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A Perfect Rear

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All eyes on the crowded beach were watching as she walked to the water’s edge. Nicole was a woman of extraordinary beauty and grace with an aura that demanded attention. Her full breasts with their prominent nipples sat high on her ribcage. The small, shiny swatch of red material covering her pubic patch left little to the imagination. Even with her long beautiful mane of auburn hair swishing from side to side across her lower back, the crowd’s attention was focused on her splendid thonged ass cheeks.

Those tight muscular globes rolled back and forth with every sensuous step. Surely all the men on the beach had illicit thoughts while surveying her entry into the water. Nevertheless, I brought her here knowing she would be leaving with me, returning to work.

I am an accomplished sculptor in my early forties, specializing in sensual sculptures of the female form for clients around the globe. Most of my work is commissioned with specific instructions as to pose and form. Nicole was posing for me because the request was for a voluptuous ‘rear end’. The piece was to be larger- than-life sized from mid back to mid thigh and Nicole was perfect for it. At the time of the commission Nicole and I were on purely professional terms. We had innocently gone to the beach for a break, planning to return to work when the day cooled off. I had not expected Nicole to be such an exhibitionist but was pleasantly astounded by the commotion she was creating. She certainly was making heads turn and I was proudly enjoying the attention it brought me. When I recommended we head back to work she made no objection and was very cheerful on the trip back to the studio

All afternoon I worked hard focusing on but one thing; producing a plaster replica of Nicole’s beautiful sensuous ass. By the time I finished for the day I felt as if I had caressed her beautiful curves for hours and I admit I was quite aroused. Laying down my tools I told her we were for now and asked if she cared for a drink. Still naked, she carefully descended from the modeling stand. Stretching, she walked over to where I was working.

“You’ve been worshipping that piece of plaster for hours now.” She whispered seductively. “Don’t you want to feel some real, soft flesh for a change?”

She was standing behind me looking at the plaster I had been carving. I could feel her body heat. I turned slowly, reaching for her without answering, caressing her ass before realizing I was covering her buttocks in plaster dust.

“Let’s take a shower so I can worship the real thing.” I teased pulling off my shirt.

She followed me out of the studio to the shower room where she walked right in and turned on the water. I was watching her nipples jump to erection as I pulled off my jeans and shorts before joining her. The warm water felt refreshing flushing off the dust and sweat but feeling her hands washing me was much better. I wasted no time reciprocating, soaping her entire body. The firmness I viewed while she posed was even more apparent to my touch. Clearly this woman worked hard to keep her body looking as good as it did. I could feel the muscles of her ass tighten as I caressed her globes, and parted them. Nicole moaned as I slid a finger along the cleft between those two perfect spheres. I let my hand wander around to her front, feeling the division between her thighs and soft lips. She opened her legs lowering a bit onto my hand until I cupped her sex. What a feeling of warmth there was emanating from that wonderful spot.

Her hands were no less busy making me feel as though there was more than one person washing me. I felt her soft fingers caressing my ass, my thighs and my balls all at the same time. It felt as if she were sculpting me! As her hands roamed, my excitement grew and my urges became unbearable. After all I had been controlling myself all day and needed to let go. Dropping to my knees I pulled her pussy to my face as the water cascaded over us both. She spread her legs and let me part her lips with my tongue. My hands were kneading the globes of that magnificent ass as my mouth tasted her desire.

It felt as if she were as ready as I, and I couldn’t wait, so I pulled her from the water, grabbed a couple of towels and laid her face down on an old bean bag near the bathroom.

“Please let me pay homage to that wondrous rear end of yours.” I begged before attacking her ass with my mouth.

As I rimmed her ass she pushed herself back onto my face. She was excited all right, so I covered her pucker in saliva and gently probed her asshole with my tongue. She opened to me pushing back even further, letting me know we were after the same thing. I pulled back to lubricate my staff with saliva while admiring her ass for the hundredth time. Brother was it beautiful! Carefully I positioned my knob at her puckered hole, gently rubbing up and down. Her moans and wiggles told me to continue. I reached under her caressing her pussy as I gently pushed at her other entrance with my hungry cock. I even backed off to slip a finger into her ass to make sure she was slippery and relaxed. She offered no resistance pushing onto my hand as I explored the insides of her dark passage. Before returning my prick to her anus I smeared it with even more saliva. With a deep sigh, relaxing her sphincter she arched her beautiful ass before thrusting backwards, impaling herself onto my thick cock.

“Oh, yes, I love that…” She moaned gently pulling forward.

As she did I felt her muscles loosen more so I pushed in deeper this time. My throbbing cock, encased inside her warm, moist, velvety walls was making me shiver with pleasure. My entire body was covered with goose bumps, despite the heat radiating from my loins. I played with her pussy, caressing her clit and inserting my fingers, in hopes of giving her the same sensations she was giving me. She was moving at her own rhythm and sweeping me along in her momentum. Now that I was firmly ensconced in her ass I let her set the pace. Clearly there was a reason why this girl took such good care of her ass. She loved to be fucked there!

