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Warming Up in Winter

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It was a freezing cold day. The three girls hurried along to Ashleigh’s house, they had been sent home from school early as the heating had broken down and the classrooms were like freezers. They had chosen Ashleigh’s house, as they knew that it would be empty and that there would be plenty of alcohol there. By the time they reached the front door, they were all shivering like mad; their nipples were hard and pressed against their school shirts.

“Shit!” Ashleigh yelled as she reached the door.

“What’s up, Ash?” Stephanie asked, eager to get in out of the cold.

“I haven’t got my keys. I must have forgot to pick them up this morning. I was in a hurry as usual.”

“Oh, fuck,” Gail moaned. “What are we going to do then? I need to get inside, I’m freezing my tits off out here.”


Clive had just dropped his girlfriend off at work and pulled up outside the house that they had shared for the last 3 months. Having locked the door of his car, he scurried down the path towards his front door. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed three figures standing on the doorstep of the house next door. He recognised one of them as Ashleigh, who lived there. There could be no mistaking her – the beautiful long blonde hair that came halfway down her back was a give away.

All three of them were dressed in their maroon and grey uniforms and there seemed to be something up.

“Hey, girls,” he called, “what’s up? What you doing home from school so early?”

The girls turned to see who was calling. Recognising her neighbour, Ashleigh called back.

“School’s closed, the heating’s bust! We’ve come here, but I’ve forgotten my keys and can’t get in.”

“Well, you can’t just stand there in this weather, you’ll freeze. Why don’t you come in and I’ll fix you a warm drink and we’ll see if we can get hold of your mum.”

Gail and Stephanie looked at Ashleigh, a little unsure. But Ashleigh just shrugged, “We might as well,” she said, “he’s alright, he’s not a weirdo or anything.”

“I suppose,” Gail agreed, “It’s got to be better than standing out here.”

The three girls scampered out of one gate and down the path next door, eager to get out of the wind that was biting at their legs. Clive opened the door for them and they went inside, glad to feel the sudden warmth. He closed the door behind them and followed the girls into the front room.


Ashleigh made the introductions. “This is Gail and Stephanie, my friends,” she told Clive. All three girls were blonde, but were different in many ways. He couldn’t help running his eyes over the three girls. Gail was slim, but he couldn’t help noticing her fine breasts, which he estimated as being about 34 inches. Stephanie, was slightly larger all round, but also had a fine figure. He had obviously seen Ashleigh before, but noticed now how much shorter she was than her two friends.

He indicated for the girls to sit down and, as they did, he could not help noticing how high their short school skirts rode up their legs. The sight of six lovely thighs poking out of knee-high grey socks, all lined up on his sofa was beginning to turn him on and he felt a slight pang of guilt for thinking that way. He knew that Ashleigh was only 18, and correctly guessed that the other two were the same.

He sat down on the chair opposite, suddenly hoping that he might be able to get a little glimpse of their panties; any feelings of guilt seemed to have disappeared as quickly as they had arrived. Thinking this way had started to make Clive hard and he shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

The growing bulge in his trousers had not gone unnoticed, or certainly not by Ashleigh, who was staring at his crotch and smiling. Realising that her older neighbour (although he was only 24) was getting turned on by the sight of her and her friends in their uniforms was making her horny too. She just couldn’t resist commenting.

“That must be uncomfortable,” she said, with a wicked grin.

Clive looked up, taking his eyes off of their legs. “What must?” He asked, trying to sound innocent.

“Having a hard-on like that, not able to get out.”

Gail and Stephanie giggled; they were used to Ashleigh’s way of saying things openly. They knew that she would never hold back with what she was thinking! Ashleigh got up and went and sat beside Clive, putting her hand on his leg.

“Why don’t you just get it out?” She asked him smiling, “Let us see what you’ve got.”

