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A Fantasy Revealed

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We’d talked about this early on in our relationship. But that was maybe 10 years ago at best. Back when we were both young and really adventurous, especially where sex was concerned. It hadn’t come up in conversation in a long time. It had suddenly made an appearance again late one night when we were sitting on the couch relaxing after a long day at work for both of us. There we sat, leaning back against the couch, facing one another, a wine glass in my hand and a beer in his.

We started to talk about our fantasies. What deep, dark fantasies we still had, or new ones that we didn’t know we wanted before.

I sat there and stared at my husband of 9 years. Craig and I had enjoyed a lot of ups and downs in our 10 years. He was still handsome and sexy as he neared his mid-30s. As he talked about his more mild fantasies, I studied him over my wine glass. Dark brown hair. Gorgeous green eyes. He was a corporate attorney but had that wild biker look that hinted he could be just a little bit dangerous. It was his smile that had attracted me to him in the first place. Just dripped sex appeal like you wouldn’t believe. I was lost in my thoughts when I heard “threesome” and “watch you fuck another woman.” Huh?

“Wait. Slow down. What did you say?” I asked him, sitting upright just a little bit more.

He shrugged, lifted his beer to his lips, but before he took that drink, he said, “You heard me. I fantasize about seeing you fuck another woman. I fantasize about it a lot.” He tilted the bottle to his lips but kept watching me. I was a little stunned. I admit that I’ve had this fantasy a time or two myself. With a few interesting sidebars in the middle.

“You’re serious? You really want that?”

He just nodded at me. “Yes. I do.” He waited for a minute, the silence surrounding us. I looked down into my wine glass, thinking. “Well? What do you think?”

I wasn’t sure what to think. Here was an opportunity that not a lot of women, especially wives, would really know what to do with. I looked at Craig. He was waiting to see what I would do. What I would say. Taking a drag of my wine, I looked at him a little sideways. “Well… I… umm…” I blew out a breath. “I’ve thought about it. I admit I’ve fantasized about being with another woman. Having you watch.”

There it was. Out in the open. On the table. Staring at us. At my admission, Craig sat up a little higher. “You’d do it?”

“Well, I didn’t say that.”

“Come on. One time. You can pick the woman. I’ll just watch. I won’t touch her.”

I sat there, thinking about this. Were we really serious? Was Craig negotiating with me about bringing another woman to our bed? Like he did in the board room? And why was I about to start laying out my own terms?

Bringing my feet off the couch, I sat up and looked side ways at him. Did I want to tell him my whole fantasy? All the sordid details?

“Craig, I think we need to talk about this. I’m game but there are a few things that I’ve fantasized about too.”

Craig swung off the couch and sat there, his beer in his hands, his eyes gleaming. “Go ahead. Tell me.”

I looked straight ahead, not wanting to look at him, not while I was confessing my fantasies. “I, well… God this isn’t easy… I want to be with another woman. I want to do all kinds of things to her. Have her do them back to me. But I want more than that. I want her to not only fuck me but I want her to fuck you too.” I stopped and looked over at him. “I want to watch her fuck you in the ass with a strap on while you lick me. Would you do that?”

We’d had anal play before. Craig on me. Me on Craig. But a strap on had never made an appearance before. If truth be told what I really wanted to see was more hardcore than just a strap on up Craig’s ass but I really didn’t think he was ready for that little confession. I didn’t know if I was either. I figured this was a good way to ease both of us into it.

I looked at Craig, waiting for his answer. He took another swig of beer and then another. I could tell he was thinking about it. I could also tell he was getting turned on by the idea. Whether it was just the idea of me, him and another woman or what I had just laid on him, I wasn’t sure. All I knew was that the once slumbering monster in his pants was now fully awake and wanting to have a vote in our conversation. I figured I could up the ante a little. See if I could get him to my side of things. Now that this was out, that we were telling each other our fantasies and seriously considering acting this one out, I wanted it. I really wanted this one. All of it.

