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Long Lost Friend

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I hadn’t intended to work late that night… I knew you had made plans to go out with a friend of yours. When I arrived home, you were already sitting in the living room, dressed and ready to go. You just smiled at me with a shake of your head. “Kind of figured you’d end up being late. Go take a shower, I’ll get something out for you, ok?,” You said with a sigh, getting off the couch, though you were still working on your tie. You always had trouble with those…

“I’m sorry, hun…,” I said meekly, stepping into the bathroom and stripping down for my shower. I had the feeling your eyes were on me through the transparent shower curtain. “Care to join me?,” I teased, running my soaped hands along my body, over my breasts, then down along my thighs.

“We really don’t have time,” you replied, though your voice was rather hoarse. “Maybe after.” With that, you quickly left the bathroom.

I couldn’t help but giggle at that. I stepped out of the shower, finding my matching black lace bra and thong set waiting for me on the side of the sink, as well as a black dress hanging on the hook. I slipped the bra on, pulling my D cup breasts up to show a high amount of cleavage. The thong moved with ease over my shaved lower region, and showed off my bottom through the clingy black dress. With this much black, I figured I needed something to shine… so I put on my diamond cat pendant necklace, which hung just above my breasts.

“Honey? Where are my black heels?,” I called as I came out of the bathroom- only to find you standing there, holding them out to me.

Your eyes widened on sight of me. “Damn, I missed that dress.” You put the shoes in my open hands, then nodded towards the door. “Gotta go, babe. Gotta go.” I wasn’t sure if you were trying to hurry me- or remind yourself. I knew that look in your eyes…. You were hornier than a rhino. You ushered me into the jeep, then headed for the main route. Your eyes would dart from the road to the edge of my dress, and I could hear your hard swallowing as you tried to be good.

Well, that only made it more fun for me… I slipped my hand along the hem, pulling my dress up over the top of my thigh, showing the side of the thong. I glanced at you, seeing the look on your face… I moved the hand higher, then across, laying on my crotch. I heard you moan. “You know, you really shouldn’t distract the driver like that…,” You growled.

“Sorry.” I moved my hand back away, looking at you sheepishly. I hadn’t meant to upset you. I had just thought that I could-

“Didn’t tell you to stop, did I?”

I blinked at that. “What?”

You shot me a smirk. “Tonight’s a fun night. You have fun… Keep yourself occupied til we get there.” You took my hand, guiding it back down across the thong. “We’ve got a bit of a drive left.” Your fingers lifted the lace slightly, then glided my hand down against the skin beneath.

I moaned, loving it when you guided my hand like that. You moved my fingers against the edges of my pussy, guiding them across the folds, across the inner lips… I was already getting wet from it all. I heard you chuckle as you felt it too. I looked to you as you pulled your own hand away, starting to take my own out as well.

“No.” You shook your head, grabbing my wrist. “We’re not there, are we? You keep going.”

Bossy boy! I loved it. I did as you said, returning my fingers to their prior mission; rubbing against my pussy lips. I gave a whimper as it began to build, licking my finger and running it along the outer edges, then against my clit. I groaned loudly at that, looking up to see your eyes glued to me. “Road…,” I gasped out, giving a jolt of a nod towards the windshield. “I should- stop…”

You gave another growl of frustration, turning your eyes back to the road. “Don’t you dare… You have to cum before we get there.”

HAVE to? I wasn’t about to ask… Instead, I continued to tease myself, my fingers alternating between rubbing my clit and delving within my pussy, lingering within the wet folds and running along the inner walls. I groaned again, pressing the fingers further inside, then began to pump them, in and out, fingering myself hard. I cried out again, feeling my body tense about the digits.

“That’s it, baby… Fuck yourself!” Your shouts got louder as my own drowned you out. “Fuck that pussy- soak you fingers… drench your thong…” You grinned at me as I sunk into the passenger seat, spent. “Feel better?”

“I’m…a mess…,” I whimpered, reaching for the glove box so I could get something to clean up. All we had was the antibacterial liquid… I squirted a little in my hands, wiping them off, but wasn’t sure what to do about my thong. It was soaked- just as you had demanded. “Honey…?”

