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Christian Housekeeper’s First Anal

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My names is Ken Johnson I divorced my wife Greta two years ago after discovering what many of my close friends had all known for months that she was having an affair with her tennis coach. Divorcing Greta was a long drawn out affair contested by her fortunately we had no children so the financial settlement was not crippling. I got to keep the former matrimonial home and Greta had to go back into employment which must have come as a huge shock to her.

Adjusting to a life living alone was not easy and my friends suggested that employing a housekeeper would leave me free to write and take care of the daily household chores. I placed an ad for a housekeeper in the local newspaper but didn’t receive a single reply in seven days. One Saturday afternoon as I was leaving my golf club I was stopped in the car park by a member called George Jones who I didn’t know very well and didn’t like at all.

I knew George was a self employed accountant he was married and a regular attendee at the local church. I always tried to avoid George’s company as I thought him to be a pious and rather pompous individual with no sense of humour. George explained that he had heard my ad for a housekeeper hadn’t received any replies and told me that he may have a solution to my problem. His wife Angela had been on the lookout for a cleaning job and she was an excellent cook.

George pointed out that I had met her once at Golf Club function if I employed her I would not be admitting a stranger into my home. I told George I was desperate to fill the vacancy and asked him to get his wife to telephone me if she fancied taking the job. Try as I might I could not remember the name of George’s wife recall what she looked like or when I had met her.

Shortly after lunch that same afternoon George rang me and told me that his wife Angela was interested in working for me. I spoke on the phone with her and asked her to come round to my home to be interviewed. Angela came to my home a couple of hours later, after a brief conversation we agreed her duties, hours and rate of pay. When she informed me she was free to start work on the following Monday morning I was delighted. She seemed to be a very capable woman and I could finally get on with my writing without having to concern myself with household chores.

Employing Angela worked out well my home and clothes were always clean and the meals she prepared for me were always excellent. She was very quiet and reserved and rarely spoke but she worked hard and did a good job. Despite Angela visiting my home five times a week for over twelve months I knew very little about her. She once told me that she attended a local gym and occasionally ran in marathons which surprised me. Although Angela was only three years younger than I at 35yrs of age she always dressed very conservatively which made her appear older.

Angela had long mousy coloured hair which normally she scraped back and pinned behind her head. The clothing she wore to work was drab and colourless her clothes always appeared to be two large, two long and smother her rather slender frame serving to make her appear shapeless. Angela wasn’t unattractive but the fact that she never wore any makeup contributed to her rather plain appearance. When I looked at her I could never imagine her running in a marathon or visiting a gym.

The church appeared to be at the centre of Angela’s life and was one of the few things she ever spoke about. As Christmas approached I started to think that I ought to buy Angela a present to reward her for all her hard work but hadn’t got a clue what I should buy. A couple of weeks prior Christmas I was working in the small bedroom I had converted into my office. I was thinking about Angela’s Christmas present when she entered carrying a cup of tea and a sandwich she’d made for my lunch.

I asked if she and her husband would be attending the Christmas Dinner Dance being held at the Golf Club the following weekend. Angela confirmed that they were attending but told me she was quite anxious about the event as it was a Black Tie formal dinner. She told me that on her previous attendances she had felt embarrassed when she compared her dull outfits to the expensive evening gowns worn by the wives of other member’s.

That gave me an idea I told Angela that I was intending to buy her a gift and asked if she would accept a trip to the Beauty Parlour for a makeover and a new evening dress to wear to the Dinner Dance as a Christmas present. Angela initially declined and only after a lot of persuasion did she finally accepted my offer which she described as being far too generous. I made Angela an appointment at the Beauty Parlour for the Saturday of the Christmas Dance then telephoned Christine at the boutique from which I had always purchased my ex wife’s clothes. I gave Christine a brief appraisal of Angela and her lack of dress sense asking if she would be kind enough to assist her to choose a dress suitable for Golf Club Dinner Dance. I also asked Christine not disclose the price of any garment selected as Angela was likely to base her choice on cost rather than style Christine immediately understood and agreed to help.


Come the evening of the Christmas Dance I arrived at the golf club early and saw to my disappointment that I had been seated at the same table as Angela and George. I took my place leaning on the bar with my drink and observing the crowd of members and their wives chattering around the elegantly laid diner tables.

