s hard dick. She felt his sperm pour into her pussy. Just as quickly he was there, the man pulled his penis out of her and he was gone into the darkness. The other man continued to just stand there with his hard dick in her mouth. Angie’s jaw began to ache.

Finally, he spoke, “My turn you little cock sucking bitch. It is now my turn to break in one of your holes. Suck it!” he commanded.

Angie’s eyes flew open wide. She was already gagging. She could hardly move her head anymore. She was completely revolted and didn’t want give this asshole a …. blowjob.

“WHACK!” Went the whip across her ass.


Immediately she began to suck on the man’s cock. She couldn’t really bob her head, but she ran her tongue under his shaft and sucked as hard as she could. Her pussy still ached from the fucking she just got.

“Is this man going to cum?” Angie wondered. “Is he going to cum in my mouth?!!”

Angie couldn’t bear the thought of it. She had always enjoyed giving blowjobs to her husband. She had always liked the taste of cum in her mouth. But this was different.

“What would Dave say?” she thought to herself. “What would he think of her? Would Dave think she is a little fucking whore?”

Angie felt so humiliated.

PAIN shot through Angie’s body as she felt something hard stuck up her ass. She could tell from the feel of hair on her thighs that it was another man. He had rammed his dick completely in her ass. He was all the way in, balls deep into Angie’s tight asshole. His moved quickly to fuck her in the ass. His body slapped against her backside. But Angie dare not stop sucking the other man’s cock. She still had it in her mouth and she was afraid of what he might do if she stopped. Tears began to run down her cheek as she began to cry. These two men were using Angie as a piece of meat and she hated it.

Finally, the man with his dick in her mouth spoke, “Yeah, you like that cock in your mouth, don’t you? You dirty little whore. Yeah that’s it. Suck my dick while he fucks your ass. You like cocks in your ass, don’t you?”

The man that was raping Angie’s ass spoke up, “yeah, we have us a fuck whore for tonight. We are all going to have fun with her.”

The taste in Angie’s mouth began to change. Something was different. It tasted almost like bitter pecans. Then a little more. Suddenly, cum shot down Angie’s throat. The man was cumming in her mouth! Angie wanted to spit it out, but she couldn’t move. Load after load of cum shot into her mouth. The stranger’s spunk ran up of her mouth and spilled on to the floor. At the same time, the man behind her began to cum as well. She could feel his dick jerking inside her ass. She could feel the cum running out of her ass. Both men came at the same time in two of Angie’s holes. Both of them removed their dicks from her at the same time. They had been there so long that Angie almost felt empty without them. Angie’s tongue continued to lick for just a second after the man was gone, not sure if she should continue.

Angie still couldn’t believe this was happening to her. Surely this is a dream. She was tied down and being raped by these two men, or it is three?. She just laid there for a minute, resting and trying to catch her breathe. She let the ropes hold her up. Cum was running from her mouth, her pussy and her ass.

“Do you think you have been used?” One of the men asked.

“Fuck you!” Angie yelled. She was enraged.

With that another lash of the whip quickly slapped against her ass.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Fuck!” Cried Angie.

“Angie, you are our fuck-whore,” He continued. “We are nowhere near finished with you. You are a broken-in little whore, but we are just getting starting with you.”

With that, the lights in front of her came on. Angie was terrified to see about 20 naked men standing there. Some of them had erections. Angie almost fainted. As the first naked man was talking with Angie, as she was looking at all of these men, as her brain was trying to process this, another cock was violently stuck into her pussy. The man behind her began fucking her furiously. He grabbed her hips and plowed his way deep inside of her already aching fuck-hole.

As he was using her body for his depraved pleasure, the other man smiled and continued, “We are going to fuck the shit out of you, quite literally actually.” The 20 or so men moved around to the side and she could no longer see them.

The man fucking Angie slapped her on her ass cheek. It hurt like hell. The he slapped her on the other cheek as hard as he could.

“Shit!” Angie screamed.

“What was that?” Ask the man, that she now was figuring out was the leader of this group of rapists. It was the man that came in her mouth. “We didn’t say you could speak, you little slut. Lets see if we can train you better.”

