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A New Experience for Ann

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Walking up and down the aisles of the grocery store, I hoped I wasn’t forgetting everything on the list I’d left hanging on the refrigerator door, like an idiot. I figured I could be forgiven, though, because I couldn’t keep my mind off the evening ahead. Tom had promised it would be a night I wouldn’t forget for a long, long time, if ever. When he had said this, the look he leveled on me had been blatantly sexual, shocking me because of its unexpectedness. The rest of the night at work had passed in a blur.

Tom was a bartender at the same sports bar where I worked in this small, southern town on the Gulf of Mexico. I was in my fifth year of college and figured at the rate I was going, I had about three more to go before I finished. I liked my job, the people I came in contact with every night, and the people I worked with. A degree in business didn’t appeal that much to me, but I felt the need to finish, figuring it would come in handy someday when I bought my own restaurant/bar. How that dream would ever come true was beyond me, but I had my goals and wasn’t about to give them up.

When Tom invited me to come to his house for a small get-together with some friends, as I said, I had been a little surprised, to say the least. We’d been carrying on a flirtation with each other for quite awhile, but it had never progressed beyond the workplace. I had been eyeing Tom for a long time, but didn’t want to make the first move. How humiliating would that be if he turned me down and I had to keep working with him? The fact that he had asked me over, and made it so clear that more would be involved than just dinner, had made me a mindless idiot all day long.

Over time, I’d picked up on snippets of conversations from a few regulars at the bar that made me believe there was quite a bit of sex involved at Tom’s get-togethers. Well, I could sure use some of that, it had been a long time since I’d been with another person, in fact, it had been well over a year. Between work and school, the hours I kept made it hard to meet new people or develop any sort of relationship, so I’d almost given up hope of ever finding that perfect man.

As I wandered through the produce section, the few men who were shopping paused to take a second look at me. I was almost 5’5″ and knew my lean body didn’t have an ounce of fat on it, thanks to the hard work I did. I’m proud of my tight ass, and while my breasts aren’t that large, they definitely will fill a man’s hands. I’ve been told I’m good looking, and am used to being looked at, and in a town of this size, I know most of those men doing the looking. I like to go bra-less, but usually remember to wear one when going to the grocery store. Those frozen food aisles make it a necessity. Well, being distracted as I was on this particular day, I hadn’t worn one. So of course my nipples were hard and showing through my t-shirt. I’m not an exhibitionist, and was embarrassed enough to try to cover them by pulling my hair over my shoulders. They rubbed against the cotton fabric, already sensitive from the thoughts running through my head.

Finishing up quickly, I smiled at the clerk as she rang up my purchases, thanked the bagger, and headed out the double doors into the oppressive heat of the early August afternoon. Within moments, sweat replaced the goose-bumps. Thankfully, the air conditioning in my ten-year old car still blasted out cold air. Unfortunately, by the time I reached home, it was just beginning to cool, and I knew I was more than ready for a nice, cool shower.

Walking in the door of my small apartment, I dropped my keys and purse on the table, the perishables in the refrigerator and everything else on the counter, then headed straight to the bathroom and the shower.

Turning the water on cool, I let it cool down my overheated body before finally picking up the soap to lather myself. As I washed, my hands lingered on my breasts, squeezing and kneading them enough to send a sharp ache down through my body. I imagined Tom’s hands on me as I rubbed my nipples hard a few times before moving lower. Spreading my labia with one hand, I used the soap to wash carefully in every crack and crevice. My hands explored, one finger finding its way inside while with the other hand, I found my nub and squeezed and rubbed and manipulated until I was ready to cum. Hovering on the brink, I forced myself to stop, saving that particular reward until later that evening.

One night at work, I had overheard Tom talking to another bartender about a woman he obviously knew well. He didn’t realize I was listening as he described her clean-shaven pussy and how that was such a huge turn-on to him. Replaying that conversation in my mind, I spent extra time doing the same to myself. I was a little embarrassed by the way I looked when I was done, but hopefully Tom would be turned on when he saw it, as I was convinced he would at some point tonight.

Shower finished, clean-shaven, makeup on, and horny as all get out, I threw on a sundress with no bra, a skimpy thong underneath, and my newest pair of high-heeled sandals, better known as Fuck Me sandals. I grabbed up keys and purse and headed out the door before I could change my mind. I could feel the thong rub against my hairless skin in a way I wasn’t used to, heightening my sensitivity. Nervousness coursed through me at what I was about to do, but I was determined to let my hair down and have some fun. The thought of getting down and dirty with Tom was enough to keep me from running back inside.

Believe me, I am not normally over-sexed. But this man was drop dead gorgeous, he had a fantastic body, and I’ve worked in close quarters with him for the last few years, and to top that all off, I haven’t had any real relief for way too long. I don’t consider getting myself off as “real relief”. And there is definitely a sexual chemistry between the two of us. We have just never explored it.

Tom’s house was just a short distance away and overlooked the beach. It only took me a few minutes to drive there, and as I pulled in, I realized no other cars had arrived yet, even though I was sure I wasn’t early. Shrugging my shoulders, I hopped out of the car and made my way up the flagstone walk to the front door. I had never been here before and was pleasantly surprised by the charm of the cottage. Before I had time to look around, though, Tom opened the door, a drink held in one hand, the other ushering me inside. He leaned over and placed a light peck on my cheek.

I glanced around, expecting to see a typical guy’s place. Surprisingly, it was nothing of the sort. The look was definitely tropical, and when I thought about it, it suited Tom perfectly. He was definitely an island type of guy with his sun-bleached hair, deep tan, khaki shorts, white polo shirt and bare feet. I’m sure he got a lot of that tan sitting outside on his lanai, or down on the beach just a stone’s throw away. I had to wonder if he had tan lines…

“Come on in, we have a lot to do to get you ready for tonight. Pam was supposed to come, too, but just called and said she’s been sick in bed for the last two days. So you’re it, darling…the sole entertainment for the evening!” Tom grinned at me, placing a hand on my back and steering me forward through the house.

I was too stunned by this announcement to utter a word. I was the sole entertainment for the evening? What was Tom talking about? I hesitated, but a drink appeared in my one hand, and grabbing the other, he led me into the center of the living room. He stopped and touched me lightly on the chin, turning my face to look directly into his. His eyes were a deep blue, and seemed to look deep down into my soul, reading my uncertainty.

“How long have you known me, Ann?”

“I don’t know, three years?”

“At least, and in that time, have I ever done anything that would make you think you can’t trust me?”

I thought back over the time I’d known him and had to admit that Tom was the type of person you could trust implicitly, at work and beyond. I shook my head.

“So, you know you can trust me, right?”

This time I nodded my head in agreement.

“Some things are going to happen tonight” he continued, “that I’m sure you’ve never taken part in before. But I want you to keep an open mind, explore your sexuality, and most importantly, trust me.

