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Hyper Girl versus Mr Shadow

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The three Henchmen were sat around a wooden table playing cards when justice came calling for them.

They wore rough masks (little more than balaclavas with eye-holes torn in them); workmen’s boots; and plain overalls adorned with a symbol of a long shadow trailing behind a man’s outline. Three handguns and a bottle of whisky lay alongside the pile of money that they played for.

Knock knock.

Two solid knocks came from the door that led out onto an alleyway; a dingy backstreet in downtown Metro City.

All three men snatched up their fire-arms and leveled them at the door. The largest of the three, a hulking brute of a man, advanced cautiously towards the door.

‘Who’s there?’ he called out.

‘Just his…..’ replied a voice.

‘What?’ he shouted, confused. ‘Just his? What does that mean?’

‘What does justice mean?’ the voice asked. ‘Let me show you….’

The door exploded inwards, propelled by an almighty impact — it struck the Big Henchmen, knocking him off his feet. The other two opened fire, shooting frantically at the sheened figure who was striding confidently into the room. As the dull light from the room’s single bare bulb revealed her identity, they lowered their guns, realizing the futility of firing on her.

Hyper Girl, prime super-heroine of Metro City, stood in front of them, hands on hips.

She wore a tight shiny silver leotard, cut high on the hips and low enough at the front to show her cleavage. Her long legs disappeared into sheened black high-heeled boots; she wore gloves of the same fabric. A simple black mask concealed her identity and her white-blonde hair was drawn back in a pony-tail.

A short cloak of the same glossy black material as her gloves and boots hung behind her.

Her ice blue eyes narrowed and her gloss-sheened lips pouted.

‘So,’ she said. ‘You boys want to come quietly or not…..?’

The Big Henchmen groaned and struggled to rise; in a flash, Hyper Girl stamped down hard on the door, slamming him back to the floor. The move incited the other two to rash action. One of them snatched up a chair and swung at her; the other smashed the whisky bottle and started to dart around the table in her direction.

She dodged the first one’s clumsy lunge easily and threw a powerful Kung Fu kick into his midriff, dropping him gasping to the ground; the second one was met by an equally powerful back-hand strike to the jaw. Spitting blood, he fell back, stunned, onto the table.

Hyper Girl pulled the Big Henchmen up by his overall lapels.

‘Where’s your Boss?’ she shouted at him. ‘Where’s Mr. Shadow?’

Still stunned, the brute could only point limply at the metal door set into the wall behind him.

Hyper Girl let him fall back to the floor. She quickly took stock of the three Henchmen; they all looked sufficiently stunned that she judged she could come back for them later. In any case, Mr. Shadow was the real prize here; he’d earned the nickname as a result of his skill at remaining beyond the reaches of the superhero community.

Until now.

Hyper Girl felt a strange excitement about finally taking him down; it wasn’t like he was a major super-criminal, though he had a range of contacts and connections within Metro City’s Underworld. If she was honest, it was more about him — he really annoyed her. In their previous encounters, he’d always managed to belittle her somehow — calling her, ‘super-bimbo’, referring to how skimpy her costume was, making lecherous comments about her breasts and ass.

She fumed as she recalled the insults — how DARE he not respect Metro City’s most powerful super-heroine?!?!?!

The metal door collapsed inwards under her kick as easily as the wooden front door had; she was in no mood for subtlety.

Hyper Girl strode fearlessly into the room and struck her usual pose, hands cockily on her hips.

The room was entirely dark apart from an illuminated dais some fifty feet away, covered with instrumentation and view-screens. A cloaked figure rose slowly from the swivel chair set before them, and turned to face Hyper Girl.

Mr. Shadow stood six feet tall, a black cape draped across his broad shoulders. His entire body was covered in light black armour which disappeared into molded black gloves and boots. The only splash of colour in his appearance was his face; painted (or tattooed?) with an ominous unsettling pattern that seemed to shift with his expressions.

He grinned broadly as if pleased to see Hyper Girl.

She huffed to herself, irritated by his defiance.

‘Its pretty dark in here,’ she said, glancing around casually. ‘Can’t you afford the lighting bill?’

Mr. Shadow chuckled at that.

‘What’s the matter, Hyper Girl — not enough light to show off your Barbie-doll body….?