I was talking to a couple of male friends when Angela made her jaw dropping entrance. Gone was her mousy coloured hair, now her hair was dyed black and had been styled to form a mass of small tight curls that cascaded down onto her bare shoulders. Her black tresses flattered and framed her now beautifully made up face. It took me several seconds before I realised that this actually was my housekeeper and she looked stunning.

Angela’s evening dress was a scarlet figure hugging off the shoulder number with a revealing neckline that plunged to her naval. The dress clung to every shapely contour of her lithe elegant body like a shimmering second skin. The dress tapered to the floor and was slashed to the waist. As Angela walked her long shapely tanned bare legs were revealed as she took each confident stride.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing the quiet plain woman that had worked in my home for over twelve months had been transformed into this beautiful elegant woman striding confidently towards me. Angela radiated style, elegance and confidence. She stood tall and straight her square shoulders pulled back thrusting her pert breasts forward displaying them magnificently. Angela I mused wouldn’t have looked out of place strolling down the red carpet at Hollywood Film Premier on the arm of a male superstar.

The chattering subsided as all eyes turned to look at her. As she walked with feline grace to my side her pert breast jiggled provocatively with every step. Angela flashed me a smile that lit up her face, she gave me a quick peck on the cheek before she spreading her arms wide and twirled around asking if I approved of her wonderful new look. I told her that I was flabbergasted she looked like a film star and certainly wasn’t going to feel unattractive or underdressed at this function. I also told Angela something she already knew and was revelling in. “Every man in the room is staring at you, you look beautiful, no gorgeous.”

Angela saw that I was staring at her magnificent cleavage deliberately she leaned forward permitting me an even closer inspection of her cleavage giggling girlishly as she whispered. “Not everyone is so pleased with my wonderful new look. George told me I look like a tart and refused to bring me this evening. We had a blazing row and I told him that I would come on my own if I had to but I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to show off my new look and this beautiful dress.”

When I finally raised my eyes from Angela’s magnificent breast I saw her husband George standing behind her with a face like thunder. I welcomed him shook his limp hand and asked what he would like to drink. George ordered a large Tonic Water with a twist of lemon explaining that he was driving. Angela requested large Rum & Coke tilting her head coquettishly and laughing she informed me “I’m going to make the most of this evening. I have never looked or felt this good in my life and that is due entirely to your generosity.” Angela added “Oh and I also know Christine lied when she told me how much the dress cost because I saw the price ticket. It was very expensive but I adore it and hoped you wouldn’t mind?”

“I don’t know what the dress cost but it was worth every penny. The colour and style suit you and shows off your curvaceous athletic body, you look simply magnificent.”

Angela blushed and smiled radiantly at my effusive compliment she then asked if I had told Christine to fib about the cost of her evening dress. I replied that I just wanted her to look good and not to feel inferior the other women attending. Angela beamed as she replied that I had achieved my objective she had never felt or looked so sexy in her life. “I just love my new look and this beautiful dress.”

Angela’s bosom was heaving her eyes were wide and shining with fully dilated pupils she was clearly turned on and her sexual arousal was quite apparent. After enjoying a couple more drinks at the bar Angela became more relaxed and quite animated attracting quite a crowd mostly men around her. All of them anxious to talk and take the opportunity to admire her shapely figure and magnificent breast.

Angela flirted outrageously with them all flashing her sexy smile. She ignored the fact that not one man looked her in the eye instead they carried on a conversation with her exquisitely displayed breasts. Whilst Angela revelled in the male the attention her husband retreated further and further away from her infuriated by her brazen behaviour and making no effort to hide the fact.


When we were called into dinner George was nowhere to be seen. Angela smiling happily took my arm and I escorted her to our table where I discovered that I had been seated alongside her. To Angela’s left sat George who was determined not to enjoy the evening and sulked like a child all the way through the excellent meal. Angela was equally determined to make the most of being the centre of attention.

Shortly after taking her seat she deliberately turned her back on her husband and I became the focus of her outrageous flirting. At one point she leaned over so deeply I was certain that her magnificent breasts were going to spill from her low cut dress as Angela whispered into my ear “How do you think I’m doing?”

