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A Dream Come True

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I was adopted by a loving couple and raised in a small town in Northeast Ohio. When I was 18 years old in high school, I developed a strong interest in math mainly because I had a very good teacher, Mrs. Pauline Rogers, who also was an attractive lady: about 5’2″ and 120 lb, blonde, firm boobs, and slim legs. When ever I was close to her, I tried to inhale her intoxicating perfume. I worked hard to please her, who I guessed was about 35 years old. In turn, she was glad to have one male student interested in learning math. There were rumors that Mr.

Rogers, a basketball coach, was cheating on her. I dreamt of being her lover and jacked off at least once each night imagining every conceivable sex act with her.

When I was studying at the State University, I heard that Mrs. Rogers left the school district when her husband was transferred to Pennsylvania. After graduating in Computer Technology, I started working for a young IT company in Cleveland.


My 20-year old girlfriend, Beth, who was to start her sophomore year, came to see me on Saturday afternoons. She was a beautiful, vivacious, and intelligent, woman. She was also a good lover: she loved to have her boobs fondled and sucked for a long time, followed by having her pussy eaten. Having been called a nerd and avoided by many pretty girls, I felt lucky to have had Beth as my girl friend. She and I had been going out for about 18 months. I loved to fuck her tight, juicy, pussy, and Beth made sure I wore a condom every time we made love. Thus, it came as a surprise when she told me, “I missed my period. I’m late by couple of weeks.”

I knew Beth wanted to get married. I recalled her words, ‘The women in my family marry early.’ Also, her family blamed me for ruining her young life. I was not ready to get married; however, I did not want to abandon Beth with a child. I said to her, “You know I love you. Let’s elope and get married.”

She had a large extended family and wanted to have a big wedding, but I held my ground and we got married in front of a judge with only a few friends in attendance. Beth and I agreed that she should continue her studies; thus, we saw each other only during weekends. Unfortunately, after about two months, she suffered a miscarriage. Soon afterwards, after her family convinced her to do so, she filed for divorce from me.

After dad retired, my parents moved to Raleigh, North Carolina. Soon, they had many friends who were also retired. One day, mom called to say that Dad bought a two-bedroom mobile home in Florida from a friend who was moving in to an assisted living home. She said, “We don’t get as much snow in Raleigh as in Northern Ohio, but it does get cold during January and February.”

I said, “A mobile home is not a safe place during a hurricane.”

Mom said, “We plan to stay only the winter months when there are no hurricanes.”

After a pause, she added, “The mobile homes at Sandy Pines were built after hurricane Andrew. All are spacious and well-furnished. Our mobile home is at the end of a road with trees on one side, and friendly neighbors on the other three sides. We love our private fenced-in backyard and swimming pool.”

A few years later, the company I was working for was bought up and a number of us found ourselves working part time. On top of that, it was a cold winter in Northern Ohio. Early March, I was talking to my parents and complaining about the bitter cold, when mom suggested I take a break in Florida; she suggested I could stay in their mobile home. I was to spend Wednesday-Friday with them and another two weeks after they returned to North Carolina; mom had to be back for an important event of her book club.

I flew to Orlando via Charlotte; from Charlotte to Orlando, I sat in an aisle seat next to a mother and an overactive son. Across the aisle was a friendly, attractive, lady with light brown hair, blue eyes, and a dazzling smile. She was dressed in jeans, a pink short-sleeve blouse, and sneakers, and had on costume jewelry: dangling ear rings and a necklace. We chatted about the full flight and other matters.


At the airport baggage carousel, I was met by my mom and dad. As dad and I chatted, mom talked to the lady I met on the plane.

Mom introduced the lady as, “Dee Adams, our neighbor.” Dee again flashed that dazzling smile.

Eagerly, I said, “We talked on the plane.”

She said, “Yes, nice meeting you.”

I drove my mom’s car to Sandy Pines Park for about an hour. On the way, mom explained, “Pauline, behind our mobile home is a friendly lady and stops by often with a jar of jelly or a loaf of bread. Dee, next door, is also a friendly neighbor. Both Pauline and Dee are also from the north, but live here year round.” After a pause, she added, “Pauline’s husband, Fred Barnes, was much older than her; I guess about 20 years older. Fred died about a year ago in a nursing home. Pauline has been away to see her family near Wooster. I miss her.”

Late Thursday morning was unusually warm. I looked out of the widow of my bedroom and saw Dee about 25 yards away, reading a book while sunbathing. She had on a wide-brim straw white hat, sunglasses, a white tank top, tapered thighs, well-toned legs, long neck; most of all, what made me stare at her were her lovely cleavage and large breasts that sagged sexily. I just could not help ogling her for a long time.

That evening, under an awning next to the swimming pool, dad fixed drinks for mom and me. I volunteered to grill marinated chicken. My mom had invited Dee for dinner; she came dressed in shorts, a short-sleeve blouse, and high-heel sandals. She brought a bottle of wine that was served during dinner. Afterwards, we played card games; she and I played as a team against mom and dad. Dee was a much better player than me; when I complimented her on her talent, she said modestly, “I’ve had lots of practice.”

Mom said, “Ted, now you know why we like it here; each week, we could go to three/four small parties.”

Dad brought a boom box to the front porch and started playing a CD on it. Soon, mom and dad were dancing on the concrete apron. I asked Dee to dance with me and she agreed; she was a good dancer and we danced for several minutes while talking about the nice weather we were having. A short time later, she said, “I need help carrying a few boxes to my pick up.” I nodded my head and, as I walked with her to her mobile home, she said, “I’m going to put some of my stuff in storage until I move in to a condo.”

She and I loaded several boxes on a pick up and moved it under an awning. I was perspiring heavily. Dee also perspired and her sweat flowed down her cleavage creating wet spots. As we sat in her kitchen sipping ice water, I could see her nipples outlined under her sweat streaked clothes. When Dee saw me staring at her nipples, she said shyly, “Hope you like what you see of this old woman!”

I blushed and said, “You’re not old. You’re a beautiful woman. I can’t help it.”

Dee touched my face, looked in to my eyes, and said, “You flatter me, Ted. I knew you were watching me sunbathing this morning. I’m your mom’s age.”

Eagerly, I said, “I don’t care. I’m attracted to you.”

She smiled and said, “You’re sweet. Right now, I need a shower. You should go home.” She walked with me to the front door where she quickly kissed my cheek and said, “Thank you for helping me. See you later.”


Next morning, as dad and I were loading my mom’s car, Dee came to say goodbye to my parents. Mom told her that I was taking them to the airport and staying in their mobile home for several days. Mom turned to me and said, “If you need something, Dee can help you.” I nodded my head.

At the airport, when mom went to freshen up, dad confided to me that my mom had a lump in her breast. He said that both were hoping that the lump would be benign. We agreed that he would keep me informed of developments with mom.

After I returned from the airport late afternoon, I put on shorts and a tank top, and sat under a tree reading the Saturday paper. I also put on sun screen. I saw Dee carrying a small box to the pick up truck; she was dressed in beige shorts and a white short-sleeve blouse. She waved to me and said, “I’m going to have iced tea. Want some?”

I said, “Sure, if it’s not a bother.”

