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Locker Room Surprise

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Notice: I don’t care what you do with this story. Make it into a movie or publish a play with it. I wrote it to be enjoyed and to be shared, so the more people read it – the better.


I was feeling depressed.

Although I loved my wife and we were the closest of friends, our marriage had become very stale and passionless.

She no longer made attempts to fake her pleasure when I touched her, and I found that I would rather pleasure myself than have my soul drained by a numbingly cold encounter with her.

But the main reason for my depression was the fact that I had let myself go physically. I had gained more than a few pounds, and I felt old, flabby and undesirable. I decided, as an upcoming birthday was approaching, that I would go to the gym and get back into shape.

To keep motivated I ask a friend, Mike, if he would like to meet me each weekday morning at the local fitness club. Mike was a few years younger than me, married, and in need of a little exercise myself. We had casually known each other for a few years, as our wives had dragged us along to different community events. He was a likable guy, kind of a geek, but he was honest and friendly, and you could tell that he would be a good friend.

I was delighted when he agreed with my little plan, and we meet the next Monday morning before work. It was not easy getting up early, but I was determined to make myself better. Mike and I even agreed on a motivational goal. If we lost a certain amount of weight as a team, then we would treat ourselves to a night of fun at a local strip club.

The first morning went rather well, and as we headed into the locker room, we passed the sauna room and I remarked about how good that would feel now. Mike said that he thought that it would be a great idea. I thought nothing about it, and I assumed that Mike was just kidding.

When we got back to our lockers, I was suddenly hit with a strange sensation. I realized that I was going to get naked in front of Mike, and for some odd reason that conjured up many emotions that I could not identify. It had been many years since I had been naked in a locker room, and as I was undressing I was very conscious about the fact that we would be naked together.

I think Mike was a little hesitant also, because there definitely was an air of something hanging in the room. At the time I could not identify it. Now I know that it was desire.

I think I am a somewhat attractive man – with broad shoulders, muscular legs, and a pleasing face with sharp, angular features. When my cock is flaccid it gets quite small, although I have had many comments from past girlfriends who marveled at how much my little unit could grow. Although about six inches was its maximum length, my cocked swelled quite thickly when it came out of its shell. I could not reach my hand completely around my shaft when I was pleasuring myself.

So, naturally, I was a little embarrassed, as I was stepping out of my underwear, that Mike would see my smallish penis. After a few seconds I got up enough courage to look for Mike’s reaction, when I saw him naked before me.

His cock was tiny compared to mine. He was obviously uncircumcised, while I am cut, and it was hard to make out a distinct penis in his thick pubic hair. I quickly looked away and we started toward the back of the locker room.

Soon, we found ourselves walking into the empty sauna with our towels hanging in front of us. Mike got up on the bench first, and then I moved to sit next to him. When I did this I became aware that my limp cock was dangling just inches from his face, and a flood of emotions swept through my body. I could not admit it at the time, but I think I was excited to show Mike my cock and I loved the fact that he was looking at me.

We talked about a lot our lives over the next few weeks, and we got more and more comfortable being naked around each other. We shared more and more intimate things, and eventually the conversation turned often to sex.

I told him of my horrid sex life, and he would tell me of his various adventures with his wife. Although he was not having sex as much as he was wanting, he was enjoying a varied and fulfilling sexual existence. I was very envious, and soon I got to the point where I was eager to hear want fun they recently had together.

Also, I would sneak glimpses at his small penis, and I found that I was becoming very curious about what it looked like – since it was so unlike anything that I had seen in person or in videos. I started to wonder what it would look like erect, and I started to think about what it would look like when he ejaculated.

I also gave Mike ample opportunity to check me out. One of my favorite tactics was to wash my hair and turn toward him in the shower room. There I would be – just a few feet from him with shampoo in my eyes and unable to see – giving Mike a great chance to look at me without fear of getting caught.

As time went on, and weeks turned into months, our friendship and the sexual tension between us became stronger. We shared many of our fantasies, and we became bolder and bolder with each other physically. It got to the point where I would sit totally naked in front of Mike in the sauna. I would have my legs spread – giving him a great view of my shaved balls and trimmed cock. I would act like I was reading the paper, so he could look at me with no danger of being discovered.

