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Wicked Adventures In The Buff

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I couldn’t resist when I saw the post on Lit that a ‘Nude Day’ contest was on.

“Damn, that’s right up my alley,” I thought to myself. I love to write almost as much as I love being naked. I am a big fan of doing mundane tasks in the buff to entertain myself. Perfect match!

I took a vacation day from work one Friday, took the dog to ‘doggie daycare’ and took the kids to school. As I was dropping them off my mind was racing thinking of all the possibilities that today had.

I think I slowed my truck down in front of the school only enough to shove the kids out the door. I was very anxious and looking forward to my day of perversions.

After dropping them off I raced back across town, put my key in the dead bolt of my front door unlocking it, stepped inside and promptly stripped to my birthday suit, leaving my clothes in a heap in the entryway.

“Free at last,” I said loudly, “Let the games begin!”

I had a few calls to make so I thought it might be a fun time to do it. I went to my home office, sat in my leather high-back executive chair and put my feet up on the desk far enough to spread myself very open. I dialed the landline phone company from my cell.

“Press one for English,” almost ruined the mood as I live in the USA, but I started touching my naked tits while on hold waiting for a phone company representative and it made me feel better. My nipples got very hard very quickly. I started to feel a bit moist ‘down there’ just knowing I was doing something I shouldn’t be.

“Representative number 1059 can I have your account number please?” the voice on the other end of the phone said as my hands moved from my tits to explore the rest of my body.

What the hell was my account number? I couldn’t think of it for the life of me. Who the hell knows that anyway? Crap, this voice on the other end was not going to ruin my fun.

“I, oohh. Don’t have that information,” I stammered as I put two of my fingers in my pussy and wiggled them around vigorously. As soon as I entered myself I was almost ready to cum.

“Name, address, bust size, last show you watched on TV, the last four of your social, the height of the ceilings in your living room, your age when you lost your virginity, the number of languages you speak, and the size of your man’s cock please.” The monotone robot representative spit out.

“aaaaawwwwwhhhh…………. maybe I should call you back later,” I let out breathlessly as I came into the ear of the unsuspecting poor phone company worker and hung up the phone.

Well with my first orgasm under my belt, no pun intended, I made a new game within my game. Lets see how many times I can cum today and how many people I can shock without getting arrested.

I left my fingers in my pussy and dialed the plumber.

“Ace Plumbing, may I help you,” the female voice answered.

“I have a, oooohhhh, clogged drain,” I said trying to sound like an intelligent person that was not playing with herself.

“Do you think you can get someone out today?” I tried to recover, my digits still jerking me off from the inside.

“No Ma’am, I don’t think we can. It will probably be Monday.” She told me.

I put my cell on speaker and laid it on the desk, freeing up my hand to pleasure my throbbing clit. Just touching it almost sent me into spasms.

“I..I.. really need to get this drain fixed. We can’t use the bathroom sink. Ooohh…But I guess Monday will do,” I said as I started grinding against my own hands. I was fucking myself harder than I ever had before. My fingers slammed in and out of my soaking wet snatch as I slid another finger in too. My other hand about rubbing the skin off my clit.

I was trying to hold on as I gave her my name, address and other contact info. Now that she knew who I was I probably shouldn’t cum in her ear.

“I think I have all I need. We will call you at work when our guy is on his way so you can meet him at your house.” She said. I didn’t think she was ever going to shut up or how much longer I could fight back the urge to burst out a flood of cum.

“Oooohhhh KKKK, thanks,” I barely got out.

“Have a good day and we will see you Monday,” she chattered.

“Uuu ,ooooohhhh, ttooo,” I stuttered.

As soon as I heard the click of her hanging up the damn broke.

“AAAAAAWWWWWW GGGAAAWWWDDD YYYEEEESSSS,” I yelled, as my fingers got soaked as my juices leaked out past them. I didn’t relent though. I continued my furious fucking until I was on the verge again.

“OOOOHHHHH AAAAWWWW UUUUMMM,” I cried out while writhing around in my chair as I brought my self to another big orgasm.

I figured I had better stop or I’d end up fucking myself in my office all day long. I reluctantly took my fingers out and off of my drenched box. I looked at my fingers glistening with my juices. “I wonder what I taste like,” I said out loud to myself.