She said, “No bother,” and came with two glasses of iced tea and offered me one. When she asked to see the various ads on sales, I gave them to her. After she sat in a chair next to mine, we chatted as we read the paper. Again, I found Dee to be easy to talk to.

Later, Dee said, “I can use your help storing the stuff we loaded.”

I said, “Ok. It has cooled off a bit.”

Dee drove her pick up to a mini storage where we unloaded her stuff. Afterwards, she drove to a bar and said, “The food is good here. They have happy hour specials.” After a pause, she added, “This is my treat to thank you for your help.”

I said, “Thank you.”

After she ordered a light beer for herself, she said, “I love beer, but I got to watch my weight and limit myself to a bottle a day.”

To tease her, I said, “You are celebrating today; you should have two.”

Dee touched my hand on the table and said, “I think you’re trying to get me drunk.”

I said, “May be just get tipsy,” and squeezed her hand; I was pleased when she did not pull her hand away until the waitress brought our beers.

Dee had soup and salad, while I had a club sandwich. After finishing our meals, I asked her to dance with me in the bar area and she agreed.

During a slow dance, she said, “I’m glad you do not mind dancing with an older woman.”

I replied, “Based on the envious looks I am getting and the admiring looks you are getting, I would say no one cares about our age difference.”

While Dee smiled, I quickly added, “I think you are beautiful; I’m very glad to be with you.”

She blushed and said, “I’m nervous. I have not dated since my husband left me.”

I said, “I’ve been busy working. After my divorce, I did not go out for a year or so. I went out just a few times recently. Let’s go slowly.”

Dee said, “I think you should go out women your age. Tonight; we can watch a movie at my place.”

After Dee turned on the TV, she sat next to me on the sofa, and snuggled with me. She said softly, “Ted, just hug me and hold me in your strong arms.” It felt good to hug Dee. I inhaled her perfumed neck as I kissed it and slowly rubbed her slim arms. After a while, she got up, turned off one of the bright lights, and whispered, “This is so cozy,” and softly French kissed me. After the movie ended, she again French kissed me. The movie was followed by a soft porn program featuring skimpily-dressed young blondes with big boobs.

After watching the program for a few minutes, Dee said, “You should be hanging out with one of those young ones with huge boobs.”

I looked in to her eyes, and said, “I’m sure they were enlarged considerably. I think you have much better ones.”

Dee blushed and said, “Thanks. Mine are natural,” and, after sitting in my lap, she French kissed me. When she felt my rigid erection in her crotch, she whispered, “I’m glad you’re really turned on by me.”

I mumbled, “Yes,” and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Much to my delight, she removed her blouse and gently pulled my face in to her cleavage. After I kissed her cleavage and inhaled her perfume, I kissed her neck and exposed shoulders. “I need to freshen up,” mumbled Dee and, after patting my crotch, left.

Several minutes later, I heard Dee whisper from her bedroom, “Come over, Teddy. Take your clothes off.” Inside the bedroom, I saw she had on a black silk night gown; underneath it her boobs sagged sexily and her nipples were stiff. She pushed me to lie on my back on the carpeted floor; after she slowly impaled herself on my stiff cock, I felt her love juices coat my stiff cock. As she fucked me slowly, leaning forward, she offered me her boobs to suck. She pushed her crotch hard, back and forth, on my cock, and began to moan. I held on to her succulent boobs without climaxing, as she whimpered, “I got to have you. Ohhhhhhh. Ohhhhh. Cummming.”

Dee smiled and whispered, “I’m glad you’re still hard.” Slowly, she got off of me, and moved to engulf my cock with her mouth and my mouth with her nectar-filled pussy. Gladly, I slurped Dee’s love nectar and unloaded my stored cum in to her sucking mouth.

I must have dozed off for several minutes when I felt Dee snuggling with me. Later, we fell asleep on the floor.

When I woke up, Dee was talking on the phone. I saw she was dressed to go to work. I was putting on my clothes, when a group photo on Dee’s dresser caught my eye. In the middle of it was Beth, my ex wife when she was 18 years old.

We were having breakfast when I said, “I’ve to be honest with you. Are you related to the ‘Charles’ family? I was married to Beth Charles for a short time.”

After several moments, Dee said sadly, “I can’t believe my niece, Beth, was married you. You looked vaguely familiar. I recognize you from her wedding pictures.”

After a long pause, Dee said, “We have to stop seeing each other.”

I said apologetically, “I did not know you were Beth’s aunt. I like you very much. No one will know. Let’s talk it over.”

Dee pleaded, “I need my family; I can’t hide you from them. After a few years, I may be moving back to Ohio for the summers. You take care of yourself.”


I knew Dee was right and that she had made up her mind to not see me. If there was a silver lining to our break up, it was that I had not gotten too fond of Dee.

For about a week, I stayed busy working on my computer in my parents’ mobile home and out of Dee’s way. I missed her, but I knew she would not see me; then, she moved out of her mobile home.

Late on Friday evening, I went jogging when it was not too warm. After jogging couple of miles, I passed two briskly walking petite women who waved to me. Later, while sipping beer, I was reading the day’s newspaper on the front porch when a lady walked up the steps, and said, “You must be Ted Bradford. I’m Pauline Barnes your neighbor. I returned last night from Wooster.” Pauline looked pretty even though she still had on her walking clothes. She had nice legs, wide hips, and a large bosom.

I said, “Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Barnes. I saw you walking. Forgive me, but you remind me of my high school math teacher, Mrs. Rogers.”

Pauline said excitedly, “I am that Mrs. Rogers. I married Fred Barnes after divorcing my first husband. I remember you now. What happened to all your wild hair?”

I laughed and said, “I lost most of it. I am so glad to see you, Mrs. Barnes.” As I shook her hand, even after several years, I recognized her perfume.

Pauline said, “You are a young man now, call me Pauline. You’re handsome too. What’s your weight? How tall are you?”

I blushed and said, “Ok, Pauline. I weigh about 180 lb; I’m just over 6 feet. Would you like to have a beer?”

I was delighted when she said, “Sure, a cold beer sounds good. My refrigerator is nearly empty. Bring me a glass of water too.”

She talked about her family: she had a daughter and two grandchildren near Wooster; she went to attend a birthday of her grandson and got stuck in a heavy Lake Erie snow storm.

She said, “I guess everyone at school knew my husband was cheating on me; he liked athletic, young, women. After my divorce, I met Fred, a widower. Before he retired, we began to spend part of the winter in Florida; he was sick for a whole year before he died. I am thinking of living in Florida most of the year.”

We talked like old friends about the high school we both knew. I also told Pauline of my short marriage to Beth, divorce, and single life afterwards. I did not mention my brief affair with Dee. Our conversation became open and personal.

She asked, “How come you’re home alone? Are you seeing any one?”

I said, “No. But, I’m looking.”

Pauline said, “It’s mostly old folks around here. You won’t find many young women.”

I said, “I don’t think age is an important factor in dating.”

She asked, “Would you date a woman say 15 years older than you?”

I said, “Sure, if I find her to be attractive and intelligent. My generation does not have old hang-ups when it comes to dating. I believe in happiness,” and we clicked our beers as a toast to that hope.

