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A Valuable Lesson Learned

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Becky was sitting on the edge of the dresser with her arms folded in front and a scowl on her face.

“I don’t understand why you won’t go. You love Buckingham’s Ale House. She said in a pleading tone.

“I’m just not up for it, that’s all, I’m…ah, little under the weather.” I said very weakly.

Buckingham’s represented an old way of life that no longer existed for me.

Becky’s face wore a mask of suspicion.

“When are you going to tell me what’s wrong? You’ve been acting weird since you broke up with Will last summer.”

Nothing was wrong. Becky was the one person who was capable of comprehending the changes but her acceptance of the changes inside of me was the dilemma I faced.

“Debra, I’ve known you since elementary school and your behavior is completely out of character.” She remarked.

The look of concern on Becky’s face brought tears to my eyes. She, more than anyone else, deserved an explanation.

“All right, but I need something to drink.” I said in a sad tone.

Becky grabbed two beers from the fridge, a bottle of “Jack Daniels” and two shot glasses. I drank three shots consecutively and drained almost the entire bottle of beer as a chaser.

“It’s that bad?” Becky remarked to no one in particular.

“It depends on how you define ‘bad’.” I said mysteriously.

The soothing effects of the alcohol were bolstering my courage and with Becky’s attention focused on me, I started my tale of discovery.

When I finished, Becky regarded me with a mixture of pity and revulsion. She wanted the old Debra back and that person was gone.

“My Comeuppance: A Valuable Lesson Learned”

Will and I had been dating for two years when I noticed some changes in our relationship. The list is commonplace among couples who are having difficulty in their marriage or relationship: He was working later than usual, not as romantic, emotionally distant, sex was less frequent and more perfunctory; well, you get the picture.

The fact that we were both twenty something attorneys employed at the same firm, made the situation even more unbearable. Every time I asked him if there was a problem, he would clam up.

I was determined to find the cause for the awful strain in our relationship and when I started thinking like an attorney, I slowly put the pieces of the puzzle together.

On a time line, I charted the approximate dates when the changes occurred and low and behold they all transpired after the hiring of his new legal assistant.

Andrea was a very pretty blonde with a “California Girl” look that had most of the male associates salivating. She was lean and hard bodied with smoldering green eyes. I suspected she was interested in Will but I naively thought we had a strong relationship.

One Saturday in June, Will informed me that he was planning a golf vacation with some college buddies over the 4th of July holiday weekend. With the steady decline in our relationship, I knew it was a lie.

“Are you taking Andrea?” I questioned with bitterness in my voice.

Will tried his best in a lawyerly and argumentative way of convincing me otherwise but I was no fool.

“Get the fuck out of my apartment, You lying, cheating, bastard!” I screamed into his face.

With the fury of a woman scorned, I tossed Will and his belongings out of my apartment. However, when my rage dissipated, I was heartbroken. Only a few months prior, we discussed marriage and decided that Christmas was the ideal time to get engaged.

The first week of Will’s absence in my life, I walked around my apartment crying at the slightest reminder of his presence. At the firm, I had to maintain a professional attitude but if I saw him in the hallways, I would lock my office door and weep at my desk. My legal assistant, Trish, was sympathetic and tried to comfort me.

Trish was one of the few legal assistants who could tolerate working with me. My overbearing demeanor and abusive treatment of the assistants and secretaries had most of them running for the exits in less than a week.

When I returned to work after the long July 4th holiday weekend, I discovered that Will and Andrea’s brief affair was over. My mood went from bad to worse and Trish insisted that I go for drinks with her after work on Friday.

Trish wanted to go to a bar downtown but I’ve always been partial to Buckingham’s Ale House. Will was a wine drinker and favored the wine bars near the law firm while I was a confirmed consumer of beer.

With Trish as the designated driver, I downed several pints of draft beer and a couple of shots hoping it would dull my emotional pain. My head was buzzing from the alcohol when I heard Trish gasp out loud.

“Don’t look! But, Andrea just walked in.” Trish announced in a whisper.

Ignoring Trish, I turned around and saw Andrea at the opposite end of the bar accompanied by a woman who resembled her very closely. I was already “half in the bag” and just the sight of Andrea made my blood curdle with rage.

