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Bound to Happen

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I am what you would call a shy, loner. I’ve pretty much always been that way. My favorite place has always been curled up on the couch alone with a book. I’m not the girl with the snappy comeback or witty or flirtatious reply. I’m the one that blushes, stammers and looks away while turning bright red. Rather than always looking like a blubbering moron when someone talked to me I adopted a quite, rebellious persona as a teen but have always had moments where I fantasize about being the crazy, outgoing girl dancing in the middle of the street without a care in the world.

When I was 14 and a sophomore in High school I met Joan. Joan was three years older than me and a senior. To look at us you would have never guessed we would be friends. Joan was outgoing and bubbly, a cheerleader that belonged to about 12 different clubs and loved to shop for the latest fashions. I on the other hand was the quiet girl in the jeans, concert tee, flannel and Doc Martens and was not what you would consider a joiner. Joan was straight laced, never disobeyed her parents and rarely got in trouble. I drank, smoked and partook of the occasional recreational drug. I skipped school and missed curfew so much my mom gave up on tying to enforce either. I never really got into serious trouble but according to many of my friends parents I looked like I did. Joan and I started hanging out a lot. She dragged me out to football games, the mall, parties, etc. It must have been that secret part of me that thought I should be the outgoing girl that enjoyed the outings. With all the practice I was getting in bantering I started slowly coming out of my shell.

Before the end of her senior year Joan met Jake. Jake was 2 years older than Joan and not really into all of the high school activities that Joan had been dragging me to for the better part of a year. We started hanging out at his or his friends apartments drinking a few beers and BBQing while Jake and his friends worked on their cars.

About a year later when Joan was in college and I was a Junior in High school we started drifting apart. I thought it was because she was so busy with school and that she didn’t have as much time to hang out anymore. I found out differently about 7 or 8 months later when I ran into one of Jakes old friends, Curtis. He let me know that Joan had told everyone that I had been trying to steal Jake away from her. I was shocked. I liked Jake as a person and yes he was gorgeous but, I was actually much closer to some of Jake’s friends than I was with Jake. Everyone knew I had a huge crush on one Jake’s friends. Curtis said everyone knew it was bull but it didn’t really change anything. I left Cutis’s house hurt, angry and doubting myself. Had I been annoying and inappropriate and no one wanted to hang out with me anymore? Had I flirted with Jake and not realized it? I never called Joan to confront her about it, as that isn’t in my personality instead I buried the hurt and moved on.

About 6 months later after my conversation with Curtis Jake called me out of the blue. He said Joan was going through a tough time and missed me. He asked if I would call her. I was more than a little irritated that after everything Joan had said about me that Jake was asking ME to call her and patch things up. I told him I had talked to Curtis, I didn’t tell him anything we spoke about just “I talked to Curtis”. He sighed and said, “I know.” No apology, just the sigh. That sigh though spoke volumes. Everyone that knew Joan eventually used the “sigh”. She was outgoing and bubbly but also could be confrontational, gossipy, jealous and as I had found out pretty vicious. I told Jake I would think about it. About a few weeks later I broke down and called. Not because I missed Joan, it would still take me quite a while to forgive her enough to like her again, but because I missed everyone else. Joan acted like nothing had happened and we had just lost touch. Rather than hash it out with her by letting her know I knew what she had done and risk my chance to hang out with everyone else again I let gritted my teeth and let it go.

Right before my 17th birthday I met Thomas. His sister was dating one of Jake’s roommates. He stopped by with her one day when she came over. I won’t take credit for being the reason he kept coming back to the house at first but I took advantage of it. Thomas was wonderful, sexy, funny outgoing, playful. I had never been so attracted to someone in my whole life. I flirted shamelessly every time he was around. There were silly little squabbles that ended in wrestling matches, pillow fights, dares, accidental brushes and quasi-cuddling on the couches. Finally on New Years Eve during a party at Jakes house I got my first kiss.

My own flirtations with Thomas seemed to bring something out in Joan. She started flirting with Thomas friends and some of Jakes new friends. She also started getting irritated with everything Jake did and started picking fights with him and his close friends and would then take off with a different bunch of guys leaving me at the house. One of my roles in life has always been “The Mediator”, I have no idea how it started or what it is about me that always ends up in this role but I do. As Joan and Jake started fighting I ended up spending more and more time with Jake trying to smooth over Joan’s bad behavior or just hanging with him waiting for Thomas. While I had always liked and gotten along very well with Jake I had always been “Joan’s friend.” During these months that started to change and Jake and I started getting much closer than we ever had. I now considered Jake to be one of my very best friends. Some nights, Joan having left for some reason or another and Thomas not able to show up I would stay at the house with Jake and whoever else was there. We would just have a few beers, watch TV and talk for hours.