I told her that her company was captivating also as I was the main subject of her outrageous flirting I too was thoroughly enjoying my evening. Angela breast jiggled as she laughed heartily then told me quietly “You really should be a little more discreet. You’re staring at my tits, George has noticed and he’s certain that you’re trying to proposition me.”

I replied that I was guilty as charged and didn’t much care what George or anyone else thought. I expressed my surprise at her use of the word Tits explaining that I thought as a committed Christian she would not use such profanity. Angela laughed as she told me George was the committed Christian she was an agnostic but he insisted she attended church with him every Sunday. It was all part of the charade that was their marriage.

Angela astonished me when she told me that her marriage was a sham. “We sleep in separate beds and have done for years I can’t remember when we last had sex.”

She turned to George and asked in a voice heard by everyone seated at the table “When was the last time you and I had sex George I simply can’t remember it was so long ago?”

George’s face glowed red in embarrassment he stood up and announced to everyone seated at the table that his wife was unwell and they were leaving the function. My heart sank I was thoroughly enjoying Angela’s company. Inflicting further embarrassment on her husband Angela refused to leave telling George she felt fine and was enjoying herself for the first time in a decade. He could go home if he wished to but she would only be leaving when she was good and ready to. George couldn’t take any more he stormed out of the room leaving Angela sitting at my side calm and smiling as if nothing had happened.

She leaned over and informed me that nothing and no-one was going to cut short her enjoyment of the evening. The band started to play at Waltz and Angela asked if I would like to dance with her. Needing no second invitation I stood and escorted her onto the dance floor.

As I held Angela in my arms her arms gripped me tightly round my neck which squeezed her breast together and raised them up onto my chest. Angela conspiratorial voice whispered in my ear telling me there was one tiny thing spoiling the look. Her new dress clung so tightly to her ass everyone could see her panty line. She had been warned about the potential problem but after George started carrying on she had forgotten Christine’s advice to wear a thong or no panties at all.

Angela asked to be excused and walked from the dance floor, I returned to my seat at the dinner table. When Angela returned she tapped me on the shoulder and beckoned me back to the dance floor. Back in my arms Angela whispered into my ear “That feels so sexy although it’s a little draughty because I took my panties off and flushed them down the toilet. If I am dressed like a tart then perhaps I ought to act more like one.”

I re-assured Angela telling her that she looked nothing short of magnificent also she was very beautiful. She acknowledged the compliment with a warm smile and a tender kiss full on my lips. She pressed her magnificent breasts harder into my chest and asked me. “How could my husband say such a thing? It’s clear to me that all he ever wanted was a cook and a cleaner he certainly doesn’t want me for sex any more.”

I replied that I could not understand how George could refuse to have sex with Angela telling her honestly that she had a beautiful face a body to die for and a captivating personality. Angela squeezed me even more tightly and looked lovingly into my eyes as her lithe toned body swayed sensuously against mine I felt my cock starting to stir in my pants.

Angela also felt it beginning to rise, she placed a hand over her mouth glanced down at my swelling crotch and giggled naughtily. Angela whispered that it was very plain to her that I was unlikely to refuse to have sex with her should the opportunity arise. She suggested that perhaps we should step outside before one of the seated onlookers told us to “Get a Room.”

I agreed and walked Angela to an emergency exit leading out to an area at the rear of the building where we were unlikely to be disturbed.


When we stepped out of the building the cold night air made Angela shiver I removed my Dinner Jacket and placed it around her bare shoulders. Angela grasped me to her and kissed me passionately probing my mouth with her tongue and pressing her crotch into my ever swelling prick. She was almost panting as told me that she wasn’t cold she was quivering in excitement and anticipation.

She felt sexy and desired for the first time in long time and she had me to thank for those feelings. As we kissed again Angela slowly swayed and pressed her hips harder against my now fully erect cock. She threw back her head laughing at her brazen efforts to seduce me. As she doubled over laughing her magnificent breast tumbled free from the constraints of her revealing gown.

I stared open mouthed at Angela’s beautiful firm breast and the dark aureoles surrounding her protruding nipples. Angela glanced down at her pert breast and making no attempt to replace them in her dress she told me. “Hold them I would love you to, you’ve been staring at them all evening and it would be a shame if you didn’t.”

