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A Lustful Night In

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‘Should I send him a picture of my ass or my tits?’ Kayla thought to herself. She stood and looked to the mirror on the wall between the dorm room beds. She admired her own body, grabbing her breasts over her spaghetti strap top. Chris was definitely a tits guy.

They were her favorite part of her body too, large, rounded and perky, perfect to tit fuck a guy with. She grabbed her phone, leaving one hand to tease across her nipples through her top.

Kayla had been messaging Chris for most of the night already. With her roomie Sarah out on a date, it was the perfect opportunity to get laid. Unfortunately, it was also the perfect opportunity for her to get her history essay done for tomorrow.

‘U finally done with ur essay? Can I come over? Been hard all night just thinking of fucking u again.’ Was Chris’ last message. She assumed he was already busy with one hand on his cock, which led her to start thinking of that fat shaft and trying to take it in to the back of her throat. She’d struggled with it a few times, but last time they were together she’d finally managed to take it all the way in. The feeling of him cumming with his cock buried in her throat, each powerful spurt shooting into her mouth, was incredible.

She snapped herself out of her lewd memory, sat down on her bed and replied, ‘I’m beat tonight, but let me give you something to help you take care of your big problem ;).’ She lifted up her top, exposing her firm breasts and stiff nipples, held out her phone and snapped a picture, immediately sending it to Chris.

She left her breasts exposed, putting her phone on the bed beside her and placed the palms of both hands over her nipples. She sat sideways across her bed, with her back pressed to the brick wall. The room was dimly lit with her bedside lamp, providing enough light to see Sarah’s empty bed opposite her own. ‘Guess I shouldn’t let my alone time go to waste…’ she thought, using the palms of her hands to rub light circles around her nipples. Her phone beeped as Chris’ response arrived.

It was a picture of his hand on his hard cock. The message below it read, ‘Wish I could fuck your tits and cum all over your face.’ She gave her nipples a pinch as she read it, and the action sent a jolt of pleasure through her that was echoed by a throb from her pussy. ‘I’m going to need more than just my fingers tonight.’ She reached under the bed to grab her toy box. She pulled out a bottle of lube, a butt plug and her favorite vibrator. She set them on the bed beside her and continued her self-pleasure.

She dropped a hand from one of her breasts and slid it down her taut stomach, under the waistband of her pajama pants. As one hand pushed down the front of her thong, she used the other to tweak her nipple between two fingers. She could feel her arousal escalating, like a building fire inside her body. She slipped her fingers between her labia to feel the origin of the flames that kindled her lust.

Dipping her fingers down to her pussy, she spread her wetness along her slit. She gasped as her fingers bumped into her clit, which sent a shock up her spine. She moved from the sensitive spot and rubbed backed down over her pussy and on to her asshole. She teased back and forth between the two holes, ignoring her clit as she spread her juices around.

Her thoughts continued to drift back to Chris, and their last time together. After he’d blown his load down her throat, she’d made sure she got similar treatment. It was unfortunate that he wasn’t that skilled with his tongue, but he did try hard. Maybe next time she’d have to give him some more instruction on how best to eat her pussy.

Deciding she was ready for more than the teasing of her fingers, she pushed her pajama pants and thong down to her ankles, then grabbed the lube. As she sat on the edge of the bed, she squirted a generous amount of lube onto her left hand, then pushed it back between her thighs and rubbed her fingertips around her anus. She was far from a stranger to anal pleasure, in fact, Chris had taken to calling her the Anal Queen.

Relaxing her opening, she eased two fingers up into her warm ass. With a movement so casual it must have been frequently practiced, she then dipped her thumb into her pussy. With fingers in both holes, she began pumping her hand between her legs.

Her pace quickened, and involuntarily her hips began to ride her fingers. She had to consciously force herself to slow down before she came without getting to the real fun. She withdrew her fingers from her holes, and took hold of the butt plug. After applying more lube to it, she pressed the thin rounded tip against her anus and pushed it inside. The tip slid in easily, but as she approached the flared end near the base it became more difficult. It was the perfect size to fill her ass, but it always seemed to be a slight stretch to get it in.

