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Amelia’s Rite of Passage

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Grabbing her small backpack, Amelia stepped down from the bus, still ecstatic that her uncle had offered her the use of his vacant holiday cottage in the coastal resort town. It was the start of the University spring term break. The tangy salt air tasted of freedom as she stopped and sampled the beach view from the bus stop.

She had methodically decided her two week itinerary during the ride. To erase the bustle of the busy campus, the modest young student just wanted the quiet of her own company. In two days’ time, it was her nineteenth birthday and she was going to celebrate by shopping that morning for some nice seafood and ingredients. That afternoon, she would be content just to spend time with herself, savouring the aroma of her own cooking. Laying out a table for one, she would look back over the past two years with a nice fruity wine.

For the rest of the two weeks, ‘in’ events were to be sleeping, quiet music, a little tanning in the sun, walking, lazily swimming and perhaps a film. ‘Out’ activities were poring over any serious books at all, and even watching TV.

Settled in by five, she put a singlet and shorts over her one-piece swimsuit and set off for a dawdle along the beach. Sandals in hand, she let her soul be soothed by the different blues of the ocean water along the coast, rejoicing whenever her long hazel hair got caught up in the warm late afternoon air and wafted about her bare shoulders.

Amelia had wandered along utterly taking in her Eden for a good fifteen minutes. Rounding a headland, she spotted a tanned brunette in her early thirties emerging from the water twenty metres ahead, spinning droplets from her shoulder length hair. The pair spotted one another at the same time, and Amelia paused.

Amelia thought about turning around and leaving the woman to enjoy her slice of heaven in peace. But a friendly hand waved to Amelia from the topless bather before she stooped for her towel. Amelia let her own shy hand hesitatingly rose in reply. As the smile faded from her face, Amelia saw the woman turn her head towards a large walled villa on the rocky outcrop over the beach. She heard a loud shrill whistle and the name Benny.

Seconds later, a small grey dog came hurtling down the track. Towel over her shoulder, the skimpily clad woman walked to meet it. Picking it up affectionately, she let it excitedly lick her face. Dropping it back to the sand, she turned and gave Amelia a final wave before disappearing up the cliff track, the dog bounding about her until they both disappeared from Amelia’s sight.

Suspecting the evening cool would begin settling in, Amelia turned back. She suddenly felt quite peckish. On her way through the town, she was enveloped by a delicious scent from the corner pizza shop. She made a mental note to return and buy a small gourmet pizza, a local newspaper and a bottle of wine when she got home. Two hours later after the meal, she indulged in some quiet reading and a crossword, then turned off the lights.

She awoke next morning around seven to a pair of magpies carolling outside. Lying in her own warmth for a while, she decided to extend yesterday’s short walk. Breakfast was a cup of black coffee. Adding sugar and milk to her shopping list, she packed her one-piece costume, a bottle of water, sunscreen and a towel into her backpack. In an old short-sleeved shirt and shorts, she set off for the golden sand stretch again.

At the same point as the previous day, the small grey dog came up to her wagging its tail. Amelia knew it was Benny. Driven by a passing curiosity about the large walled villa above towering over the headland, she decided to try to get a closer look on the pretext of returning the dog.

Picking the friendly animal up, she trudged the short distance up the path till she reached a security gate. Taking a bold breath, she pressed the buzzer.

Amelia heard the woman’s voice answer. Hearing that Amelia had her Benny, she buzzed open the gate and invited her to bring him up. As Amelia followed the winding path up to the porch, she saw the same attractive woman she had seen yesterday appear on the patio, dressed in a short white summer mini. Her brown arms extending, she cooed as she gratefully took the dog off Amelia while identifying herself as Sue and recalling their encounter the previous afternoon.

Patting the dog in Sue’s arms, Amelia began raving about how much she liked the house and grounds. Fifteen minutes later over coffee, the girl started to marvel how natural the conversation was for two strangers. Eagerly, Amelia accepted Sue’s offer to show her through the mansion.

Amelia took in the luxurious settings inside in genuine wide-eyed awe. As they wandered, the two women found themselves quickly liking each other. Sue invited her to share some cheese, fruit and wine on the patio for brunch. As they ate, Amelia answered all her questions, telling her she had just arrived, about her studies, being between boyfriends and why she needed this short holiday stay. She didn’t feel like she was intruding when she in turn asked Sue what she did for a living.

The young woman indicated a large camera lying nearby, explaining she was a photographer who had just left the city agency for some years to strike out on her own.

