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A Not Soon Forgotten Anniversary

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It’s a scene that won’t soon be forgotten. Through the trees and looking out through the mountain peaks is a glorious sunset. Their faces turn a beautiful shade of orange and pink as the sunset reflects on them. The sun shines through the clouds sending rays of light bursting into the sky above them. The Aspens have turned lovely shades of yellow and orange. They provide a beautiful complement to the shades of the sky.

Hand in hand they walk the rest of the way up the trail toward their log cabin. They stop periodically to watch the sunset progress. From further up they can see the reflection of the sun on the lake. There is no way that there could be anything more beautiful in all the world than this.

Trent and Amber are enjoying their first anniversary together. The fast-paced life of the west coast prompted them to take their vacation in the solace of the Rocky Mountains. This trip had been all they imagined it would be. Everything from gorgeous scenery, tourist shops and time together. If they weren’t careful, they could get used to this kind of life. Trent would be able to retire from the military in about twenty-five years. Amber was enjoying the benefits of military life by staying home.

Trent stood behind Amber staring at the last few glimpses of the sunset. Soon, it would be dark. Nothing to look at but the stars in the black, mountain sky. He wrapped his arms around her waist and squeezed her gently. He rested his head over her shoulder. Their cheeks touching as they watched the sun set. The sun seemed to be applauding itself by giving them one, big finale. The sky was bright with blues, pinks and oranges. As the colors slowly turned to black, Trent and Amber shared a romantic kiss under the stars.

They turned back up the trail. Right behind them was their magical get-a-way. A huge log cabin all to themselves. This was no ordinary one bedroom cabin, it was a luxury suite in the mountains of Colorado. Celebrities would kill to be here. A huge wrap around porch gave them a near 360 degree view of the mountains around them. A beautiful walkway connected the porch to a deck. On the deck was a huge hot tub, with water sitting at a sultry 100 degrees. They held hands as they walked into the house. Ceilings vaulted into the air more than 20 feet. Huge beams of wood held the home together. The most modern decorations in the kitchen; stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops. A fire place with a stone face, stretches to the ceiling. Leather furniture and a huge bear skin rug on the floor. Every single room in the house, Trent and Amber had made good use of.

Trent flipped on their favorite Pandora station. The house had such a great vibe. Amber started preparing some wine as Trent slipped upstairs. He threw on his swim trunks and headed back down stairs. As he came back into the kitchen he began to ask Amber a question, but she interrupted him.

“Wow! Look at you, sexy.”

His military lifestyle had given him a very nice body for Amber to look at. His pecs were large enough for Amber to enjoy, but not too large. His abs rippled down his torso. He had that great “V” shape leading toward his crotch. Everything about him in those swim trunks looked good.

“Thanks,” he said with a sly grin. “How about you run upstairs and throw on your bikini. Let’s hang on the deck for a little while.”

“Great idea.”

Amber made her way upstairs to get in to her bikini. Trent moved quickly. He had stashed over 100 candles in a small cabinet in the kitchen. He grabbed all of them in one swoop. With wine, candles and a lighter in hand, he headed out the door. The cool, night air made his hair stand on end. It was just cold enough that the hot water in the hot tub would feel extra good. He quickly set the candles out all over the deck and around the hot tub. He began lighting them all like a giant birthday cake. Hundreds of candles were lit under the dark, Colorado night. Looking up, you could see nothing but the tops of evergreens and the stars. It was a perfect night and no one within miles of them.

After a few minutes of waiting in the hot tub, Amber appeared through the french doors. She came walking across the platform deck. Her face lit up when she saw the beautiful scene.

“Trent, it’s absolutely perfect. This is amazing.”

“Yes, it is. Only perfection for the perfect.”

Oh, he was such a charmer.

“So, what do you have under that robe?”

Amber’s eyes closed slightly. She stared at him with such a sexy look on her face. Her long, blonde hair was straight and hung down over her chest. She raised her arms and began to pull back the robe. Slipping it off over her shoulders, she let it fall down slowly off her body. Each inch was like torture to Trent. Watching her body appear as if by magic from under that robe held him in a trance. A bright pink and white, floral bikini appeared. Her triangle tops did little to hold in her perfect D breasts. They had turned out to be a rather useful birthday gift. Her thong bottoms did very little to cover her bare pussy and allowed anyone in view to see all of her ass. In the light, she stood for Trent, allowing him to soak in her tanned, beautiful body.

