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The Guy in the Band

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He was leaning against the white picket fence in front of his little efficiency apartment one evening as an escape from some of the crowd inside.

He was in the process of forming a band, and a hoard of onlooker/wannabes had arrived uninvited bringing beer, loud mouths and nothing conducive to practicing music. So, out of frustration and tired of the noise, he had stepped out into the evening with a cold beer and some starlight.

I stood silhouetted in the front door, a girl he had never met before, and I called out to ask if I could join him in the less-stifling, quieter evening air.

“You don’t have to ask,” he said. ” But you’re welcome to join me.”

“I’m a friend of a friend of one of the band members,” I smiled.

“Third cousin, removed twice on your mother’s side?” he laughed, with a smile that made me wet.

“I’m Zak,” he said offering me a drink of his beer.

“Mona,” I said, fixated on him, and I added an impulsive, “Can I kiss you?” looking intently in his eyes and smiling.

“Won’t your boyfriend care?” he said pointing towards the apartment with a somewhat quizzical look on his face.

“He’s not really my boyfriend anymore. We’re just friends now. I don’t know, I just have a terrible urge to kiss you.”

“Sure, if you’re certain he doesn’t have a problem with it,” he said. “I’m not one to stifle a lady’s urges. Kiss away.”

Later, he admitted from the moment he saw me, he wanted to kiss my “thick pouting lips.” He was the first one to tell me he loved my lips. I had always been teased as a kid because of my big lips. To Zak, though, they were sexy.

I gave him a wet passionate kiss and an occasional swooping tongue, hopefully something he would remember me by. Soon, while still in the clench, my drunken, yuppie one-time boyfriend thought a bit differently. He came outside looking for me. Fortunately, he was too drunk to protest much, or start some trouble, and accepted Zak’s lame, “Hey, she kissed me” explanation.

That was my first encounter with Zak, and that evening alone, it was difficult to not think about his smile, and my lips and tits pressed against him that evening. I had had sex with some of the boys in high school before, but there was something about Zak. I thought about that kiss constantly after that evening.

Zak was a guitarist and a sexy voice that made me melt. Being a flirt, he had a way of looking at me while he sang that made me wet. After spending the entire day thinking about that kiss and the electricity I had felt, I went over to his apartment.

I wore a thin white cotton blouse, tight around my breasts, not so much as a wanton display, but more, I think, in the difficulty of finding a blouse to contain my large breasts. I wore cutoff jeans that I’ll admit seemed to be at least one size smaller than the actual size of my full round hips. They fit tight, and really defined my ass.

I stepped in, followed immediately by a waft of floral perfume that filled the air of his small apartment. The apartment was an efficiency and had only a couch (which was still littered with textbooks) and the bed. We chose to sit on the bed discussing my surprise gift, how I managed to break in the back door, and finally Zak’s confused appreciation of my hard work. Gradually, I edged closer, leaning in during the conversation, punctuating a laugh with a brief touch, or a brushing of his arm or leg.

Sitting next to him made me hot, and soon, the motive for my visit became obvious. I wanted another kiss, uninterrupted this time by a drunken non-boyfriend. I fell into his eyes while he spoke, and then stared at his heart-melting smile.

He placed his hand on my side and as we kissed he pulled me closer. I felt his hand on my breast. “Yep,” I thought, “no bra… just a nice, weighty, round tit beneath my shirt!”

It took very little searching on his part to soon find a well-hardened nipple as thick as a pencil trapped beneath her shirt as well, and he pinched and rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. I pressed my harder against his and let my tongue began to bounce everywhere inside his mouth.

“I want to feel the touch of your skin,” he breathed.

I unbuttoned my shirt to midway, and before I could go further, he pulled it open just enough to allow one of my milky round globes to tumble out… a large untanned globe with beautiful dark brown aureoles … and, a swiftly hardening nipple pointing directly at him. He felt the tit’s weight in his hand, squeezing slightly. I responded with more intense tonguing, my mouth engulfing his.

He lifted my tit upward, almost reaching our locked mouths, and then leaned down to meet it with his mouth, immediately sucking and tonguing my hardened nipple

“Damn, Mona! I’d love to suck your tits!”

“Be my guest,” I laughed, “I’m not doing anything with them at the moment.”

He laughed and held my breast upward, while I leaned backward onto the bed with my arms supporting me. I had a big smile on my face, as I arched my tits upward further.

