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A Drink in Trillions

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Trillions is where you go to get laid. It’s not a private club, but you do have to look a certain way to get through the door. Well-groomed, is perhaps the most polite way to phrase it. I flatter myself that I do try and take care of my looks. While photographing models I’ve picked up a few hints and tips, and I’m not too modest to say that I’ve been mistaken for one of them on occasion. For your benefit, I’m five-seven tall in bare feet, trim figure, 34C bust, with shortish blonde hair. My eyes are clear blue, and I have very full, soft lips, or so I’ve been told.

That Saturday night I was lonely, restless. I had the day off and I’d been to the gym that afternoon. I don’t know what it is but exercise leaves me really pumped up and horny. I guess it’s the adrenaline. Anyway, I was pacing the room and, to be frank, dying for some good sex. This was a dry patch in my social life. The last time I’d been laid was on a beach-shoot in Sardinia. He was tall, handsome, Italian . . . need I say more? That was two months ago, and I had an itch that desperately needed scratching. I mean, don’t get me wrong, vibrators are nice, but sometimes I just need to feel a lover’s weight on top of me, hands on my body, hair tickling my thighs as he or she lowers their mouth to my wet, willing pussy.

So after dinner I took a shower, moisturised myself from head to toe, and dressed to attract. I chose a little maroon dress that’s designed to be dangerous. They haven’t invented lingerie tiny enough to wear beneath this dress, so I always go without. I topped off the outfit with a pair of sheer, black hold-ups and my sluttiest Roman heels. Just a little make-up and I was good to go.

The security men on the door of the club both practically devoured me with their eyes as I exited my cab; a good sign, I thought. They lifted the velvet rope and let me in, wishing me a good evening. I felt them eyeing my butt as I mounted the short flight of stairs and moved down the narrow, marble-floored entrance hall into the main reception room. Beneath a high, frescoed ceiling comfortable-looking chairs were dotted around the outskirts of the circular hall, and in the center a large statue of two entwined lovers; think Rodin’s ‘The Kiss’ but with tongue.

Some of the chairs were occupied by couples sitting close, getting to know each other more intimately. Nothing too risqué, however. Trillions is not a swingers club, nor is it anything as ghastly as a singles’ bar. It’s somewhere in between. It’s a place where attractive, free-spirited people come together to flirt and explore possibilities. It’s a rendezvous spot, or a place for introductions, nothing more. If people should want to take things further, they’re welcome to leave and find somewhere more private. The point is, everyone is there for the same thing.

I could hear music and voices from the main room buzzing through the heavy doors in front of me. Taking a breath I walked forward and pushed my way through. I had been expecting the usual club scene: noise, flashing lights, people gyrating and pounding their feet on the floor. Instead, I found myself relaxing as soon as I walked in. The music was clam and subdued; the dancers were writhing slowly together; the lights were soft and varied, leaving bright areas at the bar and plenty of dark corners elsewhere.

The club was split into two levels, the dancefloor taking up most of the lower level and the top being occupied by chairs and booths. I went up to the top, slowly taking in my surroundings as I ascended the metal stairs. The place was pretty full, but big enough to allow for some space. There were couples and groups, and singles dotted around, standing and watching or prowling like hungry animals. I appraised everyone I saw, wondering if I would get lucky with any of them tonight. I was tingling all over and I hadn’t even touched a drink yet. I decided to remedy that, and quick.

I ordered a Martini and sat down at the bar. I was suddenly nervous, yet my heart fluttered with possibilities. It took about two minutes for someone to pluck up the courage to talk to me.

‘Good evening.’ He was tall, dark hair, winning smile. His shirt collar was hanging open in a way that I liked. ‘How are you?’

‘I’m fine,’ I said, slowly sipping my drink. ‘How are you?’

‘All the better for seeing you.’ A little cheesy, but there was that gorgeous smile again. ‘Mind if I join you?’

‘That would be nice.’

He sat down and ordered a drink. When he turned back to me his eyes went immediately to my breasts, then very swiftly up to my eyes. ‘I don’t think I’ve seen you before,’ he said. ‘My name’s Tom.’

‘Pleased to meet you, Tom.’ We shook hands. He had a firm grip. ‘Actually, this is my first time here. I’m Alice.’ It was a fake name, the first that came to mind; Alice disappearing down the rabbit hole and into the unknown.

‘Alice,’ he said, as if cementing it in his mind. His eyes went back down, this time all the way to my legs. I did some looking of my own, admiring his chest, his muscular arms, the nice shape of his waist, and the satisfying bulge in the front of his tight pants. When our eyes met again he amped that smile up even more. I have to admit, I was feeling a little warmer. I took another drink.

