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You Should Learn to Relax

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Damn, I hate it when nothing goes right. It was one of those days. Nothing I did today seemed to work out the way I planned. I got up this early this morning so I could take a few extra minutes getting ready for work. While putting on my makeup, I discovered that I was out of my favorite eye shadow, the color that really makes my eyes stand out. Then I discovered that the blouse I had planned on wearing was wrinkled, so I had to quickly iron it. And then I ripped my pantyhose.

So those went into the waste can. Then, while at work, I spilled coffee on a very important client, just barely avoiding falling and breaking my neck in the process. Which probably would have been better, because now I’m sitting at my desk, playing number crunch and I can’t get the fucking numbers to add up correctly!

The fact that my grandfather was in his office speaking with said important client did nothing to calm my anxiety. If I leave the office to try to relax, my grandpa might need me to get something for him. If I’m not there, I will surely look like a slacker. But if I stay here one more minute, I’m going to throw this goddamn computer onto the floor.

In a effort to calm myself, I try to recall what got me here in the first place. After graduating from high school, I was able to complete two years of basic courses at a university back in the states. I was force to put my education on hold while I worked to save up money to complete my education. You see, the U.S. apparently has a fucked up system that states if you don’t have a child, are not married, and are not in the service, the school considers that your parents should be able to help you pay for school until you are 24 years old even if you don’t live with them.

I am 23. And I do not live with my parents. In fact, I am here in Germany working at my grandpa’s engineering facility. My parents suggested that I come for a visit to help me relax and see the world. Yeah right. Instead of sitting at my grandfather’s house all day being extremely bored, I decided to do some secretary work at his company. I mean, it’s not like I can go out exploring, I’d get lost in a heartbeat. And I can’t speak the language, so what happens if I want something? Do I point and grunt like a caveman? And screw television. I couldn’t understand it even if I could find a decent program on.

So now here I am. Me, a young, blonde hair, blue eye, 5’8″ woman stuck behind a desk trying not to have an anxiety attack over what business deal I may have caused my grandfather to lose. Just as I start to get up to run to the restroom, the door to my grandfather’s office opens.

“Thank you very much Mr. Riechen. And I promise you, you won’t regret a thing,” I hear grandpa say. All I could do was stiffen my spine and smile weakly as my grandpa led Mr. Riechen out the door. As my grandpa came back in, I was pretending to look at the numbers on my desk. Oh boy, here it comes, I thought. I’m on the next flight back to the United States.

But to my surprise, Grandpa walked around me and put his hands on my shoulders. “Good Lord, Kimmie,” he said, using his nickname for me, “you’re too tense.” With that, he began to massage my shoulders. Relief flooded through my body. I couldn’t help it, I began to cry. After all the crappy things that had happened today, I had planned to have my ass chewed out. But here was Grandpa, being as sweet as can be.

“Hush now,” he said. “We’ll have none of that. Just relax and let me rub your shoulders. Tell me what has you so upset.” So, I did. Everything just came pouring out. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. “Honey, I wish I would have known all that. I would have given you the day off.”

“I know grandpa, but I just wanted to show everyone that I’m not here just because I’m your granddaughter.”

“But that is exactly why you are here. You’re here because I wanted to keep you out of trouble when you got bored at my house. There is nothing wrong with that. I busted my ass to make the company the successful business that it is. And if it helps my granddaughter’s life a little easier, then I have nothing to be ashamed of, and neither do you, you understand?”

“I guess so,” I said, sniffing. “I think I’m just stressed out. I thought my life would be on track by now. I should have graduated from college this past May. Instead, I’m two years behind and I have no clue as to when I’m going back, or even what I will be majoring in.”

“Yeah, that sounds like you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, baby, I’ve watched you grow up. And the one thing that I couldn’t understand was why you always had everything planned out. You had your week planned, your day planned, hell, I even bet you had your hours planned. And when things didn’t go according to plan, you flipped out. Honey, the world doesn’t go according to plan. You can set guides, but you can never make plans. You see, guides just help keep you on path. If you don’t get something done when you expected, who cares. If it’s important enough, you’ll get it done eventually. You should learn to relax.”

During his speech, my head had lolled back from relaxation. My eyes flew open from their drowsy state when my head landed on something hard.

“Oh, uh, sorry sweetheart. Sometimes I get carried away.”

Totally shocked I asked, “Did I do that?”

“Well, sort of. I’m sorry. It’s just been so long and here you are, a young, attractive, intelligent woman and you’re letting me touch you. My body sometimes has a mind of its own.”

So does mine. Now where the hell did that come from? I wondered. I turn my head to the side and proceed to plant a kiss and a lick on grandpa’s dick through his pants.

“Baby doll, what are you doing?”

“I’m sorry, gramps, but no one has ever turned me on like this before. I’m so shy around guys. I just assumed I wasn’t much to look at. But knowing that I turn you on turns me on. Please don’t make me stop.” I looked up with my best pleading eyes.

“Are you sure?”


“Ok, I’ll let you lead then. Anytime you want to hit the brakes, just do so.”

With that said, I motion for Grandpa to sit on the desk in front of me. Then I unzip his pants and proceed to caress his penis through his underwear. I look up at my grandpa’s face and his eyes are fixed on me. So I decide to take out my new toy. “Jesus, Grandpa, it’s huge!” With that said, I attempt to put the whole thing in my mouth.

“No, slow down, baby. Just lick and suck a little, like a lollipop.”

