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Alton’s Adventures

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I’m Alton. I’m a 40 year old bisexual man who got a divorce just last year. Since my divorce I’ve decided to explore sexually and live life to the fullest. I’ve also decided to “come out” and admit my bisexuality. Following is just one of my many adventures in exploring my new sexual freedoms.

My ad read, “Bi-male, 40, seeks fun couples”. The ad was placed on a “swapping” site on the internet and I was pleasantly surprised at the many responses that I received as I hadn’t found many bi males listed on the site.

Apparently this was a commonly kept secret here as many couples, as well as single men, contacted me announcing their interest in a bisexual man, mainly me! Anyway, I found one couples response very interesting.

I was contacted by the female of the couple; she was 28 years old and said her male partner was 39 and African-American. Her fantasy was to share her man with a bi male and watch the bi male suck her man. She stated that her man was straight, but would allow another guy to perform oral on him if she really wanted it. She really wanted it! We emailed back and forth, I assured her I was bi and I had no problem with her man just enjoying my oral ministrations, he didn’t need to return the attention. I also assured her that I didn’t have to fuck her to want to meet. I would be very happy licking them both as they fucked and giving them pleasure. And yes, I’d love to lick her creamy pussy when they finished! (One of my main fetishes!)

She emailed me several pics of each of them and I was very impressed! She was blond, 5’4″ tall and 115lbs. and built like the proverbial brick outhouse! Her large, round breasts were too firm to be real but her long, thick nipples said, “Who cares!!” Her waist was fairly narrow and appeared to be pretty tight and her hips spread wonderfully wide and full with a nice round ass and firm, full thighs. She wasn’t a “little” girl, but not fat or even a bbw really, just “built”! The one pic of him showed a muscular black man in a tank top and shorts, he had some tattoos and a shaved head. I was instantly in “lust”!!!

We each admitted that we felt very comfortable with our emails and then began talking on the phone. I only spoke to her as she said he wasn’t really comfortable talking about it, though he was definitely “up” for it, she plainly informed me! I was very pleasantly surprised that she and I hit it off so well; she was open, funny and sexy without being crude. Crude, crass women turn me off and she was none of those, she was quite articulate and easy to talk to and I found myself put at-ease and speaking openly and freely with her immediately. This was quite unusual for me as I tend to be a little shy and even suspicious, especially in this kind of situation. But we talked often and we both felt comfortable and then decided to meet. I live in a rural area in Kentucky and they live in Nashville, TN a couple of hours away from me. They decided to meet in a hotel and I was happy when they decided to get their own room even though I had offered to let them meet me in mine. I had agreed to bring a bottle of white wine as well as bourbon for him and me. I checked in several hours before our time to meet and took a long shower and also had a couple of drinks to help loosen up and ease some of my nervousness.

I paused in front of room #206, taking a deep breath and feeling very nervous and wondering if I should just go back to my room and masturbate and drink the beam whiskey that I held in my hand by myself. But I took a deep breath and knocked on the door and was soon greeted by a very beautiful blond who greeted me like an old friend and readily led me into the room. I was immediately mesmerized by her beauty and made comfortable by her ease and friendliness. She was the woman in the pics she’d sent and she was even more attractive, her curvy, tanned figure showing even through the short sundress she wore. I was already feeling giddy at her giggles as I handed her the wine and bourbon and she chided me on providing a much too high of priced wine for the occasion. My giddiness was immediately put to rest when I met Jerome, her boyfriend. Jerome’s “what up” went nearly unheard as I observed the huge, muscle-bound black man lying on the bed. Yes, the proverbial “cat” had my tongue. Although she had emailed me a pic it had not been the clearest and there was nothing in the pic to give it scale to really show his size; he was huge! I work out, I’m not as fit and muscular as I was at thirty, but I’m not bad. He was huge, bodybuilder big, 6’4″ or taller, 230lbs. or maybe bigger, solid, solid with abs showing, tattoos on his body and brands on his arms. My apprehension was only slightly eased when he smiled and said, “What’s the matter, you never seen a black man before?” in a very deep and easy-going voice and tone.