Trish knew I was seething inside.

“Just ignore her” Trish implored.

But, my anger was building with each gulp of beer. With my wounded pride and bloated ego, a confrontation was inevitable. I failed to recall an ages old proverb: “Pride goeth before a fall” and disregarded Trish’s sound advice.

Trish grabbed my arm but I pulled free and strolled in a cocky manner to where Andrea was standing. I stood and glared at her smug face.

“I’m done with the wimp, want him back?” Andrea said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

What a bitch! She steals my boyfriend and is giving me attitude. My lower class upbringing and three older brothers turned me into a scrapper. Thankfully, an intelligent mind, excellent grades and parochial schools were my ticket to a better life. I struggled to pay my law school tuition but graduated with honors.

Unfortunately, I was incapable of understading that my “struggle” to succeed had turned me into a pompous jerk. My arrogant attitude blinded my ability to think clearly and I thought of Andrea as some kind of evil seductress that Will was powerless to resist.

At work I treated most the support staff with haughty indifference and Andrea was no exception. I rarely socialized with them unless it was at a company sponsored function.

In addition, my high school and college athletics background bolstered an over confidence in my physical abilities. With my self righteous indignation and egocentric manner, I was a prime candidate for being taught a lesson. Luckily, I chose the right person for my comeuppance.

“You and me, outside, RIGHT NOW!” I bellowed in frustration.

“Wait! I have to ask; what did you see in him? And, for the record counselor, he pursued me.” She declared in a mocking voice.

Despite my confrontational stance and angry glare, Andrea seemed unfazed. I refused to say anything more and Andrea regarded me with a look of disdain.

“I would love to go outside and beat your sorry ass to a pulp but I have a rule; I don’t fight drunks, besides, I prefer you were sober. The beating you receive will hurt a whole lot more.”

I started calling Andrea names like coward, chicken shit, etc. but she never lost her cool. She was writing something on a cocktail napkin and handing it to me.

“That’s my address, be there tomorrow at 3pm. Oh, and make sure you’re dressed for a fight.” She said with derision in her voice.

“You can bring a second but I’m an honorable person and I assure you it will be a fair match. But, in the event you’re a no show, I’ll tell everyone in the office you chickened out.” She declared in a loud mocking tone.

I guaranteed Andrea I would be there and stormed out.

Trish pleaded with me not to fight Andrea on her home turf but I was too stubborn to listen. When she realized I was incapable of changing my decision, she wanted to go as my second. I flatly refused.

“This is my fight and I can handle myself. Anyway, Andrea’s the one who should be worried.” I pledged with over confidence.

Promptly at 3pm, I rang the doorbell of Andrea’s townhouse. Although my anger had barely subsided, my first thought was how she could afford this nice townhouse on a legal assistant’s salary.

Her “sister” opened the door and led me to the basement converted into a first rate gym with mats, equipment and mirrors lining one wall. Andrea was standing on the mats that occupied one half of the room and I could see her attitude was unchanged. Dressed in a sports bra, shorts and sneaks, she started barking instructions.

“Everything is fair except, no hitting below the belt and there’s no time limit. Last one standing is the winner and, that will be me.” She exclaimed with confidence.

“It’s not too late to back out.” She said in a voice full of warning.

“Bring it on!” I yelled.

We were the only two people in the room and I lunged for Andrea’s legs hoping to catch her off guard. As I was moving forward, her hand grasped the back of my head and using my momentum, she threw me to the mat.

Andrea pounced on me like a lioness chasing a wildebeest. She put me in a couple of wrestling holds but I escaped and wildly swung at her trying to connect. She countered with a flurry of hard punches to my gut.

Like an idiot, I dropped my guard and a punch clipped me on the chin. With my gut and chin hurting, I fell to my knees. Shit! This was not what I expected and then I remembered the advice of my college track coach:

“Never underestimate your opponent”

From my kneeing position, I fell to my side and Andrea was on top of me again. With her arms and legs, she wrapped me up and squeezed my body into different and painful shapes. Trying to free myself, I fought with every fiber of my being but Andrea’s strength was superior. I was sweating profusely from my struggle and as my resolve steadily weakened, I realized my defeat was imminent. She used the opportunity to inflict more pain and my body went limp in her suffocating embrace.