That’s one big ass lollipop! So I do as instructed. But I have a few ideas of my own. After all, I may be a virgin, but I’m sure as hell not stupid. I lick the tip, paying special attention to the hole that contains my prize. I also suckle the underside of the head, where I hear men are sensitive. Slowly but surely, I lick my way down to the balls, this time, paying attention to the tiny “seam” that divides them. Then, back up to the tip.

“Oh, shit, Kimmie. Don’t stop, I’m gonna cum.”

Like a good girl, I close my lips over the head and suck like a baby to a bottle. Soon, I am rewarded with my prize. But it’s too much. So some leaks out of the corners of my mouth. But not bad for my first time, if I do say so myself.

“Oh, Kimmie, I want to pleasure you til you scream. But not here. Not in this environment. I want you in my bed. Come on, let’s go.”

With that, I grab my purse, Grandpa locks up, and we’re headed home.

***************** Back at the house…

“Honey, what do you say to a nice, hot shower?” Grandpa asked.

“Sounds wonderful. Were you planning on joining me?”

“That was the idea.” With that said, we both head to the second floor, where the master bathroom is located inside the master bedroom.

“Remember what I said, you can stop this at any time.”

“Oh Grandpa, I want you so bad. I don’t think I’m ever gonna stop.” With that said, he proceeds to help me out of my blouse. After the buttons are undone, he unclasps the hooks of my bra, and my breasts are finally free.

“Beautiful.” My tits now have grandpa’s mouth attached to them. While nibbling my breasts, grandpa has managed to move my skirt down around my ankles. I step out of the skirt and begin to kick off my high-heels. “No, leave them on while you undress me,” he rasps. I made a mental note to add lacy socks on my list of things to pick up the next time I am at the store. I can actually see myself stripping down to a white pair of lacy socks and black high-heeled shoes. With that thought, warmth flooded my pussy.

I attempted to be very gentle while taking of grandpa’s shirt, but my hands were trembling. I looked up at grandpa and he smile an affirmative at me. So I grabbed both sides of the shirt and proceeded to pull them apart, sending buttons flying. I began rubbing my hands over grandpa’s chest, and traced my fingertips down his happy trail. But when I got to the button of his pants he whispered, “Let me.” I could only assume that he didn’t want me tearing open his pants the way I did his shirt. After all, there was more in his pants that could be damaged.

Finally, we made our way to the shower. (Yes, I took off the high heels.) I enjoyed washing grandpa, and I could tell by his heavy breathing and the way he paid special attention to certain areas of my body that he liked washing me, too. He insisted that he wash my hair, and this only turned me on more. It’s a wonderful feeling to have strong, masculine hands massaging my scalp. If he had kept it up much longer, I would have cum just from the eroticism of having my hair washed.

After rinsing my hair, we both dried off and headed to the bed to continue our play. “It’s my turn now,” he said. “Has a man ever eaten you out before?”

Completely surprised by Grandpa’s language, I could only shake my head.

“Has a woman ever eaten you out?”

“No,” I whispered, no completely turned off by the idea.

“Good, I get to be the first.” Grandpa slowly ran his hands down my body, and spread my legs. After all the tension that had been building up in my body, from the blowjob to the undressing to the shower, I was really excited. That being said, you understand my one lick from my backdoor to my clit had me screaming, “Oh God!” and shaking uncontrollably. There, I had finally had my first orgasm by something ther than my own hand.

“No, not God, but you’ll think I am by the time I’m through with you.”

Grandpa smiled and went back to sucking, licking, kissing, and even nibbling my pussy. After about two more orgasms, I felt a finger begin to invade my pussy. I assumed Grandpa just wanted to stretch me out a little before he attempted to get his big tool inside me. So I wasn’t completely shocked when I felt a second finger enter my pussy. What did surprise me was the two fingers turned and found what I assume was my G-spot. Between that rubbing and the tongue on my clit, I came in a massive orgasm. I was so sensitive that I tried to scoot up the bed to get away from the pleasure. But grandpa insisted on sucking and touching, so finally I just passed out.

I awoke a few minutes later to see Grandpa’s face hovering over me. I couldn’t speak let alone move, so Grandpa just rolled me over on top of him. I fell back asleep.

I woke this time to having my back rubbed while lying on this warm surface. Then I remembered where I was. But I was too embarrassed to look up. “I know you’re awake little one.”

I looked up to see a smug expression on Grandpa’s face. I just smiled.

“Grandpa, I want you cock deep inside me.”

“Well then, get on your knees and guide it in.” So I did. I sat back on my knees and grabbed hold of what was about to fill me up. I put the head against my pussy, and used my weight to force the prick in.

Grandpa could tell that I was tight, so he used his thumb to rub on my clit as I slid down his dick. I think only about one-fourth of the massive dick was in me when my orgasm hit. Since I didn’t have sense enough to impale myself on Grandpa’s dick, Grandpa grabbed my hips to hold me still and shoved upwards. I screamed. It didn’t take long to realize what had happened, and I began to grind on Grandpa.

But I wanted something else. I wanted to kiss the mouth that had brought me to my incredible orgasm earlier. So, still grinding, I leaned over and forced my tongue past Grandpa’s lips. I could actually taste myself and it was wonderful. When I noticed that Grandpa was meeting my downwards movements with upwards thrusts, I reached behind me to rub his balls. This only made him move faster. So I did something that surprised me. I reached to my pussy, gathered my juices on my finger tip, and proceeded to rub Grandpa’s asshole. I had barely pushed the tip in when Grandpa shot off. Right into my womb. Lots and lots of cum I kept up my movements til I was sure Grandpa was dry. Then I laid my head on his chest.

“Thank you, baby. That was wonderful.”

“You’re welcome. When you’ve recovered, we’ll try some more stuff,” I said, thinking of those lacy socks.

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