I was 18 and Thomas and I had been dating for about a year and a half. Joan, Jake, Thomas, and I hung out together all the time. One of Jake’s friends, Nick, had just gotten a new apartment and his wife had taken their daughter to visit her parents for the weekend. He invited the four of us and two of Joan’s friends from college, Tiffany and Sarah, all over to his apartment. Nick was one those friends Jake had known forever and therefore put up with, he could be a pain in the ass and very immature. I was always surprised that he not only made it through boot camp but that they continued to employ him as an MP. When we got to the apartment we all settled into the living room, drinks in hand. Nick, of course, immediately went to turn on the Playstation As the boys played video games we all talked, laughed, and continued drinking. Around 11:00 Thomas reminded me that he needed to get going. Since it was still fairly early Joan said she would take me home later than night. I walked Thomas out to his car and made plans to meet up with him on Sunday.

When I got back into the apartment the drinking games had begun. Joan, being the DD, did not imbibe, but I jumped right in with Nick, Jake, Tiffany and Sarah. During the drinking game Nick brought out his MP handcuffs and started messing around with them. He and Sarah grabbed one of Tiffany’s arms and handcuffed her to the table when she said she was trashed and needed to stop playing. After being released Tiffany got her revenge on Sarah, when she got up to use the bathroom. Nick may have been immature but he was also pretty hot so Tiffany and Sarah didn’t seem to mind. A little while later Jake and Nick grabbed Joan and handcuffed both of her hands behind her back and threw her on the couch. Jake sat on her and joked that now that his girlfriend was out of the way we could really start having some fun. Joan was not amused and was released fairly quickly. The handcuffs ended up on the kitchen counter after that.

Around 1:00 Joan started getting her stuff together and telling Sarah and Tiffany that we had to get going. Joan, although 20 by this time, still lived at home while going to school and had a curfew of 2am. We all groaned a bit to have our fun cut short but, Jake and I, used to Joan, started getting our things together. Tiffany and Sarah on the other hand were not ready to go at all. In the end it took about 45 minutes for them to get their stuff together and cajole them into leaving the drinking game. By the time we were finally ready to go Joan’s temper was up and she was snapping at everyone. Nick lived about half an hour away from Joan’s house and I lived about half an hour out of Joan’s way, which was adding to her stress and temper. To try and smooth things out a bit, Nick told her not to worry about me, we would sober up and then he would drive me home.

We all said our goodbyes and Jake and the girls left. I was a buzzed and a little out of sorts at being left alone to sober up and catch a ride home with Nick. I started helping him clean up the mess we had made and he started bitching about Joan and her constant crappy attitude. While I may have agreed, I was so used to my role as mediator that I started making excuses for Joan and her behavior. This actually seemed to upset Nick more. He heatedly asked me, “How can you constantly defend her? She just left you here with me by yourself just so she isn’t late. I’m drunk and could be planning to take advantage of you, but as long as she makes curfew…”

Even though I’d been thinking that myself moments before, I replied, “Oh please, we’ve known you for years and you’re one of Jake’s oldest friends. Besides, I think I can handle myself. It’s not like I’m 14 anymore.”

“Trust me, we know you aren’t 14 anymore.”

That response didn’t do much to make me more comfortable and I could feel my face start to flush.

He continued, “I know she’s your friend but I honestly don’t know what you or Jake see in her. We’d all be much happier if he was seeing someone more like you.”

I didn’t quite know how to respond to that so, in my typical fashion, I ignored it and started picking up the last of the bottles from the table. Nick took the bag from me and started to take it into the kitchen when the front door opened. We both looked up and saw Jake in the door. He looked at me, smiled, rolled his eyes, and shook his head a little in wordless communication, laughing at the exasperation we all often felt with Joan. I smiled back, immensely pleased that Jake had not left me here alone with his friend.

“What are you doing back here?” I asked, trying to sound nonchalant but, was extremely pleased not to be left on my own.

Before he could respond, Nick shouted from the kitchen, “Who wants a beer?”

“I thought you were sobering up so you could drive me home,” I yelled back.

“I’ll take one,” said Jake.

I glanced over at Jake, a little surprised and quite pleased that not only did it seem the evening was not quite over, but we could relax and be ourselves now that Joan had gone home. Nick walked out of the kitchen with three beers in his hand. “The night is still young. There’s plenty of time to sober up.”

We all moved back to the living room to watch TV and talk. I plunked down claiming my territory on one of the always sought after ends of the couch. Jake ended up on the floor leaning back against the middle of the couch while Nick snagged the recliner. I had my legs curled under me for quite a while and extended them out to stretch and get my circulation moving before they fell asleep. As I stretched Jake put his hand under my calf and absently squeezed it while he talked with Nick about some new car part they were both lusting after. After a few squeezes he seemed to pay attention to what he was doing and said, “Nice calf muscles,” but didn’t release my leg. Once again not quite sure how to respond to such and odd comment, I just said “thanks”.

Nick got up suddenly and said, “I need another beer. You guys want one?” We both said sure and Nick walked over to the kitchen.

Nick’s question seemed to wake Jake out of his reverie and he dropped my calf and asked, “So how are things going with Thomas?”

“Pretty well,” I said. “We’ve been getting on each others nerves a bit over stupid little things lately, but who doesn’t?”

“Yeah, Joan and I get on each other’s nerves every once in a while too,” he said with a smile. I smiled back and chuckled at the gross understatement.

