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Charlie sighed and put her coffee cup in the sink. She hated these long, boring days….waiting and waiting for 5’o’clock to roll around. Then her husband would come home, greasy and hot from a long day at work. The thought of him working away under some hotrod made her tingle slightly. She bit her lip as hot, steamy thoughts of her mechanic husband sifted through her mind. She glanced at the clock, 4:45pm. Just another 15 minutes and he’d be coming home.

It only took him about 10 minutes to arrive home. Suddenly she had a thought. What if I surprise him when he gets home?

A dirty smirk rose to her ruby red lips and she turned, making a beeline for the bedroom. Flinging open the cupboard door she rummaged around and found what she was looking for – she pulled the red velvet corset out of the drawer, holding it up against her body and she posed in front of the carved wooden full-length mirror they had received as a wedding gift. Charlie tossed the corset on the bed and rummaged some more through the drawer, finding a pair of tight, lacy purple boyleg knickers… Purple and red… Viggo’s favourite colours… Grinning to herself, she stripped out of her street clothes, until she stood naked as a Hustler centrefold.

Charlie shimmied into the knickers, turning around to see how the lacy hugged the ample curves of her body. Sometimes she still could not believe someone so much once of the lads could have fallen for a plane Jane like herself. She smiled – anyone that called her a fat cow was asking for a smack in the gob by her husband. Next came the corset. She undid the laces at the back a little to allow some more room for her to put it on – once she had fitted it to her breasts – her Willendorf Venus goddess breasts as Viggo called them – she fasten the metal hook running down the front of the corset, then pulled the laces tight at the back, mewling with pleasure as the corset constricted around her breasts and chest. When it was as tight as she could bear, she tied the laces in a bow and ran her hands over breasts and stomach.

There, she thought. Turning, she glanced at herself approving in the mirror. “Hmm…nice, but what am I missing?”

She looked down and wiggled her bare toes. Ah hah! She knelt down and reached far under the bed. Her fingers brushed something leathery and she grasped for it. She pulled out a pair of black leather knee high boots. Sitting on the edge of the bed she pulled them then opened the bedside drawer. Inside was her favourite Naughty Red lippy and deep Kohl eyeliner. With deft precision she applied the make up, then pulled a brush through her long Auburn hair. She glanced at the clock. 5pm. Viggo would be just leaving work now, she had no time to waste. With giddy butterflies of excitement flittering in her stomach she smoothed out the bed, turned down the lights, flicked on the stereo and threw on a Def Leppard CD. It was the one with HER strip song on it, ‘Sugar.’

Charlie quickly left the room and went into the lounge…waiting for her husband to come home.

Time felt like it had slowed down, she glanced at the clock every minute. Then she heard it. The tearing roar as Viggo slid the back end of his brand spanking new yellow Monaro around the corner of their street. She could feel the butterflies racing inside her and she giggled slightly in anticipation. The hot yellow car pulled sharply up the driveway, skidding to a halt on the gravel. Charlie walked up to the front door and opened it.

There stood her husband Viggo smiling sheepishly with who else but a strange looking blonde woman. What the hell?! thought Charlie. Then she realized what she was wearing and quickly shut the door a bit so that the mysterious woman couldn’t see the sweat beginning to run down her neck.

Viggo looked a bit surprised to see her in her corset and boots, but then he quickly explained that he had been driving home and that the woman’s car had broken down and she needed to call for help. He generously offered to pick her up and take her to the house to call someone.

Charlie breathlessly replied that it was fine, and she turned around to go grab the cordless blue phone. What Charlie didn’t realize was that she had left the door open enough for the blonde to watch her hungrily as she grabbed the phone off the hook. When Charlie turned around, she saw the woman’s glowing breast heave and a blush slowly creep across her fair face. Charlie brushed her hair out of her eyes, thinking she was imagining something that was there, but no… she clearly saw it in the woman’s eyes.

Meanwhile Viggo was busy scratching at his fingernails. He seemed a bit oblivious as to what was going on. Charlie decided to take the chance. She would never meet this woman again anyways. She asked her to come in, and watched while Viggo’s eyes seemed to light up when he saw Charlie glance her up and down. “So.. .what’s your name Hon?” she asked the stunning blonde.

The shorter woman giggled almost girlishly, but her eyes said she was anything but a girl. “Jasmine. And you’re Charlie right. Your husband told me heaps about you on the way here… but he didn’t say just how sexy you were.”