“Do you mainly take fashion shots?” Amelia asked.

“No, not really,” Sue whimsically mused. “Most are softcore shots, for internet sites or magazines.”

“Softcore? Does that mean nude shots?” Amelia quietly murmured.

“Or just topless.” Sue nodded, noticing Amelia’s slight uncomfortable curiosity.

“How will your clients find out about you now, without an agency?” Amelia continued.

“Through ads in reputable agencies or trade journals,” Sue explained. “Or from me hawking my portfolio around. I already have my first assignment. A model is coming here to do some shots with me here this afternoon.”

“Here? Really?” Amelia asked.

“Yep. A softcore website has asked me to do a series with a model to see if they like me for future work,” Sue excitedly continued. “She’s due up here in three hours from the city.”

“What exactly is softcore?” an unsure Amelia queried.

“I prefer to think of it involving scenarios that are a bit daring and sensual,” replied Sue. “Why not see for yourself? Would you like to stick around here this afternoon and watch me work?”

“Could I? I won’t get in your way? That would be great,” exclaimed Amelia.

Amelia had wanted to ask a host of questions, her curiosity rising. How would Sue get around to asking a girl to take her clothes off? Instead though, she asked what Sue to explain exactly what she meant earlier by daring and sensual.

“Well, I enjoy taking the occasional shots that take my models outside their comfort zone,” Sue replied.

“Does that mean it may involve danger?” Amelia put to her.

“Physical harm, never,” Sue came back, her reassuring hand taking Amelia’s arm. “But potentially new or scary mental scenarios, yes. Beyond being totally or partially nude, although that by itself can sometimes be quite scary in itself for novices.”

Amelia wondered how anybody could be comfortable being nude in the first place, let alone do anything even scarier.

Sue took her camera and looked Amelia in the face. “Look, you have probably been told this, but you have a beautiful face, lovely brown eyes and seem to have an absolutely sensational figure, Amelia. Could I just take some shots of you? Just as you are? Here and now?”

“Me? Really? Are you sure? I mean, that’d be great,” Amelia gushed in delight and surprise.

Sue walked over and picked up her camera. “Have you ever posed before?”

“Only snaps, and family portraits, I’m afraid.” Amelia said apologetically.

“If we had the time, Benny and I would love to take you down to the beach and do your first ever topless ones,” Sue said, cocking her head with a cheeky smile.

“I don’t think I’d have the nerve,” Amelia replied with little hesitation, feeling herself redden.

“That’s okay,” Sue said, looking around at the light. “Another day, perhaps. This will all be very informal then. We won’t even use make-up or anything other than natural light. Would you like some basics about posing and modelling as we go?”

“Would I? Sure.” Amelia enthused.

They shot a leisurely series of shots of Amelia all around the house and grounds for an hour. Sue used most of that time to show Amelia some basics; how to flirt with the camera, pout, smile, look aloof, and use her facial expressions to effect. Amelia was delighted when Sue included some of her nursing an eager and willing Benny.

Amelia learned some basics on how to move and position her head and face. Sue showed her how to arrange her long hair, clothing and limbs to effect, and how to sit, stand, lie down and lean gracefully and naturally.

They finished indoors, in a large studio in the house. As Sue brushed her hair behind her, she looked about, absorbed in the professional studio layout. After Sue applied a little make-up, they did a few standing and sitting shots with Amelia still in shorts and T-shirt. Then at Sue’s suggestion, Amelia slipped into her one-piece behind the screen. Hair re-done, they did some swimsuit shots finishing with her lying on the floor fending off and playing with an excited Benny. As Sue removed the film, she turned to Amelia.

“How was that then?” she mused.

“Amazing. That was so much fun.” Amelia enthused. “And I’ve learned heaps.”

“You are a natural through the lens, you know,” Sue complimented. “Look, I’ll have to do some setting up here in the studio in the next hour before Helen gets here. You can amuse yourself by having a look through the basic gear I may ask her to wear. It’s all on a rack just over there. While I get ready, go through it. Feel free to try on anything you fancy.”

Amelia went across to the large rack Sue had just pointed to. Sue began to set up lights and a backdrop. Amelia tried on a beret and various wigs in front of the nearby mirror before holding a very short blue midriff T-shirt out in front of her. Sue spotted her.

“It’d be your size, I imagine.” Sue ventured. “Try it on and see.”

