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An Early Morning Interlude

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The warmth of the water mixed with the softness of the bath lotion felt good as it streamed down between her breasts and over her naked body. She had slept well the night before and had awoken fully refreshed and ready for another day of work. The men had started work early on the construction site next door and she could hear the loud music mixed with the sound of the electric tools, together with the friendly banter and constant chatter of the workers.

Her husband had been away on business and there had been no intimacy in her life at past two weeks. She remembered enjoying their early morning love making, which would colemanite in either her pussy being satisfied with his tongue or his cock. There were also the times she would give him head and she enjoyed swallowing his cum. She soon found herself day dreaming as her body became more relaxed and she hadn’t noticed that her soapy hand had remained between her legs.

Her fingers slowly toyed with her clit as that familiar warm feeling swept over her body. Her pussy was responding to her touch and she was enjoying the pleasure it was giving her. She rolled her tongue over her lips as at first one, then two and followed by a third finger entered her opening. She enjoyed masturbating and the pleasure it gave her. She was lost in a world where only she was as she fingered herself to an even greater height. The long slender fingers of her hand moved freely in and out of her cunt as she worked to get herself off. Her mind drifted, as she was on the verge of cumming and she fevourishly worked even harder to achieve orgasm. Her nipples soon became hard and protruded from the large areola of her still firm older breasts. She could see her reflection through the steamy haze in the long bathroom mirror on the back of the door and even at her age she didn’t look too bad.

She told herself not to cry out as the passion swelled and her body became tense as the first wave of pleasure swept her over her. It was followed by a second and a third making her head feel light and her legs wobble to where she almost couldn’t stand. She quickened her pace as the last of the pleasure began to subside and she was returning to some normality. As she eased the fingers from her swollen pussy a flash caught her eye through the window. There perched on the roof of the building next door was a worker who had been watching the whole thing. His face beamed with the look of a contented cat that had just caught its prey. His eyes continued to peruse her and she could feel herself blush with guilt.

The clear glass at the top of the window had provided him with the opportunity to view every inch of what she had just done to herself. She felt repulsed at the thought of another man watching her, watching her pleasure herself without her consent. She quickly finished washing the soap from her body and grabbing her towel and dressing gown ran to the safety of her bedroom. God she felt so violated, so cheap and so vulnerable. She felt dirty as if she had been assaulted. Her mind raced as she thought about what he was doing. He would now be telling his mates about the bitch he had just watched play with her cunt. She could picture them laughing and she would be the butt of their jokes. She thought about their warped sense of humour and that she would no longer be safe in here own home. As all this was going through her head she had failed to notice that someone had entered through the unlocked door in the kitchen and that the stranger was making his way to here bedroom.

The intruder made his way to the door and now stood at the opening. He was large and his massive frame was overpowering as she raised her face she looked at him. She wanted to scream but as her mouth opened, there was no sound. It was him, the man from the construction site. She recognised him and he had seen her before. She sat stunned as he entered the room and stood before her. His finger moved to his lips telling her not to make a sound. She did as he commended, fearing that he may become violent should she do so. He moved to the shoe storage case and took a pair of her black patient leather high heels and placed them at her feet. His finger motioned her to stand and as she did the towel feel to the floor leaving her naked to his view. Again his finger did the talking as he again motioned her to put the heels on as he watched. His evil grin made her feel uneasy and she knew that he wasn’t someone who she should disobey. As she stood before him she was completely naked except for the heels on here feet. The expression on his face told her that he liked what he saw

His hand reached out and his fingers touched her nipples. He took each between his thumb and forefingers and he tweaked them, then twisted each in a clockwise direction. The pain shot through her breasts as he continued to twist and pull first one way then the other. They began to harden and his smile indicated he liked causing her some pain. He played with them until they were nice and hard, then moved his mouth toward the one on the right.

His lips parted and he sucked her nipple into his hot warm mouth. He rolled it over his tongue and sucked it deep into his hot opening. His teeth nibbled it and he would use them to bite it. She inturn bit her lip as she fought hard not to cry out. She would let him do what he wanted and hopefully he would not hurt her and would go once he had had his fill of her. His mouth moved to the second of her breasts and he sucked that nipple into it. She could feel then harden even further as he stimulated each with his lips, his tongue and his mouth.

