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My First Woman Ch. 1

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I live happily in Queensland, Australia with my little puppy dog. My partner lives in New Zealand and will be coming to live with me in the near future. I recently disclosed my bi-sexual tendencies to him and he encouraged me to explore them, so I created a profile and advertised on the Internet for a female lover.

A few days later I received a lovely email from a woman named Judy (named changed) and as she only lived an hour away, I arranged to visit her. This is the story of my first time…

I arrived at Judy and Dave’s house at about 10:30am, where Judy met me at the front gate. The large single storey cream brick house is on the edge of their 50-acre property. I parked up and Judy gave me a quick hug and kiss and then led me into the house. Dave was out somewhere in one of the paddocks attending to their small herd of cattle. Judy made me a cup of coffee and we sat in front of the large pot bellied stove to warm up and to talk.

Judy told me about the house’s history and how her and Dave had built it themselves 12 months before. Judy is a small woman standing 4’11” in her stocking feet; she has straight shoulder length blond hair with deep blue eyes. She has small perfectly formed breasts, the outline of which could be seen through her black, long sleeved, light material shirt. She wore tight fitting black jeans that hugged her small apple shaped ass.

After about 30 minutes or so of casual chat, Judy seemed to have reached a decision, whereupon she stood, took hold of my hand and said, “Come on, lets go to the bedroom.” Judy led the way down the short corridor to the master bedroom. Inside I could see a large queen sized bed with a big solid oak headboard. On the bed was an old fashioned multi-coloured bedspread and 2 pillows. Judy went to the far side of the bed and started to undress, taking her shirt off first. I, feeling that this was the most natural thing in the world, started to remove my top. Judy wasn’t wearing a bra and I could now see her small breasts and delicate nipples for the first time.

I removed my bra and released my voluptuous breasts, my large nipples already erect. As I bent over to remove my skirt, Judy climbed onto the bed and, walking on her knees, made her way across to me. She noticed the little Butterfly tattoo on my left shoulder and remarked on how pretty it looked. I removed my cream G-string, turned to Judy and joined her on the bed. We knelt there with our knees barely touching. Judy leant forward and gave me a soft gentle kiss on my lips. I enjoyed the feeling for a few seconds then I slowly opened my mouth to allow Judy to insert her soft wet tongue. I greedily sucked on her tongue and returned the kiss, letting the passion of the moment take me completely. Judy sat back and looked into my eyes then slowly lowered her head to my left breast and nipple. She circled the nipple, and then sucked it gently into her mouth, flicking the hard end with the tip of her tongue. I ran my hands over Judy’s back and shoulders, feeling her soft skin. As she sucked and licked, Judy very slowly ran her hand down my stomach, stopping fleetingly to play with the little belly button ring before continuing down to my very wet pussy. I opened my legs just a little, allowing Judy to access wherever she wanted.

She insert a finger just inside the tight opening and then, with her wet fingertip, she circled my hard clit. This caused me to throw back my head and moan, the feeling making me totally forget any misgivings I may have had about this adventure. I let Judy play with my breasts and pussy for what seemed like hours but was only a few minutes. Judy raised her head and I lowered mine to her nipple. I started to roll my tongue around the small hard bud. I moved my hand down to her pussy and discovered that she was as wet and hot as I was. I inserted a finger and it slide easily into her, the thick juices coating my finger completely. I then copied Judy’s movements and circled her hard bud. After a few minutes of mutual playing, we both lay down on our sides, facing each other and kissed again. I decided that now was the time to do what I had fantasised about for so many years. I slowly started to move down Judy’s body, planting little kisses as I went. I moved as slowly as my excitement would let me, kissing and licking, Judy opened her legs to allow me to lie in between them.

