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A Promise is a Promise

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Martin sat in the dark of his bedroom and stared out the window into the night. His modest home where he and his wife June had raised their 3 children was quiet now. He could hear June breathing softly in her sleep. The dog rustled and snorted in his sleep but Martin was still awake.

He was nearing retirement and the accounting of his retirement capital wasn’t looking too good. Though he had worked consistently and hard through his 40+ years of employment, the money just did not seem to stick to his savings account.

Having just past his 60th birthday, with the kids all gone, Martin was feeling glum. A clinical psychologist might even suggest that he was suffering from a mild form of depression and suggest one of several medications that might perk him up.

Despite his depression, Martin was glad that he was physically fit. The years had been good to him and the boys had always kept him busy supporting their athletic endeavors. He could still curl his arm and see muscles in his bicep, triceps and across his chest. He tensed his muscles in the light of the moon as it shown through the window.

“Martin? Are you coming to bed?” June asked.

He had just fucked her. He used to make love to her but now, he just fucks her. It is pleasant enough and enjoyable but a bit one sided.

“Just a minute, I’m thinking …” his voice trailed off.

A few years earlier, Martin had found out that June was faking orgasms. Worse yet, she had told her best friend Helen and that was how Martin had found out. He overheard the entire conversation. His wife was faking orgasms. Martin had listened as she confided in Helen that she had lost interest in sex but did not want to disappoint Martin. She often faked her orgasm. How often? She didn’t know but clearly it was the vast majority of the time they had sex. Between her expectation that their sex life would wane throughout their 50’s and Martin’s knowledge of the faked orgasms, their sex life went down hill from those well intentioned lies.

Martin sighed as he remembered how he had been determined to confront June and then chickened out at the last minute. Instead, their love making receded and the fucking maintained. Where, in years previous, they were all over each other 5 times a week, now they had dispassionate sex twice a month. June had noticed the decline and wondered where their sex life had gone but assumed that it was just the way it was meant to be.

Martin looked out the second floor window again and. Two young lovers walked by stopping to kiss. The man grabbed the girl’s ass and lifted her up into his arms. Martin’s loins stirred and he felt his manhood grow even though he had just shot a load into his wife 20 minutes previous. He smiled and thought to himself “You ain’t dead yet!”

He looked back to June and watched her ample bosom rise and fall in her sleep filled breathing. Pulling back the covers from his naked wife, he admired her thick nipples and her large areolas. June’s breasts had always been her best attribute. After nursing their third child for 13 months, she considered having a breast reduction. Martin gently explained that they just didn’t have that kind of cash in the bank and the health insurance certainly wasn’t going to pay for it. Martin cupped her right breast and her nipple instinctively hardened and thickened. June had always had killer nipples. She refused to go anywhere without a thick bra to hide her nipples. It had only taken one time as a teenager for her to go without a bra. Her breasts were the desire of every guy and the envy of every girl as her nipples poked out. In their more adventurous days, Martin thought it would be fun to measure just how far they poked out. June did not find this fun or funny and refused him when he came forward with his ruler.

Looking at him with skepticism, she said “Look mister, you can measure me if I can measure you!”

She had expected him to be embarrassed but he wasn’t and gladly dropped his pants. He measured 9 and ¾ inches long. It was a very big dick but since June had never seen any other dicks, she didn’t know how good she had it. Martin had smiled as he measured her left and then her right nipple. His tongue licked his lips and announced “a bit more than 1 inch, dear”. To that she said “So what” and marched off. She continued to be embarrassed about her breasts and her nipples and refused to wear any of the lingerie that he bought for her.

He fell asleep stroking her breast and holding her in his arms.

** ** **

A promise was a promise and Sandy was holding her father to his promise. A seven day Western Caribbean cruise for Sandy and her best friend Kay on Norwegian Cruise Lines’ biggest boat was hers if she could pull off straight As in her spring and summer semesters. The spring semester grades were delivered in June and were all A’s. The summer grades were in and Sandy couldn’t contain herself as she opened the envelope. She started screaming as she looked down the page and her father’s eyes looked heavenward as he became resigned to the fact that a promise was a promise. It wasn’t the money as he had plenty of that. It was the principle that he had to bribe his daughter to do well in school.

Sandy grabbed her cell and called Kay immediately. They had been friends for ever or at least since they were in first grade. While Sandy toiled at Penn State, Kay worked at Joe Jones Bar-B-Que waiting tables. Kay attended the local community college during the day as it was the best she could afford. Sandy bounded up the wide hardwood steps to her room and dove on the bed as the call connected.

“Hi! I’ve been thinking of you!” answered Kay.

“You have? That’s soooo cool because I was thinking of you too!”

“What about?”

“I got my grades today! Allllll AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAs! We’re going on a cruise! You and me!!”

“I don’t believe it! Wow! Are you sure that your father is going to do this?”

“A promise is a promise, Kay and he is good for it. Don’t you worry your pretty little head!!”

Everything was already picked out; the cruise line, the cabin, and the excursions. As Sandy said, the only thing left to do was to go shopping for some “cruise clothing”.

** ** **

June came in the door with a stack of envelops from the post box. She quickly flipped through them throwing most in the trash. The rest she tossed on the small kitchen table where Martin sat reading the newspaper. It was a typical Saturday morning. Martin looked up at his wife. He eyed her conservative outfit and imagined the buttons on her high-collared shirt dissolving in front of his eyes. He mentally pushed her shirt apart revealing her large breasts held up by a lace demi bra that gently squeezed her breasts together creating a 7 inch long cleavage. His mind had her tilting her shoulders forward seductively and sliding out of the bra, her heavy breasts hanging down, her nipples hardening before his eyes. Martin felt his cock thicken at the thought of those big tits and big areolas and especially, those long and thick nipples. His eyes blinked. That was the image that he wanted. June standing there with her shirt open and a sensual and sexy demi bra tossed to the side while her big breasts hung down tipped by long and thick brown nipples. He decided that if she were standing there like that and were to cross her arms in front of her, her breasts would hang over her arms. What a sight that would be. His cock was now a heavy bulge in his pants.

June had turned around and Martin appraised her ass. Certainly her ass was big but not wide. For a woman with such a formidable chest as June’s, her ass was not quite proportional. June brought over a cup of coffee to the table and awoke Martin from his daydreaming.

“What were you staring at, honey?” She asked sweetly.

“Oh ummm your beautiful curves mesmerized me, June”.

June blushed at the comment and then realized that she had kept an envelop that she should have thrown away. The outside was bright yellow and with red letters it stated: YOU MAY HAVE WON A SUPER PRIZE!”

She smiled at the term “may” and knew well that it was much more likely that she “may not” have won a super prize.

Martin had come fully out of his daydream “Why do you insist on wasting your time with those things?”

“Some I fill out and some I don’t. You know I like yellow so this one I’ll look at. Besides it is probably nothing but I like the suspense”

“I’ll BET it is nothing.”

“No” she smiled, “I’ll bet it’s nothing, you bet it is something. What do you want to bet?”

Martin chuckled. “Ok, if you won something more than $10, you’ll sit on my lap and show me your breasts”

“Martin! How dare you!” she blushed again.

“Come on, you know that it is nothing. So, what do you want if it is nothing and it better be small as it is the most likely outcome!”

She giggled. “I’d really like to go out for an ice cream tonight. So, if it is nothing, let’s go to Friendly’s and get a hot fudge sundae.”

Martin pretended to think it over and then laughed and nodded ascent.

June ripped open the envelop and her jaw dropped.

“What?” asked Martin.

He got silence back.

“What??” he asked more strenuously as her green eyes scanned the page.

“We ummm won a cruise to the Western Caribbean”

“You’re not serious. You’re just teasing me!”

“I am serious, look!”

Martin read over her shoulder. Indeed, they had won a fully paid trip on Norwegian Cruise Lines’ biggest ship. They had to respond in 3 days to take advantage of the airfare. Martin read the fine print and though he was skeptical, he could find no “gotchas” within the document.

He sat down on the couch. “Hey! I won the bet! Come here sexy!”

June’s heart was beating out of her chest with excitement. She had never dreamed that they would go on a cruise. “You’re not really going to hold me to that silly bet, are you?”

Martin smiled “A promise is a promise and a bet is a promise to make good”

June straddled Martin’s thighs on the couch and slowly unbuttoned her top buttons. Martin worked from the bottom up and they met in the middle. He sighed as he awaited his prize.

Martin was gravely disappointed when June pulled apart her shirt revealing a bra that could possibly be used as a bullet proof Kevlar vest! There was nothing to see. Then, June was kind enough to reach behind her and unclasp the bra and lift the front. Her tits popped free and Martin grabbed a handful of each tit and rubbed June’s nipples and smiled like a kid in a candy store. They extended and Martin lifted the heavy tit to his mouth and sucked in her nipple. He followed suite with the other and enjoyed every second.

June stroked his face and stopped him with her hand. “Enough, honey, I have things to do today!”

Martin’s disappointment was written all over his face. The kid in the candy store was just told that he’d have to buy candy on some other day.

“Honey, that bra seems awful big, is it the right size?”

“Of course it is. It fits fine”

“Well, ummm what size is it?”