And Mike seemed to be more comfortable with his body also. He became very open with his nude body, and I was delighted when I was able to catch up-close glimpses of his small, enticing member. I don’t know why I was so intrigued by his inch and a half long cock – but I was. It got to the point where I just wanted to ask him if he could lay back and let me look and play with his strangely intoxicating penis.

And as time went by, the sexual tension between us got tighter and more palpable. I could just tell that Mike was checking me out – that he was interested in me sexually – that he desired me.

And that felt good. For the first time, in a long time, I felt like my body had an effect on someone. Soon, I found that when I was pleasuring myself I would imagine that Mike was there next to me. He would either be reclining next to me while manipulating his small cock, or he would be sitting over in the corner urging me to come for him. On days when I was particularly horny, I would imagine that Mike was down between my legs sucking on the head of my thick cock as I pumped myself to a thunderous orgasm. He always begged me to come in his hot mouth, and he always took my hot seed with great hunger.

It was almost six months from the day when we started, when we finally hit our weight goal. I became more and more excited as we got closer to our goal. I had hoped, I guess, that something would happen during that strip club night. I never really acknowledged this desire to myself, but I know that it was in the back of my mind every time I saw that cock of his.

And finally the night arrived. We had talked about how great it was going to be – seeing all those hot naked dancers. But, to be honest, all I could think about was the fact that Mike and I would be alone, and we both would be very horny.

I was already very excited when I picked up Mike and he jumped into my truck. The smell of his cologne hit me hard, and his slimmed down body looked good in his tight jeans. There was an awkward silence as we drove to the strip club, as if we both were a little afraid of the new territory we were exploring. At last I made a leading statement about the evening.

“God, this is going to be great. It has been so long since I had a pretty woman rub up against me,” I said hoping to get our talk more explicit.

After a short pause that actually seemed like an eternity, Mike spoke up with a nervous voice.

“Yeah, me too. I mean nothing feels better than having a nice ass rub up against your hard cock.”

These words nearly caused me to run off the road. Mike had never spoke so explicitly, and I had hoped that he was trying to let me know that he was as willing as I was. I decided to match his vulgarity and let him know I was game too.

“Man, you are as horny as I am! Hell, I even have a hard-on right now, just thinking about tonight,” I added with a slight nervousness in my voice.

“Me, too,” Mike added. “I would probably shoot my load right now, if someone was to rub my right now.”

Yes! I said to myself. He said “someone” not “a dancer”. I knew then that Mike wanted me to explore him. I resolved to try to leave the strip club early and get back to Mike’s house as soon as possible. I was hoping he would invite me in and our fun could begin.

The rest of the drive went quickly, and soon we found ourselves entering the dark strip club. Thankfully it was a cold night, and once I got out of my car my mind quickly forgot about Mike’s cock and my sizeable erection subsided.

When we got to the big doorman, we were informed that a famous porn star was giving a special show tonight, and that all the tickets were sold. We were told to come back after midnight when her show was over.

As we walked back to the car, my cock began to rise again and my heart began to beat faster. I was nervous that our night might be over, and that Mike just might want to be dropped off. His next words made my cock visible pulse with excitement.

“You know, I was thinking. Let’s just go back to my place. Loraine is gone for the weekend at her mom’s, so we don’t have to worry about getting too crazy.”

“Sure,” I said quickly. Mike then got me even more excited.

“And let’s stop at the video store and get some good porn. I was in the mood to see some skin tonight, so let’s watch some at home.”

I could barely keep my car on the road as we drove to the video store. Inside, we quickly went into the special backroom, and soon I found myself next to Mike as we began to browse the wall of porn tape boxes.

My member was getting hard again as all those images of breasts, pussies and cocks flashed before me. Mike would occasionally stop and pick up a box and give the box a good looking over. I was distracted by a photo of a hot blonde getting her mouth stuffed with a big cock, when Mike grabbed a box. I was vaguely aware that he was looking at it, and as we continued to move right he put the tape box back.

I think I let out an audile moan when I noticed what kind of tape he was looking at. It was a “bi” tape, with a photo of two muscular guys locked in an embrace. I nervously picked up the videotape box and checked it out as well – letting Mike know that I was interested in the tape as well. Mike then stopped his search and asked me if I would go ahead and pick out a movie since he was going to the restroom. He knew how horny I was, and he was making me pick the video. I guess it was his way of letting me make the first move.

