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A Safe Place

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Franklin sighed heavily as the phone on his desk rang loudly. He had just been promoted to a management position in the sales firm he worked at, and after a long day of wrangling unwilling underlings, the last thing he wanted to do was take another phone call. But duty was duty, so he picked it up.

“Hey, babe!” The chipper voice on the other end of the line made him smile. Hope always seemed to know when he needed cheered up. “I just wanted to make sure the man I love isn’t working himself to death,” she teased.

He laughed tiredly. “Not quite, sweetie. But close to it. I actually think I’ll head home soon.”

“That’s good, real good,” she said. “After all, I’ve got plans for you, and I’d just hate it if you were too tired to play along.”

Franklin felt his cock stir. After five years of marriage, she could still awaken his imagination with just a flirty tone. “I guess I’d better put this paperwork aside for the day,” he said, and blew her a kiss through the phone.

As he slipped through the door of the apartment they shared about 30 minutes later, he felt a small, delicate pair of hands slip around his waist, as hope pulled him backward into a hug.

“Hey, babe.” He smiled and relaxed into the hug, reaching a hand up to caress her cheek.

“Hey, stud.” She slipped around to hug him from the front, smiling up at him. She was 5 foot 5 inches, and they both loved that he stood a good 6 inches taller. He leaned down to plant a long, tender kiss on her lips.

She was wearing a form-fitting black dress that clung to each and every curve, and ended just below her crotch, hinting at what he would find underneath. His cock grew hard as he pressed against her, and she moaned into his mouth, but pulled back with a twinkle in her eye.

“Not today, stud.” He looked confused, but she smiled. “I’ve got something different in mind for you today.” With that, she patted his butt and ushered him out of the hallway and toward the bedroom. “Get in there and relax, and I’ll be right in.”

A few minutes later he had shed his clothes and lay on the bed, eyes half-closed, breathing slowly. He started slowly fondling his cock, growing semi-hard while wondering what his sexy wife had in mind this time.

Before long, she entered the bedroom with swaying hips and sparkling eyes, her chestnut hair up in an attractive bun. He loved when she wore her hair that way, because it showed off her delicate neck. She crawled seductively on top of him, planting kisses up from his belly to his chest, and wrapping her fingers around his cock, squeezing gently.

“Mmm, I’ve missed this!” She slid her hand slowly up and down his cock, fingers tightening and loosening. She slid down his body and took him into her mouth, and he moaned quietly.

But after a few minutes of expert tongue work, she let him slip out of her mouth with a pop, and leaned to whisper in his ear: “Roll over, stud.”

He wasn’t sure what she was up to, but he was enjoying himself so far, so he rolled over onto his stomach, faking a grunt of exertion. She ran her fingertips along his shoulders, relaxing him, then playfully swatted his butt. But he didn’t expect what came next – one fingertip slid between his butt cheeks and started massaging his asshole in gentle circles.

He twitched a bit, and started to move away, but she kept massaging, and whispered again in his ear.

“Just trust me, love. Okay?” He eyed her uncertainly, but stopped moving away. She slid the tip of her finger into his sphincter, and he moaned. Ever so slowly, she inserted it up to the base knuckle, and he couldn’t help but clench down.

“Just relax,” she told him soothingly. “I’ll be gentle, I promise.” And with that, she started to slowly finger-fuck him. He moaned loudly, feeling the unusual intrusion, and instinctively trying to push her finger out. But after a while, he found himself able to breathe more slowly, and concentrated on relaxing as she slid her finger in and out. She smiled, seeing him make the effort.

“That’s my good boy,” she cooed, and he felt the tip of a second finger probe his slightly-spread anus. Soon she was knuckle-deep with two fingers, fucking him faster.

He was so distracted from the new sensations that he didn’t hear her arranging something with her free hand, so it came as a surprise when she withdrew her fingers and pressed her bodyweight on top of him.

She breathed seductively on his ear, then nibbled it. “I can’t let you get too loose,” she whispered. “Or else I won’t have much fun doing this.” She pressed something cold, hard and wet to his asshole, biting his ear again.

He tried to squirm away but she held him down with her weight on his back. “Shh, baby, just relax. I want to fuck your tight, manly ass with my strap-on!”

