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Call Me, Lover!

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I have been married to my wife for eight years now and we have a decent marriage. We experiment, sexually, on occasion and have found certain things that really get each other off. The one we both agree stimulates both the most is when she puts on a strap on and fucks my ass. She becomes empowered by it with a sense of dominance, and I feel hot submitting to her. But sometimes you need extra outside stimulation.

I went to the adult book store one Friday afternoon. I had not been in there before. As I walked in I noticed the clerk running the store was a tall thick blond. She had beautiful strait hair, dyed for sure, and large breasts. She wore one of those tube top style shirts and a pair of cut off jeans that showed off her beautiful tan legs.

I begin to wander around the store looking at the movies and toys. I keep glancing over at the clerk, and she catches me every time and smiles. I continue to look around when I notice a sign that says video arcade. I assume its like preview booths so I ask the clerk if I need tokens to enter.

She replies, “You have to buy a minimum $5 card to go in.”

I purchase the card from the smiling women, and can’t help but wonder if maybe she likes me a little. I walk in the viewing area and look around. The booths are set up in rows completely enclosed and they have lights to tell the ones in use. I only have one choice so I proceed to the open booth. I close the door behind me and lock it. I then realize that there is a hole in the wall about 3 inches around. I had heard about these, and thought they were called “Glory holes.” I paid little attention to it but sat down with my back to it and inserted my card in the machine and began flipping through movies.

A knock at the door startles me. I stand and open the door. To my surprise, the clerk is on the other side. She gives me an evil grin and pushes me back in the both closing the door behind her and locking it. I begin to object, and try to tell her I am married but she plants an amazing kiss on my lips and then a tongue to follow. As we kiss she undoes my pants and lets them drop to the floor. I am nervous at this point and again go to object, but she just looks at me coyly and begins her descent to her knees and pulls my underwear down. She wastes no time in putting my dick in her mouth. She is a world class cocksucker, the best I have ever had. It takes only a short time before she has me teetering on the edge of coming. She stops, rises and has an evil look on her face.

“Its your turn now!” she said.

She reaches out to the hole in the wall and puts a finger in. Almost immediately a large white penis comes through, fully erect. She grabs me by the back of the head and pushes me over, feeding the cock in my mouth.

“Suck it good!” she says. “I am going to fuck you while you suck that cock.”

Confused, I continue to suck and realize I kind of enjoy it. The feel in my mouth is right, it tastes ok, and you get a power rush. I glance back at the girl and I am shocked to see her lower her cut offs and pull a large cock from between her legs. I pull the cock from my mouth to object but she reaches over and puts it back in my mouth.

“Hush baby, you are going to enjoy this, I won’t hurt you.” She says.

I go back to sucking and feel her finger some lube on and up my ass. Then I feel the large head off her dick on my hole. She uses light pressure and eases in. She was right, she didn’t hurt me. But before long I have a very full feeling and realize her thick nine inch cock is all the way in. She begins to thrust and I become very excited, it feels so good.

I am caught off guard as the cock in my mouth becomes very hard and then bursts forth with hot cum. I can’t pull it out because I am pinned by the chick behind me. I swallow three times and continue to suck, but he becomes flaccid, and pulls back in the hole. With nothing to do I turn my attention to what she is doing to me. It feels like nothing I have ever had. I want to just cum all over myself. I glance over my shoulder at her huge tits, implants, but amazing just the same. She grins at me again and thrusts deeper making me moan.

All of a sudden I have a large black cock in my face. Without hesitation I open up and suck it. It’s big and hurts my jaw a little but I suck like and old pro. Its not long before I am swallowing a massive load of cum. I have to swallow five times. Then just as he appeared he was gone.

I feel her dick get harder and she moaned softly, then I feel the hot cum spurting in my ass. She’s so deep inside and feels good as it fills my insides. She eases out of my ass, turns me over and begins to suck my cock. It is so wonderful, and I am so aroused by this point, I cum in a matter of minutes. Lots and lots of cum, but she doesn’t swallow. She stands and grabs my head, pressing her lips to min and pushing her tongue in. I taste that cum as she pushes it all in my mouth French kissing the whole time. I swallow a couple of times until the mass is gone. We continue to kiss for a few moments.

When we break free, she rubs her hand on the side of my face. Then pulls a small piece of paper out and places it in my hand. As she begins to dress, I look at the paper, and it reads, ” Jenna, 555-7669.”

I look up in time as she opens the door and steps out. She looks back with that amazing grin.

“Call me, lover!” she says.

Then she is gone. I quickly close the door and pull up my underwear and pants. I open the door and step out to find four men standing there looking at me. They smile and give a little clap as I rush by embarrassed. I rush out of the store, looking just long enough to get a kiss blown at me from the girl, then I am out.

As I walk to the car I have the sensation of being full, and its no doubt why, with three loads of cum in my belly, and one deep in my ass. I feel it just before I get in the car, as the cum trickles out of my ass and down my leg.

I drive home fighting the feelings of embarrassment and of guilt. I just cheated on my wife, with two and a half men! Its almost surreal. But, I decide that I should tell her nothing.

As I walk in to my house my wife comes right over to me and kisses me deep and with lots of tongue. She runs her hand over my ass and pushes on the hole a little. I am in serious trouble. She wants sex now and she wants to fuck my ass.

She drags me down the hall to our bedroom. The bed is set up, candles burning, and a towel on the edge. She shoves me down on the towel and lubes up my ass. I don’t know how she didn’t see the cum, but I got lucky. She then turns and puts on the strap on harness, when she turns back she has on the largest of the dongs. It is Black, twelve inches long, two and a half inches thick and has the realistic veins and ridges. She begins lubing it up.

Grinning, she says; ” We are going to try new stuff today, my little cock slut!”

She pushes the strap on in my ass. Nowhere near as gentle as the tranny at the book store. But it goes in easy.

With a dirty grin on her face, she says, ” I must have to get a bigger cock for you, this one just slid right in.”

She fucked my ass for two hours from all the different angles. I thought I was going to die. Finally she took pity on me and pulled out. She then commenced to sucking my dick, until I came in her mouth. She rose quickly and forced my mouth open and spit cum in it.

“Swallow!” she ordered.

I swallowed it down. She grinned.

“Now you are a cum slut as well as a cock slut.”

I took a shower and thought back over the day as I washed off the sex. I had four loads of cum in my stomach, one in my ass and had been fucked in each hole by multiple people. My god! I want more now…

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