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A Strawberry to Remember

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Beth sat on the couch, watching Lisa as she moved around the kitchen. It had been what? Ten years she thought. A long time, but Lisa still looked great. She swirled her wine, enjoying the aroma as the drink cascaded around the edge of the glass.

“You know you’re not supposed to spin wine hard like that right?” Lisa asked laughing, startling Beth.

Caught off guard Beth jumped just enough to twirl the glass too much and the wine splashed over the side, onto her skirt and across the couch. “Oh crap!” She stammered. “Damn Lisa, I’m so sorry,” she replied, standing…

Lisa laughed and threw a dishtowel at her. “Here, and relax, it’s no big deal. It’s just a sofa. Now the wine…” her voice trailed off, looking at Beth, giving her an evil look…

Beth misread Lisa’s mood and in fear looked up and when their eyes met, they both burst out laughing.

Wiping away the wine from the sofa Beth once again, began to apologize…

“Will you stop!” Lisa said. “It’s just a sofa. Hell, it might be an opportunity to get Steven to buy me a new one.” She laughed, leaning in to help clean up the mess…

As they wiped their hands met, and suddenly they were silent, staring at each other, faces very close, eyes locked as a million memories danced through their minds…

… Once upon a time, many years ago in college they had been roommates. Different majors and different backgrounds, with dramatically different tastes in boys. But as college goes, still roommates. Beth, who went by Connie back then, a distorted version of her middle name, liked the bad boys. Lisa the brainy ones. She had grown up in a house full of brothers who were athletes and had become wary of all their buddies who seemed only interested in sports and women. Not that she didn’t like the attention, but in those early days of adulthood, they seemed a little bit too one-dimensional to her…

So Lisa had gravitated toward the quieter boys, ones that did well in school, and although they were boys, sex wasn’t the only thing on their minds. While Beth seemed to have a new boyfriend every other month or so, Lisa had now been with her current all summer long and now well into the new school year.

It was a night in October that changed the relationship for the two of them. They were both twenty-two, Beth a senior and Lisa, having finished her poli-sci degree, a first year law student. It began, as things do, innocently enough. Having won the homecoming game they were with their current boyfriends at a local bar when, after a beer or two, they accepted a dare to make out.

Lisa never knew if Beth had a background with other women, but for her it was the first time. A night of kissing in a bar, with boyfriends’, strangers, and alcohol, led them into a torrid affair that lasted six months…

Breaking the silence, Beth picked up her glass and the wet towel and walked into the kitchen. “Oh wow,” she laughed, “I didn’t realize you were over here cutting strawberries.”

“What? What am I missing?” Lisa asked. When Beth didn’t answer, she turned to look. Beth was holding one of the biggest berries from the box in her hand, resting it on her cleavage. Lisa’s eyes widened before busting out laughing. “Oh Damn!” She laughed. “You are awful.”

“That’s how it began wasn’t it?” Beth asked rhetorically. “Remind me… Wasn’t it that night in the kitchen, at the Dorm?”

Lisa looked at her, feeling her heart speeding up ever so slightly at the memory. “Silly me, I thought it began that night after homecoming,” she replied.

“So you do remember!” Beth almost shouted.

Lisa tossed the towel in the sink and leaned back against the counter. “Yes I remember. How could I ever forget? It lasted what, five, six months?”

Beth popped the strawberry into her mouth before answering. “Yes, something like that. You were the only lover I had during that time you know…” She said, her voice trailing off.

Lisa turned back to the counter to cut more berries, and to hide her blush and discomfort. “No, I didn’t know that,” she replied, matter-of-factly.

The silence hung in the air for a moment too long around the women. “I need a drink,” Lisa finally said.

“Me too,” Beth laughed as she picked up the wine and took a pull directly from the bottle.

Lisa looked at Beth again before taking the bottle from her hands. “Was I really the only one during that time?”

Beth looked into her eyes. “Yes.” She whispered.

Lisa smiled a slight smile and looked at the ceiling. “You know it was the same for me, right?”

“Yes. And I also know it only ended because Steven came into the picture.”

“It had to end anyway. Sooner or later,” Lisa spoke again, looking at the bottle in her hands.

“I know.” Beth replied. “Lisa, it’s all good. You know that. For goodness sakes, we’re both married now. Have been forever.”

Lisa laughed, “I know right, and you, married to Joe. I would never have guessed that for you, one guy. You loved the boys too much!”

“Yep, right up until you came along.” Beth replied, taking the bottle back and putting it to her lips, pulling a long drink.

Lisa stared at her, shocked at her words. “Beth…” she began.

“Stop Lisa,” Beth laughed. “It was a long time ago. Besides, I’m just teasing.”

“Hump,” Lisa mumbled. “Give me that bottle. I need another drink.”

Beth handed it to her and started to snicker and suddenly they were both laughing, hard.