I tried to take a breath and stammered out,” Not like you man! Jesus you’re a big dude!” He was laughing and I was feeling better as Julie, the lady, introduced us as Alton and Jerome. I stepped forward and shook his hand and he only squeezed my hand hard enough to let me know who was boss.

We all got comfortable after a couple of drinks, and I could tell that, like myself, he had taken in a few before meeting to loosen up. He was in loose jeans and a tank top and I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Of course Julie was in a short sundress and looked absolutely delicious! An empty bottle of wine signaled that she had been drinking also and I guessed that the wine had affected her behavior as she began to sway very seductively to the blues music on the radio. She danced and swayed in front of us, her head leaning back slightly and eyes closed, her movements completely sexual and suggestive. Her hands moved over her body and Jerome pushed my strong drink toward me and instructed me, “drink up” as he swallowed his down. He pulled her to him and lifted her dress up and over her head and tossed it aside. Her large breasts bounced free and her tiny, black lace thong held my full attention. His large black hands cupped her full ass and she looked tiny in his arms as they kissed. I watched as bent his head and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking it roughly, causing her to let out a little squeal, and he repeated the same on her other nipple as her hands rubbed over his large bald head.

He stood and pulled his tank top over his head as she went to her knees working on his fly. His upper body was very black and covered in tattoos that could barely be made out. I moved to the chair closer to them to get a better view as she slid his jeans down and he stepped out then his boxers followed. Jesus Christ! I’d never seen such a large cock, and it wasn’t even hard yet. I must have been staring because she said, “It’s ten inches hard!”, and they both laughed. I just laughed and shook my head and she said, “Now lets get it hard bi boy!” and I moved down beside her as he sat back down on the bed and spread his legs so she and I could move between them and work on that giant black cock.

I watched her tiny hand grab up that big, black cock and try to stroke it and just as she almost lost her grip I grabbed on below her hand and helped her stroke it’s length, the head popping up to show over the foreskin, which excited me greatly, as I’d never seen an uncircumcised cock before. I was completely mesmerized as I watched that cock get bigger and fuller and then continue to grow, it was huge! Not only was it long, it was very thick, with a large vein running up its length that I could actually feel pulsing under my hand.

Any self-control I’d had to begin with was lost as I felt his mammoth cock pulsing in my hand and I felt almost like I was in a trance as I slowly lowered my head and popped the huge purple head into my mouth. “Ahhhhh!” he moaned as my tongue moved over his cock head and I sucked at him hard. “Oh God”, Julie said, “That’s so hot”!! That encouraged me even more and I began trying to stuff as much of that cock into mouth as I could. I gagged as it pushed against my throat and I slid it out of my mouth, leaving it wet and shiny with my spit. Julie immediately took it into her mouth and slid it deep causing Jerome to jerk and moan even more deeply. I cupped his heavy balls in my hand and they spilled out on either side they were so large and full. I took one into mouth and sucked gently. Jerome moaned, “Oh yeah, suck my balls boy!” I sucked and massaged them and then moved back up to that big, beautiful cock of his, licking it and sharing it with Julie, our tongues dancing around his shaft and then our mouths met around his cock head. We kissed lustily around his cock head, our tongues dancing, our lips moving together, Jerome moaning.

Jerome finally pushed us away to keep from cumming. Julie helped me get undressed and Jerome instructed us to get in a “69” position, her on top. “Suck that little white cock!” he told her as I slurped at her sweet, soaking pussy. I felt my cock engulfed by her hot, wet mouth as she bobbed her head and sucked me eagerly. Then I felt the bed move as Jerome moved into position behind Julie. I was looking up at his beautiful black cock and full balls as he prepared to slide it into Julie’s hot little pussy. He rubbed the dark head along her pink dripping slit then lowered it so that I could suck it and coat it with my hot saliva. Then I watched entranced as he began pushing that black monster into her little white pussy. Julie moaned loudly as his cock began to disappear inside her slick love tunnel and went back to licking her clit and his cock making them both moan. I couldn’t believe my excitement as I watched that big black cock sliding in and out of her soaking pussy as it made delicious wet squishing noises and she moaned and quivered. My cock was forgotten by her as Jerome began to pound that pussy, his balls slapping my face as I tried to keep licking them both, Julies big titties rubbing over my stomach as she moved over me. “Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck” Jerome began yelling and Julie screamed something incoherent in return as her body stiffened and then seemed to go into spasms, jerking wildly as she collapsed on top of me with Jerome still slamming his cock into her like a jackhammer. Then he slammed in deep and stiffened up and I could feel his balls begin to jerk as they lay on my face and I sucked as much of his sack into my mouth as possible and sucked hard, causing him to moan even louder as he pumped his sperm deep into that lovely little pussy.

