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A Surprising Teacher’s Pet

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Guys are normally so predictable.

Flirt with them, joke with them, be interested in “their” sport, and all of a sudden a girl can have them groveling at her feet. Give them a glimpse of leg and they will actually slobber.

At least the majority of guys are that way.

Occasionally there are the mutants. They are hooked to a specific girl and won’t tell you the time of day. They might be totally devoted to work. They might like guys. Whatever.

Yes, there are times when even a girl with the best of looks and charms strike out when after a certain guy.

Roland K. Barnes was that kind of guy. The firmly married professor at State U. was a 50ish distinguished looking man who was addicted not to women but chess. A pillar of the community, Mr. Barnes had numerous times been tempted by horny, grade-seeking co-eds, but never succumbed to their charms. Many a girl had attempted to turn a failure into a passing grade only to be rebuffed…with a smile. The guy was in love with his wife, his job and his chess.

I came to know Mr. Barnes when I aced his political science class on elections. Our class project was a local election, and we had to design a survey, a poll, to determine what the voters were interested in and who they would be voting for.

From the first day of class I was riveted to the man. Not only was I physically attracted to him, but to this day he’s the best teacher I’ve ever had. His teaching style was simple…he attempted to bring the topic to the student’s level; instead of talking down to us, he became one of us. He went out of his way to make sure we understood the topic, and then allowed us enough rope to go out and learn.

Believe it or not at midterm the majority of the class had an A, while must of the balance had a B. Not that he was easy, he just was such a good teacher we learned.

Of course, there are always exceptions. My roommate Tiffany, for instance. The girl had everything but school on her mind, mostly boys and lacrosse. She rarely studied, yet still maintained a B average. I think a lot of it was her participation in class, she was constantly raising her hand and discussing the topic(s) of the day with the prof.

Along the way she’d flirt, and it didn’t hurt that she generally looked a perfect, hot girl in class.

Professor Barnes would have nothing of her charms. Once he determined she wasn’t giving her all he wouldn’t call on her in class, favoring those of us who actually were doing the assigned work outside the classroom. That just frustrated Tiffany to no end, and she constantly complained about the man as we’d get ready for bed.

I’d constantly counsel her to do her assignments, complete projects on time, and study for quizzes and exams. She rarely did.

Near the end of the semester Tiffany dressed her one of her most provocative mini-skirts and disappeared after class into Mr. Barnes’ office. She could have been going for advice, counsel, anything. I suspected she was going to offer some of her quid for his pro-quo, or, in layman’s terms, a little nookie for a passing grade.

That night she admitted she tried all her charms on the married man. She flirted, bent to show her boobs, you name it. That moved on to the max when she offered to blow him for a passing grade, an offer he refused. She offered her pussy, only to have that offer rebuffed. Finally she offered to do anything, absolutely anything, for a passing grade. Finally Professor Barnes gave in.

“Robyn, the man was unbelievable,” said Tiffany that night, my mind wandering to the naughty things she must have done to pass the course. Hum, did he take her ass? Did he cum on her face? Did she have to dew two professors at the same time? What? “He said he’d pass me, give me a C in fact, if I did just one thing for him…he wants me to study hard and pass the final exam. That’s it!”

Unbelievable, a teacher who wants his student to study and pass an exam for a good grade. Amazing. How humiliating, Tiffany went into the office offering her mouth or pussy for a grade when all she had to do was study. Duh!!!

I had to laugh at my roommate. As someone who studied all year, did all the assignments and participated in class, I was a little miffed at the professor’s demand that Tiffany merely do well on the final to get a B, but by the same token he was giving my good friend a break.

Tiffany laughed when she told how she thought she’d be sucking for a grade only to be told hitting the books would do the trick. “I’ve never known a prof not to want a blow job,” she admitted.

I asked her what she meant. “My god girl, have you sucked for grades before?”

She nodded her head and explained. “Twice. You can keep a secret, right?”

Nodding at her, she continued. “Well, sort of. Remember algebra? I convinced Professor Carney to move my D to a C after I, well, blew him in his office. One blow job and he moved my grade. He was a jerk about it, too. I mean, I really had to work that old codger forever to make him cum.”

Admittedly I was just staring at the girl in disbelief. I me we all knew there were some profs who would work the grades of their students around sex, but I never really knew anyone who had actually performed.

“Psychology, the course I was failing, was a little different story. You remember Professor Woodsley, the guy who always wore the geeky clothes? He was always, well a little strange. Well he also likes something else…spanking young girls and teaching them a lesson apparently. That bit of badness got me a passing grade.”