She slowly stepped down into the water. Trent held her hand for balance. As she slipped into the water, she found herself on top of Trent. Their lips found a way to stay busy without talking. Their lips caught in a lover’s wrestling match. Trent bit Amber’s lower lip and sucked on it. Their tongues found their way to each other. Each one straining to kiss the other one more and more. Amber sat to the side of Trent and leaned back against the hot tub. She laid her head back, looking up at the stars. Trent grabbed a glass of wine and took a sip. He and Amber shared a small drink of wine together.

Amber looked up at the stars again and her chest shimmered in the moon light. Trent was very turned on by this point. He allowed a small drip of wine to fall out of his glass onto her chest. She jumped in surprise, but Trent was there to quickly lick it off. The taste was electrifying. He set his glass down and started kissing her neck. Her throat was so tempting to him. Amber’s hands made their way onto the back of Trent’s head. She rubbed his hair as he moved down her body. Trent kissed her on her shoulders working his way out to both. He came back to the middle and started kissing down her chest. Soon he was between her breasts. He looked up to see if she was reacting to his advances. She was looking right at him. She squeezed her arms together a little and squeezed his face in between her breasts. She began rubbing her neck with her own hand. She slid her hand under the strap of her bikini top and moved it down toward her breast. Trent had moved just below the line of her bikini top and was working his way down. His chin was now in the water. Amber was squeezing both of her tits together with her hands. She was visibly excited. That’s when she looked down at Trent and said

“Let’s make love. I never want to forget what tonight feels like.”

Trent put his arms under her back and lifted her out of the water. He set her on the edge of the hot tub and deck. Amber leaned back and rested her weight on one arm. With the other she slipped her bikini top off and around her tits. Her nipples pierced the cool air. They stood erect at the temperature. Her tits looked like two perfect mountain peaks. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her chest. As he continued to stare at her breasts, he kissed his way down her stomach. Her lean stomach was fun to kiss. His hands worked their way up to her tits. He began rubbing them together and massaging her nipples in his hands. His mouth was right on top of her bikini bottom. The pink and white fabric was soft against his face, but he wanted to feel something different against his face.

Amber spread her legs for him. He pulled away, only long enough to move his hands down her dripping, wet body. She was a shimmering treasure on the deck. Trent felt he had to earn the right to be with someone so gorgeous. His hands moved down her waist and to the tie on the side of her bikini bottom. He untied it and slid her bottoms off. He threw them into the hot tub. Amber then untied her top and flung it into the water as well. Amber placed her heels on the edge of the hot tub with her legs spread. Trent bent over in front of her, only his top half showing above the water. He kissed his way down her right thigh and to her pussy. He kissed and licked across her pussy long enough to make Amber moan. She lifted herself up off her bracing arm and began massaging her tits. Her other hand stroked Trent’s hair and pressed him closer to her pussy. Trent teased her and began kissing up her left thigh. Amber let out a gasp of air. She looked up to the sky. The stars twinkled as if they were the unseen, third party peeking in on their most intimate moment.

Trent moved back down her thigh and toward her pussy. His tongue separated her pussy lips with precision and skill. She was only twenty-three years old and her pussy was so tight. Trent massaged her pussy with his fingers while masterfully licking her clit. Her bare pussy left her open to so many sensations and thrills. There was nothing better than feeling his tongue in between her legs. Trent pushed her left leg closed. Then he tucked her up on the deck so that her knees were close to her chest. Her pussy and ass were peeking out between her legs. Trent began licking her pussy again. The angle on her pussy sent new chills all through Amber’s body. Her left hand moved to her ass and she grabbed her ass cheek. She pulled it up, revealing a little more of herself to Trent. He began licking all the way to her ass. His tongue, perfectly placed, was driving Amber wild. She began to spread her legs again. Trent’s tongue was a little longer than average. He slipped it inside her pussy. Her juices began flowing out of her. If Trent didn’t know better, he would think she was cumming. He continued poking his tongue into her pussy. His fingers flicked across her clit. Her breath was now in a fast rhythm. Trent knew she was getting close. He turned his head so that his tongue could work her entire pussy. His fingers continued to work her clit. His tongue massaged her pussy.