Jerome lay there panting, his weight about to suffocate me, until he slowly pulled back and his cocked popped from Julie’s pussy. A flood of creamy cum flowed from her pussy and covered my face as I sucked and slurped at her stretched pussy. She sat up on my face and rubbed her pussy all over it, squeezing out more cum juices and causing her pussy to make small farting sounds that Jerome found hilarious. The she turned around and ordered me, “Help me clean his cock!” We both began licking and sucking the juices from his semi-hard cock, causing him to jerk slightly and I saw a large drop of thick white cum appear on his cock head. I stuck out my tongue and licked it off slowly as Julie watched me, smiling. “Mmmmmm”, I moaned as I tasted his salty spunk and swallowed it down.

We all had a drink and rested a little, Julie sipping wine while I mixed a strong bourbon and coke. I watched Jerome tipping a bottle of jack and taking a few long gulps straight as he lay back on the propped up pillows at the head of the bed. He had been drinking like this for a half hour and had killed about a third of the bottle already. I could tell he was feeling it as his speech slurred and he became more animated and cussed even more than he had before. “Show us that wet pussy, Baby!” he ordered Julie and she lay back and spread her legs lewdly for us, her pussy red and swollen from his big cock, glistening wetly with her excitement. “Open it up and play with it some!” Jerome ordered. She used both hands and spread herself open, the folds of her pussy pulled wide, her hole open, exposing the deep, wet opening of her womanhood. She slid one and then another finger into her sex and began to fuck herself with them, smiling and watching us as she diddled her pussy. She worked a third finger in and then she began to cum, white fluid flowed out around her fingers and she stiffened up and let out little squeals as her orgasm took over, then she lay back and her fingers slipped from her gaping pussy and her juices leaked out upon the bed.

“Boy, get on over here and get me hard again!” Jerome suddenly ordered, spreading his legs apart and shaking his big cock back and forth. I watched him guzzle jack as I slid across the bed and took his cock in my hand and lowered my mouth the big, dark cock head. I took the head into my hot mouth and slathered saliva around it with my tongue while my hand stroked his length. “Oh yeah! You a good little cock sucking Bitch!” Jerome moaned. I’m not sure why, but his bad-ass attitude and semi-drunkenness really turned me on. I hadn’t cum yet and my cock was harder than I could ever remember it being. I sucked and stroked him, trying my best to pleasure him and make him cum. “Girl, get your ass over here and play with this bitch’s ass! Here the lube, lube that ass up good!” Jerome ordered Julie and I felt the bed move as she came over to comply.

I was scared and turned on all at the same time; in fact, I was as turned on as I’ve ever been in my life. I was scared of what I was sure was now going to happen, I was having my ass lubed up and Jerome had a huge cock, much bigger than any toy I’d ever taken into my tight butt. I was totally turned on by the situation, by the sexy girl Julie, by the big, black stud Jerome, by the alcohol, by the huge black cock that I was sucking on. I moaned deeply as Julie rubbed the cold lube over and around my asshole, then she slid a slender finger into me. The excitement must have helped as I was surprised at how easily my ass took her finger; it slid right in, my sphincter giving almost no resistance, I felt nothing but pleasure. I slid my tongue down Jerome’s cock and slithered it over his balls, gently sucking one into my mouth. The smooth, round orb felt wonderful moving inside my mouth and I struggled to fit his very large sack into my mouth, opening wide and using my tongue and hand to force his heavy balls in, sucking them, running my tongue around them, causing him to shiver and moan, “Oh Fuck, you a good Bitch!” I sucked them hard and moaned around them as Julie slid her third finger into my ass.

