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A Friendly Game of Ping Pong

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Chapter One — Pool Hopping

My wife Nicole and I invited two other couples to spend a summer weekend at our cabin near a ski resort. During the summer it was fun to explore the mountain side and we thought it would be fun to bring some friends along. My wife’s college roommate Misty and her husband Kimball had been our friends for several years. Brian and Jenni lived next door to us and we had become quite good friends.

The weekend was just kind of a last minute getaway, so we didn’t have any solid plans, we were just going to hang out, relax and enjoy the mountains.

I didn’t know Misty and Jenni all that well. Whenever we hung out as couples, the boys would get together and talk about finances and the latest electronic gadgets while the girls would chat about whatever girls chat about. My relationship with the girls was more of a congenial one: polite smiles and semi-awkward hugs. I had never really sat down and talked with either Misty or Jenni.

Brian and Kimball worked for the same company and had a mandatory meeting on Saturday afternoon for which they had to go back to the city. The girls wanted to stay at the cabin for the afternoon and Brian and Kimball would join up with us in the evening. I knew that for me this meant an afternoon of watching ESPN or exploring around in the woods while the girls chatted.

After sleeping in on Saturday morning, we all decided to go “pool hopping” before Brian and Kimball had to leave. There was a fancy lodge down the road that had a really nice indoor-outdoor pool. Since only the guests of the lodge had access to the pool, I hung around the pool door waiting for a lodge guest to pass through it. This would provide us a chance to sneak into the building acting like we were lodge guests just going for a swim. “If we act like we know what we’re doing, nobody’ll question why we are there,” I reassured our friends. “Nicole and I have done this dozens of times without any problems.”

We got the opportunity pretty soon when a family with what seemed like eight kids left the pool area. I was glad they were leaving, the last thing we need on a relaxing getaway is a bunch of kids screaming in the pool. After a quick refreshing dip in the pool we dried off in the hot sun and ate the sandwiches we brought with us. As we ate I took the opportunity to get a good look at the girls in their swimming suits.

I decided Nicole had the best body of the three. She was wearing a one-piece suit that fit her nicely. Her gorgeous 36C-breasts filled the top of her suit. The wet material clung to her breasts so tightly, her nipples, hardened by the chill of water evaporating off her warm skin, could burst right through. I could feel my cock starting to get hard as I studied every detail of her body from her beautiful long dark hair, down her slender neck to her ample breasts, from her toned stomach down to where the swimming suit bulged slightly where it hid the mound of hair covering her pussy.

Misty was wearing a little yellow string-bikini and had a great body. Her breasts were not as large as Nicole’s but fit her frame nicely. Each breast would be a good hand-full. She and Nicole had been roommates while I was dating Nicole and I often thought how great it would have been to be a fly on the wall inside their bedroom.

Next, I looked at Jenni. She was the most petite of the three women. Her swimming suit consisted of a little tube-top covering her A-cup breasts, and cheerleader-shorts for bottoms. For being petite, Jenni had a great ass, which I was currently admiring as she was lying on her stomach facing away from me and offering me quite a view. I would love to lie down on top of her, to feel our sun-warmed flesh touch, and press my throbbing cock against her tight ass. The thought gave my cock another twitch.

Fortunately enough, I regained my composure and cleared my head before I got too worked up. I was glad that you shouldn’t go swimming right after you eat as I had a pretty solid erection. My swim trunks would not have been enough to hide the tip of my cock pushing up against them.

After lunch Kimball and Brian headed to the city for their meeting and I drove Nicole, Misty and Jenni back to the cabin. I wasn’t really looking forward to the afternoon trying to find something to do while the girls sat around chatting.

“I have an idea,” Misty suddenly shouted out from the back seat. “Let’s play some ping-pong when we get back to the cabin.”

“You mean like we talked about last night?” Nicole responded from the front seat.

“Strip ping-pong!!” Jenni added enthusiastically in almost a shout.

I was blown away. Surely the girls were not serious. It had to be a joke, and a cruel one at that. Though my cock was getting hard at the thought of playing any kind of “strip” game with these girls, I had to think rationally. Sure it seemed that my dreams were coming to fruition, but I had to approach this cautiously. “The three of you are going to play strip ping-pong?” I asked in a bewildered tone.

“No, the four of us are going to play.” Nicole replied, looking at me with a giddy smile. “In college Misty and I would talk about how when we got married, we should do something crazy with our husbands. We didn’t think Kimball would go for it, so this is a perfect opportunity.”

“So last night while we were cooking dinner,” Jenni chimed in, “they asked if I thought it would be fun to try.”

I just stared at the road for a few moments. Nicole could see that I was in a bit of shock. “What do you think?” she asked somewhat hesitantly. “It’ll be just a harmless little game of ping-pong where some of us might end up naked. It’s not like we’re going to have some wild orgy or anything. Come on, it’ll be fun!”

“You’re right; I think it would be a lot of fun.” I admitted, knowing the chances of an orgy were actually pretty good. There is no way getting four people naked in the same room would not lead to something kinky.

“Yippee, I’m so excited!” Misty was bouncing up and down in her seat, clapping her hands. “I’ve never done anything like this before. This is going to be so much fun!” Then her tone turned serious, “Remember, no talk about this to Kimball”

“Same goes with Brian,” added Jenni. “He can’t find out about any of this!”