“You can suck anything you want,” I dared, and stared directly into my eyes to see what reaction that would generate.

I could almost see Zak’s mind began to inventory all the things I just might have to suck on. I was hoping several things came to mind rather quickly.

“I hated to leave your lips, Mona, but your tits are telling me they want to be kissed.” He lifted them both outside of her unbuttoned shirt. I lay back onto the bed, nipples pointing towards the ceiling. I laughed and asked what exactly my tits were saying to him.

“Suck me, suck me, no suck me!” he said in a falsetto titty voice, which just made me laugh harder.

He engulfed one of my huge tits, circling my nipple several times with his tongue. I felt his tongue on every hardened bump of my aureoles, and then he sucked my nipple between his lips and began to alternately pull it into his mouth and then press it downward with his tongue, causing my nipple to harden further to erection.

His hand, which had rested upon my belly, had slowly slid downward to find its way between my thighs. He cupped his hand over my crotch and I knew he had to feel the heat of my cunt beneath my shorts. My hips squirmed beneath his hand and I instinctively parted my legs a bit further.

I began to feel an almost electric warmth and tingling between my thighs, and I slowly began to rub my crotch against his hand; then hunching his hand pressed my cunt into his hand with little moans that seemed to escape my throat whether I wanted or not.

“Damn, you feel good,” he pressed harder. “You feel like a heater down there. And your parents named you well, Mona.”

When I get into the rhythm of fucking, I accentuate each lick, each stroke, each suck, each thrust with growling little moan. It made me want to keep doing whatever I was doing at the time a bit more. At the moment, that was him sucking my nipples which he was doing his best effort to suck my entire tit into his mouth. I’m not bragging, but that was a definite impossibility with my tits. But he was obviously enjoying the sound of each of my moans. He abandoned my tits, grabbed my face with both hands and then began to devour my thick lips.

“I’m going to eat your pussy the same way,” he whispered.

All the while, his hands were busy unsnapping the button on my shorts, and pulling them down. The back of his fingers brushed against the curly hairs of my bush and I felt his electricity surge through me. He also knew I had no panties on. He slowly unzipped the fly … that slow, sexy clacking sounds that zippers make… taking care not catch my hairy bush in the zipper. He stopped halfway down exposing a dark curly patch on my belly, and left my lips to look at what he had uncovered.

“Mona, you have one beautiful pussy!”

“I don’t think you’ve seen it yet.” I laughed.

“But what I’ve seen is beautiful… you have an energy flowing from you.”

I wasn’t going to wait, so, without the further hesitation, I began pulling off my shorts, struggling briefly to slip them past the widest part of my hips. Now he could see now why there was such a bulge between my thighs. With no panties, what blossomed was the largest bush he had ever seen, or so he said.

My cunt, with all its hair and its long, bulging lips did look huge, with its mass of thick dark curly cunt hair… obviously, I am not a natural blonde. Mine is not a pink pussy, but a dark coffee-color — the same color as my nipples. I have a long hard hood and dark thickened inner lips that protruded beyond my thick hair.

“Oh, this should never be hidden,” he told me, “Damn, Mona, your pussy is beautiful!” he repeated.

I giggled, wiggled my ass on the bed while he stared at it, and lightly fondled my mound. I let my thighs fall open wider. My thicker, inner lips, dark coffee-colored as well, protruded more through the thicket of hair. To encourage their emergence, he went up and down my pussy parting my slit with his thumb and forefinger. As they were beginning to swell, they became more and more visible.

He slid his arm underneath my thighs, and cradling both in his arm, forced my legs toward my tits. My hips appeared to grow wider, and my hairy cunt bulged broadly, seemingly near bursting, from between my thighs. My ass and cunt looked twice the size of only a few seconds before. My curly hairs bushed outward well beyond my butt cheeks, and there beneath my cunt was a dark, puckered rose the same color as my inner lips, surrounded by a dark patch of soft, skin equally as dark in color.

As he looked at me, he was taken by an impulse to feel the smooth round globes of my ass. He felt like a sculptor feeling the wet, smooth clay in his hands. He brushed across every inch of my ass with my fingers, all accompanied by the throaty sounds of my moaning. Then, pressing his fingers into the crevice of my thighs, and his thumbs against my puckered brown rose, he spread my ass cheeks apart as wide as they would separate then parted my pussy mound.

I was open.