Hyper Girl gasped despite herself. Godammit, he was bad-mouthing her again!

‘Are you going to come quietly?’ she asked, secretly hoping he wouldn’t give in without a fight.

No,’ Mr. Shadow replied. ‘I think I will come noisily. In you!’

Hyper Girl gasped again.

‘That’s it!’ she snapped, hoping he hadn’t noticed her blushing. ‘I’m taking you in!’

As she strode forward into the darkness, she saw Mr. Shadow gesture with a gloved hand. The light on the dais went out and seconds later a spotlight from above illuminated her in a tight pool of light.

Hyper Girl paused, wary of sudden attack.

Without warning, a gloved hand thrust between her legs, gave a quick squeeze, then withdrew.

Hyper Girl yelped in indignation, too surprised to retaliate.

Ducking out of the pool of light, she found herself spotlighted again moments later. Furiously, she realized that Mr. Shadow intended to use his darkness-manipulation powers to molest her!

As if in confirmation, a hand darted out towards her ass and groped her almost bare right buttock.

Squeaking in surprise, Hyper Girl wheeled and threw a punch, but it hit only darkness.

Behind her, the lights of the dais came back on.

As she spun to look, a gloved hand emerged from the darkness and cupped her left breast, brushing the nipple as it did so. Then it snaked swiftly back. This time though, her booted foot flew after it, connecting with Mr. Shadow’s chest with a satisfying thud.

‘Third time unlucky, scum-bag!’ Hyper Girl said, as her powerful kick sent him flying back onto the dais.

Mr Shadow fought to regain his breath, struggling to his feet.

‘No more tricks, Mr Shadow!’ Hyper Girl warned. ‘Unless you want me to use my heat vision on you!’

Hyper Girl flew up from the floor onto the raised dais, landing right in front of her foe. Feeling much more confident of victory, she returned to her hands-on-hips pose and waited for him to admit defeat.

‘No more tricks, Hyper Girl,’ Mr. Shadow repeated, as he fell back onto the swivel chair. ‘Just a decision for you. A test, if you like, of what lengths you are prepared to go to, to protect the innocent.’

‘What do you mean?’ Hyper Girl asked, irritably.

Mr. Shadow gestured and behind him, the largest view-screen changed to show Metro City’s central plaza; hundreds of people milled around, going about their business.

‘I planted a bomb there,’ Mr Shadow whispered.

Hyper Girl gasped in horror.

‘The detonator is wired into the inside of my glove,’ he continued, raising a closed hand to show her. ‘Not even someone as fast as you could stop me activating it.’

‘You fiend,’ Hyper Girl shouted. ‘You wouldn’t!’

‘Sure I would,’ Mr. Shadow grinned. ‘But you can save all those people. You just have to do everything I say.’

A scuffling noise caught Hyper Girl’s attention; Mr. Shadow’s three Henchmen had recovered and were advancing onto the dais to join them.

‘Everything!’ Mr. Shadow repeated darkly.

Hyper Girl paused to consider for a moment.

‘It seems I don’t have much choice,’ she conceded. ‘What is it that you want?’

‘Your cape, please. Take it off.’

Hyper Girl unclipped her cloak and hesitantly handed it to one of the waiting Henchmen.

‘Now your leotard, please,’ Mr Shadow smiled.

Hyper Girl huffed, then pulled the sheened garment over her head. The Henchman took it eagerly from her.

She was reduced to her underwear now; g-string and push-up bra. She tossed her tousled mane of hair and stared back at the four leering men.

‘I don’t know what you think this is going to achieve,’ she said. ‘None of my powers are dependent upon my costume.’

Mr Shadow grinned broadly. ‘Come now; surely you’re not that naieve…..?’

Hyper Girl glared back at him.

‘Lose the underwear. Do it now,’ Mr Shadow instructed.

Hyper Girl hesitated, then resignedly turned her back to the men and started unhooking her bra, letting it drop to the ground. Then she stepped out of her panties, feeling the lecherous eyes watch her as she did so.

Covering her breasts with her gloved hands, she turned and immediately gasped. Mr Shadow’s cloak had parted and he’d loosened his armour so that his stiff cock stood out from between the folds in the material.

‘Come here,’ he beckoned to her.