“Don’t worry about it. I don’t think anyone will really notice unless they’re staring at you. Besides, we’re gonna be sitting. Who’ll see?” You pulled into the parking lot, finding a spot and smiling at me. “That was, by the way, damned entertaining.”

I fought a blush as you got out of the car, glancing up as you opened my door. “Who is it we’re meeting, anyways? One of your work friends?”

“Uhh- no….” You seemed hesitant on the subject. “A friend I haven’t seen in a bit- someone I thought you’d get along with. Figured you should meet.” You offered your arm. “C’mon hun.”

As we entered, I looked around the room, looking got see if there were any lone guys… Which one was your friend?

The head waiter came over, asking how many there were in our party- but you quickly dismissed him. “Oh, no, I have a friend already waiting… Over there! Thanks anyways.” You led me across the room, to a table where another woman close to our age sat.

Woman? Well, I had been a little one-sided in my guess. Of course… You had a number of girl friends from college and high school. I shouldn’t nave just guessed it to be a guy.

“Cee? This is my wife, Lea. Lea, this is Cee.” You smiled, letting me slide into the booth before you.

“Hi, Lea.” Cee smiled as you sat down, placing her left hand across the table as her right slid through her short brown hair, playing with the dragonfly hairpin that held it in place. “It’s been awhile, huh, hun? Thought I’d never see you.”

“Yeah… well… You know how things are. Easily distracted anymore.” You smirked, placing you arm around me. I suddenly felt like I was blushing again. “Would you two like a drink? I was thinking of hitting the bar.”

“That’d be awesome. A Tom Collins, please?,” Cee asked, glancing to me. “How about you, Lea? You’re rather quiet.”

“She’s kinda shy, Cee.” You gave me a forgiving smile. “You’re usual, hun?”

“Please.” I looked to Cee as you walked away, giving a weak smile.

“So how long have you two been married?,” Cee asked, still playing with the hairpin. I hadn’t noticed how bright a blue her eyes were.

“A few months….” I gingerly pointed towards the pin. “That’s a really pretty dragonfly.” I was 23, yet I acted like a 7 year old.. what the heck was wrong with me?

“And you’ve got a gorgeous pussy.”

Well, I hadn’t expected THAT one-! “Um- What?”

“Your necklace, babe.” Cee pointed to the diamond cat, her fingers sliding against my breast as she did so. A shiver shot up my spine from it… Which Cee must have noticed. “You ok?”

“Yeah… I’m fine.” Where were you with those drinks? I turned to look at the bar- only to turn back and find Cee right next to me. “Oh- um, I’m sorry.”

Cee laughed. “You looked like you were freezing. Figured I’d come a little closer… I’m on fire.” She gave a little shrug. “Had a few drinks already and you know what they can do…!”

I smiled. “I get like that too. Kinda tipsy, though.”

“We’ll be sure to keep an eye on that, then.” Cee put a hand on my shoulder. “Oh, wow, you ARE freezing!” Her arm went completely around me. It was so soft… and she smelled like raspberries… “Feel better, hun?” her other hand moved back along the chain of my necklace, lifting the pendant so she could look at it again. “Such a pretty pussy.” I was starting to wonder if she was just having fun saying that to me… The chain fell back against my skin, but I still felt the warmth of her hand as it ran against my cheek. She turned my face towards hers, kissing me firmly on the lips.

I had never been kissed by another woman before. Her lips felt so soft against mine, slick from both our lipsticks melding together… Her hand still sat behind my cheek, holding me to her. Her tongue inched my mouth open slightly, delving in to find my own. Slightly surprised, slightly aroused, my own tongue met with hers, tasting the lingering wine she had spoke of. It only added to the incredible feeling she had created inside me.

We both jumped at the sound of clinking glasses, pulling away to find you back at the table. You said nothing- only stood there smiling.

“Oh, great- thanks!” Cee sat up, taking her drink and sipping it. Her hand still hung over my shoulder, playing with my arm. “Lea, don’t you want yours?”

“Huh? Oh- um… Yeah.” I picked up the glass, but was still in awe- not only over Cee’s kiss, but your lack of reaction.