Bit by bit she increased the tempo, starting to make her strokes longer and

longer until I was almost out of her each time she pulled away. Her muscles were milking me so strongly I was sure I wouldn’t last much longer. Fortunately desire was inflaming her as well and she became more intense with her movements. Her hand covered mine on her pussy as she forced herself onto my prick telling me to put my fingers into her as she caressed her clit.

“Oh, YES!!” She screamed out.

Suddenly she was cumming! As she came her ass clenched around my staff squeezing me to orgasm. Each rhythmic contraction sent a jolt to my balls forcing me to shoot cum deep inside her bowels. Exhausted, catching our breath, we laid there spooning, as my prick shrunk slipping out of her incredible ass. After today I knew I would have a new perspective on the sculpture I was working on. We showered again and I suggested we go to dinner. Her quick acceptance thrilled me.

After a long romantic meal and perhaps to many drinks, we discovered we shared many common interests. Driving drunk was not among them so I invited Nicole to spend the night at my place above the studio.

Giggling she answered, “Sure, that way I won’t have to drive to work in the morning.” I helped her with her coat and we were off.

Returning to the darkened studio we fumbled our way upstairs to the bedroom. Leaving the lights off we speedily undressed falling onto the bed in a passionate embrace. Not having sight to guide us we discovered each other’s body with only touch. My fingers followed the contours of every hill and valley; exploring the textures and temperatures of her landscape as they mapped her beauty. Nicole was a tease, having discovered my sensitive regions she’d wander to them and moved on only to return as the heat subsided. The tension built as our explorations became more intense and focused. She rose above me impaling herself on the timber of my desire sending waves of want cascading over the sands of my soul. Her heat enveloped me raising my own temperature to the boiling point as the intensity of her desire extended to her entire body. Not being an island I was swept by the swell of her heat and soon succumbed to the onrush of climax. The volcanoes erupted in unison shaking both bodies to the core causing magma to flow across the forest and glen.

There was no longer any doubt the sculpture I was toiling over would radically change the next day. I could never avoid expressing in my work what I saw in the model and now I had seen so much I was impatient to produce what I envisioned as her inner being. Portraying the heat and capturing the sensuality while still keeping the sculpture pure was going to be a challenge.

After breakfast we went to work not knowing how we would make it through the morning without constantly molesting each other. I was so engrossed in imparting her sexual energy into the hard plaster I lost all track of time and what she was secretly doing.

Nicole was an excellent model, peacefully still, and rarely moved during a sitting; therefore she surprised me with her moaning. I hadn’t noticed she had been caressing her pussy from the front while I was concentrated on her ass and now she was cumming!

Her orgasm caused her ass to clench almost imperceptibly. I had to include this in my work! Feverishly I labored to accomplish the desired effect. My own desire was driving me on while her sexual energy kept me intensely focused. I finally told her to take a break.

With wet inner thighs she climbed down walking towards me. Smiling she surveyed the plaster replica of her ass.

“Now the world will think I spend my life cumming.” She giggled.

I agreed asking if she could keep herself excited for about another hour while I put the finishing touches to my creation.

“If you can, this will be the hottest piece I’ve ever created!”

We laughed tossing around ideas on how to keep Nicole excited. Blushing she asked if wearing a vibrating butt plug would alter her form. I had already finished the contour of her ass; it all depended on how much the flange changed the shape of her globes.

“Go ahead and give it a try.” I answered with a smirkish grin.

Nicole disappeared from the studio for a few minutes returning with an amused look on her face. She stood in front of me bending over to show me the plug, firmly inserted. The rubber tab that keeps the plug from disappearing into her ass was not causing too much distortion so I felt I could continue to work. Nicole laughed, “It feels funny getting paid to excite myself!”

She resumed her place on the posing stage and I began to work. There was no doubt she was stimulated and I was striving to translate that feeling into hard plaster. The more I looked at her the more aroused I became myself but I continued to work.

An hour had passed when Nicole screamed out, “I can’t take it any more! Get over here and help me.”

Putting down my tools I approached her.

She removed the plug instructing me to replace it with my rod. Quivering and smelling of arousal, having worked herself into a state of excitement Nicole could restrain herself no longer. I eagerly did as she asked sinking my hard cock inside her with ease, feeling almost instant release. She started to cum as soon as I entered her, pushing herself against me to get every inch I could give.

“Oh my God!” She screamed out as her climax continued to burst free.

Her breath calmed to a normal pace as she slid off my pole telling me I shouldn’t be allowed to cum until I finished the sculpture. She would no longer pose but offered to help.

I frowned as she led me back to my workplace without allowing me to put my pants on. As I picked up my tools she started to caress my balls and shaft. She informed me she planned to keep me aroused until I finished and only then would I be permitted to cum. I had to imagine what she looked like as I worked, but seeing as all I was trying to do was express her sexuality, my imagination was better than looking. Nicole kept me begging for release as I worked feverishly finishing the details that gave the piece its expression.