Clive was shocked, he certainly hadn’t been expecting this, and didn’t know quite what to do. His gorgeous 18-year-old neighbour was rubbing his thigh and asking him to get his dick out! And in front of her two equally gorgeous friends! For a moment he couldn’t speak, he knew that he should say no, surely it was wrong to be thinking like this, let alone actually letting something happen.

These thoughts also disappeared as quickly as they had come as Ashleigh moved her hand higher and began stroking his shaft through his jeans. Her hand reached up for his zipper, where she paused just long enough to look over at her friends who both nodded encouragingly. Ashleigh slowly pulled open his zip and reached her hand into his pants, where her hand instantly clutched his hot dick and pulled it free from its restraints.

None of the three girls were virgins, but they stared in wonder at Clive’s monster. Stephanie smiled, “Fucking hell, it’s huge” she murmured. She wasn’t wrong either, it must have been almost ten inches long and mightily thick; even Clive was amazed at how hard he was, he couldn’t remember ever feeling this turned on.

Ashleigh still had her hand around his shaft, “No wonder I hear your girlfriend screaming at night,” she laughed, “having that in your cunt would make anyone scream!”

Clive was shocked to hear Ashleigh use language like that, but all this seemed so unreal to him, he didn’t know why he was surprised by anything. Through all this, Gail had sat silently; her beautiful blue eyes fixed on Clive’s huge, throbbing member. But, suddenly it was all too much for her; she hadn’t had a man’s dick for a few months, and could resist no longer. She leapt out of her seat and over to Clive. She almost pushed Ashleigh away and knelt between his legs, grasping his dick in her hand. She began to run her hand up and down the length of his dick, causing him to moan instantly; and he thought that he was going to cum straight away went he felt her tongue begin to lick his sensitive end.

Clive’s hands instinctively moved to the back of her head and began to pull her towards him. Gail made no move to pull away; she let his beast gradually slide deeper and deeper into his mouth, running her tongue around his shaft all the time as she began to suck. He didn’t know how he was managing to hold back the tingling feeling in his balls, but he was determined not to explode too soon. He wanted to see this gorgeous blonde schoolgirl try to swallow his massive load.

He suddenly became aware of voices and realised that both Stephanie and Ashleigh had moved closer and were encouraging their friend. He began to get the feeling that this was going to be one hell of a day, and as Gail began to slide her mouth up and down his dick he knew that he could hold back no longer. He felt himself erupt and he grabbed hold of Gail’s silky blonde hair, causing her to give a slight yelp. He shot load after load into her hungry mouth and was delighted at the way that she attempted to swallow every drop, but it was just too much. When she pulled away, he looked down and saw a long trail of his hot spunk hanging from the corner of her mouth.

This turned him on immensely and he reached down and scooped it off with his finger. He turned and looked at Ashleigh, who opened her mouth expectantly. He let the sticky juice drop into her mouth and smiled as she let it slide down her throat, obviously enjoying the salty taste. The three girls looked at each other as Clive sat back, wondering what he should do. It was Ashleigh who again moved first.

She reached over and pulled his jeans and pants off of his legs completely. Then, sitting herself on his knee, she began to stroke his still-hard dick. Clive looked at her beautifully petite body, hidden only by her incredibly sexy school uniform. Placing his hand on her knee, he began to run his hand up and down her thigh, each stroke getting closer and closer to her ever-dampening pussy.

He was moving far too slowly for Ashleigh though, and she suddenly stood up and unfastened her skirt, letting it drop to the floor. She stood there, wearing a black silky thong, its colour effectively hiding her wetness. She returned herself to Clive’s lap, this time her legs straddling his body. His hands instantly moved up to Ashleigh’s school blouse. He loosened her tie and pulled it over her head, before almost ripping open her buttons.

Ashleigh was wearing a bra that was a mixture of blue, green and yellow, yet was also strangely transparent. He gazed longingly at the red, erect nipples that were pressing against the thin material. Noticing the expression on his face, she reached behind her and freed her small, but beautifully firm breasts to him. He leaned forward, running his hands all over her young body, and began to plant sensuous kisses on every inch of her tits.