I stuck my fingers in my mouth and licked all of me off them. Damn, I am pretty tasty.

I sat back in my chair and took a moment to catch my breath. Three good orgasms so far. Not too bad. The best part being that I hadn’t asked permission for any of them. I knew I was going to be punished later for that. I smiled to myself thinking about the torments I would have to endure for my lack of respect.

Speaking of him, I decided I needed to see the man attached to my favorite cock. Taking him lunch, naked, seemed like a fun thing to do for the both of us. I knew he had packed his lunch and even though he knew about the contest, he didn’t know that today was the day I was doing it.

I went to the garage, got into my SUV, sat in the drivers seat and put my little silver vibrating egg in my pussy. It has a cord attached to it with a hand held on/off button at the end. It is small, but powerful. I left it off for now and backed the truck out. It was really, really weird doing this naked. I am so glad my windows are tinted with limo tint. Illegal in most states, but my state still lets it fly.

Of course the little old lady from across the street was out walking her dog like she does eight hundred times everyday. She waved to me and smiled. Uncomfortable, I faked my best smile and wave and realized it was official; I was filing for moral bankruptcy tomorrow!

I drove naked to the local fast food joint and ordered him a couple of cheeseburgers with just pickles, an order of fries, and a chocolate shake. He didn’t like to eat this crap that often, but I was pretty sure he would excuse that when I showed up in the buff.

“That will be five dollars and thirty two cents,” the muffled voice came out of the drive thru speaker.

I pulled forward about six feet and waited and waited and waited. There must have been 15 cars ahead of me between the double lanes. So much for FAST food.

“Wait, why am I bitching?” I thought. “This is an opportunity!”

I flipped the “egg” on and started to rub my clit and hood piercing. I laid my head back on the headrest and showed myself a good time right there in the drive thru lane. The closer I got to the window the closer I got to cumming. I am pretty sure the woman in the car in front of me knew something was going on. She kept looking in her rearview mirror at me.

It was her turn at the window when I let loose. I watched her watching me as I came hard in my seat. I was trying not to make it too obvious, but the smile that came to her face made me know she wished she were in my shoes. Oh, wait, I wasn’t wearing any shoes. Well you get the idea.

“Number four,” I thought to myself and smiled.

I turned the egg off for now and pulled up to the window. I got there and saw the geeky college aged kid working the drive thru wearing those ridiculous headphones and all. I couldn’t help myself; I was feeling pretty sexy and brave at this point so I rolled my window down just a little too much. Or just enough, depending on how you look at it, to give him a sneak peek at my pierced tits.

His mouth dropped open and his beady little eyes grew huge behind his coke bottle glasses. By the look on his face I was pretty sure his eyes weren’t the only thing he had that was growing.

I rolled the window up just a little and took away his peep show. Remember, I am trying to NOT get arrested. I gave him the exact change and he handed me my bag and shake. He didn’t say a word. I am not sure he could speak at the moment. I think the geek’s palms may have been sweating too, as the fold on the bag was damp. Gross!

I drove to the job site and spotted him working, hanging off the house about 35 feet up. I looked at him and was amazed that he did this for a living. It was really fucking hot to see him so comfortable in the danger of the work that he does.

He had no idea I was there; he thought I was at work. I grabbed my cell to text him.


I saw him read the text and look down to spot my truck. He climbed down the ladder, walked across the lawn and got in the passenger door of my truck.

“What are your doing?” he giggled as he got in and saw me naked in the driver’s seat with a cord snaking out of my box.

“Naked day baby,’ I said smiling. “I brought you lunch.”

“Your too much,” He said with a big laugh as he took off his tool belt and set it at his feet. “Drive down to the end of the block and park. The new construction stops there, it is a dead end.”

“Alright,” I thought, “A nooner.” I couldn’t get to the end of the block fast enough.

While I was driving he reached his big hand between my legs, inserted one finger to touch the egg in me and ran it around just inside my fuck hole.

“Pretty wet. How many times have you cum already?” he questioned.

“Four,” I replied sheepishly.

“Put both hands on the steering wheel. 10 and 12,” he said as soon as I got there and put the truck in park.