“You are so silly. Why do you care? I’m a 40F and I really should have gotten that breast reduction surgery.” June climbed off his lap and within seconds, her bra and shirt was returned to their previous place.

** ** **

Sandy picked up Kay and drove to the mall. Kay Sandy was vivacious, outgoing and gregarious while Kay tended to be quiet and unassuming. Their first stop was at Hecht’s department store. Sandy picked out several outfits to try on while Kay had only one. As they tried them on, Sandy noticed two boys leering at them from the round racks near the dressing room. Guiding Kay, she picked out several cruise wear outfits and marched to the cashier.

Kay followed but sputtered “What are you doing? I can’t afford those clothes!”

“Don’t worry about it, we’ll try them on at your house where we can get some peace and return those that you don’t want.”

Kay nodded and followed Sandy out the door in a whirlwind.

On the way back to Kay’s house, Sandy complained bitterly about the boys spying on them. “Ever since I broke up with Todd Jackson, boys have been hitting on me and driving me crazy. I’m tire of boys … I want a man. I want someone experienced”

The wind blew back Sandy’s soft blond hair as Kay nodded in agreement.

After Sandy had pulled into Kay’s driveway, Kay looked at her best friend. “What happened between you and Todd?”

It was a direct question of the kind that Sandy didn’t like. Kay was her best friend but she still struggled with what to tell her. She nodded toward the house and Kay knew that the conversation had been postponed until they got inside. Gathering the packages together, they made their way into the modest, blue-collar home. It was clean and neat though none of the furniture matched any other piece of furniture in the house. Kay led the way to her bedroom and shut the door behind Sandy.

“This will be fun! It’ll be like Christmas as we open the boxes and bags of clothing!” Sandy bubbled as she put the bags and boxes on the floor.

“We need to talk”

“What about?”

“You know what about!”

Sandy looked down at the floor a moment and sat on the bed. “Ok, what do you want to know?”

Kay took a deep breath and slowly sat next to her vivacious friend, wrapped an arm around her and leaned in to her ear. “I want to know what happened between you and Todd.”

Tears formed at the corners of Sandy’s eyes, rolled off her long dark eyelashes and fell to her cheeks. She quickly wiped them away. “He’s an ass” She sputtered. “He likes to fuck me and take care of himself and then he is done with me, y’know? He’s just an inconsiderate ass!”

Kay stroked Sandy’s blonde hair and held her. Then she kissed her ear. “Yeah, I know, baby.”

Sandy gulped some air. “I know you know so why do you make me say it? You know he’s an ass. You told me when we started dating; you told me when we broke up the first time and then again when we got back together again.”

“That second time, he had us both fooled sweetie.” Kay spoke calmly and with careful thought.

“It’s so true. We went out for 6 months but the last two months I was so horny. Hell, I hadn’t had an orgasm in the last two months and was beginning to think I was frigid or something.”

“Two months? But weren’t you and Todd going at it just a week ago?”

“We were. But we kept on having these quickies and I wasn’t getting any satisfaction.”

“More than size matters, baby!” Kay laughed.

“Todd is pretty big Kay. He is big and thick but geez, you would think it would be easy to satisfy a girl with that big tool but he didn’t satisfy me, that’s for sure.”

Kay could feel her wet pussy dripping onto her thigh.

“Well, I just like to be treated right.”

“In other words, you’re not a whore”

“Yeah … I’m not a whore; I’m a high priced whore!”

They both giggled and laughed. Sandy began unwrapping the clothes and organizing them by type as she talked. Kay kneeled in front of her friend and helped with the clothes. In one pile, they stacked shorts and T-shirts. In another pile were 4 tiny bathing suits. The last two piles were high heeled shoes, bras and bed time lingerie.

Sandy tossed her blond hair over her shoulder and continued. “Do you think this black negligee will look good on me?”

“I don’t know. It has a nice V neck that will show off your boobs but who are you trying to impress? Me?” Kay laughed as she said it.

“Given that I’m horny as hell and would probably fuck a pencil right now, you aren’t a bad one to impress!!”

Both girls laughed.

Kay picked up a dark blue, lacy demi-cup bra. “Whose is this?”

“It’s ours, silly!”

“It’s the wrong size, Sandy, it’s a 34C”

Sandy looked at it and the other bras. They were all 34C. She smiled. “Ok, you caught me. I bought bras that were a bit too small. I just think it would be nice to have our breasts pushed up a bit and the 34 D and double D’s are like ummm over the shoulder boulder holders … y’know? They weren’t as sexy as the 34C’s”

Kay giggled. “Well, we’d better try them on as my bras are all crap and won’t work with these spaghetti-strap dresses you bought!”

Sandy stood and turned away from Kay. She took off her shirt and then her bra. Kay could see the sides of Sandy’s breasts as she put on the dark blue, lacy demi-cup bra. When Sandy turned back around her tanned and taut stomach led up to her full tits bulging over the top of her bra. Her nipples were jutting out of the lace material and Kay involuntarily licked her lips.

“Is it too tight?” Sandy asked as she hefted her tits with the palms of her hands. “What do you think?”

Kay stood and looked. Smiling slightly, she replaced Sandy’s hands with her own and hefted the soft and heavy globes covered by the silky lace. “Well, I think they are tight but it will do. It is very sexy. I love how your nipples stick out.”

Sandy smiled. She could actually smell her friend’s juices now. “Kay, you should try one on, too!” Sandy bent over and picked up a red bra and thong. “Put these on and let’s see what they look like!”

Kay turned away from her friend and stripped off her pants and wet panties discreetly tossing them in her hamper. She bent slightly and Sandy giggled at her friend’s crack even though much of her bottom was hidden by her oversized shirt. She pulled up the thong and took off her top. She put her arms through the bra, held the cups to her breasts and then reached around back to clasp but Sandy’s hands were there to clasp the bra. Her fingers were warm on Kay’s back.

Kay turned around to face her friend and Sandy gasped. “You look amazing! That bra on you is so sexy!”

Kay’s body did indeed look amazing. She had thin and tight thighs and soft smooth calves. The cut on the thong made her legs look long and sexy. The bra was tight on the bust but fit around her chest. The tightness on the bust pushed her tits up and the thin material did nothing to hide her hard nipples. The crotch of the thong was already parting her wet pussy lips. The only problem was that Kay’s crotch was not shaved.

“Your pubes have to go but boy, you are gorgeous!” Sandy smiled as she continued to heft her friend’s tits, one and then the other. “Mmmm whatever guy gets his hands on these is one lucky guy!”

“How do you know it will be a guy?” Kay giggled.

“Would you do a woman?” asked Sandy as she squeezed Kay’s tits.

“Depends on the woman. I suppose if the circumstances were right, I’d do a woman. Have you ever … you know … done a woman?”

“No but I’ve always been curious.” Sandy smiled and leaned in closer to her friend. She reached around back with both her arms which pressed their breasts together. “I suppose we should take these bras and panties off or we’ll wear them out before the cruise!”

Giggling, Kay reached around Sandy too and their breasts pressed even more together until the two young women were in an intimate hug. With the clasps undone, they both let the bras fall to the floor. Free from their confines, the breasts touched and they reveled in the feel of the warmth and the hardness of each other’s nipples. Sandy kissed her friend’s neck and then kissed her collar bone. Her hands roamed down Kay’s back to her ass as she grasped Kay’s butt cheeks. “Mmmm you have such a firm ass.”

Kay said nothing but held Sandy close until Sandy’s tiny kisses reached her mouth. There, she opened up and slid her tongue into Sandy’s mouth with an eagerness that surprised both of them.

Their tongues played and Kay could feel her juices flowing around the thong and down her thigh to her knee.

They separated and were embarrassed by what had just happened. Kay took off her thong. “So, you uhhh think I should shave the bush?”

Sandy smiled. “Yes, definitely shave the bush. Let me see how much you have there.”

Sandy kneeled by her friend and stroked the pubic hair. Without warning, she slid two fingers between Kay’s legs and up her soaked pussy. “Yeah … shave this pussy but do it later.”

Kay groaned and almost lost her balance. She grabbed the bureau to hold herself up and parted her legs and closed her eyes. “Why later?”

Sandy had her thumb teasing Kay’s thick clit. Her thumb begged it to come out and play and it did. It elongated like a little cock. Sandy grinned. “Yeah …. Let’s wait on shaving. I’m having too much fun right now.”

She pushed her fingers deeper and began rhythmically fucking Kay with her fingers. Kay eased herself onto her bed and spread her legs wide. Sandy sucked Kay’s nipples as her fingers continued their assault on Kay’s pussy. It didn’t take long before Kay was humping 3 of her friend’s fingers screaming “yeah! Fuck me! Yeah! Fuck me hard!”

As Kay climaxed she sat straight up in her bed and then slammed her herself right back down again screaming “Oh god! Oh god!! This feels so gooood!”

Sandy climbed into the twin bed with her friend and held her. She kissed her neck, her cheeks and her ears before kissing her softly on the lips.