The Big Henchman shoved her roughly from behind, so that she stumbled a few steps towards Mr Shadow.

‘Drop your hands,’ he instructed, looming over her.

Glaring defiantly up at him, Hyper Girl reluctantly lowered her hands, exposing her naked breasts. She noticed that one of the Henchmen had now set up a video camera on a tripod. Images of her almost naked form started to appear on all the view-screens.

‘Very nice, ‘Mr Shadow smiled. ‘Now lets put that pouting mouth of yours to good use. Get down on your knees and suck my cock!’

Hyper Girl stared at him in shock. ‘You can’t seriously expect me to…..’

‘Enough!’ Mr Shadow barked roughly. ‘I’ve heard enough platitudes come from that pretty mouth over the years — now you will use it to please me!’

Hyper Girl opened her mouth to protest but Mr Shadow raised a gloved hand ominously.

Reluctantly, she dropped to her knees in front of him.

He took a step closer to her, so that his erection bobbed in front of her face.

‘Open wide, bitch!’ he instructed.

‘Wait I….’ Hyper Girl started, ‘….ulp!’

Mr Shadow ended her sentence by thrusting his cock past her well-glossed lips into her soft wet mouth.

‘Ah yes,’ he moaned. ‘Victory has never felt so good!!!’

Hyper Girl coughed as she struggled to accomodate his thick erection.

‘What’s that, slut? Are you finding my triumph hard to swallow…?’

‘Guh uh uh….’ was all Hyper Girl could answer as he started to thrust rhythmically in her helpless mouth.

‘I’ve pictured this scenario many times before, girl,’ Mr Shadow murmured. ‘You on your knees with my dick in your mouth. But I was unprepared for what a standout cocksucker you are!’

Hyper Girl’s whole body was being rocked backwards and forwards by his powerful thrusting motions now.

‘So tell me, Hyper Girl,’ Mr Shadow said. ‘Since you can fly in space, I assume you don’t need to breath?’

Hyper Girl looked up at him, questioningly.

‘Its just that if you don’t have to breathe, you should be able to deep throat me pretty easily…..’

Chuckling, Mr Shadow reached forward and took a firm grip of Hyper Girl’s pony tail. Then he tilted her head back a little and thrust his hips suddenly forward.

‘Ock! Koff!’ spluttered Hyper Girl as she felt his huge erection slide past the back of her mouth and down into her throat.

She could feel how excited he was, and it wasn’t long before he came, filling her throat with his long blasts of come. He grabbed her head and slammed her face again and again against his crotch, as he emptied his balls into her.

When he finally withdrew from her mouth, Hyper Girl dropped to all fours, and retched in disgust.

‘Uh uh,’ warned Mr Shadow, tilting her face up to look at him. ‘You swallow all that jism down, like a good little whore.’

Hyper Girl did as she was ordered, looking daggers at him as she did.

‘Good girl, you’re learning to take instructions well,’ Mr Shadow smiled. ‘Now get to your feet, I’m not done with you yet…..’

Hyper Girl stood, uncertainly. Mr Shadow was still in front of her and his erection wasn’t at all diminished by his explosive orgasm. His Henchmen were closing in on her from all sides, with plastic binding ties in their hands.

‘Look,’ she said, a little desperately. ‘This doesn’t have to go any further, you could….’

She paused as Mr Shadow placed a gloved finger on her lips.

The three Henchmen had surrounded her now, and reached out for her….

The Big Henchmen grabbed her from behind, lifting her by her armpits; the other two Henchmen took a leg each and lifted, so that she was suspended, legs apart, in front of Mr Shadow.

‘Don’t try to resist,’ he grinned, as his Henchmen brought her towards him.

Moments later, the head of his cock was nuzzling against her pussy lips.

‘Oh God, no wait, don’t, we can uhhhhhhhhh,’ Hyper Girl moaned, as he thrust fully into her.

Meanwhile the two Henchman that had hold of her long legs, drew them around their Boss’s waist, tying her ankles together tightly, behind his back.

Then they set about tying her wrists together behind Mr Shadow’s neck, so that she was hung from him.

‘The bonds — uhhh — aren’t powerful enough to restrain you, Hyper Girl,’ he gasped, ‘But — ahhhhh – they will serve to hold you in place while I fuck you, leaving my hands free to explore your gorgeous body.’