Nick brought out another beer for each of us and plunked down on the opposite end of the couch. As I started drinking I could feel my buzz starting back up again. I looked over and saw Nick pulling something out from behind his back. “Look what I found on my last trip through the kitchen.” He said, looking at me. Dangling from his hands were the handcuffs they had been playing with earlier. I just raised my eyebrows at him. “I seem to remember that you escaped being cuffed to anything tonight,” he continued.

“I seem to remember that neither you or Jake were cuffed to anything tonight, either,” I said. “So why don’t you two go ahead and play cops and robbers and I’ll just sit here and drink my beer.”

“I don’t think so,” he said and lunged at me across the couch. Guessing his intent, I was prepared for him and jumped up out of the way. Stuck in the corner of the room, I knew I needed to get past him into the bigger expanse of the apartment if I wanted to avoid being cuffed to something.

Nick’s missed lunge had him sprawled out on awkwardly on the couch. As he tried to recover I went to jump over Jake’s legs, assuming that he would not be an active participant in this. I was wrong. Before I even started to lift my foot to jump over Jake he swiped the back of my knees with his arm, pulling my legs toward his chest. As I began collapsing, his other arm caught me around the waist and used my momentum to swing me to the other side of him and lower me to the floor gently, but very quickly. I let out a surprised squeal at this sneak attack. My quick change from the vertical to the horizontal threw me for a loop, but I recovered quickly and started trying to squirm away. Unfortunately, Jake still had his arm wrapped around both of my knees. As I tried to use my arms to scramble backwards and kick Jake off of my legs he moved. Pulling my legs under him, he straddled my legs pinning them with his own as he let go with his arm. Now looming over me, he grabbed both of my flailing arms at the wrist and pulled me up to a sitting position while at the same time forcing my hands behind my back.

“Got her,” he said. “Your turn,” he told Nick.

“Come on guys!” I shouted. “Two against one is so unfair!”

“Stand her up and I’ll put the cuffs on” Nick said

Jake pulled my arms tighter into my back and pulled me into his chest in a big bear hug. He stood, picking me up as he went and then setting me on my feet, arms still caught in his hands and tucked behind my back for easy cuffing. I was surprised at how effortless he made standing up with me in his arms seem. I had seen Jake without his shirt before and marveled at his tight six pack and nicely muscled arms, but it didn’t really register how much strength was in them until that moment. Resigned that I had lost the battle and would now have to wear the cuffs for a little while, I gave some token struggles but didn’t put in a ton of effort into breaking free. Nick swiftly moved behind me and I felt the cold metal circling my wrist and then tighten as he fitted the cuff, a few seconds later I felt the same treatment to my other wrist. I expected Jake to let go as soon as the cuffs where on but as I felt him start to relax his grip Nick said, “wait, wait, wait I’m not done.”

“What do you mean you’re not done?” I said, wondering what more he was planning to do.

Before I could finish my sentence I felt Jake let go of my wrists, followed by a sharp tug on my cuffs, and accompanied by an exasperated, “What the hell?” from Jake.

“Ow,” I said.” What was that?” I realized that while Jake had let go of my wrists, his arms were still around me.

“Jackass here just cuffed me to you,” Jake said, glaring at Nick, who had a huge grin on his face.

“Not only did I cuff you to her dude, but I wrapped the separate cuffs you are wearing around hers so no acrobatics are going to get the two of you apart.” Nick boasted. “There may be some flaws in my plan as I just created it on the fly while I was in kitchen but I think it will work out fine.”

“What plan?” Jake and I said in unison

“My buddy across the way is out of town this weekend. He gave us the key to his apartment so we can feed the cat. I’m going to stay there tonight. You two will have my place all to yourselves.”

“Okay great, now give us the keys,” Jake said.

“Don’t act like you’re not loving every minute of this, Jake. I know you too well,” Nick said, and I felt Jake tense. “Besides,” he continued, “all I’m doing is providing a circumstance. Do with it what you will. You’ve both been drinking,” he said, circling behind my back again.

Not trusting him, I tried to turn and see what he was doing. Nick was at the TV but his body was blocking what he was doing so I couldn’t see. “Perfect,” he said, closing the glass cover to the entertainment center and locking it with the key. “Here’s your evening’s entertainment, should you decide not to create your own.” As he stepped away from the TV, I could see that he had changed it to one of the pay-per-view porno channels. Your movie is set to start in 15 minutes.”

“Nick, come on now. This isn’t funny anymore. Let us go,” I said. “You can’t leave us stuck like this all night. Uncuff us.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. I know I can’t leave you like this all night,” he said.

“Thank you. Now, if you don’t mind taking these things off…” I said, wiggling my hands at him.

“Oh, I’m not taking them off. I’m leaving you the keys so you can take them off.”

“Fine, give me the keys,” Jake said.

“Right, like I’d go to all this trouble and say ‘here your go, you can unlock yourself now.'”

“What the hell does that mean?” Jake said.

“It means I’ll leave you the keys, you just have to get them,” replied Nick, dangling a key hanging from a short ribbon between Jake and me.

“Fine,” I said and tried to grab the dangling key with my mouth.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Nick said. “Not that easy.”