As they laughed, wine sloshed from the bottle and spilled onto the floor. Eyes wide, they burst out into heavier laughing and Lisa sat the bottle down and reached for another dishtowel.

They cleaned up the mess in near silence, the occasional snicker escaping their lips.

The spell broken Lisa stood, and when Beth stood as well, she leaned back into the ‘fridge to catch her balance and Lisa reached for her to steady her. “Too much wine girl?” She asked laughing.

“No, just enough,” Beth replied.

Lisa looked at her, “Enough for what?”

“For this…” Beth whispered, grabbing Lisa’s dress, pulling her close, planting her lips on Lisa’s.

At first Lisa didn’t respond. But the heat from Beth’s mouth on hers was too much to resist…

Beth pressed at Lisa’s lips with her tongue, gently, then as she felt Lisa sigh, more forcefully. Lisa opened, and for the briefest of moments, their tongues met in that forever distance between two sets of lips.

After a moment, Lisa broke it off. “Beth…” She said, her voice barely a whisper.

Beth looked into her eyes, stroking her red hair. “Your hair is still gorgeous.”

Lisa smiled, enjoying both the touch and the compliment, but feeling uncomfortable. “Beth,” she spoke again.

Beth gently kissed Lisa on the lips, and not getting a response, did it again. When Lisa stood motionless, she leaned back, her hands on Lisa’s shoulders. “Have you forgotten everything? Or have you chosen to ignore it?” Beth asked gently.

“Yes, yes, yes I remember it.” Lisa said, her face to the ceiling, eyes closed. “Yes,” she whispered, “I remember it all. I remember the first time. I remember the last time. I remember falling asleep lying on your back, the feel of your body rising and falling. I remember the taste and feel of your lips.” She smiled for a moment and looked at Beth before continuing. “Both sets of them.”

Beth smiled with her, ” Yeah, me too,” she replied, unable to break the feeling of agitating Lisa with her words.

Lisa felt her heart skip a beat as she picked up the still half-filled box of strawberries. “I even remember how the first time came about… But, life is different now,” she replied, opening the fridge. She put the box on a shelf, pulling one out and as she bit the berry in half she flinched when she felt Beth’s hand on her back.

Frozen in place, facing her reflection on the stainless steel she saw her own desires staring back at her. She wanted to run, she wanted to turn and kiss Beth. She didn’t know what she wanted, so when Beth stepped closer, brushing her backside with her body, and gently lifted her hair to expose her neck, Lisa didn’t move. She was able to fight it off on the inside, still thinking she could resist… It was the kiss that did it.

Lisa sighed, and Beth, correctly believing it a sign of approval, found herself emboldened… She ran her hands along the side of Lisa’s body, from the shoulders to her hips, then back up again, slowly moving them inward to rest on Lisa’s breasts, her lips still kissing Lisa’s neck, even with Lisa’s hair hanging down on her face.

Lisa leaned back into Beth and placed her hands over Beth’s hands as Beth cupped and squeezed her breasts. Sighing she turned and their eyes met. Lisa, feeling the lusts and seeing the sparkle in Beth’s’ eyes found herself struggling against the inevitable. They leaned in and kissed. A gentle passion filled kiss. Mouths exploring each other, tongues, again, just ever so slightly touching.

Lisa leaned back against the fridge door to steady herself and Beth kissed first her cheek, and then her neck. Lisa lifted her head up, allowing Beth easier access. Her hands slid down the side of Beth’s body, resting on her hips. Beth moved to kiss Lisa again, her own hands sliding down and resting over Lisa’s. They interlaced fingers as the easy kissing became intense kissing…

Beth locked her fingers harder around Lisa’s and then pulled her hands up and over Lisa’s head where she pinned her hands to the stainless steel of the fridge. Kissing harder Beth moved her hands until she had Lisa’s pinned with just one of hers. As she pressed Lisa against the door, she moved her free hand down and riding Lisa’s hips slid lower and pulled up at the hem of her summer dress.

Lisa moaned as Beth reached under her dress, their mouths still fighting one another for control in their kisses.

Beth let go of Lisa’s hands and stepped back. They looked at each other a moment, Lisa biting her lower lip. Beth smiled and reached for her hips where she slowly turned her around to face the refrigerator again. Lifting her hair, she kissed the back of her neck once, then stepped away and slid the dress off Lisa’s shoulders. As the straps fell away, Beth kissed the bare skin, adding to the buzz Lisa was beginning to feel from the combination of her lusts and the wine.

When the dress reached Lisa’s elbows, she turned to face Beth and pulled it free of her arms, exposing her bare breasts. She covered them with her hands in what Steven called her hand bra. Beth smiled, then laughed a bit… “Still the same girl. Open, let me see, I love your boobs. You know that.”