Jasmine’s blue eyes sparkled mischievously as she stepped over to Charlie and grinned cheekily. Charlie smiled invitingly, and almost without thinking she lent forward and planted a light kiss on Jasmines full, peach lips. Jasmine returned it passionately, her warm lips soft and hard all at the same time. She felt Jasmine’s warm tongue seeking entry and she accepted it, sucking lightly, drowning in this beautiful blonde strangers intoxicating kiss. When they finally pulled apart, the two women smiled warmly at each other, then turned to look at Viggo. The tall, dark haired man was watching them intently, his pants developing an approving bulge. Jasmine turned to Charlie and said softly. “Is there somewhere we can go? Somewhere nice and relaxing?”

The taller brunette smiled and nodded. “Why don’t you come with me Jasmine.”

She turned, taking the other woman by the hand, leading her to the bedroom. She stopped and turned slightly to her now lonesome husband. “Well Viggo, are you coming?”

The tall, muscular man grinned broadly and walked up to them, grabbing her pantie clad butt and kissing her on the throat. She moaned softly as he placed light, quivery kisses on her throat. She felt a warm feminine hand on her breasts, seeking to open the corset and she knew who it was. Almost breathlessly she spoke. “Come on you two, let’s take this somewhere more comfortable.”

With effort she broke away and walked to the bedroom, the other two following her like a duel shadow. Once inside Viggo began to kiss her again, but Jasmine stepped in and pushed him to sit on the foot of the bed. “Sit there boy, me and Charlie have got some chick stuff to…discuss. And in case you were wondering what we are discussing, it’s not about my broken down car either, that has to wait until later” crooned Jasmine softly through glistening slightly parted lips.

Viggo looked stunned, like he had just won a round trip tour ticket to the whole universe. His eyes followed the two women hungrily. He never thought he could love his wife, Charlie, more, but everyday she pulled a stunt that made him love her even more madly. Albeit, most of her stunts weren’t near this erotic for Viggo. This one took the cake.

He watched as Jasmine slowly undid his wife’s corset. It was all he could do to stay in his seat. He was loving every minute of this newfound pleasure. Before Jasmine could get Charlie’s corset all the way off, Charlie succeeded somehow with her quick fingers to get Jasmine’s little shirt off, exposing her full, round, perky breasts. Viggo couldn’t compare them to his wife’s though. Even though Jasmine’s were perfect, Charlie’s breasts were even more so. He watched as they spilled out of the corset, erect nipples and all. He had never loved his wife more than this moment.

Jasmine smiled cheekily at Charlie as the brunette threw the small shirt to the floor. She leaned forward and gently kissed Charlies full, ruby lips, lightly flicking her tongue across them. Charlie shivered slightly and drank in the soft, pleasant scent of Jasmines perfume whilst the perky blonde teased her. Delightedly, Charlie felt a hand lightly on her breasts. Jasmine caressed her bare breasts lightly as she continued to kiss her, then slowly she kissed her way down her throat, across her collar bone to a firm, hard nipple. She swirled her tongue around, purposely keeping away from the sensitive centre. Charlie couldn’t bear this ticklish teasing anymore. She put a hand on Jasmine’s head and guided her soft lips to her nipple. The little blonde giggled slightly, before drawing it into her sensuous mouth.

Charlie gasped softly as she felt streaks of hot fiery pleasure course through her body. Jasmine suckled gently, nibbling with her peach lips, before moving on to the other nipple, her hand mimicking her lips with the previous breast. Charlie moaned as she felt a throbbing deep inside her, and barely realising how she got there, she found herself laying on the bed with the little blonde sitting to the side, caressing and nibbling her breasts. Charlie opened her eyes and looked over to the edge of the bed at Viggo, who now sat entranced, watching the two women in awe, a hand gently massaging his straining pants. Jasmine moved away from Charlie’s breasts and began to lick a wet trail down between them. She moved lower, to Charlie’s navel, and kissed the soft flesh of her stomach. Gently she bent Charlie’s legs and moved a little lower. She stopped and looked into the brunettes half lidded green eyes. “Is it alright?” She asked softly.

Charlie’s voice caught. She could do nothing but nod. With a small, ecstatic smile Jasmine roughly tore away the purple panties to reveal Charlie’s warm flower. She spread Charlie’s wet lips and lowered her mouth to her.