I was watching his hands, so I could see what he was looking at… my hole opened in my cunt… my cunt opened a hole that seemingly had no bottom… deep, dark and this time a flushed pink rather than a coffee brown, and my entire cunt glistened from the wetness he had created. My rose puckered and opened slightly, and he looked between my thighs to see me straining to see what he was looking at.

His eyes pierced mine with a fire in their depth. I stared into his pupils and, as I did so, he pushed me open wider. Without looking at my cunt, he whispered, “Gawd! I want to eat your cunt so bad!” He continually pressed me open.

I tried to lift my hips slightly, and he leaned closer to my hairy bulge.

“Do you want me to eat your cunt?”


He softly blew a warm breath over my cunt, causing the hairs to dance at its passing.

“No,” he teased, ” you have to say that you want me to eat your cunt.”

“Yes,” I whimpered, “I want you to eat my pussy”

He pinched me between my pussy and my puckered rose, his thumb at the lower lip of my pussy, and his middle finger pressing the rim of my anus. While holding me that way, he looked into my eyes and said, “No, you have to tell you want me to eat your cunt. Not your pussy… You want me to eat you wet cunt.”

Then focusing his gaze on my cunt, he lightly tickled my pussy hairs, barely stroking them, up and down the length of my cunt. He leaned downward and nibbled and gently pulled my cunt hairs with my lips.

Finally, I could bear it no more and burst “I want you to eat my cunt!” as I arched my hips towards his mouth.

“I want you to eat my juicy wet cunt. Pleeeeaase! Eat me! Please, just eat me.”

He pinched me again, but this time allowed his thumb to slide further into my open cunt, and his middle finger entered my puckered hole. He held me tightly and looked upward through my thighs again to see my eyes dancing from his hand to his eyes.

He slid his hands beneath my ass, ever so slowly, taking as much time as he could, so he could look at my hairy pussy. He slid down the back of my thigh towards my ass, which he was now spread wide. He brought his hands together at my inner thigh on either side of my cunt, just where my dark stray cunt hairs began on my smooth white thighs.

He parted my hips until my cunt mound parted and he could better see my thick dark pussy lips. I didn’t have a pink pussy, but a beautiful dark pussy that matched the coffee coloring of my nipples and that patch of darker skin that surrounded my puckered rose below my pussy. I accentuated the spreading with a throaty moaning as my moist damp scent mixed with perfume filled our senses. He pressed his face towards me and inhaled my scent.

He grabbed my hips, and dragged my ass to the beds edge, and then he knelt on the floor between my open thighs. His hands pressed the back of my thighs while my legs dangled in the air. He now had my cunt directly at mouth level and it was open in front of him.

Looking up through my bushy cunt hair, he could see my face staring down at him from between my tits. I was leaning on my elbows, straining my head to watch his first taste of my cunt.

“Grab the pillows so you can watch.”

I giggled and turned to grab the pillows to prop myself up. I parted my legs again, and pushed my cunt upward towards his mouth. He noticed my inner lips were beginning to swell and protruded further beyond my bushy cunt. He then gave my pussy a kiss while looking up through my curly hairs. He was met with my own eyes intent on watching what he was doing between my spread thighs.

Pressing his mouth onto my open cunt, he began sucking and licking its entirety. While doing so, he slid his hands to my tits and began softly kneading them. He grabbed me by my wrists and pressed my own hands into my tits. With his hands atop my own, he massaged my tits, squeezing them with each nuzzle or lick of my cunt, while I moaned quietly in cadence with his squeezing.

I was watching intently as he ate my cunt, and responded with a half-crying moan. I was now rubbing my tits on my own as he licked and nibbled my pussy while he slid his hands down to my ass.

He licked and sucked my cunt until his entire face was wet from my juices, then slid upward, wetly kissing my belly, and then slid back down onto my wet cunt to the sound of my moaning.

“Mona, you taste delicious! Ya wanna see?” He, of course, did not want an answer, but he did want me to taste my own pussy.

He slid upward between my spread thighs, pausing only to lick my navel, and briefly once again to kiss my breasts. Then he pressed his lips upon mine. He grabbed my face, holding it gently in both hands, and kissed me deeply making certain to get as much of my cunt juice as possible onto my lips. My tongue danced from my lips to his own and back again.