It wasn’t long before his lips were firmly sealed around one of Ashleigh’s nipples, sending her into an ecstasy of her own. She now had both hands clamped around his dick, but this wasn’t enough; he was hungry for cunt, and was determined to get it. He ran his hands down Ashleigh’s back until he reached the lacy top of her skimpy panties. She raised her buttocks slightly, allowing him to slide them over her hips, down her legs and to the floor.

Clive was still thinking that he must be dreaming. Here he was, his beautiful eighteen-year-old neighbour, naked except for her grey knee-high socks, straddled across his lap. And all the time, her two best friends were; well, what were they doing? He pulled away from suckling Ashleigh’s nipple and looked over her shoulder towards the sofa. The sight before him was too much and he was sure that it made his dick lengthen still further.

Stephanie and Gail, both down to their underwear were kissing each other deeply. Stephanie was wearing a matching blue bra and thong, whilst Gail had red underwear covering her tanned skin. Stephanie’s legs were wide open and her left hand had slipped beneath her panties, where it was rubbing furiously at her clit. Meanwhile, her right hand was giving her friend similar treatment. The sights and sounds from his sofa made Clive more and more desperate for one of these blonde pussies.

He placed his hands under Ashleigh’s buttocks and lifted her young body until his dick was placed at the entrance to her slit. He began to rub his swollen end across her swollen pussy lips, delighting at the sensation caused by her fluffy pubes. They both began to moan and they kissed, Clive tasting the lingering remains of his own cum. Suddenly, he removed his hands, causing Ashleigh to become fully impaled on his monster dick. She screamed in a combination of pain and pleasure. She was no virgin, but she had never felt anything quite like this before. As Clive began to get a rhythm going, she felt like her insides were going to burst; he, meanwhile, delighted in her tightness.

As he slid, his shaft rubbed across the end of Ashleigh’s engorged clit, quickly bringing her to the verge of orgasm. He worked furiously on her nipples, circling them with his tongue and rolling them gently between his teeth. It wasn’t long before he felt her already tight young fanny begin to close around his dick and her breathing became shallower. He responded by pumping quicker, realising that he too was close to coming. Suddenly they pulled each other’s bodies tightly to them. Clive moaned loudly and Ashleigh screamed as they both reached orgasm at the same moment, their bodies becoming one.

Feeling himself soften, Clive lifted Ashleigh’s exhausted body off of him and sat her on the chair, spreading her legs wide. He knelt in front of her, admiring the sight of her beautiful young cunt, still dripping with a mixture of her juices and his own. He placed his head between her thighs, and licked up the sweet excess juices. The feeling of his tongue, quickly brought Ashleigh back to a heightened state and she began to gasp.

He was loving the taste of Ashleigh’s fanny, but the noises coming from the sofa were too much, he lifted his head and looked at Gail and Stephanie, who were now fingering each other furiously, both seemed to be on the verge of coming. Replacing his tongue with Ashleigh’s hand, Clive moved over to the other two girls. Squeezing himself between them, he turned to the lovely Stephanie and kissed her, their tongue’s entwining. He reached around her back and expertly unclasped her bra, as he slid the straps off of her shoulders, her beautiful young breasts swung free; her nipples standing proud.

Gail had removed her hand from Stephanie’s panties and Clive soon replaced it with his. His fingers were almost sucked up by her sopping pussy and he immediately felt her swollen clit. He began to gently tickle the tip of it as he moved his mouth to her swollen pink nipples. These two actions seemed to do the trick for Stephanie. Her body began to tremble and her gasps turned to moans and then to screams. He felt the walls of her cunt tighten around his fingers and her whole body was rocked by the most intense orgasm she had experienced.