With that, the man behind Angie, the second one to fuck her, began to slap her on the ass repeatedly. It hurt like shit.

The man man fucking Angie commanded, “You cock sucking bitch. Don’t talk. You can moan, but you can’t talk.”

Another man walked up in front of her with another hard-on. He grabbed her hair just like the last man. She tried to keep her mouth closed. WHACK! Went the whip again. This time across her back.

Angie opened her mouth and the man stick his dick in her mouth. He grabbed her hair again. But this time he moved his hips in and out and fucked her mouth. This man was fucking Angie’s face! She wanted to vomit. She gagged on his cock as it was repeatedly shoved down her throat.

The man behind Angie continued to spank her. The man in front of her continued to move back-and-forth, fucking her in the mouth. The man behind Angie pushed his dick inside of the whore and held it there. He waited, and then finally he came. She felt the spasms of his cock jumping inside of her. His hot cum poured into her pussy. She was now dripping with the cum of two men. The man behind Angie withdrew his cock from her cunt, but another dick quickly took its place.

The man fucking her mouth said, “You little fucking whore. Suck my cock.”

She had no choice. He was pushing it down her throat over and over. Finally she felt the dick flinch in her mouth. Cum shot down her throat. The man continued to fuck her mouth. Her lips were all the way to the base of his huge cock. She was deep-throating this man as he shot his hot cum into her mouth. Angie’s nose was in the man’s pubic hair. The smell was revolting. She felt disgusted.

The next man began to fuck Angie. There she was, bent over a wooden beam, shackled to it, being raped repeatedly. She was being beat and abused. Angie was repulsed. Then, in front of her, Angie noticed a man and a woman. The woman was on her knees. The man was fucking her doggy style. Just like Angie, she was getting fucked. Except, the woman was enjoying it. She looked at Angie and they made eye contact. The woman smiled and just went back to taking her fucking. She clearly was enjoying the man’s cock pumping in and out of her.

Angie continued to get raped. Man after man took his turn in Angie’s used cunt. Spunk poured out of her pussy. It ran down her legs and spilled on to the floor. To say Angie had a nasty creampie was an understatement. Sperm oozed out of her. When the next man rammed his cock up inside of her, cum was pushed out of her cunt and ran down his balls. She continued to get gang raped liked this. Angie could feel the next orgasm coming on. She could feel it building, just like the ones before. She had been violated again and again by these strangers, these assholes. As the next stranger fucked her sore and aching, abused and torn cunt, and another fucked her in the mouth, she could sense the next orgasm about to happen. And then it did. But, neither of the men came. They just continued to fuck Angie’s holes. This particular orgasm shocked Angie! It couldn’t be. This one was her own. Her body betrayed her. She was turned on by all the attention these men were giving her. They were giving her their cocks, their sperm. She had really started to get into it and now Angie was moaning like a whore as she came.

The dick in her mouth popped out long enough for her to say, “Oh YES! Fuck me! Fuck your little toy. Use my cunt you motherfucker!”

Angie came hard. He pussy clenched down on the hard dick that was fucking her.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhhh! Oh Yes! Fuck me! I love your cocks!” she screamed.

The dick in her mouth deposited its load and the dick in her pussy came as well. Then they were both withdrawn. Angie’s pussy oozed the cum of 20 or so men. Angie still felt like a dirty whore. But now she wanted more. She wanted more dicks. She wanted more cum.

“Yes. I am your little fucking whore. Don’t stop fucking me!” she yelled at anyone who would listen.

The woman that Angie watched getting fucked walked up. She looked at Angie. Then she squatted down to get near Angie’s face. Angie just watched her. The two women’s faces were so close to each other. The woman softly, gently licked the cum from Angie’s cheek. Then she sniffed and looked into Angie’s eyes.

Without breaking eye contact the woman said, “she’s ready. Are you ready Angie?”

“Yes,” said Angie. Not even sure what she was agreeing to. But Angie knew that she needed more sex.

Two men came up and released Angie from her bounds. Angie stood up straight. Cum ran out of her cunt and her ass. Her shoulders were stiff from being restrained. The woman took Angie by the had and walked her over to a stained mattress on the floor. Angie could see about 20 men around the room. She wondered how many had fucked her so far. She had lost count. Just the thought of that turned her on.