Amelia turned her back modestly, unbuttoned her shirt, took it off and slipped the T-shirt over her bra. She turned to a nearby mirror. The reflection showed the bottom of the beige bra cups protruding from beneath it. She turned from side to side in the mirror, frowning as she tried to pull it down a little at the front.

“It’s not meant to be worn with a bra,” hinted Sue out of the corner of her eye.

“Oh?” realised Amelia, turning around to face her, eyes wide open. “Really?”

A wondering expression came over Amelia’s face as she looked back at her reflection. Sue knew she was trying to imagine herself wearing it from the slight blushing. Slowly, she took it off and held it up in front of her bra, but to Sue’s disappointment, she shook her head. The shirt went straight back on.

For ten more minutes though, Amelia held up a range of sheer blouses in front of her shirt in the mirror. Sue looked across at her from time to time. But despite Sue’s occasional encouragement, she wouldn’t try any on. Her ingrained modesty stopped her going any further.

The front doorbell broke their studio routines. Amelia saw Sue leave and heard her open the door. She could hear Sue and Helen greet each other and waited for them both to come in.

“Amelia, meet Helen,” Sue smiled.

Amelia was fascinated as she took the offered hand of the tall slim woman in her early thirties. She was blond and attractive, with a real zest about her face.

“Helen, this is Amelia. She’s just visiting the town at the moment,” said Sue.

“Hi Amelia. Wow, you’re a looker. Are you modelling for Sue too?” Helen asked.

Amelia blushed at the compliment, and lowered her head.

“No, but hasn’t she got it all?” said Sue. “We’ve just taken some fun shots earlier and Amelia did well given it’s her first time at posing. Here, Helen, have a wine?” Sue passed a full glass to Helen”.

“Thanks,” Helen sipped.

When Amelia asked how long she had been doing this, Helen guessed about seven years. Most of her work was back in the city, but the hour drive here had been lovely.

“Shall we get going? How about something topless first, Helen?” Sue said grabbing a camera. She took a test shot of Helen standing up draining the last of her wine.

Amelia’s wondered what would unfold as they both casually strolled over to the studio setting. Her eyes widened appreciably when Helen stopped and nonchalantly lifted her light dress straight over her head. Kicking off her sandals, the model was instantly topless, wearing only a g-string. Amelia could not believe how relaxed this woman was about suddenly having so little on.

After adjusting her make-up and hair in a mirror, she watched Helen move onto a spot Sue indicated. Sue began taking shots of her full body from the front using a tripod with Helen falling naturally into poses. She then grabbed another camera and started walking around her taking shots as she went. All the time, Amelia noticed that Sue and Helen had constant business-like exchanges and suggestions about various poses and subtle adjustments to improve them.

Amelia looked in vain for a flaw anywhere on Helen’s fair skin like a freckle or a mole. She was just beautiful.

“Where’s the gear you suggested we use then, Sue?” Helen asked, looking around.

“It’s over there,” said Sue. Amelia’s attention was caught by the jiggling of her shapely breasts as Helen briskly set off. She felt instantly horrified, knowing she had been seen looking, but was relieved when Helen smiled and winked as she passed. The topless woman took pains to select and don the small T-shirt Amelia had tried on. The pretty student noticed how unflustered Helen seemed despite her squat brown nipples being so exposed. Adding a pair of gold brief shorts over her g-string, she wrapped a short off-white robe loosely about her.

Amelia followed Sue part of the way back. She watched from behind as Sue took shots of Helen posing seated on a stool in the robe. Then she saw Helen casually drop it off her shoulders to her elbows, baring her shoulders and chest to the camera.

For the next five minutes, Sue danced around Helen as she posed for a sequence of shots, sitting and standing. The T-shirt was removed and Amelia listened to Sue expertly guide, direct and flatter her model.

Then, letting the robe slip to her ankles, Helen reached down to the front of the shorts. She swayed confidently on her long straight legs as she progressively unbuttoned them.

After a couple of shots, she kicked them towards Amelia with a smile and turned around. Amelia now took Helen’s shapely behind framed in the g-string. As the camera stealthily circled across to her front, the model’s fingers deftly remove the g-string. She smiled and turned back to Amelia, licking it to her. Amelia felt her eyes unable to resist honing in on the gash under Helen’s fine vertical wisp of brown pubic hair.

Suddenly, the shoot was over.

Helen bent and picked her g-string and robe up off the floor. She stood casually before Amelia who politely glanced away while the model lifted her shapely legs to slide the g-string on, but returned her gaze as her summer dress slid back over the model’s head.

