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Sweet Punishment for my boss

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Once again I try to write a short story in English Still of course I can´t always find the words that I would use when writing in German.

Anyway this story is including my own person. If it is real, partly real or just a fantasy? – I will not tell. Decide by yourself!

I was 21 when I planned to go to the US for a whole summer to improve my English. I was studying laws at this time and thought that good knowledge of a second language might be helpful for my future career. I didn´t have a lot of money and so I attended school in the afternoon and served breakfast in a town restaurant in the morning to earn some pocket money too.

I lived in a small room near the restaurant, consisting only of a living/bedroom and a bathroom with a tube. I liked my job at the restaurant, the colleagues were funny and nice and so was my boss.

My boss was called Jillian. She was a very active woman in her fourties and she was a mature, feminine beauty. Since my early lesbian days I have always enjoyed the look of elder women. I never had had any sexual relationship with one, but always have considered that in some cases they body of a mature lady might look much sexier than the body of a teenage girl. Jillian was exactly such a lady. She was a bit higher than me, her body still quite sportive and slim but she had all the curves that make a woman adorable. Her breasts were bigger than mine and she had a nice ass too. Her face was the beautiful but mature face of an elder, experienced lady. Her hair was cut rather short and was a red-brown.

Jillian seemed to be sexually quite interested as she liked to discuss the looks of the guests with the staff in quite a funny way. She also liked to talk about sex and as we chatted a lot when the restaurant was not crowded I also had told her that I was at least bisexual. I immediately recognized that she was very interested in that topic and since that day she tried to spend more and more time around me.

She had told me that she never had had any sex with a woman but I felt that she was very interested. Like by accident she frequently pressed her body close to mine and her hands “accidently” touched my ass from time to time. She used to compliment about my looks and my whole person. One could say she very actively started flirting with me. I really enjoyed her compliments and I liked it that such a successful, elder woman was obviously interested in me.

I have always liked a bit to tease and so I didn´t give up to her, but was friendly, flirted back a bit, but never more.

The flirting lasted for a least two weeks when one day the two of us were the only persons in the kitchen. I was bringing back a bottle to its place when I suddenly felt her standing very close behind me and then her hand very quickly went under my short skirt and directly to my ass. In the same moment I felt her lips in my neck.

That was not what I liked!!! I turned around and I was angry.

“What to hell, do you think I am?”, I shouted to her. “Please give your hands away immediately!”
Her hands were gone in a second. She blushed in a deep red.
“I´m so sorry, Carmen. So sorry. I just….I…..You are….I thought,” she tried to find words.
My angriness quickly was gone when I saw this much older lady, my boss standing helplessly searching for words of excuse before me. I, the much younger employee was in power now. A feeling I never had had before went through my body.
Finally I softly said: “I think we should discuss this! But not here before the others. I have to go to my course now. I would appreciate if you would come to my room this evening, at seven p.m.. Will you come, Jillian?”
“Of course, I will, Carmen. I´m really sorry.”
“It´s o.k.”, I said and then I softly kissed her lips. Without another word I left the room and the restaurant.

I was excited the whole afternoon. I came home at half past six and I couldn´t await until it was seven. Would she really come? I left the door unlocked and went to the bathroom were I filled the tube with hot water and then lay in. My hear was pounding as it was nearing seven and I already was more than just a bit aroused. I really had to stop myself from touching my breasts and finding relief in masturbation.

It must have been exactly seven when I heard a knocking on the door.
“Who is it;” I shouted from the bathroom.
“It´s me, Carmen. Jillian!”
“The door is open. Just come in. I´m still in the bathroom, but come to me, Jillian!”
A few seconds later she shyly opened the door to the bathroom. “Shall I really come in?”
“Yes. It´s just us girls,” I answered and my arousal was rising.
She entered the room and I saw her swallowing when she saw my naked, young body in the tube. She blushed.

My nipples were hard by now and she must have seen it.
“I really have to excuse….”, she started.
“I have thought about it, Jillian. Just forget it.”
Her eyes were fixed to my body and I liked it. I stood up, standing naked before her, reaching for the shower gel. I started soaping my wet body very carefully trying to chat innocently with my boss. I almost could feel her rising sexual arousal.