Lisa smiled at her, and lowered her hands to a cupping position, no longer covering them. “And they always loved you. Suck them.” She commanded, in a lighthearted manner.

Beth leaned in, taking Lisa into her mouth. First one, then the other, and then in-between both, squeezing her as she did so. Lisa took Beth’s head in her hands, her fingers running though her hair as she pulled her in, and held her in place.

Beth understood Lisa’s need and sucked on her nipples drawing them out, and lightly biting her, just enough to cause her to flinch.

“Ouch, Hey!” Lisa laughed.

Beth shook her head free, leaned up, and kissed her again. They made out for a few moments, when Beth reached down, and grabbing Lisa’s dress, slid it down past her hips and onto the floor where Lisa stepped free.

Beth dropped down to her knees, kissing Lisa’s belly inch by inch until she reached her mound, kissing her lightly through the fabric. Lisa smiled inside and reached for her panties to pull them down when Beth stopped her.

“Wait,” she spoke. “I want to look. It’s been a long time lover…”

Lisa felt a flush of embarrassment and her cheeks reddened. She had always considered herself somewhat shy, the thunderous sexual moans she was capable of notwithstanding.

Beth looked into her face, remembering how easy she was to fluster and laughed when she saw the blush of her cheeks. Embarrassed, Lisa involuntarily covered her breasts again, causing Beth to laugh so hard she fell the remaining distance to the floor and landed on her ass with a loud thud.

Beth looked up, shock on her face and Lisa laughed hysterically as Beth reached for the counter to stand, pulled down the small cutting board that had a few strawberries still sitting on it…

As they tumbled to the floor, Lisa laughed harder and Beth reached for her, clasping her panties and pulling. Lisa leaned forward trying to keep from falling and caught herself on the counters edge. Both women were still laughing when Lisa grabbed bottle of wine and dropped down to the floor with Beth.

Taking a drink from the bottle Lisa looked around her and said a bit too loudly, “Damn glad I washed the floors this morning!”

Both girls burst out laughing again and Beth reached for the bottle. After taking a drink, she looked around, picked up one of the bigger berries, and took a bite. Then she offered Lisa a bite. She opened her mouth, looked into Beth’s eyes as she bit down, and then sucked Beth’s fingers into her mouth.

Eyes locked, the laughter stopped and both could feel the heat of the moment. Releasing Beth’s fingers from her mouth, Lisa leaned in and once again, they kissed. This time there was no hesitation as they pressed hard against the other, tongues fighting for dominance.

Pulling free, gasping for air they laughed again and Beth fed Lisa the remaining bite of the berry. “Stand up.” She whispered.

Lisa looked at her, and Beth motioned with her hand for Lisa to stand. She hesitated a moment and then stood leaning back into the fridge door. Beth leaned in and pressed her lips in a kiss onto Lisa’s panties, and Lisa, again biting her lower lip, slipped her hands under the black waistband and slid them down, stepping clear and flinging them across the kitchen.

Beth reached out and grabbed Lisa’s hips and then leaned in and slid her tongue between her legs. Lisa gasped and opened her legs ever so slightly. Beth toyed with her, licking up and down the small patch of red hair that looked like a landing strip before occasionally flicking at her most sensitive of spots. After a few minutes of this torture, Lisa grabbed Beth’s head and forcefully guided her to where she wanted her to be…

Beth pressed her tongue deeper into Lisa’s folds, opening them up for better access. Lisa caught her breath as she felt the lightening pass through her body in the form of a shudder. Beth felt it too and slowly licked and sucked exactly where she knew Lisa needed it…

Lisa could feel her orgasm building and tightened her grip on Beth’s head, pulling at her hair as she did so. Beth’s tongue pressed and she sucked, gently drawing Lisa’s clit into her mouth where she focused her attentions. Lisa felt her knees grow weak and her muscles tense. She would unknowingly breathe in audible gasps as Beth pushed her faster and faster toward the cliff of a powerful orgasm.

Beth felt it too, and sucked and released her, then pressed the tip of her tongue into her sweet spot, wanting to feel Lisa come on her mouth.

Lisa opened her eyes, looking down at Beth, and squeezing her legs around her she cried out in a loud moan, her hands pulling on Beth’s hair. Beth pressed, concentrating on that one spot remembering how Lisa’s muscles would tense and shudder as she came… Lisa, unable to stand freely, fell back onto the door of the refrigerator, her orgasm still racking her every nerve.

Beth was merciless, her tongue pressing and flicking at Lisa relentlessly. Her muscles firing, Lisa began what Steven called her steam engine chant as her climax reached its peak. Her breath came in gasps and her moans echoed throughout the kitchen…

Beth continued until Lisa finally reached her saturation point and began to try to push her head away from between her legs, “Nononoooo, Stop. Oh crap Stop Beth…” She pleaded.

