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Youth Follies Ch. 01

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I was just 24 and on my first job. This was in Delhi, while the rest of my family still lived in Panjab. My father had a small house where I stayed.

One day my father called.

“Renu and her friend will be coming to Delhi for about a couple of weeks on a short course. Put them up and look after them well.”

Renu was a cousin, one I liked as she was not riotous. She was very respectful towards me as younger cousins are expected to be in India.

“OK, Dad, I replied, “Let me know when to pick them up from the station.”

In due time these two were installed in the second bedroom. Renu’s friend, Uma, was a sweet looking girl and a little shy at first. She wouldn’t meet my eyes and looked down while replying.

Both these 19 year olds were good to have around the house to talk to, especially in the evenings. Also I was relieved from cooking for a few days. Saturday evening while rummaging through the larder, Renu found a crate full of beer. Those were the days when beer drinking was frowned upon, especially by family members. This was not my stock, anyway, as I hardly drank the stuff or any alcoholic stuff. These belonged to friends of mine who sometimes used to spend an evening with me drinking beer and chatting.

She called out to me. I went to the larder and found her with a bottle in her hand, “So, Bhaiyya, this is what you do in the evenings!”

‘Bhaiyya’ is how you address elder brothers traditionally.

“Don’t be silly. You know I don’t drink. These belong to a friend of mine.”

“You guys are lucky, no? You can indulgence in such things without fear. Tell me, Bhaiyya, have you tried the stuff? How is it?”

“It’s OK, if you like it. Why?”

“I wish I could try it once!”

“Why, Renu, what will your parents say. They’ll say I spoilt you in a couple of days!”

“You know, Bhaiyya, you are the only one I can talk to freely without fear. Can I try it?”

“What about Uma? Won’t she tell upon you?”

‘Let me ask her.”

I left and the two of them were whispering in the kitchen. They came to a conclusion. Renu nodded at me and I put 6 bottles in the freezer for cooling in quick time. I thought this was the only chance they had, so they may as well indulge.

To set the atmosphere I dimmed the lights in the drawing room and put on light music. The music was on continuous play. They poured a glass each. Renu and Uma clicked glasses dramatically and before I could stop them guzzled down half the quantity.

“Oy! Take it easy. That’s not water. I don’t want you tottering all over the place and throwing up.”

The girls giggled and took their sips demurely. There was boisterous talk of being the only girls in their families having beer. They spoke as if they had won a Nobel Prize or something! The music was enticing and Uma said, “Renu, let’s dance.” For a moment all shyness had gone. Beer seems to have lowered her inhibitions.

Renu, on her second bottle and enjoying the drinking, said, “Go dance with Bhaiyya.”

Uma blushed and looked to the ground, unable to meet my eyes. Flustered, she picked up her glass and drained it. It must have hit her in her being. She licked the froth from her lips and suddenly I realised how lovely she looked. I wanted her in my arms!

I stood up and told her, “Come. Dance with me,” and held out my hand to her. She blushed some more and I took her palm and pulled her up. She teetered for a second and held my forearm to steady herself. I led her to the centre of the room and put my arms around her waist. She would not look up and didn’t know what to do with her arms.

I pulled her in slightly and whispered in her ears, “Put your hands on my shoulders.” Her hands were trembling as she lifted them onto my shoulders. I swayed to the music and she swayed along with me. We were moving aimlessly around the room. I slipped my hands slightly lower and was now holding her hips. I pushed her hips slightly into my crotch and swayed. She took in a sudden breath and exhaled audibly after some time.

I noticed that her eyes were slightly glazed and I wanted her to be a little more under the influence so she could be pliable. I looked around at Renu and found her taking small sips from her glass. As she looked up I signalled at Uma’s glass and indicated she bring it. Renu filled up the glass and brought it over. She saw Uma relaxed in my arms with her head against my chest and smiled. I took the glass from Renu, stopped my swaying for a moment, and touched the glass to Uma’s lips. She opened her eyes, smiled at me and took a big sip. I let her take another big sip and put the glass down on a side table nearby. I held her tight to me. Uma sighed and I slipped my hands lower onto her ass. She froze. I kept on swaying and slightly rubbed my hands on her ass. She looked up at me, and I whispered in her ears, “How’s the beer? Are you enjoying yourself?” and slightly squeezed her ass.

She nodded her head shyly and I continued my swaying. My crotch was rubbing against her stomach and I was aroused. I was sure she could feel me down there. I pushed out my crotch as I pushed her ass in. She could not have missed the contact. She fidgeted a little and I moved slightly back. She relaxed and put her head back against my chest. I looked down, bent and whispered in her ears, touching her earlobe a little, “Are you OK? Are you enjoying dancing with me?”

I kissed her lobe. She tightened her hold on my shoulder and nodded. Not a word out of her, yet.

I said softly, “Uma, look up.”

She obeyed immediately. “Why are you not speaking? Why are you so shy around me? Don’t you like me?”

She lowered her eyes and whispered, “I like you,” and blushed.

I moved my hands up her back in a caressing motion and hugged her to me. I pushed my groin out a bit; just to let her know I was there. Her soft breasts pressed against me. I moved back to her ear and whispered, “You are beautiful, Uma,” and tightened my hug.

She breathed in sharply and I blew air into her ear. She trembled in my arms. I whispered, “Hug me, my dear.”

Her arms went around me and she hugged me. We stood hugging each other and swaying. I could see she was far gone with the beer in her. I looked at Renu and saw her enjoying her freedom and guzzled more beer. She was going way too fast. I reluctantly led Uma back to the sofa, made her sit down and told Renu, “Take it easy. You’re drinking too fast. How about some food first?”

She smiled and nodded. She got up on wobbly legs and entered the kitchen. I looked down at Uma. Her head was against the sofa back and her eyes closed. I followed Renu into the kitchen.

“Are you sure you can manage? Do you need any help?”

She stuttered, “I think I can manage,” and wobbled as she took a few steps. I held her and she came into my arms. I hugged her and patted her ass. She hugged me back. She supported herself with her head on my chest and held on. I could feel my hardness touching her. She took a deep breath, shook her head to clear it, and said, “Gulped it too fast. Was afraid you would stop me,” and laughed inanely. She took another deep breath and said, “I think I can manage only sandwiches tonight,” and let go of me.

I went back and saw Uma in the same position. I switched off the lights and the room was only lit by the light from the kitchen. I sat next to her and caressed her cheek with my palm. She opened her eyes, saw me, and smiled. I handed her her glass of beer. She took a gulp and sighed. I caressed her cheeks again and said, “Dance again?” She looked at me, held my gaze, and nodded. I was sure she was turned on, too. I stood up and held my hand out to her. She took it and stood. A little wobbly, but gamely came into my embrace as I led her to the centre of the room.

I held her tight to me and she could feel my erection against her. She did not object and adjusted herself so that my erection centred on her crotch. It was comfortable and I swayed, slowly rubbing her back. She sighed and hugged back. I moved my hands down to her ass and squeezed them and caressed them. I moved a finger along the crease of her ass crack. She shuddered and squeezed me. Moving up I pulled her shirt slowly out of her denims.

She looked up at me and said, “Please……”

I kissed her on her lobe and whispered, “Shhh! Just enjoy the feeling.”

My hands went under her shirt onto her bare back. She wanted to resist but the beer had lowered her inhibitions. I caressed her back and she trembled. “Shall I stop,” I whispered softly. She hugged me tighter and I pushed my erection into her front. She whimpered and I kept on caressing her back. I kissed her cheek and she jerked her head back, but didn’t say anything.