After finishing her beer (I had two), Pauline thanked me and left.


Next morning, I sat on the front porch enjoying the cool air, when Pauline stopped by and said, “Ted, my car is still in the garage and I need groceries.” I noticed she had shoulder-length grey-blonde hair. She wore a red short-sleeve blouse and white shorts; she also had a sparkling smile and blue eyes underneath wire-rimmed glasses. She still seemed to be about 5’2″ tall, but slightly heavy, about 130lb.

I said, “I need groceries too. I’ll be glad to give you a ride after I shower, say in about 20 minutes.”

I guess I did not say that I would pick her up after I showered and got dressed because she walked in to the living room as I was drying myself while watching a morning TV program. It so happened that I was rubbing my partially erect cock when I heard Pauline mumble, “Oh, my. Ahhh, I knocked on the door.”

When I turned my head towards the door, I saw she had a dreamy look as she stared at my cock and my naked body. I mumbled, “I’m sorry, Pauline. I’ll be back soon,” and went to get dressed.

Later, as Pauline sat demurely in the passenger seat, I saw she still had nice, smooth, legs; also, she wore open-toe sandals and had red toe nails. She wore a multi-strand costume necklace and dangling ear rings. Her perfume smelled nice.

As we shopped together, Pauline helped me select fresh fruits and vegetables; she told me: “I hope you like fruits and vegetables. I’m sure some of Fred’s health problems were due to his mostly meat diet. I’ve given up eating red meat and pork.”

After shopping, as I helped her unload groceries, she said, “Ted, while you are here, please change a lamp for me. I’ll hold the ladder for you.”

After I changed the fluorescent lamp, I looked down to Pauline’s sexy cleavage and then our eyes met. Blushing, she turned her head away. While we were drinking iced tea at the kitchen table, she told me, “I get my teacher’s pension and Fred left me more than enough to live. But, I didn’t expect to be widowed at my age.”

I said, “I’m sorry you were widowed at a young age.”

In a sad voice, Pauline said, “Fred was so much older than me. He took care of me until he got very sick; over the last several years, we did not have much love between us.”

I held her right hand and said, “A beautiful woman like you deserves better.”

She smiled and asked, “You think I’m beautiful? You don’t think I’m just an old widow?”

I said, “Yes, yes, you’re beautiful. You’re not old. In fact, would you have dinner with me?”

Blushing, Pauline said, “You’re a nice guy, but I have to clean my place. If you have no other plans for tomorrow evening, please go to a birthday party for a good friend, Ruby, with me. She and I walk together; her daughter Nancy arranged the party; I understand only a few friends will be at her mobile home. We can have dinner here before we go to Ruby’s. Let’s see how the evening goes.”

I said, “Thanks. I’ll be here about five and bring a bottle of wine for dinner.”

As I was leaving, Pauline hugged me, kissed me on my cheek, and said, “It will be a warm evening, put on light clothing.”


Sunday evening, I put on shorts and a tank top, and walked to Pauline’s home. She had on beige shorts, a green tank top, and costume jewelry: dangling ear rings, three-strand necklace, and bangles on her small wrists. Her hair looked more silver than blonde and shiny. She looked alluring and blushed when I said, “You look lovely.”

She blushed and said, “Thanks. Let’s visit for a few minutes before dinner.”

Pauline poured herself a glass of the white wine from the bottle I gave her and I gladly accepted a can of cold beer. For dinner she served baked fish fillet and vegetables, and rolls of bread. After dinner, she was pleasantly surprised that I picked up the dirty dishes and helped her load the dishwasher.

She said, “Fred rarely helped me in the kitchen. Your mom must have taught you well.”

I said, “Yeah, I helped my mom cook and clean.”

In the small kitchen, it was unavoidable to run in to each other and one time Pauline giggled when she grazed her chest on my back.

Afterwards in the kitchen, Pauline said, “I have a kink near my shoulder blade. I did not have a good seat on the plane.”

I said, “Let me rub it,” and, as I pressed my right palm around the right shoulder blade, Pauline moaned in relief, and leaned in to me. My cock grew stiff as I held her close to me with my left fore arm around her neck.

Pauline cooed, “It’s been a long time since I hugged a man. It feels good. Fred was not much in to hugging and kissing.”

Taking the hint, I turned her to face me and French kissed her passionately. I was delighted when Pauline pushed her tongue in to my mouth. After our kiss ended, she held my face with both hands and looking in to my eyes, whispered, “You’re a handsome man. I’m glad you like me. You’re so young.”

I said earnestly, “I care for you. Let’s have a nice evening.”

Pauline squealed when I lifted her up in my arms and French kissed her passionately; during the kiss, she threw her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. But, as she looked in to my face, I saw apprehension in her face. She said, “Let’s go to Ruby’s party.”

I thought it would be a good idea to get her out and said, “Let’s go.”


As we walked to the party, I said, “Tell me about your friends.”

Pauline said, “Fred and I met them at a Fourth of July picnic. Nice people. Ruby is a bubbly, happy, person; she was widowed about two years ago. She helped me deal with my grief for Fred. Nancy is an attractive young woman.”

At Ruby’s mobile home, we heard music, and found several middle-aged and older couples on the front lawn. A friendly man said, “The birthday girl is in the den.”

Pauline and I went looking for Ruby. We were walking through the living room when we heard squeals from the den with shades drawn to block the daylight. We saw an older woman, about 60 years old, was on a sofa with her breasts bared, her long pearl necklace twisted around her left boob, and her head thrown back. A muscular younger man, about 40 years old, in shorts and a tank top, was fondling her large, left, sagging boob, and suckling the other.

Pauline whispered, “It’s Ruby. I assume the guy is her boyfriend she met two weeks ago. She confided he was eager to make love to her.”

I heard Ruby coo to the young man, “Jimmy, that’s enough for now. You can have them later. Let’s meet our guests,” and pushed his hands and head away. She got up, pushed her boob underneath her bra, and smoothed the wrinkles on her sleeve-less, pink, dress, adjusted her jewelry, and came to greet Pauline. She was a petite woman with shapely legs, big boobs, a sparkling smile, and blonde-dyed hair. Pauline hugged her and wished her a happy birthday.

Ruby said to us, “Thank you for coming. This is Jimmy, my boyfriend. The food and drinks are in the Lanai,” and, leading him by his hand, walked with us to the Lanai in the back. As Ruby was chatting with us, Jimmy stood behind her and hugged her lovingly. After a short time, Jimmy began to kiss Ruby’s neck and nuzzle her covered boobs. He had a tattoo on his beefy upper left arm: ‘Love Old’ in the middle of a large heart.

A well-endowed woman in a tank top greeted Pauline. When Pauline introduced me to Nancy, she slurred, “You’re cute. Take good care of Polly.” Pauline blushed, pulled me in to her arms, and we began to dance with two other couples on the patio. Jimmy and Ruby were also slow dancing with him holding her tightly in his massive arms against his body.

After dancing a short while, Pauline said, “It’s warm here. Let’s go inside where it’s cool.” In the den, we saw that Ruby was in Jimmy’s lap on a large sofa. There was only an old, narrow, couch for us to sit which I offered to Pauline; she said, “You sit in it and I will sit on your knee.” The couch sagged when I sat in it, and Pauline ended up sitting partially in my lap and my cock became stiff. Any doubts I had that she was ignoring my erection were dispelled when she smiled and whispered in my ear, “I’m glad I turn you on,” and French kissed me passionately.