“Don’t worry,” I reassured them. “None of us are going to talk about this to anyone, we all agree on that.”

Chapter Two — The Game Begins

When we got back to the cabin we silently made our way to the basement where the ping-pong table was, nervously anticipating how the events were going to unfold. Nicole finally spoke, breaking the ice.

“Alright, if this is going to be fair we need to lay out some rules. First, we need to make sure everyone has the same number of articles of clothes… I have on…my shirt, my shorts, and my bathing suit underneath…that makes three.”

“I’m almost the same, except I’ve got a two-piece on.” Jenni was the next to speak

“So do I,” added Misty. “Nicole, why don’t you just take your suit off in two different turns? Lower the top to your waist for one turn, and then take it the rest of the off on the next turn.”

“That works for me.” I said as calmly as possible though I could barely contain my excitement. These girls fully anticipated all getting naked and they were letting me in on the game. “Except I only have two pieces, my shirt and my shorts.”

“And your shorts are already bulging!” Misty joked, drawing everyone’s attention to the lump growing in my shorts. “You’re getting turned on and we haven’t even started undressing.”

“Hey, any straight man would be in the exact same state with the three of you talking about getting naked.” I couldn’t deny the growing lump restricted by my shorts. “Though I’ve got nothing to worry about playing against you girls. I’ll be fully clothed and you’ll be running around with your tits floppin’ everywhere.” I figured if pointing out my obvious growing erection was fair game, a reference to their tits was too.

“Ohh, a challenge,” Nicole said mockingly. “Let’s get playing and see how long your clothes last. To make it a little more fair, instead of one-on-one we are going to play ‘Around the World’ where you hit the ball, drop the paddle for the next person in line, then run to the other side of the table to take the paddle from the person that returns your hit.”

“Yup, titties are gonna to be floppin’ everywhere,” Jenni said with a little giggle. She was the only girl who didn’t have much to worry about. Her tits wouldn’t be exactly flopping, but I was excited to see them nonetheless.

We approached the table, Nicole grabbed the paddle on one side of the table, and I stood behind her. Jenni grabbed the paddle on the other side of the table with Misty in line behind her.

“Go ahead, serve the ball,” I said to Nicole as I bumped my bulging cock against her ass.

“Are you in a hurry to show us that dick of yours?” Misty said from the other side of the table.

“If it means getting to see you naked Misty, I am.” I wasn’t going to try to hide my excitement over what was about to take place. “In fact,” I added, trying to make it more of an up-close and personal game, “I think when one of us loses a point, a member of the opposite sex gets to take the article of clothing off for you.” Since I was the only one without a pussy, I knew I would get to take the clothes off of all three of them.

“Fine,” Misty quipped back. “And they even get to choose which piece to take off.”

Jenni was the first to lose a point. “Arms up!” I said as I walked toward Jenni. I was really going to enjoy this game. She put both her arms above her head. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it over her head, throwing the shirt into the corner. Though there was still the tube top covering her little breasts, it was quite a turn on to take off her shirt. By the little pebbles that had formed under the tube top I could tell it had an effect on Jenni as well.

The next to lose a point was Nicole. Since she’s my wife I figured I could push the boundaries a little with her and see how it went. She lifted her hands up, expecting me to take off her shirt the same way I had taken off Jenni’s. Though this time, instead of grabbing the bottom of her shirt, I put my hands against her stomach and started sliding them up under her shirt towards her breasts. I reached her breasts and gave each of them a little squeeze before moving up to her shoulders. “I thought I would do it a little different this time,” I explained. Then with my hands still inside her shirt, I pushed her shirt up over her head.

“A squeeze for a squeeze,” Nicole said as she reached down and grabbed at my hard cock. By this point I had already adjusted myself, so my cock was standing straight up trying to pop out the top of my shorts.

“Fair enough,” I replied, knowing that the game had just taken a little turn for the better.

Jenni’s shorts were the next to go, leaving her in just her little swimsuit. Misty and I were the only ones who hadn’t lost a point. “You’re next Misty,” I said with a grin. She shot me a smile back. Sure enough, Misty lost the next point, almost on purpose, she wanted in on the fun. Now it was time for me to really test the waters. “Arms up! I told you it was coming.” I put my hands on her stomach like I had on Nicole, except that Misty was wearing a bikini so my hands lightly touched the warm flesh of her smooth stomach. There was no resistance, so I slid my hands up her bare satin skin and mounded her breasts. They were exactly what I had imagined, a good hand-full. I gave them two quick squeezes and Misty drew in a quick breath. I could tell she was a little apprehensive, but the smile on her face told me she was enjoying the attention. I pushed her shirt over her head and tossed it onto the pile of other clothes.

“A squeeze for a squeeze,” Nicole reminded us before we returned to the game. Embarrassingly, Misty slowly stretched out her hand and gave my hard cock two quick squeezes. With a little giggle and red in the face, Misty returned to the table to grab a paddle.