Finally she pushed past it, and the butt plug sunk into her ass with the base pressed up against her opening. She let out an elongated moan as it was sucked up inside her. She quickly grabbed her vibrator, turned it on and began rubbing it against her clit. With thoughts of Chris’ cock flooding her mouth, it wasn’t going to take her long to have her first for the night, but she knew it wouldn’t be the last.

With one hand now free, she returned it back to her chest and pinched one of her stiff nipples, giving it a firm tug. She was grinding herself down against the plug and the vibrator as her pleasure mounted. The moans that escaped her parted lips were a continuous stream that verbalized her internal lust. The mix of lube and her own juices made her crotch a slick mess.

She flicked the vibrator onto its highest power, and held the buzzing toy at her sensitive clit. Her body writhed and hips bucked. Her moans grew to the point that the neighboring residences could hear. When she came it was like dunking into an ocean of pleasure, with strong waves of ecstasy that washed through her body, retreated briefly, and then crashed over her again. The feeling of her filled asshole only amplified the spine tingling pleasure that erupted from her clit.

She pulled the vibrator away from her clit, suddenly unable to bear the intensity of it. Her breath came in short gasps, as the last of her orgasm subsided. ‘Fuck…that was strong.’ She could feel her pussy continue to pulsate rhythmically, and she had the strong desire to fill it. She considered the urge and thought, ‘Why not? Let’s see how many times I can cum tonight.” Her fingers slid easily inside her wet pussy, three fingers forced up inside until the knuckle. ‘God…I love the feeling of having both of my holes filled.’ She was unashamed of her desires and kinks, and enjoyed opportunities like this to throw her inhibitions away and pleasure herself.

Just as she was starting to pump her fingers inside her pussy, she heard someone at the door turning the handle. She only had time to tug her top down over her breasts and pull a corner of the bed covers over her body before her smiling roommate Sarah entered. Sarah paused as she caught sight of Kayla on the bed, and the smile dropped briefly from its place, but was then replaced by a shit-eating grin.

“Did I just catch you!?” she blurted, closing the door behind her and moving over to lean back against the chest of drawers at the base of Kayla’s bed.

Kayla felt flushed, she wasn’t sure if it was from being half way to a second orgasm or being caught by her roommate in the act.

“Again!? You little pervert! I told you to lock the door last time I walked in on you.”

Kayla shifted, which only reminded her that a butt plug still filled her ass. ‘Damnit’, she thought, ‘I’ll just have to leave it there and take it out later. Fucking Sarah.’

“What are you, my mother? Besides, can’t you knock?”

“It’s my room too, I shouldn’t have to knock!”

“Whatever. Why are you home early, anyway? Didn’t you have a date with that guy?”

“His name’s Tom. And yes I did have a date…it went well.” She lowered her eyes to her feet, and shyly brushed a lock of her long brown hair from her face.

“Well, huh? How well?”

“Well enough…”

“You didn’t! Did you fuck him on the first date?”

“Kayla!” But Sarah’s blushing red cheeks clearly betrayed her to her close friend.

“You so did! And you call me a pervert!”

“It’s not like it’s just our first date. I mean, I’ve sat with him in class for weeks. And we worked on that project together recently…”

“I can’t believe prim little Sarah is a first date fuck!”

“Oh, and you can talk? You’ve already fucked half the guys on campus. You’re way more of a slut than I am.”

“Maybe, but then I’m not ashamed of my sexuality like you are.”

“Ugh! I’m not…ugh! Whatever. I’m going to go shower.” She turned and began to gather her things.

“Need to wash his cum off you?”

Sarah stopped and her face flushed bright red. ‘Really? Did Sarah have this guy’s cum on her right now?

“Holy shit! You have his cum on you?”

“Well…not on exactly…”

“What? Inside? You let him cum inside you? You said you’d never do that unless you were married!”

“Yeah well…I wanted it at the time. Besides, he said he’d had a vasectomy so it’s not like I’ll get pregnant.”

“A vasectomy? How old is this guy? 50?”

“No…I don’t think so…40 maybe?”


“I don’t know!”

“Jesus, Sarah. That’s like fucking your dad.”

“Eww! No…he’s not at all like that. He’s really…charming. He’s just so different from guys our age.”