‘So, Alice,’ he said, leaning toward me a little, ‘can I ask you a personal question?’

‘Please do.’

He licked his top lip, then said, ‘Do you think it’s corny to do it in the backseat of a car?’

I played along. ‘What kind of car?’

‘Well, as I was driving here in my new BMW, I was thinking to myself that I hadn’t properly Christened her yet. How’d you like to take a . . . ride with me?’

Oh dear. How disappointing. I said, ‘You don’t waste much time, do you?’

‘That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?’ Suddenly his smile was a little too wide. ‘Or, doesn’t a ride in a hot car turn you on?’

I drained my glass and stood up. ‘I’m sorry, Tom. When it comes to cars, I only ride American.’

I walked away from him, resigned to the fact that even Trillions must have its share of dickshifters. All depends what you’re into. My guess was that Tom was mostly into himself; every night, in fact.

I went to the other end of the bar and I looked down through the railings at the dancers, who were now moving to something a little more up-tempo. I was starting to wonder if going there had been a good idea, but the evening was early, and I wasn’t prepared to give up just yet.

I was talking to a really nice but slightly boring guy named Justin when I spotted someone coming toward me. She was wearing a very short skirt, and a top I’d seen in Monsoon and almost bought. She had long, beautiful red hair, and she walked with the kind of practiced elegance I’ve seen in a dozen models. When she got closer I stepped aside, assuming she wanted to get past me to the bar. Instead, she stood right beside me and put her mouth to my ear.

She said, ‘Hi. My boyfriend wanted me to come over here and tell you that he thinks you’re absolutely stunning. So do I, by the way. We’re sitting over in that booth,’ she pointed, ‘if you want to join us for a drink. No pressure.’

She smiled, touched my cheek softly with one finger and headed towards the restrooms. I watched her go, then slid my eyes back over to the booth and the man sitting in it. He was staring straight at me, a kind of serene amusement on his handsome face. His head was shaved, his skin a dark, Latin shade that matched the chestnut pools of his eyes. He was wearing a black suit with a dark purple shirt. His hand was curled around a glass of something on the rocks.

Justin was looking around uncomfortably, his forehead shimmering with sweat in the naked lights. I made my excuses and swayed slowly over to the booth; toward him. I kept my shoulders back and my eyes on his all the way. He wanted a staring contest? Bring it on.

‘Your girlfriend invited me over,’ I said. ‘Mind if I sit down?’

His voice was deep and streaked with the faintest accent. ‘Please do. Can I get you a drink?’

‘I’m good, thanks.’ My nerve wavered. I had no idea what to say. God help me, I almost asked if he came there often.

‘My name’s Ray,’ he told me, extending his hand.

I shook it. ‘Alice.’

‘It’s wonderful to meet you, Alice.’ His smile was even more dazzling than Tom’s, without trying half as hard. ‘I was going to ask if this is your first time here, but that’s such a boring question.’

I said, ‘So, ask me something else.’

He thought for a moment, then said, ‘When and where was your first kiss?’

I couldn’t help smiling. ‘I was eleven years old, on vacation in San Diego.’ I saw his eyes brighten as he listened, genuinely paying attention. ‘His name was Ian, and he was on vacation too. We met on the beach one day in the shade of a pier. We hung out for awhile, then he told me he thought I was pretty. He asked if he could kiss me, I said yes, so he did.’

Ray leaned forward. ‘And what did you think about it afterwards?’

I maintained eye-contact. ‘I wished he hadn’t asked. I wished he’d just gone ahead and done it.’

He sat back again and picked up his glass. I Suddenly wished I had another drink after all. I felt the excitement of earlier begin to course through me again. There was something about Ray that made me feel this night would end very well. We sat silently looking each other over until his girlfriend came back.

She sat down beside Ray and smiled warmly at me. ‘I’m glad you decided to join us.’ Her eyes were the clearest green I had ever seen, and her skin was the delicate tone of alabaster. I wondered if it was as smooth to the touch.

‘This is Sarah,’ said Ray. ‘Sarah, this is Alice.’

As she leaned forward to shake my hand I stole a quick glance down her top. Her cleavage was long and deep.

‘Alice and I were just discussing first kisses,’ said Ray. ‘Hers was on a beach.’

‘You didn’t tell me where yours was,’ I said.

‘So I didn’t.’ He placed a hand on Sarah’s leg. ‘My first kiss was in the woods behind my house. I was nine. She was my cousin, Jackie.’