Although we seemed to be of equal height and weight, I was no match for Andrea’s skills and hard muscles. I made one last valiant attempt to escape but my remaining strength evaporated after a few minutes.

As I lay flat on my back, Andrea assumed a sitting position on my chest and looked down at me with a smug look of triumph on her pretty face. She was in no hurry and continued my torture by lightly slapping my face and calling me a baby in a sing song voice.

“Debra is a baby.” she kept repeating.

“Please stop” I begged her and the tears came fast and furious running down my cheeks in little rivulets. I didn’t cry very long because a strange phenomenon occurred.

Andrea was in total control of my body and in spite of the searing pain she had inflicted, I was enjoying the sensation. Not only was I enjoying her domination, but I was sexually aroused. My pussy was dripping wet from the excitement.

Andrea saw my passive look and moved her butt over my face. As she spread her shorts covered ass cheeks and sat on my face, I nearly moaned out loud. The act was meant to further my humiliation but the earthy smell of her sweaty butt inflamed my lust. With my hands temporarily freed, I massaged her firm derriere as it rode my face.

“Fuck!” She exclaimed and increased the tempo.

As I squeezed the firm globes, she shifted her butt until her pussy was against my face. With my obstructed view, I was able to see that her face was alive with a look of exhilaration.

“You pathetic slut! You want me!” she exulted and ground her pussy mercilessly on my nose and mouth.

With Andrea’s butt filling my world, she stripped me until I was naked. The crotch of her shorts was damp and the odor of sweat and something very pungent but familiar filled my nostrils.

I took another peek upward and Andrea removed her sports bra revealing her small but very firm tits sticking straight out from her chest. Her upper body was lean but visibly muscled and her lats flared out then tapered into a “V” ending at the waist. Even with the outstanding musculature, she radiated femininity.

As my hands pulled the waistband of Andrea’s shorts and panties downward, she moved to one side and her bald and pouty pussy came into view. She shook the shorts off her legs and knelt over my reclining form; poised for the inevitable.

As Andrea lowered her moist slit, I clutched her sexy ass cheeks and drew the sopping flesh to my mouth. I had no prior sexual experience with women, so I simply did what I liked done to me.

My tongue lashed every centimeter of her sodden gash and she squealed with delight when I probed her slimy hole. With the rational/thinking side of my brain overpowered by my baser animal urges, I found her muscular ass irresistible and lightly fingered her butt hole.

“Fuck!” She yelped out loud and in one swift motion drove her puckered hole onto my tongue.

With unabashed hunger, I ate her ass and fondled her drenched pussy. When my lust for her bung hole was sated, I thrust a goo covered finger into the orifice.

Oh! Fuck! Oh! Oh! Fuck! She yelled in great panting breaths.

I greedily sucked Andrea’s tangy pussy, thrilled by the tart but enormously satisfying flavor. Although I enjoyed the taste of cock and semen, Andrea’s savory pussy was far more gratifying.

With my attention focused on the turgid and dripping flesh affixed to my gaping maw, Andrea howled with orgasmic fervor;

“Fuck! I’m comingggg! Oh Fuck!”

With Andrea’s ass thrusting rhythmically and in unison with my sticky face, her body shuddered and quaked for a minute or better. As she slowly regained her senses, I was engulfed with embarrassment and shame. She had beaten me soundly and I reacted like a depraved slut. At that moment, I felt like the lowest piece of gutter trash on earth.

When she stood up, I kept my eyes averted and rolled on my side away from her. I got up and went after my clothes. Andrea grabbed my panties from the pile.

“Can I please have my panties?” I begged.

“Oh No! You have to EARN my respect before I give them back.” She declared with fervor.

With her hands on her hips, Andrea’s naked body assumed a defiant stance. I was standing with my head down and asked her again.

“Not a chance!” She barked right in my downcast face.

I retrieved my coat and learned that Andrea wasn’t done with me just yet.

“I expect to see your pitiful ass here next Saturday at exactly the same time and your attendance next Saturday will guarantee my silence at the office. You need to be taught a lesson and I’m just the person to do it. Understand! ” She declared with authority.

All I could do was nod my frightfully messy head in submissive agreement.

