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Yesterday Once More

Category: Incest
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This is my first try at granddaughter/grandfather. One of my readers suggested it. I hope you like it.

“Get it in gear, Marsha! We don’t want to be late.” Her mother shouted.

“I’m coming. Geez, you’d think this was a big emergency. It’s just grandpa’s birthday.”

“We don’t want to be late. You know how grumpy your grandpa can be. Try not to make him mad this time, okay?”

Dan Thorpe sat in the swing on the back porch. His daughter and grand daughter would be over to help him celebrate his birthday. Celebrate? Hah, that was a laugh. He could see nothing good about turning sixty. He looked at his watch. They were late as usual. Tardiness really annoyed him. He had run a radio station for the last eight years until he retired a year ago. That required split-second timing and no tardiness. He heard his daughter Penny’s car pull into the driveway.

“Grandpa, where are you?” He heard Marsha yell.

“I’m on the back porch,” he yelled back.

She bounded through the house and jumped into his lap. She kissed him on the lips. “Happy birthday grandpa!”

She was a pretty, vivacious young lady. Just two weeks ago they had celebrated her eighteenth birthday. She wriggled around on his lap and he felt his old pecker start to rise. It was poking her in the bottom and there was nothing he could do about it.

His daughter stepped through the back door. “Happy birthday dad. Marsha get off of your grandpa.”

“No, no that’s okay. Stay where you are.” He knew that if Marsha got up Penny would spot his hardon. He wondered if he could cum with her on his lap.

“Daddy I’ve got to go into town for a couple of hours. I’ll be back with your present and your cake. Okay?”

“So now I’m your baby sitter huh?”

“No dad, it’s not like that. It is noon now. I promise I’ll be back by four.”

Penny walked through the house, got in her car and left. Marsha was still sitting on her grandpa’s lap. She was still wiggling.

“Marsha, you’d better get off me and stop that wiggling.”

“Why, grandpa? Don’t you like my birthday present?”

“I haven’t seen my birthday present.”

“That’s because I’m sitting on it!”

“Oh no Marsha baby. We can’t. I’m an old man. You’re a very young, barely legal teenage girl. Please get up!”

“What’s that poking my butt grandpa? I know you really want me. You want to do things to me. I want that too. We have the perfect opportunity. Why pass it up?”

“What do you want with an old geezer like me? Besides, if they caught us, I would go to jail forever. We just can’t.”

Marsha reached between her legs and stroked her grandpa’s nuts. When he groaned she knew she had him. Her lips pressed to his and she French kissed him.

Dan responded to her kiss by sucking on her tongue. She tasted so good. He could feel the heat of her sex on his cock. He knew he shouldn’t. He knew he was going to. His mind drifted back over the years. He was twenty once again. He squeezed the girl in his arms and his hands sought her breasts. He picked her up and carried her inside to his bedroom. He unbuttoned her dress and let it fall beside the bed. He unsnapped her bra and her bare breasts were exposed to his inspection. His hungry eyes took in every square inch of her flesh.

He felt her hands on his zipper. She unzipped him and then turned the top button loose. His pants fell beside the bed. She got to her knees and slowly pulled his boxers from him. His eight inch cock was less than an inch from her hungry red lips. She tenderly kissed the head, licking up a drop of precum from the end. Carefully she sucked him into her mouth. He wasn’t completely hard yet so she swallowed all of him.

His fingers found her nipples and he squeezed them, making them hard. His big hands enveloped her breasts as she sucked him to a full erection. She pushed him over on the bed and slid in beside him. He pulled her panties completely of and flung them to the floor. He caressed her pussy, running a rough old finger up and down her slit.

Remembering the good old days, he kissed his way down to her nipples and sucked fiercely on them. He left a little tongue trail down her body to her navel. She was writhing in earnest when he reamed her navel, sticking his tongue in it and kissing it. His greedy lips slipped down to her mound. She had a light smattering of hair. When he licked her cunt she levitated off the bed and screamed, “Yes, yes, yes!” He found her clit and sucked it in between his lips. While he sucked on it he caressed it tenderly with his tongue.

Marsha was no virgin, but she had never felt anything like this. She recognized the onset of a major orgasm just before it overtook her senses and blotted out everything but the sensations flowing from her pussy.

Dan felt her shudder and knew she was cumming. She screamed and released a river of girl juice into his waiting mouth. He was able to suck it all down.

She was somewhere else and he was some when else as they coasted down from the height of ecstasy and prepared for the real assault to follow.

Memories of other pussies flooded his sex driven brain as he slid up her body and kissed her hard on the lips. “Are you ready darlin’?”

“God, yes! Let’s do it!” she whispered. Spreading her legs, she invited him in.

He mounted her and slowly let his throbbing cock slide into her wet pussy. She grunted when he bottomed out and started to pump into her. He was a driving force between her legs, His cock pistoned in and out of her pussy. Once again she forgot her location. She forgot everything except grandpa’s cock and her pussy. Her labia felt like they might burst as his prick slid past them. He felt the bottom of her pussy with the end of his cock. He was pumping her hard trying desperately to make her cum.

She was determined to make her grandpa cum in her first. She wanted all of his cum as deep into her as she could get it. She felt what little control she had slipping away. Her cunt was throbbing, massaging his cock as she tried to milk him dry. She screamed her release. Her head flopped back and she clung to him as hard as she could. Her legs were wrapped around his ass, pulling him in deeper and deeper. She felt his cum squirting into her cervix. There must have been a gallon of it. He was board-stiff over her, driven as far into her as he could get.

He felt his cock shrink deep within her. He suddenly returned to the present and was almost shocked to see his granddaughter lying under him with his flaccid cock in her. He looked down on her. She smiled up at him. “Happy birthday grandpa!”

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