“He’s totally hung, isn’t he?”

Sarah’s grin answered that question.

“Fuck, Sarah!” Kayla could feel that tingling desire rising up in her again. The butt plug in her ass sure didn’t lessen her urges. Before she even thought about what she was saying, she’d demanded of Sarah, “How’d it happen?”

“What? You want me to tell you the details?”

“Damn straight I want to know the details. Now spill.”

“Well we met up and he took me to dinner at this Italian restaurant. He was such a gentleman the whole time, opening doors, pulling out my chair and then picking up the bill. Then we ended up back at his apartment, which was this really cool, modern place.”

“Bachelor pad? This guy isn’t married is he?”

“Divorced. You’re right, it’s totally a recently divorced bachelor pad! Anyway, we were sitting there drinking wine and chatting. Not that I like wine at all, but I didn’t want him to think it was just a kid, you know? So he leaned in to kiss me and…it just sort of went from there.”

“…went where? The bedroom?”

“Umm…well we started on the couch. We were making out and his hands were on my body. Then he started rubbing my breasts over my dress. He was getting me sooo hot. And then he put my hand on his crotch and I could feel how big it was.”

Kayla’s hand that had been under the blanket in her lap began to lightly trace her inner thigh, and she couldn’t help arching her back a little and pushing her ass down against the butt plug. As Sarah continued, Kayla found her fingers drifting closer and closer towards her wet slit.

“Then he slips off the couch and parts my legs. Part of me wanted to stop him, but I just felt myself going with it as he started teasing my thighs. Then he was rubbing me and his hands felt amazing. Before I even knew what I was doing he had my underwear off and he was leaning in between my thighs to lick me.”

As her own fingers teased over her clit, Kayla let out a soft moan. It wasn’t that she was really in to Sarah or anything, it was just that stopping half way to an orgasm had left her unsatisfied. Sarah didn’t seem to notice anyway, and just went on describing her night.

“God, Kayla, his tongue was incredible. I’ve never felt anything like it. You know, of the guys that have gone down on me, he’s easily been the best.”

“Oh don’t get me started on how bad some of the guys are, I feel like they need a map!” Kayla scoffed, with her hand still under the blanket. She moved her fingers down to her wet opening and spread the juices up over her clit.

“It just felt so good. He was licking me, then he put a finger inside me. And I just came so hard on his face, but he didn’t even stop licking me. I felt like I’d have another before he suddenly stopped.” Sarah’s body still tingled slightly with her earlier pleasure, and she was achingly aware of her pussy leaking his cum as she recalled the events. “When I opened my eyes, he stepped back and pulled his cock out. I just knew he wanted me to give him a blowjob. Now, you know I don’t really like giving blowjobs, but his cock just looked so…beautiful. And I really felt like I owed it to him. So I did it.”

“You sucked his cock?” Kayla’s movements were becoming more careless as her arousal grew, and Sarah finally noticed her actions beneath the blanket.

“You’re totally masturbating right now, aren’t you? Fucking hell, Kayla!”

“Oh so what? You knew I was doing it when you walked in. You’re the one that interrupted me.”

“That doesn’t mean you can just do it in front of me. Don’t you have any sense of shame?”

“Umm…no? Just go on with your story.”

“I’m not going to help you get off!”

“Come on. I’d do it for you. Besides, you’re the one that got laid earlier. And it’s not like I’m asking you to give me a hand or anything. I’ll even keep the blankets on.”

“Gee thanks.”


“…OK, fine. Just don’t be loud and keep it covered. Where was I?”

“You were giving him a blowjob.”

Blushing, Sarah took up her story, pointedly not looking in her direction as Kayla’s hand began to move in her lap.

“So I was sucking on it and licking it, but it was so big! Seriously, the biggest I’ve been with. Anyway, I could tell he was into it as he kept doing these sexy low groans. I was trying to tease him a bit, slow things down. But honestly, I kinda just wanted to see him shoot. There was just something so hot about sucking an older guy’s cock.”

Kayla’s fingers continued to flick across her clit, her wet fingers sliding back and forth, while she nodded along to Sarah’s story. “I haven’t tried an older guy yet…mmm…but you have me convinced.” She said, disrupted by a moan escaping her lips.