I moaned again, while he went down again between my legs to begin sucking more juice from my wet cunt. The juices from my cunt were flowing down towards my ass now, and had begun to form a wet spot on the bed. He buried two fingers inside of my cunt, and stirred gently. He then removed his wet fingers from my cunt, lightly moistened his lips with my juices and returned to kissing me.

For what seemed like a very long while he alternated between eating my cunt and then moving up to tongue my lips. I was as certain of my taste now, as was he.

Once more he rose again to spread my cunt juices on my lips and, as he did so, this time his cock pressed into the crevice of my ass. It felt hard, and much bigger than the boys I had been with before.

“Your cunt is as beautiful as your lips. I’ll never be able to look at your lips now without wanting to eat you. Every time I kiss you, I will remember eating your cunt.”

“I will remember! Gawd how could I forget what you are doing to me.”

And it was true. Whenever I saw him, after that day, my mind immediately painted a vision of his lips on my pussy.

He slid one hand beneath my ass, and with his thumb he pressed repeatedly on the space between my cunt and my asshole, my perineum, while gently stretching and pulling my inner cunt lips out as far as he could with his other hand. Fully stretched, they lay limp against my hairy cunt mounds.

My cunt looked even larger and more swollen. My gawd! He could bury his entire face in my bushy hair. I was now lifting my hips up towards his face, breathing heavily, “Don’t stop! Please, don’t stop!”

“Slowly” he said as he returned to my cunt. He was speaking directly onto my cunt, his lips brushing my cunt hair as he spoke. “We have all day. Slowly. I am going to eat you so fucking slowly. You’re gonna want to come 20 times, but I’m not going to let you just yet.”

Each time he would take me to near orgasm, I became more vocal. I was now bucking my hips against his face, fucking his face. Seeing I was close to loosing control, he would direct my attention elsewhere until my eagerness subsided a bit. It was torturous for both of us, but well worth the wait when I am finally allowed to explode and go crazy for real.

He continued to stretch my cunt lips with one hand, while holding my ass in his other hand. He slid his thumb down to the rim of my anus. With each pull on my cunt, he would trace a circle around the rim of my anus and stretch it open a bit more. I instinctively spread my cheeks wider and rolled my hips back to give him better access. This continued, until, he had stretched my cunt lips outward, my brown puckered rose pulsing open wider with each tug.

My cunt was now like a waterfall. My juices found their way down to my anus. Now he could use my own pussy juice to lubricate my little brown rose a bit more. He began inserting his thumb into my hole, while eating my pussy. My puckered hole, which had been tight at first, now relaxed and allowed his thumb to slip into me easily to the first joint.

I was now rapidly and repeatedly squeezing his thumb with my hole, all the while mumbling, “Oh gawd! You’re making me crazy!” It was all I could do to keep from coming.

His face was soaked with my wetness. My cunt hair was wet and pressed tightly against my now reddened and swollen pussy mounds. He sucked my lips and stretched them well outside of my cunt. Now, though, they remained lying on top of my bushy cunt, open and inviting to be kissed and nibbled. Or at least I hoped so.

I held his head in my hands, thighs spread wide, and strained to watch my cunt being eaten. He purposefully avoided courtesy, and noisily licked me, trying to enhance my experience of his mouth on my cunt.

Involuntarily, I responded by humping his face while guiding him to where I wanted to be eaten. He was obliging, until he could feel my intensity becoming too strong, and he would move to a part of my body he had neglected.

It seemed as if he was going to eat me forever. He knew exactly when to move, when to slow to keep me from coming.

Finally, while exploring the depth of my cunt with his tongue, he pressed both hands beneath my butt cheeks, and then parted them as far as they would stretch. He felt for my puckered rose, and then, with both thumbs, slowly, very lovingly, pressed on either side and stretched my asshole open wider. I responded with my own spasming open and closed.

My mouth was open, my cunt was open, and my ass was open as I writhed beneath his fingers and lips. Lifting my head, I tried to read his eyes trying to gauge his intensity, then looked below at my gaping cunt, a mere inch from his lips.

I looked back into his eyes to gage his anticipation level. He could see my breasts rising and falling rapidly with each breath. Though I was not saying a word, I am certain he could almost hear me saying “Oh, please, please” as there was a look of anticipation

Then he pressed forward and kissed me.

My head fell backward as I moaned loudly, and then my hole began to spasm against his thumbs. He said he could not believe his eyes as my hole suddenly open wide! I looked up between my now sweat-glistened tits, and met his eyes fixed on mine in a look that could only be described as intense –– my mouth open with heavy agitated animalistic panting that I did not know from where it came.