The girls conspired against me and I was the next to lose a point. After a little talk amongst themselves, the girls decided that all three of them would take off my shirt together. As they lifted my shirt over my head, each of them ran their hands all over my chest and back. One of them actually went down my stomach far enough to brush against the tip of my cock that was trying to peek out of my shorts. When the fingers brushed the engorged head, it flexed involuntarily and gave me quite a surge. I was ready to forget the game and just tear off everyone’s clothes. Before I knew it, I was standing there alone and the girls were waiting for me to resume the game.

A few more rounds and Nicole was down to just her swimming suit when she lost another point.

“Someone had to be the first to actually bear some skin in this game!” She said as she slipped the straps off her shoulders.

I was so excited with what was happening that I forgot it should have been me to take the clothing off. Everyone was focused so intently on Nicole lowering her suit down over her breasts that we all just stood there, not saying anything.

Her swimsuit was now down around her waist. Her nipples, exposed to the air, began to harden and goose bumps formed on her silver dollar areolae.

“All right, everyone quit staring and let’s get back to the game so I am not the only one exposing myself!” Nicole was anxious to get the game going and in good spirits, which was good because she lost the very next point as well. She was to be completely naked.

This time however, I remembered that I was supposed to be the one to take the clothes off for her.

“Remember, the rules state that I should take your clothes off.” I stated with a grin as I put my hands on her hips. I got down on my knees for a better view of the pussy I was about to expose. The other girls gathered around. I slowly pulled her suit down around her ass, and then, little by little, exposed the hair of her womanly mound. I lowered Nicole’s swimsuit down past her knees, she stepped out of it and kicked it into the corner. I was kneeling there, my face inches away from her pussy. Nicole was getting a little turned on by being completely naked. I could smell her pussy juices starting to flow and could almost feel the heat radiating from her snatch. Before standing up I leaned forward and gave her tuft of hair a kiss.

“New rule!” Misty shouted. “You get to kiss whatever body part you’ve exposed!”

I glanced over at Misty with a look of doubt on my face. Our little friendly game of strip ping-pong was definitely going down a road I don’t think the girls intended. Misty’s nipples were pushing hard against her swimsuit. The nakedness was turning her on; it was turning all of us on.

Nicole was willing to take a bit more risky shots since she was already running around naked and didn’t have anything to lose. This caused the next few rounds to go rather quickly. Jenni and Misty were the next to lose their tops in turn. Each time a breast was exposed, the nipple on that breast got a little flip from my tongue. I could sense some serious hesitation on Jenni’s part. After all, she was told about the idea just last night, and she seemed a bit unsure of where it was all going. Misty, however, was really enjoying herself and would exaggerate her running so her breasts could enjoy their freedom. Every time she was near me she would “accidentally'” brush her hand against my cock bulging in my shorts or lightly brush her nipples on my arm.

“It’s about time!” The girls cried in unison as I lost the next point. Excitedly the girls circled around me as Nicole untied the drawstring on my shorts. Nicole took charge of the situation, as my wife, she was going to be the one to lower my shorts. She reached into my shorts and grabbed hold of my cock, bringing it out the top of my shorts. Misty and Jenni circled like hyenas, jockeying for the best position. Nicole loosened the drawstring and let go. My shorts fell to my ankles.

“Alright, whose first?” I asked as I kicked my shorts onto the pile of clothes. One by one the girls each took turns giving my fully erect cock a little kiss on the head. Misty was the last to kneel in front of me. She ended her kiss with her tongue taking a quick lick of my sensitive helmet. My cock flexed. Misty looked up and smiled.

“That was unfair,” I said loud enough so that everyone could hear. Then I whispered with a grin, “Wait until it’s your turn.”

Misty missed the next point, obviously on purpose. “It’s my turn,” she said, barely containing her excitement. As I knelt down in front of her, she moved in closer. I reached my hand around to her ass and pulled her into me, hugging her around the waist. My cheek could feel the warmness of her pussy through her bikini bottom. I pulled the silky material over her ass, backed my head away a little to get a view of the hair I was exposing, and then lowered my hands to the floor. She was standing there, gloriously naked. I looked up and saw her nipples pointing straight out in anticipation of what was next. Slowly leaning my head into her body, I nuzzled my nose into the hair, searching for her clit. My hands were on her ass for leverage as I gently kissed my way through the mound of hair and extended my tongue to her sensitive fleshy nub. I gave her clit a little lick before pulling my lips away.

“Alright Jenni, you’re the only one with clothes on,” I said as I stood up. Misty was stumbling for the nearest couch. Her legs were weak from me licking her clit. “Should we even bother with the game, or should I just take your bottoms off now?”

“Yeah, you’re going to lose the next point anyway,” Nicole was backing me up. “You might as well just give in.”

But Jenni wasn’t giving in. “No, this means I won, right!? The game is over. You are all naked and I am the last one with clothes, I win!” She had a look of great satisfaction. “So I don’t have to take the rest of my clothes off!”

“Yes, yes, you won,” Misty’s mind was back in focus. “But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to take off all your clothes like the rest of us.” She reached forward, trying to get a hold of the last bit of material covering Jenni’s otherwise nude body.

Jenni jumped out of the way. “You’re going to have to catch me first!”