Jimmy again began to make out with Ruby, but she managed to hold his hands away from her boobs. She blushed and giggled when Jimmy whispered something in her ear; she got off of his lap, mumbled her excuse, and walked out of the den. Jimmy got up and followed her. In a few minutes, we heard Ruby’s squeals outside the mobile home.

Pauline went to the small window and whispered in a trebling voice, “Jimmy has Ruby in a bear hug under the large tree. They are French kissing. He has lifted her dress up, but she’s trying to push it down. Now, she has her right hand in his shorts and he has his under her dress.” I went over to the window and saw Ruby pull out Jimmy’s stiff cock; it was huge and her hand barely covered its girth. She jerked it slowly until it got even bigger. She pulled him towards her belly by his cock. He pulled her panties down. After she lifted her left leg, Jimmy slowly pushed his big cock in to her old pussy. Jimmy lifted petite Ruby off her feet and while holding her in a bear hug fucked her pussy. Ruby squealed with pleasure as he fucked her for several minutes and then became still while growling like a wild animal. A short while later, we heard Robby’s motorbike roar away.

Pauline whispered, “I’m amazed old Ruby is able to take Jimmy’s powerful thrusts. I guess she got her birthday present,” and giggled.

I said, “I’m turned on watching young Robby love older Ruby.”

Blushing, Pauline said, “I know,” an obvious reference to the tent formed in my shorts by my stiff cock.

After freshening up, Ruby joined us in the den and took Pauline aside to talk to her privately; I heard the two women giggling a lot and then I saw Pauline blush. Nancy announced from the Lanai that there was plenty of birthday cake left and, much to my surprise, brought a large piece of cake to me. Nancy was about to feed me a small piece of the cake with a fork when Pauline interceded; mischievously, she took a bite of the cake, sat in my lap, and French kissed me. Ignoring Nancy, she continued to French kiss me and then put her small hand on my cock lump; she whispered, “Let’s go home, darling.”


Walking back from Ruby’s party, I said, “It’s not too dark. It’s still warm. Let’s go take a dip in our pool.”

Pauline smiled and said, “Ok. Let me change in to my new swim suit. Ruby said I’m a free woman; I should move on with my life, like she did. She also thinks you’re cute.”

I waited eagerly to see Pauline in a swim suit. I was not disappointed when I saw her in a two-piece black swim suit; her boobs sagged sexily in their confines and the few protruding hairs at the top of her thighs indicated healthy growth of pubic hair. After Pauline put on a light robe and handed me two beach towels, we walked underneath the trees holding hands, talking, laughing, and French kissing occasionally.

Suddenly, she said, “I don’t think you can catch me,” and started running. I ran after Pauline and, when I caught her from behind, she pushed her buttocks in to my crotch; after I nuzzled her covered boobs, she tilted her head to the side for me to French kiss her. Wiggling out of my grasp, she jumped in to the pool and cooed, “Come join me. I dare you to take your clothes off.”

Quickly, I removed my clothes, and entered the pool near her. I hugged her and, after kissing her lovely neck, I French kissed her. Her hardened nipples and alabaster boobs were clearly visible beneath her wet bikini. Wanting to see and fondle her large boobs, I reached behind her back and unhooked the bikini snaps. Without the support of a bra, her boobs sagged sexily. Pauline tried to keep her boobs covered as I tried to fondle them.

I said, “They are beautiful. I love them. They seem to be bigger than in my dreams.”

Blushing, Pauline said, “I’m glad you like them. They grew couple of sizes the last few years.”

Giggling, Pauline removed her bikini top and threw it aside. As I grasped the more than handful beauties that seemed to float on water, she moaned with pleasure. In turn, she grasped my stiffened cock, and French kissed me, making her intentions to make love very clear. She cooed, “It’s smooth, hard, and pulsing. Just holding it in my hand makes me ooze. I wanted to hold this in my hand since this morning,” and, while giggling, added, “I almost grabbed it this morning.”

Yet, she signaled that she wanted to play some more by swimming away from me. I swam after her, caught her smiling against the wall, and, while fondling her buttocks, French kissed her. After the kiss ended, as she swam away, I grasped her panties and pulled them off of her.

Pauline giggled, gently grasped my stiff cock, and cooed, “Wow. It has grown so big.”

Gently, I inserted my right middle finger in to her pussy and twisted it in the well-lubricated channel; as she moaned with pleasure, I also suckled her right boob. After I inhaled lung-full of air, I crouched and kissed Pauline’s hairy crotch. Giggling, she pulled my head up, and said, “Let’s go inside. I don’t want you to drown.”

In the twilight, after we quickly wrapped ourselves in the beach towels, she led me to her home. Shyly, a naked Pauline stood in the middle of her living room, and as she toweled her wet hair and body, I saw her drooping boobs jiggle and my erection stiffened. She blushed when she saw my red cock head peeking between the parted towel. Softly, she said, “I’ll be back after freshening up,” and left for her bedroom.

Several minutes later, Pauline returned in a red negligee, red panties, and gold-plated jewelry: a three-strand necklace and dangling ear rings. After I hugged her and French kissed her, I fondled and suckled her sagging boobs for several minutes. I slid to my knees and I saw she had grey-blonde pubic hair, wispy on her labia; I began to kiss her crotch and smell her love nectar mixed with freshly applied perfume. When my nose was in her slit, she held my head firmly, and said softly, “You’re my first lover since Fred. Be patient.”

I said, “Let’s go to the sofa.”

As she sat on the sofa, Pauline mumbled seriously, “We always loved in the bed room,” and asked seriously, “What do you see in an old widow?”

I said, “I see a beautiful, desirable, woman. I want to love you.” She smiled and cooed, “I like you too, my handsome student,” and gently grasped my stiff cock in her small hand. Quickly, I slid to the floor and lifted Pauline’s thighs on to my shoulders and started slowly kissing first her smooth inner thighs and then her panties-covered crotch. I took my time loving her crotch and fondling her covered boobs. After a short time, she opened her eyes partially to watch me loving her. I saw her eyes opened fully when I pulled up her flimsy bra to expose her shining, sagging, boobs. She closed her eyes when I suckled her left boob and then the right one.

Pauline opened her eyes again when I tugged on her panties to lower them. When she did not help me take them off, I pushed them aside at the crotch. I barely heard her mumble, “What are you doing?”

Without stopping, I mumbled, “I want to lick your beautiful pussy and sweet nectar.”

Blushing, Pauline whispered, “I’m oozing there. It’s nasty there; Fred never did that,” and when she felt my tongue on her juicy pussy moaned with pleasure, “Ahhhhhhh. Teddddddy. Goooood.” Pauline’s pussy tasted sweet and had very pleasant heady odor of perfume, sweat, and sex nectar. It was also small with a big clit and looked very pretty, and I wondered if she had her daughter by c-section. Pauline relaxed her thighs wide, grasped my hair, and her body convulsed to a long orgasm, “Ahhhhhh. Ohhhhhh. Oooooooh. Cummmmming. Tedddy. Tedddy.”