I have no memory of driving home but I do remember masturbating like a mad woman in the shower. In fact, every time I thought about the experience my pussy quivered and creamed until I rubbed my clit to orgasm for relief.

My entire world was turned upside down and inside out. When I wasn’t frigging myself like an oversexed tramp, I assumed a fetal position on my bed and tried in vain to make sense out of the situation. But, I felt like a gutted fish with the innards cut out and left for the seagulls.

All the over confidence, haughty characteristics and pompous attitude I had painstakingly built up and nurtured from my earliest years were greatly diminished and barely flickered in my psyche.

On Monday at work, I hid in my office until my boss requested my presence in the conference room. When Trish saw me, she didn’t bother to ask because the outcome was written all over my face.

Mr. Brantford informed me that Andrea would be temporarily assigned to my unit to assist in an upcoming and very important lawsuit. Apparently, Will was very eager to offer Andrea’s services when the staff was asked en masse for volunteers.

Glumly, I walked like a zombie back to my office and saw Andrea moving her files to an empty desk in my unit. Like a timid mouse, I hid in my office until I my intercom came alive with the sound of Andrea’s voice asking what file she should concentrate on first.

As the week progressed, I slowly gained some self control and developed a good working relationship with Andrea. Her pleasant demeanor and positive attitude toward me were a welcome relief. Not once during the entire week did she intimate to me that anything of importance transpired last Saturday. Her professional conduct in the work place impressed me.

Trish was relieved to see that the new arrangement was working smoothly. However, after working hours, my anxiety, fears and nervous emotional state resurfaced. Although I was dreading Saturday afternoon at Andrea’s, I was thrilled by the anticipated sexual outcome.

Friday, I refused all offers from colleagues for dinner and drinks after work. At home, I tossed a couple of shots down my throat and resolved to do my best on Saturday.

On Saturday at 3:00 pm, I squared off against Andrea for the second time. For twenty solid minutes, we pushed and pulled each other and I tried my level best not to make any mistakes. But, she got the upper hand and once I was on the mat, she had complete control.

With her python strength, Andrea contorted and constricted my body into the same painful configurations. When she sat on my chest and pinned my arms, my pussy reacted much as it had the previous week. Her dominance and my submissive behavior were the key ingredients and I experienced an intense craving for her body.

My desires would have to wait as Andrea stripped me and made me get on all fours. With her ankles tightly gripping my sides, I took her for piggy back rides around the room. Although it was humiliating, I enjoyed her nude form on my back and smiled as she rode me.

About the 3rd or 4th circuit around the room, Andrea was laughing very hard and fell off my back onto the mat. I was laughing just as hard and when the giggles ebbed, she regarded me with curiosity.

I stared lustily at Andrea’s incredibly tight body and my mouth watered in anticipation of the meal ahead. With her elbows supporting her upper body, she opened her muscular thighs and with feverish zeal, I devoured her juicy slit and butt hole.

Andrea gasped, moaned and finally wailed like a banshee as I tirelessly feasted on her delicious pussy. Before her first orgasm, I felt something poking at my slice and abruptly realized that she was pushing a dildo into my appreciative gash.

As I ravenously gorged on her fiery cleft, I came with explosive force from the dildo drilling my hole.

In the aftermath of our debauchery, Andrea sat on the mat in front of my reclining body and gazed at me with curious interest. At first, I averted my eyes but realized that I wanted to look at her pretty face and returned the same curious look.

“Am I your first bi experience?” She asked with knowing pride.

“Yes” I whispered.

“And, you were unaware of your submissive side.” She stated more than asked and my response was the same.

My feelings of shame returned and I looked away and got up to leave. When I searched for my panties, I saw Andrea holding them in her hand.

“May I please have my panties.” I asked very sweetly.

Andrea hesitated for a moment.

“No, I’ll keep them as a memento of your defeat.” She stated with stern emphasis.

Andrea was unyielding and my heart sank when she continued.

“Same time next week and we’ll continue our sessions on a weekly basis until I’m convinced that you’ve actually learned a lesson.” She voiced commandingly.

For the next six weeks, Andrea punished me with her constrictor like power. My final humiliation at each session was a piggy back ride or I buffed and applied polish to her toenails. Each week she kept my panties and my hunger for her athletic body grew steadily.