“Well, nice to see you two are getting along.” You smiled, taking a drink. “Cee, what have you been up to lately?”

“Oh, a bit of everything. Right now I’m working on an independent film.. Its nothing much. How about you?,” Cee asked, leaning around me slightly to talk to you. It gave me a view down the front of her dress- which I hadn’t meant to do, but found hard not to do. Her breasts were slightly smaller than mine- probably a C cup. As she leaned back, she caught my downward glance, smirking and giving one in return. I realized her attention wasn’t on your words as you replied to her question… It was instead on me. “You’re really attractive in that dress…,” She whispered, running her hand against the side of my hip. “And apparently you’re aroused too…”

She noticed the wet mark from the car! I reddened. “Um..” I grabbed my glass, taking a long quick drink. It wasn’t I was uncomfortable with her advances.. In fact, I WAS aroused by it… but to have her notice that- well, that was uncomfortable.

“Don’t be ashamed. I find it very hot,” She whispered, her tongue sliding against my ear. “What do you say to us all getting out of here, hmm?”

I nodded slowly. She could have made me a puddle at her feet if she kept that up… I wondered what your thoughts were on all this. You had to have known what was going on. I glanced towards you, running my hand up along your thigh- and finding that you too were incredibly aroused. My hand moved further, teasing your cock.

Cee must have spotted what my hand was doing, as she began to lick my ear once again. I closed my eyes, enjoying it all. “Let’s go…now…. I so wanna fuck you both…. ” Cee whispered into my ear, sliding out from the booth, me following like an obedient puppy.

You were right behind us, having left money on the table. Your arousal was incredibly noticeable- but not one of us cared. All we wanted was to get back in that car. Cee smirked as you unlocked the doors, glancing at me. “Get in back with me.”

“I should probably get in the fr-,” I started.

“In back with Cee,” You interrupted sharply, looking at me. “Go on.”

I slid into the seat, Cee coming in from the other side, her hands immediately moving about my waist and neck, pulling me closer to her as she planted kisses against my breast. I looked up at you in the rearview as you started the car, as if to ask your permission to take Cee’s advances. You just smiled, pulling out of the parking lot. You were enjoying this!

“Cee…,” I whispered, running my hand against her head as her lips nuzzled against me.

“Shh.” She sat back up, pushing me against the other door and kissing my lips once more. She tasted wonderful… This time it was my tongue that worked its way against hers, sliding between her red lips, twining with her own delicious tongue. Cee gave a groan, straddling me in the seat and pulling the straps of my dress down. “I wanna get you wet again, baby,” she growled as she pulled her mouth free of mine.

I sat up a bit as she said that, a bit afraid of what she had planned. “Wait a sec-”

“I said SHH.” Cee glanced to you in the rearview with a frown. “May I borrow your tie?”

You only raised an eyebrow, but nodded. Cee smiled, reaching up around you shoulders and undoing it, her mouth sliding against the side of your neck as she did so. I heard a low growl emulate from you once more, causing her to bite down on your skin. She smiled again as she slowly pulled away, nibbling your ear. “Your turn is when we get home, big guy.” She glanced at me, holding the silk tie in her hands. “You, however…” She pounced upon me, tying the cloth about my mouth. “You will learn to listen to me.”

I whimpered from behind the cloth in protest, but only came out in grunts and groans. Cee just kept smiling. “There’s a good girl.” She shoved her hand against my shoulder once more, pressing me against the window of the jeep as she leaned down, her mouth parting enough for her tongue to trail the path where my bra and dress strap once rested, continuing to push the original occupants further down my body as she moved. Her lips now met with my left breast, nipping and lathing it in ways that made me moan loudly.

She found the nipple, giving it first a gentle brush with her tongue to which it immediately responded, perking up for more. She gave it its request, diving upon it with her teeth, suckling and biting it with gusto. I groaned again, this time with incredible pleasure. “Oh, yummy,” Cee giggled, looking up at me as she lifted my legs so that one rested behind the seat, the other in front of her behind your seat.

