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Almost Magical

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“-Do you trust me?” Moira asked.

The sun was setting over the southern Ireland countryside, sending long, soft shadows from to tree to hedgerow and slowly turning the sky red. They sat on Moira’s couch in her quiet cottage. She had her arm around the younger woman’s shoulders. Sinead’s school books lay scattered on the coffee table.

It was a long moment before Sinead answered with a barely discernible nod.

“I want you to turn around,” Moira told her softly, and guided Sinead when she began to move. “-That’s right, lean against me. Try to relax.”

She turned a little to the side so that Sinead could lean against her and sensed the younger woman’s cautious anxiety.

“-There’s nothing to worry about,” she told her gently. “I’m just going to show you what I mean, okay?”

The setting sun through the open window bathed the two of them in it’s soft, warm light as Moira reached around Sinead and began to unbutton the younger woman’s blouse.

“You’re too tense,” she told her. “There’s nothing to worry about, you won’t be struck down, or turned to stone…”

Moira held her breath as she carefully unfastened the last button and slowly opened the front of Sinead’s school blouse. She knew it was the first time for Sinead who was eighteen and had been raised to believe this sort of thing was wrong. The first time another person had opened her blouse or admired the firm swellings of her young breasts snugly supported in her pretty, white lace bra.

Soft, evening shadows stole from the corners of the room as if to add privacy to what they were doing.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Moira whispered. She rubbed her cheek gently against Sinead’s head. A blackbird began to sing, sweetly and far away in her garden.

“-Give me your hands,” she told her. “Now close your eyes, don’t think about anything.”

She took Sinead’s hands in her own and squeezed them gently when she felt how they trembled.

“It’s okay, I promise. Let your arms relax. I’ll move them for you. There’s nothing to be afraid of, you’ll see.”

Moira saw their reflections in her dark TV. Sinead, still in her school uniform leaning back against her, the younger woman’s bra pale in the fading light. She looked at her own reflection. Did she know what she was doing? She thought she did. It felt right, she was helping, that’s all.

She couldn’t see the expression on Sinead’s face but she could hear her breathing, feel her warmth and the light, comfortable pressure of her back against her breasts.

“They told me it was wrong as well,” she whispered. “But it helps, it really does. It’s the best stress-buster in the world.”

Now she moved Sinead’s hands, placing them gently on the plaits of her short skirt where it covered her legs. She began to move them slowly up and down. Sinead’s fingers were splayed, the younger woman’s hands were slightly smaller than her own.

Moira had smiled when she’d explained her own tried and trusted method for taking some of the bumps out of the road. It was a delicate subject but Sinead had been stressed about her approaching exams so Moira had cautiously told her that sex took the nervous edge off her own emotions better than anything a doctor might prescribe. She’d smiled at Sinead’s puzzled expression, her innocent observation that Moira was single, then the way she’d blushed furiously when Moira had gently informed her that a woman didn’t necessarily need a man to satisfy her needs.

“-Put one leg on the couch,” she told her, continuing to guide Sinead’s hands. She moved her cheek against the younger woman’s head, watching over her shoulder as she hesitantly raised one leg.

“Remember there’s no rush. It’s better if you take your time,” she instructed, still moving Sinead’s hands, watching now as her skirt began to rise with the gentle up and down movements of their hands.

The shadows had continued to move stealthily closer as the light slowly left the sky and now Moira felt the darkness settle softly around them. She took her time, wanting Sinead’s first experience to be the best ever. She was watching when the younger woman’s skirt finally rose far enough to show the pale white glow of her panties in the deeper private shadows between her legs.

It hadn’t taken much to persuade Sinead to let Moira show her what to do. Moira had been moved that in this day and age there were still young women who believed it was somehow wrong to touch and explore their own bodies. Now she continued to use their hands together, slowly lifting Sinead’s skirt still higher, occasionally guiding her hands towards her inner thighs. She wished she was experiencing it again herself for the first time, those first, exciting tentative touches, but then she realised that somehow every time felt like the first time.

“-I don’t know how this works exactly,” she told Sinead as she looked down and watched what their hands were doing, “-but it does. It releases something wonderful… it’s spiritual, almost magical…”

She began to move the younger woman’s hands towards her breasts, taking her time, aware that Sinead might still be uncomfortable, might still doubt some of the things she’d told her.