While Craig thought things through, I slowly slid off the couch onto my knees. Slowly, I crawled over to him, kneeling between his legs. As I slid my hands up his legs and across his thighs, Craig looked at me. “Just keep thinking, baby. Don’t mind me.” With that, I slid my hands higher up and grabbed hold of his belt. I slowly undid it and then set my fingers to work on the button and fly of his slacks. Leaning down, I looked up at him and said just as my mouth was less than an inch above his groin, “Just think about how hard you’d be watching me lick a pussy.” Then I laid my tongue against his hard pants-covered bulge and licked my way up. Craig groaned and his cock twitched in his pants. Rubbing my face over his groin, I kept torturing him. I could feel him twitch and jump as my cheek rubbed against him. As my tongue pushed against his balls, flicking up and down, I reached my hand into his pants and pulled out his throbbing member. One of the things I love about Craig is his cock. He’s just the right size for me. And right now, he was harder than I’d ever seen him. His purple head was already dripping with pre-cum. His veins pulsing along the sides.

Wrapping my hands around him, I held him and then looked up at him again. “Just imagine me doing this to you while she licked me from behind.” I flicked my tongue over his head. “Or fucked me.” Again my tongue covered his head, pressing down and up. “Or helped me lick you. Would you like that, baby? Would you like two tongues on your cock? Two mouths?” Without letting him answer, I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and slowly pushed down, taking only the plump head in my mouth. I sucked slowly, moaning as I felt him throb in my mouth. Up and down, I bobbed my head, sucking only on his crown. Craig moaned and thrust his cock up, trying to go deeper. My hands around the base of his shaft kept me in control of how deep and how fast.

Pulling my mouth off, I rolled my tongue around the head of his cock and then looked up at him again. His eyes were half closed, his breathing rapid. “Just imagine me licking your ass, baby, rolling my tongue over it. You know you like that.” He grunted and nodded almost as if he was drunk. “I’ll get you nice and wet and then I’ll guide her strap on cock into your ass and watch her fuck you.” Craig groaned. “Then I’ll slide down and take your hard cock in my mouth… just … like… this…” I wrapped my mouth around him and in one swift stroke had his entire cock deep in my mouth. My throat constricted, making me gag and I sucked hard and then pulled back off him only to ram my mouth back down over him again. Craig was grunting, fucking my mouth. His hands went to the back of my head and held on as I pumped up and down in his lap.

My moans were muffled as I sucked harder and faster. My spit was running down his cock, covering my hands, his balls. I needed him to cum in my mouth. I needed to feel how excited he was. Laying my tongue out flat, I slid it up and down his shaft as I fucked him with my mouth. His cock was pulsing, getting harder and harder. I reached down with my hand and cupped his balls, squeezing, feeling them tighten. Craig grunted out a few words that were unintelligible for the most part. I knew he was close. I sucked harder, faster, swallowing his cock whole. Just as the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat, I felt him throb and then his cum was shooting down my throat. As I pulled off him, his cum coated my tongue, filling my mouth. I sucked, swallowing, squeezing his balls. Craig was thrusting up into my mouth, his hands pulling my hair. When the last drop had gone down my throat, I pulled my mouth off him and looked up at him.

“Is that a yes, baby?”

All he could do was look at me, smile and nod his head.

Weeks went by but we didn’t let it end there. There were more nights in bed where we talked about our fantasy. About how we were going to act it out. We both had a vacation coming up. Late one night, as we lay cuddled up against one another after a particularly intense round of sex, we decided. We would take our vacation, stay in a luxury hotel. If by the third night we hadn’t found someone to play with, we’d call an escort. We talked it through and made plans. The next day, we went together to an adult store. Together, we picked out a strap on that would be acceptable to both of us. Nothing too big for Craig. He was nervous but game. Especially after the girl at the counter gave him a big smile while she rang us up. We barely had time to get home before Craig was pounding away at my pussy with his own cock, the strap on laying next to us on the floor.