I remained still with my nostrils in her crotch and my hands on her boobs until she lifted my head, smiled, and cooed, “That was the best orgasm I ever had. I’ll be back in a minute,” and left towards her bedroom.

Several minutes later, Pauline returned with a big smile on her face and a box of tissues, and cooed, “You have been patient. Lie down on the sofa. I want to play with you.” Kneeling on the place rug, first she kissed my pussy-nectar covered lips, and then began to toy with my cock and balls; most of the time she played with my cock. She giggled and talked to my cock, “You’re throbbing and leaking; I bet you are full of spermies. I have to kiss you,” and kissed it along the full length.

I mumbled, “I’m close to cumming.”

With determination, Pauline pumped my cock with her small fist. She squealed when the first jets of cum flew up high and landed on my chest and her hair, but she did not let go of my throbbing cock. After my climax ended, she wiped my cum off of my chest with tissues. Then, she kissed me on my lips and said, “I have to shower. Call me tomorrow,” and left for her bedroom.

I got dressed and went home to find a message on my cell phone from my boss to fly to Cleveland next day; he had more work for me. Next morning, I called Pauline and told her that I have to be away until Saturday, and that I would call her on Thursday to confirm my travel plans. Not wanting to leave my mom’s car at the airport, I took a shuttle van to the airport. My work in Cleveland went well. I worked long hours, but found time to exercise in the hotel gym. I was assigned new clients in Central and South Florida, and allowed to lease a car for my work.


On Friday morning, I called Pauline to inform, “I am returning on tomorrow afternoon. But, I have to be in Tampa on Sunday night for an early morning meeting on Monday.”

She said, “Meet me for a drink at the Hilton; take a taxi. My car should be fixed by then; I’ll be waiting for you in the lobby. I miss you.”

I said, “I miss you too.”

I called Pauline from the taxi to let her know I am on my way to see her. It was about 5 p.m., when I got to the hotel. I saw her seated in a chair in the lobby and walked up to her. I saw her silver hair in a pony tail and whispered to her, “Love your silver hair color.”

She said, “I’m glad you like my new hair color.” As we hugged, I smelled her freshly applied perfume; she had on large pearl stud ear rings, and a gold bead-pearl necklace; she was dressed in a short-sleeve black silk blouse, black skirt, and black high-heel sandals. Her blue eyes sparkled underneath her glasses.

I whispered to her, “You look lovely, very alluring.”

She smiled happily. I followed her to the elevators and then down a corridor on the 12th floor, when I asked, “I thought we were going to have a drink?”

Pauline giggled and said, “If you are not too thirsty, we can go to the bar later,” and unlocked the door to a room and nudged me inside.

Pauline said softly, “A friend helped me get this room for a special rate. I thought we should get away for a day or so. This is my welcome gift to you.”

I said, “Thank you,” and hugged her, and kissed her neck and shoulders. Pauline and I both giggled when we saw our images in the closet door mirrors. I wanted to eat her pussy and decided to do it in front of the mirrors. I pleaded, “Baby, take off your skirt and blouse; I want to love you here in front of the mirrors.”

Blushing, Pauline nodded her head. Soon, she was just in her black silk push-up bra, and flimsy silk panties. In turn, I stripped to my shorts. I saw her staring at the bulge in my shorts. I slid to my knees on the carpeted floor and pushed my face in to her crotch. She cooed, “I’ve been thinking of you since you called me. I’m very wet there.”

I was delighted to see a wet spot on Pauline’s panties. Eagerly, I pulled her panties down and saw the grey-blonde pubes around her slit were matted. She watched with a combination of amusement and arousal as I stared at her lovely pubic area and inhaled her aroma of arousal. Holding on to my head, she raised her leg a bit to open her vagina. Without wasting more time, I clamped my mouth on her swollen vagina eliciting a loud moan from her, followed by incoherent whimpers about me being a darling young man. I licked her clit and her engorged labia, and slurped her nectars. It did not take long for her to grasp my head tightly, bend her knees and open her thighs, and go through a long orgasm, “Ahhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhh. Teddddy. Teddddy.”

After a few minutes, Pauline said, “I loved what you did with your mouth. Now, I want to make love to you.” She led me to an upholstered chair, helped me remove my shorts, and, after I sat in it, she straddled my lap. Holding my rigid cock in her small hand, she whispered, “Just be patient; you got a big one, I have not made love in couple of years.” Indeed, her pussy was tight, but slick. After pushing the first two inches of my cock in, Pauline smiled and paused to let her vaginal walls expand, and then pushed the rest of my rod in to her belly. As she rested, she said, “I’m perspiring,” and removed her bra.

I felt indescribable pleasure with my cock buried to its root deep inside Pauline’s tight love channel; it was much better than I had imagined in my dreams of love making with my teacher. Watching her pendulous boobs swaying and her tight pussy sliding over my cock triggered my climax deep in me; hugging her tightly to my chest, I pumped several jets of my cum, as I grunted, “Cummmming. Cummmming. Uhhhhhhh.”

When my cock remained stiff several minutes after my climax, Pauline looked in to my eyes and cooed in surprise, “It’s still stiff.”

I said, “I’m turned on by you.”

She smiled and said, “You’re also young and strong. Carry me to the mirrors.” With Pauline holding on to me by her arms and legs, I carried her to the mirrors. She looked at our coupled bodies in close contact; then pulled her boobs away from my chest, and said, “I love it. You’re deep in me.” A few minutes later, I set her buttocks on the vanity, and pumped my cock several times in to her pussy in long strokes. We both giggled when the pumped air escaped making slurping sounds. When I lifted her again and turned towards the closet door mirrors, she said seriously, “Next to your young body, mine looks old with wrinkled skin and sagging boobs.”

I said, “You’re a very attractive woman. We care for each other; that’s very important,” and smiling added, “Your pussy is tight and juicy. Let me show.” I carried her to the large bed and gently set her down on her back. I scooted between her legs and quickly thrust my cock in to her gaping pussy. As I thrust in to Pauline again and again, her boobs jiggled sexily, and she whimpered with pleasure. I had my second climax while I hugged her tightly.

Several minutes later, after my cock softened and slipped out of Pauline’s pussy, she said, “I need a shower before dinner. Your fluids dribbled on to my thighs.”

I said, “I need one too, but you go first,” and dozed off. After a short nap, I got ready for dinner.

At dinner, Pauline looked elegant in a black see-through blouse over a black bustier, and the pearl jewelry. We talked about my trip to Cleveland. I could see she was happy being with me and that I was not going to move away. She told me that she was not interested in teaching math in Florida, and was thinking about working part time either for a real estate company or with amateur theater productions.

After we returned to our room, in front of the closet-door-mirrors, she was adjusting the black see-through baby doll outfit she had put on when I hugged her from behind. She cooed, “I want to see you naked.”

Standing naked in front of her and ogling her mature curves, I couldn’t get over how beautiful she looked. Pauline was also watching our images in the mirror as she hugged me, and rubbed my hairy chest and armpits with her small hands. After I turned around, she rubbed my back, buttocks, thighs and legs. My cock became fairly stiff; I moved behind her, placed it in the crevice between her smooth buttocks and fondled her drooping boobs. She closed her eyes, reached behind, and hugged my neck. As I slowly I rubbed her smooth armpits and wrinkled underarms, I whispered, “So smooth and sexy.”