“I’m pretty sure this is going to be your first time with more than one man, but I can assure you, you will love it and by night’s end, will want to do it again.” Tom looked at me confidently, much more sure of me than I was myself.

“What exactly are you asking of me, Tom?” I was ready to bolt for the door, beginning to see that this might not be about just the two of us.

“Do you want me to be completely honest and upfront?”

“Completely,” I replied, although I suspect I wasn’t being completely honest with myself on that one.

“In about an hour, five other men are going to walk through that door. Your job will be to please every one of us over the course of the evening, in whatever way we so choose. No one will hurt you, and I can guarantee you will enjoy yourself, if you allow yourself to let loose. I’ve watched you for a long time, and I’m confident enough in my ability to judge a person to know that you will enjoy this, even if you don’t believe it right now.”

“Uh oh,” I thought to myself, “this is so NOT what I signed on for.” I couldn’t believe he would think I wanted to do this! But even as the thought entered my head, I felt a strange sensation course through me and my skimpy thongs suddenly became very, very wet.

I decided then and there that it was definitely in my best interests to leave, but Tom reached out and lightly encircled my arm with his large hand, pulling me close to him. His other hand brushed over the curve of my breast, and naturally my nipples couldn’t have cared less what I was thinking as they became hard and strained against the flimsy material covering them. Pulling down the straps of my sundress, one at a time, he tugged the garment down over my shoulders, then freeing my breasts he leaned over and began suckling on first one, then the other. As his tongue circled round an erect nipple, he gently bit down, sending a fiery surge coursing through my body. I could hear myself moaning as I let my head fall back, shamelessly pressing my breasts up towards him, silently begging for more, all thoughts of leaving gone for the moment.

Pulling his head back, Tom smiled as he pulled my dress the rest of the way down, allowing it to fall around my ankles. As his fingers dipped underneath the thong, he felt the smoothness of my pussy.

“Nice” he murmured, pulling them down farther. “Let me see all of you.”

He took a step back as I carefully removed my thong and stepped out of the pile of clothing. I was a little embarrassed to be completely naked, except for my high-heeled sandals, but not ashamed of my body. Tom stood in silent admiration, but he didn’t touch me again, even though I knew he could see me pleading with my eyes for him to finish what he had just started. He had played me perfectly, I thought, just enough to make sure I was desperate for more.

“Come on, let me give you a tour of the place.”

I reached down to pick up my clothes, but stopped when he said,

“Just leave those there,.”

I looked at him in disbelief.

“Are you crazy? Tom I’m naked.”

“And your point would be? Believe me, Ann, you won’t be needing them the rest of the night, so you might as well get comfortable now. Come on, I want to show you everything.” He ignored my dismay and grabbing my hand, pulled me along with him.

Like a little kid showing off his newest toys, Tom led me into the guest room where his computer equipment was set up, to the master bedroom with the plasma TV hanging on the wall opposite his bed, and all the different remotes that worked too many things for me to ever figure out, to the shower with heads sticking out from different sides and heights, and to the tub with too many jets to count in his master bath.

“Believe me, you’re going to love those jets someday.” He smirked as if he knew something I didn’t.

I refused to answer, so he moved back to the bedroom and the sliding doors that opened onto the lanai. He walked outside, clearly expecting me to follow, but there was no way I was stepping outside without a stitch of clothes on.

“Tom, we can get arrested if I walk out there.”

“There’s no one out there to see you! Look.” With a sharp tug, he pulled me out the door into the relentless sunshine. I felt its warmth immediately soaking into my skin, especially those parts that don’t normally see the sun. If I was sure no one was watching I would have stretched like a cat, but I wasn’t convinced.

“Look around, do you see anyone?”

I had to admit, I couldn’t see anything or anyone on either side, mainly because of the thick ficus hedge which ran the length of the property on both sides, and the beach was empty as far as I could see.

“Don’t be so nervous.”

“That’s really easy for you to say, Tom. You’re not the one standing here with nothing on. Can I please go put some clothes back on?”

“Absolutely not.” He reached out and grabbed one of my breasts in his hand, leaning over he began to tease and nibble, sending a shiver up my back. His tongue licked repeatedly until the soft skin was wetly glistening, and of course I stood there unable to move. “Why would you ever want to cover up this body? If you lived with me, you would never wear clothes from the moment you walked in that front door until the moment you left.”

“Thank God I don’t, then.” I replied.

He smacked me on the bottom, enough that it stung and I was sure left a handprint.


“You deserved that.” With a grin, he relented and drew me back inside.

“Come over here.” We moved into the kitchen, which was shaped like a galley, long and narrow, with one side open to the living room, the other with a large window overlooking the side yard. Granite countertops ran each length, white cabinets with glass fronts up above, truly a cook’s dream kitchen. I looked around in appreciation, more at home here than with the electronic equipment.

He asked once again, “Ann, do you trust me?”

Knowing I probably wasn’t going to like what came next, I replied a little hesitantly, “Yes.”

“Okay, I want you to bend over the counter for me.” He pressed on my back, urging me down.

“No way!”

“Come on, you’re going to like it.” He was pretty convincing, but then again, he sort of had the upper hand here.

“Tom, I really am beginning to feel like a slut. This is just not me. I don’t strip for guys I’ve dated for awhile, much less a co-worker who I’ve never gone out with.”

“Did you ever think that might be your problem? You’re a little too uptight. I hardly think you’re a slut, either. Do I want to get in your pants? Absolutely. And since you don’t have any pants on, I don’t think it’s going to be too hard.” His smug grin only proved how confident he was in convincing me to go along with his plan. “And I promise to respect you in the morning.”

I just looked at him and shook my head.

“Darling, not a single person will ever know what went on between these walls. Not a one of us ever kisses and tells. What we do, stays here. We all let go and allow our more basic instincts to rule for awhile. And yours are telling you that you like this.”

I resisted at first, then decided what the hell. What was the worst that could happen? Tom had promised I wouldn’t be hurt, and had even said I would want more of whatever it was I was going to get tonight. “Well, let’s find out,” I thought to myself. I had come this far, hadn’t I? In the back of my mind it shocked me to realize I wanted this, too. I was beginning to discover something about myself that I wasn’t sure was a good thing. Wouldn’t any normal female be running for the hills by now?

“Let me finish my drink first, okay?” I downed my rum & coke in one gulp, set the glass down and then bent completely over, my breasts smashed against the cool countertop, my ass sticking up in the air for the entire world to see, if indeed the entire world wanted to look. As it was, knowing that it was just Tom made me almost cum with no help at all.

“Ahhh, I knew your ass looked good in shorts, but this is absolutely beautiful.”