However, our relationship at work had blossomed and with Andrea’s permission, her transfer to my unit became permanent. She was intelligent, dependable and hard working. At salary review time, I submitted a glowing report in support of her receiving the maximum increase. When it was approved, she thanked me with genuine sincerity and gratitude.

I ignored and alienated my old friends by purposely avoiding my old stomping grounds, case in point, Buckingham’s Ale House. I was deathly afraid they would see the change in me.

My work persona changed and although I was unaware of the changes, Trish commented to Andrea that I was treating people with a more caring and friendly attitude. With a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere, unit productivity and efficiency increased dramatically.

Although I believed I lost my self confidence, in essence, it never left me. My abilities were intact and I encouraged my legal assistants to discuss their ideas and thoughts with me. Gradually, I perceived my former “strengths” as part of my overall pompous attitude. For once, I was more compliant and congenial in my dealings with office personnel.

When I analyzed my relationship with Will, I discovered that I was controlling and always had the upper hand. Andrea was right, the bastard was a wimp. He went along with most of my ideas and was content to take a back seat in the relationship.

Slowly, I came to terms with my sexuality and realized that it didn’t define me as a human being but was an integral and unchangeable part of me. For some inexplicable reason, it existed in my psyche and I accepted the reality that I enjoyed sex with men and women.

For the first time since my “attitude adjustment” therapy began, my feelings of dread were gone and even though I saw Andrea on a daily basis at work, I was eager for Saturday to arrive.

With several outfits laid out on my bed, I couldn’t decide which one to wear. Finally I chose one with matching black thong panties and realized how silly I was behaving.

At 3pm, I walked into the basement and when I saw Andrea, I smiled and gave a little wave. Andrea smiled back.

“Is that a new outfit?” She asked.

My face was blushing deep red and I nodded my head. Andrea gazed with wonder at my reaction and when I moved to the mat for our “session”, she stopped me. She was grinning from ear to ear.

“I believe you’ve learned your lesson.” She remarked firmly and walked over to the laundry area. She returned with a folded pile of underwear and handed them to me.

“My panties!” I exclaimed.

I was speechless and tears rimmed my eyes. When Andrea handed me my coat, I started to bawl. She took me in her arms and held me tenderly. It was the first true act of friendship that she had shown me.

“Do I have to leave?” I asked in a forlorn and halting voice.

“Only if you want to.” She said in a cheery tone.

I followed Andrea upstairs to the kitchen. She rummaged around inside the fridge and produced two bottles of beer. We sat in silence and smiled at each other as we drank the beer. Andrea broke the silence.

“I’m curious about you’re decision to stay.” She questioned sincerely.

“I was hoping we could be friends.” I said quietly and with my eyes downcast.

Andrea came around to my side of the table and as she hugged me, lightly kissed my cheek.

“Since were going to be friends as well as co-workers, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other.” She stated with conviction.

I insisted that Andrea go first and she told me she was an Air Force brat. Seeing the confused look on my face, she explained that her father was a captain in the Air Force and they moved every two or three years. She was the youngest of three girls and although her father wanted sons, he was very proud of his daughters. He was stern but loving and they had a close relationship. Her mother was killed in an auto accident when she was only three and her father never remarried.

Each daughter was expected to participate in martial arts and self defense training. Also, they exercised every morning using the same routine as the recruits under her fathers command.

With the frequent moves it was difficult to develop lasting friendships. She formed a tight bond with her sisters and they took care of each other.

However, with her fitness and martial arts skills, she developed a very cocky attitude.

“My father was transferred to South Korea and we lived in military housing. I was thirteen and developed a huge crush on a boy in my class at the American School. I think he liked me as well.” Andrea took a big swallow of beer and continued,

“After school, and I don’t remember the day, I took a different route back to the house. I turned down an alleyway and saw Teddy and Lisa Park holding hands and then she gave him a peck on the cheek. I was livid but decided to wait and confront her when we were alone.”

“The next day, I asked Lisa if she’d help me practice my Korean after school and she said sure, no problem. On the way to my house we cut down the same alleyway and I got right in her face and accused her of stealing my boyfriend.”