‘Mine was at school,’ said Sarah, ‘in the boy’s locker room. It was a dare, which made it even more exciting. Just being in a locker room to this day turns me on.’

Ray moved his hand a little higher on Sarah’s leg. She looked down and smiled as he slid her skirt up just slightly. ‘And what about you, Alice?’ he asked. ‘What turns you on?’

I watched him slide her skirt up even higher, inching more and more of her creamy skin into view until I could just about see the V of her black panties.

‘Dancing,’ I said. ‘Dancing turns me on.’

They both perked up. ‘Excellent idea.’

Seconds later we were down the stairs and on the dance floor. I love dancing, and I do it without any self-consciousness. At first, Ray and Sarah danced with each other, and I moved right beside them, enjoying the show. I loved watching his hands on her hips and thighs; how she touched his chest and ass; the way he lifted her skirt now and then to show her off to me. Then they parted and Ray danced with me. He seemed reticent at first, like he needed permission to touch me. I put my hands around his neck and moved close, pressing my stomach against his. He took the invitation, laying his hands on my waist and gyrating with me.

As we looked into each other’s eyes I leaned in and put my mouth almost upon his. He tried to take the kiss but I snatched it away at the last moment, leaving him hungry for it. I slid my hands down his shoulders and onto his chest, enjoying its shape and firmness. Ray moved his hands up too, holding my breasts just fleetingly before touching my neck and stroking the sensitive area behind my ears.

I felt another set of hands on my hips, and a body close against me. Ray stepped back a little and I turned around to continue the dance with Sarah. Her breasts were right against mine, hers so much fuller. I put my hands on her face then brushed my fingers through her hair as she grabbed my ass and gave it a squeeze. She pressed the front of her skirt against my thigh and started grinding her hips in circles to the music. My nipples were very visible through the thinness of my dress, and my bare pussy was starting to ache in that sweet familiar way.

Sarah leaned forward and let her lips brush over my neck just briefly. I knew that we couldn’t do anything too steamy or they’d ask us to leave the club. In a way, that made it more exciting. We were only allowed brief touches, fleeting kisses, a quick squeeze or caress. We were always aware of the eyes of others on all three of us. We must have made quite a sight, the way we danced.

By the end of the next song I was so fucking horny I could barely think straight. I really needed to get out of that place and have some fun. I asked Sarah if they wanted to leave and they both said yes straight away. Ray’s hard-on was so obvious I thought his pants might rip. We collected our things and left the club. Outside, the night air made my skin break out in gooseflesh, but I didn’t have long to shiver. Ray’s limo was waiting for us; I was impressed. The driver let is in and we were off.

In the back, Sarah and I made out fully for the first time. I sat between the two of them, my lips locked to hers while Ray put his hands all over me. Sarah was such a good kisser. When she gently eased her tongue into my mouth I felt myself quiver. At the same time, Ray was feeling my breasts and kissing my neck. I reached out blindly and felt for his cock, squeezing it through his pants. All the time I kept wondering how much the driver could see, and how he probably wished he could be in the back with us.

I broke from Sarah’s kiss and reached for a mini-bottle of vodka from the bar. While I opened it, Sarah pulled my skirt up and started stroking my inner thighs. I was giggling and drinking, a really nice buzz tingling through my body while they both fondled me. Then Sarah lifted her butt off the seat and slid her black thong off. She handed it to Ray, who put his nose in and inhaled deeply. I put my hand on Sarah’s bare pussy and started rubbing her lips. Then, very gently, I pushed a finger inside her. God, she was so wet. My finger was instantly coated in her juices. I offered it to Ray, who sucked on it greedily.

Before long we reached the apartment building. My thighs were a slippery mess from where they’d both been fingering me. Had the ride been any longer, we would have started fucking right there in the back of the limo. I straightened my dress and got out behind Ray. The driver had this wicked little grin on his face, especially when Sarah gave him his sizeable tip. The doorman let us into the building, eyeing me up and down, and we got into the elevator. We couldn’t really touch each other in the elevator, due to the camera in the ceiling, but I could feel Ray’s hands on my ass the whole way up. The vodka had made me a little giddy, and I couldn’t stop smiling.

We came out of the elevator into the penthouse. It was huge, luxurious, and very private. Inside the front door Sarah grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. She kissed me more urgently than before, running her hands up and down my body. I hiked her short skirt up and put my hands on her butt, squeezing the firm, smooth flesh. Ray put on some soft lights and threw his jacket on a chair.

‘You taste good,’ Sarah told me. ‘Like a drunk little prom queen looking to lose her cherry.’ She put her hands on my breasts. ‘You ready to lose your cherry now?’