As our vacation neared, so did our excitement. We agreed to forego sex for the entire week leading up to our vacation. It was torture but we assured ourselves it would be well worth it in the end. The sexual tension between us grew and grew until we were both about ready to burst. As we checked into our hotel, we both tried to stay calm. There’s something about hotels and sex that just go hand in hand. The fact that we hadn’t had any in a week, well, that just made it worse. And even more naughty.

The room was everything we had hoped for. Big king size bed. Large Jacuzzi tub and four-head shower. The view from the balcony was amazing. We unpacked and I went in to shower. This was our first night and we were going on the prowl for a playmate.

I took my time in the shower, soaping my body with my favorite scent. I had shaved the day before, making my legs and my pussy smooth and bare. As I ran my soapy hands over my body, I could feel my pussy start to tingle. I was so wet. Had been for days. As my fingers glided over my wet nether lips, I wanted so bad to stroke myself. To feel an explosive orgasm. But I resisted the urge. Sliding my hands upwards, I stroked them over my stomach and then up to my breasts. From day one, Craig had loved my breasts. I’m not a thin woman, curvy in all the right places. Including my 44DD tits. Using my thumb and forefinger, I gently squeezed my nipples, hardening them to sensitive little nubs. My nipples are a dark pink, a rosy color. The aureole extends out to be about the size of a coaster. As my fingers twisted and squeezed my nipples, I felt a sensation of being watched. I opened my eyes and saw Craig standing in the bathroom doorway, watching me. He was naked and his cock was rock hard. “Don’t you dare cum.” I laughed when he said it, seeing the agony on his face. It was hard enough for me not to cum over the last week but I could imagine how Craig had fared. A rock hard cock between his legs at all times. Laughing, I lifted my hands away as if I was in a hold up and let the water ran down over me, cleansing my body of all residue soap.

I dressed that night for seduction. I slipped on a pair of red lace thong panties and a matching bra that barely held my massive chest in. Sliding my legs into black silk stockings, I adjusted the bands at the tops of my thighs. Taking my dress in hand, I slid it over my head and down my body. It was black. Tight and short. I was just on the verge of slutty but not quite. Sliding my feet into a pair of four inch black heels, I looked at myself in the mirror. Craig had stopped dressing when I slid the dress on. Now, his eyes were scanning my body. I could see and feel the lust.

On the ride downstairs in the elevator, Craig’s hand moved from my lower back to cup my ass. His fingers massaged me gently. I must have emitted a low moan because the man standing next to us looked at me briefly. I smiled at him and he turned back around. Craig snickered and moved his hand back up to my waist as the elevator doors opened. The plan was to have dinner and then sit in the lounge and see what happened. We were like kids at Christmas all through dinner. Giddy almost with excitement. As we made our way into the lounge, I could feel my pussy practically gushing. I looked down at Craig and saw he was trying to hide his growing hard on. We looked around the lounge and settled on a table against the far wall. We’d be able to see everything from there.

The waitress was a cute little thing that we quickly ruled out. She was too young. We wanted someone a little older than 25. Someone with a little more experience. We sat, drank and talked, watching every new female that came through the door. Finally, after about an hour, a woman walked in that caught my eye. I looked at Craig and could tell she’d caught his too. She was a red head. Similar to my shape but a little taller. Her chest didn’t look like it was quite my size but still more than a handful. As she entered the lounge, she looked around and then settled at a table close to ours. There was an empty table between us. She appeared to be alone.

Craig and I hadn’t really gotten too far into the plan as far as how we planned to get a woman into bed with us. When I saw her get up and go to the ladies room, I smiled at Craig and said I’d be back. Grabbing my handbag, I followed her. My eyes watching her ass as she walked. Her skirt was short and I desperately wanted to see more. She held the door for me as I walked in and I quickly noticed that we were the only two in there at the moment.

Standing next to her at the mirror, I fixed my lipstick and smiled at her. She smiled back. I took that as a good sign.

“Nice to have a little peace and quiet after all the noise in the lounge.” Wasn’t the greatest conversation starter but I couldn’t think of anything else.

“I know what you mean. I’d have stayed in my room and ordered a bottle of wine but there’s only so much you can do.”