As soon as he left the small, fluorescent-lit room, I flipped over the box to make sure that this was the tape I wanted. The scene on the back of the box was really hot. A guy and a girl were sharing a large, well-shaped cock, and I quickly made up my mind that I was going to rent this video. I had never seen a “bi” video, and my knees were weak with desire and embarrassment as I handed the tape over to the pudgy young girl at the counter.

Mike then exited the restroom and we swiftly let the store. I was surprised that Mike did not ask me which video I got, and I was kind of relieved that I did not have to say anything.

We soon found ourselves in his clean and modest ranch home, and after he put the videotape into his VCR, he fixed us margaritas as I leaned against his counter and made small talk. I could not help but stare at him. For the first time, while he was wearing clothes, I really looked him over. I soon found myself wondering what it would be like to walk up behind me, softly grab a hold of his hips, and slowly grind my jean-covered cock into his tight ass.

I was brought back to reality by Mike turning out the kitchen light and heading into the living room with our drinks. I quickly followed him like an eager puppy, and soon we found ourselves sitting in front of his TV with our drinks resting on his coffee table. Mike had put both of our glasses together on the table, so naturally I was forced to sit next to him. I felt a sudden rush of need when our legs touched and we both lay back on the couch. There was an awkward silence and I could tell he was checking out the massive bulge in my jeans. I, too, checked out his crouch, but I could not really see any big lump. It left me wondering how excited he really was tonight.

That is when he leaned forward and grabbed the remote. He made some comment about him hoping this was a good one, and he starting the movie. He then sat back, but not without lying up against me. I took this chance to slide my ass forward and really recline on the sofa. This made the bulge in my pants very noticeable, and I got an inner rush of pleasure at displaying my erection to Mike.

As the porno began to play, the atmosphere on the couch was very erotic and tension filled. I was both dreading and begging for the “bi” action to start on the TV, as I had hoped it would break the ice and give us the courage to explore each other. However, the lack of bulge in Mike’s pants made me scared that I might have mis-read everything, and that Mike might get offended by my movie choice.

And then it happened. The video got going.

Half way into the second scene, which was a three-way with two guys, the chick asked one of the guys to help her suck the other guy’s dick. My heart was pounding, and my cock actually started to deflate, as I waited to see Mike’s reaction. And for a second or two nothing happened.

Then, much to my relief and desire, I small groan escaped Mike’s lips. My tool instantly began to throb back to life and I instinctively reached down and adjusted myself to help direct my expanding cock. Mike saw my little maneuver and spoke in a low, almost whispered tone.

“God, I am so horny right now. I can see now that you are too.”

My reply was a dry-throated “uh-huh” and I boldly kept my hand at my crotch. I continued to manipulate my rock-hard cock through my jeans, and I hoped that Mike would be turned on by my wanton display of need.

My hopes were dashed when Mike got up from the couch. I thought that I had scared him off, but I quickly got a big surprise. For Mike proceeded to unbuckle his belt, unzip his jeans and lower his boxers and pants to his ankles. He then sat back down next to me, and I got a thrill realizing that the side of his naked ass was touching me.

It was then that I looked over and saw his tiny cock. It was rock hard and very red. It looked just like an erect normal penis, but it was only about 3 inches long and about as thick as my thumb. For some unknown reason, it looked incredibly sexy to me – especially when I realized that it was slick with his pre-cum.

My desire turned into a deep hunger then when Mike reached up and began to tease the head of his cock with his finger. I sat there mesmerized and dry-mouthed as I watch Mike bring himself pleasure. For more than a few moments I enjoyed Mike’s show and I reveled in fact that I could now look at his curious cock at length.

It was Mike’s moan that awoke a desire in me to reveal my most private and needy member to him. I quickly stood up and turned toward him as I kicked off my shoes. Wanting to take things further I swiftly removed my pants, underwear and shirt completely and sat back down on his couch. I was facing his side with my legs spread wide open, and I wantonly showed him my tight ass, my cum-filled balls and my hunger, throbbing cock. I locked on to his gaze and I then reached down and began to stroke myself for him.

He immediately turned his body toward me, got upon the couch on his spread knees and offered me a view of his lovely, enticing cock and balls. As I continued to stroke myself and studied his proportionately large, hairy balls, I began to moan at the incredible feeling that was surging through my cock. Mike, too, looked like he was in heaven as I watched him stroke himself with one hand and caress his balls with the other.