She was very pliant in my arms and went along with what I was doing. The beer was helping me. I moved both my hands up till I touched her bra strap at the back. She drew in a sharp breath and I softly kissed her cheek again. I held the strap on both sides of the hook and unhooked the bra but held on.

She whimpered, “Please don’t, please,” and was trembling. I kissed her on the cheek again and hooked the bra back. She sighed and looked up at me. I bent down and kissed her lips. The trance was broken when Renu walked in with a platter of sandwiches. I quickly pulled my hands out, squeezing her ass on the way.

“What happened to the lights,” asked Renu.

“Nothing. I switched them off. Much better this way. You know, soft low music and darkness lends to romantic atmosphere!”

She laughed.

We sat down to eat. Renu, not aware of what had transpired between Uma and me, was chattering of various things. Her words were slurring. Uma was quiet, but kept on giving me sidelong glances and blushing. She was probably thinking of my naughtiness, my hugs, my kisses, and my unhooking her bra strap. Her senses must be swaying though she had not drunk as much as Renu.

I intended to rectify that and see where the evening could go. I filled her glass and put less in Renu’s glass. I pushed Renu’s glass towards her and handed Uma’s to her. She took her glass from me and took a sip. As she raised her eyes she saw me looking at her and took a gulp. She spluttered and coughed. I quickly got up and patted on her back till she got her breath back. I took a quick look at Renu and saw her attention was on her plate. I pulled Uma’s bra strap back and let it snap back. Renu looked up at the sound but I was back in my seat.

Uma’s face was red but it was not noticeable in the darkness. We finished eating and I helped clear the table. I asked the girls if they’d had enough beer. Before Renu could reply Uma said she wanted more. I was surprised but happy that it was Uma who wanted more. I filled their glasses. I noticed that between the two of them they had emptied 4 bottles, Renu drinking more. I opened the fifth bottle and put two more to cool.

The girls were well on their way feeling the buzz and not understanding what they were doing. The music was still playing and I asked Renu to dance with me. We got to the center of the room and she came into my embrace. Uma was looking at us as we swayed. Soon her mind got diverted to the beer in front of her. Renu held me tight afraid she might fall. My hands were on her back and I caressed it. She was sighing with pleasure and I intensified the pressure on her back.

She pressed her front into me, her breasts poking my chest through her bra. I moved my crotch a little forward and I made contact with her thigh. Moving slightly, my aroused cock came to rest between her thighs. It was naughty of me; after all this was my cousin. But beer had lowered their inhibitions and I was enjoying it.

Renu moaned softly and I moved my hands down till they came to the top of her ass. I caressed her lower back and swayed with the music. Renu’s cheeks were flushed and I was sure it was because of my cock touching her mound. I ground my crotch into her slightly and she moaned. I did it again and she held me tight.

“Are you enjoying the dance, my dear?” I whispered in her ear. She held me tighter and whispered back, “Yessss!”

I caressed her lower back and moved lower onto her ass. She took in a sharp breath and slowly released it. I softly caressed her ass and pressed it on my crotch. She was mewing softly and I put one finger under her chin and raised her face. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily, her breasts heaving. She was aroused. I bent down and kissed her cheek. She moaned and I moved to cover her lips with mine. I gave per a peck and moved back. Her eyes were still closed and she lifted her face up.

I kissed her, probing with my tongue. She kept her lips shut tight while I licked them. After some time she opened her mouth to allow my tongue in. We kissed for a long time and all the time I was caressing her ass. She was moaning into my mouth.

The ringing phone shattered the silence. Everyone gave a start. Renu quickly separated from me. I noticed that Uma was lying down on the sofa and had probably not seen the play between me and Renu.

It was Renu’s mother enquiring about her. I told her to pick the extension in her room.

I turned towards Uma, wanting to make sure she was OK. When I touched her cheek, she opened her eyes and tried to smile.

“My senses are all fuzzy,” she slurred.

“You look more beautiful when your eyes are glazed,” I flirted with her.

She blushed various shades of red and I pulled her up. She quietly came into my arms. I caressed her back and now there was no semblance of dance. I moved my hands all over her back and then as I reached her ass, said, “Are you OK with this? Do you like this dance?” and squeezed her ass and pushed my crotch forward to make contact.

She just nodded her head and I teased her, “What did you say? I didn’t hear you,” and caressing her ass, added, “Is this dance movement OK?”

She looked up at me, red in the face, enjoying my hand caressing her ass, and said softly, “Yes.”

Practically dark with no light on, beer going to her head, my hands all over her body in places no alien hand had been – squeezing and caressing her, feeling my hardness against her mound, my soft whisperings in her ear and my softly kissing her lobe, my unhooking her bra, etc. raised emotions in her she never thought she had. Coming from a small town where girls hardly mingled with boys, much less let a boy touch her, Uma was totally confused. But she was now aroused and enjoying the sensations.

I turned her around and let her ass feel my arousal. I pushed into her ass and held her tight by her hips. She moaned loudly and I moved my right hand forward to cup her mound. Her knees nearly gave away at this intrusion and I held her up by my hand cupping her pussy. I kissed her at the back of her neck and whispered, “Is this move nice, my dear?” and I rubbed my hand on her pussy. She groaned loudly and whispered, “Yesssss!”

Before moving further, I wanted to see what was holding Renu. She had not been back for some time. I led Uma to the sofa and made her sit. To keep her busy and compliant I handed her a glassful.

I went to Renu’s room and saw that the phone was back on the hook but she wasn’t there. I heard a noise from the bathroom. I found Renu retching. Downing too much beer quickly did not agree with her. I caressed her back while she retched till she had nothing more to bring up. I helped clean her up. She brushed her teeth and I led her to the bed. She sat down heavily and tried to smile.

“My head is heavy,” she groaned and added, “I’ll rest for a while and join you. You go and give Uma company.” I sat besides her and held her to me. Her head was on my shoulder. I turned her to me and kissed her softly. She moaned. We had a few minutes of intense kissing while my hands roamed at her back. I gave a final kiss and got up. “Take rest,” and left her.

I came back to Uma and started from where I left. I wanted Uma but not without her consent. If I kept working on her in her present state it wouldn’t be too long before she acquiesced. I pulled her up and hugged her. She hugged back. I lightly kissed her on her lips, her cheeks, and bit her neck. She groaned. I put my hands under her shirt and quickly unhooked her bra and she drew in a sharp breath. I quickly kissed her on her neck under her ear and bit softly. She moaned. I moved my hands forward and under her bra to cup her breasts. She cried out, “No! no! no!,” and I quietly hushed her and pinched her nipples. She kept on shaking her head but did not stop my hands on her. I quickly unbuttoned her shirt and drew it and her bra away from her arms. I gazed at her pert little breasts.

Her eyes were shut and she was shaking her head and moaning. I brought my lips to her breasts and sucked on them in turns. She held my head to them and kept on groaning and shaking her head. I bit her nipples, pinched them between my fingers and tugged them. She was whimpering with pleasure.

Suddenly she froze, winced with pain and threw up. All that beer finally caught up with her too. My hard luck! She puked on her chest and it trickled down onto her denims. She was a complete mess. She just folded down on the floor, completely passed out. I looked around to clean her up. Got some tissue papers and wiped her front. I put her shirt back on and buttoned it up.

Then I picked her up, one hand under her knees and the other under her back. I carried her to the room she shared with Renu and kicked the door. It took a few minutes for Renu to get up and open the door.

“What happened?” she asked apprehensively when she saw Uma.

“She puked all over her front and passed out. She is stinking all over. You may need to wash her and change her.”

“I can’t handle her all by myself. I’m wobbly myself and she’s a dead weight.”

I thought for a moment and said, “OK, I’ll help you.”