Like magnets, our eyes were locked, but he must have paused our adventure too long, for without unfixing his gaze, I lifted my hips up towards his face, with a somewhat animalistic snarling face, I grabbed his head and began humping his face.

Instead of just one, I now had two gaping, deep holes being thrust towards his mouth.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“O gawd, you know what I want,” I breathed, and pushed my hips upward again.

“What do you want?” he repeated slowly.

“I want you,” I answered, this time scrubbing my cunt hair against his face.

“What do YOU want?” even slower.

“I want you to eat me,” I said pleadingly.

“You want me to eat your pussy?”


He kissed my puckered rose again, and then traced the other side of my cunt with an even slower lick. I pushed my hips upward even higher and mockingly snarled. “Eat my pussy!” Laughing, he returned to eating my open hairy hole, kissing every millimeter of it, while still flexing my anus with my thumb tips.

He sucked one mound of my cunt into his mouth. While sucking, he searched me for my inner cunt lips with his tongue, and once located, pinched it between his lips and pulled it as far outward as he could stretch it, which, surprisingly, was quite a way.

“You fucking taste delicious!”

I moaned loudly. He rewarded my patience by kissing my puckered rose again, which I could feel flex open to a rather large opening. His kisses there were always so unexpected, and so they always shot electric charges up my spine. He began tracing the crease between my cunt and thighs on the opposite side of my pussy. He sucked that side of me into his mouth and repeated on the other side of my cunt what he had done before.

I came hard. Now I needed him to fuck me.

He pulled my hips to the bed’s edge, and, with my knees still pressed up towards my tits, he slid his cock into me slowly, making sure it was wet with my juices. Then, he began reaming me around and around until his cock had vanished completely into the depth of my cunt. He pressed hard against my bushy cunt hairs, and I could sense their roughness compared to the wet slickness of my cunt.

He continued to fuck me with deliberate and slow long strokes, pressing deep into my pussy until I shouted, “Harder, fuck me harder!”

That was all he needed. With that encouragement, he began to pound my cunt as hard as he could. The sound of him slapping against my cunt filled the room. His fucking was so intense, he could only manage a few seconds of it before having to gather his breath, and then after a few seconds, repeating the act of trying to drive me through the bed.

Exhausted, he drew his cock out of me until only the head remained squeezed between my throbbing pussy lips. I did not want him out of me. He paused, waiting to hear me scream to be fucked again.

“Fuck me!!” I shouted. He only gave me an intense look and laughed. But he would not move. He remained motionless inside of me, watching my tits rise and fall with each breath.

“Not fair!” I said as I squirmed beneath him. “You’re just teasing me.”

He pulled back slowly, then without warning thrust into me hard and began repeatedly banging into my cunt, with me moaning, occasionally screaming all the while. My cunt was making wet slapping noises each time he thrust inside of me. My large tits were bouncing in cadence to his fucking. He continued until he could feel me shudder again and I began sucking his cock with my pussy. He fucked me slowly and easy, feeling for every corner of my pussy. He probed every niche that she had hidden, all the while enjoying watching his cock disappear into my pussy. Because he was standing at the bed’s edge with my legs splayed wide, he could watch me being fucked entire time.

I could feel the fluttering of my coming again, but now, he watched fascinated as my rose pulsed open and closed. He stared at the coffee-colored hole that lay in the patch of dark skin slightly lower between my butt cheeks.

He slowly pulled out of my cunt, but made sure my knees still pressing toward my tits. His cock was soaked with my cunt juice. He pressed a couple of fingers into my now sloppy wet pussy gathering as much of my juice as he could. Having scooped my juices out of my cunt, he pressed his wet fingers not into my mouth for me to taste this time, but into and around my barely open hole. He began massaging me so I would open. First one finger and then a second, until, suddenly, my ass was no longer so tight on his fingers.

With the two fingers he circled and circled ever deeper until he had opened a large round hole. He removed his fingers, held my hips open with one hand, and pressed the tip of his cock against my asshole. Grabbing my ass cheeks in each hand, he stretched them widely apart. If he could see my face, he would see in my eyes a mix between fear of the unknown, and an eagerness to experience him in my ass. He decided to fan the flames of my eagerness.