“He spanked you?”

“Uh huh. It was quite a production, too,” admitted my roommate. “I had to go to his office on a Saturday in a short skirt, white blouse and stockings. Geez, it was embarrassing. I got a few catcalls from some frat guys. I wore a coat but you could see the stockings. I think I looked out of place, and if I didn’t know better someone could have put a sign saying spank me on my backside.”

I still couldn’t believe my ears at the story I was hearing. At first I thought she was bullshitting me, but midway through the stories I knew they were true. There were too many details that only made sense in the scenario she was giving.

“What happened,” I inquired?

“We talked for a while — all the while he was looking up my skirt. Then he had me stand up and sort of dance for him before telling me to bend over his desk. He lifted my skirt, pulled down my panties, and then gave me about 25 or so swats on my bare ass. They weren’t hard, at least not until the final five or so. He would stop after every five or so and rub my ass. And he was jerking off while he did it.

“It lasted about 10 minutes before be shot his stuff all over my red backside. Then he made me rub it into my cheeks. I had a sticky ass that night! I was so very humiliated, I think it made me study harder the next semester.”

“But you never sucked him or anything?”

Tiffany shook her head. “Nope, he spanked me, jerked off, and I left. The next week my grade was a C.”

So the rumors of co-eds tempting profs for grades was true.

That night in bed I thought of Tiffany bent over a desk getting her ass spanked and wished there had been a video. The thought was riveted in my brain forever.

Funny thing is that I saw Professor Barnes the next day and he looked as he always did. I mean, I guess I thought he’s be wearing his goody two shoes or something that spoke of his virtue and desire to do the right thing. I don’t know, it’s hard looking at a guy exactly the same after your roommate admitted she’s tempted him with sex for a grade.

Whatever, Tiffany started studying and actually attempting to get her grade up as Professor Barnes turndown meant she really had to work. It was good for her! Oh, she complained, but she did want the passing grade.

A week after their meeting — and after a week of several masturbatory sessions where I thought of Tiffany actually getting Professor Barnes (what would that have been like?) and about how she had blow and been spanked on her way to better grades made me constantly hot — I did something stupid.

I went to Professor Barnes office to discuss my grade, and he was obviously shocked I’d showed up. “You have an A-Plus at this point, and an A guaranteed as long as you don’t bomb the final,” said my favorite teacher.

“That’s good to know, sir, but I just wanted to stop by and talk.”

Talk we did. For the remaining part of the half hour we talked about school and grades. The following afternoon the scene repeated itself, as did the following day.

“We have to stop meeting like this,” he said after the third meeting. “People will start talking about us.”

I asked if it was unusual for girls to come to his office.

“No, not really, but some don’t….”

“Don’t what?” I asked.

“Well, some aren’t here to ask for help with their work.”

Smiling, I asked if they were there for some nefarious reason.

The man smiled back, pushing things to the edge. “I guess you could say some wanted to tempt me.”

Nodding I got to the point. “You mean a little nookie for the cookie,” I joked, drawing a laugh from the man.

“Yes, but it never works.”

“Oh you’re gay?” I asked with a straight face.

“No!!!! It’s just my wife and I are happily married, and that’s not something to tempt me with for a grade. Yes, a lot of women have offered, but I’m not about giving a better grade for sex, especially when Constance and I have such a good home life if you know what I mean.”

Nodding, I agreed with the man. We spoke a little more, laughed some, then the next appointment knocked on the door and I left the stately office with a huge smile. The professor had that way with me.

That night I formulated my plan, which I carried out the following Monday. After class I signed up for the last office hours of the day, 4:30 p.m. I arrived a little early, just as a girl I didn’t recognize was leaving the office. Professor Barnes saw me and called me in.

“To what to I have the pleasure of seeing you this time,” said the man as I removed my long overcoat, revealing my red knit sweater which fit snuggly over my top while a knee length plaid skirt exposed just enough of skin when I sat. Professor Barnes eyes nearly popped out as he told me how good I looked.

I stood up, twirled, and sat back down, asking him if I really did look good to him.

The man merely nodded. I think he was in shock as he immediately caught on to my desires.

“There’s no reason for you to do this,” said the man, anticipating my next move. He’d been tempted many times before by girls prettier than I. But this was different. I had absolutely no reason to be flaunting.

“Professor Barnes, the holidays are coming, and I will be heading home after finals. I wanted to give you your present now, and you can’t stop me.”