“Here alone? I noticed you were sitting by yourself out there.” I pulled my brush out of my handbag and waited for her answer. Please, please, please be alone.

“Yes. I hate traveling alone but sometimes it’s just the way it is.”

I started to put my brush back in my bag and then I looked up and over at her like I was just having an idea out of the blue. “You don’t have to sit there alone, you know. Why don’t you join me and my husband? We’re just having a few drinks and relaxing. No big.” I held my breath and waited.

She smiled. “I’d like that. I’m Elaine by the way.”

I led Elaine back to our table and introduced her to Craig. I know I saw her eyes drop for a second or two to Craig’s groin as he stood. His hard on was clearly evident. The good thing was it didn’t seem to scare her off. I explained to Craig that Elaine was there on her own. I had offered to help keep her company. Craig smiled and started what he does best. Small talk that really makes a person feel comfortable, welcomed.

We kept the drinks coming and before long we were laughing like old friends. As Craig started to play with my fingers on the table, Elaine looked at him and then me and smiled. “So what brings you two here? It’s obviously not business.”

Craig nodded at me and I took over. “Actually, no. Not business. It’s strictly pleasure. We needed to get away for a while and wanted to do it some place new. Some place where we could maybe, oh I don’t know, act out a couple of fantasies. Know what I mean?”

Did she get the subtle hint? Had I been too forward? Elaine smiled. “What kind of fantasies?”

Bingo! “Oh you know, the average, everyday type fantasies. Sex in an elevator. Sex in a tub. A threeway with a strap on.” Craig’s hand had tightened on mine as I said that. We both waited.

“A threeway? Strap on? Sounds fun and kinky. Any ideas on your third?” Elaine raised her glass to her lips and took a slow sip, her tongue licking her lip as she set the glass down.

“Actually. We thought… you.” I waited a beat. “That is, if you want to.”

Craig and I both looked at Elaine. There it was again. On the table. Staring at us. Only this time, it was staring at another woman too. A stranger. Would she run screaming out of there? Calling us both perverts? Or would she take us up on the offer? I wasn’t sure which scared me more.

Elaine didn’t say another word for a few seconds. But I looked into her eyes and saw a glimmer. Was that lust? Leaning back in her chair, Elaine looked from me to Craig and back again. “What exactly do you have in mind?”

Breath rushed out of me. I felt Craig tremble just a little bit. Leaning my hands on the table, I told Elaine about our fantasy. How Craig wanted to watch me with another woman. How he wanted her to fuck me. And I told Elaine how I wanted to watch her fuck Craig with a strap on. We weren’t sure if Craig would actually fuck her. We’d play it by ear and see what happened. “So, there it is. Interested?”

Her answer was simple. “Yes.”

We ordered another round of drinks to help us settle a little. All of our pulses were racing. I asked Elaine if she’d ever done anything like this before. “No, but I have been with another woman before. Back in college. But I just can’t help myself right now. When you said what you wanted, well, I want it too. I’ve always had a fantasy about a threesome.”

After finishing our drinks, we started towards the elevator. Craig paid the tab and Elaine and I walked arm in arm to the elevator. As the three of us stepped in and the doors closed, we were alone for the first time. Elaine looked at me and I had the urge to kiss her. To kiss a woman for the first time. I didn’t hesitate. I slipped my hand up to her cheek and pulled her gently to me. Our lips met and it felt so right. As our lips pressed against each other, our tongues started to push out, wanting to get involved. The kiss moved from slow and subtle to be more demanding. When the elevator doors opened, I looked at Craig and saw a look I’d never seen before. Total, uncontrollable lust. I led Elaine down the hall to our room and waited for Craig to open the door.

This was really going to happen. As Craig pulled the drapes on the windows, I took Elaine’s hand and pulled her against me. We kissed again, making out really. I moaned when I felt her lips against my neck, just under my ear. Craig knows how sensitive that spot is for me. Kissed long enough in that one spot, I can cum in buckets. I looked up just long enough to watch Craig settle back in the chair across the room and then closed my eyes as Elaine’s mouth moved down my neck to my shoulder. Her hand reached around and rubbed over my ass. I moaned and arched my body, molding it against hers. I could feel her breasts press against me. I wanted them desperately.