Nicole, Misty and I soon had her cornered. But she wasn’t going down without a fight, and she is a feisty little thing. I got behind Jenni and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her tight into me before picking her up off the ground. Her legs were flailing as the other girls were trying to get a hold of her bikini bottoms. “That tickles!” she exclaimed through her giggles.

“We’ve got to get her to the ground!” Nicole was pulling me down. Soon I was on my back, with Jenni’s back pressed against my chest. I still had my arms wrapped around her and found every opportunity I could to brush my fingers against her naked breasts as she struggled to free herself. With each pass, her nipples became more prominent. More than once, while Nicole and Misty were struggling to disrobe Jenni, someone’s hand grabbed hold of my cock. With all the confusion it was difficult to tell if it was an accident or on purpose.

“Wow!” cried Nicole and Misty together when they finally got Jenni’s bikini bottoms off. “Your pussy’s completely shaved!”

Jenni quit struggling.

Chapter Three — Smoothing it Over

“That is so sexy!” Misty confessed as we all got up off the floor. “I have always wanted to try that but never dared. I am too afraid to get razor burn down there.” Misty was curious more than anything. “Don’t you get razor burn?”

The mood of the conversation had just changed drastically. A second ago the four of us were all naked, laughing, and grappling on the floor. Now, even though we were still all naked, I was in the midst of a “girl talk” session. But what could I do. The game had run its course and was over. The intentions were never to have the game go any further than it had already gone.

“No, not really,” Jenni responded. “I use that cream where you don’t have to use a razor, it just dissolves the hair or something. It’s called ‘Nair’ and works pretty well.”

“And it is so sexy! Don’t you think so?” Misty was looking at me. I wasn’t sure what to say. Nicole had never done anything like it, so I couldn’t really answer in the affirmative. However, I did think it was kind of sexy.

So I played it safe. “It’s a pussy. Of course it’s sexy, shaved or not. Pros and cons to both I guess. A girl should do whatever makes her feel sexy. It doesn’t take much to turn a guy on, so I don’t think it matters to me either way.” I was rambling a little. I hoped the girls couldn’t tell that I was nervous.

“Will you show us how to do it?” asked Nicole.

“Sure,” responded Jenni. “Whenever you want just come on over and we can do it for you.”

“How about now?” Misty was taking a hold of the moment. “This is a perfect opportunity.”

“I don’t carry the stuff everywhere I go!” Jenni replied. “But I have some at home.”

“Do you think there’s any at the store down the street?” Misty really wanted to do this. “This is a kind of resort town, I bet that store has some.”

Nicole looked at me. We have been married long enough that I knew what the look meant. I was dejected. The blood began to empty out of my cock as I went to look for my clothes. I headed out for the store as the girls talked about shaving their pussies.

When I got back from the store, the girls were no longer in the basement. I could hear water running upstairs and figured they had gone up into the bathroom.

“You girls are in luck!” I yelled up the stairs as I set down my keys. “I hope you’re ready to be smooth!”

When I got to the bathroom, Nicole and Misty were sitting up on the long two-sink counter with their backs against the mirror, knees bent, legs spread. Jenni was preparing a warm washcloth to wet down the two pussies that seemed to be staring at me. I was glad to see that all three girls were still completely naked.

“Here you go,” I said as I sat the purchase on the counter. “Is there anything I can do to help?” My question was motivated by purely selfish desires. If anything, it would be very sexy to help Jenni shave these pussies.

“You can start by taking your clothes off again.” Misty was really helping me out here. “If we’re going to stay naked, then you have to as well.” Afraid this was a little too forward she back-peddled, “uh, I mean…we don’t want you to ruin your clothes… by getting any of this stuff on them.”

My clothes have never come off so fast. There was new life in my cock. Now that I wasn’t wearing any pants there was nothing holding my surging cock down and it was soon fully erect.

“Easy there turbo, don’t get too excited.” Nicole said with a smile. “We haven’t told you what your job is yet. Just stand there and hold the towel for Jenni.”

That was fine with me, a front row seat as Jenni rubbed the cream on the hair hiding these two slits. Misty’s slit was glistening a little with her own pussy juices. “Man, this girl is horny,” I thought to myself. “If she had it her way, I would be sliding my cock into her pussy by now.” It sure looked wet enough for me to slide the entire length of my shaft into the warmth of her pussy with one good push.

“What are you staring at?” Nicole asked, noticing that I wasn’t taking my eyes off Misty’s moistening pussy. I was busted; there was no way to talk myself out of this one. I might as well just confess. I was, after all, standing there completely naked with my cock pointing straight into the air.

“Oh, I was just noticing how wet Misty’s pussy is. I didn’t think Jenni had wiped her down yet, so I was trying to see if it’s that wet all by itself.” I spoke very matter-of-factly, trying to act like I truly was curious when all I really wanted was a better look, and maybe a taste of her sweet juices.

Misty blushed. Nicole leaned forward and pulled Misty’s legs wider apart to see for herself. With her legs wider apart, the lips hiding her cunt fully opened, revealing how wet and loose she was. “You are wet!” exclaimed Nicole. “Too wet. Why? Are you getting turned on?!”

“Look at Justin, he’s standing there with a hard dick, obviously turned on as well. I’m not the only one who’s feeling horny.” Misty tried to draw attention away from herself by pointing out my erection.