I felt his hands moving over me, lightly edging down my thighs and back up again. He squeezed both cheeks in his hands, massaging them gently, then harder as he pulled them apart and exposed my hole to his view. I whimpered, but didn’t move. Warmth from his breath brushed across me and I felt his wet tongue rim me. It moved in slow circles around the outer edge, dipping in and out just enough to tease. This time when I groaned, I did try to move, but he held me tight as his tongue suddenly pushed harder at the entrance to my ass. I tried to push back, suddenly wanting it more than I thought possible. I felt the wetness of his saliva mixing with my own juices to begin trickling down my inner thighs. He continued to fuck my ass with his tongue, until to my dismay, he retreated, but then made up for it by licking his way down to my pussy. His tongue played games with my clit, sucking on it, flicking it back and forth before nipping at it with his teeth. I felt an orgasm building to an intensity I’d never felt before, and when I felt a finger gently pushing its was into my ass, I fell over the edge, shaking and trembling with the effects of the most incredible orgasm I had ever experienced in my entire life. I could barely stand, my legs were shaking so much.

“Okay, I’ll do anything.” I whispered, “As long as you promise more of those.”

I heard his laughter as I started to rise, but his hand held me firmly in place.

“Not so fast, we’re not done here.” He pinched my clit one more time, sending aftershocks rippling through me. Then as he moved away, I heard a drawer being opened and the sound of running water from the sink.

“Remember when I said I needed to get you ready for tonight?” Without waiting for a response, he continued on, “here’s where we start.”

After what seemed a long time, I felt the tip of his finger against the entrance to my asshole again. I could feel him rubbing a lubricant into and around it, his finger sliding gently in and out. My muscles grabbed at his finger, tightening around it. I heard his soft laughter as he removed the finger and replaced it with something harder and larger. I was confused, I knew it wasn’t his cock, he was still fully clothed. Which I might say is pretty humiliating when you picture the two of us and what we were doing.

Whatever it was, I felt it pushing further into me. It slipped past my sphincter muscle with little difficulty, I was well-lubed and it wasn’t that large. I suddenly felt a peculiar warmth spreading through my bowels, filling me. I tried to jerk away from it, but Tom’s large hand on my back held me firmly in place. Try as I might, I couldn’t get away from the strange sensation flooding through me.

“What are you doing?” I demanded.

“You’re getting an enema, and believe me, you will appreciate it before the night’s over. You need to be clean inside and out. A lot of fluids will be in here before the end of the night, and you really don’t want anything else coming back out along with them.”

I suddenly felt more humiliated than I had ever felt before in my entire life. Here I was, ass sticking up high in the air, in the kitchen of a man I had foolishly hoped to build some sort of relationship with, and he was giving me an enema in preparation for what was obviously going to be a very long night.

“I need another drink.” I begged. “And I lied about doing anything. I don’t want to do this.”

“Relax, you’ll be fine.” He soothingly stroked his hand along my back as he continued slowly filling my rectum with the warm liquid. One of his legs pushed between mine, spreading them farther apart. I heard the sound of his zipper being lowered and soon felt the head of his cock pushing against my pussy, sliding in almost too easily through the wetness I was generating.

The overload of sensations, the humiliation, the unexpected desire, the embarrassment, the intensely full feeling in my ass, his cock starting to move back and forth in me, brought me quickly to the edge of another bone-shattering climax. I actually tried to push my ass farther up in the air to meet each one of his thrusts. I heard Tom let out a groan of pleasure, and at the sound, I tumbled over the edge into a deep abyss, wave after wave of pleasure rolling over me. My sphincter muscles tried desperately to eject the tube in my ass with each spasm, but Tom held it tightly in place as he began to pound into me, and within moments I felt him begin to shudder as he ejaculated deep inside of me.

“Wow,” was all either one of us could get out for a few moments. Silence was only broken by our gasps as his head rested next to mine, his body pressing me into the countertop. I could have stayed that way forever, but a more pressing matter was presenting itself.

“Um, Tom, I really need to go to the bathroom now.” There was no way I could relax anymore as the urge to go was so strong I wasn’t sure I could make it out of the kitchen, much less to the bathroom. I felt him pull out first his cock, and then the tube before being shoved quickly in the direction of the door to his bedroom.

“When you’re done, take a shower and get cleaned up again. I’ll have a drink waiting for you when you come out.”

Twenty minutes and a second shower later, in which my hands left my body alone this time, I emerged from the bedroom, wrapped in a towel, with new determination.

“Tom, I just can’t do this,” I said. I had been doing some serious thinking while I was behind closed doors. In my humiliation, I didn’t even want to come back out and face him, but since he had my clothes, purse and car keys, I could hardly climb out the window and make my escape. I looked around for my things, but didn’t see them anywhere.

“Yes, you can.” Tom had been lounging on the sofa while he waited for me. As he spoke, he walked into the kitchen to meet me and pulled me into his arms. He held me close for a few moments, caressing my back and reassuring me with whispered words that everything was fine. As the tension in me started to ease, my arms made their way around his neck, pulling his head down to meet mine. Our lips met tentatively at first. He nibbled on the corners, then sneaked his tongue into my mouth and began a very thorough exploration. The pounding in my ears must have been from my heart, although I couldn’t be sure. I hung on for dear life, and allowed my tongue to play with his.

Before I realized it, the towel was gone and his hands were roaming up and down the length of my back, moving down so he could cup my bottom and pull me tight against his growing erection. He pulled away, giving me one last quick kiss on the forehead before drawing me into the living room. He dropped onto the couch and rather than letting me sit down beside him, he pushed me towards the floor.

“Relax. Sit right here.” He pointed to the floor next to his legs, and without a question, I dropped to the ground, curling my legs up underneath me, because I was pretty sure I couldn’t stand much longer. I rested my head on the seat of the sofa and looked up at him. The reality of the night ahead came crashing back down as he began to speak.

“The guys will arrive soon. As I said earlier, your job is to give them anything they want, all night long. As they come in the door, you will greet them, bring them each a drink, and then give them a blowjob.”

My eyes widened. “What? How many?”

“Five are coming. Including me, that makes six in total.” A lascivious grin appeared on his face.

” You can start on me now, and since I already have a drink and you’ve already greeted me quite nicely, you can ignore those parts. Which really just leaves one thing for you to do at the moment.” He smiled and leaned back on the couch, entwining his fingers behind his head and obviously waiting for me to begin.

I just sat there, not quite believing him.

He pulled his arm forward and looked at the watch on his wrist.

“You have exactly 22 minutes to get me off again before anyone else arrives. Considering you just made me cum less than 25 minutes ago, you’re probably going to need every one of those minutes to do it again.”

“Well, gosh, when you put it that way, so nice and romantic…” I leaned over and unzipped him. Reaching in the tight space, my hand closed around his thick and very hard cock. It jumped as I ran my fingers over the head, and a few drops of pre-cum were already visible. That certainly didn’t take long, I thought. He raised his hips as I tugged the shorts down to give me more room.

Pulling his cock gently out, I leaned forward, kissed the tip, and tasted myself on him from earlier. I looked up and met Tom’s eyes. He was panting softly, and reached out to run his hand through my hair. He tugged my head back down, and I parted my lips to allow his cock to slide into my waiting mouth. I explored the roundness of the head. My head moved up and down rhythmically as I ran my tongue up and down each side of his shaft, wetting it with each stroke, cleaning him from our last encounter. Once satisfied that nothing remained, my lips closed around his head and I began to suck, pulling him deeper and deeper into my mouth with each advance.