Angela’s voice was rasping and throaty, very sexy and an octave lower than normal. I desperately wanted to bury my face into her beautiful breast but reluctantly told her that I didn’t want to take advantage of the situation. She had been involved in an argument with her husband had consumed a lot of alcohol and was probably feeling vulnerable and unloved.

Angela told me that I wouldn’t be taking advantage of her situation and after not having had sex for several years she was desperate to renew the acquaintance with it preferably with me. She thrust her hand down the waistband of my trousers and grasped my stiff cock kissing me fiercely and probing my mouth with her tongue. She looked at me eyes wide in amazement as she told me that my cock was enormous, twice the length and girth of her husbands.

Angela confirmed what I already knew, that I was better endowed than most men. She gently eased the foreskin of my throbbing cock back and forth in the limited space available. Then she took hold of my hand guided it through the slit in her dress and placed it onto her hairless wet cunt. She gasped as first my fingers lightly brushed over her clitoris then moved down to the gaping wet lips of her cunt and plunged into it.

After clinging onto my neck and enjoying the sensations my probing fingers were creating. Angela gently tugged my hand away from her cunt sank onto her haunches and tugged down the zip on my trousers to prize my swollen cock free. She pausing for a few seconds to inspect my stiff cock which was pointing straight at her face she told me “I’ve only ever been fucked by George I was a virgin when we met. I always thought he had a small one but never new how small it actually was, is yours normal?”

I told Angela that my cock probably a little above average size but it wasn’t massive. She replied that it was enormous compared to George’s then greedily popped it into her mouth. Angela took me completely by surprise as she sank my long prick deep into her throat then slowly withdrew it slurping noisily. Her head repeatedly bobbed back and forwards as she slid my cock ever deeper into her throat.

Angela’s lips made a soft popping sound when she plucked my cock from her mouth. She then pushed her tongue under my foreskin and rotated it around the head of my saliva coated prick. While she was performing this exquisite service she slid one hand along the length of my saliva coated shaft. With her other she gently massaged my sack and balls.

The sensations she created were mind blowing and made my cock jerk and grow even harder. I asked Angela how she was able to take my cock into deep into her throat without gagging she chuckled and replied “Lots of practice.”

I asked “What on George’s small cock?”

Angela laughed shaking her head so vigorously her tits bounced from side to side. “You have the book Deep Throat to thank not my husband’s tiny cock.” I read the book and it fascinated me so much I practiced the technique with a carrot until I could do it without gagging”

“You’ve read Deep Throat?” I asked in total astonishment.

Angela laugh again explaining that she had grabbed the book without reading a little of it thinking it was going to be about The Watergate Scandal. She recalled the man who sold her the book giving her a strange look when he handed over. It was my turn to laugh telling her I would have liked to have seen her expression when she read the first chapter and discovered the content was quite different to Watergate. Angela replied “I loved that book I read it over and over in bed and pleasured myself at the same time.”

Angela told me that was the only way to release her sexual tension after George stopped having sex with her. Looking up at me Angela had a wicked smile on her face as she observed “I could have had affairs I had plenty of offers but I wasn’t that type of girl then. I’m full of surprises tonight aren’t I?”

Angela resumed licking the head of my cock as if it was a lollypop she even observed that my personal hygiene was excellent and my cock was the best she’d ever tasted. She smiled salaciously as she gently pulled back my foreskin to reveal the glistening purple head of my cock. Tenderly she kissed the tip before she resumed plunging it into her throat with a speed and ferocity that astonished and delighted me.

Angela was obviously well practiced in the art of sucking a cock practicing with the carrot had made her an expert. The Angela I thought I knew was a committed Christian and a pillar of her local church. Yet here she now was squatting in front of me with her breast bouncing up and down as she greedily devoured my cock. I began to fuck her mouth and throat with relish but as quickly as she had started to slither her mouth up and down my cock she stopped.


Standing up Angela told me it was my turn to pleasure her before I fucked her. “I would love you to eat my cunt until I scream for you to stop and then fuck me senseless.”

Angela peeled her beautiful shimmering evening dress up over her hips to reveal her shaved vagina. Then she perched upon a low wall spread her legs wide and with both hands held opened the glistening moist lips of her cunt as she asked me. “Tell me that you like eating pussy or I’ll feel so bloody stupid sitting here holding its lips open for you?”