Kay smiled “I’ve never cum like that, Sandy! Never!” She kissed Sandy back hard on the lips. Their tongues intertwined again and Kay’s hands were everywhere on Sandy. She was pinching Sandy’s nipples and grabbing Sandy’s ass. She pushed Sandy away and her lips dove onto Sandy’s nipples sucking them in hard. Sandy groaned! Her tongue swirled around each nipple and sucked it in again. Kay’s hands pried Sandy’s legs apart and Kay moved into the space. She kissed down Sandy’s tummy and across her hipbones. She found Sandy’s pussy clean shaven except for a small vertical patch right above her clit.

Kay leaned in and loved the smell of Sandy’s pussy. Her tongue flicked out and she licked her friend’s clit. At first she was gentle and licked from side to side and then up and down. She watched her friend’s movements and monitored which movements Sandy liked. She discovered that Sandy loved the up and down movement of Kay’s tongue on both her clit and her pussy lips. Sandy’s pussy lips were thick and full, much fuller than Kay’s. Kay licked the full length of her lips. Then she sucked one in and Sandy shuddered. Kay knew that Sandy was on the edge of climax. She continued licking up and down and then clamped her mouth over Sandy’s clit and began to suck. Kay had sucked several cocks and sucked Sandy’s clit similarly. She increased the pressure on Sandy’s clit and then slipped 3 fingers inside Sandy’s cunt.

“ohhhh Kay … you’re killing me!!”

Kay stroked the inside walls of Sandy’s pussy while keeping up the pressure on her clit. In and out she pushed and then around and around soaking Sandy’s pussy lips. Sandy groaned again and Kay thought how this was more fun doing it to someone else. Sandy humped Kay’s fingers and then grabbed Kay’s hand and began fucking her fingers. She cried out and felt her toes curl as a climax washed over her. She grunted and fell back onto the bed.

“Kay … that was fantastic … I haven’t cum like that in a long long time!”

Kay smiled as she watched Sandy rub her own pussy lips. She needed something else. It was a great climax but she just wanted something else and Kay knew it.

“Kay, do you have a dildo or a vibrator?”

Kay shook her head, no.

“Your mother must have one!” Sandy sat up in the bed. “Sure, I bet she does! Every woman her age has a vibrator or a dildo!”

“Sandy, are you crazy! If she did have one, wouldn’t that be gross to be fucking the same dildo that was in my mother? I can’t even think of my mother having a dildo!!”

“Kay, I’d fuck a carrot or a cucumber but I need something in my pussy!”

Kay ran into her mother’s room. It was immaculate. She chewed her finger for a moment as she wondered where a vibrator might be. She looked in the bedside table drawers.

There was nothing there. After a quick examination of her mother’s top dresser drawer, behind some panties, she found 3 vibrating dildos in the back. There was a small cream colored one, a medium red one, and a large purple one. She carefully put back the underwear and ran back to where her friend lay with two fingers sliding in and out of her cunt.

“Holy shit, Kay, your mom must be amazing! Look at the size of that big purple one!”

They reclined across from each other on the bed with their ankles locked and their legs spread wide and the 3 vibrators between them. Sandy took the middle one and turned it on. Its hum was quiet as she put it to her clit and sighed. She worked it around spreading her swollen and engorged pussy lips until they were able to accept the head of the vibe. Leaning back, she began to slowly fuck herself with it. “Mmmm now that feels nice after that wonderful fuck you gave me!” Sandy’s eyes became slits.

Kay grabbed the little vibe but Sandy moved and stopped her “Try the big one … I dare you!”

Kay smiled and grabbed the purple vibe and turned it on. It had a low, throaty hum as she pressed it against her pussy lips. Sandy watched fascinated as the head pushed past the lips. Sandy kept pumping her pussy and talking nasty to Kay and Kay loved it.

“Yeah, that’s it. Push that big cock inside you.”

“OHhh Sandy … it is sooooo big!! I feel like I’m going to explode!”

“Yeah, you’re a dirty slut … look at you … you dirty slut fucking the biggest thing you can find. Push it in … push it all the way …” she reached forward and began fucking Kay with the vibrating dildo and Kay let go and let her. Sandy was fucking them both until she let go of her own vibrator and stuck a finger in Kay’s ass.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!! OH FUCK!!” Kay was racked by a double orgasm that had her humping up in the air and gasping for breath.

When Kay caught her breath, she looked at Sandy. “You are funny doing that to me!! You’re going to get it now!” Kay tackled Sandy and both girls were giggling until Sandy felt the head of the purple vibe push past her pussy lips. Within moments it was in and Kay was fucking Sandy with the vibe and writhing on two of Kay’s finger buried deep in Sandy’s ass.

Sandy was gasping for air when she heard the sound of the garage door opening. Peeking out of the window, Kay saw her mother’s car coming up the driveway.

Kay stood next to her friend and pulled her close. She kissed her full on the lips. “I’ve got to get these vibes back.”

It only took seconds and the girls had quickly thrown on their clothes. “I guess we should get these tried on and half of mine returned as I just can’t afford them.” Said Kay.

Sandy smiled, kissed her friend on the lips. “You are not buying anything. It’s my treat!”

Kay sighed and thought of arguing but it never seemed to do any good.

** ** **

Martin and June boarded the cruise ship and found their way to their room. It was down on a lower deck but Martin had insisted that it have a port window. He looked out onto the water as relief from the small room. June came over and sat next to him and rubbed his thigh. She showed him a paper with a list of excursions.

“We have to pick some things to do, Martin. We can’t just stay in our room the whole time we’re here”

He smiled. He loved her but he was missing something. He ached for more sexual contact but could not find a way to tell her without hurting her feelings. The fact was that he COULD stay in the room the entire vacation and fuck her every other hour of the day. Even right now, she was wearing a shirt that buttoned up to her neck but her breasts were so full and heavy that Martin was distracted.

“Martin? Hello?”

“Oh, I don’t care, I just want to be with you!”

“OHhhhhh Martin!” she sighed and hugged him.

He could feel her heavy breasts press against his chest and he clung to her a bit longer than they normally did.

“ooo Martin!” She giggled. “Is that a banana in your pocket or are you happy to see me? I guess that means that you would like to have the couples sensual massage excursion?”

He nodded as she seductively sat on his lap. She checked off the massage as well as two other excursions and Martin boldly unbuttoned her blouse. Before she could react, he had all the buttons undone except for 2. His hand felt her soft skin on her tummy making her smile as she continued to read the excursions while tapping her pen on her full lips. June put the pen and the excursion list down on the counter and kissed Martin deeply. He felt her tongue snake into his mouth and his thick cock twitch.

She ended the kiss and stood up. Within seconds, she had her blouse buttoned up and tucked into her pants. “Let’s unpack!” she announced brightly and Martin groaned with disappointment but June didn’t notice. She quickly opened their suitcases and began putting pants and shirts away. Martin joined in with his clothes. Suddenly, June’s flurry of activity stopped still. “Martin” she paused “Do you have my small suitcase?”

Martin looked around the small cabin. “No, I don’t remember it. What did you pack in it?”

She gazed off into the distance for a moment to think. “It has all my underwear. You know, my bras and panties plus my swimsuits. Oh no! It also has my formal evening gown! I’ve only got the underwear I’m wearing!”

They searched frantically but could not find the small suitcase. Initially, they blamed the crew of the ship for not bringing it aboard but then as they thought about it, June had left it in her closet at home. They were just going to have to buy some new lingerie and an evening gown for June.

Soon the big cruise ship was out of port and the stores on board were open for shopping. Martin and June found a small but nice clothing store. It was amazing the number of stores they had on this ship. In the lingerie section, a nice young woman from Ukraine came to help them. They explained their situation and how the only bra and panties June had were on her body.

The young woman smiled as it was not an uncommon occurrence. “I’m sure we can help you ma’am. What size do you wear?”

June blushed a little “I’m a 40F, dear. And I’m a medium panty.

She said something in Ukrainian and began rummaging around the bras and panties. She said “Excuse me” and went into the back. When she returned, she had 3 bras and 3 panties in her hand. The bras were the only sized 40F that she had. She was surprised that she even has those. They were lacy and came in black, blue, and red. The panties matched in color as they were from the same manufacturer. Unfortunately for June, they were not her style. June normally wore panties that almost reached her belly button but these were hip huggers. Two had French cut sides while the last, the red one, was a thong.

“I can’t wear those!” she exclaimed and looked to her husband for support but he just shrugged.

They were better than nothing so she grabbed them from the young woman’s hands with a thank you and headed off to the evening gown area. The young woman followed as she was the only person working in the store.

“They are just all too low cut, Martin. I can’t possibly wear them.”

“I think they’re fine” Martin stated calmly. Inside he was jumping for joy. “After all, we know no one on this cruise. There are probably plenty of women wearing gowns with similar styles and you will fit right in.” He looked to the Ukrainian woman for help and she nodded.

“These are pretty popular styles, ma’am. Many people dress a little more ummm what is the word? Provocatively … yes … provocatively since they know no one on the cruise. People do things that they might not do at home ummm precisely because they are not at home.”

June looked at the red dress with the plunging neckline. “Oh what the heck!”

They bought the dress and the undergarments and returned to exploring the ship.

** ** **

Kay and Sandy lay on their beds with their clothes still packed in their bags. Sandy lay on her stomach reading the ship’s daily news report and schedule for the next day. Their room was bigger than Martin and June’s room. Indeed, Sandy’s dad had kept his promise and the last minute reservation meant that they got a small sweet in an exclusive part of the “Fantasy deck.”