He massaged around my puckered hole while gently pressing his cock against my opening. My puckered hole was throbbing open and closed on its own, almost as if it was nibbling on his cock.

At this, he grabbed both hips and held me against his cock. He no longer was looking at my ass but was now pressing into me firmly, and staring into my eyes — staring into my soul. I am sure he could feel my spasms.

“You have the intense look of a tigress, nose flared, mouth open and panting.” I was the one now pressing my hole against his cock.

Then, almost unexpectedly, the tip of his cock finally popped past my hardened rim, accompanied by my involuntary, loud moan. He quit moving as soon as the head of his cock went past my opening, and stared intently into my eyes. Oh so slowly he began cranking a slow circle in my ass, not pushing further in, just reaming me. Her cunt lay hairy, wet and open in front of him.

He took my hand, he pressed my finger into my own cunt, then directed me to stroke my clit. A familiar feeling, I soon had a steady rhythm. He reached past my finger into my cunt and transferred my juice to the shaft of his cock while its tip was still pressed tightly in my brown puckered hole.

Slowly, so slowly, he began edging himself into my hole. Moisten push, pull back, moisten, push further, pull back… he was doing this slowly and gently… rotating, pressing, turning, pressing… slowly, oh so slowly, he screwed my ass ever so slowly edging his cock deeper inside of me, until finally, I could see he was completely inside me. I could the hair surrounding his cock pressed tight against my own cunt hair. I felt full, but it was a pleasant feeling, in fact, I had not known it would feel so good.

He placed his hands on either side of my hips stretching me wider, and held me there. I was beside myself. “Just fuck me!” I whimpered. Thoughts were racing through my head, but having him inside me was such an awesome feeling.

From somewhere, I heard myself say, “Oh gawd! Oh gawd! Fuck me!”

It was like flipping a switch. Suddenly, he was fucking my ass as deep and hard as he had fucked my cunt.

“Do you like that!?”

“Oh gawd, yes! You’re driving my crazy! You feel so damn good!”

“Turn over,” he demanded.

He pulled out of me, and commented on how large my widely gaping hole was now.

He quickly grabbed some lubricant from the bathroom just a step away, and returned to see me face down on the bed waiting for him with my broad round ass in the air. My large tits dangled towards the bed as he stepped between my parted legs and began to slowly caress my large white globes in front of him.

He smeared his cock with an overabundance of lube, then applied the excess to my ass particularly my puckered hole. His touch felt so good.

“Grab your ass and pull it open!” My face was pressed into the pillow as I parted my ass cheeks anticipating the feeling of him being inside my ass again.

“Wider!” he said as he smeared the cold lubricant on my brown rose. “Open your ass wider, Mona!” I don’t know how, but it did so, and he slipped two lubricated fingers into my enlarged hole.

I could sense my puckered brown rose twitching open and closed uncontrollably. He said it was no longer a tiny puckered rosebud. My ass was now open, gaping and only slightly less of a diameter than his cock.

He pressed slowly into me at first. Then I felt his cock slide easily between my cheeks. What a turn on to feel him slip back into my tight ass! Smooth and easy this time around… far easier than the first time he pushed into me. He backed out slowly to make sure I was well lubricated, then pushed his cock slowly back into me one more time.

Then, without any warning, he grabbed my hips and began pumping my ass hard and fast, his balls bouncing against my cunt. He banged me harder. The sound of him slapping against my ass filled the small apartment. He had grabbed my hip bones, and was pulling my hips back into himself with each thrust. I turned my head so that I could see him fuck me. I could see he was watching my tits swinging in the air, in cadence with every thrust. I was moaning and grunting almost animalistic-ally, lost in some nether fuck world, moaning and fucking him back with my ass. If he paused to rest, I would continue the bucking and screwing myself, all the while straining my neck to see my ass being fucked.

This time he had no control. He came hard, shoved into my ass to the hilt. He reached over and began to knead my tits while kissing my back, all the while still pressed deep inside of me. I was enjoying the feel of him pressed against me, while I was still screwing and hunching him with my ass for moments afterward. He was spent from fucking me, but I clamped him tight with my ass and continued to hump against him, my round globes glistening from the sweat. He was merely holding on for the ride now, still holding on to my hips.

I had gone past the point of just screwing until orgasm. I had now lost myself in that rare nether world of just fucking… inhibitions gone, no longer in control of myself. I was spent, but my writhing was keeping him more than still interested.

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