“Yeah, but he’s a guy! What can you expect from a guy?” Nicole seemed to be mocking me for being a man.

Wanting to keep things on track and not get into any kind of finger pointing I offered; “Let’s just get back to the task. It’s all right if Misty’s a little turned on; there is nothing wrong with that.” Then, to divert the attention, I asked Jenni, “Do you have that washcloth ready?”

Nicole leaned back against the mirror and spread her own legs apart. I could see that her pussy was a little wet as well but I didn’t want to point it out. I was glad to see that Nicole was turned on too; this could mean good things could be coming later that afternoon.

Jenni used the warm washcloth to wipe down both pussies. She pushed both sets of legs together a little bit so their pussies weren’t so open. “We don’t want to get this stuff in your pussies, so, don’t spread your legs so far apart. Keeping your legs closer together will keep your pussy lips closed a little better. If you’re not careful, you could end up with a really unpleasant burning sensation. I had my sister help me a few times ’till I had enough practice and courage to do it myself.”

By the time she was done wiping down the two pussies, my cock had somewhat softened. The way she cleaned was more medical than an erotic lesbian act. Jenni turned and looked down at my softening cock. “We can’t have this happen. Where am I going to hang the washcloth?” She said as she took my balls into her hand. The other two giggled. She slowly ran her fingers up the length of my cock, tickling the frenulum just in front of the tip. By the time Jenni had given a little flip to the head of my penis, I was fully erect again. “There…much better.” And Jenni hung the washcloth on my hard cock. “Now, where were we?”

Jenni put the hair cream on Nicole’s pussy first. Again, as she applied the cream it was more of a procedure rather than a sexual encounter. “Now we wait for a few minutes,” Jenni said as she began applying the cream to the hair hiding Misty’s slit.

“Aren’t you going to do yours as well?” I asked Jenni.

“No,” she replied. “I did mine just a couple of days ago, so I’m still pretty smooth.

“Really?” asked Nicole. “You’re still smooth after a few days? Can I feel?”

This was great. Now Nicole was going to touch Jenni’s pussy and she really didn’t have any good reason. Jenni walked up to the counter and Nicole started rubbing on Jenni’s smooth pussy.

“I want to feel too,” Misty chirped, feeling a little left out. She stretched her arm to rub the hairless skin surrounding Jenni’s pussy. “Oh, that’s still really smooth. Justin, come check it out.”

I looked at Nicole for approval.

“Yeah, you should feel this. I’m amazed at how smooth and soft she is.” That was all the approval I needed. Jenni stepped away from the groping hands of the other two girls and stepped towards me. I lightly placed my hand just below Jenni’s belly button. Her stomach flexed in reaction to the touch. I slowly moved my hand down towards her hairless pussy. My cocked jumped with the rhythm of my quickening heartbeat.

“Don’t you like how it feels?” Nicole asked.

“Yeah, it is really smooth. I like how it feels.” By this point I had let my middle finger slip in between Jenni’s pussy lips and was rubbing her clit. I could feel her pussy getting warmer as the pussy juices were starting to flow. I slid my finger into her cunt to get it nice and wet and went back to circling her clit. She moaned as my wet finger easily slid over her clit.

“Alright,” Nicole finally interrupted. “I think you got a good enough feel.”

“I was just returning the favor from earlier,” I said with a smile.

“Time to wipe those hairs away,” Jenni said as soon as she regained her composure, her face flush from the stimulation. She grabbed the towel that was hanging on my cock and ran it under the warm water. I got in close for a good view of Jenni wiping all the hair off Nicole’s pussy. First the left side, then the right side. As Jenni wiped, the hair just seemed to disappear onto the washcloth.

Chapter Four — Three’s a Crowd

“That is amazing,” I was bewildered. “I can’t believe how well this stuff works; there’s absolutely no hair left.”

“Do you like how it looks?” Nicole asked as she examined her own pussy, pulling the lips in different directions trying to see all angles.

“Yeah…I do,” I replied, barely able put a thought together. “It makes it so that I can see your pussy lips hiding in there. Pretty sexy actually.” Jenni was now wiping off Misty’s pussy, but I was too busy staring at my wife’s smoothness. “I wonder what it’s like to lick a bald pussy.” I thought out loud, letting Nicole know that at some point I was needing a taste.

“Why don’t you give it a try,” Misty encouraged, her hand now feeling the smoothness of her own pussy.

I was sure Nicole would not go for me launching a tongue assault on her pussy right now, so I had to dodge Misty’s comment but keep things interesting at the same time. “How does yours feel?” I asked Misty. “Mind if I feel how smooth it is?” Though I knew I didn’t even have to ask. She gave me a little nod and opened her legs invitingly. I reached my right hand down and started rubbing Misty’s pussy, acting as if I was feeling the smoothness. On the contrary, I was focusing all my pressure on her clit and rubbing it around. I looked at Nicole, she had a glimmer in her eyes and a little smile across her face. I knew what that meant. With my left hand I began rubbing Nicole’s pussy as well, the palm of my hand cupping her pubic bone and my fingers circling her clit.