I filled the bathtub with warm water and came out. I told Renu to undress her and looked the other way. I wanted Uma but refused to sneak looks without her consent. Soon she had Uma naked. The room stank.

“OK,” she said, “Carry her to the tub.”

I turned around and saw her naked. I quickly covered her with a sheet and carried her to the tub. I put her slowly in the water and Renu started to wash her. Soon she had her clean.

“Help me lift her so I can dry her.”

I turned, pulled the plug to drain the water out, held Uma up while Renu dried her with the towel. I kept my eyes averted. Then after Renu wrapped the towel around Uma, I carried her to the bed, covered her with a sheet and pulled the towel out from beneath.

“The room is reeking. Use the spray in that drawer,” I told Renu and left for my room.

I showered and changed. Sleep was far away and I thought of what transpired the whole evening. Two young nubile girls, so pliant, and so easy to get them to do my bidding. I hoped I would get another change at success.

I picked up a book to read and was soon engrossed in it. There was a knock and Renu entered the room. Seemed she had also showered as she looked clean in her freshly ironed pyjamas. I shut the book and looked at her. She came and sat on the bed.

“The room still stinks. Moreover, she is snoring. I can’t sleep in the noise,” she said and looking at me added, “Can I stay here for a while?”

I nodded and lifted the sheet covering me, inviting her in. Soon she was beside me and lay her head on my shoulder. I put my hand around her and held her to me.

“Thanks for letting us try the beer.”

“Try? You girls were guzzling like professionals!”

“Next time we’ll try to drink like ladies. If you allow next time.”

“Of course. You can be riotous with me around but remember no one must know. They’ll disown me for allowing you.”

She laughed and hugged me tight. I hugged her too and caressed her back. She turned slightly exposing more of her back to my caress.

“You know, Uma likes you a lot. We girls talk. She thinks you are the best cousin I have.”

I grunted.

“Why did you avert your eyes when I was washing her?”

“What do you take me for, Renu? I’m not going to sneak peeks. I’m not doing anything to anyone without their consent.”

She hugged me tight and said, “I love you for being such a decent man.”

There was silence for some time. Then she said quietly, “Will you please kiss me again?”

I was suddenly aroused. She would be able to see my stiffness if she looked down. I slithered down till our heads were together. I raised my self on one elbow, bent over and kissed her fully on the lips. She accepted my tongue and we were soon hot with passion. I kissed, bit, and sucked her lips. I adjusted my position and my hands were caressing her back. She was moaning and rubbing her thighs together. I was sure she was wet.

I moved down to her neck and kissed, licked and sucked it. I then raised my head, looked at her and reached for the buttons on her pyjama top. I waited for her signal. She sighed and closed her eyes and closed her hands into fists. I slowly unbuttoned her and spread the shirt open. No bra. She, too, had small pert breasts. Her nipples were erect and hard. I removed her top and threw it aside. I put one nipple in my mouth and bit it, while pinching the other. She moaned loudly and lifted her chest up from the bed trying to push her entire breast into my mouth,

I played with both her breasts till they turned red with my rough ministrations. Then I moved downwards and licked her navel. She whimpered and squirmed. I pulled the draw string of her pyjama bottom and loosened it. She stopped her mewing and looked at me. I cupped her pussy and she gasped.

I rubbed her pussy and said, “Is it OK, my dear?” Her eyes glistened and she nodded her head. I slowly pulled her pyjama down and she lifted her ass to assist me. I looked at her panty and noticed a wet patch. I cupped her again and caressed her pussy. She moaned and pushed her mound into my palm. I drew her panty down and she lay bare – a feast for my eyes.

I caressed her bare pussy, her thighs and traced a finger along her slit. She raised her ass in the air and moaned loudly. I bent down and tongued her. She squirmed and held my head tight to her. I lapped her up and her wetness increased. I spread her legs to have a closer look and penetrated her with my middle finger. She moaned again and clasped her thighs tight, entrapping my finger in her. Soon she relaxed and I slowly pumped my finger in and out. I pushed in further, meeting her hymen. She was mewing at this new experience and the emotions flooding inside her.

I withdrew my finger and her moaned in protest. I thumbed her sensitive clit and she screamed and hit the roof. I kept on softly massaging her clit and she kept on moaning, till she came with a loud cry. I covered her clit with my lips and sucked it at the same time fingering her pussy. I kept her at a high and she came again and again. Spent, her ass hit the bed and she kept on whimpering. My cock was stiff as a board and wanted action.

I spread her legs and shifted between her thighs. I licked her pussy till she was flowing with her juices. I bent her knees and pushed then against her chest. Her beautiful pussy opened up and I lapped up the juices flowing. I moved up and touched her opening with my cock. She looked at me with fear in her eyes.

“Are you ready, my darling?” I asked.

She looked at me and whispered, “Please, Bhaiyya, love me.”

I pushed in and my bulbous top entered her pussy hole. She winced and screwed her eyes shut. I let her be for a moment to let her get used to this intrusion. Then I said softly, “Open your eyes my dear, and look at me.” She opened and locked her eyes with mine. I pushed in further till I reached her barrier. I rocked back and forth to let her get used to my cock in her. She was wet with her juices. I looked in her eyes and mouthed ‘Now’ and pushed in going through her barrier.

She cried out loudly as she felt the sharp pain and tears flowed. I stopped till she relaxed and then slowly pushed in till I hit the bottom. My cock was fully in and my balls were touching her ass. I lowered my head and kissed her on her lips and our tongues entwined. Saliva was flowing and she was moaning in pain and pleasure. I slowly started the pumping and she squirmed. Her juices were flowing and my pumping increased. I fingered her clit and her passion was getting out of control. She came gushingly and cried out in pleasure, “Bhaiyyaaaa… Oh! Oh! Ohhhhh!” I increased the tempo as I was also ready for release. Soon I came with a shout and she cried out as she came too. I was so engrossed in ensuring that her first time was enjoyable that I forgot she had no protection and I came in her. By the time I realized the next morning, the deed was done.

We both came down from our highs and I clasped her to me and caressed her back. She was moaning with pleasure and soon we were kissing with abandon. I turned on my back with her on top of me. We kissed and I chewed her lips and our tongues clashed. My hands caressed her ass and she moaned in my mouth as my finger traced her ass crack again and again. She shuddered and pressed her lips to mine and tongued furiously.

Finally she slept in the same position, right on top of me. I clasped her to me and fell asleep.

****** It was becoming light when I awoke. Renu was no longer with me. She must have gone to her room. She returned after shower and a fresh change of clothes. She looked good enough to eat!

She kissed me passionately and said, “Uma is awake and is in the shower.”

“Renu,” I said, “We have to be very careful. You understand, don’t you? Even Uma must not know.”

Her eyes told me she understood.

“You know Bhaiyya, she likes you and told me you had brought her to boil last night. She also said that anything could have happened if she had not passed out. I told her how you carried her in and helped me wash and change her. She turned red thinking you must have seen her naked. I assured her my brother was a decent man and kept his eyes averted from her nakedness,” she laughed and winked.

“I’ll send her in with your morning cup of tea. Then later I’ll fix breakfast for all of us.” She kissed me again and left.

I took a quick shower and cleared up the mess in the room. As I changed the bed sheet and threw the dirty one in the hamper, Uma came in with my tea. I was surprised at her dress. She wore a male kurta. Kurta is a long shirt which comes up to mid thigh. It has a small slit at the sides and two or three buttons in the front. Being small in height, the kurta reached just below her knees and was very loose on her. She had folded the long sleeves and looked very fetching. Why she wore that and not her normal clothes was beyond me. Probably Renu’s doing, I thought. She must have given her my spare kurta from the cupboard in her room.