The sight of Angela’s inviting quim with its pink wet lips glistening in the moonlight meant that I needing no further encouragement. I shoved my face into her inviting cunt took her pink clitoris between my lips and rolled it from side to side. Whilst I did this I flicked my tongue over her clit’s dainty tip. Angela moaned, grasped my hair and crushed my face into her pulsing cunt.

She was gasping for breath and became more vocal urging me to thrust my tongue deeper into her vagina to try to locate and stimulate her G spot. I did so and succeeded in spectacular fashion after only a minute or two gently stimulating the roof of her cunt Angela’s body shuddered her juices ran down my probing tongue and into my mouth. She almost tore my hair from its roots as she squirmed on my tongue begging me to continue as she climaxed.

Angela writhed and gripped my head between her thighs whilst her hands forced my face harder into her dripping cunt ensuring that she rubbed my nose against her tingling clitoris. My tongue continued to explore every inch of Angela’s pulsating cunt, she squirmed and writhed as the tension and fluttering sensation built deep in her cunt forecasting the imminent arrival of another orgasm. Angela was grunting wildly as her rapidly her approaching orgasm overwhelmed her she begged me to continue tonguing her.

She screamed loudly welcoming her second orgasm which was even more intense than her first. She grasped my hair and guided me to stimulate the most sensitive areas of her pulsating cunt. She urged me to press harder with my tongue whilst she ground my face onto her tingling clitoris. Angela’s body trembled then shook violently as her sweet juices spurted onto my mouth and face dripping from it onto the floor. “That was quite exquisite” Angela exclaimed triumphantly.

I’ve faked orgasms before for George but have never experienced the real thing with a man. Now I’ve had two in almost as many minutes and both were mind blowing my nerve ends are gangling and my cunt and clit are burning they feel like they’re on fire.”

Angela complimented me. “You were sensational you really know how to pleasure a woman. I didn’t believe there was a man alive capable of making me experience that. George just pumped his cock in and out of my cunt until he came leaving me high and dry. He wasn’t very good in bed and thought that’s all there was to it the selfish bastard.”

I couldn’t get past Angela telling me that she didn’t believe there was a man alive capable of making her feel like that and wondered if a woman maybe had. Clapping her hands gleefully Angela asked “Will you fuck me doggy fashion I’ve never actually done it like that and I’d like to try. I want to experience every centimetre of your wonderfully large cock as deep inside me as I can?”


Without waiting for an answer Angela slid from the wall turned around and leaned forward supporting herself upon the wall. She thrust back her firm round buttocks presenting the gaping wet lips of her cunt to my aching erection. Almost pleading with me she asked “Please shove it into me really hard I think I’d like that.”

The quiet shy woman I had known for over a year had been transformed herself into a beautiful wanton woman who was almost begging me to fuck her doggy fashion I couldn’t believe my ears or my eyes. As I stepped forward and positioned my pulsating cock still wet with her saliva between the dripping lips of her fanny Angela pleaded “Shove it into me as hard and as deep as you can. I’m not made of glass and you won’t hurt me.”

I willingly complied and rammed my cock deep into her gaping slippery cunt. Angela gave out an animal like grunt and thrust back to receive my cock with matching force there was a noisy slap as my hips and her buttocks met, Angela then almost demanded. “Take your cock out of my cunt and do it again harder this time if you can.”

My head was spinning at the contradiction that was Angela. Yet here I was aggressively fucking my housekeeper formerly a quiet, shapeless, plain woman of few words now a rampant aggressive lithe, beautiful and extremely vocal fucking machine. I removed my cock and re-positioned it at the dripping entrance to her eager gaping cunt but I didn’t shove it into her as Angela expected.

Instead I gently rubbed the wet head of my cock between the gaping lips of her inviting wet quim then tantalised her hard pink clitoris. Angela loved it she wriggled her ass and raised her knees higher opening her dripping wet cunt even wider.

Growing more confident that Angela was up for anything I slid my wet cock down between the cheeks of her firm round buttocks and circled the dark wrinkled rose of her ass. When I applied a little pressure to the entrance Angela responded eagerly throwing her head back and groaning loudly telling me “That was wonderful please do it again.”

I repeated the process of repeatedly brushing the tip of my cock over Angela’s shimmering pink hard clit then stroked it up and down between the puffy wet lips of her cunt. I presented my cock to the rose of Angela’s twitching ass and applied a little more pressure than before stopping as the rose of her ass relaxed a little to allow my cock entry.