As she came, Clive slid lower down her body, almost ripping her panties off of her body as he did so. Beside them, Gail’s moans were becoming louder as she brought herself closer and closer to orgasm. He was, by now, rock hard again and his dick was crying out for more attention. Lifting himself to Gail’s face, he kissed her, again tasting the remains of his own love juice in her mouth. It wasn’t long before he had her sweet young breasts and pussy exposed too. He was determined that it was to him that finally made Gail come.

Exhausted by the sheer power of her orgasm, Stephanie had slipped onto the floor. Taking advantage of this, Clive spread himself along the length of the sofa. Gail soon got the idea and positioned herself on top and began to gently lower herself onto his glorious dick. She wasn’t sure that she would be able to go all the way, it was so huge, but Clive, who had been fondling her tits, moved his hands to her shoulders and thrust her downwards. She gave a cry as she felt herself stretched to the limit, filled with a length and depth that she had never experienced before.

Placing his hands on her hips, Clive managed to encourage Gail into getting and maintaining a steady rhythm. Each time she slid downwards, she gave a mixture of a gasp and a squeal. Looking up to see what was happening, Stephanie decided to return to the action. Picking herself up from the floor, she got onto the sofa, placing her thighs either side of Clive’s head. She loved to have her pussy licked and wasn’t about to waste this opportunity. More than happy to oblige, he began to run his tongue along the length of her slit, occasionally flicking it over her clit.

Meanwhile, Ashleigh had begun to recover. Seeing how close Gail was to finally letting go, she moved and stood beside her, taking her erect right nipple into her mouth. That was it, Gail could hold back no longer. Her body began to shake as if an earthquake had hit it and she reached out and grabbed her friend’s long hair to steady herself. Throwing her head back, she let out a scream that could have woken the dead as Clive pumped another load of hot spunk into her. She may have been the last of the three girls to come, but there was no doubt that it had been the most intense orgasm of them all.

Gail was close to passing out and Ashleigh helped her friend to the floor. Stephanie was in dreamland, so enjoying Clive’s attentions that she was biting her lip to try to stop herself coming – she wanted this to last as long as possible. He had other ideas though. Hers was now the only cunt that he had not filled and he had not softened at all, despite filling Gail. He gently pushed Stephanie across his chest and stomach, indicating that it was her turn to ride. As she positioned herself, Clive sat up and began to caress and kiss her young tits and nipples. They both pushed together and Clive’s massive dick slowly slid into her.

Ashleigh was beginning to feel neglected, so, putting her hands on Clive’s shoulders, she eased him back down onto the sofa. Climbing onto him, she placed herself exactly as Stephanie had done before. His dick was busy, but she was happy to settle for tongue.

Clive had begun to lose track. He wasn’t sure who was doing what, but he could feel a tight young cunt sliding along the length of his dick and he was aware of another at his mouth. He didn’t really care; his tongue instinctively began to explore Ashleigh’s gash, causing her face and chest to develop the familiar blush almost immediately. He could hear Stephanie’s cries getting louder again and his balls were beginning to tingle. Almost in slow motion, the three of them came together; Clive shooting his juice into Stephanie as Ashleigh shot hers over his face.

Clive was almost in a daze as he sat up, disentangling himself from the bodies of the two schoolgirls. All four of them were shattered, but immensely satisfied. They sat together for a while, stroking and fondling each other, all of them thinking their own thoughts. They were suddenly roused from their dreamy state by the sound of a car door slamming outside.

Ashleigh was first to respond as usual and she ran to the window.

“Fuck, it’s Mum.” She shouted. “I didn’t realise we’d been at it for so long!”

“Hurry up,” Clive told them, “get your clothes on.”

Hurriedly, the three girls put on their uniforms and straightened their hair. Clive suddenly felt a little awkward. What happened now? The girls made it easy for him, each giving him a quick kiss before heading to the door.

“Hold on,” he called, “do you think the school will have the heating fixed tomorrow?”

Gail looked at him and smiled, “I hope not,” she said.

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