Beth smiled, kissed her one last time, pulled free of Lisa’s legs, and looked up at her face. Their eyes met, Beth stood, and suddenly they were kissing with a newfound fury. Lisa tore at Beth’s clothing as they made out, lifting her shirt over her head. Pausing to look, she giggled, “I knew you weren’t wearing a bra.”

Beth smiled at her, “Well, I was hoping…”

Lisa’s eyes grew wide. “Hoping what? Ohh, you are bad!” She laughed. “But they still look great.”

“Benefit of smaller. They grow old gracefully.”

Both women laughed and Lisa bent down to kiss them, replying, “Well they look great.”

Beth let out a small sigh and turned toward the countertop and hiking her skirt, she jumped up to sit on top of the counter. Resting right at the edge.

“What are you doing?” Lisa asked, her voice a playful tease…

“Inviting you, I hope.” She answered demurely, smiling.

Lisa smiled back and stepped toward her. Beth opened her legs and Lisa stepped in, rubbing gently against her. They leaned in and kissed again. Beth, in an effort to keep her balance spread her hand out and when she did, she pushed the remaining strawberries across the counter. Turning her head, she laughed and picked one up and offered Lisa a bite, which she eagerly accepted.

Beth took the other half and ate it, reaching for another. She pressed it over her breasts, touching first one then the other nipple. “Kiss me there,” she whispered.

Lisa obediently leaned in and kissed each nipple, pausing just long enough to draw them to full attention. When she finished she leaned back, grabbed another of the red berries herself, and touched it to Beth’s belly. Then she leaned in and kissed that spot…

Beth smiled and took Lisa’s hand, the one holding the fruit and pressed it to her lips. Lisa obediently kissed her there as well.

Silence filled the air as the women looked into each other’s eyes and Beth, her body shaking from the adrenaline rush slowly pushed Lisa’s hand down, along her belly and across her hiked up skirt, and rested it between her legs…

Lisa grinned and pulled free of Beth’s hand, took the berry in her mouth, and leaned in to kiss Beth again. Beth took a bite of the fruit, a hint of juice trickling down her chin, never loosing eye contact with Lisa.

Backing away, Lisa could feel the flush as it raced through her body. It had been a long time, a very long time since she had played around with another woman. She pressed her face into Beth’s neck, pushing up, and Beth responded, giving Lisa unobstructed access. Lisa ran the berry across the sensitive skin, leaving behind a slight red mark from the fruit as Beth shuddered.

The fruit still half-free of her lips, Lisa touched the rough patch of the berry to Beth’s hardening nipples. When Beth sighed, Lisa dropped the fruit on her belly, and sucked on one nipple and then the other as a slight tease. When Beth reached for her head, Lisa smacked her hands away before taking the berry back into her lips.

Pressing it into Beth’s belly button, Lisa circled her mouth around, leaving little traces of red from the juice of the berry on her tummy. Beth giggled and pushed at Lisa’s head. “That tickles!” she smirked. Lisa looked up, and made a huge show of swallowing the berry and started laughing as well…

Resting her head upon Beth’s heaving belly she looked over at the pile of strawberries and picked up another, smaller one. Looking up and showed it to Beth, who stopped laughing to catch her breath and once again, total silence filled the room. Sexual tension hung heavy in the air as Lisa placed the red fruit on Beth’s belly and slowly slid it down toward her hips.

Beth leaned back, moaning, her chest moving ever so slightly with her increasing respirations… Lisa moved the berry around her waist, slowly moving lower with each pass along her hips. Pausing along her mound, she leaned in and kissed Beth in the same spot. Beth moaned again and Lisa kissed harder, moving lower at an agonizingly slow pace. Beth reached down, taking the berry from Lisa, and brought it to her lips where she kissed it, and slid her hand back down, pressing the fruit to her wetness. After pressing it against her for a moment, she pulled it free, offering it to Lisa.

“Eat me. Please Lisa, do it.” Beth begged in a hoarse whisper, her voice as sweet as nectar.

Lisa took the fruit into her mouth, ate it, then leaned in and kissed Beth’s inner thigh, drawing a lazy circle with her tongue. She could feel the heat from between Beth legs as she moved closer, grazing her tongue across her most sensitive of spots.

Suddenly a noise shattered the silence and both women shot up in fear looking around.

Steven, Lisa’s husband stood holding a bag of groceries in one hand and Lisa’s discarded panties in the other. He looked at the two women in front of him, Lisa between Beth’s outspread legs.

The girls remained silent, staring at him.

Lisa, unable to read his mood began to stammer something but Steven cut her off. “Well,” he said, tossing the panties toward Lisa. “You two carry on.”

He turned and walked out and the women looked at each other, eyes wide and began to laugh uncontrollably, laughter that in moments turned once again, into passionate kisses…

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