“Then how do we get them?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m so glad you asked! This key right here…” he said, wiggling it between us again. “… is the key to Jake’s cuffs. And this key right here…” he said, producing another almost identical key hanging from a ribbon, “… is the key to your cuffs, kitten. The key to Jake’s cuffs can be found….”

He slowly started lowering the key between us. I noticed the key seemed to be falling closer and closer towards my cleavage.

“Don’t you dare,” I told him, starting to move away from him and dragging a surprisingly quiet Jake with me.

Before I moved even two inches I felt a hand at my back shove me forward. As I stumbled into Jake he had nowhere to go and fell onto the couch, dragging me with him.

Without much room for me to squirm away, Nick leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Oh, I dare,” as the key came to rest directly between my breasts. “Actually, that still seems too easy,” he said and reached out to unbutton the first and then the second buttons of my shirt.

“Nick! Stop! What the hell are you doing? Stop!” I shouted.

He just continued working his way down my shirt until all the buttons were completely undone. He pulled apart each side of my shirt, baring my black lace bra to both his and Jake’s eyes and whistled.

“Holy shit, kitten! I knew you’d grown up but I didn’t know you had such a tight little body hiding under all those clothes. And you’ve been so obliging with a front-clasp bra too. How convenient,” Nick said.

I pushed myself up against Jake and buried my head in his shoulder trying to hide from both of them. I felt Nick stroke a hand down my long auburn hair, ending right below my bra strap. I felt a tug as he picked up the ends of my hair. Another tug and my hair grew taut against my scalp. A final tug pulled my head back away from Jake’s shoulder. Nick was wrapping my hair around his hand, reeling my head back. As I felt his hand reach my scalp, he gently but firmly pulled my head backward, tugging until I was looking up at him.

Nick ran his hand slowly over my collarbone and down over the top of my breast. Before I could utter a shocked exclamation he grabbed my breast and moved it, placing the key securely underneath where my skin held it in place. Shock must have delayed Jake’s reaction as well, but seeing Nick actually touch me snapped him out of it. He literally started growling at Nick the second his hand touched my breast. Ignoring him, Nick gave me a quick kiss on the lips and said, “Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Releasing my hair, he continued. “One key down, and the next one goes…” I could feel his fingers tracing the waistband at the back of my jeans.

Pulled out of my shock at the feel of his fingers on me again, I screamed: “Don’t you fucking dare Nick!”

“Touch her again like you just did, Nick, and you’re dead,” Jake said, very evenly. “Finish your game and get the hell out.”

“Fine,” Nick said on a sigh. I felt him pull back the waistband of my jeans and panties and a moment later felt the cold key slide down over my ass and land in the crotch of my panties. “SCORE!” Nick shouted.

“God, you are such an asshole!” I yelled, shaking with shock and embarrassment. Things like this did not happen to me. I was the shy one! I did not straddle my friends’ laps, shirt wide open, while another friend plays “hide the key”!

“Either uncuff us or get out now, Nick.” Jake said. Characteristically, he didn’t shout, but his voice was like ice.

“Uncuff you?” Nick said sarcastically. “Oh, you want me to fish the keys out? I didn’t really plan for this, but I’ll admit this is totally turning me on. Say the word and I’ll get them back myself.”

Not that it was necessary, but I started pushing into Jake’s chest again making sure I conveyed that Nick getting the keys back was so not okay.

“Out,” was all Jake said.

“I’m gone. See you kiddies in the morning.” Nick said, walking out the door. A moment later we heard the locks turn.

I looked up into Jakes face. He was already looking at me.

“Is this for real?”

“Yeah,” he said. “I think it is.”

“This can not be happening,” I said. No sooner had I uttered the words than I heard the porno intro music start. “Perfect. I don’t think a more awkward situation could possibly exist.

I started chewing on my lips trying to think of how we were going to get out of this. “We could try to call Thomas.” I said.

“You really want him to walk in and see this?” Jake asked. “It’s your call, but if I was him and I walked in on this, I wouldn’t care how you got into it, I’d just be pissed. I know I’m not calling Joan.”

“God, you’re right.” I moaned.

By now the porno had started and I could feel my face flaming with embarrassment. Heads turned away from each other, neither of us spoke for a few minutes, not quite knowing what to do. Our silence was filled with the moaning, slurping and slapping of flesh from the movie. From my position on Jake’s lap I could feel that he was noticing the movie as well.

Minutes passed before we started calling out possible solutions. After discussing and dismissing several ideas, including calling the police or Nick’s wife (both of which were decided against because Joan and Thomas would find out), and a rather delusional discussion of finding a hack saw to cut through the cuffs, I started losing feeling in my wrists, and my shoulders began to ache from our awkward position. The weight of Jake’s hands attached to my cuffs was making my cuffs dig into my wrists and add strain on my shoulders. Feeling defeated and sore, I said, “Well we can’t stay like this all night so let’s just get the first damn key so we can get you uncuffed, and then I’ll get the second key out myself.”

“Are you sure?” Jake said

“No, I’m not sure, but we haven’t been able to come up with anything else and there’s no way I can stay like this all night. So, lets try to think of the least-humiliating way of doing this.” I took a deep breath. “Okay…can you use your teeth on the middle part and pull a little? It should just fall out.”