Breaking from her hold gently, I stepped back and reached down to slowly pull my dress up over my head. I stood there in my panties, bra, stockings and heels and let her eyes go over me. “Beautiful” was all she said as she stepped towards me. I reached around her and slowly unzipped her dress and peeled it from her body. As it dropped to the floor, I stepped back and looked at her. She was wearing a white lace bra and matching thong panties. A white garter and stockings completed the look. I glanced over at Craig. His hand was rubbing his groin through his pants as his eyes moved down Elaine’s body. He was practically salivating over her nearly bare ass.

Gently, and never taking my eyes off her, I slowly slipped the straps from her bra down her shoulders. Letting my hands caress her neck and then down, I cupped her bra-covered breasts in my hands and used my fingers to pull her cups down. I was about to get my first feel of naked breasts. Her nipples popped out, hard and pink. In an almost trance-like state, I skimmed my fingers over her nipples. I heard her moan but didn’t register it. Not yet. I was mesmerized by what I was seeing, touching. A woman’s tits. Using my thumb and forefinger, I squeezed her nipples gently, just as I had done to myself earlier that night. Elaine moaned. As I played with her nipples, she reached back and unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor. I stopped my teasing for a minute so I could just look at her naked breasts. So creamy white and round. Leaning down, I flicked my tongue over her right nipple making her moan. Then her left nipple. Then her right again. Sliding my hands up her waist, I placed my hands on either side of her chest and pressed in, squeezing her tits together so I could run my tongue over both nipples. Elaine moaned and stroked my hair.

After a few minutes of this, Elaine gently pushed me back. It was her turn. She stepped back around me, turning me so I was facing Craig. He had his pants open now and his hand down inside. His eyes were big and bright. Elaine reached around me and slid her hands over my stomach as she moved them upwards. I moaned when I felt her cup my breasts through my bra. It had been 10 years since I’d felt anyone’s hands except Craig’s on my tits this way. Elaine’s hand molded my breasts, squeezing gently. When her hands slid back behind me, I smiled at Craig. He smiled back at me and then froze as Elaine unhooked my bra and pushed it off me by sliding her hands back around and under my cups. I shivered when I felt her hands on my naked flesh. My nipples were hard, pushing out against her palms. I leaned my head back on her shoulder and moaned as her fingers tweaked and twisted my nipples. It was a soft kind of pain and it made my pussy gush, soaking my already drenched panties.

I heard movement and opened my eyes. Craig was standing, sliding his shirt off and then his pants. I watched my husband undress as another woman stroked my body. Elaine’s hands moved down my stomach. She was breathing hard in my ear, little ragged breaths that told me she was as unbelievably aroused as I was. As Craig slid his boxers to the floor, Elaine’s fingers slid inside the waist of my panties and slid them down my legs slowly. My mind briefly registered that I was standing in a hotel room with a strange woman running her hands over my naked body as my husband stood naked across the room from us. I didn’t think I could get any more aroused than I was at that moment. I was wrong.

As Elaine had slid my drenched panties down my legs, I had felt her body skimming down over my back. Her breasts rubbed against my ass and I moaned. She felt so unbelievably soft. My eyes focused on Craig across the room again. He was leaning back in the chair, his legs spread. His hand was moving slowly up and down his rock hard cock. I love watching Craig jack off and he knows it. But his eyes weren’t on mine. They were on Elaine’s hands as they slowly slid up my legs over my stockings. I felt like such a slut standing there in black stockings and heels. I loved it. I couldn’t believe how liberating it felt. I wondered that I hadn’t done this before. Then my mind went wonderfully blank when I felt Elaine’s fingers skim over my bare mound.