His hand move between her legs and he pushed her thighs apart. She responded to his touch by parting them. She felt his thick index digit probe her most intimate opening and she was helpless to stop him. His finger parted her pussy lips and he began to push it into her. Perhaps it was a mixture of her own juices plus the remanence of the shower gel as it easily pushed past the opening and began to make it’s way along here viginal cannel. It was now inside her up to the knuckle as he pushed it hard against her pubic bone. Her body was beginning to respond as he fingered her warm, moist pussy. His mouth moved from her nipple and his free hand grabbed the back of her head pulling her face to him. His lips pressed hard against her mouth and his tongue also pushed past her lips and entered her mouth like a serpent flicking across her shinny white teeth. He sucked the saliva from her mouth and pressed and sucked so hard as if he were trying to suck the very life from her.

She was repulsed yet excited at his being in control. Here was a total stranger who was in her home, kissing her, fingering her pussy and violating her against her will. She tried hard to block it out, hoping that it would soon be over or so she thought. His mouth now left hers and his hand moved to her shoulder applying pressure and forcing here to her knees. She was now kneeling at his feet and the crutch of his dirty overalls was level with her face. He looked down at her and his finger indicated that she was to unzip him. Her shaky fingers fumbled with the zipper as she dragged it down. He motioned her to put her hand inside and she again complied with his demands. She felt his large thick cock in her hand as she pulled it free.

My god, she thought to herself. It was so big, so thick and massive. His cock was much bigger than her husband’s and she soon found that she couldn’t take her eyes off it. It was as if she were remotely controlled as she began to stroke it long and hard pushing the excess skin against the head. It too now seemed to have a mind of it’s own as it began to fill with blood and become even harder. She watched as the long thick veins, which ran the length of the shaft, filled with blood and began to pulsate. The head looked like a giant mushroom and it was changing colour from a pinkish texture to a dark crimson colour. The monster twitched in her hand and a large drop of precum oozed from its eye. She again looked up at him and he motioned that she should lick it for him. She closed her eyes and her tongue darted from between here lips as she gently touched his cock.

It tasted salty with a touch of sweat and an unwashed taste. She slowly ran her tongue over the head and down the shaft to his balls. Back and forth she moved it licking up, then down as if she were licking her favourite candy. She was well practised it the art of cock sucking as her husband had taught well and she had practised it so may times before. She found that she was doing to this strangers cock the exact same thing she would do to her husband. She knew it turned her husband on and it would have the desired effect, where he would either cum in her mouth or he would put his cock in her pussy where she would feel him shot it deep inside her. The only problem here was that it was not her husband and she had no idea as to which of her openings he would deposit it. In the back of her mind she did hope that perhaps he would just cum in her mouth and then leave.

As she was contemplating that thought she had failed to realise that she was now licking and sucking his cock, along with doing the same to his swollen balls. There was however some difficulty with it’s size, however she had managed to take a large majority of it in here mouth and was now deep throating him. This in turn also excited him to an extent that he was rock hard and he could feel his cock begin to ache. As she looked up into his eyes she could tell that he was soon going to cum and that would do as he pleased. He glared down at her as his finger motioned for her to take the hand, which cupped his balls from them and place it between her legs. He wanted her to masturbate as she sucked him and for some strange reason he would allow her to receive some pleasure. She did as he commanded as her fingers again touched and stimulated her pussy, along with her clit. She had become moist at the thought of being used in this way and was excited at touching herself as well as having a cock in her mouth.

Her husband often made her take him in her mouth and she would play with herself as she did so. She would often maturate when he was away and she would imagine that same picture of his cock buried deep in her throat as she did so. Her cunt was hot and she wanted to feel cock inside it. She was now at the stage where she didn’t care whose cock it was, as she would take what ever was available. As she thought about it he withdrew from her mouth and pulled her to here feet.

There was still no talking as he guided her to the end of the bed. His hand was in the middle of her back and he pushed her down over the bed trail. He pulled some electrical cord from his pocket and secured her wrists to the side of the bed. Next he kicked her ankles; forcing here legs apart and firmly secured them to each leg of the bed. Lastly he took the waist strap from her towelling gown and pulled it tightly between her teeth gagging her so, as she would not be able to scream. She was positioned so as her bottom was high in the air and both here pussy and her anal opening were fully exposed.