Jake looked and me and nodded. I could feel him stir under me. The situation, the sounds from the T.V. behind me, and the fact that this seemed to be turning Jake on was actually starting to turn me on a little, too. I squirmed back a little on his lap, trying to give him more room. Jake let out a faint but audible groan.

“Sorry” I said.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said. “Lean back against my arms and arch your back a little to give me some room.”

I could feel his arms wrapping tight around my lower back once again. Nervously, I leaned backwards a bit over his arms. I felt his arms crawling up my back, pulling my breasts toward his mouth as he leaned forward. Heart hammering, my breathing sped up. I felt the scrape of his teeth and the brush of his lips as he tried to bite my bra in the center without biting me. It was a little difficult due to the underwire, but after a few tries he got it and started pulling it way from my chest. I leaned forward a bit thinking it should just fall out. When it didn’t I started gently bouncing, trying to dislodge the key that was now stuck to my skin without dislodging Jake’s teeth. After the third or forth bounce, Jake let go of my bra and pulled me close so my chest was pressed to his, his face buried in my neck and hair.

Breathing hard he said, “Just give me a minute and I’ll be fine. Sorry. Shit, I can’t take much more of that.”

“Feels like you can to me,” I said with a bit of a wiggle. “Oh my God! I don’t know what’s wrong with me! Forget I said that!” I could feel my whole body turning bright red.

Jake pushed me back and looked at me. I was mortified but looked him back in the eyes. I felt his arms close around me again this time pulling me even closer to him. His face came closer, stopping inches from mine. I didn’t move. I didn’t breathe. My heart was hammering.

“Are you sure you didn’t mean it?” he said, oh so softly, while staring at my lips.

I opened my mouth to reply but nothing came out.

He looked me in the eyes again and slowly brought his lips to mine. A tentative brush of lips and he pulled back looked at me again. I was still speechless. He came back again, giving me time to stop him. This time the kiss was still soft and sweet, but firm. I felt his tongue trace my lower lip and I opened my mouth a bit in response. Jake took my silent invitation and dove in, crushing me to him once again, our mouths feasting on each other. Somehow we ended up listing further and further to the side until Jake rolled me under him, his legs settling in between mine once again. I felt him grind against me and moaned.

The sensations and my own moan startled me a bit and brought home the situation I was in. I was the first to pull back. With the release of my lips Jake started nibbling his way down my neck.

“Jake, wait – stop. We have to stop. This isn’t right.” I said breathlessly.

Jake stopped nibbling and rested his forehead against mine, taking a few deep breaths.

“I know it isn’t,” he said. “But honestly, I don’t think I want the key back yet. Nick may be an asshole, but he was right – I am loving this.”

I had no idea what to say. I was completely confused, utterly mortified, and absolutely turned on. I don’t think my heart had had this much of a workout since I played soccer in junior high. I stammered, “Jake, I…”

He sighed, “Alright, let’s get back to the key.”

He moved himself down my body so he was in position to start attacking my bra again.

“Where did he put it, again?” Jake asked. “I forgot. Was it here?” He said, lightly tracing my left breast through my bra with his tongue.

I squeaked and sucked in a breath.

“Nope, don’t feel it there. Must be on this side,” he said, repeating the process on my right breast. When he bumped into the key he said, “Oh, here it is.”

By this time I was biting my lips and had my hands curled into fists to keep myself from moaning.

“We’re here to get the key, right?” He said. “So let’s just get it.” I felt his teeth on the closure of my bra once again. However this time, rather than getting a grip on it, he was actually trying to open the clasp.

“Wait! Jake!” I cried. Too late: my bra clasp popped open. The cups were still pretty much in place, but only for a moment before Jake grasped one in his teeth and flung it to the side. Then he repeated the process on the other side, baring my breasts for his viewing pleasure… and look he did.

“I forgot what side it was on again.” Jake murmured by way of explanation.

The key was actually still stuck under my breast. Jake used his teeth and tongue to gently pry the key away and then pulled back, key dangling from his teeth by the ribbon. Leaning to the side, he dropped the key on the couch as close to our hands as he could get. Moving back, he took one arm and pulled it securely against my lower back, lifting me up and over towards the key laying on the couch.

“I got it,” he said.

He pulled us back into our original seated position with me on his lap, giving him better access to unlock the cuffs. I was extremely self-conscious to be sitting once again on my friend’s boyfriend’s lap with his arousal evident, my bra and shirt wide open, and the knowledge that said friend’s boyfriend had no desire to put a halt to the evening’s games.

‘Did you get it? Do you need help?” I asked. Jake’s gaze was directed on some point on the wall behind me as he concentrated on opening the cuff.

“No, I got it,” he said.

I tried to keep my hands out of his way and finally felt the pressure on my cuffs slacken, signaling that he had at least one hand free. A few seconds later I felt all of the weight from Jake’s hands lift and I breathed a sigh of relief. I felt his hands move to my bare waist and I looked up to find Jake looking at me, not saying anything.

Nervous, I asked, “Would you mind pulling my bra back together?” Jake complied, the backs of his hands dragging across each nipple as he brought the cups back into place.