“You totally should! Anyway, I was licking up and down his shaft, then put my lips around the head and started bobbing on it. His moans got louder and he started pumping his hips. I wanted to try and take him as deep as I could into my mouth, but there was no way I could deep throat his cock. It was way too big.”

The earlier interruption hadn’t slowed Kayla down, who was now letting out mewling moans. She was so deep into her own pleasure that she didn’t notice Sarah stealing curious glances at her as she continued.

“So…umm…it just got me so hot to have this older man desperate for me. But I was sucking on him and all of a sudden he stops me and says straight up he wants to fuck me. Then he tells me he had a vasectomy, so it’s OK. To be honest…I was already aching for it. I just wanted to feel that big cock inside of me.” Sarah could feel her pussy growing wetter as she recalled everything. She also had to admit, it was turning her on more to hear her friend moaning as she masturbated in front of her. Not that she was in to girls or anything, but she had been in a state of arousal even before meeting up with Tom for her date. Now here she was telling her friend all the details, and she could feel a trail of her juices, mixed with his cum, leaking down her thighs. Almost unconsciously, she reached under her dress to scoop some of it up on her finger.

Kayla noticed her movement, mostly due to the pause in Sarah’s recounting. She watched as Sarah brought her finger up to her face to look at the bead of their mixed cum. When she glanced over at Kayala again their eyes met and Sarah, suddenly realizing what she was doing, blushed brightly.

“That is so fucking hot, Sarah. Is that his cum? Can I taste it?”


“Can I taste it…please?” She fluttered her eyelashes at Sarah as she begged.

Sarah rolled her eyes, but then stepped closer to the bed and offered her finger to Kayla. Kayla held her gaze as she took the tip of Sarah’s finger into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. The taste was slightly sweet, but unmistakably cum. She moaned, her own fingers flicking back and forth over her clit.

Sarah wasn’t expecting to feel a thrill of lust hit her at the sight of her friend sucking cum off her finger, but the sexual desire ran through her body and seemed to reverberate with her pussy.

“Sarah? Can I taste some more?” The request was said with a husky tone, as it was obvious Kayla was getting closer to cumming. “Please?” Kayla begged again, reaching out with her free hand to Sarah, drawing her closer so that she was standing in front of her.

Sarah considered. Her body wanted her to give in to her growing urges, but this was her roommate!

Her thoughts were lost in a spark of spine tingling pleasure when she felt Kayla’s hand on her thigh, lightly stroking up towards her crotch. Kayla’s fingers found the damp crotch of her thong, shifted it to the side and rubbed across her leaking opening. Both girls let out a gasp at the same time.

Kayla’s finger gently probed into her pussy, and as she pushed between the lips cum spilled out over her hand. She slipped it in and out, cause more of the juices to dribble from Sarah’s pussy. Kayla withdrew her hand from beneath Sarah’s dress, and held it up to her face. She could smell the musky scent of their cum, and it made her rub her fingers faster against her clit. She looked up at Sarah and their eyes locked. With Sarah’s eyes on her, Kayla brought her hand to her mouth and began licking her glistening fingers. She seductively pushed them one by one in to her mouth, keeping her eyes on Sarah’s the whole time. She could feel herself ready to cum, and delayed by dipping her fingers down from her clit and into the juices of her pussy. She wanted to see how far she could take this with Sarah.

Kayla moved her still wet hand back under Sarah’s dress and cupped the cheek of her ass. She pulled Sarah towards her, who moved hesitantly. “Don’t think, Sarah, just do it with me.”

Sarah looked into Kayla’s eyes again and saw the lust, and realized it reflected her own feelings. She let her doubts fade and gave in to the moment. She shifted her legs to help her friend pull her wet thong off. Then, at Kayla’s encouragement, Sarah straddled her, putting her knees to either side.

Kayla lay down on her back and, with a hand on Sarah’s ass again, guided her up to sit over her face. Kayla’s fingers continue to stroke her own clit as Sarah lowered her pussy down onto her mouth. Kayla’s wasted no time, pressing her lips to her wet pussy in a deep kiss, her tongue lapping at the mixture of cum as it leaked from Sarah’s hole. Kayla moaned as the juices rolled down her chin.