Angela’s whole body trembled and she moaned throwing her head back and screaming in abandon. She enjoyed having her vagina and clitoris stimulated but when my prick touched the entrance to her ass did Angela’s body really begin to respond I realised that she was willing me to penetrate her ass. I toyed with the idea of inserting just the head of my wet cock into her arse then quickly plucking it out but decided not to for now. Instead I returned my cock to Angela’s dripping cunt and slid it deep inside her. Angela cried out and grunted noisily as my balls slapped against her arse she just loved being fucked for the first time in a long time.

Faster and harder I smashed my cock into Angela’s cunt as she urged me on wriggling and rotating her hips to ensure that I explored every centimetre of her. Finally Angela roared. “I’m coming again I don’t fucking believe it.”

She bucked and wriggled as I impaled her on my stiff throbbing cock burying it ever deeper into her receptive willing cunt. I felt the walls of Angela’s cunt grip my cock as it slid into her and I could hold back no longer my cocked jerked repeatedly as I exploded my semen deep inside her. Angela experienced another body wracking orgasm she screamed and bucked in delight and concentrated all of her efforts in prolonging the tingling sensations ripping through her cunt. “Please don’t take your cock out of me it’s the most wonderful feeling ever. Having a huge cock buried in my cunt is something I’ve longed to experience and I just adore it.”

When Angela felt my erection beginning to subside the walls of her cunt contracted even more as she tried to grip my cock and prevent it sliding from out of her ultimately she failed. Joyfully Angela threw her arms around my neck kissed me repeatedly thanking me for the best sex she had ever experienced in her life.

One minute later Angela was pleading with me to fuck her again and to help me achieve another erection she dropped onto her haunches and greedily lapped our combined juices from my balls and semi stiff cock. Looking up at me she asked if I had ever fucked a woman’s ass, she told me that anal sex was something she had never experienced. “I’ve read all about it and fantasised about it but I’ve never actually done it.” Angela also told me she had been convinced that at one point I was going to insert my large cock into her ass. “You were thinking about it weren’t you?”

When I confirmed that the thought had crossed my mind Angela told me that she wished I had and wanted me to do it so much. She had held her breath anticipating the moment I put my cock in her ass and had almost peed herself. “I’ve longed to discover what it feels like to have a man’s cock buried in my ass I even dream about it sometimes.”

I could not believe I was hearing correctly and asked. “You’ve dreamed about having my cock in your ass?”

Angela replied that she had dreamed all manner of sexual fantasies and asked if I’d had any similar dreams. I admitted I’d had a few racy dreams since divorcing my wife. Angela asked “Did any of your dreams involve me I bet they didn’t?”

I lied and said that they had how could I not say that after I’d just fucked her. Angela went on to tell me that when she was still having sex with George he used to occasionally insert his finger into her ass while they were fucking, but despite her plea’s he always refused to follow his finger with his cock and that had frustrated the hell out of her. George used to tell her that anal sex was unnatural and against religious teachings. He had been oblivious to the fact that inserting his finger into Angela’s ass drove her wild and only fuelled her desire to be anally penetrated.

“I used to buck and scream like a maniac when he put his finger into my backside and that made him come instantaneously. But it didn’t matter how many times I begged him to he wouldn’t shove his cock in my ass, in the end he refused to have sex with me at all.”


I suggested that we ought to leave the dinner and go to my house where we would be warmer, much more comfortable and would not be disturbed. Angela refused point blank telling me that the danger of being caught getting fucking in the ass would only serve to heighten her pleasure. She insisted that she wanted her first experience of anal sex to be here and now. Angela’s beautiful breasts were heaving her nipples were darker, hard and even more prominent. As she sucked in a lungful of the cold night air Angela looked to be almost in panic mode such was her level of arousal.

Her hard breast and erect purple nipples pointed up at the moon in anticipation of me fulfilling her darkest desire. Angela was ecstatic when my cock which was still clutched in her hand started to rise to another hard erection she pleaded with me “You’re going to do it aren’t you, you’re going to shove this big cock in my ass and fuck me there? I’ll scream like a banshee when you do, I’ve lusted for it so long.”