He had never been into ass-play before, but the way she said those words made his still-hard cock jump, and he took a deep breath.

“Just … babe, just, you know.” He didn’t usually have trouble communicating during sex, but this was something new, and his brain hadn’t quite processed it entirely yet.

She giggled. “I’ll be gentle, stud. I know you’re not used to taking it up the ass.”

With that, she started to push slowly but insistently against his rosebud, until the lubed-up head of her strap-on entered him.

He groaned loudly, and in spite of himself, tried to pull away. It felt a lot bigger in his ass than her fingers had, and it hurt in a way he had never experienced. “Babe, it hurts!” he grunted, clutching the side of the mattress.

She rubbed his side comfortingly, not moving any deeper, but not taking it out. “Just relax,” she told him. “You’ll adjust.” She slid a hand underneath him to fondle his cock, and he tried to breathe deeply and relax. Her hand fondling his cock soon distracted him from the pain in his ass, and it took him by surprise when she trust deeper. But this time it didn’t hurt, and it felt strangely proper the way her strap-on filled his ass.

He wasn’t able to think about it long, though, because she was still rubbing his cock and balls with her delicate fingers. “That’s it, lover,” she encouraged. “How does it feel, getting fucked in the ass by your wife?”

He was surprised by his own response. “It’s great,” he moaned. “Push it deeper.” He could almost hear the smile in her voice.

“That’s my big boy,” she said, and started thrusting harder and faster. He groaned and clenched the mattress tighter.

As his ass loosened up, the fucking became more and more pleasurable. Without realizing it, he started to lift his ass to meet her thrusts. Hope noticed, however, and reacted with glee. “My husband’s offering his ass to be fucked,” she crowed, and spanked him, hard. Franklin winced, but wiggled his ass for more. He had never realized this side of himself before, but something inside of him loved to be vulnerable to his wife like this, as she stood behind him and made him take it in the ass.

She slowed her thrusts, and leaned over him, pressing her breasts against his bare back. “Tell me what you want,” she whispered.

Franklin grunted, feeling embarrassed. He knew it was absurd, given that she had him on all fours and was fucking him in his asshole, but he still couldn’t bring himself to ask for it out loud.

“Come on, baby,” she urged. “We both know what you want. Tell me, and I’ll give it to you.”

He wiggled his ass more, arching his back. “I want more,” he managed to force out, then continued. “I want you to fuck my ass hard, and spank me, and make me take it for you.” He thrust back onto her cock, knowing she was smiling wide behind him, loving his pleas.

“Please, Hope. Own my ass, and make me cum!”

At that, she drove into him hard, making him yell into the pillow, and spanked his butt so hard it stung. “That’s right, lover boy, I own this ass!” She thrust in again, smacking his ass rapidly and squeezing his cock hard. “By the time I’m done with you, you won’t be able to sit down without thinking about how fucked this asshole is, and who fucked it for you.”

He moaned loud, feeling his balls tightening. “Fuck me harder,” he begged, spreading his legs to allow her better access. “Show me who’s the boss!”

She drove in deep, pounding his asshole relentlessly. “That’s right, husband,” she told him fiercely. “I’m the boss here, and from now on, I’m going to fuck you like this whenever I want!”

Her words drove him over the edge, and his cock exploded with a stream of cum as he arched his back more, loving how she fucked him. She pounded him harder as he came, spanking him even harder than before.

“Oh yeah, cum for me baby!” She grabbed his hips and drove in one more time, then let her dildo slip out of his ass before it became painful, as his cock softened.

She rubbed his back gently as he breathed deeply, coming to terms with what had just happened. Finally, he turned and looked her in the eyes. “What brought that on?” he questioned.

She kissed his lips, looking back into her eyes. “You’re always having to be the boss, with your new job and everything,” she explained. “I thought it might help you relax to let me be the boss for a while.” She grinned. “Besides, you’ve got a great ass!”

He laughed quietly. “You’re right, it did help me. Thanks for making me try something new, love.”

She grinned even wider, an impish look entering her eyes. “So, when can we do it again? I love seeing my strong husband on all fours, begging to get fucked!”

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