Uma’s eyes were downcast and her cheeks were red. She must know how she must be looking. She held the cup out at me without saying anything. I took the cup and said, “Lock the door, Uma.” She looked at me hesitatingly and I smiled encouragingly. She obediently closed the door and turned the key. “Sit down, Uma.” She did not move and I put the cup on the dresser and pulled her towards me and hugged her.

“Why are you shy?” I whispered caressing her back. No bra strap. She put her head against my shoulder and was trembling. No reply.

“Are you afraid of me, my dear?” No response.

I lifted her chin up and kissed her on her lips. She moaned. I pushed my tongue in and our tongues played with abandon. She was heaving in excitement. I moved my lips back a millimetre and whispered, “Still afraid?” She blushed and whispered back, “No!”

I resumed mauling her lips and allowing our tongues free rope. My hands went lower on her back and I held her by her ass cheeks. Panty in place. She whimpered as I caressed her ass and traced my finger along her crack. I lifted the kurta from the back and caressed her ass through her panty. Her moaning increased. I put my hands inside her panty directly on her ass and caressed the two lovely tight spheres. She was squirming and I traced my finger on her crack and pushed in till my middle finger was resting on her ass rim. Her legs nearly folded and I had to hold her up.

Kissing her I led her to the bed, raised her kurta, slowly brought it up and removed it. She closed her eyes tight and I made her sit on the bed with her feet on the floor. I pushed her till she lay back and she quickly covered her breasts with her hands. I spread her legs and looked down at her. Still panty clad, she looked ravishing. I went down on my knees between her thighs and put my hands on them. She shivered and kept her eyes closed. I moved my hands on both her thighs in a caressing manner. She was moaning and trembling. I moved my right hand up and cupped her panty clad pussy. She moaned loudly and tried to close her legs, but I was in between them. I massaged her pussy till she relaxed and spread her thighs. Her panty was wet at the crotch. I hooked my fingers in the elastic band and brought her panty down. She whimpered but raised her ass to assist me. Discarding her panty I kissed her pussy lips and she shrieked. I continued licking her pussy slit till she started to relax and accept my tongue in her slit. Her juices started to flow and I lapped them up.

I spread her outer lips with my fingers and her whimpering started. I lightly touched her hole with my finger and she shuddered. I made soft noises with my mouth to soothe her and put my finger in. Her juices were flowing and she was sobbing with pleasure. I pushed in and reached her barrier. I finger fucked her and thumbed her clit. She hit the roof. She raised her ass off the bed and cried out in rapture and orgasmed. She kept on saying, “Oh! Oh! Oh and squirmed her ass and shivered. I got up and removed my clothes. She still had her eyes closed and her hands covering her breasts. I wanted her to suck me. I took hold of her hands and pulled them off her breasts without much effort. She was resigned to whatever I was doing. I pulled her up till she was flat on her back. I put her hand on my aroused cock and she gasped. Eyes still closed.

I straddled her chest but kept my weight on my knees. I took hold of my cock and rubbed it on her cheeks. She moaned when she felt the warmth of my cock on her cheek. Eyes still closed, but her breathing increased. I slapped her cheek with my hard cock and her eyes snapped open. She saw her first cock so close up that her eyes nearly popped out. She gasped loudly. I moved back a bit and said, “Hold it, my dear.”

She hesitatingly touched it and then held it. I put my hand on hers and stroked it a few times. I closed my eyes and sighed with pleasure. I removed my hands and she continued stroking. I was hard enough to begin with, but I became harder.

“Kiss it, darling.” She hesitated and then lightly touched her lips to it.

“Open your mouth, sweetheart.” She did so submissively. I rubbed my cock on her lips and she felt my wetness there. I moved back and she licked where my cock had been. She tasted her first precum.

“Suck it, please.”

She looked at me and I nodded at her lovingly. She looked down at my cock, held it and led it to her mouth. She took it in and sucked like any first timer would. Soon she was moving it in and out of her mouth. I did not use force and let her find her own speed and depth. I was pinching her nipples and she was moaning with pleasure. Vibrations caused by her moaning added to my pleasure.

I was ready to come, but I wanted her to come at the same time. I pulled out for a moment, lay beside her with my cock near her mouth and she took it in again. I spread her pussy lips and started lapping fast and furiously. My fingers were creating havoc with her clit. She sucking fast, and my attention to her pussy and clit was making her squirm and shudder.

She was soon reaching the point of no return and so was I. I came with a gush right into her mouth. She was so surprised that she gulped the first spurt and then closed her mouth on my cock as I kept spurting. Then she orgasmed and screamed. As she opened her mouth to draw in her breath to scream out her pleasure she gulped in my come filling her mouth. I kept on spurting till I had nothing left. She drank it all down. I kept the pressure of my finger and lips on her and she kept on moaning.

I took her in my arms and hugged her. I kissed her till her trembling subsided. She quietly lay in my arms. I kept kissing her softly on her cheeks, eyes, lips and ears. After a few minutes I held her chin up till she looked at me shyly.

“Was it Ok? Did you enjoy, my dear?”

She blushed and nodded. Then she added shyly, “I never thought it could be so intense. Thank you.”

“This has just started, my dear. Soon we will make love. Will you want that?”

She blushed furiously and said, “I’ve never done it.”

I kissed her and said, “You will enjoy that too. I’ll be gentle. OK?”

She nodded.

The knock on the door startled her. Renu’s voice came through the door, “Breakfast is ready, Bhaiyya.”

I told her I’ll be out soon.

Colour drained out of Uma’s face. “What will I tell her when she asks what was I doing inside for so long? What will she think of me?”

I held her to me lovingly and said, “Don’t worry. She’s your friend. She won’t be judgemental.”

We dressed quickly and left the room.


Uma went to the room she shared with Renu and I went to the kitchen. Renu was busy at the stove turning the eggs. She turned and smiled at me impishly.

“So, it was your doing, sending her in with just a kurta on,” I accused her.

She laughed and said, “I told her there wasn’t time to iron her clothes as the tea was getting cold. I passed her your kurta. She was shocked and refused to go in only the kurta. I had explained earlier how decent you had been and told her not to worry as you would not do anything she didn’t want to. I reminded her she did enjoy her ‘dance’ with you last night! She went very reluctantly. In her confusion she forgot to put on her bra!”

“You little imp. I should spank you for it.”

“Yes, you can. Tell me Bhaiyya. Did she make you happy?”

“You don’t really expect me to respond to that, do you? Where is that breakfast you promised? I’m famished.”

“No wonder,” she commented cheekily and left to get Uma.

They returned to the kitchen. In her confused and worried state Uma forgot to change and was still in that kurta! I enjoyed, both, the breakfast and Uma in the kurta. Renu saw me looking at Uma and winked. Uma, as usual, had her head lowered.

As I was thinking of last night with Renu and this morning with Uma, it suddenly struck me that I hadn’t used any protection with Renu. I cursed myself for the lapse. I thought for a moment and came to a conclusion. I quickly changed and told the girls I would be back soon.

I first met a friend and then went looking for a chemist’s shop far from my locality. I found one and asked for what I wanted. It was in stock. I picked up a few other items and returned home.

The girls were no where to be found. They were in their room. Renu, probably, pestering Uma to relate all the juicy happenings. I only prayed Renu remembered to keep what we did secret. I spent some time reading. Around lunch time, Renu knocked and entered at my bidding.

“Where did you disappear to, Bhaiyya?”

“Do you know, my lovely girl, last night we forgot to use protection.”

She lost colour and tottered on her feet. I held her to my chest and said, “Don’t worry. Maybe nothing will happen. But I have got some ‘morning after’ pills they have been advertising. I checked with a friend studying medicine. He says they’re safe to use within 72 hours.”