Angela sprang to her feet causing her beautiful breast to bounce vigorously up and down. She quickly turned around and supported herself on the low wall spreading her beautiful breast pointing straight down at the floor. Angela spread her legs wide ready to receive my cock into her eager ass. Panting hard and filled with anticipation she instructed me. “Put your fingers in my cunt and get them well lubricated before you slide them into my backside.”

Angela was shivering with anticipation of what I was intending to do to her. When I inserted my fingers into her swollen quim a trickle of my semen intermixed with her juices trickled into the palm of my hand. I used the sticky mixture to lubricate the dark wrinkled entrance to her ass before I inserted and rotated my middle finger. Angela wriggled her firm backside welcoming my finger and squealing in delight.

She was obviously anticipating what was to going to follow it. Slowly I pushed my finger deeper into her receptive anus surprised only a slight resistance to the intrusion. I realised that her anus was well used to accommodating things far larger than my one lone finger.

When I began to rotate my finger Angela responded immediately rotating her hips and squealing, an encouraging low moan escaped from her lips and echoed in the cold night air. After a few more rotations I inserted a second finger Angela greeted its arrival with another throaty moan and sustained backwards pressure. I could not fail to notice how relaxed the muscles of her sphincter and body were despite the intrusion of my probing fingers.

I wondered if after George refusal to have sex she had not only masturbated but also had pleasured herself with the assistance of a vibrator and dildo inserted into both of her wonderfully receptive orifices.

Angela asked if I would shove my cock into her cunt whist still continuing to rotate my fingers in her arse. How could I refuse such an invitation? As soon as my cock slid into her cunt Angela moaned louder and her athletic body shuddered. “Don’t stop it’s wonderful and I adore it.”

I pushed my throbbing cock into and out of Angela’s receptive cunt whilst I continued to probe and rotate three lubricated fingers in her ass. Angela began to respond to the rhythm I generated and threw her head back groaning, loudly telling me “This is wonderful but I can’t wait to feel your huge cock stuck in my ass.”

Alternately Angela rotated or thrust her hips back to receive my cock in her sloppy cunt and bury my fingers deeper into her ass. My fingers could feel my cock gently sliding back and forth in Angela’s slippery cunt and the thrilling sensation made my cock grow longer and harder. As our cadence increased I could feel Angela’s body begin to tense as the familiar waves of pleasure started to accumulate deep inside her and lead up to yet another orgasm.

I could feel Angela body tense, she was trying to anticipate the moment I would withdraw my cock from her slippery cunt and slide it into her waiting ass. She began to quicken her tempo thrusting back and panting heavily as her orgasm built. “Oh my god I’m going to come again in a minute this is so magical. I have your stubby fingers probing my ass and you huge cock jammed into my cunt and I love it.”

To hasten the arrival of her orgasm Angela reached down, I felt her hand brush against my balls as she began to stimulate her clitoris. Another violent shudder racked Angela’s body signalling the imminent onset of an orgasm. Quickly I pulled my gleaming sticky cock out of her pulsating cunt and with only slight resistance offered popped its bulbous head into her arse.

As the entrance to her ass held the head of my cock in its grip Angela screamed she panted repeatedly trying to relax the tension her virgin ass was experiencing. I held the bulbous head of my cock stuck in Angela’s tight ass still allowing the muscles to relax once they became accustomed to my cocks intrusion. Angela told me she felt some pain when the head of my cock had first entered her ass but that quickly changed to a warm full feeling as her ass muscles stretched to accommodate me.

Once she became accustomed to having the head of my cock stuck in her ass Angela thrust back her hips forcefully burying it deep into her canal. She screamed loudly as the heady mixture of pain and pleasure assaulted her ass. Just as she had predicted Angela went wild when she felt my cock burrowing deep into her ass.

First she shuddered then bucked violently screaming as she felt my shaft stretching her dark canal. She was panting heavily trying to relax and accommodate the thick long cock now deep inside her ass. The further my cock penetrated her tight ass the more intensely pleasurable the sensations were for me. My rock hard cock was twitching and jerking and I wanted to come in her ass so much my balls ached. To ensure that I didn’t come prematurely I stopped penetrating Angela further gasped for air and concentrating hard to stop myself from coming.