Just as she finished dressing, Helen turned to Sue, a thoughtful expression on her face.

“Are you going to do some more shots of your own with Amelia, Sue?”

“Later probably, or tomorrow. Why?” Sue answered.

“Would she like to try some with me?” Helen mused. “That’s if both of you are free. We could do some extra shots for the website? They won’t mind, and they’ll pay you very well for them, Amelia”, she said looking enquiringly at the surprised girl.

“It does pay well, Amelia, and the time taken up is almost nothing. Care to try?” said Sue.

“No. I mean, I couldn’t.” Amelia falteringly stammered, feeling herself reddening. “I couldn’t do any shots like you’ve just done. Certainly not for just anybody on a website to see.”

“But haven’t you ever been swimming in public, without clothes, or maybe just sunbaked topless?” asked Helen to make a point.

“Never,” Amelia replied.

“So you were embarrassed with me being nude before?” Helen teased.

“I was. I really didn’t know where to look at times,” Amelia timidly confessed in a soft voice.

“You do shower naked?” Helen asked in an amused tone.

“Of course,” Amelia replied, surprised.

“Whew! For a minute, I thought your clothes were glued to you,” Helen exclaimed.

The tension subsided as all three sputtered and laughed.

“Seriously, did you get a buzz out of having photos taken of you earlier?” said Helen.

“Yes, but that was different,” Amelia carefully argued. “I had clothes on for those photos. I’d be ashamed if someone who knew me or who I met ever saw me topless or undressed in photos.”

“Well, believe it or not, this will disguise your face a lot?” Helen offered, reaching for a large black eye mask on the rack. “Here, try it on and see if I’m right.” A hesitant Amelia took it, but put it on and looked at her face and profile in the mirror.

“It was just an idea if you’re game,” Helen continued.

“Anyway, in the final editing, there are ways I can ensure no-one will recognise your face,” Sue added. Amelia stood there, looking at neither woman, silently thinking.

“Look, how about trying a small number of experimental shots with us? Let’s take just two or three to begin with, ones that maybe are just a teensy bit daring. Shall we give it a go, Amelia?” Sue asked.

“What does a teensy bit daring mean?” Amelia asked.

“What are you wearing underneath your shirt?” asked Helen.

“Just a bra,” was the guarded response from Amelia.

“Can you lose it?” Helen enquired.

“I’d be topless!” Amelia came back, her head starting to shake.

“No. Keep your shirt on for starters. Just have it undone down the front. Don’t be shy. It’s just us women here. If anything falls out accidentally, we’re all professionals,” Sue summed up, waving the camera about. “Look, I promise you can always call this off anytime if you get too uncomfortable. And afterwards, you see all shots and decide what shots we can or can’t use. How’s that sound?”

“That’s fair, Amelia” Helen chimed in. “It can’t hurt to give it a try under those conditions. You may enjoy it, too. I’m sure Sue and I can guide you into some great shots with our experience. Let’s just try?”

There was a long pause. “Ok. I’ll try two or three shots and see how I go. But no promises.” Amelia relented.

Amelia shyly turned her back and unbuttoned her shirt. Without removing it, she discarded her bra, then pulled the shirt front together and held it tightly together with one hand. Turning back, the attractive young girl looked decidedly nervous.

“Ok, Miss Modesty, you’ll have to trust us and just let go of the front,” Helen scolded mockingly. “That’s right. Let it hang down itself. See, not much more is showing than if you were wearing an evening dress. Right. We’re off then. Both of you move those long legs over here to that couch.”

Helen grabbed Amelia’s hand and guided her over. With her free hand, Amelia grabbed the front of her shirt on the move to prevent it flying open.

“What did you have in mind, Sue?” asked Helen.

“Let’s try some shots with you seated, and Amelia laying on her back with her head on your lap, and see,” she answered. “Here,” she added throwing another mask to Helen. “For consistency’s sake,” she explained.

Helen let go of Amelia’s hand and sat right at one end of the lounge. Her mask on, she positioned a small cushion beside her legs. A firm pat on the cushion signalled the similarly masked Amelia to sit next to her on her left. Tightly clutching her shirt, Amelia obeyed timidly.

“Ok, Amelia, turn side-on so your legs are away from me, knees bent” said Helen. “Good. Now just lean right back.” Amelia could feel Helen’s legs support her head and her shoulders. “Nice and comfortable? Good.”