His cock was throbbing and I knew he would cum before long, so I stopped moving and just held him in my mouth, letting my tongue flick back and forth. I looked up to see him watching intently.

“Suck on my balls.” His voice had turned husky with desire.

I turned my attention lower. His balls were heavy and full, and thankfully clean-shaven. I let my tongue explore them, feeling the ridge underneath, before gently taking one into my mouth. My tongue rolled over and around it, before moving on to the other. Slowly, slowly, I opened my mouth wide enough to take them both in together, sucking ever so gently.

A violent shudder ran through him, and he kept his hands on the back of my head, not allowing me to move for a few moments. When he gained control of himself, he grabbed a handful of hair and tugged my head back; as his balls slipped out, he aimed his cock at my mouth, ramming it in as he groaned loudly. His hips bucked as I felt his hot cum explode in the back of my throat. My gag reflex kicked in, but I forced myself not to give in to the urge. He slowly quieted, but wouldn’t let go of my hair wrapped around his fists.

His pubic hairs tickled my nose, my face was buried in his crotch. I looked up at him from where I was and watched as his eyes opened. His cum filled my mouth and I desperately needed to do something with it.

“Swallow” he whispered. “All of it.” It was hard to do with his cock still in my mouth, but he wouldn’t let me go until I had taken every last drop. When I was done, he removed his hands from my hair and pulled me up into his lap.

“That was as fantastic as I knew it would be. Your lips are magical,” he praised me and idiot that I am, I ate it up, proud of my new-found cock-sucking abilities. He stroked my body, his hands running up and down, stopping to tease in strategic places and then moving on again to other sensitive places. First a nipple was rubbed between his fingers, then a flick against my clit, a gentle squeeze of my other breast, a finger dipped into my pussy. I was squirming like crazy, coming to life again and wondering if I could actually have three orgasms in such a short period of time.

Before I got the chance to find out, Tom sat up and ran his hands through his hair, then closed up his zipper and belt.

“Wow, this is going to be a great night, I can tell already.” He grinned lazily over at me. “I have one more surprise for you, though. Remember, these men who are coming here are all my good friends, and they are good men, just looking for a little fun without anyone getting hurt in the process. They aren’t interested in picking up women in bars for a one-nighter, and some might already be in relationships. We all keep our mouths shut, no one outside of these walls will know what happens here tonight, and every one of them, including me, will make sure no one ever hurts you…you will, in effect, belong to all of us. It will be like having six big brothers to watch out for you, only we won’t treat you like brothers.” He laughed at that thought. “You will be ours for the night.”

I was wondering what the next surprise might be, and didn’t have to wait long to find out. He pulled me up from my comfortable position on the couch and laid me over his lap, ass once again sticking up in the air.

“I love the sight of you bent over me like this, so exposed and vulnerable.” His hands ran back and forth across my ass, gently squeezing and kneading my cheeks. “I can think of so many things we could do if we had the time right now.”

“Are you an ass man?” I jokingly asked.

“You bet, and I’ve wanted yours for a long time.”

“Why didn’t you ever say anything? I’ve enjoyed looking at yours, too.”

“Just waiting for the right time, I guess.”

Definitely feeling at a disadvantage being bent over his knees, I just had to ask what we were doing now.

Rather than answer, out of the corner of my eye I could see Tom reach over to the end table, coming back with a tube of lubrication and a strangely shaped object in his hand.

“Please tell me that’s not what I think it is.” I begged.

“Well, since I don’t know what you think it is, how am I supposed to answer that? How about if you just put your head down and relax?”

“Yeah, right.”

I did as I was told, though and laid my head on the edge of the seat, my one arm hanging down, so I wrapped it around his leg to anchor me. His fingers spread my cheeks apart, exposing me completely. He placed the end of the tube right into the tip of my asshole and squeezed. I felt the cold gel and then his fingers rubbing it around the edges. One finger slipped inside and pumped in and out a few times before a second and then a third joined it, stretching my muscles gently and making sure the lube worked its way in. I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure.

“See, you like it, don’t you babe?”

“Yes.” I panted. My breathing was speeding up and I knew another orgasm was waiting in the wings.

After a few minutes of being thoroughly finger-fucked, he replaced them with what I just knew was a very large butt plug. He pushed it against my opening, slowly inserting it deeper and deeper. I found myself pushing back against it, liking the feel of it. This was virgin territory, but rather than be afraid, I seemed to want more. It stretched me wider and wider, and I began groaning from the mixture of pain and pleasure. His three fingers were nothing compared to this.

“Relax, it’s almost in,” he soothed, one hand stroking my back.

At that moment, the largest part of it slipped past my tight sphincter and embedded itself deep within. I closed tightly around the end of it, feeling it filling me.

“It’s called a butt plug, and it will stretch you and get you ready for later on,” Tom explained as he wiggled it around, twisting and turning it, seeing what reaction he’d get out of me.

“Stop!” I cried.

His hand landed sharply on my bare ass, stinging and certainly leaving a red handprint.

“Ahhh, what a beautiful sight.” Tom said as he rubbed the spot lightly. “Now, stand up and see how it feels when you walk around.”

I pushed myself up off his lap, then tried to take a few steps away from the couch, but the sensation of having my ass filled sent an electric shock through my body. I stopped and wasn’t sure I could take another step.

The doorbell rang just then, and before either one of us could respond, the door opened and in walked Tom’s friends.

Oh my God! I thought I was humiliated before. That was nothing to how I felt right now. Because in walked not only five of Tom’s friends, but five of my regular customers at the restaurant.

There was Jeff, short, but built like a brick shithouse. He spent way too much time at the local gym and worked as a foreman at a local construction company.

Jason, the high school football coach. Single and at the bar every weekend, very good looking. Enough said.

Keith, a banker who I knew was dating a beautiful blond. He tended a little to the pudgy side, probably from sitting behind his desk all day.

Tyler, a retired baseball player who had enough money put away he probably never had to work another day in his life, or so the stories went. I knew an elbow injury had finished off his career. Hell, he had just been telling me about it the other night.

And last, but not least, in walked Brian, a sheriff’s deputy! Thankfully, he wasn’t in uniform tonight. But I remembered well what he looked like in his gear. He’d just given me a ticket last month for speeding.

Some of these men had known me for years, the others knew me well enough from the restaurant.

And here I stood, naked as the day I was born, in high heels, a butt plug up my ass, about to give them all blowjobs.

I looked in panic at Tom, ready to bolt. He firmly took hold of my shoulders, preventing any such escape.

“Gentlemen, I think our Ann here is a little bit in shock. She has had a lot thrown at her in the last hour, but I’m convinced she will pull through with flying colors. Why don’t you tell her what you’d like to drink and she’ll get it for you.”