“It says here that there are two “dress up” dinners. One is tomorrow night and the other is on Thursday.” Sandy penned her picks for her excursions as she spoke.

“Let’s skip them both” Kay said from the bathroom as she brushed her teeth.

“Oh come on. What an opportunity to wear some of these sexy gowns I got.”

Kay leaned her head out of the bathroom. “What? Are you trying to give some poor old bastard a heart attack?”

“No, but how about some of those cute waiters? Or maybe show the Maitre D some thigh?”

And in the end, the girls decided to at least attend the first dress-up dinner.

** ** **

It was the second night of the voyage and both Martin and June had gotten used to the boat’s gentle movement. Never one to be late, June was ready to go 15 minutes early. Martin emerged from the bathroom in his dark gray suit and red tie to see his wife as he had never seen her before.

She smiled and it was obvious that for once she enjoyed the effect she had on her husband. She wore the red dress with the plunging neckline. Extra material gathered at the bottom of her cleavage and slightly hid her hard nipples from poking out. Underneath, she wore her new red bra and her new red thong. Her long cleavage was gently pressed together by the under wire of the bra creating 7 inches of cleavage. Light freckles sprinkled across her bare chest. Martin reached into a sleeve in his suitcase.

“Honey, I think you look wonderful but you would look much better if you had this around your neck.” He produced the small black box and June opened it with glee. It was a thin gold necklace with a large single diamond in the center of a gold leaf setting. Martin had taken out a small loan from the jewelry store to buy it. “It’s not very expensive but … ”

“Ohhhhhhh Martin!” she swooned hugging him tight. Martin enjoyed the press of her tits on his chest. She put the necklace on and they quickly found their way to the main dining room and their assigned table for 6 by the window.

June chattered away wondering who they might be seated with. As each couple entered the main dining room she whispered to Martin whether they were suitable company or not. Often she would comment on the woman’s dress but then giggle and point out that her own dress was more revealing.

Their salads arrived and both began to think that they would be dining alone. It was then that two young women entered the main dining room. They got the attention of more than Martin and June. They got the instant attention of most of the men in the room followed by their companions!

The Maitre D greeted them politely with a smile. Kay was dressed in a dark blue dress with a flowing edge that was low on her left side at her knee and high on her right side almost to the level of her ass cheek. The dress had a blue sash belt that accentuated her tiny waist and voluptuous chest. The neck was a low scoop revealing her generous bosom and long cleavage. Her lacy matching blue bra showed at the edges giving her a wanton sex appeal. Her long hair was pulled up in a bun on the top of her head. As she walked, her 4 inch heels caused her chest to bounce and each pair of eyes only got more distracted to see Sandy walking behind her.

Sandy’s black dress was tight to her hips and waist and was strapless. Her bra pushed her ample tits up, supporting them almost as if they were on a shelf. Her long legs extended from the tight bottom of the dress down to her 5 inch black pump shoes. Around her neck, she wore a simple white bow tie.

June whispered to Martin. “Look at those two young girls.”

Martin smiled “I am”

She ignored his comment. “They are just sluts, I tell you, sluts! How can their parents let them out of the house like that?”

“I don’t see it as a problem. It’s not like you can see anything.”

At that point, the girls were led right to Martin and June’s table. Immediately, there was a flurry of activity around them as their orders were taken and their salads served.

Martin put his napkin on his lap and realized that his cock was at full attention. He tried to make discreet adjustments but his boxers were wrapped around it awkwardly. He was thankful that June was doing her best to be friendly to these two sluts who were going to be their dining mates for the next several days. After pretending to drop his napkin on the floor, he was able to adjust his thick cock down his pant leg.

** ** **

Martin followed his wife’s ass down the narrow corridor to their room. She continued to prattle on about the girl’s skimpy dresses but now she was at least giving in that the girls had sweet personalities.

“I can’t wait to get out of this dress! And this bra is just too tight!”

Martin smiled as he closed and locked the door behind them. From behind her, he reached out and held his wife’s waist and pulled her to him. His thick cock rested on the top of her ass crack and he leaned his face over her shoulder and kissed her neck. She smelled nice and he sucked her neck as she slowly closed her eyes. His hands roamed up slightly cupping her full tits. She ground her hips back pushing her ass into his cock. He kissed up her neck and licked her earlobes as his fingers played with her already hard nipples.

She turned around out of his hands and smiled. Slowly she slid her left shoulder out of her dress and let it slide down her arm. Then the other slid down revealing her red lacy bra only barely covering her big tits. The dress dropped to the floor and Martin almost fell over with lust.

His conservative wife stood before him in a bright red lacy bra and red lacy thong.

“Honey, if you keep standing there, I’m going to be undressed and you will still be dressed!”

He smiled and began undressing. His pants were tented in front of him and his wife smiled at the sight.

“This thong has been driving me crazy all night. I don’t know how people can wear these things!”

“What did it do, honey?” Martin asked.

She pulled off her thong and tossed it on the bed and then she dropped her bra and stood naked before Martin.

Martin wasn’t too far behind as he quickly dropped his pants, boxers and tossed off his shirt. June lay before him on the bed on her back. Her pussy lips swollen from the evening of her new thong rubbing against her pussy lips. She touched them and felt a shiver go up her spine.

“Maybe we should not do this.”

“Why not??” asked Martin quickly.

“I’m awful sore down there from the thong.”

Martin thought quickly. “Let me take a look and see if I can provide some relief.

Martin kneeled between her legs and kissed her thighs. The kisses were small, soft kisses as he made his way up to her pussy. It was a sight he rarely saw. Normally, she insisted that the lights be off or only a candle or two be lit. In that light, it was hard to see a woman’s dark passages. Her pussy was glistening and the smell attacked Martin’s senses and it was intoxicating. Inches from her pussy, he could see nothing wrong. Her pussy lips were swollen and looked a little tender but also looked perfect for licking. He knew that she would never participate in oral sex. She neither gave nor wanted to receive but Martin was always a persistent man plus she had worn that beautiful dress! His tongue flicked out and tasted her nectar. He did it again and pushed her pussy lips apart. He licked a third time and closed his eyes. This was heaven. She tasted so sweet and his cock bobbed in approval between his legs. Her thick pussy lips moved from side to side as his urgent tongue went higher and higher to her thick clit. It was a large clit and poked out from behind its folds. Martin teased it and flicked it with his tongue.

She groaned “Oh Martin, what are you doing to me??”

He kept up his licking and held his hands firmly on her thighs. The skin was soft to his touch. He wanted her to cum from his tongue. He knew that he could make her cum if she would just continue to let him lick!

“Martin, honey, that feels nice but I’m sore down there from that thong honey.”

He licked harder and his tongue parted her lips and entered her canal. More juices were flowing now and the sensation of her taste drove him crazy.

She tried to close her legs but Martin held on. “Martin, stop! Stop now!”

Martin took a deep breath and backed out from between her legs with his lips, cheeks and nose covered with her juices. His cock throbbed and bobbed in front of him. It’s almost 10 inches in length and thick head was almost obscene.

“Honey, thank you for licking me but you know I don’t like oral sex.” She almost sounded apologetic.

He looked at her on the bed. She was a goddess. Her big breasts and huge nipples jutting out were enough to drive a man mad with desire. She was “all his” but in reality, she rarely allowed anything but missionary style. In their younger days before their marriage, with her tits, his friends envied him. The truth was that, sexually speaking, he would gladly have taken another partner to bed if she was even a bit more adventurous. He didn’t find out about her prudish ways until after they were married.

“Honey, don’t be so sad. Go wash your face and then you can make love to me!”

He washed his face and came out of the tiny bathroom to find her filing her nails naked on the bed.

“You were in there so long that I almost got dressed for the comedy show tonight!”

She spread her legs enough for him to kneel between them. She smiled, reached down for his cock and aimed it at her pussy. He leaned in and her wetness enveloped the head of his cock. Her pussy lips spread and received him deeper. He was so long that he couldn’t push all the way in. Even so, if felt good to be inside her. Her big tits were right in front of him and despite her prudish ways, she didn’t control her nipples and they hardened and thickened. They were tasty morsels at the tips of two great mountains of white, soft-skinned, flesh. He leaned in and she encouraged him. His hips pistoned quickly. He knew that she was not going to cum so he took care of himself and pounded her pussy as best he could with about half of his cock.

Leaning further down, she put a hand around his neck and guided him to her nipple and he sucked it in and began licking. She moaned and groaned but he could tell that she was faking again. He kept his pounding up and felt his cum boil in his balls. It squirted out and deep into her pussy until it ran down her ass crack.

Martin stood up. His 60 year old frame stood strong and taut. His cock hung with its big head more than halfway down his thigh.

“That was wonderful, baby” she cooed.

He smiled knowing that she was lying but no longer caring whether she came or not. She filed her finger nails again … she had her nail file in her hand the whole time! Martin washed his cock, got dressed and told her he’d meet her in the lounge for the comedy show. For now, he needed some time to himself.