He reached in his tool belt and grabbed out a couple of zip ties. I watched as he zip tied both of my hands to the steering wheel. Then he turned the ‘egg’ on high and put the part of it with the on/off button in the consol next to me and shut the lid. I was naked in the driver’s seat bound to the wheel of my own truck in the middle of the day with a vibrating egg stuffed up me. Cool! I couldn’t wait to see what torment he was going to inflict upon me in my current predicament.

“I will eat on the run”, he said grabbing the bag and shake. “I have to go buy nails.”

“WHAT?” I demanded in disbelief.

He smiled an evil smile as he opened the door and picked up his tool belt and got out.

“Thanks for lunch,” he said laughing so hard he started coughing. He winked at me, grabbed my keys out of the ignition, locked the doors and walked back to the job site.

“FUCKER!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.

What the fuck was wrong with him? Ass! I was very pissed. I tried for a long time to wriggle around and free my hands. Not a chance in hell I could get them loose. I did realize that I could get my foot up far enough that I could honk the horn. Someone was bound to come if I honked long enough. But then how the fuck was I going to explain this? Still trying to not get arrested.

“Ooooooooohhhhh,” in all my wriggling it suddenly occurred to me that the egg in me felt good, but when I moved around it felt great.

I started grinding in my seat, shifting the vibrations in me as I did. My gash became wetter and wetter the more I moved. Pretty soon I was almost violently humping my seat. The harder and faster I moved brought me one step closer to soaking the interior of my truck. I squeezed my legs together to make my pussy-piercing hit my clit, ground my ass into my seat and swiveled my hips so hard the truck was rocking with me.

“Ohooo Ggggaaaawwwddd,” I felt the explosion come on fast and strong. I kept up my movements until I thought I was going to hurt myself. I slowed down to a slow grind and felt another wave coming.

“uuuuummmmmm,” I moaned as I came again. I really wished that my hands were free so I could grab my tits. The girls were begging for attention. I wanted to stop grinding but I just couldn’t. My body wouldn’t let me. It felt too good. The vibrations in me constant and working their magic, sending me to another place.

I came way too many times to count. They just kept building and blasting me. I was so wet my seat was soaked with my forced juices, my naked body glistening with sweat, my wrist almost bleeding from the involuntary pulling against my binds my thrashing around was causing and worse yet, I was slobbering on myself. I thought I was going to pass out or lose my mind just as I heard him unlock the door with the remote fob.

“How you doing in here?” he said with the smile of a cat that just ate the bird as he opened the passenger side door.

“Oh, please make it stop baby,” I begged helplessly.

He opened the consol and hit the off button to stop the vibrating torment. I sank back into my seat and sat still for the first time in almost an hour. My brains felt like scrambled eggs. Kind of like that commercial “this is your brain on drugs.” Well this was my brain on multiple, multiple forced orgasms. He grabbed the knife off his belt and cut the zip ties to free my hands. Normally seeing him with a knife next to my skin would turn me on big time, but I was just too spent to care.

“Still think I am a fucker?’ he said with a smile, obviously very proud of himself.

“Yes baby I do,” I told him as I tried to catch my breath and manage a smile. “But you’re my fucker.”

“I hate to, but I have to get back to work,” he said as he leaned in and kissed me. “Are you going to be ok?”

“Oh yeah, this is going to be some story,” I said regaining my composure.

He shook his head, put the keys in the ignition, turned the truck over, and handed me a bottle of water.

“Drink this and cool off in the A/C. I will see you later.” He said, kissing me good-bye before he got out of my truck. “By the way, I have plenty of nails. I sat down the street on the porch of a new house and ate the lunch you brought me and watched you the whole time. Very sexy!”

“Fucker,” I said blushing and smiled big at him.

Damn, that man is fun! Nice ass too, I noticed as I watched him walk away.

After downing the water, I had a lot of fluids to replace; I put my seatbelt back on and drove off. It is really an odd feeling wearing your seatbelt naked. To feel so free by being naked but yet secured by this belt.

I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open to drive home. Today had far exceeded my expectations so far, and it was only just barely after lunchtime.

“Lunch,” I thought. “I completely forgot to eat today.” Almost as if on cue, my stomach began to growl viscously.

I still had a stop or two I wanted to make though. My truck was filthy and I thought it best to get it washed. Not to mention it could be another good time. Although, I did not know if my body could take anymore good times today.