As his heavy balls slipped from my mouth my tongue slid lower. He seemed to read my dirty little mind and he raised his legs up, giving me clear access. I’m still not sure what drove me that night, but I was driven to be Jerome’s nasty little bitch, and I was enjoying every second of it! My tongue found his tight, puckered hole and flickered over it, his taste and aroma very clean and manly, and I became even more excited as I licked and tongued out his ass. I was now humping back against Julie’s three fingers fucking my ass, pushing in and twisting, stretching me, then pulling out again. I was lost in the pleasure and excitement, licking, stroking and humping back, but Jerome’s words brought me back to earth. “Turn over you little bitch!” he ordered.

I rolled over, my hard-on pressing into the bed as I felt his large, strong, black body straddle me. I began to rise up, to expose my ass to him, but pushed me down hard. “You just lay there bitch, lay there and take it like the bitch you are!!” He straddled me, my legs together, and his legs outside mine; as I lay flat on the bed. He pushed his big, hard, black cock between my quivering ass cheeks and pressed that huge cock head against my tight little puckered hole. I did my best to relax, I had no choice, he was going to fuck me, whether I wanted it or not.

Pain exploded in me and I gripped at the bed with both hands as his huge cock forced its way inside me. I whimpered and gritted my teeth and I thought I might pass out. But suddenly he was in, buried inside my bowels, his huge cock sunk to it’s full length in my ass and I could feel myself relaxing, my ass opening for him, my cock throbbing hard against the bed. I had a hard time sorting out my feelings, both physical and mental, as he let his huge cock sit deep in my ass. He didn’t immediately begin stroking me, at first he simply let his cock stay buried inside me. Then I felt his body tremble, his cock was trembling inside me, lights flashed in my head, fireworks maybe, when his cock trembled and vibrated deep inside my ass. I moaned deeply and he moaned even deeper. Then he slowly pulled out of me, I was moaning the whole time, my ass closing in behind his departure, the pleasure and feeling of loss indescribable.

He stopped short of pulling out completely, and my feelings were mixed, the relief of having his cock not stretching me out was vying with the relief that he was still fucking me, and then he rammed back into me, his huge cock spreading me open and making me moan out loudly. “Oh yeah, you a good little bitch, you got a tight little ass that can handle this big cock!” My head was still buried in the mattress and I was now moaning loudly as he began to fuck me, his cock sliding into me, burying deeply into my body, and then pulling nearly out, just his huge cock head remaining inside my ass, before he slid that whole, huge length back into me.

I heard Julie breathing heavily and turned my head to glance at her. She had several fingers buried inside her wet pussy and her eyes were large and locked on the point where Jerome’s huge black tool was moving between my white ass cheeks. Her reaction turned me on even more and I began to wiggle and try to hump my ass back against that monster cock. “Ahhhhh Fuck!!” Jerome moaned, “You likes this black cock you little bitch! I feels yo ass squeezin’ and suckin’ on me!” I did my best to squeeze and pleasure him and in the process I felt new pleasures as his cock pushed against my straining muscles. I became lost in the pleasure and heard myself moaning and whimpering and suddenly Jerome began to really fuck me, slamming his cock into me and hitting new nerve endings inside my tight ass. Jerome was making deep, guttural noises and groans and I felt my mind spin as I began to cum, my orgasm taking me to a separate place, the feelings deeper and more intense than I’ve ever known. Jerome roared and I could feel his hot cum shooting into me like lava from a black volcano, his body pulsating and trembling on top of me.

I must have passed out because my next realization was heavy breathing seeming to surround me. I held my breath and I could still hear it. I forced my eyes open and saw Jerome lying back beside me, his arm across his face and eyes, his muscular chest rising and falling heavily. I turned my head and Julie was in nearly the same position on my other side. I began to breathe again and turned to my back and made myself comfortable, mimicking their positions.

I meet with Jerome and Julie every month or so. I’m Jerome’s bitch and Julie loves to watch us, as well as join in. Jerome explained that he had spent some time in prison and had acquired a taste for topping men there. He is 100% top and doesn’t even consider himself bisexual. I could care less as long he likes giving me that big, beautiful black cock of his!

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