I handed her a dose and told her there should be nothing to worry. She read the instructions on the packet and took it accordingly. She seemed relieved. Then her chirpy self re-asserted itself and she said, “You have been very unfair to me. Uma did something which you never let me do.” Touching my cock, she squeezed it. She was game to sucking my cock.

“So, you squeezed all the details out of Uma, did you, you little imp?”

She smiled broadly and winked. “Bhaiyya, she will be willing to go further. You know what I mean.”

I told her I was ready to please both of them, and myself too, in the bargain. We got into a vigorous kissing session on the bed and soon both of us were panting. We had to be careful with Uma around, so we stopped. She squeezed my cock and said lunch would be in an hour’s time, and no, she didn’t need my help. While leaving she said, “I’m sending Uma in with a cup of tea. Of course, there will be no tea, only her,” and winked.

I looked towards the door in anticipation and my cock was ready for action. Uma came up to the door and stood there. I smiled and invited her in. She came in and locked the door. She had the same kurta on. She came and sat on the bed and moved nearer. I brought her to me and kissed her. Soon we were busy pawing each other. Her kurta was off, and so were my clothes. I attended to her breasts and she was moaning with pleasure. I cupped her pussy and it was wet and leaking. I fingered her while playing with her nipples.

I brought her hand to my cock and she started stroking it. I went further down and attended to her pussy and clit. She was in the throes of passion and moaning loudly and saying, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” continuously as I heated her up playing with her lips, nipples, pussy and clit. She came hard a couple of times before she lay back spent.

I had bought a packet of condoms, but wanted to ride her bareback. I had those pills as a backup.

I spread her legs, bent her knees, and pushed them against her chest. She looked at me in anticipation, a little fear in her expression. Her pussy opened up and I could see her inner lips and hole. I took my aroused cock to her opening and rubbed on her juices. She was moaning and trembling. I soothed her and pushed in a little. She did not close her eyes and held my gaze. The bulbous head entered the opening and she mewed. I pushed further and met her hymen. She sensed me at her barrier. I waited, looked into her eyes, and pushed in suddenly, breaking her barrier. The pain was short and intense, and she cried out.

I kept kissing her till she relaxed. Then I started the rhythm known to man since the beginning of time. Soon she was mewing with pleasure as I intensified my pumping. I put her legs on my shoulders and as I pumped in she was practically doubled up in half. As my movements became faster, she kept on moaning, “Oh! God, oh! God, oh! God.”

I pulled out and she cried out, “Whyyyyy.” She was on the point of orgasming.

I turned her over, raised her on her knees and entered her from behind. She moaned, “Ohhhhh!” I resumed the in out motion enjoying her by holding her by her hips and pulling in while pushing my cock in. I caressed her ass and periodically slapped her ass. She moaned at every slap and I started hitting her harder. She was trembling and whimpering. Her ass became red and I caressed it soothingly. She was mewing with pleasure.

I wet my thumb with her juices, spread her ass cheeks, and rubbed my thumb on her ass rim. She sucked in air noisily and looked back at me, her eyes wide open. I held her gaze and continued massaging her hole. She seemed to relax but kept looking at me, and I upped the ante by pushing the ball of my thumb to open up her rim.

She looked at me and bit her lower lip. I looked back lovingly and pushed in further till it was in up to the first joint. The pressure on her rim increased and she whined. With my other hand I caressed her ass cheeks while I twisted my thumb left to right. I pistoned my thumb and slowly entered till it was all in. Now I was pumping both her pussy and her ass.

Soon she got used to the intrusion in her ass and tried to relax. I kept on caressing her ass cheeks. I was ready and I wanted her to be ready, as well. I removed my hand from her ass and started flicking her clit with it. She jerked suddenly and whimpered. She was fast approaching the point of no return and so was I. She came with a loud cry of ecstasy and so did I. I was pumping fast and furious inside her and felt my first gush hit her insides. My thumb was also working furiously and so was my finger on her clit.

She came again and again till she slumped on the bed, totally spent. I pulled my still hard cock from her pussy and removed my thumb from her ass. I took her in my arms and caressed her all over. Soon she was breathing normally. I put her hand on my still hard cock and she opened her eyes. She was completely drained. I kissed her tenderly, raised myself up and put my cock to her lips. She sucked it in and tasted her juices. She licked me clean till I became soft.

I pulled out, clamped her to me, and caressed her back till she completely relaxed. We were lying down savouring being together.

I kissed her and said, “Are you happy, my love? It wasn’t too hard, was it? I hope you’re not hurt.”

She hugged me tight and with tears of happiness in her eyes, said, “You have given me so much love. I never knew sex could be so wonderful.”

I looked into her eyes and said, “There is still more, my darling,” and patting her ass, added, “If you want it.”

She looked at me with big rounded eyes, thought for a moment at what I expected, blushed at what she saw in her mind’s eye, and hugged me crushingly. This was the answer I was looking for. I kissed her and just lay comfortably with her.

Renu’s knock reminded us lunch was ready. After lunch the girls retired to their room for rest and I to mine. I fell asleep immediately.


It was late in the evening when I woke up. I went into the drawing room and switched on the news. There is nothing important so I switched it off. But the sound had alerted the girls that I was up and about.

They came out and joined me on the sofa, each on one side. Uma was in a skirt and shirt, and Renu in a jersey and a pair of trousers. I put my arms around Uma and pulled her to me. She was slightly conscious of Renu, but was soon OK, knowing that Renu knew what she had done. I caressed her shoulder and just relaxed with my head on the sofa back. Uma sighed and leaned on my shoulder. She closed her eyes and snuggled closer.

I looked towards Renu and blew her a silent kiss. She did the same, and looking at Uma, who had her eyes closed, put her hand on my thigh and raised it up till it entered the shorts I had on. Soon she was pouching my ball sack and squeezing gently. My cock received a wake up call and started to harden. She kept on squeezing my ball sack and then moved to my cock. I was getting hot. I moved my other hand on Renu’s shoulder and lowered it to her breast and squeezed hard. She winced in pain but did not utter a sound. She squeezed my cock hard in retaliation.

I wanted Renu, but it was going to be difficult with Uma around. I whispered softly the same to Renu. She thought for a while and got up. She said she was going to her room to finish her assignment and told me to give company to Uma.

Uma said, “What about my assignment? It’ll take me at least 2 hours to complete it. I thought I’ll finish it tonight.”

“OK,” said Renu, “You go and do your assignment now, while I give company to Bhaiyya. Later after dinner, you sit with Bhaiyya while I do mine.”

So it was agreed.

Uma left and we waited for a few moments. Renu went to check on her and returned after a while.

“Everything’s fine. She’s busy for the next 2 hours.” She pulled me up and came into my arms. I kissed her and led her to my room. I locked the door and soon both of us were naked. I clutched her and fell on the bed. Our kissing was as intense as it was in the morning. Soon we were panting and wanting more.

I looked at her and said, “I owe you a spanking, remember?”

She looked at me and said, “No way, Bhaiyya.”

“Oh, yes, you’re getting it. Come over here.”

She came submissively. I sat on the edge of the bed with my feet on the ground. I put her across my legs with her ass looking up. I rubbed her ass cheeks for a while and she moaned in pleasure. Suddenly I gave a sharp slap. She yelped in pain, trying to get away, but I held her down.

“No noise, sweetheart, or do you want Uma in here watching you get your spanking?”

She had tears in her eyes. I let her have another one on the other ass cheek. She covered her mouth with her hand and a muffled cry came out. “Please no more, Bhaiyya,” she cried.