The woman laid down on the bed. She pulled Angie down with her. “Are you really ready, whore?” She said to Angie.

“Yes” said Angie. “I want more”.

The woman continued, “Yes, of course you do. I remember my first night.” The woman continued. “Ok. My pussy has been fucked by about 10 of these men tonight, just like yours has. My ass has also been fucked. My pussy and ass are dripping the cum of these men. You say you want more? It is time for you to eat my cum filled cunt and give me a rim job”.

With that the woman leaned back and spread her legs.

Angie just looked for a minute, “Does my pussy look like hers?” Angie thought to herself.

White sploog dripped from the woman’s shaven twat. Where Angie felt disgusted before, now she felt animal lust. She buried her face between the woman’s thighs. She gladly lapped up the warm, runny cum. She licked the woman’s asshole as cum ran out of it, her tongue poking into the tight, nasty hole. She sucked on the woman’s clit. Angie stuck her tongue up the woman’s pussy. The taste of cum filled Angie’s mouth. It turned her on.

“What would Dave think of me?” she thought to herself.

Angie felt hands on her hips. Then she felt a cock ease it’s way inside of her. It felt so good! Angie no longer fought it. She was the whore they needed and she loved it. She continued to eat the woman’s fresh fucked pussy. The group of men stood around watching Angie and wanting her.

“Oh yes! Lick my cunt!” The woman moaned.

Angie could feel the woman beginning to cum. The woman squirmed and ran her fingers though Angie’s hair. As she did, the man fucking Angie came. As he came, Angie came. She had never done anything so sexual in her life. Angie had the hardest most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. She felt free. Free to fuck and suck and experience as much sex as she possibly could.

“That’s it, lick my ass you little whore,” said the woman as she came. Are you our whore?” She asked.

Angie stopped eating pussy long enough to say, “Yes! I am your whore. I will do whatever you ask. Just please don’t stop fucking me.”

The woman sat up. She grabbed Angie by the hair and pulled her head up. It hurt Angie, but she was kind of liking it.

The woman gave Angie her instructions, “Ok. Lets see if you are really ready. If you are, we will give you all the cum you want. ” With that, a man walked up and laid down on the mattress. He had a very large cock. It was about 8 inches long. It looked as thick as a cucumber.

“Mount him,” said the woman.

Angie’s lustful eyes lit up, “Gladly,” she said.

Angie climbed on top of the man and put the head of his cock in her pussy. Normally she would not have been able to fit him inside of her. But she was so stretched out from being fucked, she was so wet from all of the cum. The large cock slid into her. She sat down on him and looked down into his eyes. The man reclined and put his hands behind his head. He just smiled. Her pussy was stretched to about all it could take.

With that, a large black man walked up. He had the biggest cock Angie had ever seen. It was standing straight up. He dick was a full 9 inches long, and as thick as a fist. He stood over Angie, looked down on her and just smiled.

Then the woman spoke again, “lean forward and put your arms around your lover’s neck”.

Angie did as she was told. The man beneath her put his arms around Angie’s neck. Angie realized he was holding her firm. She was a little scared and was unsure of what was about to happen next. The black man walked around behind Angie. He rubbed his cock a few times to make sure it was hard and lubed up. The he placed the head against Angie’s asshole. Angie was shocked! She was so stretched.

“Surely this man wasn’t going to fuck my ass,” she thought to herself. “I already had a gigantic cock inside of …..!”

Angie couldn’t finish her thought. The black man firmly slid his thick hard dick into Angie’s ass. The first 2 inches, the pain was intense. The 3rd and 4th inches felt….hot. The 6th and 7th inches felt almost good. When the 8th and finally 9th inch penetrated Angie’s ass, she became to come.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Oh yes. Use me!” Angie cried out.

She pleaded with them, “ooooooohhhhhhhhh! I’m cumming! PLEASE fuck me!”

With that, the two huge cocks began to pump Angie’s asshole and pussy in unison. The balls bounced off of each other as they fucked Angie. She felt like she was about to be split wide out. At the same time, Angie had never felt such satisfaction in her life as the two cocks that were at this very moment plunging deep inside of her.