Amber was on the edge of orgasm. This was the best oral sex she had ever had. She reached down with her left arm and began rubbing his hair again. She pushed his head into place to give her the best feelings possible. Her curled up position gave her new opportunities as well. She looked down and saw her tits shaking with delight. She pulled her breasts up to her mouth and began to suck her own nipples. She flicked her tongue across them. Her nipples were extremely sensitive. She sucked them hard and flicked her tongue across them. Trent’s tongue was driving her crazy. She couldn’t contain herself any longer. Her legs slowly spread further apart. She rolled over to her back. Her arms stretched out straight, pressed her tits together. Her hands pressing Trent’s face into her pussy and clit. She spread her legs around his head and placed her feet on his back. Her pelvis began rocking up and down. She was pressing herself into him now. She wasn’t being a passive participant, she was fucking him back. The thrill was too much. She arched her back, hands moving up to her tits. She squeezed them and let go.

“Oh god. I’m cumming. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Suck me, Trent. Suck me. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

Her clit hardened and her pussy released more juice. Her entire body was rocked with an intense orgasm. Amber rocked her body against Trent’s tongue for what seemed like an eternity. Her feet had braced him in between her legs. There was no escape. He just kept licking. Her juices ran down his mouth and chin. Her grip slowly began to release. Foot prints left in Trent’s back would go away eventually. The nail marks on the back of his head would be gone soon as well. Her arms relaxed to her sides. Her legs slipped into the water. Trent lovingly let her take it all in. Her body enjoying the last few waves of pleasure.

“Damn, Trent. You are amazing. I just came on your face.”

“You’re welcome. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, baby. Now, what can I do for you to return the favor?”

Trent was standing in the water. Amber noticed his dick. It was clearly fighting to get out of his swim trunks. She began to untie them. The smile on Trent’s face said it all. Slowly she slid them down his legs. She flung them into the water, joining her bikini floating on the top of the water. Amber positioned herself in front of Trent. His 7-inch dick penetrated the cold, Colorado air.

“Let me help you with that.”

Amber leaned forward and took his dick into her mouth. She could taste that he wasn’t going to need a lot of foreplay. His dick had already started to cum a little. She looked up at him. The moon light bounced off of his chiseled body. She rubbed up and down his torso. Her mouth massaged the little bit of cum right out of his dick. She began stroking the length of his dick with her tongue. When she got to the top, she started to pull away. A string of cum swayed in the wind, attached to her tongue and the head of his dick. She slurped it up for him. But she didn’t want to leave out his balls.

She laid down with her back on the deck. Her head hung out over the water and under Trent’s balls. With her right hand she fondled her clit. Her legs rocked back and forth. With her left hand, she rubbed up and down Trent’s legs. Trent reached down and massaged her tits. He brought his right leg up onto the deck beside her. Amber opened her mouth wide and took his balls into her mouth. She massaged both balls with her tongue. Trent was so turned on he began to stroke his cock. Amber was masturbating and sucking his balls. He was so turned on he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He dipped his balls into Amber’s mouth one more time before slowly pulling out.

“I don’t want to ruin this perfect evening in any way, Amber. But to be honest, I’m really ready to fuck you.”

“I’m ready for you to fuck me too. How do you want me? You can have me any way you want.”

By this time, Amber was sitting up on the deck. Her legs crossed underneath her. She was looking at Trent with her sexy eyes. Her blonde hair flowing down over her body. She was slowly massaging one of her tits just to keep the tension up.

“I want you on top of me in the water.”

“You got it.”

They slipped back into the water. The ripples from the jets bouncing the water up onto their bodies. Trent sat on a seat in the hot tub. Amber positioned herself on top of him. She spread her legs over him and helped guide his dick into her pussy. As he was going in, Amber’s eyes rolled back and closed. Her mouth opened and her head dropped back. Her tits were right in his face. The moon light was giving him just the right amount of light to see his bride. She began going up and down on his dick. Her pussy aching for sex. His dick throbbing for action. His hands grabbed onto her ass. He helped her move up and down in the water. Her tits bounced up and down in his face with the rhythm of their love making. Amber leaned toward Trent, bracing herself on the deck behind Trent’s head. She twisted herself and pressed her tits into his face. He sucked her tits and nipples willingly. Her nipples were so hard. The combination of sex and the cool air was keeping them very perky.

Amber threw her head from side to side. Trent simply enjoyed the view and ride. Trent’s hands began making their way all around Amber’s body. He was rubbing her back and thighs. He tugged at her tits and even gave her hair a little tug. It was the tug that brought out Amber’s wild side.

“Oh yeah. Fuck. If that’s how you want it, give it to me that way. You’re the boss.”

In one smooth motion, Trent picked her up and set her again on the edge of the hot tub. He turned her around and got behind her. Her legs naturally spread a little and he could see her wide open pussy. He slid his dick right back into her. Her arms braced herself on the edge of the deck. Trent grabbed the back of her hair and pulled a little.