I walked awkwardly into the kitchen, feeling the fullness in my ass every step of the way. Opening the fridge, I pulled out five beers for the not overly-imaginative drinkers. Of course, when the door opened and the cold air blew on me, my nipples puckered up again. And holding the cold bottles didn’t help matters either.

Thankfully, the sun was setting and Tom hadn’t turned any lights on yet, so it was getting a little darker inside. Maybe no one would notice? I didn’t think pulling my hair over my shoulders to cover them would work this time.

I was right. As I handed each man his beer, one by one they reached up from where they were sitting and tweaked either one or both nipples. A thanks was said and a pat on the ass was given as I walked to the next man. They were sprawled all around the living room, the TV was tuned to ESPN and talk soon turned to sports. I was desperately hoping no one would remember my “job”, but Tom came over to me as I handed the last beer to Brian and told me to start with Keith and work my way around the room.

Five pairs of expectant eyes turned to me as I froze.

“Honey, it’s just us. You know us all, and you know we wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. We just all want to have fun and you’ve got the nicest ass and pair of tits in this town. Besides, we’ve been sharing for years.” Brian lifted his beer to salute me as he spoke.

That was reassuring. I was most definitely a sex object. Is this what they call a gang bang? Or pulling a train? I sincerely hoped not. Because if it was, that’s what I was planning to do, as I walked over to Keith, dropped down on the floor in front of him and removed his cock from his shorts. The scary part, at least to me, was that I was sort of enjoying this, although I wasn’t about to admit it freely yet.

Keith’s cock was longer and thinner than Tom’s, so I couldn’t take it in as deeply. I ran my tongue up and down its length, tasting the drops that had appeared at the tip. As my mouth closed completely around him, I felt a light touch on my back as someone laid their hand on me. Being otherwise occupied, I couldn’t turn around to see who it was, not that it really mattered. The hand moved down across my body, and nestled between my legs. I was kneeling on the floor, but raised myself, wanton hussy that I am, giving the hand freer access. The effort wasn’t wasted. Immediately, a finger pushed its way inside my throbbing pussy, soon to be joined by a second and then a third. The fingers slid in and out, in time as I sucked up and down on Keith’s cock. A rhythm set in, as my mouth took him in, the fingers filled me, as my mouth pulled away, so did the fingers.

I was pretty sure it was Tom behind me, and I became frantic with need as his thumb rubbed against my nub, applying pressure one moment as his fingers went in, and easing up when they came out.

I moaned as my mouth worked harder and faster, Keith’s hips began pumping, and the fingers fucked me harder and faster. I almost screamed as hot sperm forcefully filled my mouth at the same time my own orgasm sent me soaring. Moments went by as we both lay there panting, coming back to earth. My mouth was still full of cock and sperm, and starting to pull back, I felt a hand on the back of my head, holding it in place.

“Swallow,” Tom ordered quietly.

I realized he wasn’t going to let me out of it, so for the second time that night, I worked to swallow it all down. I suspected it wasn’t going to be the last time, either.

“May I please have a drink?” I quietly asked Tom, who was sitting on the floor beside me and whose hands had been the ones to bring me so much pleasure. I was glad it was him.

My head was resting on Keith’s leg, he reached down and brushed the hair back from my face, running his hand down the length of it. I glanced around the room to see that Tyler, Jeff, Brian and Jason were all watching intently. I realized I had put on quite a show for them. Embarrassment coursed through me, but even so, if I hadn’t just had my third orgasm of the night, I’m pretty sure I would have been ready for another, because despite the embarrassment, the thought of them watching turned me on.

Tom stood up and disappeared into the kitchen, returning with a fresh rum & coke for me. I took a drink and swirled the cool liquid around in my mouth before swallowing. It burned all the way down, so I knew there was more rum than coke in it.

I thanked Tom, he smiled and then pointed towards Jeff, who was sitting in the chair just past Keith’s. I didn’t even bother getting up, just crawled over to kneel between his knees and begin again. The butt plug that filled my ass so fully moved right along in time as I moved towards him, never letting me forget it was there.

Jeff’s cock was short enough that I could take the entire length in my mouth. Granted, it hit the back of my throat with each thrust, but if I tilted my head just so, it actually entered the top of my throat instead. I found it hard to breath at first, but realized it was possible after his first few thrusts. He kept up a steady rhythm, pumping his hips and holding me by the back of the head. I stiffened my tongue and pressed it against his cock as it slid in and out, sucking hard enough that my cheeks were sunken in.

When Jeff eventually came, he was deep inside, my face buried in his crotch and his sperm ejaculating directly into my throat. I fought not to gag, trying to breath, and seeing my predicament, he pulled back enough to allow air back into my starved lungs. Tom didn’t have to check to see if I’d swallowed on that one, I hadn’t had much of a choice.

“That was probably the most fantastic blow job I’ve ever had,” Jeff, sprawling back on the chair, announced. “You’re fantastic, Ann.” I could hear the satisfaction in his voice.

By this time, Jason had his shorts opened and ready and was waiting for me as I moved on to him. He eagerly pulled my head into his lap as his cock found its way home. Long again, but this time, thick. By far the largest yet. “I’m not sure I can take this one anywhere else inside me,” I thought to myself, as my tongue wet him and stroked up and down his length. I couldn’t get much of him into my mouth, although I gave it my best. I sucked hard, and while there was no way I’d ever get all of him in there, I tipped my head back to open my throat to let more of him in. He was groaning loudly in approval, his hands on each side of my head pulling me back down each time I pulled up.

“Oh, yes, baby. Suck it hard.” He yelled. Suddenly he stopped mid thrust and I felt his load explode. There was an extraordinary amount of cum in my mouth, his slowly shriveling cock stayed put and made it hard to swallow, but by now, I knew Tom was sitting close by watching every movement, and he wouldn’t let me pull away until it was all gone.

Brian was next, and waiting patiently for his turn while he stroked his cock in anticipation. I moved his hand out of the way and kissed the tip of his slender cock, slipping my lips around him and taking him in deeply. Sucking hard, my head bobbed up and down as I held his balls in one of my hands, gently squeezing them. He pulled his feet up on the chair, spreading his legs wider to give me more room to reach him. For fun, I slipped one of my own fingers between my legs, coating it with my juices, then searched for the tight opening to his ass. I gently pressed against it at the same time as I increased the suction on his cock. He moaned loudly, everyone watching as my finger slipped in to his ass.

There was a collective groan from every man in the room. I drove it in and out a few times until I found a spot inside that apparently drove him nuts. Pressing on it while sucking hard on his cock, I felt him stiffen before his hot cum spurted against the back of my throat. He threw his body back, his ass tightening and trying to expel my finger. I had mercy on him then, and pulled it out, hoping he knew a little how it felt. “Jeez, it was only a finger,” I thought. “look what I have up my ass.”