Just as her fingers slid between my thighs, Craig’s hand stopped on his cock. His eyes were huge as they watched her touch me for the first time. I moaned and would have fallen back had she not been using her other hand to hold my ass. Her fingertips felt so soft against my wet lips. With the barest of pressure, Elaine slipped her finger between my lips and moved it back and forth. I moaned and closed my eyes.

“No. Open your eyes, baby. I want to watch your eyes when she makes you cum.”

My eyes flashed open at Craig’s words. His hand was moving up and down his cock again. I could tell he was trying not to explode on the spot. Elaine’s lips pressed against my hip, leaving soft kisses as her fingers explored my pussy. Her index finger was nestled deep inside me, stroking me slowly. As her tongue licked my hip, her finger moved and flicked across my very swollen clit. My body pulsed. My pussy clenched. My orgasm exploded and my eyes never left Craig’s.

My body felt weak and I couldn’t believe the orgasm I’d just had at the hands of a woman. It had been amazing. Even more so having Craig watch. After my orgasm, Elaine had slowly risen to stand next to me. I looked over at her and smiled. She was licking her fingers like a cat. Licking away my cum. I looked back at Craig and knew it was time to crank things up a level.

Taking Elaine by the shoulders, I turned her and pushed her back onto the bed. She bounced and giggled as she landed, her legs spreading wide for me. Her eyes moved from me to Craig, who was again slowly stroking his cock. I looked over my shoulder at Craig and licked my lips. I had thought about this for a long time in my dreams and fantasies. I never thought I’d get to this point though. I looked from Craig down to Elaine, laying spread on the bed, resting back on her elbows. Her nipples were rock hard, pointing straight up at me. I thought briefly of how good they had felt in my mouth earlier. I knew I’d be tasting them again soon. But for now, my thoughts focused on what I was about to taste for the first time.

Kneeling down on the edge of the bed, I slipped my fingers around Elaine’s left ankle and massaged her gently. Her skin felt warm to my touch. I lifted her leg and kissed the inside of her ankle, then licked my way slowly up her calf. Her breathing became more ragged. I smiled and continued my journey up her leg, getting closer and closer to her core. I kissed the inside of her thigh and licked my way up closer. My lips touched the high inside of her thigh and she spread her legs wider. I could smell her musky aroma. I looked over at Craig from between her legs. His hand had stopped moving and it looked like he was holding his breath. Waiting to see what I would do next.

I looked up at Elaine just as my lips touched just above her trim little slit. Her soft curls tickled my nose as I kissed her. My mouth moved down slowly, kissing and licking her. When the tip of my tongue touched her wet pussy, Elaine moaned and arched up to my mouth.

She tasted amazing. I pushed her legs open wider as I settled to taste my first woman. It was everything that I had expected, dreamt about, and more. My tongue couldn’t lick fast enough. My mouth couldn’t swallow enough. I did what I liked Craig to do to me. I licked slow, using my tongue to lap at her long slit and then flicked my tongue over her hardened clit. Elaine was moaning, thrashing on the bed, as I licked her faster and more intensely.

I heard a noise behind me and looked up briefly. Craig had moved and was standing behind me, watching me eat another woman. His hand was flying on his cock. Using my fingers, I spread Elaine’s lips and sunk my tongue deep inside, flicking and licking her. She moaned and arched up. “Yes! Oh God yes! That’s so good. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” She was begging, moaning. I tasted a gush of wetness just before she erupted and her juices filled my mouth. My first taste of another woman’s cum. I loved it. I lapped her up, not wanting to miss a drop.

With my mouth wet, I looked up at Craig. He moaned and thrust his hips forward. Elaine and I watched as his cock exploded sending stream after stream of creamy, hot cum onto Elaine’s stomach. His eyes were closed and his hand was gripping his cock hard and fast as he pumped his cock over and over again. I’d never seen anything so incredible as watching my husband spurting cum over another woman. When he was spent, he collapsed on the bed next to Elaine. Crawling up her body, I couldn’t help myself. My tongue lashed out and I licked her stomach clean, licking every last drop of my husband’s cum from her body.