** ** ** **

It was Tuesday afternoon. Martin came back to the room later than he had expected. He saw a note from June stating that she was going to the spa. He quickly looked at the excursion list and saw “European Spa treatment — Enjoy the gentle hands of our master masseuse at our European Spa!” He quickly saw a 2 next to the excursion and thought he’d better get his ass up there or June would be very angry with him for missing the European Spa treatment. It cost a lot of money that wasn’t included in the winning tickets. He read the note wrong as the European Spa treatment wasn’t for another two days …

Sandy sat at the reception area on the top floor at the Spa waiting for Kay to finish her pedicure. She had scheduled a massage but the masseuse was sick. She saw the buxom woman from their table the night before come in the foyer and Sandy remembered her name was June. She was wearing an oversized T-shirt with one of those big, thick bras and black spandex pants. Wow, Sandy thought those were big tits! She overheard the woman ask for a manicure and watched as the receptionist check her reservation list and then guided her to a private room where Kay had just started her pedicure a few minutes earlier. A few minutes later, the husband entered and walked right to her.

“Did you see my wife? I think we are supposed to be here for a European Massage. I hope I’m not late.”

Sandy stood up and looked around. “You just missed her. She just went in for a ummm” she knew what June went in for but thought of something better. “Yes, you’re late. Let me take you to the massage room.”

Sandy guided him around the corner right past the open door where his wife and the receptionist were chatting next to Kay. She found the massage room easily enough and was happy to see that the door was unlocked. She wasn’t sure where she was going to go with this. Maybe just goof on the guy a little. Get him to strip down and laugh at him secretly for a while. It could be fun. She’d tease him, give him a look down her shirt and rub her tits on his back and get him hard. That’s what she’d do … get him hard and take his clothes and leave!! No, that would be too mean. Leave his clothes with him but get him rip-roaring hard first!

Once inside he looked at her carefully. She looked young. Her face was silky smooth with no wrinkles or smile lines. Her blonde hair flowed down onto her shoulders. Her eyes were sharp and sparkled. Her lips were full, smooth and had a slight trace of pink lipstick.

Martin’s eyes ventured south. Her breasts were large and full. She had a slight bulge at her tummy and her hips barely flared out at all. Her tan legs seemed longer than her height should allow. She was like a gazelle with long thin legs. She wore a pink top with a low slung V neck. The spaghetti straps and the V neck hid little of her lacy dark pink bra. The top stopped short of her belly and a small hoop was in her belly button. She wore gym shorts that were rolled up at the waist hiking the legs high on her thighs right to her crotch.

“Where’s my wife?” he asked innocently enough.

“She’s getting her European Massage in the other room!”

“Weren’t you at our table last night? I didn’t know they let employees dine with passengers.”

“You are right but we won a prize and got to eat with the passengers last night. I’m sorry, we should have told you. It’s kind of like being a princess for a night for those of us working on the ship! Ok, may I call you Martin?”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

“Ok, Martin, please strip down to your underwear and lie on the table face down.”

Martin stripped down and Sandy reviewed the massage oils. She had many massages at her father’s club before and these oils, mud packs, and rinses were of very good quality. When she turned around, Martin was on his stomach on the table wearing only white briefs.

“Oh, Martin, we’re going to have to take those briefs off. They’ll restrict the blood flow in your skin.”

Martin was about to object when she put a towel over his butt and instructed him to remove his briefs.

She left the towel there with the full intent of taking it off and running out the door at sometime but she hadn’t teased him enough. She stood in front of him where he could see her and reached around behind her back and unfastened her bra strap.

“This bra just gets in the way. You are my first customer today and I forgot to take it off earlier. I hope you don’t mind”.

“No, no, I don’t mind. Whatever makes you comfortable.”

She was able to remove the bra without lifting her shirt. Her nipples hardened and poked out of the soft cotton material. Martin just stared. She put oil on her hands and leaned forward to work his shoulders and upper body. With each stroke of her hands into his shoulders, he watched her breasts wobble and move. They were tanned and fantastic. As they moved under her top, he could see her brown and hard nipples. His erection began to grow.

She moved to the side and began to work the rest of his back. From the height of the table, her breasts rested on the back of his arm and with each movement her nipples scraped his skin the cotton material of her top. She rubbed the oil into the small of his back and slid the towel further down his butt. She edged the towel further and further down. She giggled to herself as she thought of the poor man’s small penis getting hard under there.

Switching modes, Sandy worked on Martin’s legs. She worked up from his calves and as she did, she caught a glimpse of his ball sack. It was bigger than she expected. With her hands on both sides of his thighs, she worked his thigh muscles back and forth. As she did, she bunched this end of the towel right up to the edge of his butt crack. She let her fingernails drag across his balls and heard him gasp and then he adjusted his position. The old guy was getting quite a thrill. She realized as she took a quick break that this was hard work. Martin seemed to have more muscles than she thought a guy his age should have.

Sandy instructed Martin to turn over and she held the towel so that she couldn’t see his private parts. As she laid the towel back down she realized that it hadn’t laid flat. There was a lump and it moved as Martin watched her big tits wobble. It couldn’t be his cock, it was too big.

She rubbed his chest with an apricot spread with her eyes glancing back down to the towel every few seconds. The lump seemed to have grown. She worked the front of his legs getting a much better view of his ball sack. It wasn’t an illusion, it was a very big ball sack.

“What are you doing?” Martin asked as she pushed the towel higher and higher.

Sandy smiled. “This IS a European massage … ”

Her hands rubbed his stomach finding that it wasn’t as flabby as she had expected. She edged the towel down further and reached under it to find a thick and throbbing cock. She moved the cloth back in shock to reveal its length. Martin looked away in embarrassment. She stroked it from the bottom up and her other hand joined the first and still the big thick head poked out. Neither hand could complete the circumference of his hardening meat. The veins were large and made their long crooked journey down to the base. The head was much thicker than the rest and looked purple, the size of a plum.

Sandy leaned over him but she could not reach it with her mouth. She climbed up next to him on the table and got between his legs never letting go of his cock. She looked him in the eye and opened her mouth to take in his cock head. It was big. She stretched her mouth wide and was able to get the top just passed her teeth. She licked and sucked the head as best she could. She put more oil in her hands and began a reverent pounding of his meat. Using both hands on his shaft while licking and sucking of the head, she gave Martin the view of her big tits bounding up and down with each thrust. It didn’t take too long.

The hot sticky cum spewed into her mouth and she sucked it in swallowing as quickly as possible. Martin cried out with each jet that jumped from his cock. Some dribbled down her hands as she pumped every ounce that she could get from his cock.

After the last swallow, Sandy was giddy with excitement. This was the biggest cock she had ever seen and he came so hard it excited her. Her pussy was soaked right through he gym shorts. Without even looking, she knew that her clit was engorged more than ever and her pussy lips were slick with her juices.

She sighed and continued to stroke his cock.

“I doubt my wife is getting THIS European Massage” Martin said with a smile.

“No, you’re right. She’s getting a manicure.”

Waves of guilt washed over Martin. He had just been seduced by this vivacious and beautiful young woman sitting on the table next to him. What if June found out? That would be the end of their marriage. That would be the end of his life!

Sandy could see the change in him. She misunderstood and thought it was happening again. Another guy had gotten satisfied and didn’t give a shit about her satisfaction. But, she noticed that he wasn’t exactly like the others. There was something different about Martin and it was more than his big dick.

He looked at her. She had given him great pleasure. He’d never been worked like she had. She had excited him, brought him to a mountain of excitement and pleasured him like no woman had ever done before.

He moved aside and gently pushed her onto her back. She had a confused look on her face. She hadn’t expected this. He got between her legs and she eased them wide apart for him. Pulling aside her gym shorts, he found she wore no panties and Martin saw his first hairless pussy. It was beautiful! Her lips were full and her clit was barely hidden by the hood. His kisses were soft on her thighs and moved carefully up toward her pussy. He was nervous that she would tell him to stop. Instead, as his tongue reached her nectar, she moaned and groaned. He licked her lips left and right and up and down and was thrilled to see her grab her tits and squeeze her nipples. He kept licking, getting his tongue deeper and deeper into her slit. Then he pulled out and licked her clit softly at first and then increasing his vigor. She didn’t tell him to stop. She begged him to keep going.

Sandy reached down and spread her lips with her fingers. “Suck it! Suck it, please!!”

Martin obliged and sucked her clit into his lips and flicked it with his tongue.

Her first climax started in her toes and they curled. Her legs stretched and flexed and stretched again as Martin clung on and kept licking and sucking. The grunt and groan escaped from her lips sounded like a lion, deep and throaty. “Ohhhhh Martin!!”

Her juices ran out her cunt and Martin lapped them up as fast as he could. They flowed down over her asshole and tickled her.

Sandy breathed a large sigh and collapsed on the table exhausted.

Martin smiled and thought “So, this is what a woman looks like after she climaxes.”

Sandy kissed him on the lips. It was the first time they had kissed. Her tongue slipped into his mouth and she tasted herself. She didn’t care that her juices were all over his face. They stood up beside the table and kissed for a long time. Her hand instinctively wrapped around his cock feeling it growing again. She smiled. No, this was not a young man but his recovery time was quick enough for her.