With that I rose, turned, locked the door and walked to the man. Smiling, I fell to my knees and bent my head forward, kissing his pants and the tenting dick below, bringing a groan from the man. He attempted to push me away, but it was a half-hearted push.

“I don’t want anything from you but your hot cock in my mouth,” was all I said as I unzipped his pants and released his growing cock. While he had always rebuffed other girls, the ones that wanted a grade, I supposed I was different. There was something else I wanted from the mature man 30 years my senior.

After slowly stroking his manhood and getting it really hard, I laved the sides of the manly missile with my wet tongue. It was as if we had moved into a separate world, and the man was under my spell, because other than heavy breathing, a few guttural groans and a bulging manhood, there was quite in the room.

Licking the cock from stem to stern while holding the base I told the professor that I had wanted to suck his cock for months. That I appreciated his hard work, and that he needed some reward for it. That he didn’t have to like what I was doing, but I truly hoped he enjoyed it. All of this was said to his cock, like it was a microphone at Karaoke night at the Holiday Inn.

I might not have been an experienced fellatrix — I had been with 5 guys before Professor Barnes, although I gave blow jobs to only three — so I wasn’t a wanton slut of the campus or anything. The first guy I’d been with was only an oral relationship, and while I learned a few tricks here and there with he and the others I hadn’t developed a cum queen reputation like a couple of my friends.

Still Professor Barnes didn’t seem to care about my lack of experience, even when I nicked the side of his cock with my teeth. His eyes were closed whenever I snuck a look up at him. “Just enjoy this,” I said in what I hoped was a sultry voice.

His dick pulsated as I spoke, and it was at full extension when I lowered my head back down to suck the tip. I held the dick in my mouth for about a minute, just working my lips and tongue on the knob. The man actually shook while I did this, and he purred something about how wonderful it was. That gave me the motivation to go on, and I began slowly bobbing my head up and down his powerful cock.

Whenever I would sort of suck the tip he’d cringe a little, letting out a little moan of “Oh yes” or something. After a bit I realized if I did that, then attacked the length of his cock with my mouth, then returned to a little tip sucking he’d go wild. About the fourth time I did that maneuver he grabbed my head with both hands and began guiding me in the actions he most liked.

Once this occurred it didn’t take long for the man to groan that he was going to shoot, something that spurred me to suck harder and faster. He sort of tried to push me away, leaving my hand jerking his cock, and said he was going to cum. I fought, though, to get back on with my sucking, giving him approval to have his way with me.

He moved a little lower in his stately office chair and began a machine like series of moves into and out of my sucking mouth. Without further warning the bomb in his manhood exploded and I received a volley of several powerful spurts of man-seed in my sucking mouth. Most were swallowed but some snuck out the sides of my mouth as I continued to bob my head on his dick.

Spent, the man leaned back in his seat while I slowed my actions in front of him. Keeping his dick in my mouth I continued to suck and swallow all of his creamy sauce, savoring the taste. As his dick shrunk I sort of laid my head on his midsection, keeping the much smaller cock warm and snuggly in my oral cavity. He tried to push me off but I stayed where I was, I didn’t know if I’d ever again taste him so this had to last.

His dick never shriveled entirely, it wasn’t hard my any means but it wasn’t totally soft. I loved licking it in that spent form.

“Robyn….thank you,” was all he said.

I smiled up at him. “No, thank you.”

He wiggled away from me, and I leaned over and gave the spent cock one last kiss. He stood in front of me, pulling up his boxers, tucking in his cock. He helped me to my feet and we hugged.

“That was incredible, young lady,” said the professor. “You have a special talent. But I can’t help think you’ve done that before.”

Assuring him I hadn’t, with a professor that is, I explained my relative inexperience in cock-sucking. “I just wanted to do you for months. I know it’s wrong, and I don’t want to affect your marriage or anything, I just wanted to do this for you…and for me.”

Leaning over, I gave him a kiss on the cheek, smiled, and thanked him again. Turning I walked to the door, grabbed my coat, licked my lips and gave a final wave.

“See you in class. If you have to lower my grade because of what I just did, in punishment, go ahead. It was worth it.”

I thought the guy’s eyes would pop out of their sockets. I truly think he didn’t know what had hit him.

He stared at me and nodded.

As I unlocked the door he thanked me again.

Smiling, I looked the man directly in his eyes. “No, thank you.”

I skipped like a schoolgirl on the way back to the dorm with memories of the taste of my professor firmly gracing my taste buds.

Oh, when grades were posted I got an A, not the A+ I deserved. Guess my naughty ways had to be punished.

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