I caressed her ass cheeks as they had reddened. I moved my middle finger along her ass crack and she shuddered. I spread her ass cheeks and she looked back at me. I rubbed my finger on her ass hole and she flinched. She kept her eyes on me as I massaged her ass hole. Soon she relaxed. I suddenly hit her hole with my finger, hard. Her ass rose up and she cried out. It must have pained her. Tears were flowing. I brought her up to the bed, held her in my embrace, and kissed her tenderly.

She calmed down after some time as I kept caressing her. I fingered her while my mouth got busy with her breasts and nipples. Soon she was wet and ready. I entered her and got down to business. I pumped in and out and she was moaning with pleasure. My mouth was torturing her breasts and nipples and they were sore. She orgasmed hard. I got her on her knees and entered from behind. She moaned loudly and looked back at me with dreamy eyes. I caressed her ass with both hands, my fingers tracing her ass crack. I wet my thumb and massaged her ass hole. She bucked and shuddered. I kept on massaging her ass hole and pumping into her. Her passion was at the peak.

I whispered, “Don’t let this worry you,” and pushed my thumb about a centimetre into her ass hole. She cried out and looked back. “What are you doing, Bhaiyya?”

“Shhh! Just enjoy the feeling. If it hurts you I will stop.”

She held my gaze as I softly twisted my thumb in her hole and pushed in slowly. She trusted me not to hurt her. My thumb bottomed in her ass and she mewed and I slowly pumped my thumb. The stretch on her rim must be discomforting her, but she allowed me to do as I wished. The tempo of my pumping in her pussy and ass increased and she was moaning with pleasure. I fingered her clit and she came with a gush.

I pulled out of her and she protested. I put her hand on my cock and said, “Put it in your mouth, sweetheart.”

She sat on my legs and took hold of my cock wet with her juices and kissed it. Then she put it in her mouth and licked and sucked it. I pulled her towards me, sat her on my chest, turned her around till she was facing the other side and pushed her head down. She took my cock in her mouth and started to lick and suck it. Her ass was towards me and I put my mouth to her pussy and started lapping her juices. She was moaning into my cock and increased her movements. I intensified my licking. I pulled her a little towards me and mouthed her clit. She whimpered loudly and buckled back. We both were on our way to coming. She came crying like a banshee and I gushed out into her mouth. She drank me and licked me clean, while I lapped up her juices and twiddled her clit. She was bucking at the attention I was giving her pussy and clit and came again. My stiff tongue in her hole and fingers torturing her clit were too much for her to handle. She was breathing heavily and came once again, drenching me.

She put my half placid cock in her mouth and started working her lips and tongue on it. I licked her pussy and used my thumb to massage her ass hole and softly push it in. She bucked and moaned. We both came once again.

She was spent and so was I. I needed to recover if I was to do Uma later.

Renu lay in my arms and I tenderly caressed her back. She was sated and mewed with pleasure. I patted her ass and asked, “Did it pain you? Hope it wasn’t very rough.”

She sighed and said, “I was shocked when you first pushed your thumb in. But I knew you would not do anything to hurt me.”

“I’m doing Uma in her ass tonight.”

“What?” she sounded shocked.

“I think she will agree. You know, I won’t force anything on you two without your consent.”

She looked at me and contemplated what was going to happen.

I patted her ass and said, “Maybe you should also decide if you want it there or not.”

She sat up and said, “No way!”

“OK, your decision. But maybe you can ask her tomorrow how it was before you decide finally.”

There was shock, fear, and awe in her eyes. She just did not know what to think.

I kept on caressing her ass and back and she held on to my cock.

“I should go and prepare dinner,” said Renu, and she dressed and left.

I put a few bottles of beer in the cooler in case the girls wanted to indulge.


While Renu was in the kitchen and I watching the news, Uma came out stretching her arms.

“Finished with your work?”

“Yes,” she replied, adding, “I just need an few minutes to go through it again.”

“Good. There’s beer in the cooler if you want some.”

She smiled gratefully.

“Sit here. I’ll get a glassful.”

I handed her the glass and put on some soft slow music. I pulled her up and she came into my arms. We swayed with the music and I kissed her, caressing her back. She sighed with pleasure. I was hard against her and she was used to this now. She rubbed her front against it and sighed with pleasure.

“Why don’t you go change into your kurta?”

She looked up at me and I squeezed her ass.

“Go……. and don’t wear anything under it.”

She stared and I pushed her towards the room with a slap on her ass.

“What will Renu think?” she protested.

“Nothing. She knows how it is between you and me. Doesn’t she?”

She nodded and left. I switched off the TV and the light. Light from the kitchen was just enough. She was back in a moment, and back into my arms. I handed her the glass and she downed it.

We swayed in place and my cock was rubbing her front. I was excited and so was she. I rubbed her ass as I mashed her lips with mine. I lifted her kurta from the back and lay my hands on her bare ass. She was moaning and squirming with the pleasure I was giving her. Her kurta was up at her waist, my hands rubbing her bare ass, and I saw Renu walk in. She saw us, stopped at the door and quietly watched me caressing Uma’s ass. She winked at me. Uma was unaware as her back was towards the kitchen door.

Beer, kissing, and caressing her ass and ass crack was keeping Uma busy and fuzzy with excitement. I slowly pulled her kurta up and removed it. She protested, “Renu……?” I shushed her and said, ‘”She’s busy in the kitchen and there is no light here.” Here she was bare assed naked in my arms and Renu a few feet away, ogling at what I had done. I grinned at her over Uma’s shoulders.

I pushed Uma down to her knees and pushed my shorts down. She took me in her mouth and started working on it. I was sighing with pleasure and looking at Renu. She was amazed at my audacity.

I held Uma’s head to my cock and pumped in and out of her mouth. Licking and sucking released a lot of saliva and she was drooling. With Renu watching I was soon ready to offload my cock. I gave a few furious pumps and then pulled it out, held Uma’s hair in my hand and bent her head, and spurted on her open mouth and lips. I pumped my hand furiously and she was licking as fast as she could. Renu was watching all the action with excitement. Soon I was spent and pushed my cock in Uma’s mouth for her to lick and clean it.

I signalled Renu to leave, and she did reluctantly. I pulled Uma up into my arms and kissed her. She rested her head against my head as I caressed her.

“Thanks, my darling. Go and clean up now, before Renu comes.”

She smiled and left. I knew I had been very naughty, but when Renu came out, I just couldn’t resist. Luckily Uma did not learn of Renu watching the fun.

We had dinner after Uma returned. Renu asked for a glass of beer as she sat down for the meal. Both of them demolished 3 bottles and were quite glazed.

After we finished and I helped clear the table, Renu said, “What about my dance?”

Uma said she would be back in about 20 minutes after revising her assignment and for Renu to have her dance. Renu moved into my arms and I started to kiss her and grab her ass. Soon we were huffing and filled with desire. I pulled up her jersey and saw her bare breasts. I put my lips to her nipple and bit it and tugged it. She moaned with pain and desire. My fingers were on the other breast mauling it and pinching that nipple. She was out of control with desire and so I pushed her trousers down and fingered her. I turned my finger up and touched her sensitive spot. She screamed and lifted her up as much as my finger in her allowed.

She came and moaned with pleasure. I kept on pumping my finger and touching her sensitive spot till she was completely drained. I pulled her trousers up and led her to the sofa. She lay back with her head on the back of the sofa. I kissed her and pulled her jersey down. I sat beside her and looked at her tenderly.

So much had happened between the three of us since the evening before. These girls had given me all they possessed without any reservations. They submitted to all my wants. I felt a lot of love for them.

I hoped tonight Uma would offer me her ass. Maybe Renu would also agree tomorrow. It would be their choices.