I pulled into the full service car wash and waited in a long line of cars. Apparently everyone had the same idea as me on this beautiful, sunny day. Well, ok, maybe not the EXACT same idea.

Finally I reached the attendant and cracked the window just enough for him to see my face.

“Full service today, Miss?” he said looking at his clipboard.

“No, just the exterior wash please,” I responded. “Can I stay in my truck?”

“Sure. That will be five dollars and fifty cents,” He said in an automated voice as he chalked my window with that car wash worker top-secret code.

“When you get into the tracks keep your vehicle on and put it in neutral. Someone will guide you once you enter the building. Have a good day.” He added.

I paid him, rolled up my window and drove in the building containing the wash. The attendant working in there guided me towards the tracks that would take me through the forest of brushes, scrubbers, water and soap.

I put the truck in neutral as instructed and felt my truck being guided. I flipped the egg on once again and undid my seatbelt. I got out of my seat and straddled the gearshift, hovering just above it. Just as my truck disappeared into the water park I lowered myself quickly on the gearshift. It was quite large but I was so lubed up from a morning of cumming I probably could have put a Buick up there. Hope it shrinks back!

Just as I heard the first high-powered blast of water I felt the egg being forced deep inside of me by the gearshift. The vibrations pleasuring me in a new spot made me need to fuck. Now!

I grabbed the dashboard with both hands and rode the gearshift hard, shoving the vibrations deeper and deeper with every violent thrust. The sounds of the machines whirling and the water beating down simulated fucking in a thunderstorm. It wasn’t going to take long to cum.

I let go of the dash and grabbed both of my pierced tits firmly, squeezing them and manipulated my metal.

“Oh, God, uuuummmm uuuunnnnn,” I groaned in wicked pleasure. I slammed my pussy as hard as I could on the shifter. I felt like an animal with a primal urge to mate. I was going to come right here, right now. The build was huge and I knew it was going to be phenomenal.

“OOOOOOHHHHHHH FFFFFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK YYYYEEEESSS,” I screamed and called his name out just as I started to see sunlight and my truck began to emerge from the tunnel of the wash to the drying area.

Quickly I got off the gearshift and sat back in my seat panting hard. I didn’t want the employees that hand dry your vehicle to see me through the windshield naked, fucking truck parts. I was in the home stretch and hadn’t been arrested yet.

While they dried off the truck I left the egg on and ever so slowly tugged at the cord to release it from captivity. It vibrated gradually out of me over every now very sensitive nerve. I felt a mini orgasm building.

“uuuuuuuuummmmmm,” I moaned as the egg was released from my vulva with a pop and I came light and sweet. A stream of juices that had been trapped followed the egg, spilling out onto my seat.

I sat there for a minute or two as they finished drying my truck. I don’t think this day could have been more perfect. I had big fun. Any more play may be pushing my luck. I had gotten away with so much already.

I heard two taps on the driver’s window. It startled me so much I about peed myself. I looked to see a twenty-something guy standing there. Crap. Just when I was deciding to be good. Oh, screw it. I started to roll down my window.

“All done, Ma’am. Does it meet your …….,” he stopped dead in his tracks as he got a look at me naked in the seat.

I put a couple of bucks in his palm for a tip, smiled and drove off without saying a word. He was still standing there speechless with wadded up ones in his hand as I drove out, I noticed in my side mirror. Apparently the way to get people to shut the fuck up is to be naked when they least expect it. Remember that the next time you want some peace and quiet, or just want a piece I mused to myself.

I was both saddened and relieved as my garage door went down. Safe at home, but the day was almost over now. I got out and looked at my seat. A huge wet spot had accumulated. The gearshift looked like someone had rubbed glazed donuts all over it. Note to self: clean interior of truck tonight.

I was determined to remain naked. I went up to the kitchen and made myself a sandwich and grabbed a yogurt and water from the fridge. I took my lunch out the back sliding glass door to my privacy fence lined backyard. I sat down at the patio table and opened the umbrella to shield me from the sun as I ate. I loved sitting in my backyard. The flowers that lined the fence were just starting to bloom. This was one of my favorite times of the year. I felt so peaceful there, naked, looking at natures beauty and finally taking time to eat. What a ride this day had been. I sat there for a long time after I had finished eating just thinking and enjoying my memories of the day and got lost in myself.