At last I was facing my first fully aroused, hot and wet pussy. I inhaled the sweet musky scent and tentatively ran my tongue over the hard bud that was openly showing itself between the full and engorged lips. Judy arched her back a little, pushing her hips towards my tongue, wanting more of that delicate feeling. I slide my tongue into Judy’s pussy and, and after gathering some of the thick juices, I went back up to her clit. Using the juices, I slowly circled her clit, before sucking it into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue tip. Judy acted as though she had been electrocuted. Her hips shot up hard off the bed as her first orgasm hit. I rode Judy’s orgasm, continuing to lick and suck on her clit, until it slowly started to subside. As Judy lay there, breathing heavily, I licked and sucked on her thighs, allowing her to come down easily. Judy sat up slightly and said,” Where did you learn that, I thought this was your first time?” I just smiled thinking about all the times my partner, Paul, had done exactly the same thing to me.

I lowered my head and started to, once again, slowly lick and suck on Judy’s clit. I slide, first one finger then another, into her pussy, and started to gently stroke the little area of ridged skin that was Judy’s G-Spot. Her orgasm started to build up again as I circled and tickled the tender area inside her. The second orgasm seemed to hit as hard as the first but this time I continued to play with Judy as I slide a finger down to her tight asshole. I could feel my own orgasm start to build up as I thought of Paul taking me from behind. The image continued and grow stronger as Judy raised her hips up off the bed and I slowly felt my finger slide easily inside the tight opening. Judy’s third orgasm seemed to be drawn out as I slowly fucked her ass with my finger and used my mouth, alternating between licking her pussy and her clit.

When Judy started to relax from her exertions, I moved up her body, softly kissing as I went. When I was lying beside her, I lent over and gently kissed her, letting Judy taste the juices that were there in abundance.

Judy smiled and said, ” MMMM now it’s your turn, ” as she bent her head down to my breast, licking it as she moved her body down mine. She continued down my stomach in the same manner I had done earlier, softly licking and kissing as she went. I opened my legs and Judy moved in between them. She quickly started on my clit, using the length of her tongue to cover the hard bud and lick up the juices that were covering it. Judy pushed 2 fingers inside my pussy, crossing them and slowly rotating them as she sucked hard on my clit. I came very hard and fast, squeezing my own breasts and pulling on the nipples as my orgasm wracked my body. I didn’t get the chance to come all the way down as Judy continued to suck and lick hard on my clit and rotate the two fingers deep inside my pulsating pussy.

Judy moved up and kissed me hard on the mouth, mingling the juices that where there from earlier. We both lay there for a few minutes basking in the afterglow of what we’d just done. When our breathing had returned to nearly normal, Judy said to me, ” Have you ever tried a Pearl Bird vibrator?” I replied that I hadn’t. Judy smiled and moved across the bed, opened a drawer in the bedside cabinet and withdrew a Blue Pearl Bird. I settled back on the bed and Judy knelt in between my legs. She slid the vibrator slowly inside my pussy; letting the little feather like clit stimulators nestle gently against my clit. Judy eased back onto her heels, took the dual controls and slowly started the vibrator.

She let it run for a minute or so, turning it up to fast and letting it slow down before repeating it. When she was sure that I was used to the sensations, Judy turned the clit stimulator dial causing the little feathers to vibrate against my clit. When they started, I reacted as if I had received an electric shock, my body jolting hard. Judy played with the controls, first having the feathers running fast and the vibrator slowly and then alternating each controls speed. I was being brought to the edge of a strong orgasm then being let down again, back to the brink and down again.

I felt like I was being tortured, the pleasure almost becoming intense pain. Then finally Judy let me cum, turning both controls up full. My orgasm hit hard, it was the most intense feeling I’ve ever had, all of my concentration was centralised on the sensations working hard between my legs. I held and squeezed my breasts hard, pulling the nipples to their full extent, letting the amalgamation of sensations work on my body. The orgasm seemed to stretch for hours before Judy eased the controls down. I lay there, breathing heavily before sitting up and looking at her. “Wow” was all I could say; Judy smiled and said, ” Yes I know, the Pearl Bird is very good at bringing women undone.” After a few minutes, we kissed and hugged each other then slowly we got dressed.

I felt like I was walking on air as I left the house. My very first time making love to a woman had been beautiful. I got into my car and started the hour-long journey home. I had only driven for 5 minutes before I picked up my mobile phone and rang Paul. “I did it babe and it was wonderful, I’ll tell you all about it when I get home. I love you darling.”

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