“Thanks,” I said, pulling back and struggling to stand. Rather than just steadying my arms so I didn’t do a face plant into his chest, Jake once again wrapped his arms around my waist and stood, lifting me up and then lowering me slowly back down his body until my feet touched the floor. Jake’s arms lingered a moment longer than necessary and then his hands dropped to my waist. I backed away a few steps, putting some space between us and trying to calm down a bit. Looking down, I asked, “Umm… If you can…umm… help me out and unsnap and unzip my jeans, I think I can get the second key out on my own in the bathroom.”

Silently, Jake reached out and hooked his hand into the front of my jeans. My eyes flew up to meet his as he started slowly tugging me back towards him until I bumped up against his chest. Keeping his gaze on mine, he unbuttoned the top button of my jeans and slowly pulled the zipper down.

“Thanks,” I muttered, already on my way to the bathroom.

Closing the door behind me, I leaned back against it, my head reeling. Still a little buzzed, a whole lot excited, majorly confused, and guilt-ridden, I decided that dissecting the evening could wait. Figuring out how to get out of this situation was the pressing issue. On the heels of that decision was the realization that I had no idea how to get the key. I tried reaching my hands down the back of my jeans as far as they could go to see if I could reach. With no luck, I next tried pulling down my jeans a bit. I managed to get them down to the bottom of my ass, but no further. I tried jumping, wiggling, and I put my leg on the counter and tried to shake it loose that way. Nothing worked.

Cursing my boy-cut panties and wishing I had worn a thong today, I was ready to scream in frustration. I looked at myself in the mirror. My brown eyes were wide and glistening with tears of frustration, face flushed, lips plump from the recent make-out session, hair tousled. My short sleeve button-up shirt was wide open, revealing my 34C breasts and flat stomach. My breasts were thrust out provocatively due to the position of my hands behind my back and my black underwire bra. My low-rise jeans were pulled down even further barely hanging onto my hips and showing a triangle of my matching black lace panties. I took a few deep breaths to steady myself. I was going to have to suck it up and call Thomas or get Jake to help me. I pulled my pants back up over my ass, managed to open the door back up and walked out to the living room, head down, trying not to cry, embarrassed beyond belief, and still frantically trying to figure out what to do.

Jake was still standing where I left him, but his eyes were on the T.V.

“No luck, huh?” he said.

“No, I couldn’t get it. I think I need to call Thomas after all.”

Jake closed the gap between us in one step. He hooked his finger under my chin, lifting my face to meet his eyes, his other hand coming to rest on my waist. Looking down at me he said quietly, “No, you don’t.”

I felt his fingers move to my back and begin to slide under the waistband of my jeans where Nick had dropped the key.

“It’s not there anymore.” I whispered. “It’s moved forward.”

His hands stilled for a moment and then pulled out of my waistband. The hand that had been holding my chin dropped down to the small of my back. His other hand moved from my back to my front, caressing my waist as he went. The palm of his hand pressed up against the flat of my stomach right below my belly button. His hand slid slowly down under the top of my panties. Once again I could feel my heart beating out of control, the whole situation overloading me with emotions. I was turned on beyond belief. I vacillated wildly between guilt and excitement, with a lot of embarrassment thrown in for good measure. Jake’s hand slowly crept further down, first his fingers and then his palm sliding over me. As his fingers began to slide past the lips of my pussy, I felt him pause.

“Well, well,” Jake murmured, a small smile on his face.

To my utter mortification, Jake had noticed that my pussy was sopping wet, and he hadn’t pretended not to notice as I had hoped. I dropped my forehead to his chest, refusing to look at him. His hand continued its descent, finally reaching the lining of my panties. The heel of his palm was pressed tightly against my clit as his fingers searched for the key.

“Got it,” he said, his fingers curling around the ribbon. As his fingers curled up they broke past my pussy lips, causing me to gasp. His hand stilled. Then, like lightning, his other arm that had been holding me steady moved up and over my cuffed arms until his hand was grasping the back of my head. He pulled my head towards him firmly and I got out a quick gasp before our lips met once again. The moment our lips touched, all thought fled and I just felt, sinking into his kiss. I felt his fingers begin to caress up and down the lips of my pussy, one finger finally pushing through to enter me. I moaned and felt my knees go weak. Jake moved his hand back from my head to my lower back, pulling me tightly to him. His fingers continued to tease my pussy, driving me wild.

I was lightheaded from the kisses and the alcohol as Jake slowly spun us backward until I bumped into the wall. As soon as we hit the wall his hand lowered to the back of my thigh, pulling my leg up and around his waist. I felt a second finger begin to work its way in to join the first, both fingers plunging into me faster and harder. My leg around Jake’s waist pulled him in even closer. As his fingers dove in and out his thumb stroked my swollen clit in fast circles, his mouth latched to mine, catching my cries. I could feel the pressure building low in my stomach, as my climax approached. Jake’s mouth left mine and travelled down the side of my neck and then back up to my ear lobe. I could hear and feel his rapid breath in my ear. He sucked my ear lobe into his mouth and then gently bit it, sending me over the edge. I screamed my release, Jake’s mouth clamping once again over mine, muffling the sound. My body quaked as his fingers continued, forcing my orgasm to go on and on. My knee buckled and Jake pushed me more firmly into the wall, using his body and the hand under my thigh to hold me up.