Uma returned and found Renu relaxed with her head on the sofa back. She looked at me and I said, “Too much beer, I think.”

I patted Renu on her shoulder and said, “Get up, sleepyhead. How will you do your assignment?” Of course, Renu was not that fuzzy. She smiled at me and said, “I’ll manage, Bhaiyya.”

She got up, bade us good night, told Uma to take her time and not to be in a hurry to be back.

She left and I pulled Uma to me. We had a kissing session on the sofa with her kurta soon off. I was pawing her breasts and my tongue was furiously in a combat with hers. I moved my hand down and a finger entered her pussy. She moaned and squirmed her ass as my other hand found it. I was fingering her and my other hand was groping her ass. I traced her ass crack and rubbed her ass hole. She moaned loudly and I pushed my middle finger in her ass hole.

She lifted her ass up and I hooked my finger in her pussy to rub her sensitive spot. She screamed and raised her ass as much as she could. She shuddered and trembled with desire. Her eyes were shut tight and she was mewing. She was soon orgasming as I increased my ministrations. She came three times before she crashed down on the sofa, totally spent. She lay like a ragged doll as I tenderly caressed her and kissed her softly on her lips and cheeks.

I lifted her in my arms and carried her to my room. I laid her on the bed and joined her after removing my clothes. I enfolded her in my arms and held her tenderly. She sighed in happiness. I started to kiss her and travelled down to her breasts where I sucked and licked her nipples till they became stiff. I bit them by turns and she moaned with passion. I travelled further down and started lapping her pussy. My finger and thumb were rolling her clit and she was trembling with desire. I held her clit between my lips and pressed hard and pulled. She whimpered and I fingered her pussy. I again touched her sensitive spot and she reacted by lifting her ass up. “Oh! My God. Oh! My God.”

I entered her and pumped her pussy while kissing and nibbling her nipples. Soon she was in the throes of passion again.

“Baby, are you ready?” and I patted her ass.

She looked at me with fear in her eyes and said, “I’m afraid. Will it be painful?”

“At first, yes. You will enjoy it afterwards.”

She held my gaze fearfully and did not reply. I kissed her and whispered, “Let’s try. I will stop if you tell me to. OK?”

She nodded fearfully. I turned her around on her knees and entered her from behind. She mewed with desire and pushed back into me as I pumped into her. I opened the jar of Vaseline and put a glob on her ass rim. I fingered her ass hole and entered it. I twisted my finger and pumped in her ass. Then I pulled it out till only the first joint was in and tried to add the index finger. She cried out, “No! Please.” I caressed her ass cheeks and said, “Hush, baby. It will be OK.” I pushed the index finger alongside the middle finger and her rim expanded. I flexed my fingers in her ass and she moaned in pain and discomfort.

I pumped both the fingers in her ass and made her ready for the next step. My pumping in her pussy kept her in throes as I paid attention to her ass. Then I applied more Vaseline to her ass hole and she flinched. I shushed her tenderly and pushed in a third finger. She cried out in pain and sobbed, “No! no! no! Pleeeeaaase!” I stopped all movement in her ass but kept slowly pumping in her pussy. Slowly her sobbing stopped. I caressed her ass till she stopped trembling.

“Shall I remove my fingers, baby?” My attention to her pussy intensified. She was mewing in pain and pleasure.

“Baby, shall I continue?” and slowly pumped the fingers in her ass. She looked back at me, tears down her cheeks. I wiped the tears with my other hand and caressed her cheeks.


“It is painful. I am feeling filled up. I feel very stretched. Oh! Goddddd!”

I kept silent but slowly pumped her ass and her pussy, just to let her know I was still there.

We were silent for some time. I intensified the pumping and she moaned. I flexed the fingers in her ass to widen the hole. She responded by flexing her rim.

“Please wait.”

I waited, while pumping in her pussy. With my other hand I pinched her clit and she mewed in ecstasy. I kept on pinching and pulling her clit and pumping in her pussy. Then she whispered, “OK!”

I flexed my fingers in her ass and pumped them. “Shall I continue, my darling?” She nodded.

Slowly I intensified the pumping in her ass and she started to push back slowly. Time go to the next step. I pulled out of her pussy and removed my fingers from her ass, leaving a gaping ass hole. I applied Vaseline liberally to my aroused cock and on her ass hole, pushing some inside.

She was trembling in anticipation of pain. I caressed her ass and brought my tip to her hole. She flexed her rim tight. I caressed her rim with my tip and pushed in. The bulbous tip forced open her rim, stretching it to the maximum. She cried out in pain. I stopped all movement and caressed her ass till she quietened. I slowly pushed in and the bulbous head passed her rim as she kept moaning and crying, “Oh! No! Oh! No!” and kept shaking her head.

I stopped again and started to pull out. She looked back with her tearful eyes that showed so much trust and whispered, “It is painful, but don’t stop.” Then she nodded at me to go on. I loved her so much at that moment. I pushed in slowly. She flinched, but held her gaze on me. Eventually, I hit the bottom and rested. I caressed her cheeks and wiped her tears away. Then I slowly pulled out till only my bulbous tip remained inside. I then started pumping in her ass. She was shuddering but gamely continued. She became used to my movement in her and started to push back as I pumped in.

Soon we increased our tempo. I fingered her clit and pussy turn by turn and she was turning on. I grazed her tender spot and she cried out in passion, “Oh! Yessssss!” I was ready to explode. I intensified fingering her clit and pussy to get her off along with me. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter and she was getting close. I pumped furiously in her ass as I was going to explode, fingered her sensitive spot hard. I gushed out into her ass and she screamed out her orgasm. I kept on pumping till I was spent. I let my cock become soft before I pulled out. She collapsed on the bed with me on top of her. I kissed her neck and back for her courage, and caressed her. She whimpered in pleasure.

I turned her around and held her tight. Kissing her on her cheek I whispered, “Oh! Baby, you are so brave. So sorry it was painful.”

She kissed me and said, “Yes, it pained a lot. But it is reducing already. I knew you wanted it. I like to make you happy.”

We lay contentedly and fell asleep entwined.


I woke up as dawn broke. Uma was still asleep. Her back was to me and she was in a foetal position. Her legs drawn up into her chest. She looked so childlike and innocent. I caressed her ass and she murmured in sleep.

My continued caressing woke her and she turned towards me. We kissed tenderly for some time. “Get up, sleepyhead. We need to get ready. Today is work day!”

She grumbled, “Whyyy!”

I slapped her ass lightly and got up. She stood up on the other side of the bed and looked around for her kurta. Then I remembered I had carried her in naked in my arms. It was lying outside somewhere.

I smiled and said, “Are you brave enough to walk into Renu’s room like this? Your kurta is in the outside room.”

She was looking beautiful standing in her all, arms akimbo. I felt a stirring.

“Please get it for me.”

“I need payment in advance.”


I indicated towards my stirring cock.

She smiled, came near, dropped down on her knees and mouthed me. So she had me fully up. I was pumping her mouth and she softly pouched my balls and squeezed them. I moaned in pleasure and gripped her head with both hands. Soon I was ready to burst.

I gripped her head tighter and pumped vigorously. She was licking and sucking hard. She started fingering my ass crack with one finger and squeezing my ball sack with her other hand. Suddenly she pushed her finger in and touched my ass hole. I jerked hard into her mouth. I kept on pumping, very near to explode and she pushed her finger past my ass rim. I moaned out loud and spurted into her while pumping vigorously. Her finger was still in my ass hole. I never felt so turned on and went on pumping even after I was spent. She pulled her finger out and caressed my ass as I pulled out of her mouth.

She got up and hugged me tight.