As I crawled further up, our bodies pressed together, Elaine took my shoulders and pulled me to her. Our lips met in a hard, intense kiss. When she broke away, she told me turn around and let her taste me. With Craig laying next to us, Elaine and I moved into a sixty-nine position with me on top of her. I moaned and pushed down as I felt her tongue on me. I hadn’t had another mouth on my pussy since before Craig. He watched, talking blindly, encouraging us as only a man can when faced with two naked women making love to one another. It excited me to listen to him. To hear him tell Elaine how to touch me, or how I should lick Elaine. This was everything and more than I had ever wanted.

After Elaine and I had brought each other to two more orgasms a piece, I felt the bed shift. Craig walked to our bag and then came back to the bed carrying our newly purchased, and so far untried, strap-on.

“Baby, I want to see this. Now. Do it.”

I smiled and felt Elaine shiver beneath me. I took the strap-on and crawled off Elaine to stand by the side of the bed. Craig was standing on the other side of the bed, his cock already hard as stone again. Elaine looked at me as I slipped myself into the strap-on and then looked at Craig’s cock. I knew what she was asking. Did I want to see her with Craig? Did I want to watch another woman suck my husband’s cock? The resounding, and suprising answer, was yes. I nodded at her and smiled. Her grin was huge, like a kid who had just received the best Christmas present ever.

Turning over and pushing up onto all fours, Elaine crawled towards Craig. He was too busy watching me to really take in the change of plans. I watched as his eyes closed and he moaned when Elaine’s mouth closed slowly around the head of his cock. He looked up at me, stunned and lustful. I only smiled at him and then leaned down to lick Elaine’s pussy from behind. She moaned and I could tell this made an impression on Craig as he thrust his cock deeper in her throat. With Elaine’s pussy wet and willing, I slowly wrapped my hand around the base of my cock and guided it towards Elaine’s dripping hole. I watched, mesmerized, as the head of my jelly cock slowly pushed through her lips and stretched her. I felt an awesome power.

Grabbing hold of her hips, I slowly pushed in further as Elaine’s mouth moved up and down Craig’s cock. Holding still deep inside her pussy, I watched her suck my husband. It was an incredible sight. Her mouth was stretched around his thick shaft just as her pussy was tight around my fake cock. I listened to her moans and grunts as she slurped and sucked on Craig’s cock. My pussy was gushing. I could feel my heart racing. Gripping her hips with my hands, I slowly pulled back until just the head of the dildo was still spreading her lips and then I thrust forward in one hard push. Elaine moaned out an “Oh God” around Craig’s cock and Craig grunted as he pushed deeper in her mouth. In tandem, Craig and I fucked Elaine like we’d imagined over and over again during the weeks since this fantasy had made an appearance between us. I wasn’t sure if the strap-on would make me orgasm but I quickly learned that it would. Just watching and listening to Elaine giving my husband head was enough to do it but add in the fact that I was fucking her while she was and it was all over.

After maybe ten minutes, Elaine pulled off of Craig’s cock and looked back at me. “Ahhh…. Let’s…. mmmm… yeah…. Let’s change positions…. Oh God…” I slipped my fake cock from between her lips and sat back. Elaine turned over onto her back, spreading her legs wide. Pushing herself up towards the edge of the bed, she hung her head over the side and pulled Craig to her by his thighs. I watched again as she easily swallowed my husband’s cock. Sliding towards her, I spread her legs and slid my wet, cum-covered cock into her slick pussy. Lifting her legs up onto my shoulders, I slammed into her over and over again. Craig was grunting, watching every thrust.

“Oh God. Yeah baby. That’s it. Oh fuck that’s good…. Oh shit. Yeah.”

Craig was urging me on. I felt my orgasm build. I reached down and with two fingers started to rub Elaine’s hard clit. She grunted, moaned and arched up. I could feel her orgasm on my fingers. For a moment I thought she might pull the strap-on off me with the squeezing of her pussy. Seconds later, Craig moaned and pushed forward. Elaine’s mouth filled and cum dripped out the sides. I slowed down, giving her short little thrusts until I felt her body relax. Craig withdrew his cock from her mouth and leaned down to kiss her. I watched as Craig’s cum was shared between them. Another unspoken fantasy had just played out.