“The sense of relief afterwards… release and relief…. It helps in all kinds of nice ways. That’s it, both hands,” she whispered, encouraging her, sensing her misgivings, and then cupping both their hands over Sinead’s breasts when the younger woman allowed her to do so.

“Close your eyes,” she soothed her. “Do you see how nice that feels?”

She heard and felt Sinead draw a deep, shuddering breath as she guided her hands, gently massaging and caressing her breasts. The dark TV screen now reflected only the barest glimmer of her white bra. Moira manipulated Sinead’s slim fingers, encouraging her to experiment and experience by squeezing her own breasts, lifting them, using her palms to stimulate her nipples, aware of the delightful sensations such caresses created.

“Here,” she said, “Feel that?” She helped Sinead to find her nipples when they hardened, held her hands as the younger woman gently and hesitantly pinched them herself for the first time.

“Now try it like this,” she whispered and gently eased down the lace cups of her bra and again taking both of Sinead’s hands into her own she showed her how good it could feel with her breasts bare and her nipples hard.


Sinead nodded gently. Moira could hear her breathing and wondered if she too was watching what their hands were doing. Looking down and seeing herself manipulated and caressed by an older, more experienced woman. There was still enough light to see Sinead’s full, pale breasts, their hands moving over them together, lifting and gently squeezing, and to admire the darker shapes of her erect nipples.

Sinead moaned softly as Moira guided both hands lower, leaving her breasts neglected, but moving her hands slowly down her body towards her pussy.

“-I can’t..” Sinead whispered suddenly. She sounded afraid and stiffened her arms, briefly preventing Moira from continuing.

“You can,” Moira answered patiently. “We can, together. I’ll show you.”

Looking down over Sinead’s shoulder she could see the rapid rise and fall of her chest, the well defined shapes of her aroused nipples, the pale white glimmer of her panties.

“You’re ready now. Trust me, don’t be afraid…”

Sinead’s arms relaxed slowly by degrees and Moira continued to guide them down her body.

Moira had wondered briefly about her own motivation, was it simply a desire to help, to pass on her knowledge? Part of it was almost certainly the excitement she felt now as this sexy, slightly naive young woman allowed her to continue.

A low, almost reluctant moan began in Sinead’s throat as Moira moved their hands between the younger woman’s legs. It reached a peak when she pressed the young woman’s hands to her pussy and held them there. It ended in a loud, wrenching groan that was forced from her lips as the younger woman suddenly convulsed and jerked back against Moira, raising both legs and squirming against the unfamiliar touch of hands between her legs.

“-That’s it, Sinead,” Moira breathed excitedly. She used her own hands to move Sinead’s over her pussy as the young woman convulsed again.

“-Oh Godddddd..” Sinead groaned, raising her legs again, stiffening against Moira, every muscle taut and strained.

Moira knew how good it must feel. She climaxed quietly herself, feeling her own excitement peak as she encouraged Sinead to continue to touch herself.

“-That’s it, again,” she whispered, delighted as Sinead opened her legs wider. She felt her hands trembling beneath her own as she helped her rub her pussy through her panties.

Sinead was breathing faster now, panting. Her hips began to thrust vigourously up and down.

“Oh God, oh God, oh Goddddddddd…” she gasped, sounding first apprehensive then convulsing violently, lifting her legs, pushing back against Moira.

A loud, “-Uunnhh,” sound escaped her as she leaned back, gasping for breath, and Moira took both their hands from between her legs and wrapped them around her, holding Sinead close and letting her recover.

“-Didn’t I tell you? Didn’t I tell you?” she whispered, elated now, holding the younger woman close in the shadows, feeling her tremble against her.

Now the sun was gone down the scent of the night flowering flocks in the border below the open window sweetly perfumed the warm air. Mixed with it was the equally intoxicating scent that rose from the young womans aroused body. The hint of her faded perfume, the smell of her sex.

Sinead shivered and said nothing, she was still breathing fast. Moira heard her catch her breath as she swallowed. Their arms were folded over Sinead’s naked breasts.

“I told you, didn’t I?” Moira whispered happily. “Nothing to worry about, nothing to fear. Do you believe me now?”

Sinead nodded gently. She leaned comfortably against Moira, her breathing finally slowing.

“Do you feel better?” Moira asked.

“I’m not sure how I feel,” Sinead answered softly.

They sat not moving and Moira looked out of the window at the first stars as they appeared. Sinead continued to lean comfortably against her, relaxed and peaceful.

