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New Friends

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A month ago it was my wife’s and mine anniversary. We were staying in a nice hotel in a resort town a couple hours from our home. After dinner we went to the hotel bar and had a couple of drinks. While there we ran into a couple who we had met earlier in the day at the pool. Ted and Julie were from another state and trying to escape the cold for a few days.

We were all pretty much the same age and seemed to get along well for only speaking for no more then an hour if you added up all our time together.

After finishing our second drink we said our goodnights and headed for our room. A couple of drinks is normally all it takes to get my wife Bobby feeling a little randy, and it appeared that this night was going to hold true to form. Our room was on the second floor so we used the stairs rather then the elevator. Earlier in the day I had stepped off of a curb and rolled my ankle so I was limping along kind of slow which gave Bobby about a five stair head start. Bobby was wearing a mid thigh length black dress with black stockings which from my lower vantage point I could see were being held up by a black garter belt. I could see this little detail along with the fact that she was not wearing any panties because she had turned and was facing down the stairs, holding her dress up just high enough so I had a perfect look at her pussy which she must have shaved for the occasion.

At first I thought that everybody in the bar was getting the same show that I was but when I looked over my shoulder I don’t think anyone could see much more the Bobby’s feet. When I looked back at Bobby she had dropped her dress, she said “What do you think of that?” I answered that a picture definitely would have been worth a thousand words.

When we got back to our room I fixed us a drink and we sat at the little table in the room. I keep glancing down to where her dress was riding up just enough to so I could see the tops of her stockings but no more, she knew I was trying to get a peek so after torturing me for a few minutes she spread her legs so her bare mound and puffy little lips were visible and asked if this was what I kept trying to look at. I said “Hang on; I want to get the camera so when you tease me like this I have something to fall back on.”

I was just joking because every other time I had brought up the camera she wasn’t real big on the ideal, but this time she shocked me by saying “go ahead, but you’d better hurry before I change my mine.”

I must have looked pretty comical as I ran to the corner of the room where the bag with the digital camera was. When I got back she asked what kind of picture I wanted, Not wanting to push my luck, I said whatever she wanted to show me I’d take a picture of. She laughed and I could tell that she was a little embarrassed. She reached up to the top of her dress and pulled the left strap down over her shoulder, then slowly pulled the dress down to where her left breast which was encased in a very sexy white lace bra was showing. This whole time I was looking through the view finder of the camera and as her breast came into view I started to take a couple of pictures. Bobby now pulled her breast out of the bra and her nipple was sticking out and looked to be hard as a rock. “Is it as hard as it looks” I asked and she took her nipple between her thumb and index finger and rubbed it a couple of times and said “sure is”.

Now I have seen, touched, sucked on, and licked Bobby tits a million times in all the years that we’ve been together, but I have never been so turned on looking at one of her tit’s as I was looking through the camera and taking pictures as my wife touched her own nipple.

I knew that she must be getting as excited as I was when she asked if I wanted a shot of her pussy. I was on my knees in front of her before the ok got out of my mouth. She stood up in front of me, lifted her dress up over her hips and spread her legs just enough so I had a perfect shot of her pussy being highlighted by the light in back of her. I kept clicking as she spread her vagina lips so I could see the little nub of her clitoris. The whole thing was shiny from the moisture that was starting to seep from between the folds I was now using the zoom to take pictures of.

Bobby told me to hang on for a minute and she walked to the bathroom. When she came back she had removed her dress. She lay down on the bed, spread and raised her legs and said to get a shot of this. I hadn’t noticed but she had a vibrator in her hand. I was on my knees at the end of the bed between her legs as she started rubbing the buzzing vibator up and down between her legs. Watching this show through the camera was better then anything I’d ever seen in my life, I was about to explode right their in my pants. As she started pushing and pulling the vibator in and out, I was rubbing the bulge in my pants, I didn’t think I was going to be able to take much more of this. All of a sudden her whole body went stiff and she started shaking as she said “Oh my God, I cumming”

After a minute she said I was going to have to let her rest for five minutes, so I got up and made us both another drink. We sat next to each other with our backs against the beds backboard, and sipped our drinks in silence. After a short time Bobby told me how turned on she had been knowing I was watching the whole thing through the camera.

After another minute of quite she said “To bad we don’t have a movie camera, this might be the only time I let you take pictures or movies of me”.

Now she has me all wound up, and I’m actually thinking of trying to find an electronics store to buy one, knowing somewhere in the small part of my brain that my dick hadn’t taken all the blood away from that no store would be open at that time. Then it dawned on me, and I said “You know, Ted and Julie had a camcorder down at the pool today, maybe they’ll let us borrow theirs”.

Bobby said “Oh, we couldn’t do that. They’d have to know why we would want to use a movie camera for at this time of night. I’d be too embarrassed to ask”.

I said “Don’t worry about it; we’ll never see these people again after tomorrow”.

I picked up the phone, dialed the front desk and asked for Ted’s room.

Julie picked up the phone and all of a sudden I was the one that was too embarrassed to ask, so after stammering something stupid I asked to talk to Ted. I told him that we would like to use their camcorder and Ted started laughing, I heard him call out to Julie why we were calling, and I could hear her laughing in the background. Finally he calmed down enough to say sure, we could use it. He gave me their room number and we hung up.