“Oh, Trent. I like it like that. Ooh yeah.”

Trent wasn’t in the water anymore. He was free to really thrust into her. He fucked her from behind mercilessly. His balls slapped up on to Amber’s clit from behind. He was so deep inside of her. He was starting to touch magical places inside of Amber’s pussy. She was getting more and more wet. She was also getting more and more wild. With almost every breath, she was screaming his name or screaming something.

“Oh, Trent. You’re such a good fuck. Right there baby. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Right there. Keep fucking me right there.”

Without warning, Amber’s body exploded in another orgasm. She braced herself against his thrusting. Her pussy began to ooze with cum. Her body was riding the waves of ecstasy. Her tits were swaying with each thrust of Trent’s dick against her G-spot.

“Oh, fuck! Oh god! Shit.”

Trent had done something that had eluded him in their previous year of marriage. He made her cum while inside of her. From the doggy style position, Amber turned to look at him.

“Shit you’re a good fuck. I feel so fucking good right now. You have made me the happiest woman on the planet. Fuck me any way you want. I just want you to have the best orgasm of your life.”

“Can I please fuck you in the ass?”

“Fuck yeah. Let’s give it a try.”

Trent flipped her over and let her lay down with her back on the deck. She grabbed underneath her knees and pulled them up toward her chest. Trent slipped his fingers into her pussy. He got them nice and wet.

“Want a taste?”

“Hell yeah.”

Trent took some of Amber’s juices to her and she licked them off of his fingers. She was so wet, her pussy was dripping all over her ass. It was simple for Trent to massage her ass with some of her own cum. Trent slowly stuck the head of his cock onto the edge of her ass. He could see her pussy pounding from her orgasm when he looked down. Nice and easy, one baby step at a time, Trent inched his way into her ass. Amber started to finger herself. Her juices came rushing out when she opened her pussy. Juices rolled down over Trent’s cock and helped him slip in further. Then, he pulled out. Then, back in. Out, then back in. Out, then back in. Pretty soon, he had a rhythm. He looked down and watched Amber finger fuck herself while his cock disappeared into her tight, little ass hole. He started thrusting in and out. Amber’s breath quickened. Her moans let him know she was doing good. Better than good, she was great.

Amber sat up on her elbows and started to thrust herself onto Trent’s cock. By now, Trent was really fucking her hard. His cock pounding into her ass and his groin slamming into her clit. Soon, Amber was up on both of her hands. Her knees were up under her elbows. Her tits were once again in Trent’s face. He started sucking on her tits. He reached behind and grabbed the small of her back. Her pressed her down onto his cock even further. She began to let go again.

“Oh fuck yeah, Trent. Fuck my ass. Oh god you feel so good to me tonight. Fuck me. Fuck me good. Don’t be a pussy. Fuck me.”

Trent couldn’t contain himself anymore. Every military muscle in his body was being used. He was going in and out of her ass as fast as he could. His abs strained to keep up with his pace. His breath made it sound like he was running a marathon. He looked down one more time. Amber was finger fucking her pussy. He could feel her fingers inside of her. He thrust as fast he could. His muscles aching. Amber cried out to him, giving him the confidence in his love making abilities that he needed.

“Shit, Trent. I’m never going to forget tonight. Fuck, fuck, fuck……”

Her words trailed off as she barely had any breath left. Her head fell back and she looked up into the sky. Trent sucked her tits one more time and released them. He watched them bounce in his face. His body ached. His cock was throbbing. He couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“Fuck, Amber. I’m going to cum.”

“Oh yeah. Cum in my ass.”

Suddenly, her ass was so wet. Trent was cumming inside of her. His cum flowed out of her ass, between her thighs and down onto the deck. Amber leaned back again so that Trent could view his work. Trent watched as he finished cumming inside of his wife. His entire body was going limp. He dick was sending waves of pleasure all over his body. Amber’s tight ass had done something to him that he had never experienced before. He slowly began pulling out. As her tight ass closed over the head of his dick, one more wave of pleasure nearly threw him back into the water. He stumbled and had to sit down.

Amber kept her legs spread for a few moments. She continued massaging her pussy as her husband came back to his senses. When he could move again, he positioned himself in front of his wife. They were face to face. He kissed her delicately and lovingly.

“You are so awesome, honey. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I will never forget this and will always be thankful.”

“I know you will.”

They slowly made their way out of the hot tub. The cool air now gave them quite a chill. There was only one thing left to do; warm up in front of the fireplace. They headed inside, ready to make the most of their last evening in the mountains.

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