“Get on the table with your back facing the umbrella pole,” A low, very familiar voice commanded.

Startled, I jumped and turned to see him standing there with his bag of tricks. Oh, shit! Immediately and without question, I complied climbing on the tabletop.

“Hands behind your back,” he growled as he reached in his bag and grabbed out ropes and promptly tied my hands together and then to a rope connected to the pole.

“Legs over the corners,” he growled again and tied my ankles to the legs of the table opening me up to expose my pussy fully and hang it over the edge.

He grabbed the crop and lightly ran it over my now hard nipples lightly. I love the crop probably the most of all of our toys and he knew it.

“How many times did you come without my permission today?” He commanded still stroking me with the crop.

“Five,” I said meekly.

CRACK! To my nipple.

“Speak up, I can’t hear you,” he bellowed.

“FIVE,” I said loudly.

“How many times are you suppose to get off without my permission,” he questioned.

“NONE,” I replied just as loudly as before to make sure he heard me.

“Your punishment will be five hard licks of this crop to each tit and then five to your pussy, one for each blatant disregard for respect. There will be no use of your safe word as you are in clear violations of my rules. You will take your punishment, you will like it and you will count, out loud, each time the crop bites you. If you fail to count or do not do it loudly enough, I will start all over. Do you understand?” his harsh tone made my eyes tear up at first. But when I looked up and saw the twinkle in his eyes I knew he was working his role.

“Yes Sir,” I said climbing into my role.

He wasted no time with the whipping. Starting on my right breast first.


“ONE,” I said as I recoiled a bit.


“TWO,” I stammered, wincing. He was going for marks right off the bat. Occasionally stroking me with the crop, but not as much as usual.

After the third one I started to get wet and accustomed to the pain and was anxiously awaiting the next crack. He sensed this and made it sting harder making me hotter and hotter.

After I had made it through both tits he stuck the leather square of the crop in my pussy. It felt so good to have something in there again.

“Oooohhhh,” I groaned as he wiggled it around briefly and pulled it out. It was wet with my cream.

“Maybe I better step it up, your enjoying this too much,” he said knowing full well stepping it up would make me enjoy it more.

CRACK! It hit squarely on my inflated clit.

“SHIT, ONE, OOOWW!” I cried out. That fucking hurt. But it also made me want more.

CRACK! To my begging fuck hole.

“TWO, AAAWWW,” I shrieked.

By the time he got to five I was leaking and on the verge of cumming. He dropped the crop and took his big, hard cock out of his pants and immediately stuck it in my seared, hurting fuck hole. He leaned in and kissed me hard as his cock searched for the deepest point in me it could. It hurt so bad from the whipping still, yet when he entered me an insanely intense feeling of pleasure stirred inside me. I wanted to cum at just the feeling of him invading me.

“Permission to cum, please,” I panted out.

“Granted. Come all over my cock,” he panted back as his body tightened.

He fucked me hard and fast while kissing me the whole time. He grabbed my hips forcefully and pounded my pussy with such force and depth I felt like he may penetrate a major organ. When we came together it was like being shot out of a rocket. He kept up the savage fucking pace and kept kissing me until neither of us could take it any longer. He slowed down gradually before coming to a stop but remained inside me.

“I hope that wasn’t to harsh.” He said, kissing me on the forehead. “I just wanted to give you something special to finish your day.”

“No baby, that was perfect. Thank you.” I said smiling at him in my afterglow. “Anyway, I deserved it,” I said and gave him a wink.

He slid out of me and undid my binds.

“Why are you off so early anyway?’ I asked, stretching out my limbs.

” I couldn’t get you and your naked day out of my head so I guess I worked a little harder to get finished”, he shrugged. “Where is everyone?”

“The dog is boarding for the night and the kids are going to a friend’s house after school and spending the night.” I surprised him.

“Well then, why don’t we throw a couple of steaks on the grill, open a few cold beers and spend the rest of the night with us both naked?” he asked in his low, sexy voice as he put his big arms around me pulling me close to him.

“Now THAT sounds like the perfect way to end the perfect day,” I almost squealed with excitement as I rested my head on his strong chest.

I said it before and I will say it again. Damn, this man is fun!

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