Finally I could take it no more. I backed away from the table telling her it was finished. She pushed me down onto the floor and onto my back mounting me. Clearly she had remained excited while keeping me on edge, her nipples were hard and small beads of sweat were running down her cleavage. Looking at her flushed face and shimmering chest inflamed me even more. She rode me with passion and brought me to an incredible climax that she shared with wild abandon. Climbing off, she dragged me to the shower without looking back at the sculpture. We washed slowly, caressing each other and letting the tension flow down the drain. Drying off we went to the kitchen for a glass of wine before returning to the studio.

Still naked, we slowly walked to the table discovering the finished sculpture of her awesome rear end as if for the very first time. Even though the work only went from the middle of her back to the middle of her thighs it was very clear she was aroused. This piece had much too much sexual tension for the general public, but I was proud to have achieved the feeling. I hugged her thanking her for her help and inspiration. She saw the same emotions in the piece and asked me what I was going to do with it.

“I guess we better show it to the man that commissioned it and see what he thinks. He is a seasoned collector but this may be a bit too much for even him.”

I telephoned Mr. Tremaine inviting him over the next evening to view his commission. He accepted, despite having to cancel another engagement.

I could not exclude my beautiful model so we made plans to find her something to wear and have the day to ourselves for fun and relaxation. But first we had to move the sculpture to an appropriate place for viewing. Moving a few pieces of living room furniture we created a well lighted area against the wall. After dusting and polishing the plaster stature we placed it on the table and sat back on the leather sofa admiring our masterpiece. Yes ‘our’, my model had become my partner; this was as much her doing as mine. She was proud and just as possessive about the work as I.

We spent the evening enjoying each other’s body without the intensity of the earlier encounters. Leisurely we caressed, licked, sucked and probed every corner we wanted to explore. She made me feel more virile than ever before. She was truly something special.

The next morning she recommended we spend some time at the beach after finding her something to wear. She felt she needed some sun.

We went shopping early and found her a very simple little black dress that made her look positively elegant. I was surprised by her choice because it was quite modest despite being short. It was sleeveless with a turtleneck and full coverage, yet tight enough to show every curve to below her waist. From the top of the hips her dress flared loosely to mid thigh. I had expected her to want something tight around her exquisite ass. She then led me to a lingerie shop where she found a black velvet thong panty to wear under the dress. I was beginning to understand her idea of modesty. The panty was truly the minimum of cloth possible, despite being quite expensive.

We went in search of a nude beach. Nicole didn’t want any tan lines. Spending the day relaxing naked with her in the sun gave me energy and the desire to sculpt her many more times. She was so at ease with her body and comfortable being naked that I never wanted to look away. She helped me relax and enjoy being nude myself, consequently we spent a delightful day together.

Sunset was approaching and the appointment with Mr. Tremaine was imminent. Nicole and I showered together but restrained our urges for more in-depth exploration. While she dressed and applied her make-up I set out cheese and wine.

Mr. Tremaine arrived right on time saying he purposely left his wife at home after my warning of the erotic nature of the sculpture. I reassured him of his right of refusal if he found it to be offensive. Nicole asked Mr. Tremaine to have a seat beside her as she offered him a glass of wine.

I could wait no longer. I wanted to see his reaction.

“Are you anxious to see the sculpture?” I asked turning off a few lights and lighting the spots we had set up earlier. The time had come!

“Yes I am.” Mr. Tremaine answered after taking a sip of his wine.

My heart was pounding as I stood by the table; pulling off the cover revealing the sensual ass sculpture Nicole and I had combined talents to create.

The sharp intake of breath from Mr. Tremaine told us he was surprised. He slowly stood and walked around the sculpture barely able to keep from reaching out to touch it.

“This is magnificent. You certainly out did yourself!”

He told us he definitely wanted it delivered to his home but he had another request. He offered to increase the size of the check considerably if he could see Nicole in that pose. This was not my decision so I turned to Nicole.

“If you agree to leave the room for five minutes and return only when I call you,” She said softly. He agreed and left the room.

Quickly Nicole stripped down to just her black velvet thong and started arranging lamps so that she and the sculpture would have the identical lighting. She posed for me and asked if the effect was the same as the sculpture.

I told her the thong did not work and that if she desired the effect of the sculpture she would have to be completely nude. She stripped it off in a flash asking me to lick her rear to get her excited like she was while posing. I did as she asked, amazed in her daring and thrilled by its effect. When she started breathing deeply she asked me to call in Mr. Tremaine.

He entered and was so taken by the spectacle he remained speechless for minutes.

“Yes, you have captured her incredible sensuality all right, but she remains far more exquisite than the sculpture. I want you to carve her full body. Can you both start immediately?”

I looked at Nicole with a grin. Our collaboration would definitely continue!

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