Angela turned her head and smiled at me lecherously asking if I was ready to come in her ass I told her I could hold back much longer. Angela asked me to remove my cock completely from her ass the slam in back into her ass. I complied and withdrew my cock until it popped out of her ass I presented the bulbous head at the still gaping entrance and rammed it back into her ass as deep as I could as Angela vigorously rubbed her clit. Her whole body writhed and trembled and her knees buckled involuntarily as her screams of delight filled the night. She begged me to knead her breasts and squeeze her nipples hard whilst I repeated the process.

When I complied Angela began to scream and grunt louder and louder with the effort she employed to help me to impale her upon my cock. She was screaming and bucking like the bull trying to dislodge the cowboy on its back in a Wild West Rodeo. Angela was not tying to extricate my cock which was swelling and throbbing deep and embedded deep in her ass she was trying to impale herself further upon it and revelling in every second of the experience.

Having her ass penetrated and stretched by my large cock was the stuff of dreams for her. This evening Angela was living her dream and thrilling in slightly painful experience. Now knowing Angela’s sexual preferences I slithered my cock fully from her gripping ass I rubbed the head of my slippery cock gently on the shiny rose of the open entrance to her ass and thrust my cock into her with all the force I could muster.

As my hips smashed into her buttocks and my cock penetrated her bowel my wet balls slapped onto her firm buttocks making them ache. Cold sweat was beginning to form on Angela’s firm breast and back whilst my sweat soaked my dress shirt. Angela bucked and screamed louder and louder urging me to penetrate her deeper screaming she told me she was going to come any second. She begged me spray my semen into her deepest recesses.

Angela could feel my cock twitching in her ass as my warm semen flooded her insides another orgasm ripped through Angela’s lithe swearing body. She was totally out of control bucking and screaming impaled on my throbbing twitching cock as she told the night sky “I’m been fucked in the ass by my employer’s huge cock and I love every nerve gangling second it’s fantastic the best sex ever.”

Angela abandoned herself to the moment her pent up emotion and expectation combined with the tingling coursing through her cunt and ass drove her insane. Her whole body was shaking and Angela screamed again her cunt was throbbing and her ass stung but she had longed to experience those feelings. With a deep sigh Angela collapsed exhausted onto the wall in between gasp of breath Angela told me “I’m no longer an anal virgin I’ve been fucked in the ass by an expert with a huge cock. You dressed me like a Princess then fucked me like a whore and I adore you for it. I want to do it over and over again.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at her unbridled joy and brazenness she was exhibiting and told her “You’re not a Christian you’re a fantastically beautiful, athletic fucking machine. You have the looks of a movie star, the body and stamina of an athlete and the sexual proclivities of a harlot and I adore you.”

I slid my cock out of Angela’s arse and stared down at the gaping pink hole of her once virgin ass. I saw a small trickle of frothy semen bubble out of her ass and slowly trickle down between the cheeks of her beautiful round firm buttocks.

Angela also felt my semen trickling down into her gaping wet cunt and shivered. It was a wonderful sight and made me long to again to fill the void of her ass with my cock but I just was not able to.

I kissed Angela passionately and asked if she would give me a few minutes rest before making any demands for a repeat performance. “If you really do adore me you’ll take no more than an hour. We’ll go back to your place have a coffee and a shower then I can thank you over and over again for the makeover, this beautiful dress and for fucking my ass until it was sore. It may take sometime so I’ll have to stay the night do you mind?”

“Just how many sex fantasies have you had?” I enquired laughing.

“Lots and lots, they’re all very different and equally thrilling as the last one.” Angela announced triumphantly beaming at me.

I asked Angela what she would say to George if she arrived home after spending the night in my bed “That’s the easy part I’ll tell him the truth. I’ve been fucked to a standstill in my cunt then in my arse and I loved every second of it. I’m going to tell George that I’m leaving him then I will have to find somewhere to live. “Do you fancy having me as you’re live in housekeeper or would you like me to become your very own fucking machine?”

Angela’s question didn’t require a great deal of thought “You can move in any time you like. Into your own room if you like but you would be very welcome in mine.”

Angela told George when he arrived home from church on Sunday lunchtime exactly as she said she would. Two hours later Angela walked into my home smiling happily, still wearing her beautiful evening dress. She dropped her suitcase onto the floor and taking me by the hand pulled me up the stairs to my bedroom.

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