I nodded, almost breathless. ‘Uh-huh.’

Sarah led me by the hand into the vast penthouse, our heels echoing on the hardwood floor. Ray had put on some sexy jazz and was pouring some more drinks by the bar. Sarah pulled me down onto a big, soft couch where we sat close, kissing and touching each other. She had incredibly soft hands, and her fingers on my skin were like feathers. I suddenly felt hot and wanted to get out of my dress, but I also needed the bathroom. I asked Sarah where it was and excused myself. As I walked down the short corridor that led to the bathroom I looked back over my shoulder and saw Ray join Sarah on the couch. They were all over each other, and I couldn’t wait to get back.

Their bathroom was huge, about three times bigger than mine, and I noticed with jealousy they had a sunken hot tub in the corner. After I’d used the toilet I peeled my tight dress off and checked myself in the mirror. All I needed was a little touch-up of my make-up and I was ready for action. In nothing but my hold-ups and heels, I came back to the living area. Sarah had stripped naked too and she was knelt on the couch beside Ray. His shirt was open, and she was undoing his pants as I came back. She paused when she saw the look of delight on his face at my nakedness, and she turned her head briefly to admire me. Then she went back to the task at hand, releasing his stiff cock in seconds.

I stood before Ray and started running my hands all over my body. I slowly danced, turning seductively and bending so he could see my quim from behind. Sarah licked and sucked on his cock, making delicious sounds. I turned to face him again and pulled on my hard nipples. He didn’t know where to look, his eyes roaming all over me, then back to the mouth caressing his dick, then back to me again.

Sarah lifted her head and let Ray’s erection go with a pop. She licked her lips and asked me, ‘Wanna have a suck on his lollipop, prom queen?’

I took a quick hit of tequila from the glass on the coffee table then got to my knees between Ray’s thighs. His dick stuck up in front of me like a goddamn flagpole. He was a good size, and thick, just the way I like them. Grasping the base I started licking the underside of his shaft, all the way to the ridge of his pulsing head. I love using my tongue on a guy’s cock, circling, flicking, wetting the sensitive spots, until eventually sucking the head in between my lips and listening to him moan. I took as much of Ray into my mouth as would fit, my hands resting on each of his thighs. He played his fingers through my hair, moving his hips in time with my mouth.

Sarah slid off the couch and positioned herself beneath me. She began to kiss and gently bite my breasts, while her hands stroked my back and ass. I knelt up a little more to encourage her to roam lower, and I purred with excitement as her mouth began to travel down my stomach. Lying on the floor behind me, she put her head between my legs and licked her way from my thighs inward. When she reached my soaking pussy I had to come off Ray’s cock to gasp. I’ve had plenty of women down there in my time, but Sarah was definitely one of the best.

While she tongued my clit, I licked down to Ray’s balls and took one in my mouth. Jacking him off with one hand, I sucked it very gently. I heard some movement as he took off his shirt, breathing heavy and whispering, ‘Oh, yeah. Oh, fuck that’s good.’ Sarah amped up the attention on my clit. I was so ready to come that it didn’t take too long. The pounding of her soft tongue on my swollen little bud was too much, and my knees buckled slightly as I felt warm pulsating waves rock my pussy.

When I’d finished I slumped to the side and took another hit of vodka. I was still seeing stars and needed a rest. Sarah got up and straddled Ray on the couch. She carefully positioned his stiff cock at the slippery entrance to her pussy then eased herself down, throwing her head back and groaning as she took every inch, right down to his balls. As she rode him I could hear the slappy sounds of his dick plunging through her juices again and again. Ray grabbed her tits and played with them, gritting his teeth at the force of Sarah’s rhythm; she definitely liked it hard and fast.

I was getting such a thrill just sitting by the couch and watching them fuck. The shaking in my legs subsided and I crawled over until I was right behind Sarah and in between Ray’s spread knees. I knelt down on all fours and put my head under Sarah so I could lick Ray’s balls. I heard him make a surprised grunt when he felt my tongue tickling away at his tick sack. I moved up slightly so that I could lick the bottom of his shaft, and held my tongue in place so that it caught against Sarah’s pussy on the downward strokes. I was able to lick them both at the same time, which really seemed to turn them one.

Sarah started making sounds like she was ready to come. I looked up to see that Ray was grasping her ass cheeks and holding them apart as she rode him. What else could I do? I knelt up and put my tongue on her asshole, flicking it softly. That really sent her over the edge and she sank fully down on Ray’s cock, holding it tight inside while her body twitched and she yelped in pleasure. She came even harder than I had, the culmination of all the pent-up lust of the evening finally beginning its release.