Pauline asked, “What do you like about me? Be honest.”

I said, “I love all of you. I love your prominent boobs and your tight pussy. I love your slim upper arms and sexy arm pits. You’re great in bed.”

Pauline giggled, blushed, smiled, and said, “Wow! That’s a long list, lover.”

I said, “I had a huge crush on you in school. I’m glad I met you now; I have more confidence.”

Pauline, blushing more, said, “I’m not surprised you had a crush on me; after all, you were a teenager. What did you dream about me?”

I grasped Pauline’s small hand, put it on my stiff cock, and said, “Suck it.” She let her hand slide on my penis, feeling its smooth surface and hard core. I knew that while holding my cock, she was also building up her passion. While watching our images in the mirror, she slowly bent my cock, opened her mouth, and began to suck it. Pauline smiled proudly when my cock grew and stiffened. I then lifted her up and while French kissing her carried her to the bed. After I sat propped up against the head board next to her, she cooed, “I want to ride you.”

I suggested, “Face away from me; I want to see your buttocks.” I then watched utterly fascinated my cock disappear past Pauline’s grey-blonde pubes between her sagging, wrinkled, buttocks, deep in to her belly.

Pauline looked over her shoulder and cooed, “I can see I’m plugged by your fat thing.” After a while, she said, “I’m going to have another orgasm. Rub my breasts; pinch my nipples.” I held her against my chest tightly while I massaged her boobs and pinched her nipples. Soon, I felt her pussy pulsing rapidly around my cock and her loins convulsed, as she let out joyous sounds, “Ohhhhhh, Ahhhhhh. Teddddiiiii.”

After a few minutes, Pauline pulled out my still stiff cock with a popping noise, and rolled on to the bed. She smiled and cooed, “My second orgasm today. I can’t believe I came on your cock.” When she went to freshen up, I dozed off with the TV still on; when she returned to bed, she whispered, “What’s your pleasure, lover?”

I said, “I’m tired; may be I’ll jump your bones later.”

She giggled and said, “Sounds good. Meanwhile, I will hold these,” and gently grasped my balls and leaking cock.

I was more tired than I had realized and slept soundly. I woke up to the smell of coffee; it was about 8 a.m. Pauline said, “I’m glad you woke up. I brewed coffee on the vanity; here is a cup for you.”

As I sipped the coffee, I heard a knock on the door and breakfast being delivered. Pauline, dressed in a black silk robe, arranged the plates of food on a table. As I ate, I saw she was a vision of loveliness: red lipstick, diamond ear rings, and a gold necklace with a diamond-studded pendant.

I said, “I feel rested. Thank you for the breakfast. Looks like you’ve been up for a while. You look lovely.”

She smiled and said, “Thank you,” and, after a pause, added, “I’ve showered. Go take a shower.”

I mumbled, “I sure need one,” and went to the bathroom.

Later, as I was drying my hair at the vanity, I saw first her smiling face with red-lipstick-coated lips, and then her black-mesh-encased sagging boobs whose sight triggered a desire to grasp them and make love to her. I maneuvered Pauline to be in front of me and for a long time I fondled her covered boobs. Intentionally and slowly, to further arouse me, she lifted her left arm to lift up her hanging left boob and exposed her creamy arm pit.

I mumbled, “I love the mesh bra and panties, and your sexy arm pit.”

She said, “The sales woman at the mall said these get guys going; I bought three pairs: black, white, and red.,” and, smiling, grasped my growing cock. I was touched that Pauline bought sexy clothing to please me. Recalling she liked to have her pussy licked, I slid to my knees and began kissing the mesh-panties-covered crotch. Pauline moaned with pleasure as I licked on her clit and said, “Let’s go to bed; I’d love to do a 69.”

I said, “I’d love it too,” and led her to the bed.

While I stretched on my back, Pauline removed her panties and crouched on top of me with her crotch near my face and her mouth near my standing cock. I found it exciting when, in the day light, I saw Pauline had wispy, grey, pubes on her labia and on her mons.


Later, while driving her car to Sandy Pines, Pauline said, “Honey, that was a great mini honeymoon. I like the way you take care of my needs first. Keep in mind if you need me badly, you can go first; I bought a new lubricant for spontaneous love making.” After a pause, she giggled and said, “You sure dump large amount of semen each time you cum; good thing I can’t get pregnant.”

Blushing, I said, “Thanks. You’re the best lover I ever had.”


The following week, my work in Tampa required more time than I expected. On Tuesday, I called Pauline to inform her that, instead of on Wednesday, I was returning on Thursday evening. Pauline said, “I miss you. You’re invited to dinner at my place on Thursday.”

Late Thursday, after I showered, I put on shorts and a tank top, and walked to Pauline’s mobile home with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. In her kitchen, Pauline greeted me and offered me a cold bottle of beer. As she placed the flowers in a vase, she cooed, “Thank you for the lovely flowers and chocolates.”

She looked lovely in combed silver hair drawn to a pony tail, wire-rimmed glasses, multi chain necklace, dangling ear rings, and bangles on her wrists. She had on white high-heel sandals and a white apron. I saw she had on white mesh bra and panties underneath the apron. I hugged her poking my erection in to her buttocks and mumbled, “You look gorgeous.”

She blushed, looked in to my face, and said, “Thanks. I better freshen up,” and went to her bedroom. After returning to the kitchen, she cooed, “I have to make a salad,” and turned to work at the counter. She squealed when I pressed my bulging cock lump in to her mesh-cloth bikini-clad buttocks and grasped her sagging, mesh-covered boobs, in my hands.

As I kissed her wrinkled neck, I whispered, “I missed you. I’ve been dreaming of loving you. I can’t wait.”

Pauline said in a loving voice, “You want me here in the kitchen?”

I said hoarsely, “Yes. I want you, darling.”

After I lowered my shorts and underwear, she grasped my stiff, leaking, cock in her delicate hand, bent forward on the counter, and placed it at her vaginal opening. Although I loved the feel of rubbing my cock against the mesh cloth, I wanted it in her pussy. I lowered the panties past her wide hips and found her opening was wet. She whimpered with pleasure as I slowly pushed my hard cock in to her slick pussy until my crotch was cushioned by her soft buttocks. Her snug, slick, pussy around my cock felt heavenly; I stood still holding on to her boobs while my cock twitched and precum flowed out.

At that moment, the oven timer went off; Pauline giggled and said, “I have to take out the cake.”

Reluctantly, I pulled out my cock from her pussy with a plop, and waited patiently as she removed the cake from the oven and set it aside to cool. As soon as she removed the oven mitts from her hands and turned to face me, I slid to the floor on my knees and, as she squealed happily, I began to lap and suck her juicy pussy. Wanting better access to her pussy, I lifted her to sit on the counter and lifted her right leg, and resumed eating it. She watched me in fascination and was getting turned on. When I felt her nectar became slicker, I stood up, removed her apron, and lifted her up to straddle my waist; she wrapped her arms around my neck and legs around my waist. After I maneuvered my cock to the entrance of her wet channel, she pushed it in to her belly very slowly. In a leisurely manner I carried her to her bedroom, placed her on her back with her hips at the edge of the large bed. I stood on the soft rug with her legs around my waist, shuffled forward between her thighs, and plunged my cock in to her gaping pussy.