Martin backed away but Sandy held on to his cock. “No, I think we should stop” he said quietly.

Sandy whimpered a little. “Please? Just a little more. Please?”

“I really have to get back to my wife and I feel terribly guilty about this”

Sandy’s mind whirred into motion. She wanted that cock between her legs. She just wanted to feel its size press on her pussy walls. She pushed him back onto the table.

“Your secret is safe with me. You don’t have to worry about anything” she cooed. “Just let me have this one little or should I say big experience and I’ll keep quiet and won’t bother you again!”

Martin could see the veiled threat. He had to give her what she wanted.

She crawled up on top of him and straddled his hips. She pulled off her top and held his cock up to her tits and rubbed his cock all over her tits and nipples. It felt great! She leaned over more and sucked the head in.

“ohhhhh” Martin groaned. “I don’t get to do this often.”

“What? Sex? With her body, you’d think she does this all the time!”

“oh no. I mean we don’t have oral sex and she rarely gets on top.”

She sucked his head in again. She stroked his shaft and was deliberately being rough with him. Martin loved it.

“Honey, with a cock like this, I’m surprised she isn’t chasing you around the house all the time!”

The next words came out of Martin’s mouth without any thought. It was a rarity for Martin. “She fakes orgasms …”

Sandy looked at Martin and didn’t believe him at first. She got on all fours and reached between her legs to put his cock head between her pussy lips. Her nipples dragged across Martin’s chest and he thought he would cum again right there. She slowly lowered herself onto the head. It felt like it was ripping her apart but she pushed more. She gritted her teeth and pushed and felt the head pass her lips with a pop. A shiver rolled up her spine and her toes curled again.

Looking down into Martin’s face she spoke quietly as she continued to work his cock inside her. “Honey, why fake an orgasm when you can have a real one? She just needs some training. OHhhh your cock is soooooo big!”

“It’s too big, isn’t it. That is what she always has said.”

Sandy ignored him. Her mind was losing control. Her body was taking over. The sensations spreading from her hot cunt traveled throughout her body. It started with a small tremor and was building as she pushed further and further down his pole. Her pussy lips engorged and gripped Martin’s cock. She had taken more inside her than Martin had ever put inside his wife, June. And she kept going deeper. Finally, the base of his cock began to bend and Sandy knew that he was pressing hard against her cervix. She lifted up and slammed down hard. She did it again and cried out with each slam. Her head began to shake back and forth. Her hair flying around her as her fingernails dug into the sheets beside his head.

Arching her back to get as much cock in her as possible, her big tits were practically smothering Martin. He loved it. He sucked her nipples in as she pressed again and again against his cock. He was trying to think of anything nonsexual so that he wouldn’t cum too soon but this vixen was deeper on his cock than anyone had ever been and she kept on going.

Suddenly she stopped on the upstroke and gasped. Her eyes were wide and then she squeezed them tight. She rocked slowly back and a smile crossed her face as inch by inch re-entered her pussy. She was on the edge of her climax. She was making it last. She lifted up slightly and slammed down for the last time screaming. She felt her cunt juices fly out of her pussy dribbling down to his balls and asshole. She grunted and screamed and then punched him on the chest and his cum erupted into her full pussy.

Spurt after spurt poured out of Martin’s cock. His hips fucked up at her as her second and third climaxes blasted through her body. Suddenly, she had become a rag doll and collapsed on her chest. She was tired and limp and curled her hands together and lay on his chest with his big but deflating cock still firmly inside her.

He held her for a few minutes.

“I can’t believe that I cheated on her” he said quietly.

“You need to train her.” Sandy said with her chin on his chest.

“What do you mean?”

“She’s just gotten into a rut. I bet she just doesn’t know how to enjoy her body or yours! She needs to be trained to enjoy her body and to enjoy this cock”

He looked at her. “No, you’re crazy. First of all, you trick me into this and second, you talk crazy talk like teaching my wife how to enjoy her body. You’re crazy!”

She smiled. “Yes, I’m crazy. And you know what’s worse?


“I only want to train her so that I can have this cock of yours a couple more times on this trip. If I train her, will you give me your cock some more?”

“What do you mean ‘train her’?”

“When I’m done, she’s going to be a great lay for you. She is going to want your cock as much as I know you want to suck her big tits. If we’re lucky, we might be able to change the way she dresses so that she doesn’t always look like a Victorian school master. I know that dinner was not her usual attire!”

Sandy got down and using her tongue cleaned up Martin’s cock. It got semi hard but Sandy needed a break.

“There’s one other thing.”

“What’s that?” asked Martin.

“I have a friend and you need to fuck her too.”

Martin just sighed.

“And another thing … you need to participate in the training.”

“Promise you won’t tell her I cheated on her?”

“I promise and a promise is a promise … But, if things go right, you’ll probably tell her yourself!”

Martin doubted that and wondered what he had gotten into and what he had just agreed to.

** ** **

The next day, June dressed in her usual large and thick bra, an oversized T-shirt and black stretch shorts. Each morning of the trip, she had gone for a walk on the top deck and today was no different. As she walked, she noticed the two girls from the formal dinner and waived. They waived back very friendly and began to walk with her.

The three lovely women walked the track 4 more times and the two girls invited June to see their suite. June said she could visit another time when she wasn’t so sweaty. Sandy was persuasive and said that they had some ice cold water waiting for them.

June entered the suite after Kay. It was a large suite with sitting areas, a refrigerator, a fully stocked bar, a dining area and another room with two couches and a coffee table.

“Wow, this is a huge suite! How on earth did you girls afford it?”

Sandy giggled and said one word “Daddy”


“Yes, my daddy promised me a cruise if I got straight A’s and I did. A promise is a promise!”

Sandy handed June bottled water and she drank it gladly. A few minutes later and June was asleep on the couch from the sleep-aid Sandy had put in her water bottle.

“I cannot believe that you talked me into this! This is kidnapping!” Kay whispered.

“Why are you whispering, no one can hear you. We are on the top floor and it’s the only suite up here!”

“It just makes me nervous. Doing this”

“When you feel his cock spreading your pussy lips, you will thank me!”

Sandy and Kay stripped June of her clothes. They had to work quickly as they were not sure how long the sleeping pill would last.

** ** **

June awoke to blackness. Her eyes were covered by a soft cloth tied around her head. She tried to move but couldn’t. “Help me” she said softly.

“That’s right, honey. We’re here to help you.” The voice said. It was one of the girls. It was coming back to June. She was walking and stopped at the girls’ suite and drank some water. Did she fall?

“Where am I? Why can’t I move? Did I fall and break something?” And then she realized that she was naked. Her hands were tied above and aside of her head. Her knees were trussed up to her arms and open wide. Her ankles were pulled out. Thankfully the ties didn’t hurt but she was frightened and began to cry.

“You will be fine as long as you do as we say”

“Sandy, please let me go. I’ll tell no one. Trust me. I won’t tell a soul!”

“There are some things that you need to learn. I’m here to teach you. That is all this is. This is a classroom where you are going to learn how to behave. Participate and you will get an A and get to leave early. Struggle and fight and you will get an F and have to stay after class.”

June began to struggle. She tried rolling from side to side and could hear the bed creak as she did it. “Look young ladies! You let me go now, right now!”

Thwack! It was the sound of a ruler on her ass and it stung.

“You are not starting out well.” Sandy said calmly and nodded to Kay who swatted her two more times.

“OK, OK!!”

June felt a warm washcloth between her legs soaking her pussy hair. She heard the sound of shaving cream and felt it applied to her pussy. Then the feel of the razor on her skin and she held very still. “Why are you doing this?” she said as a tear of fear rolled down her cheek onto the bed sheet.

The blade continued its work and the question went unanswered. When they were done and washed away the shaving cream, her pussy was completely bare except for a small thin strip above her clit area.

“You have beautiful, big tits, June”. She could tell that it was Kay and her hands began a massage of her tits. Oil was added and they became slippery. June’s nipples expanded and grew to their full size. “ohhhh, you have huge nipples! They’re beautiful! Why do you hide them behind that hideous bra?”

“They are not beautiful! They are too big. They get the wrong kind of attention.”

“They are very big and long now … are you getting excited?”

“No, this is humiliating, illegal and immoral!”

Thwack! Thwack! Two quick spanks and immediate lips sucking her nipples. The tit sucking felt nice, soft and warm but the spanks stung this time. June decided she should just try and endure this humiliation and not fight back. It was useless anyway. As soon as she caught a break, she’d run for it but for now, she had no choice.

“Say that you’re sorry … say it or get another spanking.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Mean it!”

“Ok, OK, I am sorry”

The lips were back on her tits and she could feel fingers roaming her inner thighs. She again tried to close her legs and the ties held firm. Her heart began to race from the insistent sucking and fondling of her tits.

Suddenly, they stopped sucking her tits. She was just getting used to it and they stopped. Someone was between her legs. She could tell from the shifting of the bed. June felt something warm and wet on her pussy lips. It was a tongue. The back of the tongue was rougher than the front and whoever was doing it was using all parts of their tongue. She sucked air into her lungs as she tried to control her temper. This had gone too far and then she felt a finger slide between her pussy lips and the tongue continued licking her lips. Now lips were on each of her nipples again. How many of them were there? Her pussy was getting licked and both her nipples were getting sucked. She could feel a surge of heat emanating from between her legs rising up her body. Her breathing became rapid. The fingers, now there were two of them, were very slowly exploring her hot love canal. She was soaked down there. It must have been from the shaving but it was more slippery than water.