“Oh my God, Ann. Unbelievable! Where have you been all my life?” He held my face in both hands, his cock still in my mouth. It went without saying that I swallowed.

“Good girl,” Tome praised me as he patted my ass. “One more for now.”

I looked over at Tyler, who was lounging in the corner of the couch. His eyes were all over me, his expectant cock was at attention as I crawled over to him on my hands and knees to settle between his legs.

“Darlin’, give it to me good.” He sighed as he relaxed back into the pillows.

What could I do but exactly what he asked? My mouth was so tired, I wasn’t sure I could open it again for a long time, but I knew I needed to finish. Six inches long, no idea how big around, but my fingers barely touched as I encircled him with my hand, bringing him into my mouth to begin another session of sucking and licking. Tyler was very vocal, calling out to me to suck harder, letting everyone know how damn good it felt, begging for a finger in his own ass, and yelling when he began to spasm and shoot his cum into me.

I didn’t even think twice about it, I just swallowed and swallowed until every last drop had joined the others before him. Funny how each one’s cum tasted different, one was bitter, one rather sweet, another with almost no taste. I guessed I could tell who each one was blindfolded, simply by the way they tasted.

Too exhausted to move, I felt myself being pulled up into Tyler’s lap. His arms circled me and he nuzzled my neck.

“Honey, they were right, you’re fantastic. Your lips are magical, and you suck better than any other person who’s had the extreme pleasure of sucking on my dick. And believe you me, lots of women have tried.” He grinned from ear to ear, proud of himself. “That finger trick was the best.”

I just buried my head in his shoulder. A glass was placed in my hands and I lifted my head to drink thirstily. Draining it, I laid my head back down on Tyler’s shoulder and let myself have a much deserved break. The guys turned their attention back to Sports Center on ESPN, debating every play shown, adding their own interpretations, and in general, acting like a bunch of boys.

Snacks appeared, drinks flowed, and I just laid there through it all, naked, amongst six rowdy men. I shouldn’t have been surprised when I felt Tyler’s hand start exploring. It moved across my one exposed breast, squeezing and kneading it. His head dipped down and he took almost the entire thing in his mouth, sucking hard and waking me completely as a fire started burning again deep inside me. Feeling me squirm, he laughed and slapped my ass, then rubbed the spot gently.

“You like that, don’t you?” he whispered in my ear. “You’d probably love to be turned over my knee and get a good, hard spanking.”

“I don’t think so,” I shuddered, even though I felt myself respond.

“Maybe another day,” he whispered again, “when it’s just you and me. I’d love to see your ass all red from my hand slapping it.”

My body was betraying me completely, my pussy was soaked, and he reached down and felt it, shoving a finger deep inside me and whispering again in my ear.

“Yep, you’d love it.”

I groaned and shook my head, but he knew, and thankfully kept that little secret between just us.

While we had been playing on the couch, Tom had gone out back and started up the grill for steaks, and everyone made their way outside one by one. The sun had set and the air had cooled with the gulf breeze and the onset of night. Tyler hauled me up and put an arm around my waist as we walked outside.

“Hey, quit hogging her,” Jason joked. He was sitting on one of the chaise lounges and reached for my hand as I walked by, pulling me down onto him. Tyler didn’t seem to mind, just grinned and continued on to a vacant chair.

“Tom, how much time before the steaks are cooked?” Jason asked.

“About 15 minutes or so.”

“That should be enough time, if not, keep mine warm,” he replied, as he stood up, removed his shorts and stretched back out on the lounger.

“Crawl on top,” he ordered, and I obeyed. His hands under my arms, he lifted me up and over him, positioning my pussy directly above his face. He lowered me until his face was buried and then began pushing his tongue into my pussy, lapping up the juices that were flowing freely. His hands moved down and held my hips in place as he drove me into ecstasy. His tongue circled around my hard nub, his teeth would close over it, pulling on it gently, then let go, replaced by his lips to suck hard, only to leave it again and use his tongue to push his way into me. What a fantastic mouth he had, his tongue entering me, pulling back, then licking, nipping, biting until the sensations were so intense I almost passed out. Not really, but I was sure it was a possibility.

Someone else’s arms come around me from behind and fingers started to pinch and pull at my nipples, rubbing them between thumbs and forefingers until I was within a moment of another orgasm. I felt myself hovering at the top of the peak, when they both stopped their ministrations at the same time. I whimpered, wanting to beg for release from this intense feeling.

I glanced over my shoulder to see that it was Jeff behind me. He moved out of the way as Jason lifted me off his face and placed me directly over his cock that was most definitely ready for action again. He held me up as Jeff reached down and guided Jason’s cock into the entrance of my pussy.

“Wait,” I heard Jeff say, as if from far away. “I think it’s time to remove the plug, don’t you?”

A resounding “yes” sounded from each man, and I felt Jeff begin working it out of my ass. Slowly, slowly, it stretched me wide open as he gradually pulled the largest part out and past the tightest part of me. It came out with a pop, and I felt empty inside for the first time in hours.

Before I had a chance to think, Tyler lowered me onto his waiting cock, and in one smooth motion, the entire thing filled me. I couldn’t believe I had taken in the whole length of him, but I wasn’t complaining as he began to surge up and down. It didn’t take long before I was ready to climax again, he was rubbing against every sensitive spot I had, and I was beginning to soar. I could feel his cock pulsing inside me and knew he had come, I hadn’t quite gotten there and as his cock lost its intense hardness, I was desperate for him to finish me off.

When I felt someone pushing against me from behind, I glanced back to see Jeff kneeling behind me. With Tyler’s cock still inside me, Jeff pushed his way into my ass. I’ve never been fucked in my ass before, and while the butt plug had been inside me for hours, stretching me in preparation for this, I wasn’t ready for the feeling of being totally filled like this. I was stretched widely open and stayed that way as he pumped in and out of me.

I couldn’t stop myself from crying out, it was simply too much. The feeling from the huge cock twitching in my pussy, being pounded in my ass, feeling Jeff’s balls slapping me with every stroke, four men all watching with mouths agape, did the trick, my orgasm was so intense I literally shut down. With Jason holding me up from underneath, Jeff held me from behind, and thrusting two or three more times, he bellowed as he shot his sperm deep into my bowels.

I fell over onto Jason, Jeff’s cock slipped out of my ass, Jason’s following suit shortly after, both cocks limp and spent. I was plastered on top of Jason, each button of his shirt cutting into my chest, and I didn’t care.

“Can I please have a break?” I begged.

Laughter erupted, a hand smacked my ass, and Jason rolled me off of him so he could get up.

“Long enough for us to eat dinner, at least,” was the reply from one of them. “We’re guessing you’re not too hungry, though.”

Surprisingly, they were right, but not for the disgusting reasons they thought. I just didn’t have much of an appetite. Someone placed a cool glass in my hand and I felt a cold cloth wipe over my face, then down over my breasts before I opened my eyes and saw Tom spreading my legs and wiping me clean. He rolled me over on my side and wiped up the spills on the chair, and then between my legs from the back.