With her mouth buried in her friend’s wet pussy, her fingers sped up on her clit, flicking quickly back and forth over it as she brought herself closer to cumming. She delved her tongue into Sarah’s opening and swirled it around, scooping more of the cum back into her mouth and swallowing it. The pleasure firing up from her clit coalesced with the thoughts in her mind of how hot and dirty this all was, sending her to the threshold of a powerful orgasm.

Sarah could feel Kayla moaning against her pussy, and fought back her own moans as Kayla’s tongue pushed inside of her. Her initial reluctance was completed burned away by her rising lust. She could hear Kayla’s fingers rubbing at her wet slit, and could feel her body squirming beneath her. She ground her pussy down against Kayla’s face, practically rubbing her sex on her friend’s mouth.

With Sarah’s pussy smeared across her lips, Kayla’s orgasm exploded through her. Having been built to for so long, the orgasm was far more intense than her first, causing her body to writhe beneath Sarah. The euphoric moans that escaped her lips were muffled by Sarah’s wet slit. She didn’t stop as she came, continuing to rub her clit as her hips bucked involuntarily. The feel and scent of Sarah’s wet, cum filled pussy on her face just sent her to an even higher peak of pleasure.

Sarah heard the wet sounds of Kayla’s masturbation speed up, and knew from her stifled moaning that her friend was cumming. It spurred her to grind herself harder down against her face, although Kayla’s seemed too taken with her orgasm to really go down on her. As Kayla’s orgasm passed though, her attention returned to Sarah’s pussy. Sarah could feel her friend’s soft tongue licking up from her wet hole to her clit.

There was no warning as both of Kayla’s hands cupped the cheeks of her ass and pulled her crotch hard into her face. With her face buried between Sarah’s thighs, Kayla ate out her friend, desperate to make her cum on her mouth. She closed her lips around the top of her slit, sucking her stiff little nub and flicking it with the tip of her tongue. A loud moan from Sarah encouraged her to continue, and she began to lick it with long flat tongue movements, as if painting it with strokes of a brush.

Sarah leant back and put her arms down on the bed to steady herself. Her arousal was peaked, and she could feel her orgasm building. Kayla’s tongue was amazing on her clit, teasing delicately and softly at times, but with occasional bursts of intense motions that shot pleasure up her spine. Her thoughts returned to Tom’s big cock inside of her earlier in the night. How he’d been so gentle when her first entered her, but before long was pounding hard into her. And then the feeling of his strong cock pulsating and shooting cum into her pussy. It was the first time she’d ever felt a man’s cum flooding inside of her. And now her friend had licked her out and had it all over her face.

The thoughts brought her right to the edge of cumming, and Kayla’s licking quickly sent her over. Sarah’s thighs tightened around Kayla’s head, and her moans filled the room. She felt Kayla’s hands squeezing her ass, pulling her against her mouth as her tongue sped up on her clit. She shifted forward and sat directly down on Kayla’s mouth. Her hands shot to the back of Kayla’s head, holding her face deep into her crotch. Her hips thrust back and forth over Kayla’s face, riding Kayla’s tongue as her orgasm burst through her.

Kayla tried to continue licking her clit, but her face was forced hard against her slit, so the best she could do was kiss it. She could feel the contractions of Sarah’s pussy as she came, and more of her cream seeped out over Kayla’s chin.

Short ragged gasps were the only noise Sarah could make as her orgasm gradually subsided. Her long hair hung over her face as she remained hunched over. She realized she had her hands on the back of Kayla’s head, forcing her into her crotch. Somewhat embarrassed, she let go and slowly eased herself off Kayla’s cum smeared face. She collapsed on the bed beside her, panting as her body went through the blissful afterglow of a strong orgasm.

A grinning Kayla sat up, clearly proud of herself for her part in Sarah’s orgasm. “Not bad, huh?”

Sarah blushed and nodded her agreement. She felt somewhat conflicted again, having had one of the best of orgasms of her life, but having done it on her female roommate’s face. Before she could think too much about it, Kayla’s hand tilted her face up to meet her lips in a kiss.