The next thing she felt was his tongue against her pussy lips. He used it to lick the entire length of her slit. She could feel herself moan into her gag as he worked on lubricating her cunt. His tongue pushed her pussy lips apart and he endeavoured to push it into her vaginal orifice. She loved having here pussy eaten and she was now getting her wish. He began to finger her clit as his tongue continued to lick the length of her labium. Her pussy was now wet with both here cunt juice and the saliva from his mouth. He took his finger and applied some of it, after which he pushed it against her anal opening. He continued to lick and suck her pussy as his finger pushed past the resistance of her anal opening. He wanted it inside her as he pushed and pulled it back and forth. He could feel her body tense as he pushed it until it broke the seal and began to enter her. She started to whimper as his thick finger entered deep into her rectum and it was soon up to the knuckle of his fist. She tried to pull away from his touch only this seemed to excite him even more. His finger was now fucking her anally as his mouth stimulated her pussy. She feared that he might go even further and endeavour to fist her, which she knew would cause her a great deal of pain. All sorts of terrible thoughts entered her head and she wanted no part of any of this.

He was in a rhythm as he finger fucked her anal opening and at the same time he tried to raped her pussy with his tongue. She was no longer enjoying what was happening and she wanted it to stop. She would soon get her wish as he withdrew both his finger and his mouth. She lay there helpless as he made his way to the dresser where he took a bottle of moisturiser and opened the cap. She watched as he squeezed a long line of the creamy liquid along the shaft and then used his hand to massage it in. She soon realised that he intended to shoot his load into her virgin arse.

Her husband had often suggested anal sex, however she had managed to avoid it until now. She was going to be introduced to it only it would be against here will. She now felt his cock head at the opening and he was beginning to press it into her. It must have been either the lubricant or the fucking that his finger had given her previously as his cock was making progress in it’s entry into her anal tube. She could hear herself scream into the gag as the pain was still unbearable and she wasn’t feeling all that comfortable. She started to buck like a wild animal, trying to discourage his attempt to fuck her, however it wasn’t working. His large hands grasped her hips and he used them to pull himself into her. His cock continued to press home and it was soon almost completely engulfed by her rectum. His balls touched her buttocks and with on last shove he was in. He pulled back and then thrust home again. He continued until his cock started to move freely in and out of her and the more it stretched her the easier it was becoming, as her hole remained open.

He was now in rhythm as he began to fuck her. She felt his mouth on the nape of her neck and he bit her hard leaving his mark upon her soft flesh, letting who ever may see it that this bitch had been fucked. His hand also moved to her pussy where he began to finger her in tandem with each thrust. She lay helpless as the tears rolled down her cheeks. She thought back to the morning and how she looked a cheap slut in the shower and she was now getting what she deserved. He continued his assault pushing and pulling his cock in and out of her. The sweat dripped from his brow and she felt is splash onto her back. In the mirror she caught the reflection of what was happening and she watched as he fucked her from behind. Her face was flushed and she looked dishevelled as he pounded her anal hole. His rhythm continued until she saw that look on his face in the mirror and she knew that he was on the final strokes.

Then it happened. With one last thrust his cock exploded sending his cum deep inside her bowel. He continued to push and pull his cock in and out shooting more and more of his vile seed in her. His strokes began to slow as his cock expended every last drop into her. He slumped forward, his body weight almost pushing the air from her body.

She couldn’t remember how long it was before he withdrew his softened cock from her with a plopping sound. She could feel his cum begin to ooze from her sore opening and leak down the inside of her thigh. She heard the sound of his zipper being pulled up and the shuffle of his boots as he made his way to the bedroom door. Now there was the sound of a different pair of boots and as she pushed her head up and strained to see who it was in the mirror, she soon realised that it was infact another of the workers from the site. She watched as he unzipped himself and pulled his cock free of his overalls. This one was also was well endowed with a cock that would have been at least 10” in length and 2” thick. She watched as he made his way to her rear and she then felt the head of his cock touch the lips of her pussy. It would fill her and she would need to prepare herself to accept it’s entry into her, for she now realised that she was about to get the cock that she wanted only it too would be against her will.

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