He patted my head, and spoke softly, “Relax right here. You’re doing great, by the way.”

They all moved away to fill their plates, drink more beer and watch the pre-season football game on the TV hanging from the outside wall. By the end of the second quarter, food was gone, and thoughts were turning to their second heads again.

I had been dozing on and off in the comfortable lounge chair, not fazed in the least that I was outside where anyone on the beach could see me. Or, for that matter, could have watched the sexual antics earlier. I had truly let loose and let my darker side take over, at least for the night. Who knew how I would feel in the morning, and right now, who really cared?

All I knew was that I was being summoned to the large table where a deck of cards had appeared and a game of poker was beginning. Cigars lit, hands dealt, betting begun, everyone settled in to enjoy the rest of the night.

Brian claimed me next, sitting me down in his lap I could feel his cock waking up underneath me while he fondled my breasts with one hand and held his cards in the other. I was facing the table and watched the play, wondering who had the best poker face and if anyone wanted to play strip poker, although I was sure to lose that game. Brian folded and threw his cards in, leaving his other hand free to explore.

He whispered in my ear, “Hey baby, wanna fuck?”

I could feel the bulge in his shorts straining against his zipper, and he scooted me forward far enough to let his cock escape.

“Deal me out of this hand, fellas.”

He lifted me up and plunged his cock into my wet pussy as I leaned forward onto the table, resting my weight on my elbows. My breasts swung back and forth like pendulums as he pounded into me. Play stopped short, as all eyes turned to watch. You’d think they had never seen this before, although I was sure they had. I couldn’t believe after all I had gone through so far this night that I could possibly have another orgasm left in me. But stirring deep within, the coils of pleasure began to build again. Not enough to send me over the edge yet, but I knew I wasn’t finished for the night.

Two hands reached out and caught my breasts as they swayed back and forth, holding and caressing them. The pounding slowly came to a stop, as Brian’s wetness dripped down the inside of my leg. His cock slipped out and he pulled me back down onto his lap. He nuzzled my neck and whispered “thank you” in my ear as I let out a sigh. Moments passed, a few hands were played, chips were won and lost.

“Feel like some more, little one?” asked Tom, who was sitting next to us. I slid off Brian’s lap and moved over to Tom’s, leaning forward over the table for him as he positioned his cock to enter me. When he pulled me back, I felt the head pushing against my asshole, slipping in a little at a time. He rocked me back and forth, advancing slowly until he passed the tight muscles and was buried deep inside. He sat back, pulling me with him so that I was straddling his legs and leaning against his chest. I felt his cock jump inside, and laughed softly, loving the feeling of him in a place that would horrify most people.

We sat like that through a few hands, me watching how he played his cards, him nonchalantly flicking my nipple or my clit with his free hand. He would alternate between them, and started squeezing and pinching each one in turn. I could feel his erection growing after it had softened while we sat. My head was resting on his shoulder, the rest of me sprawled out on top of him. My excitement was building, my clit was becoming engorged, and in my position, it was exposed for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

I could feel little spasms starting deep inside, and tried to hold back, but it was impossible. As Tom focused on working my clit, I came explosively, bucking up and down, each spasm sending waves of ecstasy through me, enhanced by the feel of him inside me. Before I could recover, Tom had bent me forward over the table, stood up behind me and was fucking my asshole as hard and as fast as he could. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t cry out, I could barely moan, as he came to his own climax and spurted his cum deep into me.

He collapsed back into his chair, I was still laying half on the table, his cock still buried deep inside me. We lay like that without moving, until finally Tyler asked if they could continue the game. I realized I was laying on the cards, and apologized profusely as I sat back up, embarrassed and turning every shade of red.

“No problem, darlin’, we wouldn’t have missed that show for anything,” came the reply, with all joining in agreement.


“Fucking awesome.”

“Let me know when you’re ready again, honey, ’cause I sure as hell am.”

Tom pulled me back into his arms and held me there.

“Guys, enjoy her tonight, because it’s going to be the last time you do,” he said, stopping all conversation dead as five pairs of eyes turned to look at him in disbelief.

“What are you talking about?” Keith demanded.

“I don’t much feel like sharing her. And if you’re not careful, I’ll send you all home right now and call an end to the night.” He sounded angry.

“I’m the only one who hasn’t fucked her yet, you can’t call it quits yet,” Keith said, in a voice that sounded very much like a whine.

“Not true, I haven’t had her either,” added Tyler.

“Give her a rest for awhile, gentlemen.”

“Easy for you to say, you’re not sitting there with a hard-on anymore, ready to burst.”

“Stop!” Tom bellowed. “You’re extremely lucky I don’t kick all your asses out the door right now.” He sat up straighter and pulled me closer, wrapping both arms around me as if to protect me from everyone. I couldn’t say anything, I didn’t want to offend him, but let’s get real here. It was at his hands that I was here, giving blow jobs to half a dozen men, being fucked every which way imaginable by each one of them, walking around half the night with a butt plug up my ass, and to top it off, it was him that gave me an enema that completely humiliated me. Of course, looking back, I could see the reasoning for it now. But that didn’t change my opinion.

Instead of reacting negatively, I decided to go with my real emotions instead. If Tom wanted me, he had me, lock, stock and barrel. I wasn’t going to complain how it happened, in the end, I was going to get what I wanted. So until the evening was over, I would put up with whatever came next, and look forward to the morning.

I pushed myself up from Tom’s chest, turned around and looked him in the eyes before leaning down and kissing him fully on the lips. He groaned as he pulled me closer, returning the kiss and plunging his tongue deep to do battle with mine. I broke off, pulling back from him and running my hand gently down the side of his face. Kissing the tip of his nose, I hopped off his lap and turned to the other men.

“Okay, let’s get going here, guys.” Hands on my hips, breasts jutting out, toe tapping on the ground with my high-heeled clad feet (yes, I still had them on), I achieved the mood I was looking for. Everyone started laughing and any tension in the air dissipated quickly.

“Come on, Tyler, your turn,” I motioned him to follow me back to the lounge chair where I laid flat on my back.

“My knees are tired,” I explained. “Drop the pants and let me see how ready you are.”

He obeyed quickly, letting his shorts drop to the ground. His cock sprang out, begging for some attention. I grabbed it and squeezing lightly, pulled him over to the edge of the lounger. Spreading my legs for him, he knelt down between them and put his hands under my ass, lifting me until he could slide his cock into my pussy. I laid back, letting my hands run over my breasts as he held me up and pumped slowly in and out.

“Doesn’t look like I’ll get to spank your ass now,” Tyler said quietly. “If you ever decide you want to try it, just let me know. I’m the soul of discretion.” His thumb slid into my ass as his cock moved in and out of my pussy. “I’m an ass man in more ways than one.”

“Tyler, you’d be better off not making promises you can’t keep,” I whispered back to him.