The three of us collapsed on the bed, Craig in the middle with Elaine and I on either side holding onto him. We rested, none of us speaking for what seemed liked hours but was really only minutes. I reached out and took hold of Elaine’s hand. We smiled at one another and I knew that this wasn’t over. Craig lifted his head up enough to look from me and then to Elaine.

“There’s still one more thing we haven’t done yet. I’m game if you are. If this is what you still want.”

I knew Craig was giving me the rest of my fantasy. Pulling myself up, I looked into his eyes. “Are you sure?” He nodded.

I slowly slipped the strap-on off and went into the bathroom to clean the dildo off. When I stepped back into the room, Craig and Elaine were kissing and fondling each other. They looked lovely and I was surprised by the lack of jealousy I felt at watching my husband make out with another woman. But then I’d been doing much worse with her all night.

With strap-on and lube in hand, I went to the bed. I helped Elaine step into the strap-on and get it settled just right. Craig’s eyes were huge as he looked at it and realized what was to come. I didn’t ask him again if he was sure. Selfishly I didn’t want to give him an excuse to back out. Elaine and I had Craig crawl up on all fours on the bed. As I held his cheeks spread wide, Elaine leaned over and ran her tongue over his balls and ass. Craig moaned and I watched his cock harden. He was loving this as much as I was. Elaine crawled down underneath Craig, taking his cock in her mouth. Leaning over, I ran my tongue over his ass just the way I know he likes it. Then gently, I slid my finger inside his tight hole. He moaned and pushed back against me.

Elaine crawled back out and as she applied a generous amount of lube to the strap-on, I dribbled a stream of lube into Craig’s ass.

“Ready baby? Here it comes.”

I watched, spellbound, as Elaine slowly pressed the tip of the dildo against Craig’s ass. I stroked his butt cheeks as Elaine pushed forward and I watched the tip disappear. Craig moaned. A little at a time, Elaine worked the dildo deep inside Craig. I couldn’t remember ever being this turned on before. It was amazing watching this. I loved it just like I knew I would.

Crawling around, I laid in front of Craig, spreading my legs wide for him. Without prodding, Craig buried his mouth against my pussy and ate me like it was his last meal. Elaine was picking up speed, fucking Craig harder and faster. His cock was huge, swinging down between his legs. I strained to watch his ass take the strap-on cock over and over again. Elaine was wild as she fucked him. I could tell from the way Craig was licking me, moaning into me, that he was as turned on as I was. I couldn’t believe I was watching my husband getting fucked in the ass by another woman while he ate me. I grabbed hold of his head, holding him to me, telling Elaine to fuck him harder. To ram his ass with her cock. Craig would only moan and grunt harder as Elaine did just that. As she slammed into him, Elaine reached around him and took his cock in her hand, pumping him as she drilled his ass. His moans vibrated against my pussy as his mouth and tongue devoured me. The three of us were moaning and grunting, urging each other on. Craig’s fingers and tongue were fucking me harder and harder when I felt him explode and watched his cum shoot down onto the bed. Elaine gave his ass three more quick, hard thrusts and then pulled out, collapsing on the bed behind him. I exploded into one more hard orgasm, filling Craig’s mouth with cum. Then him and I both collapsed, spent and exhausted.

Our night had reached it’s climax. Elaine had been everything we’d been looking for and more. It’s never easy to share those types of fantasies with someone you love. Someone who might judge you. Craig and I had opened up to one another and had been able to share the experience together. We never saw Elaine again after that. There was no point. We’d had the fantasy and she’d been able to experiment with her own fantasy in the process. From that night on, Craig and I were able to expand on things more, both feeling more free to express ourselves. I have to admit there are a few fantasies I’m still holding back, waiting for the right moment to let them out into the open to stare us in the face. But I still think back to how excited it made me to watch Elaine fuck my husband’s ass. That’s one night I’ll never forget.

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