“Uh ma gwd! Uh ma gwd!” I moaned into Jake’s mouth over and over again.

A moment before I was going to start begging him to stop, I felt his hand finally still and leave my panties. He stooped down, grabbing my other leg, and pulled it to his waist. Both legs wrapped around him, Jake put one hand on my ass and one on my back and lifted me up. Utterly boneless from the mind-numbing pleasure, I dropped my head to his shoulder while he carried me back to the living room and sat me on the edge of the couch. He pushed me back so I was lying on the couch with only my head and shoulders reaching the back cushions. He knelt down between my legs and we watched each other as, his gaze never leaving mine, he tugged on the waist of my jeans. I lifted my ass from the couch so he could pull them down and off. He left my panties on and gently ran a finger along the outside over my sensitive pussy until he found the key once again.

“I didn’t want to lose this so I thought I would leave it here for safekeeping,” he said, slowly sliding a finger under the side of my panties, hooking the key, and slowly pulling it out. He held it up to my gaze, dangling it by the ribbon.

“It’s all wet,” he said. “I’d better clean this off before it rusts.” I watched, mesmerized, as he brought the key to his mouth and licked first one, then the other side of the key. He leaned forward and put a hand at the back of my neck, pulling me back up to a seated position and kissed me. His hands stroked down my arms toward my restraints and then paused. I didn’t think anything of it until they started back up and, upon reaching my shoulders, started pulling my shirt down my arms. I felt my bra strap give way seconds later.

“Jake? What are you doing?” I said as he pulled my bra back once again. “What about the cuffs?”

He gazed down at my breasts for a moment, looking at the red intention made by the key earlier. “I wanted to kiss this and make it better when I saw it,” he said. There was a pause, and then, “I’ll unlock you later.”

His comments sent a zing of naughty excitement through me, but my guilt had retuned as well.

“Jake! Wait! No, this has gone way too far already! We can’t do this.”

Completely ignoring me, he lowered his head and I felt his tongue caress the spot that the key had left, and then he kissed it. His lips and tongue moved from there to my nipple, causing me to gasp.

“Jake!” I cried, a little breathlessly, unsure if I was crying for him to stop or begging him to continue.

His tongue moved in circles over my nipple, getting smaller and smaller, until he finally reached the peak and nipped at me before finally sucking the whole thing into his mouth. I moaned and arched my back, thrusting my breast more firmly to him. He moved to my other breast and repeated the process, pinching, licking, and sucking. He began kissing his way down my stomach, making his way to my navel where he stuck his tongue in, making me giggle. He looked up at me, smiled a killer smile, and slowly stood. Backing away a few steps, he reached up over his head and hung my key on the ceiling fan.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“What does it look like?” He said. Walking back towards me, he pulled his shirt off, revealing the sculpted chest and washboard abs I had admired more than once.

“But I thought you were going to unlock me.”

Coming to a stop in front of me, he began unbuttoning his jeans and lowering his zipper, letting his jeans drop to the floor. “Like I said, later.”

Fascinated, I watched as, clad only in his boxer-briefs, he began to peel them down as well. I thought after feeling that bulge under me that I was fairly well prepared for what he was about to reveal, but I was shocked when his cock finally sprang free. About 8 inches long and deliciously thick, the head already glistened with a drop of pre-cum. I felt every muscle in my body clench in anticipation, imagining how it would fill my pussy.

I sat up straighter and leaned forward, my tongue darting out to lick the pre-cum from the tip. His hand came down, stroking the side of my head and pulling my hair back away from my face. Tilting my head back slightly so I could watch his reaction, I licked my lips and then gently licked the head again. His eyes closed briefly and then he looked down at me with a small smile. I smiled back and sucked the tip in, swirling my tongue under the lip of the head. Stretching my mouth to accommodate his girth, I sucked in another few inches then backed off and repeated the process, not able to quite manage the whole thing. He moaned and his hand tightened in my hair, holding my head still as his hips began to slowly pump his cock in and out of my mouth. I pulled back, breathing heavily. “You know this would work better if I had my hands right?”

“Trust me, this is working just fine,” he said.

I slowly sucked him back in, letting my teeth lightly scrape over the head. His hips pumped back and forth, pushing his cock a little further into my mouth each time. Just as he finally worked his way to the back of my throat, he groaned and pulled out.


Hand fisted in my hair, he pulled my head back roughly and swooped down for a fierce kiss. Kneeling between my legs, his lips quickly moved onto my neck and then down to my collarbone as he pulled my head back further and bent me over his arm at my back. When he reached my breast he gentled, slowly circling the nipple with his tongue before nipping at me harder than before. I gasped and he immediately soothed the sting with his tongue, sucking my nipple into his mouth. He moved on to my other breast, repeating the process. His mouth left my breast and moved back up to my neck, finally ending with a luscious kiss that had my toes curling. Letting go of my hair and taking his arm from behind me, he laid me back, my head and shoulders cushioned by the back of the couch again. He kissed his way back to my breasts, his hands lightly trailing down further across my stomach, followed closely behind by his lips and tongue.