Finally I showered away the soap and then stepped out of the tube. Maybe you could do one thing for me as an excuse I tried my luck: “Would you like to dry my body with a towel?”. My heart was ponding. The mature lady blushed a bit more – and she longed for one of the towels. I stood before her naked and wet as she started working the towel softly across my body. She was very careful and very slow. She must have felt my hard nipples through the towel.
Finally she came to my legs. She knelt before me and dried my legs. Her face was directly before my pubic area. I almost could feel her breath on my crotch. When she was finished I dared to go a step further.
“I think I´m still wet, See!”, with these words I longed to my pussy with one hand. I was wet and I slid a finger through my wet lips creaming it with my pussy juices. I saw her lips shivering when I moved my creamy finger before her eyes.
“Do you see?”, I asked and Jillian nodded.
Then I moved my finger near to her lips and without hesitation she opened her mouth and sucked my finger. Her eyes were closed as she tasted my pussy-cream. My arousal almost exploded seeing my 20years+ older boss kneeing before my and licking my finger. I withdrew my finger from her mouth and moved it to my cunt quickly again. I caressed my pussylips and softly I touched my clit and then I slid my finger deep into my pussy, covering again with my juices. Jillians eyes were fixed to my crotch, watching me masturbate before her. I slid my finger in and out a few times before I again let Jillian suck on it, let her lick it clean. We repeated this game again and again. Every time I masturbated myself longer and more intensive, bringing me closer to orgasm each time, until I exploded in a wild and hot orgasm by touching my clit with my thumb and two fingers deep in my pussy. Jillian was still kneeing before me, her face only a few inches from my hot orgasming cunt. I groaned loudly.

After I had calmed down a bit, I removed my fingers from my pussy and let Jillian lick them. Then I gently pressed her head against my stomach, feeling her kiss me and feeling her tongue at my navel making me aroused very quickly again.

After a view minutes I mentioned to her to stand up. We looked in each others eyes and then we kissed for the first time. I could still taste my own juices in her mouth – and I liked that. It was a deep and long French kiss.

“You are still dressed, Jillian? That´s not fair, as I stand naked before you. I want to see your body, Jillian. Please take of your clouth.”

The normally so powerful lady, my boss, immediately started undressing, without a word – and what was under her blouse and trousers was beyond all my dreams.

After my kiss she obviously had felt, that I wasn´t really angry and she had specially dressed up for this evening. She war a very special black all-body pantyhose, leaving away her crotch and the two breasts for direct access. It made me hot and wet at once just to look at my elder boss, standing before me in this sexy pantyhose, her breasts and her crotch exposed. I touched her body through the pantyhose and it felt great.

Her nipples were big and very hard and she was wet.

“You are very beautiful, Jillian! I want to play with you this night. Do you want me to play with you?”
“I have dreamed of it ever since you told me about your bisexuality, Carmen.”
We kissed again and I enjoyed pressing her pantyhose body to my naked body.

I lead her to my room and we lay on the bed.
“So you dressed up so sexy? Did you want to seduce me again?”, I teased her between hot kisses.
I kissed down her body through the pantyhose until I reached her breasts. Her breasts were just great. They weren´t like a teenagers breasts anymore, no they were much more beautiful – they represented all her mature, beautiful womanhood and her stiff nipples were even better. They were very hard and fairly big. I loved them. My lips enclosed one of them, while my fingers played with the other one. She was moaning with lust, her eyes were closed and her face had a wonderful expression of lust.

I had to play, suck, kiss and lick her nipples for some minutes until I kissed deeper again. All the time enjoying the strange feeling of her soft skin through the material of the pantyhose. It really made me hot. My tongue loved her small bush of red brown pubic hair and I already could smell her wetness.
I tasted her with my lips first and then my tongue followed. I slid one finger into her and my tongue worked its way almost from her anus up to her clit. Her pantyhose – dressed legs enclosed me from behind and pressed my face harder to her hot and wet crotch. I was so aroused again that I had to touch myself again while licking her mature crotch wildly.

Jillian´s groans and moans of lust went louder and louder until she almost screamed in orgasm. I loved the expression on her face. My face was wet from her juices, when I crawled up to her and softly kissed her beautiful face and French kiss her again.

For a while we just lay there kissing and softly touching each others bodies and then Jillian started exploring my body with her fingers, her hands, her mouth, her lips and her tongue – and with her legs. She pressed her leg against my crotch and shoved it against my pussy and it felt very hot with the material of her pantyhose against my clit, so hot!

During this passionate night of love and lust Jillian licked a woman for her first time.

It was the beginning of a very lustful time in this summer in the US and it was not the last time that I begged Jillian to wear her pantyhose in one of our nights of love und lesbian sexual lust.

I´m looking forward to your votings and your feedback!!!! Your pussylove6

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Tom wrote

Your English is fine just a few corrections but all in all very good,i like the way you describe your orgasm a deep groan,the way you let your feelings show wunderbarr
some people like silent orgasms but,i think when you hear the groaning its a feedback of how much you are appreciated,i would greatly appreciate it if you would wrote back to exchange possible ideas fantasies anyway thanks…