Misty’s pussy lips had spread apart like a flower opening to the warmth of the sun. I slid one, then two fingers into her hot cavern. She was so wet from my thumb caressing her clit that her juices started flowing down my hand. I got down on my knees for a better angle to work over both pussies at the same time. Soon I had two fingers in each slit, my thumbs circling both the clits. I looked like a cowboy shooting two guns simultaneously, though I was naked with no holsters on each side and no hat and was on my knees with my cock pointing straight up.

I could see Jenni through the mirror. She was leaning back against the wall, her head tilted back with her eyes closed. I followed the outline of her slender frame down her body to see her hand vigorously massaging her own clit. I guess watching me rub the pussies of the other two girls got to her.

“Jenni,” I whispered.

She froze. Her eyes shot open as she took in a quick breath. She realized she had been caught. Her face turned red.

“Why don’t you jump up here between Misty and Nicole? Let me help you out. You shouldn’t have to do it yourself while these ladies get special treatment. Besides, I want to see what it’s like to lick a bald pussy.” I knew that at the moment, Nicole was not going to be bothered by me eating out her friend. I had two fingers buried deep in her pussy and she was moving her hips to the rhythm of my strokes in complete ecstasy.

Nicole and Misty made room for Jenni to get on the counter between them. I kept my hands in contact with the two pussies as Jenni climbed over me and onto the counter. She turned, moved her pussy to the edge of the counter and, with her feet on my shoulders, positioned herself so that I was staring straight into the glorious fleshy folds of her glistening slit. With both my hands preoccupied with other two, I was left with only my mouth to please Jenni.

I began slowly licking each side of her smooth pussy. “I like how that feels. I might have to try it with other pussies before I decide I like it better than with a little hair.” Then with my nose, I nuzzled up between the lips of her pussy. Her pussy lips smacked as they came apart, her juices trailing between the two. I started with my tongue at the opening of her hot pussy and licked up to where her clit was hiding under folds of moist flesh. After a little teasing of the flesh with my tongue, I found the tiny nub. Jenni’s whole body tensed up as I gently tongued her clit.

I pulled my head away from her pussy and looked at the other two girls. “Let’s make Jenni cum,” I said with a smile, my mouth covered by Jenni’s Juice. “Each of you grab a tit. I bet we’ll have her to orgasm in no time.”

Nicole cupped Jenni’s right breast, rolling her nipple with her fingers and Misty dove in with her mouth, sucking on Jenni’s hard left nipple. I leaned in to her pussy to lap up her sweet love nectar.

Jenni began flexing uncontrollably, unable to handle the intense stimulation. It became apparent that having her stay on the counter could be dangerous. I pulled my hands away from the other two girls, fingers dripping with warm wetness, and wrapped my arms around Jenni’s waist. “Let’s move to the floor.” With the help of Nicole and Misty I lifted Jenni off the counter and spread her out on the floor. My mouth never left the warmth of her smooth pussy.

I laid down on my stomach, my hard cock throbbing under the weight of my body, and kept flipping Jenni’s clit with my tongue. The other two girls took up position on either side of Jenni and began licking her tits. The moans grew louder as she came closer to climax. I thrust my fingers into her cunt while circling her clit with my tongue. She let out a scream. The walls of her pussy immediately tightened around my fingers and she pushed my head away. “Too much…it’s too much.” Jenni could barely speak. The other girls giggled as they withdrew from her nipples.

Jenni just laid there on her back, motionless. Her eyes were closed, her breathing deep. A smile began to develop on her face. “That was amazing! Who’s next?”

Chapter Five — Four’s a Party

“First one to the bed!” I shouted.

A frantic dash for the bedroom ensued. Misty and Nicole had the most to gain from getting to the bed first, thus they wrestled with each other to get out of the bathroom first. Jenni and I decided to join in on the fun and tried to keep both of them from getting to the bed. Our attempts were far from serious, but were very physical. For me it was just fun to grab all the body parts I could get a hold of with the three naked women grappling with each other to reach the bed first. My protruding cock provided a good handle on more than one occasion for girls to leverage themselves.

Nicole was the first to reach the bed by flopping herself down in the middle, sprawled out on her back. “I’m ready!” she exclaimed. The rest of us, still riled up from the struggle to the bed, dove right in and showed no mercy. My tongue was lashing all over her pussy while the other girls tweaked and bit her nipples much harder than Nicole ever let me get away with. Eventually, things became much more sensual as the mood turned more from a rough game to erotic pleasure. Soon Nicole was shuttering in orgasm.

“Let’s see if she can take another one,” Jenni suggested licking a nipple. Without breaking stride the three of us continued to please Nicole. I was playing with her pussy while Misty and Jenni were each caressing and licking all the bare skin they could get to. Nicole had been able to relax just a few minutes before she was deep in the ecstasy of another orgasm.

“Now, it’s my turn.” Misty was lying on her back next to Nicole who was still recovering from her second orgasm. Misty had her legs spread wide and was looking at me, waiting for me to tongue her slit. “Come on,” Misty pleaded. “I have been waiting forever to have you lick my pussy.” I looked down at her freshly cleaned pussy and could see that her lips had opened invitingly and were glistening with her juices.