“That’s it you little fucking cunt. Take every inch of my shit!” said the black man.

He bent over her, and plowed his cock deep into Angie’s ass, again and again. The man below Angie, the one fucking her pussy, arched his back as he began to cum She felt him shoot his load inside of her already used hole. Just the feeling of the man’s orgasm pushed Angie over the edge. She came again. Her cunt and asshole clenched down on the two cocks. But they weren’t violating her. She was using them. She was getting what she needed. The black man grabbed Angie by the neck. He squeezed her so hard and he rammed every inch of his huge cock up her ass.

“That’s it you white bitch! I am cumming in your ass.” He said. Ride that cock you motherfucker.”

With that, he dumped his load in her bowels. The three of them just laid there, like a sandwich, three people stacked on top of each other.

Finally the woman spoke up. “Ok, Angie, you are ready. It is time for your final…’treatment’. Take those dicks out of you and get on your knees.”

By now Angie was ready for anything, and hungry too. The men pulled out of her. Angie walked over to spot beneath one of the lights and got on her knees.

“Are you a whore?” the woman asked.

“Oh yes,” said Angie.

“Yes, I remember my first night,” The woman said with a smile and a laugh. “Would you like to come back to our party again?”

“I can’t wait,” Said Angie. “But my husband can’t find out about this.”

“Say: ‘I am a cum slut’,” the woman commanded.

“I am a cum slut,” Angie repeated dutifully.

“Ok, she’s ready. Bring them in,” said that woman.

Angie was a little worried. “Who is ‘them’?” she thought to herself.

Angie looked up and was shocked. She thought she had seen it all, experienced everything she could tonight. But she was surprised yet again. Angie is a nurse at the local high school. Into the light walked six boys from the high school senior class. They were all naked. Their dicks were hard. The boys were masturbating.

The very first man that had fucked Angie’s mouth and been the leader of this night walked up. He looked at one of the boys. “Is this who you wanted?” he asked.

The boy said, “Yeah, that’s her. Thanks dad.”

With that that, the six boys stood around Angie very close and began to jack off.

The woman walked around their little circle and spoke, “The thing about teenage boys, they don’t need much time to cum. That way they not only cum fast but you can predict that they will all cum pretty much at the same time.”

Angie just sat there on her knees. She looked at these six boys stroking their dicks in her face. Their fists pumped back and forth, from the head to their balls, up and down their own shaft. She smiled. She reached down with her hand and began to finger herself. She closed her eyes, tilted her head back and opened her mouth and waited. These little studs were about to cum all over her, to give her a facial. She couldn’t wait! Angie had made the transition to complete cum slut and now she was about to be bathed in their cum.

With that, the first rope of jism shot across her nose. And then a load shot into Angie’s hair. And then one on her cheek. Cum shot down her throat. It went on her tits. Cum hit her eye. Angie felt hot cum hit her neck. Spurt after spurt from the boys rained down on Angie as they boys fulfilled their fantasy of jacking off on the school nurse. Spurts of cum from flew through the air and onto Angie’s face, mouth, hair, and tits. They showered her. With their youth, they had loads of cum for her. She lapped up as much as she could, tasting their fluid.

Dave walked in the door with the mail in his hand. Angie was still at work for the day, so she was not yet home. There was a manila envelope that was addressed to him. He tilted it and a DVD slid out and landed in his hand. The DVD was labeled simply “Whore”. The label said the movie was 3 hours and 19 minutes long. Dave laughed to himself and thought maybe one of his friends had sent him a porno. Being curious, he walked over to the DVD player and slid it in. Then he plopped down on the couch and pushed play.

There on the screen was a woman in a dark room, naked, spread eagle and bent over a board. Dave studied the woman for a minute, a little confused. Then the woman turned her head and Dave was shocked! It was his wife, Angie. She was tied down and the middle of a bunch of lights, in an otherwise dark room. A naked man appeared from the darkness. He had an erection. He grabbed Angie’s hair and shoved his dick into Dave’s wife’s mouth……..

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