Once I saw Pauline’s naked loveliness in front of me, my precum began to dribble out in spurts. Her boobs jiggled as I plunged again and again in to her belly. When she realized I wanted to fuck fast, lovingly, she spread her legs high and wide signaling that I should plunge my cock in and out of her juicy pussy with abandon. As my climax built up, she cooed encouragingly, “Cum in me, lover. Cum in me.” I locked my mouth on her’s in a passionate kiss and fucked her frantically. I did not last long before I climaxed for several minutes. I collapsed on top of her as I pumped a large amount of cum and then became still. But my cock was still stiff.

Pauline cooed, “That was awesome. You needed it,” and, after gently pushing me aside, went to freshen up. She returned to bed and smiled when she saw my cock was still stiff. After I sat up leaning against the bed’s backboard, she straddled my waist and, impaled herself on my cock. After she squatted on my cock, she French kissed me, and fucked me slowly while holding on to my shoulders. I held on to her swaying boobs until she began to whimper incoherently, “Teddddy. Cummming. Ahhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhh.”

Pauline enjoyed for several minutes her orgasm. Before she could get off of me, I pleaded, “I’m close to cumming again. Please squat and fuck me again.” She obliged me until I released another load of cum deep in to her wide-open pussy. We hugged each other lovingly and rested for a while.

Afterwards, with only her glasses and jewelry on, she served salad and chicken sandwiches for dinner in the Lanai. As we cleared the dishes, I heard loud thunder and then the power was lost. Pauline said, “Lighting must have hit a line nearby. It’s not safe for you to walk outside; spend the night with me.”

Gratefully, I said, “Thank you.”

Pauline lighted candles in lanterns and, as a cross breeze kept us comfortable, we talked and loved each other in the living room. Shyly, she said, “I like the way you love me, especially the way you lick my pussy.” So, I kissed her from her toes to her forehead, spending more time on her soft underarms, sexy inner thighs, and pussy. Thunder storms continued during the night. In the periodic lightning, her jewelry and bright eyes reflected the bright flashes. She sucked my cock to stiffness and encouraged me to fuck her doggy-style.

We both fell asleep. In the humid atmosphere, even though we did not exert ourselves too much, we both perspired. I loved the way Pauline smelled and her body glistened. I licked her sweat-covered crotch, armpits, and neck. After drying herself and me with a towel, she licked my cock clean of our love juices. Next morning, when I got up, she was in the lanai reading a book in the day light. She had on only a tank top and looked very sexy. I went to her, hugged her, and knelt in front of her. She giggled when I lifted her legs on to my shoulders and kissed her thighs. Her pussy opened up like an elongated flower. She asked, “What are you doing?”

Without saying a word I licked it for several minutes; with no urgency to bring her to an orgasm, I just satisfied my craving to suck on my cherished lover’s most private parts early in the morning.

Later, we went for a brisk, long, walk; when we returned, the power had come back on. While Pauline was making coffee and pancakes for breakfast, I took a quick shower. When I came out of the bathroom, she was talking happily on the phone. She was dressed in a white tank top, shorts, and sneakers; she had put on costume jewelry and lipstick. After hanging up the phone, she said, “That was Ruby. She wants me to go shopping with her to a mall and then for groceries. I’m picking her up in five minutes. I think she wants to talk to me about Jimmy.”

I asked, “Is she ok?”

Pauline smiled and said, “Yes. She’s very happy. I’ll call you after I’m home and rest up.”

I said, “Let’s go out to dinner. You know the restaurants around here. Pick one that’s not too fancy.”

She nodded her head, kissed me quickly, and went to pick up Ruby. I went to my parents’ mobile home, mowed the lawn, and did other chores.


For dinner, she was dressed in silk, lavender, sleeve-less blouse, and a pink skirt. She wore costume jewelry: four-strand necklace, large dangling ear rings, and bangles. I told her, “You look lovely,” making her blush. The restaurant she selected did not take reservations from small groups and we had to wait in the crowded bar. After I bought our drinks, I sat in the only available chair in a corner. Pauline sat on my right knee and put her left arm around my neck for balance. By doing so, inadvertently, she placed her creamy arm pit next to my head. Slowly, I turned my head to the right and was able to sniff the mixture of her perfume, deodorant, and perspiration. When she realized I was sniffing her arm pit heaven, she whispered in my ear, “I see you’re having fun. That’s so sexy.”

I smiled and said, “I started to like your perfume when you were my teacher.”

In the restaurant, Pauline said, “Jimmy wants Ruby to move in with him. I told her he should move in with her.”

I smiled and said, “I know you want Ruby to kick Nancy out. By the way, she doesn’t do much for me.”

Giggling, Pauline said, “I have nothing against Nancy. I don’t like to be called Polly.”

I said, “I know. She’s lonely. I feel sorry for her, but she should figure out what to do. By the way, loving you means a lot to me.”

Pauline said, “Does it not bother you some people are staring at us?”

I said, “You mean like that older couple and the two old ladies seated behind me?” She raised her eyebrows and nodded her head.

I reached across the table, held her hands, kissed them, and said, “I don’t care what others think. I care for you.”

After we finished our dinners, I helped her get up from her chair and then French kissed her. She returned my kiss and whispered, “Thank you darling.” As we walked past the table of the curious four, I placed my hand on Pauline’s buttocks.

On the way to Sandy Pines, Pauline said, “Ruby said Jimmy has a large video collection of younger guys loving older women; they watch them together.” Shyly, she added, “She lent us a video that she said is their favorite.”

Earnestly, I said, “I would love to watch it with you tonight.”

She said, “Great. We will camp in the living room. You need to connect the VCR in my den to the large TV in the living room.” After a pause, blushing, she added, “I found a full-length mirror on a stand with wheels; you can move it to the living room. I know you get more turned on seeing us loving in a mirror. I like it too.”


I had already placed the large mirror next to the TV. Just as I finished connecting the VCR, I heard Pauline say, “Hello lover, you like my sexy outfit?” I turned and first saw she was in a bright blue silk, bustier and panties, black silk thigh highs, and black high-heel silk sandals; then I saw she had on large pearl stud ear rings and a pearl choker. She also had on bright red lipstick and light make up on her face that did not mask her wrinkles. Her shoulder-length, silver, hair was shiny.

I was speechless looking at the gorgeous woman in front of me. I managed to say, “Honey, you look lovely, good enough to eat.” She then lifted her slim arms high above her head and pirouetted several times. I crawled on my knees to her and kissed her pretty ankles, up her legs, knees, and thighs. When I nuzzled her crotch with my nose, I discovered her panties had a slit.

I wanted to kiss her crotch, but she touched my head and cooed, “You can do that later. Stand up, take off your clothes, and hug me.” Pauline grasped my semi erect cock and French kissed me. She then handed me two gift boxes and said, “Wear them, lover,” and I wore a black, silk, tank top, and white tight briefs that had a large slit.