“Funny, but Lisa, in a polite tone of voice, insisted that I never had a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship with Teddy. That statement infuriated me and I told her I was going to kick her ass. At thirteen, I was very skinny but I was half a head taller than Lisa and I probably outweighed her by five or more pounds.”

“I squared off but she looked at me with disdain and warned me that it was MY ASS that would get kicked. Of course, I didn’t listen and she kicked my ass. I walked home crying and an elbow to my left eye had resulted in a big shiner. My sisters listened to my story and told me I was wrong and deserved what I got. Now I was pissed off at them and Lisa.”

“The next day after school, I confronted her again but with the same result. Finally, on the fourth day, as Lisa tossed me to the ground for the tenth or eleventh time, I looked up at her and called a truce. She was standing over me and I asked if she’d teach me how to fight like her. Her face lit up and she helped me to my feet.”

“We became very close friends and discovered that neither of us really wanted Teddy as a boyfriend. But, I had to endure four good beatings before I learned my lesson.”

Andrea got up to find more beer.

“The woman you were with at Buckingham’s, is that your sister?” I ask inquisitively.

“Yeah, that’s my sister Paula.” She stated and set two more beers on the table.

I learned that Andrea was twenty six, attended law school for one year and was undecided on continuing. She dated a guy during her first year and thought they might tie the knot.

“The creep already had a fiancé in Texas. When I found out, I wanted to give him a good thrashing but instead I damaged his ego. He was in the law library just before finals and the place is crowded with panicky first year students. While he was sitting at a table with his study group, I confronted him and forcibly took down his pants. I bent him over my knee and with his naked butt in the air, spanked his ass until he cried like a baby. He transferred to another law school rather than face me and his buddies.” She declared with satisfaction.

We were both hungry and decided on a Chinese take out place down the street. On the walk to the restaurant, Andrea stoped in front of a jewelry store window and gushed over a silver bracelet that she had her eye on since last summer.

Later that night as I was leaving, we embraced.

“Is it ok if I come over next Saturday?” I asked sheepishly and Andrea told me I’d better or….and she never finished the sentence.

The following Saturday, I was wrapping a small box and was undecided on the appropriateness of the gift but, I wanted Andrea to have it.

At the usual time, she let me in and as we sat in the kitchen discussing our plans for the afternoon, she noticed the box.

“I have a gift for you.” I said in a shy voice and handed her the box.

While she was unwrapping her present, I expressed my deepest feelings of gratitude to her. She gasped when she opened the box and gently laid the same bracelet she had shown me the previous week on her wrist.

“But, it’s very expensive.” She said as if completing some internal thought.

The sterling silver with sapphires bracelet looked stunning on her wrist and I told her so.

“It’s my way of saying thank you.” I stated with a beaming face.

Andrea gaze was glued to the bracelet but when she looked at me, I had tears in my eyes. Overjoyed that I made her happy, I was incapable of stopping the flow of tears down my cheeks.

Andrea took me into her arms and embraced me. As she held me tightly against her body, she kissed me passionately and I responded in kind. She whispered loving words in my ear that made me blush and I felt the heat rising in my body.

Andrea took my hand and led me to her bedroom and as we kissed like lovers, we took each others clothes off. She gazed at my nude body underneath hers and smiled.

“I see you shaved” she commented while appraising my clean looking crotch.

Andrea noticed my attempts to fondle her breasts, the same breasts she denied me during our “sessions”, and raised herself up. I played with the small but firm mounds and tweaked the nipples until they hardened into tight nubs.

As Andrea’s breathing became more rapid, she lowered a tit to my salivating mouth. I hungrily sucked her nipples and felt the liquid from her pussy on my thigh.

I wanted to go down on Andrea but she held me back until we were positioned in a sixty nine configuration. She took me to new heights and feelings that made me light headed and giddy.

As we lay facing each other, I ran my hands over Andrea’s silky smooth skin and was enthralled by the dense muscle underneath. Tired from our lovemaking, we embraced and refused to let go. As I slowly slid towards sleep, powerful emotions of joy and love throbbed in my heart.

Andrea’s light snoring temporarily roused me and I gently kissed her forehead. Without opening her eyes she whispered,

“I’m glad you’re here.”

Then, she drifted back to sleep.

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