“Amelia, now just relax and listen to me,” Sue interrupted, looking through the camera lens. “For starters, extend your closer leg so it touches the armrest. Perfect. I can see you’re nervous. Relax. Just breathe in and out calmly. From here, either Helen or I will talk you through each shot.”

Sue moved to a metre in front of them and set up a second cameras on a tripod. She looked through the lens. I’ve got you both in frame now. “Now, make sure you are comfortable Amelia,” she insisted. “Wait, just let the arm closest to the camera rest on your stomach. Great. Now, whatever happens, leave it there. That’s fine.”

“Ok, I’m ready to go,” said Sue. In an amused tone, she went on. “Helen, would you mind making one small adjustment to Miss Modest again?”

Amelia allowed Helen to gently prise her trembling arm from her shirt front. She was reassured somewhat when Helen guided it out of sight of the camera behind her body. She felt grateful when Helen took a gentle hold of her hand. Her wild uncertainty began to subside a little. Sensing this, Helen gave her hand a gentle squeeze as she smiled down. Grateful for the reassuring gesture, Amelia squeezed back to indicate she was coping so far.

Sue took the first shot, then looked up over the camera.

“Just a little more flesh from Amelia, please Helen,” she suggested.

Using her free hand, Amelia felt Helen slightly adjust the front of Amelia’s shirt. She guessed it was just enough to display the swell of the farthest breast from the camera.

After the hand finished, Amelia’s felt Helen squeeze her hand again. Trustingly she squeezed back. Under the mask though, Amelia felt her excited mouth tingling and was finding it increasingly hard to swallow. She heard the camera start to whir and a click.

Amelia heard Sue talking. “Oh, Amelia, that was a lovely shot. Helen, what are you thinking next up?”

“Amelia, trust us again,” Helen suggested. “Let’s try one more small step.”

Amelia felt the fingers of Helen’s free palm land on her shirt on the side closest to the camera and rest there. There was a pause, then the click. She held her breath in astonishment. Had Helen made a slight mistake? Surely she knew her breast lay underneath. She felt Helen give her hand another squeeze. There was a slight delay, but she returned the gesture again.

“Amelia, you’re doing just fine. “How about another tiny step,” Helen whispered.

Amelia felt the palm on her chest rise and slowly peel that half of her shirt off her chest. The young breast closest to the camera was completely bare. She could feel cool air kiss it. She felt the hand then return and her liberated breast being loosely clutched. As her swallowing increased, she felt Helen squeeze her hand again. This time, Amelia took ages before deciding to give a faint squeeze back.

“My God Amelia, honestly, that is simply lovely,” murmured Sue. “Just trust us. Stay very still.”

Amelia heard Helen take a further shot. Her breast was feeling quite warm in Helen’s palm, then it suddenly went cool as the hand gently lifted. Slowly, she looked down to see Sue’s fingers peel back the other side of the shirt too and retire. The tips of both breasts were pointing skywards now. More clicks.

“Excellent so far. Let’s try something sensual here you two,” Sue suggested.

“Fine”, Helen came back. Amelia was shaking and too timid to respond.

Amelia was too nervous to answer, but closed her eyes under the masked Helen. She took in an uncertain breath as one young breast suddenly felt itself being caressed for the first time in ages. She wondered what she should be feeling. Deciding she should stay detached too like the others, she resolved to try to ignore Helen’s touch.

“Lovely, you two,” said Sue. Click. Amelia was unable to suppress the fondling. Opening her eyes to stop the tingling feelings building up inside, she saw Helen’s attractive face lovingly looking down at her down her dress. The fingers crossing to brush around her other breast were excruciatingly tender. Click. Another shot.

Helen winked down at her. “You’re doing so well, Amelia.” She again squeezed her hand and let it go. Amelia lay still, and realised there was a pause as Sue was changing film. She paused and squeezed back.

In the short interval, Amelia looked down at the sight of her exposed breast. And the other one with four feminine fingers spidering all around its surface.

She heard Sue tell Helen she was ready again. Glancing up, Amelia saw that Helen was looking down at her breasts slightly open-mouthed expression. A new clicking sounded out.

“Keep still, Amelia” Helen warned. Amelia felt long soft fingernails graze around first one sensitive aureole, then the other. Amelia felt embarrassed that her flat nipples were beginning to stir and hoped the others wouldn’t notice. In vain.