As if to demonstrate this, one of his hands groped her ass while the other squeezed a breast.

‘Ah, so good!’ he groaned. ‘I’ve wanted to fuck you for years, you hot little slut, and now all my planning has come to fruition!’

His gloved hand squeezed either side of her mouth, forcing her lips into a pout; he then kissed her roughly, darting his tongue in.

Hyper Girl pulled her head away from him, as far as she was able. Glacing around, she saw that the three watching Henchmen had discarded their overalls and stood naked, apart from their boots and hoods, their thick oiled erections jutting out in front of them.

‘Oh my God,’ thought Hyper Girl. ‘They’re going to take turns with me!’

But the villains had far worse plans for her than that!

Without breaking his relentless stroke, Mr Shadow beckoned to the Big Henchman. Seconds later, Hyper Girl felt his strong hands clasp her shoulders, his muscular chest press against her back and his thick cock brush against her ass.

‘No! NO!’ she gasped, realising what he intended to do.

‘Yeah baby,’ he whispered roughly in her ear. ‘Relax and enjoy it!’

His huge hands cupped a buttock each, parting them so that his oiled cock could probe between them, finally pressing against her asshole. Hyper Girl yelped as the head popped into her rectum, then groaned as he thrust his full length into her, up to the balls.

The Big Henchman groaned too, and grabbed her hips as he started to thrust into her ass violently, urged on by cheers from the other two Henchmen.

‘Ah God, she’s tight as a vice back here!’ he gasped.

Overwhelmed by the sensation of two cocks thrusting into her simultaneously, Hyper Girl tried to use her flying powers to lift herself so that they wouldn’t penetrate her so deeply. But strong hands always pulled her back down so that she could enjoy the full length of their swollen dicks.

Hyper Girl was sandwiched between the two men now, her voluptuous breasts bouncing as they ravished her.

Mr Shadow chuckled softly at her wide-eyed expression, as his tongue flickered across her sweat-moistened exposed neck.

‘What’s the matter, Super Slut?’ he panted. ‘You never been two-wayed like this before? No need to stop at two, either…..’

He beckoned to the other two Henchmen who had been watching from either side, jerking off as they did so. They came eagerly forward and untied Hyper Girl’s wrists, so that she slumped back against the Big Henchman behind her; he gratefully accepted her weight against him, taking the opportunity to grope big handfuls of her pert breasts, rolling and tweaking her nipples until they stood out stiffly.

The two other Henchmen grabbed hold of her arms, pulling them towards them, then closing her gloved hands around their upright cocks.

‘You know what to do,’ Mr Shadow instructed her.

Reluctantly, Hyper Girl took a firm grip and started to jerk the pair off.

Soon the air was filled with the ecstatic grunts of groans of the four men; male sweat started to drench her as she helplessly pleasured them with her captive body.

Mr Shadow’s thrusting became more ardent and he grabbed Hyper Girl’s face as his hips rolled uncontrollaby against her.

‘Ah God,’ he gasped, ‘You hot little bitch, I’m going to come in you!’

Pulling her face to him, he kissed her resistant lips roughly, as his thick dick exploded in her pussy.

Simultaneously she felt the Big Henchman behind her accelerate his thrusting, his panting breathing wet in her ear, as she felt his huge cock strain and pulse, pumping come into her ass.

Moments later, the other two Henchmen came, too, spurting thick arcs of creamy cum that spattered across her face, hair, and shoulders and trickled down over her naked breasts.

She let their spent cocks fall from her hands and the Henchmen staggered back a few steps.

Mr Shadow pulled out of her, and sank back into his chair, satisfied.

The Big Henchmen behind her remained erect and the presence of his thick cock, still upright in her ass, kept her stood uncomfortably on tip-toes.

‘Let the lady down,’ Mr Shadow ordered and the hulking brute sniggered, and withdrew his cock. Hyper Girl stumbled forward a few steps. The spunk was starting to run down her legs now. She stood upright and glared around defiantly at the four men, who were all breathing hard from their exertions.

‘I hope you enjoyed that,’ she said. ‘Because you’ve just added sexual assault to the list of crimes you’ve commited.’

‘From what I just saw, its you who’s the expert on going down, bitch’ joked one of the Henchman.