Kayla kissed Sarah softly at first, uncertain how her friend would respond. But when she felt Sarah’s lips part, she showed more passion, pushing her tongue into her mouth. They made out, with Sarah losing herself again in the moment as she kissed back.

As they parted from the kiss, Sarah’s long eyelashes slowly fluttered up, and she saw Kayla still grinning. “Ugh! You’re such a pervert!” She slapped Kayla on the arm.

“Nothing wrong with that. It’s just a bit of fun.”

“Is it? I mean…” Sarah trailed off, uncertain of how to express her inner misgivings.

“Sarah?” Kayla’s eyes met Sarah’s, her expression suddenly serious. “There’s nothing wrong with what we did. And I promise, I won’t ever tell anyone. This doesn’t have to change our friendship”

“Of course it will, Kayla. We can’t just pretend it didn’t happen.”

“I know that, but–”

Sarah continued, cutting her off as she became increasingly flustered, “And what now? We just play with each other whenever we feel like it?”

“Well, only if you want to. I mean, I liked it, and I know you did too.”

“But I’m not like that, Kayla. I’m not like you.”

“Like me?” Kayla’s emphasis showed her hurt at the implicit labelling by her roommate. “What? You think I’m a slut that just fucks everyone?”

“No I didn’t mean it like that…I just…I don’t know.”

“Sarah, tonight was just a bit of fun. If we want to do it again, we can, if not, that’s fine. You don’t need to stress out so much about it. It’s OK to just enjoy yourself. Isn’t that what college is about?”

“Ahuh…not learning?”

“If you learn something it’s just a bonus.” Kayla reached out and put a reassuring hand on Sarah’s upper arm. “You OK?”

“Yeah, I’m alright. I’m sorry. It was good, really. Amazing.”

Kayla’s smug grin returned, “You were with the best.”

Sarah rolled her eyes, then looked down at her hands, uncertain again. “Did you want me to…umm…you know…return the favor?”

“Only if you want to. It’s OK if you don’t.” Despite her words, Kayla desperately wanted more, her pussy was throbbing with desire, but she didn’t want to push things when her friend seemed so vulnerable.

“…can I…see it? OK that sounds weird, but you got to see me and it’s not like I’ve seen anything other than your hand moving under the blanket.”

“Oh how prudish of me,” And Kayla kicked the blanket away, revealing her naked lower body. Her mound was completely shaved, and swollen pussy gleamed with her wet arousal. “And I suppose you want the full show?” She teased, pulling her top up over her head and exposing her large breasts with stiff pink nipples.

“Hah, I’ve seen your boobs a million times before anyway. You know they’re amazing, that’s why you walk around topless all the time.”

“Hey, if you’ve got it…”

“Yeah, yeah. I would too if mine were as big as yours.”

“Yours are great too!”

“I look tiny next to you, though.”

“Not true!” Kayla reached out and cupped Sarah’s chest over her dress. “They’re a nice handful.”

“That’s ’cause I still have my bra on.”

“Even still, I like them.” Kayla looked up in to Sarah’s eyes, showing the sincerity of her words.

Sarah smiled shyly, “Thanks.” Then remembering her friend was naked in front of her, she slapped Kayla’s hands away from her arm. “Enough of that, it’s my turn.” And she went down on her knees by the bed. She spread Kayla’s legs open, her eyes feasting on Kayla’s sex momentarily, before realizing something was in her ass.

“Ummm…Kayla? You know there’s something in your ass?”

“Well, yeah. Not like you can just forget about something like that.”


“Oh lighten up. It’s a butt plug. You’ve never used one?”


“Well then you’re missing out. I love using mine. Makes everything feel that much more intense.”

“Really?” Sarah’s curiosity caused her to poke the bottom of the butt plug with a finger. She saw Kayla’s ass clench in response to the touch.

“Yes, really. I take it you’ve never tried any anal?”

“Not really. My ex, Dave, touched me back there one time when he was going down on me. It just felt kinda weird.” She continued to look at the plug buried in her friend’s ass, her hands holding Kayla’s thighs spread open.

“Well you’re definitely missing out.”