“Look, Sue. They’re too lovely to ignore. Take some close-ups,” she heard Helen urge,

Amelia sensed Sue adjust her lens as her nipples starting to gather and rise, encouraged by Helen fingering them. Sue paused again to change film.

“Have courage, Amelia,” whispered Helen. “Those will turn out to be absolutely lovely shots. You have an amazing body. Sue, you do agree we must go on just a little further while we’re here?”

“Amelia, can you stay brave for just two more minutes?” Sue asked.

“Trust me Amelia,” Helen said softly. “If you like a foot massage, I’ll make sure this is ten times better.”

As Sue took more shots, Helen expertly teased away at Amelia’s breasts and nipples.

“Such a beautiful pair of breasts,” a dreamy Amelia heard Helen proclaim.

The whole length of her fully erect nipples telegraphed primitive tingly messages into her body as Helen expertly tantalised them. She watched as Sue zoomed in for a close-up, biting her bottom lip as Helen applied some saliva to her finger and coated them. Amelia could only close her eyes and succumb to the pleasurable feelings.

“You’ll like this,” she heard Helen’s quiet words, then one nipple was seized lightly between a finger and thumb and pulled a little upwards. It then slid out due to the slickness that Amelia realised must be leftover saliva. The camera whirled. Amelia was beginning to churn deep inside and she couldn’t keep the long involuntary ‘Oh’ buried inside.

“That’ll do us Helen?” Sue offered.

Amelia sat up, then shakily got to her feet. She pulled her shirt back around her shoulders and took her mask off as Sue stood up behind her.

“No, one more shot?” she heard Helen murmur behind her. Amelia saw Sue nod and lift her camera to her face. A rush of air told Amelia that Helen had lifted up her dress over her head. She let Helen turned her body side-on to the camera, naked but for her g-string.

Amelia saw Helen’s hands softly take off her own mask and ease towards her. Almost in slow motion she saw Helen tilt her head and her shirt being eased right off. As Helen’s face met hers, Amelia’s over-sensitive nipples felt Helen’s breasts meet them as she inched. Softly, the two sets of lips fused. In the moist space of their welded mouths, Amelia felt Helen gently insert her tongue, licking the roof of her mouth before intertwining with Amelia’s.

They stayed firmly kissing, extending the moment even after Sue had stopped snapping.

“Fantastic. I’m calling time. It’s all over,” a hesitant Sue interrupted. They broke contact. There was genuine admiration on Sue’s face. “You did just great, Amelia.”

Amelia’s eyes were still shut. Her dazed mind was still re-living the session and feeling her insides churning.

“That really was a great session. I’d better be off,” Helen said as she quickly dressed. “Would you like a lift back into town, Amelia? It’ll cost you a cup of coffee, though.”

“Oh, that would be great,” Amelia sighed, trying to regain some composure.

“These are truly great shots, Amelia,” said Sue waving her camera. “I’m going to develop them tomorrow, first thing. Come by for lunch at 12 tomorrow, Amelia, and I’ll have them ready for you to look at and approve.” The mesmerised student could only nod.

Ten minutes later, Amelia was walking into her kitchen, still on a huge high. She reached for the promised coffee jar for Helen, but just stood holding it before her as though dazed, reflecting silently.

Helen noticed her pensive look from behind and touched her bare shoulder. Amelia started/ Looking at the dazed face, Helen asked softly,

“Was that all too fast or too much? Are you mad at me?”

“No, not at all, said Amelia. “I’ve never done anything quite like it, that’s all.”

She grabbed the bench with one hand as she felt a slight involuntary shaking suddenly begin in the top of her shapely legs. The pretty student shook her head slowly, her mind contrasting today’s events with how quiet this holiday was intended to be.

“How about letting me make the coffee,” insisted Helen, taking the jar and putting it on the bench as she walked around in front of her.

“Thanks,” the pretty student mumbled behind, stepping back, embarrassed by her helplessness.

“Just before I do, can I ask one small favour?” asked Helen, turning to face her.

“Sure,” Amelia asked, still in a half-daze.

“May I taste you,” There was a pause. Amelia felt a firm hand push her chest until her shoulders forcefully met the wall behind. “Inside here?” The hand dropped and took a firm grip of the crutch of her shorts, two wild eyes begging hers. “Right now?”

“Oh God. Would you?” Amelia murmured, her shorts and panties being yanked to her ankles. As smooth palms slid up her legs and cupped her naked behind, a quaint “Please” faded away to her first moan as insistent lips already cramming between her shaky thighs docked onto the opening to her young hips.

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