The fingers stroked and pressed her pussy open on all sides.

“Do you like men?” asked Sandy.

“Yes, I love my husband” June was surprised at how raspy her voice sounded. Was she getting turned on by this? No, absolutely not.

“You love your husband. Hmmmm. Do you fuck him?”

“We have intercourse.”

“Do you fuck him or make love to him?”

“We uhhh … ” she hesitated.

“Don’t lie or you’ll feel the ruler!”

The fingers kept prodding deeper and the lips on her clit and tit was confusing her.

“We just fuck! It gets him off and keeps him happy”

“What about you? Do you get off? OR do you fake it to also make him happy?”

“I ummm” that tongue on her clit was really feeling good. “I fake it to make him happy. He wants me to climax but a woman my age just doesn’t climax or have the sexual libido that you young girls do!”

The fingers in her cunt curled up and found the soft mound of tissue known as the g-spot. Their first touch brought a loud groan from June’s lips. She was breathing hard. Her big tits bounded up and down on her chest. Her nipples still long and hard as Martin continued to suck them. Sandy kept up her play with June’s pussy while Kay sucked her clit.

“ohhh what are you doing to me? You need to stop that! It’s not right …”

“Who says so? You like it, don’t you? Yeah … do you want me to stop?”

“yes …stop now … ” she murmured without conviction.

The fingers continued to stroke her g-spot and the lips and tongue on her nipples wouldn’t slow down. The tongue was on again, off again sucking of her clit and it was driving her wild. She began to shake her head as the first wave of orgasm swept up her body.

Sandy’s fingers increased their pace. She was frigging the pretty older woman as fast as her fingers could take her. Suddenly, it happened. June squirted with a scream. Three jets of her pussy juice shot out of her cunt just missing Kay’s face and landing 6 inches between her legs soaking the sheet. The rest dribbled down her pussy lips and across her asshole. Kay urgently licked up June’s juices from her pussy lips. She sucked and licked and another orgasm rocked June. She screamed again and sucked a big gulp of air into her lungs. Her big tits fell to the side of her chest as she arched her back.

Martin’s cock was rock hard as he watched his wife squirt onto the sheet. It throbbed and needed relief. Watching these beautiful young women sexually attack his wife was more than he could stand. Now, with his wife’s cum shooting out like that … his cock just continued to throb and was about to explode.

June cried out a third time and tears fell down her cheeks “YOU SEE! YOU SEE!!” She sobbed. “I climax and it’s embarrassing. You’re laughing aren’t you!”

She felt Sandy’s lips on her ear whispering. “I wish I could cum like that! I mean it. It was beautiful!”

“There’s not a man in the world that would put up with a woman doing that! It’s disgusting!”

“Well, we have a man in the room and for your sake, I’m sorry to say that he is not disgusted. As a matter of fact, he is very turned on. His cock is huge and your display has just made him even bigger!”

June groaned but Martin smiled as he moved between his wife’s legs.

“No, please. I can’t be unfaithful to my husband!” She felt the head of the cock part her pussy lips. “ohhhh what are you doing to me?!”

Sandy kissed Junes tear stained cheek. When we’re done, you’re going to appreciate your husband even more. Aren’t you?”

“Yes, yes … I already do! You don’t have to do this!”

Sandy kissed her lips softly and whispered again. “You need to have this big cock so you can truly love your husband.”

The pressure was intense on her pussy lips as they parted and widened. The head slid in slowly and she grunted. More of Martin’s shaft entered her. Martin pumped his wife like he always did. He had 4 inches in her and kept pumping in and out as the girls sucked his wife’s tits.

Sandy whispered “Beg him!”

“Beg him what??” gasped June.

“Beg him to put it all in!”


“Do it!!”

“Ok. Please put it in deeper!”

Martin shook his head and kept up the four inches.

Sandy said quietly “Not fucking good enough!”

June licked her lips. Her tits were bouncing back and forth under Martin’s fucking.

“I need it.”

“Tell him that you want it!”

“I need it and I uhhhhh ohhhhh I want it! Yes … I want it! Fuck me with it!”

Martin drove deeper pushing another 2 inches into virgin territory never stopping with his pumping. He drove deeper still until he was hitting her cervix with each and every stroke.

June was meeting every thrust and hadn’t stopped talking. “Yeah … that’s it! Fuck me!! … Do it … fuck me HARD!!!”

“Do you like his hard cock in you?” Sandy asked softly

“Yeah … I love his hard cock!”

“You love it?”

“ohhhh shit … it feels sooooooooooo fucking good!!”

The waves washed over her in rapid succession. The first was a tidal wave that shook her whole body for 2 to 3 minutes. Martin didn’t stop. The second ripped through her starting with her toes and ending with a tingling in her neck. The third climax was less than a minute later as Martin still hadn’t stopped. Tears streamed down her face. These were tears of joy and not fear. Sandy and Kay hugged her and kissed her. Martin kept fucking her. He pushed deep inside her for the last time and June could feel his cum shooting deep inside her. “Yeah … Yeah!!! Give me that cum … give it to me!!”

They all relaxed for a few minutes. Sandy had her own pussy juices flowing down her legs. She was hot and wanted Martin fucking her soon but the job wasn’t over.

“We’re almost done June. You have to clean him”

“But I’m so tired!”

“I know” said Kay. “But I’m going help you in your learning. Suck a man to get him hard. Make love to him to make him climax. Never fake an orgasm. Clean a man off when he is done. If you do those things and he’ll lick your pussy and make you cum and cum and cum!”

The big cock was at her lips and June licked it tentatively at first. Within moments, her prudish senses finally broken down, she was sucking the tasty juices from his cock and liking it.

A tongue licked June’s ear and she knew it was Sandy again. “Honey. I want you to get rid of your bras. Throw them away. You are now going to dress more stylish. You are going to make men look at you. Men are going to want you. They are going to desire you. Women will be jealous. Your husband will love you for it and you will be faithful to your husband. Do you hear me?”

June nodded. “But I was faithful to my husband up until tonight! You made me unfaithful!”

Sandy smiled. “You’re lying again. Do you want to be spanked?”

“No … I’m not lying. I’ve never had sex with anyone but my husband!”

“That’s not faithful, my dear! Have you sucked his cock? Have you cleaned him after he was done? Have you allowed him to suck your pussy? Have you teased him and made him want you with those big tits of yours?”

“No but is that what you think men want?”


“It is as I suspected the first night I met you. If you aren’t doing those things then you are not being faithful. You are being stingy with yourself. You MUST give yourself to him so that he can give himself to you!!”

“Ok. I understand. I don’t know how I will do it but I will try.”

Kay got close to June’s ear. “June, if you don’t or even if we suspect that you aren’t being a good and faithful wife to your husband, we’ll post this video on the internet and send a copy to your husband.”

“What video???”

“The one we just created of you having sex with a big, hard cock and two very cute girls.”

June was silent. She felt the ties on her arms and legs loosen. Pulling off the blindfold, she looked back and forth to Kay and Sandy. She stood on shaky legs and slowly got dressed. She opened the door to leave and looked back at the two naked girls.

“Remember” Sandy said. “Dress sexy for your husband and be faithful to him. We’ll be watching”.

Kay locked the door behind June and turned to see Martin back in the room with Sandy on her knees sucking his soft cock.

“I don’t think I can get it up again, girls. I’m sorry” Martin said with a wry smile.

Sandy smiled back. “Sure you can … why don’t you just rest for a moment and watch?”

Kay giggled and kissed her friend full on the lips. They both looked at Martin making sure that he knew that their performance was for him. Kay fondled Sandy’s big tits and brought her nipples up to her lips and began sucking and licking.

“Mmmm, Kay, didn’t you think that June’s tits were the sexiest tits you’ve ever sucked?” Sandy knew talking about Martin’s wife would get him excited.

“Ohhhh yes. Her tits were gorgeous” she said through a mouthful of gorgeous tit. “And I love her pussy. Such sweet pussy juice!”

Martin stroked his cock absent mindedly and it quickly hardened.

Kay stood next to the table and bent at the hips and spread her legs. “Umm Martin? Could you take care of me?” she asked in a little girl voice. Martin was surprised to find that his cock was hard again. With a big grin, he positioned himself behind Kay and Sandy guided his cock into her best friend’s wet pussy.

Martin pushed the head in. It was not easy going.

“My God, this is big … shit … ” and Kay smiled as Sandy spread her pussy lips to help Martin’s entry. Martin kept up his pace forcing more and more of his cock deeper into her.

“ohhh I don’t think I can do this! It’s too big!” Kay cried out.

Martin started to apologize and take it out when Sandy stopped him. Her face twisted in anger. “Look Martin. We took a big risk fixing your wife and you can’t blow it. Do you understand?”

“What do you mean?” he asked innocently enough.