‘Laugh it up, vermin,’ Hyper Girl spat. ‘But the jokes on you!’

Mr Shadow reached behind him and pulled a towel from a drawer. He threw it Hyper Girl with a smile.

‘Please explain,’ he invited, cockily.

Hyper Girl started to wipe herself down with the towel.

‘All the while you four villains were abusing me, I was using my super-powers to emit powerful microwaves.’

She glared directly at Mr Shadow.

‘So considering you had your filthy hands all over my body, you can be sure that any circuitry you had built into your gloves is completely destroyed by now!’

‘There was no circuitry and no bomb,’ Mr Shadow laughed softly. ‘All a terrible lie, I’m afraid, just so we could have fun with you.’

Hyper Girl tried to hide her shocked reaction by concentrating on wrapping the towel around her chest.

‘It doesn’t matter,’ she lied. ‘You four are going to pay for your crimes, I’ll see to that.’

‘Well now, don’t go rushing into any decisions,’ Mr Shadow said, pointing at the video camera. ‘Consider the, ‘film’ the five of us have just made together….’

Hyper Girl stared hatefully at the camera.

‘A record of it has already been transmitted to a safe location, known only to me — it could be released onto the internet really easily. Now, how seriously do you think you’d be taken if that footage of you being our shag-toy became public? If every lowlife and criminal in Metro City got to watch you being group-fucked by my men and me? Imagine all your friends in the police department wathcing you get fucked hard in the pussy and the ass! Face it, this would be big news. Maybe big enough for Tara Richards to do a special report on it, huh? But maybe it doesn’t have to be that way….’

Hyper Girl’s eyes narrowed at the mention of her secret identity; Tara Richards, the City’s most famous television anchor-woman. Could Mr. Shadow know who she really was?

But no; the Shadow and his goons had been so intent on fucking her that they hadn’t bothered to remove her mask. Her secret was still safe!

But now she had to make a decision about a different sort of secret.

‘What do you mean?’ she asked.

‘I’ll make you a deal, Hyper Girl. You let me go and I’ll make sure no one ever sees the footage. No one apart from me, that is, heh heh heh….’

Hyper Girl laughed derisively. ‘As if I could trust you!’ she spat.

‘You would have my word as a member of the League of SuperVillains,’ Mr Shadow replied.

Hyper Girl paused. Despite his being a criminal, she knew that Mr Shadow couldn’t break his word as a member of the League of SuperVillains; if he did, the other members would hunt him down.

‘What about your Henchmen?’ she asked. ‘What’s to stop them talking?’

‘Who’d believe them if there was no proof?’ Mr Shadow replied. ‘Three Henchmen bragging about how they’d screwed Hyper Girl? No one would believe them. Besides, Henchmen are expendable — I’m not negotiating to have you let them go, just myself…..’

The three Henchmen had been stood around, watching the conversation between their boss and his arch-enemy with leering amusement. As these last words slowly registered, their expressions started to droop like their erections.

‘Now waitaminnit, Boss…’ the Big One started to protest. Hyper Girl turned sharply to face him, glaring up at the looming Henchmen. Moments later she lashed out with a booted leg and kicked him hard between the legs.

She stepped casually aside to allow the man to drop like a felled tree.

‘Next time you want to fuck me, you better buy me dinner first,’ Hyper Girl quipped, as she stood over the groaning Henchman.

Two further sharp kicks to the groin dropped the other two Henchmen.

‘Not so cock-sure of yourselves now, are you?’ she spat at their writhing forms.

With that, she snatched up her panties from the floor and started pulling them on.

Mr Shadow rose uncertainly from his chair; he had carefully replaced the armour on his groin, just in case…..

‘So do we have a deal, Hyper Girl?’ he asked tentatively.

‘Just get out!’ she screamed at him, doing up her bra at the back.

‘I owe you dinner sometime,’ Mr Shadow laughed, as he vanished into the darkness.

Hyper Girl screeched in anger and threw the swivel chair in the direction he had gone.

When she looked back at the view-screens, they mocked her with various images of her ravishing at the hands of her enemies.

Pulling her leotard over her head in grim fury, she swore to get her own back on Mr Shadow.

The next time she was determined, she WOULD get him!!!!

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