“You react so well to me. I love it… and I haven’t even gotten to the fun stuff yet.” Her hand slid up under my dress as she spoke, her pointer finger finding my clit through the thin lace underwear. I groaned once more, my head falling against the window. The panties shifted over, giving the curious digit access now to the full pussy- which she took advantage of. Her finger explored along my outer folds, tracing every inch, then returned to pinch the clit with her thumb. I whimpered at that, shifting about in the seat. I wanted someone to fuck me. Namely Cee.

“Would you take a look at her?,” She asked, grinning at me darkly. “She is so damn horny. Bet she wants me to lick that little hole so bad…” her eyes brightened as I blushed. “Ooh, she DOES!”

“Cee.” Your voice was rather flat- something that surprised me. “We’re almost home.”

“Oh, oh, right.” She took up her purse, opening it and removing a small cylinder. What was THAT?, I wondered to myself, though couldn’t exactly ask it.. She glanced to me, smiling as she reached into my panties once more. Her hand pulled away- but something was still rubbing me-A vibe! She had shoved a vibrator into my underwear!

“GNNN-!,” I groaned out, thrashing in the seat as the vibe turned up a notch, giriating hard against my swollen clit.

I glanced up long enough to see you staring at me in the rearview, your eyes full of lust and full-out animalistic desire. “Fuck- yeah… c’mon, baby, cum for me… show Cee what you can do, baby.”

I closed my eyes, trying to control myself… then felt something wet against my left hand. I opened my eyes slowly, finding Cee’s pussy rubbing against my fingers. She was masturbating off my hand! Feeling her wet skin sliding against my digits, the vibe claiming my pussy, the scent of her mixing with my own- it was just too much. I groaned from around your tie, almost screaming as I came.

Cee laughed, pulling herself away from my coated hand and resting back into the seat, in full view of my soaked thong. She tugged on the cord attached to the vibe, causing it to wriggle about in front of my sensitive zone. “You aren’t getting it out of there yet, baby. I still want more playtime.”

The jeep stopped, pulling into the driveway. Cee helped me to sit up, wrapping my coat about my shoulders and taking me out of the vehicle. I glanced over to you, seeing you take a bag from the back. Where had that come from? Cee helped me get into the house, then into the living room. She immediately took the coat off of me, then yanked the dress free of my body, leaving me to stand nude aside from my vibe-filled thong. “sit,” She commanded, pointing to the wooden chair. She then reached into the purse once more, taking out 4 handcuffs, which she used to bind both wrists and ankles to the chair. She then reached down, feeling the edges of my panties once again. “You’re not wet anymore…” She gave a shrug. “Guess we’ll hafta work on that one.” She turned around as you came into the room, your shirt and fly open.

Your eyes lit up as you saw me, then smiled to Cee. “Perfect.” You moved over to me, running your hands across my cheeks, then down to gruffly grab my breasts. “Cee, suck on them.”

She bent down as you held it, taking my tit in her teeth once more. I groaned from behind the tie, more so as you matched her by taking the other in your own mouth. I glanced down long enough to see you fondling her breasts as well, your eyes still full of that carnal desire.

“its my turn.” You sat down on the couch, then beckoned for Cee to come over in front of you. “Take off that dress.”

She did as you stated, lifting it up and over her head. Her pierced nipples already had a gold chain running between them, which you reached up and grabbed. She squeeked, then fell to her knees before you. “Yes?,” She asked coyly, looking up a you for her current position.

“Suck on me.” You pulled your length free of your pants, grasping hold of her hair and pulling her to you. Her mouth greedily enveloped you, the loud slurps and sucks very audible to me. I gave a few whimpers, tugging at my binds. You glanced up, raising an eyebrow. “What, darling? Jealous?” You pushed Cee aside, then stood up, coming over to me. “Then you do it. Suck my cock.” You shoved it closer, lowering the tie from my mouth, your length now pressed against my lips.

My mouth opened, taking you in and lathing you in my saliva, though I could still taste her saliva as well. You pounded my mouth for a few minutes, having me suck him harder as Cee watched us. “Check her,” You suddenly growled, looking to Cee. Cee nodded, reaching over again and running her fingers against my pussy. “Not quite.” She shrugged, sticking the finger into her mouth as she looked to you.

“Then you.” You grabbed my hair, pulling me away from your cock, then lifting the tie back up and turning towards Cee. “Bend over and hold onto the arms of the chair,” you commanded.