She reached underneath my tank top and rubbed my chest for a long time, and then pulled my cock out of the briefs and pumped it until it stood up touching my belly. It was as though she was drawing sexual energy by touching me and holding my cock. Gently, I inserted my thick middle finger in to her pussy; it was wet and slick. Pauline moaned, when I scooped her love nectar, and licked it off.

She grasped my cock and led me to an upholstered chair in front of the mirror. As she sat in it, she cooed, “Eat me lover, I am ready. We can watch the video later.” Soon, she placed her wide-open legs on my shoulders and watched with half closed eyes me eating her. Framed by the blue silk panty-slit, her glistening pussy looked bright pink, and I gladly licked and sucked it until she had an orgasm. After Pauline’s orgasm subsided, she got up, looked at my still hard cock, and said, “I imagine I will be captive a while watching the video; I better freshen up.”

While she was freshening up, I removed my briefs and started playing the video tape; I skipped the previews, and warnings. Pauline returned with a box of tissues and a glass of water, and sat on my knee on the upholstered chair. The video was about young male bikers loving older women. In the first episode, a muscular young man, about 25 years old, in a tank top and jeans, was admiring his shiny Harley in a garage. An older voluptuous blonde, about 45 years old, who was dressed provocatively, came to visit him in her red convertible. It was obvious they were lovers. There was not much conversation between them; after he told her she looked beautiful a few times, he French kissed her, and fondled her big buttocks and sagging boobs. He spent a lot of time suckling her heavy boobs. In turn, the blonde rubbed the young guy’s big lump in his crotch, unzipped his jeans, and pulled out his massive stiff cock. Later, the blonde lovingly played with his clean-shaven balls and sucked his cock. Pauline cooed in surprise, “That young man is really going after the old blonde. She must be at least 20 years older than him.”

I whispered to Pauline, “This young guy wants his mature lover badly,” and nudged her to stand up and remove her silk panties. Gently, I pulled Pauline to sit in my lap and held my throbbing cock as she slowly impaled herself on it.

The couple in the video was in a bedroom with the blonde lying sideways on a bed and the young guy eagerly licking her glistening pussy. Watching that scene made my cock throb more and release more precum. Pauline exclaimed, “That guy loves sucking her. He doesn’t care her boobs have spilled over the side.” I giggled when she exclaimed, “She has wrinkles on her neck and on her thighs!”

Pauline was getting excited too and her pussy inadvertently grasped my cock hard. I said, “Honey, if you do that a few more times, I’ll blow my load; don’t move too much.”

She cooed, “I can’t help it. I’m being loved by my young lover and watching a sexy video.”

In the video, the blonde was riding the young guys cock while he was fondling her sagging boobs. Gently, as Pauline raised her arms, I pulled down her bustier and grasped her sagging boobs. Her pussy felt very tight around my swollen cock and that sensation triggered my climax: a steady flow of cum, followed by uncontrolled jets of cum from my twitching cock; I mumbled, “Sweet goddess. Pauliiine. Pauliiiine. Ahhhhh.”

Pauline stood up and ran to the bathroom holding a wad of tissues against her crotch. Afterwards, she said, “Ruby said the next episode has a special granny. Let’s take a break; I bought chocolate chip cookies.”


About an hour later, Pauline turned on the VCR. She had put on a black, see-through, negligee. She also smelled of freshly applied perfume. We saw a petite woman, about 60 years old, with sparkling blue eyes and short gray hair working in a kitchen. She was dressed in a tank top, shorts, and high-heel sandals. She opened the front door and let in a muscular young man, Billy, about 35 years old. He called her ‘Granny Eve.’ From a brief dialog, we understood that he lived next door, his girl friend left him, and he had been riding his bike to forget her. After Eve hugged Billy to console him and tried to pull away, he held on to her, and fondled her buttocks. Eve tried again to pull away half heartedly, but soon allowed Billy to French kiss her.

Pauline whispered, “Eve looks a lot like Ruby, but Billy is younger and bigger than Jimmy. Wow, he’s groping her and she’s really enjoying it.” Pauline also grasped my semi rigid cock and squeezed it.

Giggling, Eve said, ‘But, you always called me granny,’ and walked a few feet away from Billy.

Billy followed her, hugged her, and said, ‘You’re so sexy. I always wanted you.’

Eve said, ‘You did! I’m flattered. I have needs too. I haven’t had a man since Charlie died.’ Smiling, she whispered, ‘I thought of you too when I used my dildo.’

Billy said, ‘You’re beautiful,’ and carried her to a sofa in the living room. Soon, he was French kissing her passionately. Shyly, Eve removed her tank top to reveal big sagging boobs in a white bra. Billy said, ‘I love your big tits,’ and started to suckle them. As Billy was suckling Eve’s boobs, Pauline muttered. “Look at those tits. No wonder the guy likes them.” I knew Pauline was getting turned on looking at Eve, who looked a lot like Ruby, making love to young Billy. I was also turned on watching Billy suckle Eve’s sagging boobs. I pulled Pauline over to me, helped her embed my cock in her well-lubricated pussy, and held on to her drooping boobs; soon she was working her engorged clit on my cock.

When Billy nudged Eve to suck his cock, she cooed, ‘I love sucking your young cock.’ After she sucked his cock for several minutes, Billy helped her lie on her back and spread her legs. As he rubbed her gray-hair covered and wrinkled pussy, he said, ‘It’s beautiful.’ Billy licked it for several minutes as Eve moaned loudly. Pauline said, “Look at those grey pubes on her wrinkled pussy.” Later, Eve straddled Billy’s lap and slowly took his big cock up her pussy.

Pauline whispered, “Wow, she took that baton in to her old pussy,” and continued to fuck herself on my cock. She lifted her arms and, as I kept pinching her nipples, she began to mutter: “Teddiiii. Ohhhhhh. Ahhhhh. Cummming.”

Later, when Pauline saw Eve was bent over the back of a sofa and Billy was fucking her pussy from behind, “She muttered, look at her tits swing,” and got off my lap and bent over the back of the upholstered chair. I did not need an invitation to quickly stand behind her and, while holding her shiny wide hips, fucked her in long strokes. As Billy splattered his cum on Eve’s buttocks, I released several jets of my cum deep in Pauline’s pussy. My cock stiffened again when I saw Eve riding Billy on the sofa; Pauline let me couple with her on the chair, and let me kiss her lovely neck, arm pits, and boobs. I whispered to her, “You are a lot of woman. I love making love to you,” and carried her to her bed to rest with my cock imbedded in her snug pussy.

On Saturday morning, the sun rose brightly, and the air was crisp and clean. Since Thursday evening, we must have fucked each other ten times. Pauline cooed, “I got lots of loving from you in two days, more than on my honeymoons. No one can love me like you do.” Later, laughing, she said, “This place needs cleaning and airing out.”

I said, “I’ll help you clean.”

EPILOG. It has been three years since Pauline and I have been living together. She sold her mobile home, even though it suffered little damage from the hurricanes that went over Central Florida. We bought a condo together. My mom died from breast cancer and Pauline helped me a lot with my grieving. A year after mom’s death, dad is dating Margie, an older friend of Ruby.

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