“You’re not angry, are you? I don’t know what came over me.”

“Oh baby. It was awesome.”

While we were kissing each other tenderly, there was a soft knock on the door. Uma tried to move away from my embrace but I held her.

“Yes,” I called out.

The door opened a bit, a hand came in, dropped the kurta on the floor, the hand withdrew, and the door shut. Silence.

I laughed out loud. Uma blushed.


The week went by in a rush. I was busy at work and the girls with their course work in the evenings. We still spent time in the evenings, though I allowed them a bottle each of beer only. I made out with Renu and Uma many times but only once in that week I made love to Uma; that too on the sofa in the darkened room while Renu was busy cooking in the kitchen. Renu heard all the mewing and whimpering.

That evening I had Uma on my lap, completely naked and facing out, with my cock in her. My hands were torturing her nipples and she was pumping her pussy up and down my cock and moaning in ecstasy. She was now used to my removing her clothes in the darkened room while Renu was in the kitchen cooking. Renu usually gave us privacy. She was thrusting up and down and screamed out as she orgasmed. My fingers were pinching her nipples hard as I was pumping into her. I pulled her head back and kissed her when I saw Renu come to the door and watch us.

Uma came hard crying out, “Oh! God, Oh! God, Oh! God, ………” and I spurted in her with a shout. I kept on pumping till I was spent. Because Renu was watching, I was still hard. I kept Uma’s face averted by continuously kissing her, put her on her knees on the carpet, and entered her ass. Uma cried out, Oh! My Godddddd,” and bucked back into me. I pumped furiously in her ass and looked at Renu. Her eyes were open in shock as she saw me pumping Uma’s ass. I fingered Uma’s clit and pinched it. She was in the throes of passion and ecstatic. With Renu watching, I was more aroused than usual and was ready to unload. I fingered Uma’s sensitive spot vigorously and she screamed out and bucked hard. She orgasmed just as I filled her ass with my load. I caressed her ass till she came down from her high. I pulled out, turned her around and hugged her lovingly.

Renu had disappeared. Uma looked around like a frightened rabbit and whispered, “Renu must have heard all my screaming. Oh! My Goddd. I’m so embarrassed.”

I kissed her tenderly while caressing her back and lied to her, “Don’t worry. She must not have heard. She didn’t stir from the kitchen.”


After dinner the girls retired. They had to leave early in the mornings to attend their course. Renu gave some excuse to Uma and came to see me.

“Uma is so embarrassed. She asked me if I heard any disturbance while I was in the kitchen. I said I didn’t hear anything. You were very naughty, Bhaiyya. But it was hot watching you make love to her. I want to try that position, too. Shall I come after Uma is asleep?”

I could not pay as much attention to Renu as I did Uma as we had to be very quiet. But we still found time to make love. Renu still refused to let me in her ass, as she told me Uma said it was very painful before she got used to it. Tonight was the second time I put it in Uma’s ass.

“So you were hot watching her take me in her ass, is it? So you are ready to try that position?” I said cheekily.

“No!! Not in my ass, Bhaiyya. But I want to sit on your lap.”

“OK. Come after she goes to sleep.”

She returned later, locked the door and removed her clothes. I was already naked and ready. She put me in her mouth and sucked me. I fingered her pussy till she was leaking like a sieve. She was as ready as she could be. I fingered her sensitive spot and she hit the roof, whimpering and shuddering.

I got her to sit on my lap, facing out. I raised her up by the hips, centred my cock on her pussy opening, touching the entrance and dropped her suddenly. My cock went in like a shot and she screamed out. I pumped up and lifted her by the hips and moved her up and down my cock. Soon she got the rhythm and moved up and down on her own.

My hands on her nipples were twisting and pinching them. I tugged them hard and she was moaning in pain and pleasure. Then I moved down and held her clit with a thumb and finger and pressed. She squirmed and moaned. I tortured her clit by moving my finger fast on it and she was getting out of control. My fingers on her clit and nipples, both being tortured ecstatically, and her pumping of her pussy on my erect cock soon had her ready and she came screaming out as she orgasmed. I thrust fast in her as she came down from her high. Then I lifted her up, put her on her knees on the bed and entered from behind.

She whimpered in pleasure as I started pumping vigorously. I took my wet thumb to her ass hole and she bucked. I massaged her hole and pushed the thumb in completely. She whimpered as she felt my pumping thumb. I removed my thumb and replaced with the longer middle finger. I kept on pumping vigorously. She was in the throes of passion due to the double pumping she was getting. I applied Vaseline to my index finger and tried to insert it in her ass too. She bucked so hard that my cock got dislodged and my finger left her ass.

“No, Bhaiyya,” she sobbed, “It will pain. Please……..”

I kissed her gently and assured her that I’ll leave her ass alone, except for a single finger.

We continued with out love making with my finger in her ass. We both came intensely and were totally drained. We lay together in each other’s arms, kissing tenderly and caressing each other. She softly stroked my cock and put it in her mouth. It remained soft as I was totally spent. We had an intense kissing session. I fingered her pussy and she came twice more before she left.


Soon it was Friday and the last day of their course. They were booked on a Saturday evening train. Friday night was a long night for us. Renu left Uma and me alone for much of the time. She later told me that she told Uma to make the most of this last night.

After dinner, Renu went to her room. I soon had Uma naked and willing. I made love to her on the sofa, had her bent on the dinning table and entered from behind. I had her in her mouth and filled it and she swallowed all that I had to offer. Her nipples were raw from the mauling they received from my mouth and fingers. We rested in each other’s arms for some time. She smiled at me, kissed me passionately, and said I had made her very happy and sated. I told her that it was she who had made me very happy. She had offered me her most precious possession.

I caressed her ass and fingered her crack. I patted her ass and said, “Do you want it here tonight?”

She looked at me and blushed furiously. Then she nodded shyly. I kissed her tenderly. Then I lifted her on my lap, facing me. I applied Vaseline to my cock and her ass hole. I lifted her, lined my cock with her ass and slowly lowered her. She was impaled on my cock and started moving up and down.

Her small breasts we jiggling and I kissed and licked them. She was moaning with the pain she was feeling in her already sore nipples, but she was game enough to allow me to carry on. I tried to be as tender as possible. We kissed passionately while she pumped her ass. Soon I was ready to unload. I started to finger her clit and her pussy alternately and soon she was ready to orgasm. I fingered her sensitive spot in her pussy and she screamed and orgasmed. I spurted in her ass as I held her by her hips and pumped her up and down.

We were totally spent. She lay down on the sofa like a ragged doll. She was totally out and would remain so till the morning. I lovingly lifted her in my arms and took her to her room. Renu watched me as I tenderly laid her down, kissed her on her lips and covered her with a sheet.

“What about her clothes? Won’t you help dress her? She’ll be embarrassed when she wakes up in the morning.”

“She won’t be embarrassed as she knows you know what has been happening between the two of us. But you are right.” I brought back her kurta from the drawing room and dressed her.

I kissed Renu on her mouth and quietly told her to come to me. She shyly nodded.

She spent a large part of the night with me. We made tender and vigorous love. She on top, me on top, she on my lap, on her knees and being entered from behind, me spurting in her mouth and she swallowing all that I offered. I had my finger in her pussy, in her ass, and furiously torturing her clit.

She screamed, whimpered, moaned, mewed, and orgasmed prodigiously. She made me come like never before. By the time we finished we were both totally spent. She lay like a ragged doll as I dressed her back in her pyjamas. I lifted her tenderly and took her to her room and lay her on her bed. I covered her with a sheet.

I kissed her tenderly and she mewed. I left, quietly closing the door.


Renu came to visit again 6 months later, but that’s another story.

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