Charlie moaned and clutched at the sheets as Jasmines knowing tongue loved every fold and crevice of her womanhood. As the blonde settled on her clit, she began to suck and nibble it. Charlie cried out as wave upon wave of exquisite pleasure washed over her. She felt a tightening deep inside her, arching her back and almost screaming as her passion overwhelmed her. She writhed as Jasmine kept up her adoring punishment till breathlessly Charlie mewled.

“Oh, stop! Oh, no more.” Jasmine stopped and sat back on her heels. Charlie looked at her with almost glazed eyes. “That was…amazing.” She said with emotion. The blonde smiled girlishly again and turned to Viggo, who had worked his hand into his tight, bothersome shorts. “Hey, why don’t you come here and join us?” She asked.

Viggo almost leapt to his feet as he moved around to sit on the other side of Charlie. Jasmine moved over Charlie to kiss Viggo hard on the lips. Charlie felt a momentary pang of jealousy, but it was swept away in an instant as she watched the faces above her. Viggo groaned in between the hot pash with Jasmine as Charlie reached down inside his shorts and stroked his throbbing shaft. The hard flesh swelled under her caresses… like opening a cage to set a wild beast free, Charlie unzipped Viggo’s shorts, her husband’s cock spilling free of it’s restraints. Jasmine broke from the plunder of Charlie’s lips, looked down. Her eye’s widened in surprise, an amused grin on her luscious lips. “He has a Prince Albert?”

“Oh yes.” breather Charlie, running her fingers over the golden object. “Look closer..”

Jasmine did. “That’s, that’s Elvish! ‘One ring to rule them all…”

Viggo supplied another line. “One ring to bind them…”

He blushed.

“We thought it was it was interesting that Viggo had the same name as the guy from Lord of the Rings. You should see him when he pretends to be Aragon…” Charlie giggles. “He gets to fuck his Elven princess… they think that Arwen is so pure…”

“Princess, hey?” Jasmine murmured, nibbling on first Viggo’s ear, then Charlie’s neck. “So what was that line… ‘one ring to bind them?'”

Viggo nodded, bitting on his lip as a moan escaped his lips as Charlie pounced on his erect cock, taking the whole shaft in one go. “Third drawer, by the bed. It’s in there…”

Jasmine turned to the draw and pulled it open. Her eyes sparkled with a new mischievous curiosity. “Ooh. What do we have here?” She purred, reaching into the draw. Her hand returned holding a pair of handcuffs.

“Mmm, kinky!” She giggled, then rummaged around again. A huge grin came to her lips as she pulled out a black leather cock ring. Viggo grinned shyly, before letting out another groan as Charlie continued her sweet assault on his swollen member. He put a hand on her head, grabbing onto that thick, luscious auburn hair, and guided her head up and down. “Oh Charlie. Mmmm” He said through gritted teeth.

Charlie hummed softly as she stroked his long shaft faster. Jasmine watched with parted lips, her face flushed and her breath coming faster. Soon, she put a hand on Charlies back. “Wait babe. Let’s give him something to really come over.”

Charlie sat back, letting the bright, controlling blonde take over. Jasmine pushed Viggo into the centre of the bed, then pulled both his hands over his head. She took the handcuffs and deftly chained his hands to the bed head, taking his uniform shirt off in the process. With a cheeky wink, she pulled off his shorts and slid the cock ring down onto him, tightening it till his member was rock solid, the veins showing throbbingly through the skin. She moved to one side of him and sat back to look at him. He was a very handsome man, dark hair, dark eyes, strong chiseled features and a small trimmed beared. Her eyes moved to his chest and abs… and wow. A small, lustful noise escaped her lips. He was well built, hard well worked muscles showing firmly under his bronze coloured skin. Her eyes travelled lower and she smiled approvingly at his big, pierced cock. Charlie sat on the opposite side, smiling with pleasure. Sliding one silky hand over his thighs, Jasmine lowered her pouty peach lips to him, gently resting them just on the tip of the head. Viggo looked down at her, almost begging her with his eyes to keep going. Slowly, she began to lick it. She rolled her little pink tongue over the head, down the sides and under the rim. Viggo just watched quietly, his eyes showing the exquisite pleasure it was bringing. Keeping her eyes on him, Jasmine moved back to the top, then opened her mouth and slid it down and down over him. When she reached the base, she sucked hard and began to move slowly up and down. Viggo groaned and let his head fall back, his hands clutching at the bed head. Jasmine moved her hand in time with her mouth, sucking and stroking faster and faster. Charlie watched in hot fascination, till Jasmine slowed and directed her to move down between Viggo’s legs.