“Give Nicole a second to recover,” I responded. “You’re going to get what you want, I promise.” I was really enjoying playing around with three girls simultaneously, but ultimately I wanted my wife to have the best experience. “As soon as Nicole’s ready, we’ll bring you to orgasm together.”

Nicole was still lying there and Jenni had taken the opportunity to lie down as well. The two of them had already been through quite a workout and needed some time to relax. Misty had run out of patience and couldn’t control the sexual desire building inside her. She began running her fingers over her pussy, diving one, then two fingers up to the second knuckle between her swollen, moist lips. I decided to get started without the other girls, figuring they could join when they were up to it.

I put a pillow under Misty’s ass to prop her pussy up for easier access. Beginning at her knees I started to tease and kiss my way to her moist pussy. With my hand, I opened her wet lips up so my tongue could have direct contact with the clit hidden underneath. I knew Misty had been turned on for long enough that direct stimulation would not be too much at this point.

After a little exploring and rubbing my fingers around her wet pussy, I was able to coax the little nub out from hiding. I gently took the clit in my mouth and began lightly flicking it with my tongue. Misty arched her back in response to the pleasure she was receiving. This stirred Nicole and Jenni into action. Each of them knelt on either side of Misty with their backs toward me. In unison, they leaned in and each took a nipple in their mouth. This provided me a great view. As I licked Misty’s clit, I could look up her body to see her breasts being sucked on, or I could look to either side and see the pussy of either Nicole or Jenni.

I took a break from sucking on Misty’s clit to acknowledge the girls now joining us. I buried my face in Jenni’s pussy, taking a long sweeping lick, clit to ass. Then I leaned over and did the same to Nicole. As I was doing so, Misty reached down and started stroking my cock. When she noticed the pre-cum dripping onto her stomach, Misty twirled her finger in the pre-cum and licked it off.

“You know, you’re gonna get a turn after this and will be treated well because you have done so much for us, don’t you?” Misty looked at me with a sexy little grin.

I moved back and focused my attention on Misty and had her writhing in orgasmic pleasure within minutes. Neither Nicole nor Jenni let Misty’s nipples go and I stayed right at her clit as she moaned with delight. Her orgasm must have lasted for a solid two minutes before she finally started pushing people off her.

“That was amazing!” Misty shouted once she caught her breath. “I’ve never had three people stimulating me at the same time before. I didn’t think my orgasm would ever stop!”

Nicole and Jenni had a new life infused in them and were not ready to call it a day just yet. They were playing with each other’s breasts across the naked body of Misty lying in between them.

“Misty, trade places with me,” I insisted, jealous of her view. Misty slid out from under the two fondling girls and I took her place. I was lying on my back, watching these girls play with each other’s breast while pre-cum was dripping from my hard cock onto my stomach. It was too much for me, I needed to ram my cock up a pussy, I needed a release.

“Nicole, my cock needs your pussy.” I felt that since my wife was allowing me this awesome orgy experience I could at least let her be the first one to feel my hard cock inside her.

Nicole threw a leg over my stomach and sat her pussy down over my throbbing cock, pressing it against my stomach. With the movement of her hips she rubbed the length of my shaft with her wet pussy. She knew I loved bathing my cock in her warm juices before ramming it into her hot pussy. Then she grabbed my cock and nestled her pussy down onto it. I pushed the length of my glistening cock up into her warm and welcoming pussy.

My fingers found her gorgeous breasts and were soon joined by another set of hands. Misty had straddled my right leg, knelt down behind Nicole and reached her hands around to play with Nicole’s breasts. Jenni, wanting in on the action, sat on my stomach and leaned her tits into my face. I understood what she wanted and began sucking on her nipples. Her hair fell from her shoulders and framed my face as my tongue danced on her nipples. Her hair smelled like green apples and was a wondrous addition to the scene, bringing the sense of smell into the game.

Three naked girls, all facing the same direction, were sitting on top of me. I was sucking on Jenni’s tits, ramming my cock up Nicole’s pussy and feeling the warm juices from Misty’s pussy dripping down my leg as she massaged her clit with my thigh.

I felt something drip onto my stomach. “Your pussy is getting my stomach wet,” I commented to Jenni between licks of her nipples.

She giggled.

Then I felt the back of Nicole’s hand against my stomach as she slid her fingers up to play with Jenni’s pussy. The scent of sex was strong as each of the three women were approaching orgasm. This was too hot for me, and I shot a load of hot cum into the depths of Nicole’s moist pussy.

“I…I can feel ya cumming in…in my pussy!” Nicole shouted as she rubbed her clit against my pubic bone with practiced agility. “It’s…it’s different with no hair on…my pussy…such a stronger sensation…” She could barely speak and her sentence cut off as she climaxed.

On my stomach I felt Nicole’s hand stop rubbing Jenni pussy. I knew that Nicole was in no state to keep her fingers lodged in another woman’s cunt so I picked up the slack. My fingers assaulted Jenni’s clit with a fevered pitch as she arched her back, but still leaned forward enough so that I could suck on her tits. As I shook my hand against her swelling clit, Jenni’s sweet nectar ran over my fingers, producing a sound as if a duck was running through a pond. With my tongue lashing at her tits, Jenni screamed out as she came.