Moira loved the silence of the night in the rolling southern countryside, the sense of peace, the solitude. She felt the breath of a cool breeze on her forehead.

“I could show you more,” she offered. She rubbed her chin affectionately against Sinead’s shoulder and waited to hear if she’d answer. A nervous knot of tension had suddenly formed in Moira’s stomach.

Finally Sinead whispered, almost too low to hear, “I want you too.”

“Will you take your panties off?” Moira asked and waited again. This wasn’t what she had intended, it went much further than what she’d meant to do, but she found that she didn’t want to think about where it might eventually lead.

She was suddenly acutely aware of the silence inside and out, an almost breathless pause, as if everything waited for Sinead’s reply.

The silence seemed to last and last and then Sinead hesitantly replied, her soft voice little more than a whisper, “I will.. if you want me to.”

She reached down slowly and there was still just enough light for Moira to see her lift her bottom and take her panties down. It only took a moment but Moira was sure there had never been a more significant change in the relationship between two people than took place then in such a short heartbeat of time.

“Sit back, lean on me, the same as last time,” Moira instructed, feeling her own heart thumping with renewed anticipation as Sinead settled against her again.

She watched, fascinated and aroused as Sinead cautiously opened her legs. She could see the thin, dark line of her pubic hair against her pale skin. This was trust, she understood. It made her feel special and it made her feel dirty as well.

-Why was she doing this? Because she could, because she wanted to. She was turned on because Sinead was allowing her to do it.

She moved the younger woman’s hands again as the last light of the day faded behind the hills. Sinead was trembling.

“It’s okay,” she told her. “I promise.”

She guided Sinead’s hands again, moving them up and down her soft inner thighs, and over her stomach, across her mound. Sinead opened her legs still wider. She was breathing faster, trembling as if an electric current passed through her. Her growing excitement communicated itself to Moira and increased her own arousal beyond anything she’d known before.

Sinead gasped, a sudden, sharp intake of breath as Moira guided one hand between her legs. She moved it lightly over the younger woman’s pussy, wanting her to feel the excitement of her own wetness, the heat concentrated there.

“Yes,” Moira whispered. “Do you feel it building inside?”

Sinead began to tremble more violently as Moira found one of the younger woman’s fingers and guided it along her flooded opening. Her hips jerked and she gasped again.

“Here, this is where you want it…” she said, and helped Sinead to find the stiff nub of her clitoris. Moira moved Sinead’s finger gently there, letting her discover it for herself.

Sinead began to moan. She pushed back against Moira and raised her knees. She was gasping for breath and Moira kept their hands where they were, encouraging her to bring herself off. Sinead’s hips began to thrust violently. Her cries became a mixture of pleasure and pain, a rising, increasingly urgent cry for release. When it came her hips jerked and she threw back her head and raised both knees.

Now Moira moved their hands lower. She took Sinead’s finger and guided it into her opening and encouraged her to fuck herself.

“-Two..” she whispered, as Sinead thrashed and bucked against her. She held Sinead’s thrusting hand and worked it faster and faster in her pussy.

“Keep going,” Moira urged her, showing her how to finger fuck herself faster and faster. Both their movements becoming more urgent and desperate.

Moira climaxed again at what they were doing, at the slick, wet sounds Sinead’s rapidly thrusting fingers made, at the younger woman’s excitement and passion. She knew how it would feel that first, special time. The rolling waves of pleasure that consumed every thought to the exclusion of all else.

She climaxed again as she witnessed Sinead’s crashing orgasm. She continued to work the younger woman’s hand knowing that she would be carried along feeling nothing but the intense, exploding pleasure of release. And she watched and slowed their movements when she knew the moment was passing, and brought her down slowly as smaller aftershocks continued to grip her. Slowly, more sensuously, now the urgent need was gone. Slowly, gently, working the younger woman’s fingers in and out. Slowly, one final, delicious, appeasing thrust.

“It’s done,” Moira soothed her, as Sinead still gasping for breath, slumped against her.

She brushed the hair from her hot face. She rubbed her cheek against the side of her head and held her.

Sinead drew her legs comfortably together and her hands lay curled in her lap as Moira gently cupped the younger woman’s breast. It felt nice in her hand. She could feel her still hard nipple, feel the gradually slowing rise and fall of her chest.

They didn’t speak. Moira looked out of the window at the moon as it rose.

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