When his hands reached the top of my panties, my heart skipped a beat. He lightly stroked the inside of my thighs, giving me chills, before squeezing them gently and spreading my legs further apart. His fingers moved to stroke my pussy through my already-drenched panties. He tore his gaze from my panties and looked up at me, watching my reaction as his fingers slipped under the seam, tracing my swollen pussy lips before dipping between. I gasped, slightly lifting my hips from the couch. He pulled his fingers out and brought them to his mouth to lick his fingers.

“I’ve dreamt of doing this,” he said, watching me.

“Since when?” I said with a smile, thinking he meant for the past half-hour or so.

“I’ve wanted you since you were 16, but I’ve dreamt of doing this to you since the first time I heard you and Thomas fucking in the front room while everyone else was sleeping.”

“What?” I said. “I had no idea. You never said anything.”

“I know,” he said. “First you were too young, then you were with Thomas. But I do have to say, you seem to be the only one who didn’t know.”

To say I was shocked was an understatement. In a completely uncharacteristic move, I lifted my hips and told him, “Well, here’s your chance.”

He peeled my panties down and I pulled first one leg and then the other out. Taking my knees in his hands he spread my legs wide, putting my feet on the cushions of the couch. I had only ever been with Thomas and, though we had experimented quite a bit, I was extremely self-conscious being displayed this fully, despite my bold invitation. My legs tried to close but Jake held them wide for his gaze and then slowly lowered his head. I felt his tongue lightly lick its way up between my pussy lips until he reached my clit. He gave it a quick kiss and then started back at the bottom, repeating the process, delving in a little deeper with each pass.

” Ohhhh, God,” I moaned.

One of Jake’s hands moved from my knee. A moment later I felt his two fingers penetrate my sensitized pussy and spread wide inside me. Jake sucked on my pussy lips one more time before attaching his mouth to my clit and sucking. The feeling of his fingers stretching inside me, driving in and out, and the suction on my clit drove me over the edge quickly, and I exploded into one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had. Jake didn’t let up, his fingers still pulsing in me and mouth still attached. I writhed under him, trying unsuccessfully to get away. His fingers curled up inside me and found my G-spot, stroking me into yet another orgasm. My third? Fourth?

“Oh God oh God oh God! Please! Oh God! Please fuck me!” I screamed, bucking against his face and trying to get away from the onslaught of sensations.

Jake finally took pity on me and stopped, pulling his fingers from my now sopping pussy, and raised up on his knees between my legs. He took his dick in his hand, rubbing it up and down my pussy before finally, finally pushing the head into me. Just the head of his cock was so much bigger than I was used to that I could feel it stretching me. He started pushing in slowly, giving me time to adjust and accommodate him.

“God, you’re so tight,” he groaned. I could see the cords on his neck standing out from the strain of moving so slowly. I arched my back in pleasure, my head driving into the couch cushions. “More,” I moaned.

His arm snaked under my arched back and pulled me tight to him as he drove the rest of his length into me.

“Ahhh! Yes!” I screamed.

He held still for a moment, completely embedded in me, his head back, eyes closed. He looked down at me and bent down for a tender kiss. He began moving in me again, pulling in and out and moving faster and harder as his kiss grew more and more passionate. My legs were wrapped around him, pulling him into me harder. He took my legs from behind his back and pushed them back toward me, giving him better access to drive into me even further.

“Mmmm! Oh!” I cried. My overly sensitive pussy had never felt so full and it didn’t take much for him to bring me to orgasm. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

He slowed as my pussy clenched him in an orgasm and then pulled out. My head was still swimming as he picked me up and turned to sit on the couch, bringing me down onto his lap facing him. I felt his cock push into me again, impaling me. He grabbed the back of my head and kissed me as he moved his hips, encouraging me to ride him. I started to move slowly up and down, savoring the feel of him stretching me so fully. I pulled my lips from him and, breathing heavily, I closed my eyes and threw back my head as I began to move faster and faster. Jake pulled me to him, taking my nipple into his mouth as he slid himself down on the couch. His change in position gave him the leverage to slam into me, matching my thrusts with his own.

“Shit, shit, shit,” he groaned, holding me tightly against him as he came inside me.

I collapsed against him, my head nestled into his shoulder. We sat that way for several minutes, recovering. Jake’s hands moved to my legs, pulling them around his waist. He stood, picking me up with his, his cock still buried deep within me as he walked over to the chandelier and reached up to retrieve the key to my cuffs.

“It would have been easier to leave me on the couch,” I teased.

“I wasn’t ready to let you go yet, but your arms must be sore,” he said as he sat back down with me on his lap.

After a bit of fumbling with the lock I felt the cuffs give way, releasing first one wrist and then the other. I moaned as my arms fell to my sides, my shoulders screaming as they were finally released. As I brought my wrists up I could see they were raw and would probably be bruised. Jake massaged my shoulders and kissed my wrists. Picking up the cuffs and dangling them from one finger, he said, “I’ll just hold onto these for next time.”

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