Misty took the opportunity to crawl up on the bed and straddle my face with her near dripping pussy. “I’m so close to cummin’,” she yelled huskily. “Now, ya needda finish the job.”

I released my grip on Jenni’s pussy and moved under Misty. As my tongue worked over her clit, I plunged two fingers deep into her pussy.

Coming down form their orgasms, Nicole, with my cock still buried in her pussy, rested her head on Jenni’s back, and Jenni, with her pussy hotly pressed against my stomach in a pool of her own juices, rested her head on Misty’s back. I continued my relentless oral attack on Misty’s clit until she tensed up, every muscle in her body flexing, then collapsed forward unable to support her own weight. She had exploded.

I was lying on my back. Misty’s pussy was searing my forehead, her juices running into my hair. Jenni’s breasts were dangling in front of my face with nipples like prized diamonds, her pussy still wet, rubbing against my stomach. My cock, now softened, slipped out from the clutch of Nicole’s pussy. Our combined juices ran down my balls onto the sheet. We all were breathing deeply in beautiful harmony.

“Rotate!” Misty’s sudden command broke the silence. “I want a turn riding that cock!” She said as she was trying to position herself to engulf my cock with her pussy. Jenni crawled forward until her pussy was in reach of my tongue and Nicole moved forward reaching around Jenni to play with her little tits. I gently licked at the folds of Jenni’s pussy as Misty began encouraging my cock to swell once more by taking the whole thing into her mouth.

Within a few minutes Misty was playfully bouncing on my enlarged cock as she fingered Nicole’s pussy, who was sitting in front of her. Nicole had a good handle on Jenni’s breasts, each nipple rolling between her fingers. I was lavishly slurping up every bit of Jenni’s pussy that I could reach with my tongue and lips. I had one hand helping my mouth with Jenni’s pussy and the other hand flipping Nicole’s nipples as she sat on my stomach.

After we had all come once more, the girls where again in the position of resting their heads on the back of the girl in front of her. Our breathing was almost perfectly synchronized as we recovered from respective orgasms.


Again, it was Misty giving the orders. I wondered if she was the dominatrix type and, at home, rode Kimball like a sad donkey. A grin stretched across my face at the thought of it. I wondered if she would enjoy getting tied down herself, receiving the commands. My grin widened. I knew that our relationship had taken on a new dimension and if I played my cards right I could find the answer to my question.

Chapter Six — Until Next Time

After the last round of orgasmic pleasure, we spent a few minutes basking in the lingering erotic scent and the touch of each other’s skin. Looking at the clock, we realized we didn’t have much time left to get things back to “normal” before Brian and Kimball showed up.

“With all this sex juice all over me I’m in desperate need of a shower,” I joked.

The girls used whatever strength they had left in them to muster a little laugh.

By the time Brian and Kimball got back to the cabin, we all had showered and resumed what would have been otherwise considered to be “typical” activity. The girls were in the kitchen chatting as they prepared dinner and I sat down in front of the TV to turn on Sports Center. I had just returned from a trip upstairs to make sure everything was back in order and we left no clues behind. After our great afternoon session, the sweet aroma of sex was so strong that I was pretty sure the neighboring cabin could smell it. It made me a little sad that it was now gone.

“Hey guys!” I called out as Brian and Kimball came through the front door. “How was the meeting?”

Their grumbled response told me that it wasn’t good. Poor bastards.

We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out and exploring the woods around the cabin. Never was there a mention of what had happened on Saturday afternoon. Occasionally I would catch the eye of one of the girls and give them a little grin. They would return the favor with a mischievous sparkle in their eye. Other than that our interaction was as it had always been, as the spouse of friends.

We all woke up rather early Monday morning, as we had places to be. As I was getting dressed, I could hear that Kimball had joined Misty in the shower. By the stifled screams I knew Kimball was enjoying the hairless pussy of his wife. I smiled. Nothing like shower sex first thing Monday morning to get your week started off right.

As we parted ways, I shook hands with the guys and hugged the ladies. The hugs that were somewhat awkward just a few days ago, were now comfortable and almost sensual. As I hugged Jenni I could smell her green apple shampoo and I drew in a long breath. The scent reminded me of her hair being in may face as she rode my dick. My heart fluttered and my pulse quickened.

“This was fun,” Kimball stated as he got into his car. “We should do it again sometime.” Misty and Nicole exchanged quick smiles.

“Yeah, just let us know man,” added Brian. “We’d love to do this again. Sorry we had to ditch you on Saturday afternoon, it wasn’t by choice.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I replied. “I found ways to entertain myself.”

Hearing this, Jenni blushed and quickly got into the car.

The two couples drove off leaving Nicole and me behind. We still had to lock the place up. I gave Nicole a big hug. “Thanks for the weekend. It was something special. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

Nicole reached down and grabbed my cock. “One last time before we head back to the valley, or is it no fun with just one pussy to satisfy?”

“Hey, your pussy is enough for me. I love you and will always love you. This weekend was great but I’d have never done it if you weren’t there with me.”

“Oh enough of that mushy crap,” Nicole responded. “I know where we stand. Why do you think I let all of this happen? Now get upstairs so I can suck your cock!” We rushed upstairs, holding each other close.

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