But we weren’t done yet.

Sarah climbed off Ray and slumped down on the couch, smiling and panting hard. Somehow, Ray had managed to hold back from coming all this time, and he was ready to go some more. I fell back gently onto the soft rug that covered the floor just in front of the couch and opened my legs. He couldn’t watch for long as I played with myself, and he scrambled off the couch and almost dived onto me. I was so wet that he was able to get into me in one thrust. He started off rough, but I put my hands on his hips and slowed him down a little. I like it slow and smooth mostly, especially with a cock as thick as his.

God, he felt fantastic inside me. I clung to him as he drove his nice long dick into me. While he fucked me I reached out and found the vodka I’d left on the floor. I was so crazy that night, but I didn’t give a shit. I was out to have fun, and that’s what I was going to get. The vodka was nice and hot going down my throat, like a long jet of fresh cum. I started giggling again, the lightness in my head bouncing off the fluttering electricity in my pussy. I spilled a little of the vodka on my breasts and watched Ray greedily lick it off. I was in heaven.

When Sarah reappeared she was holding a little glass vial full of white powder. When I first got into the fashion business I was doing blow pretty regularly, because so was everyone else. I wasn’t using it much at that time, but I did like to indulge now and then. Sarah poured a messy little line onto my stomach and snorted it right off me. She threw her head back with her eyes closed and gasped. I wanted some.

‘Hold out your hand,’ she said. I gave her my hand, palm down, and she poured a little powder onto my skin. ‘Now snort this when you come.’

Here eyes were sparkly and she had that happy coke face. With that she dipped down and started licking my clit while Ray kept fucking me. It was incredible. I had to concentrate on not spilling any of the powder. Soon I could feel the little twitches building up to the bigger pulse. I waited until the last second, then I snorted the blow just as the orgasm hit me.

Motherfucker! It almost took my head off.

I lost track of time. I was making sounds that I’d never made before, gutteral, animal sounds that led me into a blurry state of total sexed-up bliss. When I came back round the orgasm had chilled but the coke high was still buzzing through me. I opened my eyes just in time to see Ray pull out of me and squirt his cum all over my stomach, where it mixed in with the ragged remains of Sarah’s white line. As soon as he’d finished she had his cock in her mouth, cleaning it off. Then she was back on my stomach licking that too, consuming the mixture of coke and cum.

In that moment, all I wanted to do was fuck her. I pulled her down on to the rug and mounted her, pinning her down. We kissed so hungrily; I felt like I was on fire. With my finger inside her I slipped my tongue in her mouth and grabbed at her breast with my free hand. She squeezed my butt and ground herself against my hand. It was no good, I had to taste her. I went down her body, kissing and licking her salty skin, vaguely aware of Ray doing some blow in the background while he watched.

There was no grace to the way I ate her. I virtually attacked her little clit, sucking, flicking, hard and fast. She gripped my head and pulled me so close to her that there were long periods in which I had to hold my breath. When she came I hung on to her, and I didn’t let up until she couldn’t take it anymore and told me to stop. When I did, we both lay on our backs, panting, smiling, and just feeling how great it was to be there, doing what we were doing.

The coke had made Ray hard again in no time, but we all needed a little time-out. We sat and talked while the hot tub filled up, then we got in and spent some time relaxing, kissing and stroking each other. By the time we got out we were ready for another round. I followed them down the short corridor and we all got into their king-size bed. They had the softest, silkiest sheets I’ve ever felt before, and just lying in that bed was enough to make my toes curl.

After a little oral, with hands and mouths everywhere, Sarah and I got on all-fours side by side. Ray got behind us and took turns fucking us both, one after the other. I loved it when he pulled out of Sarah and stuck it in me, still wet with her juices. While he took turns doing us we kissed and talked about how it felt.

‘Do you like his cock?’ Sarah asked me. ‘Does it feel big going inside you?’

‘It feels soooo good,’ I told her. ‘Oh, now he’s touching my asshole too. God, that’s amazing. Wait till your turn. You’re gonna love it when he fucks you.’

Ray, bless him, didn’t last too long with us acting like a couple of sluts. When he came it was Sarah who got his load, but I got to lick it out of her when we sixty-nined straight after. It was late, and we were all exhausted. We snuggled up in their big, luxurious bed, and slept all the way through to late morning.

I left them after breakfast, and we all knew we’d never see each other again. They’d probably go back to Trillions in a few days and pick up another girl. That was okay. They were just what I needed, something to kickstart my sex life again. When I went to work on Monday I had a spring in my step and a smile on my face. And that’s exactly what Trillions is for.

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