Charlie positioned herself to take over Viggo’s long hard penis, but she was a little surprised when Jasmine just moved over to the side a bit and kept licking his shaft up and down. Charlie did the same; their smooth, wet tongues glided up and down Viggo’s penis until he was practically in tears from trying to hold back. As he came, Jasmine and Charlie’s tongues continued to touch and frolic with each other until before they knew it, they were kissing passionately together after Viggo had finished. Somehow Jasmine ended up on top of Charlie, straddling her waist. Both were completely naked by this time. Viggo watched as the girls continued to play together, their soft bodies seeming to run together like liquid. Jasmine teased Charlie a bit by barely touching her rosy lips to Charlie’s and then pulling a little higher every time their lips were about to touch more. Soon they were both sitting up in bed, their legs entwined, and Charlie kept going for what Jasmine wouldn’t let her have.

Charlie finally pinned Jasmine at the foot of the bed and started to kiss her more passionately than before. Both girls were panting and Charlie moved down slowly between Jasmine’s perky breasts. She spent a lot of time there, lightly twirling her tongue around on Jasmine’s nipples until they became erect. Jasmine closed her eyes and felt Charlie’s lips on her stomach, her tongue caressing every inch of it. Then, she felt Charlie’s light kisses on the crease between her legs. Jasmine’s heart pounded in her chest- she was finally going to feel Charlie between her. Charlie leaned down and kissed Jasmine’s hairless mound. She loved a shaved pussy. She was about to push Jasmine’s legs apart, but to her surprise, Jasmine lifted them and put them back behind her arms, leaving her glistening pink lips exposed. Charlie smiled approvingly and licked a firm line from bottom to top of Jasmines pussy. The little blonde let out a light gasp and closed her eyes as Charlie lapped at her. The busty brunette rolled her tongue into a cylinder and began to move it back and forth over Jasmine’s clit. The young woman writhed and moaned, her stunning face contorted in pleasure, her peach lips quivering. Charlie continued to tongue the tiny pleasure point, whilst gently slipping two fingers deep into Jasmines sopping wet hole. The blonde arched her back, crying out in ecstasy.

Charlie felt the muscles inside tighten around her fingers as Jasmine’s body came closer and closer to release. Her blonde hair tossed as she groaned and twisted under Charlie’s assault. Unnoticed by the two occupied women, Viggo flicked the safety unlock on the cuffs and moved over beside them. He knelt beside Charlie and stroked her breasts as she worked on Jasmine. He ran a hand over her back and down over her firm butt. He was rock solid and the sight of his beautiful wife bent over giving the blonde girl a good time was almost too much. He shuffled behind her, and slowly slid his hard shaft deep into her, until it was completely buried. Both Viggo and Charlie groaned at the same time. The brunette didn’t stop her warm tongue for an instant, and as she glanced up she could see Jasmine watching Viggo over Charlies shoulder, her cheeks flushed and her lips wet. Viggo rocked back and forth slowly, his eyes closed and his face contorted with pleasure. He couldn’t believe how awesome his wife felt, and he began to rock faster and harder. Charlie knew that she wouldn’t be able to keep still enough to pleasure the little blonde for much longer, so with skilled fingers she reached up and rubbed the area inside known as the G-Spot. Jasmine’s body shuddered and her pussy clenched tight as she came hard. As soon as the pleasured cry escaped her lips, Viggo grabbed Charlie by the hips and began to pump hard. She rested on her elbows, rocking back into him, so they met on the second stroke. She could hear his breathing and mumbled words of ecstasy, and inside she felt herself building up. Viggo was thrusting fast and hard, when a cry flew from his lips.

“Oh yes, Charlie!” He thrust once more, then his body froze as he exploded inside her. A tortured moan came form him as Charlie ground herself against him, knowing he was immobilised by his pleasure, and knowing that this would make him squirm. Viggo shuddered and put a hand on her back. “Stop baby.”

She slowed down and stopped, with Viggo leaning over and resting on her back. Jasmine lay back, a grin from ear to ear on her gorgeous face. “Well, now that I’ve met your lovely wife, do you think we can do something about my car?” She giggled. “I can’t stay here.”

Charlie smiled and looked at her. “Oh yes you can, the night isn’t over yet. Not by a long shot.”

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