He pulled out of me, then pulled my legs straight up in the air so my pussy met his mouth coming down to claim it. My legs wrapped around his neck and he buried his head between them. He proceeded to suck on my clit, flicking it back and forth with his tongue. I knew Tom would be watching, and as I lay there with my shoulders and head on the lounger and my legs up high in the air, I began climaxing once again. My entire body writhed, trying to get my overly sensitive clit away, but he held me tight against his mouth. I had lost count of how many orgasms I had throughout the night, and really didn’t care right now anyway. He kept on working my clit, long after the last spasm of my climax finished.

“Please,” I begged. “I can’t take anymore.”

With a last, hard flick of his tongue, he let my legs come back down to where he could easily slide his cock back into me, thrusting only a few more times before he came, too.

We both collapsed, his weight pinning me down, not that I was going anywhere. I could see through the tangle of my hair covering my face, and looked for Tom. He was sitting back in the shadows, watching quietly, not a part of the poker game going on at the table.

Keith glanced over, saw us laying quietly and rose from the table as he threw his hand in. Walking over, unzipping his shorts as he came, I waited for yet another onslaught, not knowing if I could take anymore.

“Tyler, my man, move it.” Keith joked.

Groans were heard as Tyler rolled off me and sat on the edge. He leaned over, kissed the tip of my nose, squeezed a nipple and left to go sit back down at the poker table, pulling his shorts back up as he sat.

In his place, Keith nudged me over onto my stomach, spreading my legs with his knees as he settled in behind me. I needed no lubrication anywhere, I was filled with semen in both places. In fact, I wasn’t sure why anyone would want to go there anymore.

That didn’t stop Keith. I laid there passively as he pulled up on my hips, raising my ass into the air just enough to slip his cock into my asshole. It met no resistance, it was still tight, but I didn’t fight it. He pumped away, I laid there and did nothing. I really couldn’t, I was beyond participating. He grunted and groaned, he wasn’t as in shape as the rest and had to work a little harder since I wasn’t helping. Eventually, I felt his cock begin to jerk, and accepted the fact that he was pumping my ass full of more cum.

He pulled back, letting his cock slip back out, stood up and patted me gently on the backside before re-joining the others. Not a word to me, though.

Time passed, I truly don’t know how long it was before I heard chairs scraping on the floor and voices murmuring as they walked over to see if I was awake or not. I kept my eyes closed and heard them all go back inside the house. Eventually, I heard the front door closing, car doors slamming shut, engines starting and cars driving away. I still made no attempt to get up.

I felt the cushion on the chair dip as Tom sat down beside me. His hand rubbed up and down my back, pulled the hair back from my face, and gently stroked my cheek. Leaning over, he placed a light kiss on my forehead.

“Please, no more, Tom.” I pleaded.

“No more, Ann.” He promised.

He rolled me over, picked me up in his arms and carried me into the house. I was too tired to be embarrassed as I felt cum leaking out of my pussy and asshole, dripping everywhere as he walked towards the bathroom. He sat on the edge of the tub, holding me in his arms the whole time, as he leaned over and turned the taps on. Hot, steamy water rushed out, filling the tub that he had promised me I would enjoy someday. As it filled, he slipped of my sandals and gently set me down in the hot, soothing water. He turned off the taps, picked up a washcloth and soap, and began washing me from head to toe. I just laid there and let him. When he opened my legs to wash between them, I realized how much I hurt.

I hadn’t had any form of sex with a man for over a year, and in one night, six men had taken me in either my pussy or virgin asshole, after I had given them each a blowjob, ensuring that the second time around for them would last a lot longer. Actually, Tom had taken me twice, so make that seven times.

“What a slut I am,” I murmured.

“Shhh. Don’t say that.”

“It’s true, look at what I did.” I closed my eyes tightly so the tears forming wouldn’t leak out.

“No, look at what we asked you to do. We thought only of ourselves, just assuming you would want to go along with it.”

“But Tom, that’s just it. I DID enjoy it, at least while it was happening. I’m absolutely mortified now.” The tears spilled over, running down my cheeks and dropping down to blend with the water in the tub.

“Let’s not talk about it anymore tonight.” Finished washing me, he pulled the plug on the tub and let the water drain out. Lifting me out, he dried me with a soft towel, then wrapped it around me as he lifted me once again and carried me into his room. He placed me on his bed, removed the towel, and covered me with the sheets, tucking me in gently before turning out the light.

“I’ll be right back, I just need to close up the house.” I’m pretty sure I was asleep before he left the room.


Morning sun was shining when I next opened my eyes. I stretched my arms above my head, wondering at the soreness before memory came rushing back like a train.

I moaned softly and curled back over on my side. I felt Tom’s arm come around me, pulling me backwards into the warmth of his body.

“Shhh.” He held me tightly as sobs began to wrack my body. Murmured words of love were whispered as he rocked me back and forth. “You’re fine now. I’ve got you and no one is going to ever touch you again. You’re mine, Ann.”

“Do you understand that?” he asked.

“No.” I wasn’t really sure what he was saying to me, nothing seemed very clear.

“Ann, roll over and look at me.” He didn’t wait for me to roll over on my own, instead twisting me around so I had to look at him with my swollen eyes.

“I don’t ever want you to leave me. I’ve wanted you for so long, thinking that what we were doing last night would take care of that need. But it only made it worse. I wanted to kill each one of them every time they touched you, but I forced myself to sit back and say nothing. We have been doing this together for years, what was different about last night?

“It was you. You, who I’ve known for years. You, who I’ve watched from a distance, wanting you but being afraid you wouldn’t want me.”

To hear those words stunned me.

“The jealousy I felt last night was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. You are mine. Get that through your head now, because I’m not letting you get away from me. And I sure as hell am not letting another man have you again.”

I smiled, the tears drying up. “Tom, I have no desire to get away from you. I’m yours, if you really want me.”

“Well, now that you mention it, there are a few conditions,” he teased.


“Remember I told you if you lived with me you’d be naked all the time? Well, you might as well throw your clothes away darlin’.”

“Hah! In your dreams!” I laughingly replied. I was sure there would be plenty of times when we didn’t wear clothes at home, but it wasn’t going to be an every day thing!

“Seriously, I do have something I’d like to propose.” Tom’s face took on a slightly nervous look. I was curious now.

He continued, “Do you want to finish school?”

“Of course I do. Why do you think I’ve been working so much? Someone has to pay for those classes, and I haven’t found any volunteers yet.”

“Consider me that volunteer, then.” Tom offered. “I have plenty of money, and believe it or not, I make a really good living tending bar. I can afford to put you through school, and you can spend your time studying instead of working. Of course, if you’d prefer to work, that’s up to you, but I want you to know you don’t have to.”

I didn’t know how to respond and told him so. “What did I ever do to deserve you?”

Tom pulled the covers back, staring at my nakedness (what a surprise), and said, “Well, if you really don’t know…I’ll have to refresh your memory. Let me show you what it’s like when we make love…”

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