That was when it happened. I lost control. The incredible scene, which I had played out in my head many times, took complete command of me. I became possessed with unfulfilled need.

For I then raised my legs up into the air and I begged Mike to eat my ass as I continued to pleasure myself. Only a split second went by when I felt Mike’s hands on my quivering ass cheeks. I felt him lean in, pull apart my sweaty cheeks, and then he plunged his stiff tongue into my eager hole.

God, it felt so good! I almost came immediately, but I was able to slow down and recover for the moment. The stubble from his face felt deliciously strange on my ass as his tongue continued to delight my hungry hole.

But soon, I could feel my orgasm beginning to swell again, and I knew that I wanted more. A million desires ricocheted around my panicked mind, and I did not realize immediately what I had begged Mike to do.

“Fuck, fuck my ass – please!”

I had meant to beg him to suck on me, but deep down I knew what I really wanted to experience. I even raised my legs up higher and I offered him a saliva-slick hole to him.

A huge smile raced across Mike’s face as he moved up and pushed my legs back even further. This put his beautiful cock right at the entrance to my tight hole, and I shuttered with pleasure and burning need when I felt him ease his pre-cum covered cock into him.

To my surprise, even his small cock hurt a little – but it felt so right. After a few strokes it began to feel really good, and soon I was unable to stop myself from rocking back against him. This felt so good, and I was going to cum any second. It felt so strange and so wonderful. It felt so right.

That was when he took my hands away from my leaking tool, and he replaced it with his own caressing hand. He wanted to control our orgasm, and I was surprisingly eager to give him control. I lay back and closed my eyes for a second – seeking to abstract every ounce of pleasure from this experience. I bathed in the pleasure of his now pounding cock and my cock was transported with pleasure as his hand continued to slowly stroke me.

That was when I began to whimper with need, and I realized that my body needed to cum immediately. That is why I then opened my eyes and looked Mike right in the face. I reached up and pinched both of his nipples and I spoke to him in the most slutty voice I could summon.

“Cum in my ass. Fill me up with your cum. Cum for me Mike. Cum for me.”

And as I continued to twist his nipples, he began to violently and awkwardly plunge his slick cock into me. He also began to really jerk my cock very quickly and I knew that soon we would share a wonderful moment. And just as I could see in his face that he was about to cum, I pinched his nipples very hard and I said…

“Cum in my ass Mike. Fill me up.”

And just as I got that last word out Mike let out a loud moan and I felt his cock pulse inside me. I realized that he was pumping a big load of cum into me and that realization pushed me over the edge. My cock convulsed impossibly hard, and my body was wracked with the pleasure. I loved the feeling of his fist around my spurting cock and the sensation of his cock filling me up with his hot seed. For many long moments I rocked back and forth – letting the immense pleasure wash through me. I could vaguely recognize that Mike has stopped cumming, but my asshole was still quivering around his incredible cock.

It was some time before I was able to open my eyes and return to the reality of Mike’s couch. I did not want it to end, so I lay there and let the world pass me by. But eventually I was brought back and I felt Mike swift his weight. He began to massage my cum into my stomach and chest, and he smiled at me as I first opened my eyes.

We exchanged a knowing and tender look, and then Mike slowly pulled his spent cock from my ass. He lay is head on my chest and for a few minutes we reclined there – holding each other and not saying a word.

Then, at last, Mike reached up and muzzled my neck and he told me how long he had wanted me. I told him of my fascination with his uncommon cock, and he smiled a knowing smile. Apparently I was not the first person ensnared by his diminutive dick.

And what a wonderful cock I had found. It feels so perfect in my ass and mouth, and it is always hard at the slightest touch. Mike can cum several times during one of our sessions, and his balls fill my ass and mouth completely with tangy, tasty cum.

And recently I was able to work my very thick cock into his very tight ass, and now I love to fuck him doggie style. I am able to reach around, pleasure his cock and have him spurt all over the bed as I pound into him. My only regret is that we waited so long to explore each other.

But we are making up for lost time.


Author’s Note: This is my first time at writing gay erotica, and I have found that I have enjoyed it very much. I welcome any feedback and I love to receive hot letters from my readers.

The events in this story are based on actual events in my life, although we have yet to act on our desires. It is my fondest wish that my life will imitate this story in the near future. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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