She did as you requested, grinning as she faced me, her ands planted firmly before my own on the arms of the chair. I was staring right into her face as she waited for you, the smile huge on her lips. She bent forward a bit more, kissing me through the cloth, only to give a loud gasp as you shoved yourself within her depths.

“FUCK!,” She shouted, slamming back against you. “Oh, yeah-!”

“Look at her!,” You demanded, grabbing hold of her hair and pulling her head up to look at me. “Show her what SHE looks like when I screw her!”

Cee cried out again, her nails digging into the arms as her breasts swayed with the motions, pressing against mine. I groaned as well, shocked at the fact I was becoming aroused by this.

“It fell out!,” Cee managed to say between cries. “Her vibe fell out!”

You looked down, seeing the small cylinder dancing across the floor, then gave another growl. “Then get that thong off her and eat that pussy! I wanna fuck her next and she’d BETTER be wet for me!” To punctuate it, you thrusted even harder, causing her to wrench forward against me.

Her fingers fumbled to get the unders down to my ankles, then her face bent lower to meet against my pussy. I groaned as her tongue lathed me, watching you as you pounded her. I had never seen such a side to you! Granted, you had been rough and bossy with me before, but nothing like this- My god it was a turn on. I moaned loudly through the cloth, feeling her hot breath against my mound as she moaned as well, still rocking from your forceful pounding. Her lips latched onto my clit, sucking on it as her body moved.

“You two are such a sight,” you growled, still drilling her from behind. “Two little sluts, for my pleasure…” You slapped her ass, then pushed down on the back of her head. “Keep it up! Grind that tongue in her! You like it from a woman, honey? Like her fucking you?” I heard you chuckle as I groaned a reply. “How is she, Cee?”

Cee pulled up from my pussy in a gasp of pleasure. “She’s wonderful- and so wet-”

“perfect.” You pulled out of Cee, causing her to cry out. “Hush,” you commanded, the grabbed the bottom rung of the chair I was tied to, causing the chair to fall backwards. I gave a yelp at that. “quiet for you too! Cee, shut her up- Put that wet box of yours on her lips!” Cee eagerly followed your instructions, straddling my head and placing her pussy above my mouth. “You heard him. Shut up and fuck it.”

I whimpered, stretching my head back and licking her. She was already very wet from your cock pounding her, coating my tongue with her juices. I had never tasted anything like that… I wondered what it was like straight from the source, plunging my tongue inside her. I groaned as her tastes flooded me, amazed by it all.

“She loves it…,” you chuckled. “beautiful slut. She’s so open down here, too…” I groaned as your fingers slid around my hole, barely finding inside me. The position I was in left you a perfect way to do as you pleased to my lower region. “Just waiting for me to do this.” As you spoke, you shoved your cock deep within my pussy.

I screamed out, but the sound only met with the inside of Cee’s folds, causing her to squeel in delight. “Ohh yeah! Fuck her hard! Her screams feel so good on my pussy!” Cee gasped onto my tits, playing with them as she rode my face. “That cock feel good, girl? Huh? Slammin’ that slick cunt of yours? And how’s my pussy? Ohhh, you keep that up… Suck that clit…”

I heard you give a grunt of a laugh, your pistoning hips claiming my pussy with force. “Shit, I love hearing you talk like that… Naughty bitches…” You leaned forward, kissing Cee forcefully as I continued to eat her out. When you released her lips, she pulled back with a cry.

“Ahhhh- Keep it up, Lea- Keep it up- I’m gonna cum! Drink it – Drink it up, girl!” She writhed about in delight, her body expelling a flood of gush into my mouth. I gasped, trying hard to keep from choking on it.

The sounds and sights of Cee’s climax seemed to be just enough to set you off on your own, bucking hard into my body as you groaned loudly. My own body hit its heights, squirming about wildly as you filled me with your release. “Now that was nice…,” You groaned, collapsing against me. Cee had curled up next to the chair, her chest still heaving from her orgasm.

“Cee..?,” I whispered, looking over towards her. “Can… you keep in touch?”

She gave a light laugh. “You bet, hun.”

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