“If you say so…” She turned her attention to Kayla’s wet pussy. Her bare slit was swollen with her arousal, and juices were leaking from between her pussy lips. Her clit was an obvious bump at the top, with the sensitive nub peeking out slightly from beneath its hood. Moving her hands in, she spread the lips apart then dipped her finger into the opening of Kayla’s pussy.

Kayla let out a soft moan and lay back on the bed, allowing Sarah to study her crotch. Her soft, exploratory touches sent shivers up Kayla’s spine, and were making her juices flow even more. She hadn’t been intending for Sarah to walk in on her, and definitely hadn’t planned on being in this position with her friend. While she’d always considered Sarah attractive, and had hooked up with girls in the past, Sarah just never seemed the type to be interested. Sarah’s interest was obvious now, though, as she used a finger to rub Kayla’s clit.

Sarah rubbed in slow circles around Kayla’s button, drawing long sighs and causing her to arch her back. Her reservations about touching her friend were forgotten once she laid eyes on Kayla’s aroused pussy. Her own tingling crotch reminded her of the pleasure she’d received, and she wanted to make Kayla feel the same. She continued to lightly tease her clit, then brought the fingers from her other hand to Kayla’s opening. There was little resistance as she slipped two fingers inside. It felt warm and wet, but gripped surprising tight on her fingers.

Kayla groaned and ground herself down against Sarah’s fingers. Any concerns she may have had about the complications involved with fucking her roommate were gone from her mind as she gave in to the pleasure of Sarah’s touch.

Sarah’s fingers pushed slowly in and out of her opening, matching the pace of her clit teasing. She found herself leaning in closer, watching her fingers dip into Kayla’s hole. She was not only curious, but also incredibly aroused as she pleasured her roommate. Unsure if it would do anything, she used the thumb from the same hand to press against the bottom of the butt plug that filled Kayla’s ass. The result was more than she expected, as Kayla let out a loud moan and pushed harder down against her.

The pleasure was escalating quickly, with Sarah’s inquisitive and gentle touching teasing her in all the right ways. There was something particularly hot about having her roommate between her thighs, exploring her sex. She already felt that her third orgasm for the night wasn’t far away.

The movements of Kayla’s body, the rolling of her hips, the gasps from her mouth, all made it obvious to Sarah that her actions were bringing her friend closer to cumming again. She added a third finger into Kayla’s wet pussy and increased their pace as they thrust inside of her. The effect was louder moans from Kayla, and her grinding found an almost mechanical rhythm.

Sarah wanted to give her more. She wanted to make this orgasm as intense as possible. Without warning, she replaced the fingers at Kayla’s clit with her tongue. She licked with quick flicks of her tongue. As she lashed at Kayla’s clit, she pumped her fingers hard into her wet pussy and pressed her thumb down on the butt plug. She could feel the orgasm as it built within Kayla, causing her pussy to clench on her fingers and her thighs to tighten around Sarah’s head. She tried to continue licking her clit and fingering her as she came, but it was difficult with Kayla’s legs wrapped so tightly around her.

The feeling of Sarah’s tongue on her clit was what sent Kayla over the edge. Her body was wracked by deep throbs of pleasure that emanated out from her crotch. The pleasure seemed to have no end, and Sarah was unrelenting. Her moans filled the room and her body was arched up off the bed, practically pushing her crotch into Sarah’s face. Each time she thought her orgasm peaked, the licking of Sarah’s tongue would send her higher.

A sharp gasp signaled the end of her orgasm, and she relaxed her tense legs, letting Sarah out from between her thighs. She panted, trying to catch her breath as smaller, intense shock waves continued to roll through her body.

Sarah sat back on her heels, a grin splitting her face as she watched her friend recover. “Good?”

Kayla could only nod. She reached down and removed the butt plug, letting it drop on the floor. She scooted back on to the bed to rest, exhausted from the intensity of her orgasm. Sarah climbed onto the bed with her and hugged her, giving her a gentle kiss on her forehead. Sarah watched as Kayla’s eyes drooped, and she cuddled in against her. Sarah grabbed the blanket and pulled it over them.

“Thank you.” Kayla whispered in a tired voice.

They fell asleep on Kayla’s bed together, with Sarah’s arms around her naked roommate.

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