When I got up and started hobbling to the door, Bobby said that maybe she had better go. The way I was walking she’d be an old maid before I got back. I agreed with her and said I’d fix a couple of drinks while she went. After slipping her dress back on she left.

It seemed that she was gone forever, and I seriously thought about jacking off to put myself out of my misery. Twenty five minutes later Bobby opened the door and right in back of her was Ted and Julie. Bobby saw my surprise and quickly said that they knew what we wanted the camera for and that we could make a much better movie if we had someone else to hole the camera.

Julie piped up and said that Ted was a great camera man, and if it would make us feel a little more at ease we could watch a few minutes of a movie Ted had done a few days before, but only if I made them a drink first. While I made drinks, Ted hooked the camera up the TV. We all sat on the bed, and Ted hit the play button.

Bobby and I couldn’t believe what we were seeing, Julie was lying on her back, and Ted was lying between her legs with his face buried in her pussy. The shot was taken from to far away to get a really good look at Ted’s face and what he was doing, but you knew from the look on Julie’s face and the sounds she was making that she was real close to orgasm. I all of a sudden felt my wife’s hand on my upper leg, inching closer to my cock with every move. I looked at Bobby and she was riveted to the screen, all of a sudden her eyes got twice as big as normal, when I looked back at the TV screen I could see why, Ted was standing in front of Julie who was sitting on the edge of the bed, he had his cock in his hand, rubbing it back and forth. It had to be an honest twelve to thirteen inches long. Julie was leaning forward and starting to lick the tip, this is when Ted stood up and turned the movie off.

Ted turned to us and said that now we shouldn’t be embarrassed because we had seen all they had to show. Bobby and I just sat there not knowing what to do or say. Julie said she had an idea haw to get us started, she moved over and sat next to Bobby and told me to stand up. She then told me to stand in front of Bobby and for Ted to get the camera rolling. When Bobby looked at her she told her to pull my pants down and show Ted what I had.

What I had was the biggest hard on of my life. Julie slid my pants down to my ankles and started rubbing my cock, instantly a big drop of pre- come formed on the end of my dick. Bobby pulled me to her and licked just the tip, then took the head into her mouth and ran her tongue around and around, Ted still had the camera hooked to the TV so I could watch my wife giving me a blow job like a real movie. I was still watching the screen when a pair of hands reached around and pulled the straps off my wife’s shoulders and lowered her dress down off her breasts, I knew they had to be Julie’s hand and when they started to rub Bobby’s tit’s that’s all I could take, I started cumming and after all I had seen and been treated to this night it felt like I was pumping a gallon of sperm into Bobby’s mouth. She was swallowing as fast as she could, but it wasn’t fast enough, I watched on the screen as little drops of cum started dripping out of both corners of her mouth.

I slumped to the bed and sat there knowing I had never had an orgasm like that in my life. Ted said maybe I should use the camcorder while he made another drink. I turned to where the wives were and saw that Julie was sucking on Bobby’s still bear breasts, I could see a couple of drops of my sperm that had dripped onto Bobby’s tit’s, and Julie was busy licking every drop she could find.

When Ted came back into the room he watched our wives for a second, and then asked if Bobby had ever eaten another woman’s pussy before and I said not that I knew about. He suggested that she have a go at Julie’s while I filmed them. “It’s sound good to me if Bobby’s game” I said.

Both women stood up and took their dresses off. Bobby left her garter and nylons on while Julie was completely naked. Julie lay on her back and Bobby got on her hands and knees and started tenderly licking Julie’s pussy.

Ted suggested that I get up by Julie’s head for a better shot. He was right. I watched through the camera lens as my wife would run her tongue up and down and between Julie’s pussy lips, then she’d suck on Julie’s clitoris till Julie was on the verge of coming. This was the greatest movie I’d ever seen and it got better when I felt Julie pull me over till I was straddling her face, she used one hand to stroke my cock while she lick my balls.

Ted was behind my wife now running his hand up and down her slit. He said he never felt a pussy that was wetter then my wife’s. He got down behind her and started to eat her pussy. She immediately started moaning into Julie’s cunt. Now I’m still watching all this through the camera, and I’m hard as a rock again. Julie keeps stroking my dick and now she is alternating between licking my balls and licking my asshole, I’m going crazy.

Ted stands up, takes his pants off and with about three strokes of his cock it’s as big or bigger then it looked in the movie. He starts rubbing it against my wife’s pussy and she starts pushing back against him. She finally lifts her head and pleads with Ted to stick it in which he immediately does. Julie’s crying out that she’s cumming, Ted’s pounding into my wife as hard and fast as he can, I know I’m about to cum again and Julie must sense it because she starts jacking me off with abandon and to set me over the edge she sticks her finger all the way up my ass. I instantly start shooting jet after jet of cum all over her chest and stomach.

When I’m done I move down to where I can get a good shot of Ted’s mammoth cock screaming in and out of Bobby’s bare pussy. As she mutters that she’s cumming Ted pulls his dick out and pumps his load all over my wife’s butt and back.

We all collapse onto the bed and I finally turn the camera off. After awhile Ted and Julie dress and start to leave. We exchange addresses and they promise to send us a copy of the tape. We also make a deal to exchange any new movies we make in the future.

I know the first thing I’m going to do when we get home is to go out and buy a new camcorder.

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