“I mean that you are as much of a problem as your wife!! If you let Kay up now, you’re admitting that she can’t take it. She CAN take it. You tell her to shut up because you are going to fuck her and fuck her until she puts a puddle of cum on the floor! You have a fucking fantastic cock. Act like it!”

Kay smiled. It had all been planned. Part of the training that she and Sandy had worked out the night before. “Martin … oooh … it hurts!”

Martin looked at Sandy. “No baby, it’s going to be just fine!” and he pushed his cock another two inches deeper into Kay’s pussy. Kay grunted from the thrust and smiled.

“Ohhhh Martin, you’re so big and thick! I just have a small pussy and big tits!!”

Martin increased his tempo and was pushing his rod all the way up and crashing at her cervix. He slapped her ass and she winced.

Sandy climbed up on the table and spread her legs before Kay’s face. “Eat my pussy, bitch!”

Kay gladly dove in to Sandy’s pussy while Martin’s cock continued its assault.

Martin looked into Sandy’s eyes and smiled. She smiled back. He mouthed the words “Thank you” and she seductively licked her lips and fell back on the table as an orgasm raced through her body. When she was aware of her surroundings again, she saw Kay sitting astride Martin’s cock. She had just lowered herself onto him.

Sandy raced over and caught Kay’s eyes.

“Kay … ummm Martin likes big tits like yours and mine … ”

Sandy giggled and they both leaned forward forcing their big tits into his face. With all that tit staring at him, Martin lost control and squirted deep inside Kay’s pussy. As Martin lay there, the ever insatiable Sandy scrambled between Kay’s thighs to gobble up Martin’s cum.

“Martin, you have the sweetest cum” she said as she swallowed. “If you wife doesn’t change her ways, call me!”

** ** **

It took a while for Martin to regain composure so he walked around the ship. He stopped for a drink at a ship’s bar. With all the fucking he had done in the last 2 days, he doubted he’d be able to get hard again for a month! He laughed at the thought of what had happened. It seemed unreal, like he had fallen asleep and had one of those half asleep and half awake dreams where you don’t know what is real and what is dream. He sucked down his drink and when he looked up, he saw a beautiful and sexy woman coming toward him.

It was 4:00 in the afternoon and the sun was behind her blinding much of his sight. She wore a sheer white, button down shirt open and tied in the front below her tits. Around her waist was a white wrap that tied at her hips. Under the skirt was an orange bathing suit bottom with French cut hips. She wore nothing under the shirt and her long and thick dark brown nipples were easily visible to all around her.

As she walked, her giant tits gently swayed from side to side playing peek-a-boo with the open front of her shirt.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you, Martin” she said with a smile. “Don’t you know that it’s happy hour which means its time for you to make me happy?”

She climbed up onto the stool next to Martin. There were four other men at the bar and their eyes were glued to her tits. She ordered a drink and she and Martin conversed as if nothing had changed. She slugged down all of her drink as she needed courage for what she was going to do next.

Standing up, she backed away from the bar and the men glanced at her while trying not to look. “It’s ok, boys. You can look. C’mon, it’s alright. Feast your eyes on my big tits. I know you want to.”

Martin stood up.

June untied her shirt and slowly opened it up. First her left nipple came into view and someone whistled. Then her entire right tit was exposed and one of the guys bravely stood and walked to her to feel her.

“That’s right. C’mon … come and feel how real they are. No silicone here boys. Each of you gets a nice feel.” Then she pointed at Martin. “But only he gets to fuck me!”

All of them took turns feeling her tits. Martin watched and his cock became engorged spreading down his leg. One of the guys began to feel her from behind while another was in front. The guy behind her cupped her tits while the guy in front sucked her nipples.

The guy in back kissed her neck and she leaned her head back onto his shoulder and almost forgot what she was doing. It felt so nice to have all that attention. The girls were right.

She stopped them and smiled politely. “It’s happy hour gentlemen and his big dick is going to make me happy!” With that, Martin and June left and went to their tiny cabin.

He shut the door and she pinned him back against the door kissing his lips. “Did you like that baby? Did you? All those men feeling and sucking my big tits? They all wanted to fuck my cunt but only you get that pleasure, baby. Do you like it when I talk dirty?”

Martin nodded with a faint smile.

She kissed him again and pushed herself away. “Like how I look?” She twirled.

Martin nodded and pulled down his pants to release his cock. She smiled and kneeled before him. She took his cock head in her mouth and sucked and licked. Martin thought he would explode. She bobbed up and down on his prick stroking his shaft until she could wait no longer. It was thick and purple with that plum of a head.

She lay on the bed and mouthed “fuck me?”

He climbed up next to her. Her hand wrapped around his shaft and began stroking. He kissed her lips and slipped his tongue inside her mouth. She returned his kiss with fervor, licking and sucking his tongue. He kissed down her neck and nibbled at her earlobes. His kisses continued to her big tits. He kissed them all over and hefted one to his lips to draw in her dark and long nipple. His mouth felt wonderful on her tits and he kept going. His hand crept between her open thighs and found her soaking pussy open and waiting. She gasped as his fingers slipped in and found her g-spot. She was so excited at showing the men her tits that Martin’s fingers put her over the edge. She started cumming and cumming hard.

“Ohh God Martin!! Ohhhh shit!! I’m cumming again!! Ohhh Martin!! Don’t stop, don’t stop!!” She squirted 3 times from her hot pussy.

Martin kept playing with her all through her climax until she reached down and stopped his hand from moving. It was the most beautiful sight for Martin. His lovely wife cumming and crying out his name and he hadn’t even fucked her yet.

He began kissing her again as her breathing almost returned to normal. He kissed down her belly to her crotch and playing his part stared at her pussy for a few minutes.

“You shaved?”

“Yes, honey. I thought you would like it.” She smiled.

He kissed her pussy lips and she stopped him. “Get on your back. I want to ride you!”

Martin eagerly got on his back. It was his favorite position because it put her big 40F tits right in his face. She straddled him and reached down between her legs to push his purple cock head between her lips. Once properly aimed, she worked her way back. Slowly, she worked him into her sore pussy. After several strokes she was consistently taking 8 inches of his thick meat inside her. It was tight and she was sore.

She fed him her tits. Teasing him as she pumped on his cock and wiggling her tits in his face. First she would smother him with them and then back off and let him suck them. Martin was loving every moment of it. His cock was pulsating inside her. She was so tight because he was so deep inside her.

“Martin?” she kept up her pace.

“Yes love?” he replied through her tits as they hit his chin.

“Where were you today?” she dug her fingernails into his chest a little.

“Around the boat. Watching the ship and how it works” he replied nervously. “Where were you today?”

She smiled and slammed hard down on his cock and it surprised him. “Oh here and there but I think you know exactly where I was.”

“You do?” he said with a jump as she slammed down on him again and again.

“Yes. Did you enjoy watching?”

Martin didn’t know if she knew or not. Did she know that he had been watching the girls “train” her or was she talking about him watching the ship operate?

“Oh yes. I enjoyed it very much. There was so much going on.” He replied vaguely.

She smiled and kissed his lips squishing her tits into his chest. As she leaned forward, only the head of his cock was in her pussy and it teetered on falling out.

“Mmmmm I bet there was. I bet that you went to the engine room where those pistons go up and down and in and out … didn’t you …” She sucked his lower lip into her mouth and rode her ass up and down just on the head teasing his cock right on the sensitive underside.

“ohhhh that feels good” he groaned.

“Yes, I’m sure it does. I just want you to feel as good as I felt this morning …” She smiled and he looked at her blankly.

“Tell me the truth and I’ll let that big cock cum, baby. All you have to do is tell me the truth … where you in the room?”

He nodded and her hips went a little lower pushing his cock in deeper on every thrust.

“Did you like watching?”

He nodded again and she rewarded him by sliding her cunt all the way down and then back up again and he grunted.

“Did you like fucking me while I was all tied up?”

He smiled and kissed her quickly on the lips.

“But is it as good as what you are getting now, baby?”

Martin shook his head and she slid down onto his cock three times. He was so close to cumming if she had gone down a fourth time, it would have been all over.

Her hips kept pumping on his head. It was driving him crazy. He had never felt this good in his entire life.

“Who do you love?” She asked. “Me or those two little girls?”

“You” he croaked out. “You”.

She smiled and licked her lips. “Do you want to fuck them again, honey?”

He said nothing but remembered his bargain with Sandy. She had said she wanted his cock later in the week.

June kept pumping on the head and teasing him with her tits. “It’s ok with me as long as I’m there. Maybe we could tie Sandy up next time …”

She slid down his pole hard and pumped him as fast as she could. Her tits were flying below her, smashing his chest and his face. Martin cried out with a guttural scream as his cum erupted from his cock like a dam bursting. June sat back on his cock and shoved as much as she could get in her hot cunt and rocked back and forth as another orgasm swept over her as well.

When they were done and their breathing returned to normal. She kissed him on the lips. Her tongue snaked out to his.



“You knew?”

“Yes, I knew it was you. But I’m glad that it happened.”

“Me too.”

“Will we make love like this again?”

June smiled. “Yes, as often as I can… this feels too good to give up!”


“Yes, I promise … Martin … and a promise is a promise. Suck my cunt out and I’ll clean off your cock … we’re late for dinner!”

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